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Books Added from IVIarcln, 1890, to IVIarcln, 1893 

^^^y(2'?nA€c'?ne'yi^ c/: 

^^ ^(^t?^if^ fi^ (^^iu^-Zeed, 



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WM. N. BARRINGER, Pu.D., Siipt. of Public Schools. | ^^'^^icio- 


JAMES TAAFFE, - - 1897 





President, HON. JOSEPH E. HAYNES, Mapor. 
Treasurer, EDWARD H. DURYEE, 
Secretary, FRANK P. HILL, Librarian. 


Finance Committee — Messrs. Teese, Macdonald, Peabody. 

Book Committee — Messrs. Dubyee, Teese, Taafee. 

Library Committee — Messrs. Baebingek, Taafeb, Dubyee. 

Reading Room Committee— Messta. Maodonald, Babeingee, Peabody. 



Frank P» Hill, Librarian. 

Jennie Y. Middleton, Principal Assistant Librarian. 
William B. Morningstern, Reference Librarian. 

Cataloguing DepartTnent. 
Beatrice Winser, Hattie H. Crane, 


Heading Room. 
Dell D. Bedell, Martha B. Haines. 

Delivery Department. 
Frances Herrick, Josephine Kenny, 

Josephine Stansbury, E. Dora Jaques, 

Laura M. Fairchild, Lillie A. Marsh, 

Margaret Foley. 

Tillie Smith, Florence Morrow, Mabel I. Pierson, 

Hattie Edwards, William H. Yard, 

Lulu Da vies, Ferdinanda Struck, Gertrude Wilkinson. 

Edward R. Arcularius, Annie Bell. t 


Newell D. Peabody. 

Assistant^ Charles Reinhardt. 

Night Watchman. 
Edward Fkeeman. 


Articlb 1. The library shall be open for the delivery and retarn of books every week day from 9 
A. M. to 8.30 p. M., legal holidays excepted. 

Articlb 2. Any resident of Newark over fourteen (14) years of age shall be entitled to the nse of 
the library by signing the proper application and agreement. Non-residents may take books from the 
library on payment of three (3) dollars per year ; temporary residents may have the same privilege on 
payment of fifty (50) cents per month. Applications must be renewed every three years. 

The form of application is as follows : 




I, a resident of Newark, over fourteen years of age, living at 

No ; 

(if boarding) with 

Place of business 

If there is 
no num- 
ber, state 
near what 

hereby applying for the right to use the Newark Free Public Library, promise to 

obey all its rules and to give IMMEDIATE NOTICE at the, LVrrary of any cfiange of 


[Sign name.] 


Requested for statistical purposes-j 

and for identification. ( 

Article 8. Minors under eighteen (18) years of age will be required to furnish the written consent 
and guarantee of parents, guardian or some person satisfactory to the Trustees or Librarian. All appU- 
cations must he signed at the library. 

Article 4. Each person entitled to draw books from the library will be supplied with a card, 
inscribed with his or her name, residence and register number. This card must be presented whenever a 
book is taken, returned or renewed. If lost it will be replaced after seven days upon payment of 10 
cents, or, without fee, at the expiration of twenty days. Immediate notice of a change of residence must 
be given at the library. The registered holder of a card is in all cases responsible for books drawn by 
means of the card by whomsoever presented, and for all fines accrued on the same. 

Article 5. For teachers in public or private schools of good standing, teacher cards may be issued, 
one for each teacher, upon which six books at each time may be taken out for the nse of their pupils. 
These books shall be upon subjects connected with the studies of the school. Teachers shall be responsi- 
ble for all books so taken, and shall return any such book upon a written notification of the Librarian, 
that the book is desired by another person. 

Article 6. The Librarian shall keep a record of the names of the persons entitled to the nse of 
the library. 

Article 7. One volume may be taken out at a time and retained two weeks (unless labeled " Seven- 
day book"), and may be renewed once for the same period. Seven-day books cannot be renewed. Any 
book, eoscept fiction, may be reserved on payment of two (2) cents. 

Article 8. Books of reference and those deemed by the Book Committee unsuitable for general 
circulation shall not be loaned for home use, except upon special permission of the Committee or Libra- 
rian. Such books will be designated in the printed catalogue by a *; and in the card catalogue by the 
letter ** R" (in red), placed above the call number. 

Article 9. A fine of two (2) cents a daj shall be imposed if a book is kept overtime, and at the expi- 
ration of three weeks (if the book is not returned), a messenger will be sent for the book, and shall have 
authority to collect the fine incurred, and an additional fee of twenty (20) cents for such messenger service. 
No book will be delivered to the person incurring the fine until it is paid. 

. Articlb 10. Books are not to be exchanged the same dafy they are taken out, nnless mistakes have 
been made by the library attendants. 

Article 11. If any borrower lose or materially injure a book, paper or magazine belonging to the 
library or reading rooms, he shall furnish another copy of the same or later edition, or pay the liibra- 
rian's appraisement, at his option. . If the book so lost or injured be a part of a set, he shall replace or pay 
for the entire set, and may thereupon receive the remaining volumes as his property. Writing in books 
is strictly prohibited. 


L Revision], approved March Twbnty-seventb, One Thousand Bight 


1, Be it enacted by the Senate nvd Oeneral Assembly of the State of Nfw Jersey: 
That if any officer, clerk, agrent or member of any library association duly incorporated 
under the laws of the State of New Jersey, or any other person whatsoever, shall wil- 
fully cut, mark, mutilate or otherwise injure any book, volume, map, chart, magazine, 
newspaper, painting or engravingr belonging to or deposited with any library so incor- 
porated as aforesaid, or shall procure such injury to be done as herein stated, every 
such person shall be deemed to be guilty of misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof 
by any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be liable for each offense to a fine of not 
more than a hundred dollars, at the discretion of the court ; providtd^ however^ that no 
prosecution shall be maintained under this act, unless the library association so com- 
plaining shall have at least two printed copies of this act conspicuously placed upon 
the premise*. 

%. And be it enacted^ that this act shall take effect immediately. 

Approved February 6th, 1888. 

Article 12. Persons desiring library books for use in the reading rooms or reference department, 
may obtain them by filling out the slips prepared for that purpose, and such books shall not be taken 
from the building. 

Article 13. Persons desirous of having certain books added to the library, are requested to g\\e 
titles of them to the Librarian, to be suggested for the considerati< n of the Book Committee. 

Article 14. Any person abusing the privileges of the library, or violating any of the foregoing reg- 
ulations, shall be temporarily suspended from the use of the library, and the case shall be reported to the 
Library Committee for proper action thereon. 

Article 15. The drawing of books through the various delivery stations, established by the Board 
of Trustees, shall be governed by the same regulations as prescribed for the use of the general library. 


Article 1. The main reading room will be open every week day, from 9 A. M. to 10 P. m., and on 
Sunday, from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M. On legal holidays, from 9 A. M. to 12 noon. 

Article 2. All persons above the age of fourteen (14) may have free access to the reading room 
during regular hours, except on Sunday, when only persons above eighteen (18) shall be admitted. 

Article 3. All conversation and all conduct inconsistent with quiet and order are strictly prohibited. 

Article 4. Papers accessible to the public must be taken from the racks and returned to theni with 
as little noise as possible. Back numbers of papers and periodicals may be obtained at the desk. 

Article 5. Persons desiring library books for use in the reading rooms, may obtain them by filling 
out the slips prepared for that purpose, and such books shall not be taken from the room. 

Article 6. All books, papers and periodicals must be carefully used, and neither marked nor cut. 

Article 7. Any person violating any of the forgegoing regulations, shall be temporarily suspended 
from the use of the reading room, and the case shall be reported to the Reading Room Committee for 
proper action thereon. 

Article 8. Readers in the Branch Reading rooms are subject to the same regulations. 


The "Finding-list" includes about 18,000 volumes arranged, first by 
subjects, second by authors. 

To find a book, if the author is known, look for his name in the " Author 
list." If the author ia not known, look for the subject in the ''Index of 
subjects," from which reference is made to the page on which book3 on that 
subject are found. 

^ Reference books are designated in the "Finding-list" by a * and in the 

card catalogue by the letter "R" (in red), placed above the call number. 

Books having a small j before the call number are specially suited for 
juvenile readers. 

Books should be applied for on the call-slips prepared for that purpose, 
and great care should be used in copying the call number just as it is found in 
the "Finding-list" or on the cards, omitting only the * or the j. If the work 
is in several volumes, the volume desired should be stated. 

A card catalogue (the only complete index to all books in the library), 
giving full entries of every book under author, title and subject, will be found 
in the card cases placed in the catalogue room. 

^ Bulletins of new books received will be issued as often as necessary. 



Abyssinia 107 

Acadia. See Canada, British America, etc 108 

Actors and acting. See Tlie stage 64 

Adirondacks. See North Atlantic states 113 

Administration 27 

Aerial navigation. See Physics 86 

Esthetics , 59 

Afghanistan. See Asia 103 

Africa 106 

Agricalture 52 

Alaska. See Pacific states 117 

Algebra. See Mathematics 34 

Almanacs. See Statistics 19 

Alps. See Minor countries of Europe 102 

Amazon. See S»uth America 117 

America, British 108 

Central 109 

North 107 

South 117 

American literature 67 

Ammonia. See Chemical technology 55 

Amusements 64 


Analysis (chemical.) See Chemistry 38 

Anatomy. See Medicine 45 

Ancient history 93 

Angling. See Fishing and hunting 65 

Animal locomotion. See Zo«16gy. 43 

Animal magnetism. See Spiritualism, witch- 
craft, etc 6 

Animals. See Zoology 43 

Domestic * 53 

Anthropology. See Biology and ethnology 41 

Antilles. See Mexico, Central America and the 

West Indies 109 

Antiquities 92 

See also thertiistory of each country. 

Ants. See Insects 44 

Apple culture. See Fruits, garden, etc 53 

Aquaria. See Zoology. 43 

Arabia 105 

Archaeology. See Biology and ethnology 41 

See also the history of each country. 

Archery. See Out-door games 64 

Architecture 59 

Arctic regions 118 

Argentina. See South America 117 

Arithmetic, See Mathematics 34 


Arizona. See Pacific states 117 

Arms. See Genealogy, heraldry, etc 137 

Army. See Military art and science 27 

Arts, Fine 58 

Useful 44 

Asbestos. See Geology, physical geography, etc. 39 

Asia. 103 

Asia Minor. See Arabia, Palestine, etc 105 

Assaying. See Metallurgy 56 

Associations 28 

Assyria. See Ancient history 93 

See also Antiquities 92 

Astrology. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. ... 6 

Astronomy 35 

Athletics. See Out-door games 64 

Atlases. See History and geography 91 

Australia 118 

Austria 98 

Autht)r list • 139-274 

Authorship 4 

Azores. See Spain and Portugal 101 

Babylon. See Ancient history 93 

Bacteriology. See Diseases and their treatment. 47 

Ballads. See American poetry 68 

See also English poetry 71 

Balloon. See Physics 86 

Ballot system. See Political science 20 

Baluchistan. See Persia, Central Asia and Siberia. 105 

Banking 23 

Baptists. See Christian churches 16 

Base ball. See Amusements ', 64 

Bastile. See Associations and institutions 28 

Baths. See Hygiene. 46 

Beer. See Beverages 56 

Bees. See Agriculture * 52 

See also Insects 44 

Belgium. See Minor countries of Europe 102 

Beverages 56 

Bible 9 

Bibliography 1 

Billiards. ;8e6 In-door games 64 

Biography 119-136 

Biology 41 

Birds 44 

Care of. See Domestic animals 53 

Blacksmithing. See Trades 57 

Bleaching, dyeing, etc 56 


Boat-building. See Car» sliip and boat building. 58 

Boating. See Out-door games 64 

Boilers. See Mechanical engineering 49 

Book-binding. See Trades 57 

Bdok-collecting. See Bibliography 1 

Book-keeping. See Communication and com- 
merce 54 

Book rarities 4 

Books and reading 2 

Borneo. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Boston. See North Atlantic states 113 

Botany 42 

Brain. See Philosophy 4 

Brazil. See South America 108 

Brewing. See Beverages 56 

Bricklaying. See Building 57 

Bridges 51 

British America 108 

Bronzes. See Sculpture and ceramics 60 

Buccaneers. See Travel and description 91 

Buddhism. See Non-Christian religions 18 

BuUding 1 57 

Business. See Communication and commerce. . . 54 

Butterflies. See Insects 44 

Calculus. iS^e Mathematics 84 

California. See Pacific states 117 

Calisthenics. iSe^ Hygiene 46 

Canada 108 

Canals. See Engineering 48 

Canary islands. See Spain and Portugal 101 

Candy-making. See Domestic economy 54 

Canoe-building. See Car, ship and boat building. 58 

Canoeing. See Out-door games 64 

Capital. See Labor and capital 23 

Car, ship and boat building 58 

Cards. See In-door games 64 

Carpentry 58 

Carriage-building. See Trades 57 

Carthage. See Ancient history 93 

Catacombs. See Antiquites 92 

Catalogues of libraries. See Library catalogues. 2 

Catholic church. See Christian churches 16 

Cats. See Domestic animals 53 

Cattle. See Domestic animals 53 

Caverns. See Geology, physical geography, etc. 39 

Central America 109 

Ceramics 61 

Ceylon. See India 104 

Chemical technology 55 

Chemistry 38 

Chess, ^ee In-door games 64 

Chicago. See Western states 116 

Chili. 5^ South America 117 


China 103 

History. See Asia 103 

China-painting. See Ceramics 61 

Chinese immigration. See Colonies and immi- • 

gration 21 

Chivalry. See Costames, customs, etc 30 

Chloroform. /S^ Materia medica 47 

Cholera. See Diseases and their treatment 47 

Christmas. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Christology 11 

Chronology. See History and geography 91 

Church history 15 

Church institutions 14 

Civil war in the United States 112 

Civilization. See History and geography 91 

Classical dictionaries. See Antiquities 92 

Clay modeling. See Sculpture and Ceramics. .60, 61 
Climate. /Sea Geology, physical geography, etc. 39 

Clocks. 5«6Trades 57 

Coal. See Geology, physical geography, etc. . . . 39 

Cocoa. See Beverages % 66 

Coffee. /See Agriculture, 52 

Collections (Literature) 67 

Colleges 29 

Colombia, i^ee South America 117 

Colonies 21 

Color. See Physics 36 

Color-blindness. >S^ Diseases and their treatment. 47 

Colorado. See Western states 116 

Commentaries. See Bible 9 

Commerce 30, 54 

Communication 30, 54 

Communism 24 

Congregationalism. See Christian churches 16 

Congress. See Legislative bodies and annals. ... 22 

Connecticut. See North Atlantic states 113 

Constantinople. /S!e6 Minor countries of Europe. 102 

Constitutional history 26 

Consumption. See Diseases and their treatment. 47 

Conversation. See Language 32 

Cookery 54 

Co-operation 24 

Coral islands. See Zoology 43 

Corea. See Asia 103 

Correspondence. See Biography 119-136 

See also American letters 70 

See also English letters 76 

See also German and Scandinavian literature. 76 

See also French literature *. . 77 

Costa Rica. See Mexico, Central America and 

the West Indies 109 

Costume 80 

Cotton manufacture. j8(0« Manufactures 66 




Cows. See Domestic animals 53 

Cremation. See Costumes, customs, etc. ...... . 30 

See also Public liealth 46 

Cricket. See Out door games 64 

Crime 26 

Crimean war. See Russia and Scandinavia 103 

Criminal law 26 

Crusades. See Europe, History 95 

Cuba. See Mexico, Central America and the 

West Indies 109 

Customs 30 

(For the customs of a special country see 
travels in that country.) 

Cycling. See Out dooT gajneB 64 

Cyclopaedias 3 

Cyprus. See Arabia, Palestine, etc 105 

Darwinism. See Evolution 41 

Dates. See History and geography 91 

Decoration 61 

Democracy. See Political parties 22 

Description and travel 75-118 

Dictionaries. See Language 32 

of special subject, see that subject. 

Diet. SeeKjgieue 46 

Diseases and their treatment 47 

Dogs. See Domestic animals. 53 

Domestic animals 53 

Domestic economy 54 

Drainage. See Sanitary engineering 51 

Drama. American 69 

English 73 

Dramatic art. See The Stage 64 

Drawing 61 

Dress. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Duels and duelling. See Costumes, customs, 

etc 30 

Dyeing. See Bleaching, dyeing, etc 56 

Dynamos. See Electricity 37 

Earthquakes. SeeQeoXogy, physical geography, 

etc 39 

Ecclesiastical architecture 60 

Ecclesiastical history. See Church history 15 

Edinburgh. See Scotland 95 

Education 28 

of women. See Woman 31 

Egg collecting. See Birds and reptiles 44 

Egypt, Ancient , 93 

Modern 106, 107 

Electric railways. See Mechanical engineering. 49 

Electricity and electric light 37 

Electro-plating. See Electricity 37 

Elocution and oratory 66 

Encyclopaedias. /See Cyclopaedias. ,,,.,.,...,, . 3 


Engineering 48 

England ' 96 

English language 33 

English literature 71 

Engraving 62 

Epitaphs. See Genealogy, heraldry, etc 187 

Essays, American 70 

English 75 

Etching. See Engraving 62 

See also Photography 63 

Ethics 7 

Euchre. i8<06 In-door games 64 

Europe 94 

Evidences of Christianity 12 

Evolution 41 

Exhibitions 45 

Eyes. See Hygiene 46 

Families. See Genealogy, heraldry, etc 137 

Fancy work 62 

Farming. See Agriculture 52 

Fencing. See Out-door games. . ^ 64 

Ferns. See Botany 42 

Fertilizers. See Agriculture 52 

Feudalism. See Europe, History 95 

Fiction, by titles 79-90 

History and dictionaries 79 

Fiji islands. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Finance. See Banks, money, etc 23 

Fine arts 58-65 

Finger-rings. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Fire departments. See Administration 27 

Fish. See Zoology 43 

Fish-culture. See Fishing and trapping 54 

Fishing 65 

Flagellation. See Criminal law 26 

Floriculture. See Landscape gardening 59 

Florida. See Southern states 115 

Flowers. See Botany . 42 

Folk lore 31 

Food. See Cookery 54 

See cUso Doinesiic economy 54 

See also Hygiene 46 

Foods. See Chemistry 38 

Football. See Out-door games 64 

Forestry. See Fruits, garden, etc 53 

Fortification. See Engineering 48 

Foundations. See Building 57 

France 99 

Free trade 24 

French language. See Language 32 

French literature 77 

Frogs. See Zoology 43 

Fruits, .,,,,.,,., 53 




Fungi. See Botany 43 

Furnitnre. See Decoration . . . .* 61 

See also Domestic economy 54 

Future state 12 

Games. See Amusements, In-door games and 

Out door games 64 

Gardening. See Fruits, garden, etc 53 

See also Landscape gardening 59 

Gas-fitting. See Building 57 

Gas making. See Chemical technologj 55 

Gazetteers. See History and geography 91 

Genealogy 137 

Genius. See Psychology 5 

Geography 91 

Physical 39 

Geology 39 

Geometry. /S'e^ Mathematics 34 

Georgia. See Southern states 115 

German language. See Language 32 

literature. 76 

Germany 98 

Glaciers. See Geology, physical geography, 

etc 39 

Glass-making. ;8<3€ Chemical technology. . ..... 55 

Gloves. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Golf. See Out-door games 64 

Government. See Political science 20 

Graining. See Building 57 

Grammar. See Language and English language. 32,33 

Grape culture. See Fruits garden, etc 53 

Grasses. See Botany 42 

Great Britain. See Scotland, Ireland and Fog- 
land 95-98 

Greece, Ancient 94 

Modern. See Minor countries of Europe. . . 102 

Greek literature ^ 78 

Greenland. See Arctic regions 118 

Gymnastics. See Hygiene 46 

Gypsies. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Hawaii. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Hay-fever. See I?iseases and their treatment. . . 47 
Headache. See Diseases and their treatment. ... 47 

Health 47 

Heat 36 

Heating 58 

Heligoland. See Germany and Austria 98 

Heraldry 1 37 

Heredity. See Evolution 41 

Hindu literature. See Russian and other litera- 
ture 78 

History 91-118 

Holland. See Minor countries of Europe 102 

Tx^iw T ajj^j g^^ Arabia, Palestine, etc 105 


Horse. See Domestic animals 53 

Anatomy. /S6d Medicine 45 

Horsemanship 65 

Horse- shoeing. jS!&0 Trades 57 

House decoration. See Decoration 61 

House painting. See Building 67 

Housekeeping. * See Domestic economy 54 

Huguenots. /Slee.Christian churches 16 

Humor, by titles. See Fiction list. . ! 79-90 

Hungary. See Germany and Austria 99 

Hunting , . , 65 

Hydraulics. See Mechanical engineering 49 

See also Physics . 36 

Hygiene 46 

Hymnology. 13 

Hypnotism. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. . . 6 

Iceland. See Minor countries of Europe 102 

Icemakiog machines. ;8ee Sound, light and heat. 36 

Ices. See Cookery ! 54 

Illinois. See Western states 116 

Illuminating (books). See Book rarities 4 

Immigration 21 

India 104 

History. See Asia 103 

Indiana. /Slee Western states 116 

Indians, North American 108 

Indigestion. See Diseases and their treatment. . 47 

Inquisition. See Church history 15 

Insanity. See Mental philosophy 5 

Insects 44 

Institutions. See Associations and institutions. . 28 

International law 25 

Inventions. See Patents 46 

Ireland 96 

Italian literature 77 

Italy . ,... 100 

Japan 104 

Java. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Jerusalem. See Arabia, Palestine, etc 105 

Jesuits. See Monastic orders 16 

Jesus Christ. /See Christology 11 

Jewelry. See Manufactures 56 

Jews. /See Non-Christian religions 18 

See also Egypt and the Jews 93 

Journalism 4 

Jurisprudence. See Law 25 

Kansas. See Western states 116 

Kentucky. See Southern states 115 

Keramics 61 

Kindergarten. See Elementary education 29 

Labor and capital , 23 

Land question 24 

Landscape gardening 59 




Language 32-33 

Latbe. See Mechanical engineering 49 

Latin literature 77 

Law 25 

Leaf collecting. See Botany 42 

Legislative bodies 22 

Letters. See Biography 119-136 

American 70 

English 76 

French. 77 

German and Scandinavian 77 

Libraries 2 

Library catalogues 2 

Library economy , 2 

Light 36 

liighthouses. See Engineering 48 

Lightning. See Electricity 37 

Literary criticism 66 

Literature 65-78 

Local option. See Temperance, etc 7 

Locomotives. See Mechanical engineering 49 

Logarithms. See Mathematics 34 

Logic. See Mental philosophy 5 

London. See England 96 

Louisiana. See Southern states 115 

Machines. See Engineering and Mechanical en- 

gineering 48, 49 

Madagascar. See Africa 106 

Madeira. See Spain and Portugal .,.. . 101 

Magazines 3 

Magic. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc 6 

Magnetism. See Electricity 87 

Animal. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc.. 6 

Maine. See North Atlantic states 113 

Man. See Biology, ethnology, etc 41 

Manners. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Manufactures 56 

Manures. Se4 Agriculture 52 

Maps. See History and geography 91 

Marble work. See Building 57 

Marriage. Se^ Costumes, customs, etc , 30 

M'aryland. See Southern states 115 

Masonry. See Building 57 

Massachus^tts. See North Atlantic states 113 

Massage. See Materia medica 47 

Materia medica 47 

Mathematics 34 

Mechanical engineering 49 

Mechanics. See Physics 36 

See also Engineering and Mechanical engi- 
neering 48, 49 

Medicine 45 

Memory. See Psychology 5 


Mental philosophy 5 

Mesmerism. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc.*. 6 

Metallurgy 66 

Metaphysics. See Philosophy 4 

Meteorology. See Geology, physical geography, 

etc 39 

Methodism. See Christian churches 16 

Metric system. See Commerce and communica- 
tion 30 

Mexican war. /Slec United States, History 110 

Mexico 109 

Michigan. See Western states 116 

Microscope 42 

Middle ages. See Europe, history 95 

Military art and science 27 

Mineralogy 39 

Mining engineering 50 

Minnesota. >S^ Western states 116 

Missions 14 

Mississippi. See Southern states 115 

Mohammedanism. /§6« Non-Christian religions.. 18 

MoUusks. See Zoology 43 

Monastic orders 16 

Money 23 

Moon. xSfe6 Astronomy 35 

Moravians. >See Christian churches 16 

Mormonism. See Non-Christian religions 18 

Morocco. See Africa 106 

Mortars. See Building 57 

Mosses. See Botany 42 

Moths. See Insects 44 

Mushrooms. See Botany 42 

See also Fruits, garden, etc 53 

Music 63 

Musical instruments 63 

Mythology 19 

Names. See Gfenealogy, heraldry, etc 137 

Natal. See Africa 106 

Natural history. See Zoology, insects, birds and 

reptiles 43-44 

Natural science. 33-44 

Natural theology 8 

Navigation. See Communication and commerce. 54 

Navy. See Military art and science 27 

Needlework. See Fancy work 62 

Netherlands. See Minor countries of Europe. . . 102 

New England. See North Atlantic states 113 

New Guinea. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

New Hampshire. See North Atlantic states 113 

New Jersey 114 

New Mexico. See Western states 116 

New Testament 10 

New York. /Sit?^ North Atlantic states 113 




New Zealand. See Australia, Polynesia, etc. . . . 118 

Newark, N. J 1 

Newfoundland. See Canada, British America, 

etc 108 

Newspapers. See Journalism and authorship. . . 4 
Nicaragua. See Mexico, Central America and 

the West Indies 109 

Nineveh. See Antiquities 92 

North America 107 

North American Indians 108 

North Atlantic states 113 

North Carolina. See Southern states 115 

Norway. See Russia and Scandinavia 101 

Nova Scotia. See Canada, British America, etc.. 108 

Novel s, by titles 79-90 

Numbers. >SIe6 Mathematics 34 

Numismatics 61 

Nursing. See Diseases and their treatment 47 

See also Domestic economy 54 

Ocean. See Geology, physical geography, etc. . . 39 

Oceanica. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Ohio. See Western states 116 

Oils. See Chemical technology 55 

Old Testament 10 

Opium habit. See Temperance, etc 7 

Optics. iSSse Sound, light and heat 36 

Oratory 66 

American 70 

English 76 

Oregon. See Pacific states 117 

Oysters. See Fishing and trapping 54 

Pacific states 117 

Painting 62 

Palaeontology. See Geology, physical geogra- 
phy, etc 39 

Palestine 105 


History. See Asia 103 

Palmistry. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. ... 6 

Panama. See South America 117 

Paper hanging. /See Trades 57 

Paris. See France 99 

Parliament. See Legislative bodies and annals. . 22 

Patents 45 

Pavements 51 

Pear culture. See Fruits, garden, etc 63 

Peat. See Domestic economy 54 

Pedagogy. See Education 28 

Pennsylvania 114 

Perfumes. See Chemical technology 55 

Periodicals. See Magazines 3 

Persia 105 

History. See Asia 103 

Peru. See South America 117 


Petroleum. See Chemical -technology 55 

Philately. ^iSee Commerce and communication. . 30 

Philippines. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Philology. See Language 32 

Philosophy 4-8 

Phonograph. See Sound, light and heat 36 

Phonography; See Shorthand 55 

Photography 63 

Phrenology. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. . 6 

Physical culture. See Hygiene 46 

Physical geography 39 

Physics 36 

Physiognomy. See Spiritualism, witchcraft, etc. 6 

Physiology 46 

Plants. See Botany 42 

Playing cards. See In-door games 64 

Pneumatics. See Physics 36 

Poetry, American , . 68 

English 71 

Poisons. See Materia medica 47 

Poland. See Germany and Austria 99 

Polishing. See Building 57 

Political economy 22 

parties 22 

science ,i 20 

writings 21 

Polo. See Horsemanship 65 

Polynesia 118 

Poor «. 25 

Popes. iSee Christian churches 16 

Portugal 101 

Portuguese literature. See Italian and Spanish 

literature ... 77 

Pottery. See Ceramics 61 

Poultry. See Domestic animals 53 

Preaching 13 

Presbyterian church 18 

Printing 55 

Probabilities. See Mathematics 34 

Protection and free trade 24 

Protestant Episcopal church 17 

Proverbs 31 

Psychology 5 

Public buildings 60 

Pumps. See Mechanical engineering 49 

Punctuation. See English language 33 

Pyramids. /S'ee Antiquities 92 

Quakers. See Christian churches 16 

Quotations. See Literature, collections 67 

Racing. /8!g6 Out- door games 64 

Railways. See Communication and commerce. . . 54 

See 'also Commerce and communication 30 

Reading, selections 66 




Rebellion in the United States « 112 

Receipts. See Useful arts, general works 44 

Reformation 16 

Religion 8-19 

Religion and science 9 

Religions, Non-Cliristian. . 18 

Reptiles. See Birds and reptiles 44 

Residences 60 

Revolution, American Ill 

Rhetoric 66 

Rings. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Roads 51 

Rome, Ancient .^ 94 

Modern. See Italy 100 

Roofs 61 

Roses. See Landscape gardening 59 

Rosicrucians. . See Associations and institutions. 28 

Russia 101 

Russian literature 78 

Sailing. ySg6 Out-door games 64 

Samoa. See Australia, Polynesia, etc .- 118 

San Domingo. See Mexico, Central America and 

the West Indies 109 

Sandwich islands. See Australia, Polynesia, etc. 118 

Sanitary engineering. 51 

Sanitary science.. See Hygiene 46 

Sarawak. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Scandinavia 101 

Scandinavian literature 76 

Schools. See Education. 28 

Scotland 95 

Sculpture * 60 

Seamanship. See Communication and commerce. 54 
Secret societies. See Associations and institu- 
tions , 28 

Selections for reading and speaking 66 

Self-culture 29 

Sermons 13 

Servia. See Minor countries of Europe 103 

Sewer gas. See Public health 47 

Sewerage. See Sanitary engineering 51 

Sewing machines. See Trades 57 

Shakers. See Christian churches 16 

Shakespeariana. See English drama. ... 73 

Sheep. See Domestic animals 53 

Shells. ^^eZoology 43 

Ship-building. See Car, ship and boat-building. 58 

Ships of war. See Military art and science 27 

Shoes. See Costumes, customs, etc 30 

Shooting. See Fishing and hunting 65 

Shorthand 55 

Slam. See India *. . . . 104 

Siberia 105 


Sicily. Seel\A\j 101 

Sight. See Sound, light and heat 36 

Sign-boards. See Communication and condmerce. 54 

Silk manufacture. See Manufactures 57 

Silver question. See Banks, money, etc 23 

Skating. iS^e Out-door games 64 

Skin diseases. See Diseases and their treatment. 47 

Slang. See English language 33 

Slavery 21 

Slavonic literature. See Russian and other 

literature 78 

Smelting. See Metallurgy 56 

Socialism 24 

Societies. See Associations and institutions 28 

Sociology 19-32 

Solomon islands. See Australia, Polynesia, etc.. 118 

Soudan. See Egypt and Abyssinia 107 

Sound 36 

South America 117 

South. Carolina. • See Southern states 115 

South Sea islands* See Australia, Polynesia, 

etc 118 

Southern states. 115 

Spain 101 

Spanish literature 77 

Speaking, selections. See Elocution and oratory. 66 

Spectrum analysis. See Chemistry 38 

Speeches, American. See American oratory. ... 70 

English. See English oratory 76 

Spiders. See Insects • 44 

Spiritualism 6 

Sports. See Amusements 64, 65 

Stage, The 64 

Stars. See Astronomy 35 

Statistics 19 

Steam. See Sound, light and heat 36 

Steam engine. See Mechanical engineering 49 

Stock-exchange. See Banks, money, etc 23 

Storms. See Geology, physical geography, etc. . 39 

Streets. 51 

Suffrage. See Woman 31 

Sun. See Astronomy^ 35 

Surgery. See Medicine 45 

Surveying 35 

Sweden. See Russia and Scandinavia 101 

Swedenborg. See Christian churches 16 

Switzerland. /8be Minor countHes of Europe... 102 

Synonyms. See English language 33 

Talmud. See Non-Christian religions 18 

Tanning. See Manufactures 56 

Tasmania. See Australia, Polynesia, etc 118 

Taxidermy 42 

Teaching. /Sl^e Education. 28 




Teeth. See Medicine 45 

Telegraph. See Electricitj. 37 

Telegraphy. /S'<ge Commerce and communicatloD. 80 

See (Ubo Communication and commerce 54 

Telephone. See Electricity 37 

See cUso Communication and commerce 54 

Telescope. See Astronomy 85 

Temperance 7 

Tennessee. See Southern states 115 

Tennis. See Out-door games 64 

Texas. See Southern states. 115 

Theatre. See The stage *. 64 

Theosophy. /8!g6 Natural theology 8 

Thugs. See Non-Christian religions 18 

Thunder storms. See Geology, physical geo- 
graphy, etc 39 

Tobacco. See Temperance, etc 7 

Tornadoes. See Geology, physical geography, 

etc. 89 

Torpedoes. See EngiDeering : 48 

Trade marks. See Patents 45 

Trade unions. See Labor and capital 23 

Trades 57 

Transvaal. See Africa 106 

Transylvania. See Germany and Austria 98 

Trapping. See Fishing and trapping 54 

Travels 91-118 

Trees. See Agriculture and Fruits, etc 52-53 

See also Botany 42 

Trials. • See Criminal law 26 

Troubadours. yiSee French literature 77 

Troy, Ancient. See Ancient history 93 

Tunis. See kiiicA 106 

Tunnelling. See Mining engineering 50 

Turkey. See Minor countries of Europe 102 

Typewriting. See Communication and com- 
merce 54 


United States 109 

Universities 29 

Useful arts 44-58 

Vaccination. /%« Public health 47 

Ventilation. See Heating and ventilation 58 

Vermont. See North Atlantic states 113 

Versification. See English language 33 

Virginia. See Southern states 115 

Vocal culture. See Vocal music 63 

See also Elocution and oratory 66 

Volcanoes. See Geology, physical geography, 

etc 39 

Voyages. i8!60 Travels and description 91 

Scientific. See Natural science, general 

works 33 

Washington, D. C. See Southern states 115 

Wasps. See Insects 44 

Watches. See Trades 57 

Water analysis. See Chemistry 38 

Water supply. See Sanitary engineering 51 

We&ther. See Geology, physical geography, 

etc 39 

Weaving. See Manufactures 56 

West Indies 109 

Western states 116 

Whist. See In-door games .- 64 

Winds. See Geology, physical geography, etc. . 89 

Wines. See Beverages 56 

Wisconsin. iSee Western states 116 

Witchcraft 6 

Wood-carving 61 

Wood -engraving. iS^e Engraving 62 

Wood- turning. See Manufactures ; . . . 56 

Words. See Language 32 

Yachting. See Out-door games 64 

Yellowstone Park. See Western states 116 

Zoology 43 

• • • 


i • • • • 

• •, 








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Contents : v. 1 , First principles. 
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V. 4-5, Principles of psychology. 
V. 6, 7, 8, Principles of sociology. 
V. 9-10, Principles of ethics. 
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Contents : 

V. 1. Life of Jesus 370 R29 

V. 2. Apostles 270 R291 

V. 3. St. Paul 270 R2911 



Renan. History of the origins of Chris- 

V. 4. Anti-Christ 

V. 5. Gospels ; 

V. 7. Marcus Aurellus 

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18«8 .' 

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2v. 1821 

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. lants 

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343 An2 

343 B44 

343 B46 

343 B72 

343 C36 
343 C84 

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Hand-book for friendly visitors 
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suggestions for object lessons in a 

course of elementary instruction. 

1862 372 W68- 

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Good form ; cards, their significance 
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395 H13 

395 H14 

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549 Eg5 

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549 H18 
549 H28 
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Birds. j598. 2 T25 

Fishes and reptiles j598 T25 



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Quadrupeds j599 T25 

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1 883 62 1 T84 

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Practical treatise on the gases met 

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1866 632 D13 

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Sutro tunnel. 1887 622 Su8 

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Proportions of pins used in bridges. 

1873 624 B43 

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^ 8 relies, piers, buttresses, etc. 1800. 624 B61 
Catn. Maximum stresses in framed 

bridges. 1878 624 C1212 

Practical theory of voussoir arches. 

1874 624 C121 1 

Theory of solid and braced elastic 

arches. 1879 624 C12 

Voussoir arches. 1879 624 CI 21 

Campin. On the construction . of iron 

roofs. 1868 624 CIS 

Dempsey. Tubular and other iron- 
girder bridges, particularly the Brit- 
annia and Conway tubular bridges. 

1850 624 D39 

Gaudard. Foundations. 1878 624 G23 

HiROi. Plate-girder construction, 1888. 624 H61 
Humber. Calculation of strains in gird- 
ers and similar structures. 1885. . . 624 H88 
HuTTON. Washington bridge over the 

Harlem river, New York city. 1889. *624 H97 

Hyde. Skew-arches. 1875 624 H99 

Mc Master. Bridge and tunnel centres. 

1875 624 M22 

Merhill. Iron truss bridges for rail- 
roads. 1878 624M552 

Mbrriman. Theory and calculation of 

continuous bridges. 1876 624 M55 

Phillips. Forth bridge in its various 

stages of construction *624 P54 

Opening ceremonies of the New York and 

Brooklyn bridge, 1883 624 Op2 

Robinson. Strength of wronght-iron 

bridge members. 1882 624 R56 

Shreye. Treatise on the strength of 

bridges and roofs. 1888 624 Sh8 

Whipple. Elementary treatise on bridge 

building. 1883 624 W57 


Borden. Practical operations of locating 

and constructing railroads. 1851 . . 625 B64 
Cole. Notes on permanent way material, 
platelaying and points and cross- 
ings. 1890 625 C67 

Haupt, ed. Move for better roads. 1891. 625 H29 
Herschel. Science of,road making. 1890. 625 H43 
HiLDENBRAND. Cable making for sus- 
pension bridges. 1877 625 H54 

Love, comp. Pavements and roads. 1890. 625 L94 

Phelan. Air-brake practice. 1890. ...... 625 P51 

Road construction and maintenance. 1892.. 625 R53 

Robinson. Railroad economics. 1882.. 625 R56 

Stephenson. Railways. 1850 625 St4 

Tate. Surcharged' and different forms of 

retaining walls. 1873 625 T18 

Wright. ' American street railways. 

1888 625 W93 


Baker, ed. Manual of American water- 
works. 2v. 1889-90 628 B17 

Baumeister. Cleaning and sewerage of 

cities. 1891 628 B32 

Beakdmore. Drainage of habitable build- 
ings. 1892 628 B38 

Browne. Water meters. 1885 628 B81 

CoLBURN & Maw. Waterworks of Lon- 
don. 1867 628 C67 

CoiiYER. Water supply, drainage and 
sanitary appliances of residences. 
1889 628 C72 

CoRFiELD. The treatment and utilization 

of sewage. 1871 628 C8111 

Dwelling houses ; their sanitary con- 
struction and arrangements. 1880. 628 C811 
Sewerage and sewage utilization. 
1875 628 C81 

Crimp. Sewage disposal works. 1890. . . 628 C86 

V V 

\ c. . 




Dempsey. Treatise on the drainage of 

towns and buildings. 1849 628 D39 

Eassik. Healthy houses. 1872 . . .* 628 Ea7 

Fanning. Hydraulic and water supply 

engineering. 1889 628 F21 

FoLKARD. Potable water and the rela- 
tive efficiency of different niethods 
of detecting impurities. 1882 628 F71 

Gerhard. House drainage and sanitary 

plunabing. 1884 628 G3111 

Sanitary drainage of buildings . 1887. 628 G311 

Gould. Hydraulic formulae for the dis- 
tribution of water through long 
pipes.. 1889 628 G73 

Helltbr. The plumber and sanitary 

houses. 1887 628 H36 

Hughes. Treatise on waterworks for the 

supply of cities and towns. 1882 ... 628 H87 

Jacob. Designing and construction of 

storage reservoirs. 1888 628 J15 

King. Construction, cost and capacity of 

the Croton aqueduct. 1843. 628 K58 

KiRKWOOD. Filtration of river waters for 

the supply of cities. 1869 *628 K63 

Matthews. Hydraulia; and historical 
account of the waterworks of Lon- 
d<Ai. 1835 628M43 

Meyer. Water- waste prevention. 1885. 628 M57 

Middleton. House drainage. 1892 . . . , 628 M58 

Parry. Water supply 628 P24 

Philbrick. American sanitary engineer- 
ing. 1881 * 

Staley & PiERSON. Separate system of 
sewerage; its theory and construc- 
tion. 1886 

Swindell & Burnell. Rudimentary 
treatise on wells and well sinking. 
1891 628 Sw6 

Thwaite. Our factories, workshops and 
warehouses; their sanitary and fire- 
resisting arrangements. 1882 628 T42 

Tidy. Treatment of sewage. 1887 628 T43 

Waring. Draining for profit and drain- 
ing for health. 1867 628 W2312 

Sanitary condition of city and coun- 
try dwelling houses. 1877 628 W2311 

Sewerage and land drainage. 1889. . .*628 W231 

Wilson. Drainage for health. 1881 628 W69 

628 P53 

628 Stl 

American agriculturist, v. 23-46, 1864-87. 

24v. 630.5 Am3 

Beecher. Plain and pleasant talk about 

fruit, flowers and farming. 1859. . 630 B39 

Caird. Prairie farming in America. 1859. 

CoLMAN. European agriculture and rural 
economy. 2v. 1849. 

Cotton. Bee-keeping for profit. 1888. . 

Coulton. Our farm of four acres and the 
money we made by it. 1865 

Crozier & Henderson. How the farm 
pays. 1884 

Donaldson. Treatise on manures. 1846. 

Elliott. American farms ; their condi- 
tion and future. 1890 

Enfield. Indian cofn. 1866 

Frrz. Sweet potato culture. 1890 

Flint. Grasses and forage plants. 1860. 

Fream. Soils and their properties. 1890. 

Greeley. What I know of farming. 1871. 

Griffiths. Diseases of crops and their 

remedies. 1890 

Treatise on manures. 1889 

Harris, Joseph. Talks on manures. 

Harris, T. W. Some of the insects in- 
jurious to vegetation. 1862 

Hewitt. Coffee ; its history, cultivation 
and uses. 1872 

Hickey. Cyclopaedia of practical hus- 
bandry and rural affairs. 1844 

Huish. Bees; their natural history and 
general management. 1844 

Killebrew & Safford. Resources of 
Tennessee. 1874 

Loudon. Encyclopaedia of gardening 

Mac Donald. Food from the far west, 

Malden. Tillage. 1891 

Mechi. How to farm profitably. 1859. . 

Miller. Gardener's dictionary. 1835. . . 

Miner. American bee-keeper's manual. 

Mitchell. Rural studies. 1867 

Morris. Farming for boys. 1868 

How to get a farm, and where to find 

one. 1864 

Ten acres enough. 1864 

Roosevelt. Five acres too much. 1869. 

Scott. Irrigation and water supply. 

Scrivener. Our fields and cities ; \)r. 
Misdirected industry. 1891 

Sheldon. Farm and dairy. 1889 

Smee. Potatoe plant. 1847 

Stephens. Book of the farm. 2v. 1847. 
Stewart. Irrigation for the farm, gar- 
den and orchard. 1889 

630 CI 2 

630 C71 

638 C82 

630 C83 

630 C88 

631 D71 

630 El 5 
633 En2 
633 F57 
633 F64 

631 F87 

630 G81 

632 G87 

631 G87 

631 H24 
632 B241 

633 H49 

630 H52 

638 H87 

630 K55 
*630 L92 

630 M14 

631 M29 
630 M46 
630 M61 

638 M66 
630 M6911 
*630 M831 

630 M8312 
630 M83 

630 R67 

631 Sco3 

630 Scr3 
637 Sh4 
633 Sm3 

630 St4 

631 St4 



St5ckha»dt. Familiar exposition of the 

cliemistry of a^^riculture. 1855. . . . 631 St6 

Taylor. Bee-keeper's manual. 1855 ... 638 T21 

Thaer. Principles of agriculture. 1846. 630 T32 

Thomas. Farm implements and farm 

machinery. 1886 630 T36 

Trimble. Treatise on the insect enemies 

of fruit and fruit trees. 1865 *632 T73 

United States. Department of agricul- 
ture. Album of agricultural sta- 
tistics of the United States *630 Un3 

Ville. Perplexed farmer ; how is he to 

meet alien competition ? 1891 , 631 V711 

Wahnschaffe. Guide to the examina- 
tion of soils. 1892 631 W12 

Wallace. Rural economy and agricul- 
ture of Australia and New Zealand. 
1891 630 W15 

Webb. Elementary agriculture. 1891 . . 630 W38 

Wheeler. Madras versus America ; a 
hand-book to cotton cultivation. 
1866 633 W56 

Wisconsin state agricultural society. 

Transactions, v. 2. 1853 630 W 75 


Ablett. Market-garden husbandry. 1887. 635 Ab6 
Baltet. Art of grafting and budding. 

1885 634 B21 

Browne. Trees of America. 1857 634.9 B81 

Bryant. Forest trees for shelter, orna- 
ment and profit. 1871 634. 9 B84 

Burr. Garden vegetables and how to 

cultivate them. 1866 635 B94 

Downing. Fruits and fruit trees of 

America. 1860 634 D75 

Du Breuil. Scientific and profitable cul- 
tivation of fruit trees. 1872 634 D85 

Eastwood. Cultivation of the cranberry. 

1860 634 Ea7 

English forests and forest trees. 1853. . . 634.9 En3 

Falconer. Mushrooms. 1891 635 F18 

KiELD. Pear culture. 1858 634 F45 

Fuller. Grape culturlst. 1890 634 F951 

Haraszthy. Grape culture, wines and 

wine making. 1862 634 H21 

Hobday. Cottage gardening. 1891 635 II65 

Loudon. Suburban horticulturist. 1842. 635 L92 
M'Intosh. Practical gardener and mod- 
ern horticulturist. 1839 635 M 18 

Newhall. Trees of northeastern Amer- 
ica. 1890 634.0 N45 

QuiNN. Money in the garden. 1871 .... 635 Q4 

Pear culture for profit. 1869 634 Q4 

Rattray & Mill, eds. Forestry and 

forest products. 1885 634.9 R18 

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Robinson. Mushroom culture. 1883... 635 R56 

Roe. Home acre. 1889. . . 634 R62 

Play and profit in my garden. 1873. 635 R62 

Skinner, ed. Arbor day manual. 1890. 634.9 Sk3 

Thomas. American fruit culturist. 1867, 634 T36 

Todd . Apple culturist. 1871 634 T56 

Warder. American pomology. 1867... 634 W21 
Watson. American home garden. 1867. 634 W33 
Wood. Tree . planter and plant propa- 
gator. 1890 *. 634 W85 

Woodward, Q. E. & F. W. Graperies 

and horticultural buildings. 1867. 634 W87 

Bement. American poulterer's compan- 
ion. 1878 636.5B42 

BouRGUiGNON. Cattle plague. 1869 636.2 B66 

Dalziel. The collie 636.7 D1723 

ed. Collie stud book and show record. 

1891 636.7 D1724 

Ewart. Meat production. 1878 636 2 Ewl 

Felch. Poultry culture. 1889 636.5 F33 

Greene. Favorite foreign birds for cages 

and aviaries. 1^91 636.6 G83 

H., H. Scientific education of dogs for 

the gun 636.7 Hll 

Hayes. Illustrated horse breaking. 1889. 636.1 H32 

Jesse. Anecdotes of dogs. 1867 636 7 J49 

Lewis. People's practical 'poultry book. 

1871 636.5 L58 

LiNSLEY. Morgan horses. 1857 636.1 L65 

Mercer. The spaniel. 189.0 636.7 M53 

Merwin. Road, track and stable. 1892. 636.1 M55 

Miles. Stock-breeding. 1879 636. M59 

Mills. The dog in health and disease. 1892. 636.7 M62 
Morrell. American shepherd. 1857. . . 636.3 M83 

Murray. The perfect horse. 1873 636.1 M96 

Profits in poultry. 1889. 636.5 P94 

Se WELL. Black Beauty 636. 1 Se8 

Spooner. History and diseases of the 

sheep. 1888 636.3 Sp6 

Taylor. Man's friend, the dog. 1891. . 636.7 T21 

Wallace. Canary book 636.6 W15 

Weir. Our cats. 1889 636.8 W43 

Williams. Dogs and their ways. 1863 . 636. 7 W67 

Wood. Horse and man. 1885 636. 1 W85 

Youatt. Cattle. 1834 636.2 Yo81 

Thedog. 1856 636.7 Yo8 

Sheep.. 1851 636.3 Yo8 

and Martin. Cattle 636.2 Yo8 

Thehog. 1856 636.4 Yo8 




Aldrich. Arctic Alaska and Siberia. 

1889 639 Al 2 

Bertram. Harvest of tlie sea. 1866 639 B46 

Brooks. The oyster. 1891 639 B79 

Fry, ed. Artificial fish breeding. 1854. . 639 F94 
Newhouse (fe others. Trapper's guide. 

1869 639 N45 


Barrows, c<?wp. Eggs. 1890 643 B27 

Beecher, Catherinb E. Housekeepbr 

and healtli-keeper. 1873 640 B3921 

and Stowe. American woman's 

Lome. 1870 640 B892 

Beecher, Mrs. E. W. Motherly talks 

with young housekeepers. 1873. . . 640 B391 

Bell. Chemistry of foods. 2v. 1887... 643 B412 
Billroth. Care of the sick at home and 

in the hospital. 1891 049 B49 

Brillat-Savarin. Hand-book of dining. 

1865 643 B76 

De Voe. Market assistant. 1867 643 D49 

DoRAN. Table traits . 1855 643 D72 

Hawets. Art of housekeeping. 1889... 640 H31 

Herrick. Cradle and nursery. 1889. . . 649 H43 

Leavitt. Facts about peat. 1867 644 L48 

Murray, comp. Modern householder . . . 640 M96 

Nightingale. Notes on nursing. 1860. 649 N56 

Ormsbek. House comfortable. 1892 640 Or5 

Parloa. First principles of household 

management and cookery. 1889.. 640 P23 
Richardson. Home-made candies. 1890. 642 B39 

Borer. Home candy making 642 B69 

Salis. Floral decorations. 1891 640 Sa31 

Wrinkles and notions for every house- 
hold. 1890 640 Sa3 

Sherwood. Art of entertaining. 1892. . 643 Sh5 
Six hundred dollars a year ; a wife's effort 

at low living under high prices. 

1867 640 Si9 

WiGLEY. Our home work 640 W63 

Blot. What to eat and how to cook it. 

1863 641 B02 

BnuGiERE. Good living. 1890 641 B83 

Child. Delicate feasting. 1890 041 C41 

FiLiPPiNi. The table. 1892 641 F64 

Hazlitt. Old cookery books. 1886 641 H33 

Herrick. Liberal living upon nairow 

means. 1890 641 H43 

The little dinner. 1892 641 H4311 

What to eat, how to serve it. 1891. 641 H431 

Leslie. National cook book. 1856 641 L56 

Sugg. Art of cooking by gas. 1890 641 Su3 

Swett. New England breakfast breads, 

luncheon and tea biscuits. 1891 . . . 641 Sw4 
Taylor. Letters to a young housekeeper. 

1893 641 T21 

Washington cook book. 1890 641 W27 

Wells. Bread and biscuit baker's assist- 
ant. 1889 641 W46 

White. Cookery in the public schools. . 

1890 641 W58 

Williams. Book of ices. 1891 642 W67 


Allsop. Telephones. 1891 654 Al 5 

American practice in block signalling. 

1891.... 656 Am3 

Anderson. Train wire ; a discussion of 
the science of train dispatching. 
1891 654 An2 

Anglo-American telegraphic code to 

cheapen telegraphy. 1886 654 An4 

Bourne. English merchants. 1886 650 B06 

Brady. Kedge-anchor ; or, Young sail- 
or's assistant. 1855 656 B72 

Crabtre. Practical money making. 1885. 658 C84 

Earling. Whom to trust. 1890 658 Ea7 

Fahie. History of electric telegraphy to 

the year 1837. 1884 654 Fl 4 

Fleming. The intercolonial [railway]. 

1876 656 F62 

Foxweix & Farrer. Express trains, 

English and foreign. 1889 656 F83 

Frith. How to read character in hand- 
writing. 1890 652 F91 

Gilpin. Cosmopolitan railway. 1890 . . 656 Q42 

Goodwin. Improved book-keeping and 

business manual. 1890 657 G63 

Greenwood. Sailor's sea-book. 1887 . . 656 G85 . 

KiRKLAND. Cyclopaedia of commercial 

and business anecdotes. 2 v. 1864. 650 K63 

LORING. Electro-magnetic telegraph. 1883. 654 L89 

LrCE. Text-book of seamanship. 1884. . 656 1.96 

Marsh. Theory and practice of bank 

book-keeping. 1856 *657 M35 

Mayer. American telegraphy. 1892... 654 M441 
and Davis. The quadruplex. 1885. 654 M44 

Mercantile register for business reference. 

1891 *650M53 

Packard & Bryant. New Bryant & 
Stratton counting-house book-keep- 
ing. 1878 657 B84 



Payne. Business educator. 1889 658 P291 

Legal adviser and epitome of the 
business and domestic laws of th6 
several states. 1889 658 P29 

Preece & SiVEwniGHT. Telegraphy. 

1891 654P91 

Priestly. Historical account of the navi- 
gable rivers, canals and railways 
tlirougliout Great Britain. 1831 ... 656 P93 

Roads and railroads, vehicles and modes 
of travelling of ancient and modern 
countries. 1839 656 R13 

Sabine. History and progress of tbe elec- 
tric telegraph. 1872 654 Sal 

Sadler & Hotten. History of sign- 
boards. 1866 659 Sal 

Salwey. Light railways as a practical 

means of exploration. 1890 656 Sa3 

Smalley. History of the Northern Pa- 
cific railroad. 1883 656 Sml 

Taylor. Historical sketch of Henry's 
contribution to the electro-magnetic 
telegraph. 1879 654 T21 

Terry. Retailer's manual. 1869 658 T27 

Todd & Whall. Practical seamanship. 

1890 656 T56 

ToRRBY. Practical typewriting. 1889.. 652 T63 

White. How to read character from 

handwriting.. ". . . 652 W58 

Young. Elements of navigation. 1890. . 656 Yo8 

BuRNZ. Help for young reporters. 1890. 653 B93 
Day. Complete shorthand manual. 1889. 653 D33 
Graham. Hand-book of standard or 

American phonography. 1858 . 653 Q76 

MuNSON. Complete phonographer. 1872. 653 M921 

Practical phonography. 1889 653 M 92 

Pitman. Illustrated edition of the Vicar 
of Walcefield [Goldsmith], in the 
corresponding style of phonography. 

1889 653P6814 

Manual of phonography. 1889 653 P68 

Same, and Phonographic reporter. 

1889 653 P681 

Phonographic and pronouncing dic- 
tionary of the English language. 

1889 653 P6813 

Phonographic phrase-book. 1889 653 P6812 

Phonographic reporter. 1889 653 P6811 

Abbott. The Harper establishment ; or, 

How the story books are made. 1855. j655 Ab2 

Blades. Pentateuch of printing. 1891 . 655 B56 

Brotherhead. Forty years among the 
old booksellers of Philadelphia. 
1891 655 B79 

De Vinnb. Invention of printing. 1878. 655 D49 

Fowler. About advertising and printing. 

1889 659 F82 

Humphreys. History of the art of print- 
ing 1868. J655I188 

Jacobi. Printing. 1890 655 J151 

Johnson. Typographia ; or, The printer's 

. instructor. 2v. 1824 655 J 63 

Partridge. Stereotyping ; the papier- 
mache process. 1892 655 P25 

Ring WALT, ed, American ejicyclopedia of 

printing. 1871 *655 R47 

Southward. Practical printing. 2v. 

1887 655 So8 

Thomas. History of printing in America. 

2v. 1810 655 T36 

Timperley. Dictionary of printers and 

printing. 1839 *650 T48 

Wilson. Typographic printing machines 

and machine printing 655 W69 

and Grey. Printing machinery and 
letter-press printing. 1888 655 W691 


Arnold. Ammonia and ammonia com- 
pounds. 1889 ;..- 661 Ar6 

AsKiNSON. Perfumes and their prepara- 
tion. 1892 668 As4 

Berthelot. Explosive materials. 1883. 662 B46 

Blancourt. Art of glass. 1699 666 D59 

Brannt, ed. Animal and vegetable fats 

and oils. 1888 665 B73 

Manufacture of vinegar and acetates, 
cider and fruit wines. 1890 664 B73 

Burns. Manufacture of gas. 1887 665 B93 

Cameron, ed. Oils and varnishes. 1886. 665 C14 

Deite <& others. Manufacture of per- 
fumery. 1892 668 D36 

DOBSON. Manufacture of bricks and 

tiles. 1886 666 D65 

EigSLER. Hand-book of modern ex- 
plosives. 1890 662 Ei8 

Emmens. Explosives and ordnance ma- 
terial. 1891 662EmG 

F5RSTER. Compressed gun cotton for 

military use. 1886 662 F68 

Groves & Thorp, eds. Chemical tech- 
nology. 1889 660 G91 

Herring. Construction of gas works. 

1892^ 665 H43 



Hughes. Gas works. 1885 665 H87 

Jarvks. Glass-making. 1865 666 J29 

Knapp. Chemical technology. 2v. 1848- 

49 660 K72 

LiTTLB. Marine transport of petroleum. 

1890 665 L72 

LOMAS. Manual of the alkali trade. 1886. 661 L88 
MoRFiT. Chemistry applied to the manu- 
facture of soap and candles. 1847. 668 M81 

Morris. Derrick and drill. 1865 665 M83 

PiESSE, ed. Art of perfumery. 1891 668 P61 

Porter. Manufacture of porcelain and 

glass. 1846 666 P83 

Powell. Principles of glass-maki-ng. 

1883 666 P87 

Redwood. Petroleum. 1887 665 R24 

Shenstone. Methods of glass-blowing. 

1889 666 Sh4 

Siemens. Fuel. 1874 662 Si 1 

Wagner. Manual of chemical technol- 
ogy. 1892 660 W12 

Wright. Oil regions of Pennsylvania. 

1865 665 W93 


Baker. Cocoa and chocolate. 1889 663 B17 

MoRiTZ & Morris. Text-book of the sci- 
ence of brewing. 1891 663 M82 

Redding. History and description of • 

modern wines. 1851 663 R24 

Salem. Beer. 1880 663 Sa3 

Thausing. Theory and practice of the 

preparation of malt. 1882 663 T33 

Trowbridge. Cider maker's hand-book. 

1890 663 T75 

Wait. Wines and vines of California. 

1889 663 W13 

Wright. Handy-book for brewers. 1892. 663 W93 

Standage. Practical polish and varnish- 

maker. 1892 , 

Tucker. Family dyer and scourer 

667 St2 
667 T79 


Bancroft. Experimental researches con- 
cerning the philosophy of permanent 
colours. 1813 667 B22 

Beaumont. Colour in woven design. 

1890 667 B38 

Bird. Dry cleaner and garment dyer. . . . 667 B53 

Crookes. Dyeing and tissue printing. 

1882 667 C881 

Hurst. Silk dyeing, printing and finish- 
ing. 1892 667 1194 

Leiiner. Manufacture of ink. 1892 667 L52 

Parnell dh others. Practical treatise on 

dyeing and calico-printing. 1846. . 667 P24 


Austen. Introduction to the study of 

metallurgy. 1891 

Bauerman. Metallurgy of iron. 1890.. 
Egleston. Metallurgy of silver, gold 

and mercury. . 1887 

Eissler. Metallurgy of argentiferous 

lead. 1891 

Metallurgy of gold. 1889 

Metallurgy of silver. 1889 

Gee. Jeweller's assistant in the art of 

working in gold. 1892 

Eerl. Assayer's manual. 1880 

M'Dermott & DuFFiELD. Losses in gold 

amalgamation. 1890 

Pepper. Play -book of metals. 1866 — 
PuLSiFER, comp. Notes for a history of 

lead. 1888 

Richards. Aluminium. 1890 

Wedding. Basic Bessemer process. 1891. 
Williams. Chemistry of iron and steel 

making. 1890 

669 Au7 
669 B32 

669 Eg5 

669 Ei811 

669 £i81 

669 £i8 

66^ G27 
669 K45 

669 M14 
669 P39 

669 P96 

669 R39 

669 W41 

669 W67 


Armour. Iron and heat. 1871 

AsiiENHURST. Weaving and designing of 
textile fabrics 

Barba. Use of steel for constructive 
purposes. 1875 

Batchelder. Introduction and early 
proj^ress of the cotton manufacture 
in the U. S. 1863 

Bishop. History of American manufac- 
tures from 1608 to 1860. 2v. 1864. 

Blinn. Practical workshop companion 
for tin, sheet-iron and copper-plate 
workers. 1891 

Brannt, ed. Metal worker's handy-book 

receipts of and processes. 1890 

Metallic alloys. 1889 

Brockett. Silk industry in America. 

Byrne. Practical metal worker's assist- 
ant. 1867 

Despierre. Elementary treatise on the 
j^nishing of white, dyed and printed 
cotton goods. 1889 

Dingey. Machinery pattern making. 

672 Ar5 

677 As31 

672 B23 

677 B31 

670 B54 

671 B61 

671 B73 
671 B731 

677 B78 

671 B99 

677 D44 

672 D61 



Gbb. Goldsmith's hand-book. 1886. ... 671 02711 

Hall-marking of jewellery. 1882 .... 671 G27 

Silversmith's hand-book. 1890 67 1 0271 

Graham. Brass founder's manual. 1887. 673 Q76 
GrOnbr. Manufacture of steel. 1872.. 672 G92 
Hasluck. Mechanic's workshop handy- 
book, 1888 671H271 

Pattern maker's handy-book. 1887. . 671 1127 

Woodturner's hand-book. 1887 674 H27 

HI0RI7S. Iron and steel manufacture. 

1889 672 H61 

Mixed metals. 1890 671 H61 

Larkin. Brass and iron founder's guide. 

1892 671L32 

LuKiN. Amateur mechanic's workshop. 

1888 J670L96 

Marsden. Cotton spinning. 1891 677 M85 

Nasmith. Student's cotton spinning 677 N17 

Nicholson. Files and rasps. 1878 671 N 52 

Overman. Manufacture of iron in all its 

branches. 1850 672 Ov2 

PossELT. Structure of fibres, yarns and * 

fabrics. 1891 *677 P84 

Technology of textile design. 1892. . 677 P841 
RowBLL. Manual of instruction in hard 

soldering. 1891 671 R79 

Sharp. Flax, tow and jute spinning. 

1886 677 Sh2 

SiCKKLS. Exercises in wood-working, 

with a short treatise on wood. 1890. 674 Sil 

Skelton. Economics of iron and steel . . 672 Sk2 
Sloane. Rubber hand-stamps and the 

manipulation of rubber. 1891 678 SI 5 

Smith. Wire. 1891 671 Sm5 

Spretson. Casting and founding. 1888. 671 Sp7 

Stevens. Leather manufacture. 1891 . . 675 St4 
Swank. History of the manufacture of 

iron in all ages. 1892 672 Sw8 

Truran. Iron manufacture of Great Brit- 
ain. 1867 672 T77 

Ure. Cotton manufacture of Great Brit- 
ain. 2v. 1861 677Ur2 

Warn. Sheet metal worker's instructor. 

1887 671 W24 

Wright. Metals and their industrial ap- 
plications. 1878 671 W93 


Adams. English pleasure carriages. 1837. 684 Adl 

Burgess. Coach building. 1881 684 B91 

Crane. Book-binding for amateurs 686 C85 

Denning. Art and craft of cabinet-mak- 
ing. 1891 684D42 

Harrison. Mechanic's tool book. 1882. 680 H24 

HOBBS. Locks and safes 683 H65 

Kbmlo. Watch-repairer's hand-book. 

1889 .• 681K31 

Kendal. History of watches and other 

timekeepers. 1892 681 K83 

Kipping. Sails and sail-making. 1887. . 689 K62 

Leno. Art of boot and shoemaking. 1889. 685 L54 

PiAGET. The watch. 1868 681 P57 

Practical cabinet-maker 684 P88 

Reid. Clock and watch making. 1855.. 681 R27 
Richardson, ed. Blacksmithing. v. 4. 

1891 682R391 

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Foundations and concrete works. 

1 886 690 D65 

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1889 693H181 

Bricklaying. 1890 693 H18 



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1892 694 H67 

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1891 697 H76 

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1890 *697M62 

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1 858 697 R27 

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1850 697 T59 

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• public buildings, dwelling-houses 

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1891 699 C34 

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3v *705 D35 

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1852 709 M88 

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1886. 720G16 

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1870 720L52 

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1848 *729Sh2 

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1887 720 W63 

Palace of architecture. 1890 720 W631 

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1843 *729Yo8 


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Grecian architecture. 1860 722 Ab3 

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ages *721B86 

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ment. 1887 *722F76 

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Richardson d others. Elizabethan archi- 
tecture and ornament *723 R39 

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and Greek sculpture. 1892 722 Sm5 


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1871 *728B47 

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be observed in the construction of 
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Italian renaissance 

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1885 .• 

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725 G13 

»728 H72 
»724 Itl 

727 J66 

*728 M52 

*728 M84 
*725 Ow2 

728 R39 

728 T36 
728 T56 

728 V81 

*728 W17 
728 W56 
728 W63 

728 W871 

*728 W87 

*725 Yo8 


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Church builder. 1874 726 C47 

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1857 *726H25 

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1891 726 Ow2 

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1892 726 V85 

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Great Britain and Ireland. 1890. . . *726 W56 
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towers of the mediseval churches of 
England. 2v. 1853-4 *726 W63 


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ling. 3v. 1849 *730C16 

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1850 730 D66 



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2v. 1833 730 El 5 

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1890 732 P21 

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1881.... 730Sb3 

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of gems. 1876 736 So5 

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ing. 1889 736 B44 

Instructions in wood carving. 1891 736 In7 

Leland. Leather work. 1892 736 L531 

Manual of wood carving. 1890 *736 L53 

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ScHAUERMANN. Wood carving 736 Schl 


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Romans. 1842 737 CI 7 

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ual. 1859 *737D55 

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2 V. ia53 737 H88 

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andgems. 1828 737 WIS 


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Cripps. College and corporation plate. 

1881 739C86 

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1892 738 Ea7 

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china painting. 1886 738 F84 

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Gasnault & Garnibr. French pottery. 

1884 738G21 

Hall. Bric-a-brac hunter. 1875 739 H14 

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art. 1873 *738 J16 

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Solon. Art of the old English potter. 

1886 738 So4 

Appleton*s cyclopaedia of technical draw- 
ing. 1 892 *740 Ap5 

Andr:^. Plan and map drawing 744 An2 

Barhydt. Crayon portraiture. 1892... 741 B23 
Barnard. Hand-book of foliage and 

foreground drawing. 1876 *740 B25 

Building and machine draughtsman 744 B86 

Burnet. Practical hints on composition 

in pictures. 1885 740 B93 

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Dennis. Model drawing 740 D42 

Fairpont. Art of sketching. 1892 741 F16 

Faunce. Mechanical drawing. 1889 744 F27 

Green. Instruction in landscape drawing. 741 G82 

Halliday. Mechanical graphics. 1889.. 744 H15 
Hamerton. Drawing and engraving. 

1892 . 740H171 

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water. 1871 *741 H77 

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cal drawing : 744 M22 

MiNiFiE. Text-book of geometrical draw- 
ing. 1886 744 M66 

Pattern-book for jewellers *745 P27 

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men. 1889 *':40P38 

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processes. 1884 740 P45 

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Ripper. Instruction in machine drawing 

and design. 1889 744 R48 

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Elements of perspective. 1873 742 R89 

Stanley. Mathematical drawing instru- 
ments. 1878 744 St2 

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1891 740 V81 

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and design, 1869 744 W 891 

Engineering drawing. 1869 744 W8911 

Mechanical drawing. 1869 744 W 89 

Perspective an^ isometrical drawing. 

1869 742 W89 

Wright. History of caricature and the 
grotesque in literature and art. 

1865 741 W93 

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quetry cutting. 1888 747 Adl 

Alteneck. Artistic wrought iron works. 

2v *745 A17 

Badenoch. Art of letter painting. 1888. 745 B14 



Barker. Bedroom and boudoir. 1878.. 749 B79 
Burn, ed. Ornamental draughtsman and 

designer. 1893 745 B93 

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Day. ' Nature in ornament. 1892 745 D3312 

Ornamental design. 1891 745 D3313 

Principles of every day art. 1890 745 D3314 

Delamotte, ed. Book of ornamental al- 
phabets. 1888 745 D37 

Modern alphabets. 1888 745 D371 

Ellwanger. Story of my house. 1891. 749 El 5 

Facet. Elementary decoration. 1889. . . 747 Fll 
Garrett, R. & A. Suggestions for house 

decoration. 1877 749 G19 

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1887 *745H36 

Htjlme. Outline examples of freehand 

ornament *741 H87 

Jackson. Lessons in decorative design. 

1891 740J12 

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Lyon. Colonial furniture of New Eng- 
land. 1891 749 L99 

Miller. Interior decoration 747 M61 

Morton & others. Fashionable furniture. *749 M84 

Bade. Ornamental metal work *740 Rll 

RouYBR. French architecture and orna- 
ment *740R76 

Sawyer. Fret-sawing and wood carving. 

1875 747Sa9 

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1892 745 Schl 

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niture. 1878 749 Sp6 

Ward. Pi inci pies of ornament. 1890.. 745 W21 


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needlework. 1887 *746 C31 

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1847 746 Ow2 

Palliser. History of lace. 1875 746 PI 7 

Wax flowers. 1869 746 W36 


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1824..... 750 B85 

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ing. 1890 751 C47 

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Field. Grammar of colouring. 1888 ... 752 F451 
French. Gems of genius ; famous paint- 
ers and their paintings 750 F88 

GuLLiCK & TiMBS. Painting. 1889 .... 750 G95 
Hamerton. Present state of the fine 

arts in France. 1892 *759.4 H17 

Hay. Nomenclature of colours. 1845. . . 752 H32 

Hogarth. Works *750 H67 

Jameson. Legends of the madonna. 1889. 755 J231 
Legends of the monastic orders. 1867. 755 J2311 

Jarves. Art studies . 1861 750 J29 

Keddib. Old masters and their pictures. 

1874 759 K23 

Lamborn. Mexican painting and paint- 
ers. 1891 750L17 

Lanzi. History of painting in Italy. 1888. 759 L29 
MONKHOUSB. Earlier English water- 
color painters. 1890 *751 ^74 

Nisbet. Lessons in art. 1891 750 N63 

OsBORN. Hand-book of young artists and 

amateurs in oil painting. 1883 751 Osl 

Radcliffe. Schools and masters of paint- 
ing. 1890 750 Rll 

Redgrave. History of water-colour 

painting in England. 1892 751 R24 

RusKiN. Modern painters. 5v. 1872. . . 750 R89 
Spooner. Anecdotes of painters, en- 
gravers, etc. 3v. 1853 750 Sp6 

Stanley. London street arabs. 1890.... 750 Si 2 
Stillman. Old Italian masters. 1892. . . 759 St5 
Sully. Hints to young painters. 1873. . 757 Su5 
Taine. Art in the Netherlands. 1871. . . 759 T13 
Thomson. Barbizon school of painters. 

1891 *750T38 

Tyrwhitt. Christian art and symbolism. 

1872 755 T98 

Van Rensselaer. Six portraits ; Robbia, 
Correggio, Blake, Corot, Fuller, 

Homer. 1889 750 V35 

Waters. Outline history of painting. 

1883 750 W31 


Brown. Wood engraving. 1890 761 B81 

Cundall, ed. Life and genius of Rem- 
brandt. 1867 *767C91 

DuPLESSis. Wonders of engraving. 1876. 760 D92 
Landseer. Lectures on the art of en- 
graving. 1807 760 L23 

Linton. Masters of wood engraving. 

1889 *761L651 



KiCHMOND. Colour and colour- prin ting 

as applied to litliography 763 R41 1 

Grammar of lithography 763 R41 

Wilkinson. Photo-engraving, etc. 1888. 767 W65 


Abney. Photography. 1878 770 Ab7 

Andrews. Studies in photography 770 An2 

Brothers. Photography. 1893 770 B79 

BuRBANK. Photographic negative. 1888. 773 B89 
Burton & Pringle. Processes of pure 

photography. 1889 770 B95 

DucHOCHOis. Photographic reproduction 

processes. 1891 770 D85 

Leslie. Photo- engraving and zinc etch- 
ing processes. 1888 777 L56 

Lietze. Modern heliographic processes. 

1888 774 L64 

Meldola. Chemistry of photography. 

1889 770M28 

Mills. Photography for architects. 1890. 770 M62 
Price. Manual of photographic manipu- 
lation. 1858 770 P93 

Pringle. Photo-micrography. 1890 ... . 770 P932 

Sc^HRATJBSTADTER. Photoengraving. 1892. 777 Schl 
Sutton. Dictionary of photography. 

1858 *770Su8 

Tapley. Amateur photography. 1884. 770 T16 

Wall. Dictionary of photography. 1889. 770 W152 

Burgh. Anecdotes of music. 3v. 1814. 780 B91 
Butter WORTH. Story of the tunes. 

1890 783 B98 

Byrne. Gossip of the century. 2v. 1892. 780 B99 
Challoner. Science and art of music. 

1880 780.9 C35 

Cornell. Primer of modern musical 

tonality. 1890 781 C811 

Crowest. Musical groundwork. 1890.. 781 C88 
DiNOMAN. Directory of booksellers and 

music dealers in Uuited States. . 

1870 780 D61 

Donovan. From lyre to muse. 1890. . . 781 D71 

Elson. Curiosities of music. 1880 780 El 7 

Fay. Music study in Germany. 1888. . . 780 F29 
Hanslick. Beautiful in music. 1891. . . 780.1 H19 
Hately. Psalmody of the Free church 

of Scotland. 1845 783 H28 

Helmholtz. On the sensations of tone.^ 

1875 781H36 

Henderson. Preludes and studies ; 

musical themes of the day 780 H381 

Story of music. 1890 780 H38 

Hueffer. Half a century of music in 

England. 1837-1887. 1889 780 H87 

HuLLAH. Music in the house 780 H873 

Klauser. Septonate and the centraliza- 
tion of the tonal system. 1890 781 K66 

Klein. Musical notes. 1889 780 K67 

Krehbiel. Studies in the Wagnerian 

drama. 1891 782 K87 

MacFarran. Musical history. 1886.... 780 9 M16 
Matthew. Manual of musical history. 

1892 780.9 M43 

Moscheles. Recent music and musicians. 

1873 780M85 

OusELEY. Counterpoint, canon and fugue. 

1880 781 Ou8 

Treatise on harmony. 1883 781 Ou81 

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POLKO. Musical sketches. 1863 780 P75 

Prout. Instrumentation 781 P94 

Rice. What is music ? 1890 781 R36 

RiTTER. Music in its rela' ion to intellec- 
tual life. 1891 780.4 R51 

RuBiNflTEiN. Conversation on music. . . . 780.4 R82 
Spencer. Rudimentary and practical 

treatise on music. 1881 780 Sp3 

Statham. My thoughts on music and 

musicians. 1892 780 St2 

Upton. Standard symphonies. 1890 . . . 785 Up8 

Woman in music. 1889 780 Up8 

Walker. My musical experiences. 1890. 780 W15 
Wilson. Musical year book. v. 1-7, 9. 

1884-90. 3v 780W69 

Zahm. Sound and music. 1892 780.1 Zl 


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GuTTMANN. Gymnastics of the voice. 1887. 784 Q 98 
McCaskey, comp. Christmas in song, 

sketch and story. 1891 784 M12 

Franklin square song collection. 1881. 784 M121 
Mackenzie. Hygiene of the vocal organs. 

1891 784 M19 

Marsh. Story of the Jubilee singers, 

with their songs 784 M85 

Myer. Vocal reinforcement. 1891 784 M99 


Allen. De fidiculisbibliographia. 1891. 787 Al 5 

Dickson. Organ building. 1882 786 D55 

Du BouRG. The violin. 1878 787 D85 

Fillmore. Pianoforte music. 1889 786 F48 

Wicks. Organ building. 1887 786 W63 

WiECK. Piano and song. 1875 786 W632 



Bartlett. New games for parlor and 

lawn. 1883 790 B28 

Champlin & BosTWiCK. Young folks' 
cyclopeedia of games and sports. 

1 890. *790 C35 

Daniel. Rural sports. 2v *790 D22 

DiTCHFiELD. Old English sports, pas- 
times and customs. 1891 790 D63 

German. Tlie. 1888 793 G31 

GovETT. King's book of sports. 1890. . . 790 G74 

Grbenaway. Book of games j790 G82 

Pardon. Games for all seasons. 1858. . 790 P21 
Pollard. Plays and games for little 

folks J790P76 

Sachs. Sleight of hand. 1885 791 Sal 

Strutt. Sports and pastimes of the peo- 
ple of England. 1845 790 St8 

Walsh. British rural sports. 1865 790 W16 

Wood, ed. Boy's modern playmate. 1890. j790 W85 


Archer. About the theatre. 1886 792 Ar2 

Baker. Amateur dramas. 1857 793 B171 

Briggs. Original charades. 1891 793 B76 

Collier. History of English dramatic 

poetry. 3v. 1831 792 C69 

Doane. To and from the passion play in 

1871 . 1872 792 D65 

Dunlap. History of the American the- 
atre. 1832 792 D92 

Fitzgerald. Art of acting. 1892 792 F5712 

Romance of the English stage. 1875. 792 F5711 

FuRNiss. Box of monkeys. 1891 792 F98 

Hennequin. Art of play-writing. 1890. 792 H39 
HuTTON. Curiosities of the American 

stage. 1891 792 H97 

Jerome. Stage lanJ. 1890 792 J48 

Kendal. Dramatic opinions. 1890 792 K33 

MoRLEY. Journal of a London playgoer, 

from 1851 to 1866. 1866 792 M82 

Phelps. Hamlet from the actors' stand- 
point. 1890 792P51 

Pollard, ed. English miracle plays. 

1890 792 P761 

Sherwood. Home amusements. 1884.. 793 Sh5 
Snively. Ober-Ammergau passion play 

ofl880. 1881 792Sn3 

SOLLEY. Acting and the art of speech at 

the Paris conservatoire. 1891 792 So4 

Theatre, v. 1-20. 1878-88. 20y 792 T34 

Trench. Passion play at Ober-Ammer- 
gau. 1890 792 T72 

Walklby. Play-house impressions. 1892. 792 W15 

Waugh. School-room theatricals. 1890.. 793 W35 
Winter. Shadows of the stage. 1892.. 792 W733 
Wood. Personal recollections of the 

stage. 1855 792 W85 


Agnel. Book of chess. 1854 794 A gG 

Ames. Practical guide to whist. 1891 . . 795 Am3 

Backgammon and draughts. 1889 795 B12 

Edge. Exploits and triumphs in Europe 
of Paul Morphy, the chess cham- 
pion . 1859 794 Ed3 

Faleener. Games. 1892 794 F18 

Frere. Hoyle's games. 1861 795 F89 

Garnier. Scientific billiards. 1880 794 Gl 8 

Gossip. Theory of the chess openings. 

1 89 1 794 G 69 

Hazeltine. Brevity and brilliancy in 

chess. 1866 794 H33 

LiNDERFELT. Game of preference ; or, 

Swedish whist. 1885 795 L64 

Mitchell. Duplicate whist. 1891 795 M69 

Pole cfc others. Handbook of games. 2v. 

1890 795P751 

Walker. New treatise on chess. 1841. 794 W15 

Bell, ed. Hand-book of athletic sports. 

1890 797 B4i 

Brickwood. Boat racing. 1876 797 B76 

Camp. American foot-ball. 1891 797 C 15 

Coffin. America's cup ; how it was won 

in 1851. 1885 797 C65 

Dent d others. Mountaineering. 1892. . 796 D43 

Grosvenor. Model yachts and boats 797 G91 

Hart. Romance of yachting. 1848 797 H25 

Heathcote <fc <?<7i€r«. Skating. 1892... 798 H351 

Tennis. 1890 796 H35 

HuRD. History of Yale athletics. 1888. . . 797 H93 

Hutchinson. Golf. 1890 796 H97 

Hutchison, ed. Out-door games and 

recreations. 1892 j796 H972 

Jones, «d. Out-door sports for boys. 1890. j 796 J 72 
KuNHARDT. Steam yachts and launches. 

1887 , 797 K96 

McPherson. Golf and golfers. 1891 .. . 796 M24 
Palmer d others. Athletic sports in 

America, England and Australia. 

1889 796P18 

Peters, ed. GirVs own out door book. 

1889 i796 P44 

Pollock, Grove & Prevost. Fencing. 

1889 796 P76 

QuALTROUGH. Boat-sailer's manual. 1889. 797 Q^ 



Scott . Cycling art. 1889 796 Sco3 

Snedeker. Family canoe trip. 1892. . . . 797 Sn2 

Thom. Pedestrianism. 1813 79^736 

Thompson. Witchery of archery. 1878. 796 T87 

Vassall. Foot-ball. 1889 797 V44 


Allen. Riding for ladies 798 Al 5 

Riding for gentlemen. *798 Al 51 

Anderson. Modern horsemanship. 1889. 798 An21 

CORBETT. Old coachman's chatter. 1891. 798 C81 
Dodge. Patroclus and Penelope ; a chat 

in the saddle. 1885 798 D66 

Herbert. Frank Forester's horse and 

horsemanship. 2v. 1857 *798 H41 

Hurst. How women should ride. 1892. 798 H94 

Melville. Riding recollections 798 N49 

Simpson. Horse portraiture. 1868 798 Si5 

Swales. Driving as I found it. 1891 ... 798 Swl 

Touchstone. Race horses. 1890 *798 T64 

Waring. Whip and spur. 1875 798 W23 

Weir db otTiers. Riding, [and] polo. 1891. 798 W43 
Woodruff. Trotting horse of America. 

1 868 798 W 86 

A damson. Salmon fishing in Canada. 

1860 799 Adl 

BoGARDUS. Field, cover and trap shoot- 
ing. 1874 799 B63 

Bumstead. On the wing. 1869 799 B88 

Gibson. Camp-life in the woods. 1881 . 799 G35 

Gould. Modem American rifles. 1892. . 799 G73 

Halix)Ck. Fishing tourist. 1873. 799 H15 

Salmon fisher. 1890 799 H151 

Hardy. Forest life in Acadie. 1869 799 H22 

Hawker. Instructions to young sports- 
men. 1830 799 H31 

Jefferies. Gamekeeper at home. 1890. 799 J35 
Karr. Bear hunting in the White moun- 
tains, etc. 1891 799 K'14 

King. Sportsman and naturalist in Can- 
ada. 1866 799 K58 

Lamont. Seasons with the sea-horses. 

1861 799L19 

Leffingwell, ed. Shooting on upland, 

marsh and stream. 1890 799 L52 

Mac Vine. Sixty-three years* angling. 

1891.... ..^ 799 M25 

Marburt. Favorite flies. 1892 799 M32 

Marksman, pseud. Dead shot. 1864 799 M34 

Mayer, ed. Sport with gun and rod. 

1883 799 M45 

Nicolls & Eglington. Sportsman in 

South America. 1892 799 N64 

Roosevelt. Superior fishing. 1865 799 R6711 

Samuels. With fly-rod and camera. 1890. 799 Sa4 
Shields, ed. Big game of North Amer- 
ica. 1890 799 Sh6 

Steele. Canoe and camera. 1872 799 St3 

Walton & Cotton. Complete angler. 

1822 799 W17 

Webber. Romance of sporting. 1852.. 799 W38 
Wells. City boys in the woods. 1890. . j799 W461 
Wheelwright. Bush wanderings of a 

naturalist. 1861 799 W57 

Willoughby. East Africa and its big 

game. 1889 799 W68 



Academy, v. 1-36. 1869-89. 36v 805 Ac2 

Adams. Dear old story tellers. 1889. . . . J808.3 Adl 
Barrows. Acts and anecdotes of authors. 

1889 *803 B27 

Botta. Hand-book of universal litera- 
ture. 1888 809 B65 

Carlyle. Lectures on the history of lit- 
erature. 1892 809 C19 

Cheney. Golden guess ; essays on poetry . 

and the poets. 1892 808.1 C42 

Crombie. Some poets of the people. 1891. 808.1 C88 

Dial. V. 1-12. 1881-1892. 12v. 805 D54 

Dryden. Essay of dramatic poesy. 1889. 809.2 D84 

FaikfieJjD, ed. Starting points. 1890.. 
Hazlitt. Studies in jocular literature. 


Hill. Writers and readers. 1892 

HoLCOMBE, ed. Literature in letters. 1866. 
KiLLiKELLY. Curious questious. 2v. 


Lemon, ed. Jest book. 1864 

L'EsTRANGE. History of English humour. 

Lynch. Modern authors. 1891 

Mabie. Essays in literary interpretation. 


Short St udies in literature. 1891 

Monthly review. 27v. 1790-98 

808.8 F16 

808.7 H33 
804 H55 

808.6 H69 

*803 K55 

808.7 L54 
808.7 L56 

801 L99 

804 Mill 

804 Mil 

805 M76 



MORLET. Studies in llteratnre. 1891 ... 804 M82 
MoTTLKY. Joe Miller's jest book. 1886. 808.7 M85 
Prentice, comp. Musical moments. 1889. 808.8 P91 
Reddall, e<?. Fact, fancy and fable. 1889. *803 R24 

Roberts. Letter writing. 1843 808.6 R54 

ScHLEGEL. Lectures on dramatic art and 

literature. 1889 808.2 ScliS 

SiMONDE DE SiSMONDi. Literature of tlie 

south of Europe. 2v. 1848 809 Si5 

Stauffer. The queer, tbe quaint, the 

quizzical. 1882 *803 St2 

Stedmak. Nature and elements of poetry. 

1892 808.1 Bt3 

TiMBS, comp. Laconics. 3v. 1843 808.08 T48 

Walsh. Handy -book of literary^ curiosi- 
ties. 1893 .' »803W16 

Wells, ed. Things not generally known. 

1890 *803W46 

White. Classic literature. 1877 809 W58 

Willis. Current notes, v. 2, 4, 6. 1853- 

57. 3v *805W67 

WiLLMOTT, ed. Poets of the 19th cen- 
tury. 1858 808. 1 W68 

Wilson. Love in letters. 1867 808.6 W69 


Blair. Lectures on rhetoric and belles 

lettres. 2v. 1807 808 B57 

Channing. Lectures read to the seniors 

in Harvard. 1856 808 C36 

Clark. Practical rhetoric. 1889 808 C54 

Crafts & Fisk. Rhetoric made racy. 

1884 808C84 

Day. Art of discourse. 1867 808 D33 

Earle. English prose. 1890 808 Ea7 

Hervey. Christian rhetoric. 1873 808 H44 

Hunt. Studies in literature and style. 

1890 808 H91 

Kellogg. Text-book on rhetoric. 1893. 808 K29 
Macbeth. Might and mirth of literature. 

1875 808 M12 

Rush. Philosophy of the human voice. 

1855 808 R89 

Writer's hand-book. 1888 808 W93 


Barrie. Edinburgh eleven 808.4 B27 

Caird. Essays on literature and philos- 
ophy. 2v. 1892 808.4C12 

DOBSON. Eighteenth century vignettes. 

1892 808.4 D65 

Edmundson. Milton and Vondel. 1885. 808.4 Ed5 
Ellis. New spirit. 1890 808.4 El 5 

FoRSTER. Four great teachers : Ruskln, 

Carlyle, Emerson and Browning. 

1890 808.4 F77 

French and Spanish men of genius. 

1891 808.4 F771 

Graham. Nature in books. 1891 808.4 G76 

Hazlitt. Lectures on the English poets. 

1845 808.4 H331 

Henley. Views and reviews. 1890 808.4 H 38 

HuTTON. Essays in literary criticism . . . 808.4 H9711 

Jacobs. Essays and reviews. 1891 808.4 J15 

Lang. Essays in little. 1891 808.4 L251 

Masson. Three devils. 1874 808.4 M38 

Mather. Popular studies of nineteenth 

century poets. 1892 808.4 M42 

MuLLANY. Phases of thought and criti- 
cism. 1892 808.4M91 

Roe. Mortal moon ; or. Bacon and his 

masks. 1891 808.4 R62 

Sainte Beuvb. Essays on men and 

women. 1890 808.4 Sa2 

Saintsbury. Essays on English litera- 
ture. 1890 808.4 Sa2 1 3 

Essays on French novelists. 1891. . .808.4 Sa212 
Sherwen. Antiquity and authenticity of 

publications found at Bristol. 1809. 808.4 Sh5 
Stephen. Hours in a library. 1875 . . . 808.4 St42 
Stewart. Evenings in the library. 1878. 808.4 St43 

Trail. Studies in criticism. 1888 808.4 T6S 

TucKERMAN. Characteristics of literature. 

2v. 1849-51 808.4 T791 

Essays, biographical and critical. 

1857 808.4 T79 

Wallace. Literary criticisms. 1856, .. 808.4 WIS 
Wilde. Notes on men, women and books. 

1891 808.4 W64 

Wilkinson. Free lance in the field of 

life and letters. 1874 808.4 W65 

Wilson. Specimens of the British critics. 

1846 808.4 W69 

WoODBERRY. Studies in letters and life. 

1890 808.4 W85 

Adams. Gesture and pantomimic action. 

1891 808.5 Adl 

Bacon. Manual of gesture. 1879 808.5 B13 

Bain. On teaching English. 1887 808.5 B16 

Baldwin, ed. Harper's school speaker. 

1891 808.5 B19 

Bautain. Art of extempore speaking. 

1859 808.5 B32 

Frobisher. System of the culture of 

voice and action. 1867 808.5 F92 



McIlvaine. Elocution. 1870 808.5 M18 

Monroe, ed. Public and parlor readings. 

, 1873 808.5 M75 

Plumptre. King's college lectures on 

elocution. 1883 808.5 P73 

Russell. Gesture. 1830 808.5 R912 

eomp. Ortliopliony." 1890 808.5 R91 

Sandlands. Voice and public speaking. 

1879 808.5 Sa5 

Shaw, Blackwell & Anthony, comp8. 

Yellow ribbon speaker. 1891 808.5 Sb2 

Speaker's garland. 7v 808.5 Sp3 

Warman. Gestures and attitudes. 1892. 808.5 W23 
Wendell. English composition. 1891. 808.5 W48 


Alden's cyclopaedia of universal litera- 
ture. V. 1-15. 1885-92. 15v *808.8 Al 2 

Antidote against melancholy. 1884 808.1 Am8 

Baker, ed. Dictionary of quotations. 1864.*808.8 B17 

Ballou, comp. Treasury of thought. 

1872 *808.8 B211 

Belton, comp. Literary manual of for- 
eign quotations. 1891 ..*808.8 B41 

BOMBAUGH, comp. Gleanings for the 

curious. 1890.. *808.8 B63 

Bulpinch, comp. Poetry of the age of 

fable. 1863 808.1 B87 

Burton, ed. Cyclopaedia of wit and 

humor. 2v. 1866 *808.7 B95 

Carrington, ed. Columbian selections. 

1892 808.8C28 

Dana, ed. Household book of poetry. 

1890 *808.1D19 

Davenport, ed. Best fifty books of the 

greatest authors. 1891 808.8 D27 

Foster, ed. Cyclopaedia of prose illus- 
trations. 2 V. 1870 *808. 8 F81 

Great truths by great authors. 1860 *808.8 G79 

Henley, ed. Lyra heroica. 1891 808. 1 H38 

Hood. World of anecdote. 1870 808.8 H76 

Johnson, ed. Famous single and fugi- 
tive poems. 1890 808.1 J631 

LxVNG, ed. Blue poetry book. 1891 808.1 L25 

Longfellow, cmnp. Poets and poetry of 

Europe. 1845 808.1 L861 

Parton, edJ. Humorous poetry. 1856... 808.7 P25 

Putnam, ed. Prose masterpieces. 3 v. 

1 891 808. 8 P98 

Repplier, comp. Book of famous verse. 

1892 808.1 R29 

RicORD, tr. English songs from foreign 

tongues. 1879 808.1 R42 

tr. Self -tormentor. 1885 808.1 R421 

Spofford & Gibbon, eds. Library of 

choice literature. lOv. 1888 *808.8 Sp6 

and Shapley, eds. Library of wit 
and humor. 5v. 1884 *808.7 Sp6 

WoOL^VER, ed. Treasury of wisdom, wit, 

etc. 1891 *808.8 W88 



Abbott. Outings at odd times. 1890. . . 818 Ab2 

Recent rambles! 1892 818 Ab21 

Alcott. Table talks. 1877 818 A112 

Bancroft. History of the battle of Lake 

Erie. 1891 810.8 B22 

Beecher. Eyes and ears. 1862 818 B39 

Beers. Initial studies in American let- 
ters. 1891 810.9 B39 

BiGELOW. Modern inquiries. 1867 818 B48 

BOLLES. Land of the lingering snow; 
chronicles of a stroller in New Eng- 
land. 1891 818 B63 

BowEN. Gleanings from a literary life. 

1880 818 B67 

Bristed. Pieces of a broken-down critic. 

1858 818 B77 

Burnham. History of the hen fever ; a 

humorous record. 1855 818 B93 

BuRRiTT. Ten- minute talks on all sorts of 

topics. 1874 818 B94 

Channing. Works. 6v. 1843 810.8 C36 

Chasles. Anglo-American literature and 

manners. 1852 810 C38 

Clark. Literary remains. 1851 818 C54 

CoLTON. Sea and the sailor. 1851 818 C72 

Croly. Jennie Juneiana. 1864 818 C87 

Dana. Poems and prose writings. 2v. 

1857 810.8 D19 

Dickson. Essays on life, sleep, pain. 

1852 818 D56 

Dodge. Twelve miles from a lemon. 

1874 : 818D66 

Ellwanger. In gold and silver. 1892 . 818 El 5 

FOLLEN. Works. 5v. 1841 810.8 F72 

Franklin. Prefaces, proverbs and 

poems. 1890 818 F85 

Gibson. Happy hunting grounds. 1887. *818 G351 

Highways and byways. 1883 *818 G35 

H ALPINE. Baked meats of the funeral. 

1866 818 H16 

Hawthorne & Lemmon. American lit- 
erature. 1891 810.9 H31 

Hudson. Outlines of men, women and 

things. 1873 818 H86 



Irving. Works. 
Contents : 

Alhambra 810.8 IrSll 

Astoria 810.8 Ir8 

Life and voyages of Columbns 810.8 Ir8l2 

Mahomet and his successors 810.8 Ir81 

Sketch book 810.8 Ir814 

Tales of a traveller 810.8 Ir813 

Jameson. Historical writing in America. 

1891 810.4 J23 

Lanman. Recollections of carious char- 
acters. 1881 818 L27 

LKGAKfi. Writings. 2v 1845-46 818 L52 

LuNT. Short cuts and by-paths. 1891 .. . 818 L971 
Macoun, comp. Character and comment, 
selected from the novels of Howells. 

1889 818 M23 

MiLBURN. Rifle, axe and saddlebags. 

1857 818 M58 

Morris, comp. Half hours with the best 

American authors. 4v. 1889...':. 810.8 M83 

Osgood. American leaves. 1867 818 Os3 

Page. Old south. 1892 818 P14 

Parsons. Professor's letters. 1891 818 P253 

Parton, James. Fanny Fern. 1873 818 P25 

Topics of the time. 1871 818 P251 

Parton, Mrs. S. P. ( W.) E. Caper sauce. 818 P2521 

Ginger snaps. 1870 818 P252 

POMEROY. Our Saturday nights. 1870 . . 81 8 P77 
Prime. Along New England roads. 1892. 818 P931 
Richardson, C. A., comp. Household 

reading. 1868 818 R39 

Richardson, C. F. Primer of American 

literature. 1891 810.9 R391 

RoBBiNS. Rescue of an old place. 1892. 818 R53 

Russell. Club of one. 1890 818 R91 

Sanborn. Adopting an abandoned farm. 

1891 818Sa5 

Sands. Writings. 2v. 1834 810 8 Sa5 

Sargent, ed. Sketches of the Radical 

club. 1880 818 Sa7 

Saunders. Salad for the social. 1856.. 818 Sa81 
Shackfobd. Social and literary papers. 

1892 818Shl 

SiGOURNEY. Post meridian. 1856 818 Si2 

SiMMS. Views and reviews in American 

literature. 1848 818 Si4 

Smith, C. A. Stoneridge. 1877 818 Sm5 

Smith, Huntington, ed. Century of 

American literature. 1889 810.8 Sm5 

Smith, J. 0. Miscellanies, old and new. 

1876 818Sm52 

Talmage. Crumbs swept up. 1871 818 T14 

Tardy. Southland writers. 2v. 1870.. 810.8 T17 

Taylor. Summer savory. 1879 818 T21 

Thomas. The round year. 1886 818 T362 

Torrey. Foot path-way. 1892 818 T63 

Venable. Beginnings of literary culture 

in the Ohio valley. 1891 810.9 V55 

Verflanck. Discourses and addresses on 

subjects of American history. 1833. 818 V59 

Washington. Maxims. 1855 818 W27 

White. Sketch of the philosophy of 

American literature. 1891 810.1 W58 

Whiting. The saunterer. 1886 818 W59 

Whittier. Prose works. 2v. 1866.. .810.8 W611 

Willis. Convalescent. 1859 818 W671 

WiN.VNS. Reminiscences and experi- 
ences in the life of an editor. 1875. 818 W72 
Winter. Gray days and gold. 1891 .... 818 W73 
Wirt. Letters of the British spy. 1861. 818 W74 
Wood, comp. West Point scrap-book. 

1871 818 W85 


collections and criticisms. 
Pagan, comp. Southern war songs. 1890. 811.08 F13 
Oris WOLD. Female poets of America. 

1858 811.08 088 

Higginson & Bigelow, eds. American 

sonnets. 1890 811.08 H531 

Kbttkll. Specimens of American poetry. 

3v. 1829 811.08K51 

May. American female poets. 1848. . .*811.08 M45 
Sladen, ed. YouDger American poets. 

1891 *811.08 SI 1 

Thompson, ed. Humbler poets. 1889. . .811.08 T37 


individual authors. 

Aldrich. Sisters' tragedy 811 Al 211 

Wyndham towers. 1890 811 Al 21 

Alexander. Poetical works. 1847.... 811 A122 

America ; a dramatic poem. 1863 811 Am3 

Andros. Chocorua, and other sketches. . 

1838 811 An2 

Baker, Q. A. , jr. Point lace and diamonds. 

1875 811B17 

Baker, S. T. Fort Sumter and its de- 
fenders. 1891 811B172 

Barlow. Columbiad ; a poem. 1807 — 811 B24 

Bates. The poet and his self. 1891 .... 811 B311 

Told in the gate. 1892 811 B3111 

Blanchard. Abraham Lincoln. 1889.. 811 B59 

BoKER. Poems of the war. 1864. ...... 811 B63 

BoYESEN. Idyls of Norway. 1882 811 B71 

Bryant. Forest hymn. 1860 811 B8411 




BuNNBR. Airs from Arcadj and else- 
where 1888 811 B88 

Butler. Ober-Ammergau, 1890. 1891.. 811 B9711 

Poems. 1871 811 B971 

Two millions. 1858 811 B97 

Calverley. Fly leaves. 1872 811 C13 

Carleton. City festivals. 1892 811 C1914 

City legends. 1890 811 C1913 

Coles. Tlie evangel. 1882 811 C6711 

Latin hymns, with original transla- 
tions. 1892 811 C671 

Life and teachings of our Lord. 1885, 811 C6712 

Light of the world. 1885 811 C6713 

Man, the microcosm and the cosmos . 
1892 V 811CC714 

Microcosm, and other poems. 1881. . 811 C67 

Cone. Ride to the lady. 1891 811 C75 

Dalton. Lyra bicyclica. 1885 ......... 811 D17 

. Dickinson. Poems. 2v. 1891 811 D56 

Donnelly. Poems. 1892 811 D71 

Dorr. Friar Anselmo and other "poems. 

1879 811 D73 

Poems. 1892 811 D731 

Fkssbnden. Modern philosopher. 1806. 811 F42 
Field. A little book of western verse. 

1890 811 F45 

With trumpet and drum. 1892 *811 F451 

Freneau. Poems. 1795 811 F881 

Poems relating to the American 

Revolution. 1865 811 F88 

Gilder. Two worlds. 1891 811 G38 

Gordon. Feast of the virgins. 1891 ... 811 G652 

Halleck. Poetical writings. 1869 811 HIS 

Halpine. Poetical works. 1869 811 H16 

Hay. Pike county ballads. 1871 811 H32 

Poems. 1890 811 H321 

Hoffman. Vigil of faith. 1842 811 H67 

Holmes. Dorothy Q. 1893 811 H7311 

Howe. Later lyrics. 1866 .^ 81 1 H832 

I'Anson. Vision of Misery hill. 1891. . . 811 Ia6 

Lanier. Poems. 1892 811 L27 

Larcom. At the beautiful gate. 1892. . . 811 L3212 

An idyl of work. 1875 811 L321 

Poems. 1869 811 L3211 

Lathrop. Dreams and days. 1892 811 L341 

Longfellow. Poetical works. 1884 811 L861 

* Lowell. The Courtin'. 1874 811 L951 

Poems. 4v. 1892 811 L9511 

LuDERS. Dead nymph, and other poems. 

1892 811 L96 

McGovERN. Pastoral poem. 1892 811 M17 

Martin. Little brother of the rich. 1890. 811 M36 
Matthews, ed. Ballads of books. 1887. 811 M43 
Miller. Poems. 1889 811 M6112 

Songs of the sun lands. 1873 811 M6111 

Mitchell. Psalm of deaths. 1890 811 M6911 

MoRSB. Vindication of the claim of Alex. 
Ball to the authorship of the poem, 

*' Rock me to sleep." 1867 811 M83 

MouLTON. In the garden of dreams. 

1890 811M801 

Swallow flight. 1892 811 M8611 

O'Reilly. In Bohemia. 1886 811 Or3 

Perry. After the ball. 1890 811 P421 

Poetical tributes to the memory of 

Lincoln. 1865 811 P75 

Preston. Cartoons. 1875 81 1 P921 

Proctor. Poems 811 P94 

Read. House by the sea. 1855 811 R221 1 

Poems. 1853 811 R221 

Wagoner of the Alleghanies. 1868. . 811 R22 
Riley. Flying islands of the night. 1892. 811 R45 

Old-f ashiond roses. 1892 811 R451 

Sherman. Little-folk lyrics. 1892 j8 1 1 Sh51 

Lyrics for a lute. 1890 811 Sh5 

SiMMS. Cassique of Accabee. 1849.. .. 8118141 

Poems. 2v. 1853 811 Si4 

Sprague. Poetical and prose writings. 

1876 811 Sp7 

Stoddard. Lions' cub. 1890 811 St6 

Thaxtbr. Poems for children. 1884. . . j811 T331 
Thomas. Inverted torch. 1890 811 T36 

Lyrics and sonnets. 1889 811 T361 

Toland. Tisayac of the Yosemite. 1890. 811 T57 

TucKERMAN. Pocms. 1851 811 T79 

Tyler. Ahasuerus. 1842 811 T97 

Ward, Samuel. Lyrical recreations. 

1865 811 W213 

Ward, T. The Passaic. 1842 811 W212 

Welby. Poems. 1850 811 W44 

White. Cross of Monterey. 1882 811 W58 

Whitman. Good-bye my fancy. 1891. . 811 W591 

Selected poems. 1892 811 W5911 

Whittier. At sundown. 1892 811 W6113 

ed. Child life. 1871 j811 W6112 

Wilcox. An erring woman's love. 1892. 811 W64 
Wilkinson. Epic of Saul. 1891 811 W65 


HowBLLS. Albany depot. 1892 812 H8317 

Letter cf introduction. 1892 812 H8318 

OsBORN. Calvary — Virginia ; tragedies. 

1867 812 Osl 

Miles. Mohammed. 1850 812 M58 

Putnam. Tragedy of errors. 1862 812 P98 

Tragedy of success. 1862 812 P981 



Banckoft. Literary and historical miscel- 
lanies. 1845 

Curtis. From the easy chair. 1891 

Flagg. Studies in the field and forest. 


Gibson. Pastoral days. 1886. 

Godwin. Out of the past . 1870 

Greene. Historical studies. 1850 

Hazard. Essay on language. 1889 

HiGGiNSON. Concerning all of us. 1892. . 

New world and the new book. 1S92. 

Holmes. Over the teacups. 1891. 

Ho WELLS. Criticism and fiction. 1891 . . 

King. Patriotism. 1864 

Lowell. Democracy. 1887 

Latest literary essays. 1892 

Mabib. My study fire. 1890 

Under the trees. 1891 

Matthews. Americanisms and Briti- 
cisms. 1892 

Morton. Southern empire. 1892 

Reed. Among my books. 1871 

Refplier. Essays in miniature. 1892. 

Points of view. 1891 

Russell. In a club corner. 1890 

SiiEDD. Literary essays. 1878 

Story. Excursions in art and letters. 


Swing. Club essays. 1881 

Torre Y. Rambler's lease. 1889 

TucKERMAN. Criterion. 1866 

Optimist. 1850 

Webster. Papers on political, literary 
and moral subjects. 1848 

814 B22 
814 C94 

814 F5912 

*814 G35 

814 G54 

814 G83 

814 H33 

814 H5312 

814 H5311 

814 H7813 

814 H831 

814 K58 

814 L9511 

814 L9512 

814 Mil 

814 Mill 

814 M43 

814 M84 

814 R25 

814 R2911 

814 R291 

814 R911 

814 Sh3 

814 St7 

814 Sw6 

814 T63 

814 T79 

814 T791 

814 W39 



Clay. Private correspondence. 1856 816 C57 

Cleveland. Writings and speeches. 

1892 816 C59 

Davis. Speeches. 1857 815 D29 

Depew. Orations. 1889 815 D44 

Jefferson. Memoir, correspondence and 

miscellanies. 4v. 1829 816 J35 

Johnson. Speeches. 1865 815 J 63 

Lodge. Speeches. 1892 815 L82 

Moore, ed. American eloquence. 2v. 

1857 815M78 

Parker. Golden age of American ora- 
tory. 1857 815 P22 

Patriotic and heroic eloquence. 1861 815 P27 

Phillips. Speeches, lectures and letters. 

1891 815P54 

Randolph. Letters. 1834 816 R15 

Smalley. London letters. 2v. 1891 . . . 816 Sml 

Ward. Speeches. 1877 815 W21 

Washington. Spurious letters ; ed. by 

Ford , 816 W271 

Webster. Private correspondence. 2v. 

1857 816 W39 

WiNTHROP. Addresses and speeches. 

1852 815 W73 


For titles f see fiction list ; for authors, see autlwr list. 

828 B66 
828 B76 

828 B85 

828 C35 



Allen. Colin Clout's calendar. 1883. . . 828 Al 5 

Barrie. Auld licht idylls. 1891 828 B27 

Bayne. Essays in biography and criti- 
cism. 2v. 1860 820.4B34 

BiRT. Patristic evenings 828 B53 

BOYEB. Thoughts, feelings and fancies. 


Bridges. Idylls of a lost village. 1889.. 

Browne. Religio medici. 1889 828 B81 

Buckle. Miscellaneous and posthumous 

works. 3v. 1872 

Chambers, W. Papers for the people. 

12v. 1850-56 

and R. , eds. Miscellany of instructive 

and entertaining tracts. lOv 820.8 C35 

Cliffe. Anecdotal reminiscences of dis- 
tinguished literary and political 

characters. 1830 

Clouston. Flowers from a Persian gar- 
den. 1890 

Collins, C. A. Eye witness. 1860 

Collins, J. C. Study of English litera- 
ture. 1891 820.7 C69 

COLTON. Lacon. 1851 828 C73 

Dick. Wofks. 3 v. 1848 828 D54 

Disraeli. Curiosities of literature. 3 v. 

1834 ,\ 828 D62 

Same. 1885 828 D621 

Drake. Evenings in autumn. 2v. 1822. 828 D7811 

Mornings in spring. 2v. 1828 828 D78 

Winter nights. 2v. 1820 828 D781 

DuNTON. Athenian oracle. 4v. 1703-10. *828 D92 
Entertainer ; containing remarks upon 

men and manners 828 En8 

Giles. Lectures and essays. 2v. 1850.. 828 Q 39 
Gore. English character. 2v. 1846.. . . 828 G66 

Gould. Old country life. 1890 828 G73 

H ATTON. Cigarette papers. 1892 828 H28 

Hazlitt. Table talk. 2v. 1846 820.08 H33 

HowiTT. Country year-book. 1850 828 H84 

828 C61 

828 C62 
828 C69 



Hunt. Book for a comer. 1852 

Wisbing-cap papers. 1873 

Jkaffkeson. Book about doctors. 1861. 

Jerome. Told after supper. 1891 

Kelsall. First sitting of the committee 

on the proposed monument to 

Shakespeare. 1823 

Knight, C. Once upon a time. 2v. 1854. 

Knight, F. A. By leafy ways. 1890 

Idylls of the field. 1890 

Lamb. Life, letters and writings. 6v. 


Landor. Imaginary conversations. 5 v. 


Pentameron. 1888 

Selections from his writings. 1 856 . . 

Lang. Angling sketches. 1891 

Lever. Nuts and nut crackers 

Locker. Patchwork. 1879 

McMahan. Study class. 1891 

Mayo. Friends and acquaintances. 1871. 
Mitchell. English lands, letters and 

kings. 1889 

Moore. Prose and verse. 1878 

More. Works. 7v. 1835 

Morris, ed. Specimens of early English. 


NoRTHCOTB. Fables. 1833 

Radcliffe. Posthumous works. 4 v. 


Ravelin. Lucubrations. 1823 

Rogers. Recollections of the table-talk 

of Rogers. 1856 

ScHERER. Essays on English literature. 


Seward. Spirit of anecdote and wit. 

4v. 1823 

SOANE. Curiosities of literature. 2v. 


Sterns. Works. 5 v. 1804 

Stewart. Collections and recollections. 


Story. Conversations in a studio. 2 v. 


Taylor. Writings. 3v 

Temple. Works. 2v. 1720. 

Thomson. Recollections of literary char- 
acters. 2v. 1854 

Times. Century of anecdote. 

Typical selections from English writers. 

2v. 1876 

Warren. Miscellanies. 1855 

Watson. Poachers and poaching. 1891. 
Waverley anecdotes. 2v. 1833 

828 H91 

828 H911 

828 J34 

828 J48 

828 E29 

828 K74 

828 K742 

828 K7421 

820.8 L16 

828 L231 

828 L2311 

828 L23 

828 L25 

828 L57 

8281 L79 

820.7 M22 

828 M45 

820 M69 

820.8 M78 

820.8 M81 

820.8 M83 

828 N81 

820.8 Rll 

828 R19 

828 R63 

820.4 Sch2 

828 Se8 

828 Sol 

820.8 St4 

Wilde. Intentions 828 W64 

Wilson <fc otJiers. Noctes ambrosiana.'. 

5v. 1866-7 828 W69 

YoNGE. Three centuries of English litera- 
ture. 1872 820.4yo8 

828 St4 

828 St7 
820.8 T21 
820.8 T24 

828 T38 
828 T48 

820.8 T98 
828 W25 
828 W33 
828 Sco3 

Beers. From Chaucer to Tennyson. 

1890 820.9 B39 

Brooke. History of early English litera- 
ture. 1892 820. 9 B791 

Chateaubriand. Sketches of English • 

literature. 2v. 1837 820.9 C39 

Cleveland. English literature of the 

nineteenth century. 1867 820.9 C59 

Collier. History of English literature. 

1868... 820.9C69 

Earle. Anglo-Saxon literature. 1884. . 829 Ea7 

ed. Deeds of Beowulf. 1892 829 Ea71 

Emery. Notes on English literature. 

1891 820.9 Em3 

Field. Child and his book. 1892 820.9 F45 

QossE. Eighteenth century literature. 

1889 820.9 G69 

Harlow. Introduction to early English 

literature. 1889 820.9 H22 

HoDGKiNS. Guide to nineteenth century 

authors. 1890 820.9 H66 

Hunt. Representative English prose. 

1887 820.9 H91 

LiLLiE. Story of English literature. 

1878 J820.9 L62 

Morgan. English and American litera- 
ture. 1889 820.9 M82 

Representjative names in English 

literature. 1876 820.9 M821 

MORLEY. English writers. 9v. 1887-91.820.9 M822 
Smith. English and American literature. 

1890 820.9 Sm5 

Welsh. Digest of English and American 

literature. 1890 820. 9 W46 

Whipple. Literature of the age of 

Elizabeth. 1869.. 820.9 W57 

Wright. Children's stories in English 

literature. 2v. 1889-91 J820.9 W93 



Abbey. Religious thought in old English 

verse. 1892 8^1.1 Abl 

Allingham, ed. Ballad book. 1865 821.08 Al 5 

Blackie. Scottish song. 1889 82 1 . 08 B56 

Book of birthdays 821.08 B64 



Borland, ed. Yarrow ; its poets and 

poetry. 1890 821.08 B642 

Brooks. English poetry and poets. 1890. 821.1 B792 
BuLLEN, ed. Lyrics from tlie dramatists 

of the Elizabethan age. 1892 821.C8 B87 

Chalmers. Poetic remains of some of 

the Scottish kings. 1824 821.08 C35 

Collier, ed. Roxburghe ballads. 1847. 821.08 C69 
Dawson. Makers of modern English. 

1890 821.1 D32 

Ellis. Specimens of early English metri- 
cal romances. 3v. 1805 821.08 El 5 

Specimens of the early English poets. 

3v. 1845 821.08 El 51 

Farrar. With the poets 821.08 F24 

€(riswold. Poets and poetry of England. 

1845 821.08G88 

GuMMERE. Hand-book of poetics. 1891. 821.1 G95 
Illustrated book of Scottish songs. 1854. . 821.08 II 6 
MoiR. Sketches of the poetical literature 

of the past half century. 1852 821.1 M72 

Moore, ed. Pictorial book of ballads. 

1847 821.08 M782 

Motherwell. Minstrelsy, ancient and 

modern. 2v. 1846 821.08 M85 

Palgrave, ed. Golden treasury. 1863 .821.08 P17 
Percy, ed. Reliques of ancient English 

poetry. 1845 821.08 P41 

Roberts, ed. Legendary ballads 821.08 R54 

Scotia's bards. 1856 821 .08 Sco3 

Shairp. Aspects of poetry. 1882 821 . 1 Shi 1 

Studies in poetry and philosophy. 

1872 821.1 Shi 

Sharp. Victorian poets. 1891 ',, 821.1 Sh2 

Tate, comp. Poems by several hand%. 

1685 821.08 T18 

Voices of the year. 1865 821.08 V87 

Weber. Metrical romances. 3v. 1810.821.08 W38 

individual authors. 

Arnold. In my lady's praise. 1889 821 Ar612 

Light of the world. 1891 821 Ar613 

Potiphar's wife, and other poems. 

1892 821 Ar614 

Aytoun. Lays of the Scottish cavaliers. 

1853 821 Ay9 

BiCKERHTKTH. Yesterday, to day and 

forever. 1870 821 B47 

BiiACKiE. Songs of religion and life. 

1876 821 B56 

Bourne. Poetical works. 1838 821 B66 

Browning, Mrs. E. (B). Aurora Leigh. 

1857 821 B821 

Browning, Robert. Asolando. 1890. . 821 B8225 

Ring and the book. 2v. 1869 821 B8226 

Browning as a philosophical and re- 
ligious teacher ; by Jones. 1891. . . 821 B823 
Browning cyclopedia ; comp. by Ber- 

doe. 1892 821 B8232 

Browning's message to his time'; by 

Berdoe. 1890 821 B8227 

Guide book to the works of Brown- 
ing ; by Cooke. 1891 821B8229 

Primer on Browning; by Wilson. 

1891 821 B8231 

Robert Browning ; by Nettleship. 

1890 821 B8228 

Sermons from Browning ; by Ealands. 

1892 821 B8233 

Buchanan. The outcast. 1891 821 B85 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. G. E. L. King 

Arthur. 1871 821 B8711 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. R. Marah. 1892. . 821 B8712 
BuNYAN. Book for boys and girls. 1890. j821 B88 

Burns. Reliques. 1817 821 B9312 

Works. 4v. 1806 821 B9313 

Same. 1820 821 B9311 

Butler. Genuine poetical remains. 1827. 821 B9711 

Byron. Poetical works. 10 v. 1864 821 B9911 

Capell, ed. Prolusions ; select pieces of 

ancient poetry. 1760 821 C17 

Cleaveland. Poems. 1856 821 C58 

Clough. Poems. 1885 821 C62 

Coleridge. Poetical works. 2v. 1890. 821 C671 
Combe. Dr. Syntax's three tours ; in 
search of the picturesque, consola- 
tion and a wife 821 C73 

Tour of Dr. Syntax in search of the 

picturesque. 1866 821 C731 

COOKSON. Dream of other days. 1892 . . 821 C77 

Cross. Legend of Jubal. 1874 821 C881 

Spanish gypsy. 1868 821 C8811 

Darwin. Botanic garden. 1798 821 D25 

Dawson. Idylls of womanhood. 1892. . 621 D32 

Denham. Poems. 1671 *821 D41 

De Renzy, ed. Poetical illustrations of 
the achievements of Wellington. 

1852 821 D44 

DOBSON. Ballade of Beau Brocade. 1892. 821 D651 
Fielding. Miscellanies and poems. 1872. 821 F46 

Goldsmith. Poetical works. 1847 821 G571 

Hemans. Works. 7v. 1840 821 H371 

Houghton. Stray verses. 1891 821 H81 

Kipling. Ballads and barrack-room bal- 
lads. 1892 821K621 

Departmental ditties. 1890 821 K62 

Lady and the saints. 1839 821 L12 



Lanier, ed. Boy's Percy. 1891 j821 L27 

XiECKY. Poems. 1891 821 L49 

LouNSBURY. Studies in Chaucer. 3v. 1892. 821 C391 

Macdonald. Hidden life. 1872 821 M141 

Within and without. 1872 821 M14 

MacPherson. Poems of Ossian 821 M24 

Marston. Collected poems. 1892 821 M351 

Massey. Poems. 1866 821 M371 

Poems and ballads. 1854 821 M37 

Meredith. Modern love. 1892 821 M541 

MiLMAN. Poetical works. 3v. 1839-40. 821 M63 

MoiR. Poetical works. 2v. 1852 821 M72 

Montgomery. Universal prayer. 1829. 821 M762 
Morris, Lewis. Vision of saints. 1890. 821 M832 
Morris, William. Poems by the way. 

1892 821 M8314 

Newman. Verses. 1889.. 821 N46 

Palgrave. Lyrical poems. 1871 821 P17 

Patmore. Poems. 2v. 1890 821 P27 

Peacock. Rhododaphne. 1818 §21 P31 

Pearl. 1891 821 P312 

Praed. Lillian, and other poems. 1852. 821 P88 

Poems. 2v. 1865 821 P881 

Preston. Lord Byron vindicated. 1876. 821 P92 

Proctor. Poems. 1890 821 P94 

Ramsay. Gentle shepherd. 1852 821 R14 

Rowley. Observations upon [his] poems ; 

by Bryant. 2v. 1781 821 R79 

RusKiN. Poems. 2v. 1891 821 K89 

Scott. Poems and romances '. . . 821 Sco31 

Poetical works. 9v. 1864 821 Sco311 

Shelley. Works. 1847 821 Sh41 

Sidney. Certain sonnets from the coun- 
tess Pembroke's Arcadia. 1890 *821 Si2 

Complete poems. 3v. 1877 821 Si211 

Miscellaneous works. I860.. 821 Si21 

Skelton. Pithy, pleasant and profitable 

workes. 1736 821 Sk21 

Smith. Rejected addresses. 1841 821 Sm5 

Spenser. Faerie Queene. 2v. 1758. . . . *821 Sp31 

Poetical works. 5v. 1845 821 Sp312 

Observations on the Faerie Queene ; 

by Warton. 2v. 1807. 821 Sp311 

Swinburne. Century of roundels. 1883. 821 Sw61 

Midsummer holiday. 1884 821 Sw611 

Poems and ballads. 3v. 1889 821 Sw612 

Queen-mother. 1866. 821 Sw613 

Selections from his poetical works. 

1887 .' 821 Sw614 

Songs before sunrise. 1888 821 Sw615 

Songs of the springtide. 1880 821 Sw616 

Songs of two nations. 1875 821 Sw617 

Studies in song. 1880 821 Sw618 

Tristram of Lyonesse. 1884 821 Sw619 


Symonds. Animi figura. 1882 i . 821 Sy613 

Tennyson, Alfred. Death of the Oenone. 

1892 821 T252 

Demeter. 1889 821 T2514 

Interludes, lyrics and idyls. 1889 . . . 821 T2515 
Illustrations of Tennyson ; by Collins. 

1891 821T2519 

In Tennyson land ; by Walters 821 T2512 

Poetry of Tennyson; by Van Dyke. 

1889 821 T2513 

Study of the princess; by Dawson. 

1884 821 T2516 

Tennyson for the ybung ; ed. by Ain- 

ger. 1892 821 T2518 

Tennyson's In memoriam ; by Qen- 

ung. 1890 821 T2517 

Tennyson, Frederick. Isles of Greece. 

1890 821 T254 

Wordsworth. Poems .821 W8913 

Poetical works. 8y. 1882-86 821 W8912 

Sonnets. 1891 821 W8914 

White doe of Rylstone. 1815 821 W8911 

Wordsworth for the young ; ed, by 

St. John. 1891 821 W8915 

Wordsworth's grave ; by Watson. 

1891 821 W29 

Wynter. Pictures of town and country 

life. 1855 828W99 

Young. Lyrics. 1889 821 Yo82 


Beaumont & Fletcher. Select plays. 

2v. 1768 822B381 

Bulwer-Lytton. Richelieu .' . 822 B87 

Golden. Brief history of the English 

drama. 1890 822.09 G56 

Hawkins, ed. Origin of English drama. 

3v. 1773 822.08 H31 

Henley & Stevenson. Three plays. 

1892 822 H38 

Inchbald, ed. British theatre. 12v 822.08 In2 

Jacob, ed. Old English dramas. 1889. . 822 J15 
Kemble. Francis I. ; an historical drama. 

1833 .- 822 K31 1 

Star of Seville. 1837 822 K31 

Knowles. Dramatic works. 2 v. 1864. 822 K76 
Lamb. Specimens of English dramatic 

poets. 1854 822.08 L16 

Mackay. Nero and Actea. 1891 822 M19 

Marlowe. Works. 3v. 1850 822 M341 

Massinger. Plays. 1845 822 M381 

MiLM AN. Belshazzar. 1822 822 M63 

MOLLOY. Famous plays. 1886 822.1 M73 





Scott, ed. Modem British drama. 5v. 

1811 822.08 Soo32 

Shakbspeabe. Sonnets. 1840 822.83 81 

Works ; ed. by Capell. lOv. 1786. . 822.33 C2 

ed. by Clarke. 1869 822.33 CI 

ed. by Collier. 1853 822.33 C 

ed. by Morgan. 19v *822.33 M 

ed. by Steevens. 4v. 1766. 822.83 S2 
«i. by White. 12v. 1888.. 822 33 W 
Variorum edition ; ed. by 
Furness. 9v. 1871-90 ... 822.33 F 
Contents : v. 1, Romeo and Juliet ; v. 2, Mac- 
beth ; V. 3, Hamlet ; v. 4, Hamlet ; v. 5, 
King Lear ; v. 6, Othello ; v. 7, Merchant of 
Venice ; v. 8, As you like it ; v. 9, Tempest. 
Apology for the believers in the 
Shakespeare papers ; by Chalmers. 

1797 , *822.3 C35 

Beauties of Shakespear ; ed. by Dodd. 

2v. 1757 : 822.33 D2 

Bible truths with Shakspearean par- 
allels. 1862 822.3B47 

Caliban, the missing link ; by Wilson. 

1873 822.3 W69 

Characteristics of women ; by Jame- 
son. 1888 822.3J23 

Characters of Shakespeare's plays ; by 

Sazlitt. 1846 822.3 H33 

Citation and examination of Shakes- 
peare ; by Landor. 1891 822.3 L23 

Collection of engravings illustrating 
the dramatic works of Shakespeare ; 

pub. by Boydell *822.33 B 

Critical essays on the plays of Shakes- 
peare"; by Lloyd. 1875.. 822.3 L77 

English of Shakespeare ; by Craik. 

1883 822.3C84 

Essay on the genius of Shakespeare ; 

byGraves. 1826 822.3 G 78 

Evenings with Shakspere ; by Grif- 
fiths. 1889 822.3G87 

Few notes on Shakespeare ; by Dyce. 

1853 822.3 D981 

Folk-lore of Shakespeare ; by Dyer. 

1884 822.3 D982 

Footsteps of Shakspere; by Cart- 
wright. 1862 822.3C24 

Hamlet : or, Shakespeare's philosophy 

of history; by Mercade, pseud. 1875. 822.3 M53 
Illustrations of Shakespeare and of 
ancient manners ; by Douce. 2v.' 

1807 822.3 D74 

Index to Shakespearian thought ; ed. 
by Arnold. 1880 822.33 A 

Introduction to Midsummer night's 

dream ; by Halliwell-Phillipps. 

1841 822.3 P5411 

Introduction to the study of Shakes- 
peare ; by Corson. 1889 822.8 C81 

Life of Shakspeare ; by Skottowe. 

2v. 1824 822.3Sk5 

Macbeth and King Richard the Third ; 

byKemble. 1817 822.3 K 31 

Method of Shakespeare ; by Ruggles. 

1870 822.3 R84 

Notes and comments upon certain 

plays and actors of Shakespeare ; 

byHackett. 1863 822.3 HU 

Notes and emendations to the text of 

Shakespeare's plays ; by Collier. 

1853 822.3 C69 

Old shrines and ivy ; by Winter. 1892. 822.3 W73 
Othello of Salvini ; by Mason. 1890. 822.3 M38 
Our English Homer ; by T.W.White. 

1892. 822.3 W582 

Sacred and Shakespearian affinities ; 

by Swinburne. 1890 822.3 Sw61 

Shakespeare ; a critical study of his 

mind and art ; by Dowden. 1889. . 822.3 D75 
Shakespeare and his birthplace ; by 

. E. M. Marshall *822.3 M35 

Shakespeare as a dramatic artist ; by 

Moulton. 1888 822.3 M86 

Shakespeare from an American point 

of view ; by Wilkes. 1877 822.3 W65 

Shakespeare ; kis life, art and char- 
acters ; by Hudson. 2v. 1888 822.3 B86 

Shakespeare papers ; by Magilin. 

1856. 822.3 M27 

Shakespearean myth ; * by Morgan. 

1881 822.8 M82 

Shakespeare's home at New Place, 

Stratford-upon-Avon ; by Belle w. 

1863 822.3 B41 

Shakespeare's legal acquirements ; by 

Campbell. 1869 822.3 C15 

Shakespeare's library ; by Collier. 

2v 822.3 C691 

Shakespeare's scholar ; by R. G. 

White. 1854 822.3 W581 

Shakespeare's true life ; by Walter. 

1890 *822.3 W17 

Shakespearian drama; by Snider. 

1887 822.3 Sn3 

Shakedperiana ; by Halliwell-Phil- 
lipps. 1841.: ...*822.3P541 

Shakspeaie and his times ; by Guizot. 

1852 822.3 G94 




SLakspeare and the Bible ; by Colton. 

1888 822.3 C72 

SLakspeare diversions ; bj Jacox. 

2d series. 1877 822.3 J15 

Sbakspeare'd delineations ; bj Kel- 
logg. 1866 822.3K29 

Short studies in Shakespeare's plots ; 

by Ransome. 1890 822.3 R17 

Stories from Shakespeare ; by Pratt. 

1890 822.3 P88 

Strictures on Mr. Collier's new edition 

of Shakespeare ; by Dyce. 1859. . 822.3 D98 
Studies in Shakespeare ; by Preston. 

1869 822.3 P92 

Study of Hamlet ; by F. A. Marshall. 

1875 822.3 M352 

Study of Shakespeare ; by Swin- 
burne. 1880 .-.,.. 822.3Sw6 

Supplemental apology ; by Chalmers. 

1799 *822.3 C351 

Tributes to Shakespeare ; arr, by 

Silsby. 1892 822.3 Si3 

Young people of Shakespeare's 

dramas ; by Barr. 1882 J822.33 Bl 

Shakespeare Society. Publications. 20v. 

1841-53 822Shl 

Sheridan. Works. 1873 822 Sh51 

Smith, ed. York plays. 1885. . . ..... .822.14 Sm5 

Swinburne. Atalanta in Calydon. 1885. 822 Sw6 

Bothwell. 1882 822 Sw61 

Chastelard. 1878 822 Sw611 

Erectheus. 1881 822 Sw612 

Locrine. 1887 822 Sw613 

Marino Faliero. 1885 822 Sw614 

Mary Stuart. 1881 822 Sw615 

The sisters. 1892 822 Sw616 

Taylor. Philip Van Artevelde. 1886. . . 822 T21 
Tennyson. The foresters, Robin Hood 

and Maid Marian. 1892 822 T25 

Thayer, ed. Best Eliza'bethan plays. 

1890 822T33 

Whitehead. Plays and poems. 2v. 

1774 822 W58 



Adams. Rambles in book-land. 1889... 824 Ad 11 

With poet and player 824 Adlll 

Bain. Practical essays. 1884 824 B16 

BiRRBLL. Res judicatae; papers and 

essays. 1892 824 B53 

Boyd. East coast days and memories. 

1889 824B6913 

Buchanan. The coming terror, and other 

essays. 1891 .'.... 824 B85 

Buckle. Essays. 1887 824 B852 

Calvert. Brief essays and brevities. 

1874 824C13 

Carlylb. Last words. 1892 824 C1915 

De Quincey. Posthumous works. 1891. 824 D4411 

Uncollected writings. 2v. 1890 824 D441 

Drake. Essays illustrative of the Ram- 
bler, Adventurer, Idler. 2v. 1809-10. 824 D781 
Essays illustrative of the Tattler, Spec- 
tator, Guardian. 1814 '. 824 D7811 

Gleaner. 4v. 1811 824D78 

Froude. Spanish story of the Armada. 

1892 824F931 

Gilderbleeye. Essays and studies. 1890. 824 G38 

GossE. Gossip in a library. 1891 824 G69 

Hamerton. Sylvan year. 1886 824 H1711 

HowiTT, ed. Pictorial calendar of the 

seasons. 1854 824 H84 

Hunt. Day by the fire. 1870 824 fl911 

Theseer. 2v. 1864 824 H9111 

Japp. Idle musings. 1890 824 J27 

Jeffrey. Contributions to the Edin- 
burgh review. 1873 824 J37 

Kinqslby. Sir Walter Raleigh and his 

time. 1859 824K6112 

Lamb. Essays of Elia. 1845 824 L161 

Works. 1870 824 L1612 

Lang. Old friends. 1890 824 L2611 

Macaulay. Essays. 1873... 824 Mill 

Mackintosh. Miscellaneous works. 1871. 824 M21 
Mathias. En avant, messieurs! being a 

tutor's counsel to his pupils. 1867. 824 M42 
Maurice. Friendship of books. 1889. . . 824 M44 
Miller. Leading articles on various sub- 
jects 824M6111 

MiVART. Essays and criticisms. 1892. . . 824 M691 
Moore. Impressions and opinions. 1891. 824 M78 

Newman. Essays. 2 v. 1888 824 N46 

Historical sketches. 3v. 1885 824 N461 

Pater. Appreciations. 1890 824 P2711 

Imaginary portraits. 1890 824 P271 

Rands. Tangled talk. 1864 824 R15 

Rees. With friend and book. 1889 824 R2511 

Robertson. Lectures and addresses. 

1859 824 R54 

Saintsbuiiy. Miscellaneous essays. 1892. 824 Sa2 
ScHAFF. Literature and poetry. 1890. . . 824 Schl 

SMiTm Works. 1873 824 Sm5 

Steuart. Letters to living authors. 1890. 824 St43 

Stevenson. Across the plains. 1892... 824 St411 

Swinburne. Essays and studies. 1888.. 824 Sw61 

Miscellanies. 1886 824 Sw6 



Symonds. Essays. 2v. .1890 824 Sy 6 

Tucker. Things wortli thinking about. 

1890 824 T79 

Tyndall. New fragments. 1892 824 T97 

Wilson. Recreations of Christoplier 

North. 1872 824 W69 


Bedford. Correspondence. 3v. 1842.. 826 B39 
Carlylb. Early letters ; ed. by Rit<5hie. 

1889 826C192 

Chalmers. Selection from [his] corres- 
pondence. 1853 826 C35 

Chesterfield. Letters to his godson. 

1890 826 C421 

CuRRAN. Speeches. 2v . 1811 825 C93 

Dickens. Collection of letters, 1833-70. 

2v. 1889 826D551 

Letters to Wilkie Collins. 1892 826 D5511 

Erskine. Speeches against constructive 

treason. 4v 825 Er8 

Godwin. Letters to Imlay. 1879 826 G54 

Green, ed. Letters of royal and illus- 
trious ladies of Great Britain. 3 v. 

1846 826 G82 

Hill. Diplomatic correspondence, 1703- 

1706. 2v. 1845 826 H55 

Jebb & Knox. Thirty years* corres- 
pondence. 2v. 1835 826 J24 

Johnson. Letters. 2v. 1892 826 J62 

Junius. Letter to an Hon. Brigadier 

General. 1841 827 J951 

Letters. 1848 827 J9511 

Same. 2v. 1887 827 J 95 

Letters on Junius ; by Newhall 827 J9512 

Keats. Letters ; ed. by Colvin. 1891. . . 826 K22 
Lamb. Literary sketches and letters. 

1849 826 L16 

Marlborough. Private correspondence. 

2v. 1838. 826 M34 

Nelson. Dispatches and letters. 7 v. 

1845-6 826 N33 

Newman. Letters and correspondence ; 

ed. by Mozley. 2v. 1891. 826 N46 

Russell. Letters. 1854 826 R91 

Shelley. Best letters of Sheridan ; ed. 

by Hughson. 1892 826 Sh4 

Sheridan. Speeches. 3v. 1842 825 Sh5 

Sinclair. Correspondence. 2v. 1831.. 826 Si6 

Speeches of celebrated Irish orators. 1836. 825 Sp32 
Thoresby. Letters of eminent men. 2 v. 

1832 826 T39 

TovEY, ed. Gray and his friends. 1890. 826 T64 

Walpole. Correspondence ; ed, by Mit- 

ford. 2v. 1851 826 W161 

Letters to the Countess of Ossory. 
2v. 1848 826 W1611 

Wellington. Letters to Miss J. 1834- 

1851. 1889 826 W46 

WiLBERFORCB. Correspondence. 2 v. 

1841 826 W64 

Wilkes. Correspondence. 5v. 1805. 826 W65 

YouMANs, ed. Herbert Spencer on the 
Americans and the Americans on 
Herbert Spencer. 1887 825 Sp3 

For titles, see fiction list ; for authors, see avtlioi^ list. 


For works in the German language see German cata- 
logue, which follows the English author list. 

Andersen. Correspondence 839.8 An2 

Anderson, tr. Viking tales of the north. 

1882 839 An2 

Baskeryillb, tr. Poetry of Germany. 

1856 831.08 B29 

Blackie, ed. Wisdom of Goethe. 1883. . 838 B56 
BOYESEN. Essays on German literature. 

1892 830.4 B69 

Brooks, tr. Schiller's Homage of the arts. 

1844 831 .08 B79 

GcETHE. Faust ; tr. by Hay ward. 1833. . 832 G5515 

Same ; tr. by Swanwick. 1884 832 G5516 

Same ; tr. by Taylor. 2v. 1875. ... 832 G5514 

Minor poetry. 1859 831 G551 

Heine. Book of songs ; tr. by Leland. 

1864 831 H361 

Works. V. 1-3, 5 8. 7v. 1891-93. . . 830.8 H36 
Horn. Literature of the Scandinavian 

north. 1884 839.5 H78 

HosMER. History of German literature. 

1891 : 830.9 H79 

Humboldt. Letters to a lady. 1873 836 H881 

IBSEN. Brand. 1891 839.8 Ib711 

Doll's house. 1889 839.8 Ib7 

Peer Gynt. 1892. . . .' 839.8 Ib712 

Works. 5v. 1890 839.8Ib71 

Lessing. Nathan the wise. 1868 832 L561 

Moore. Echoes from mist land. 1889. . 831 N5111 
Morris, comp. Sayings and doings con- 
cerning Luther. 1859 838 M83 

Schiller. Works. 4v. 1884 830.8 Sch31 

and K()RNER. Correspondence. 3 v. 

1849 836 Sch31 

Wagner. Letters. 1890 836 W121 




For works in the French language see French cata- 
logue, which follows the list of hooks in 
the German language. 

Beranger. Songs in English. 1844 841 B451 

Besant. Frencli humorists. 1874 840.9 B46 

Calvin. Letters. 2v. 185557 846 CI 3 

Chasles. Notabilities in France and 

England. 1853 844 C38 

Half -hours with the best French authors. 

1847 *840.8H13 

HuEPFER. Troubadours. 1878 849 H87 

Karr. Tour round my garden. 1865. . . 848 Ki4 

Keknb. Literature of France. 1892 840.9 K25 

La Fonta ine. Fables. 1856 841 L13 

Readings on the Purgatorio ; by 
Vernon. 2v. 1889 851 D2313 

Shadow of Dante ; by Rossetti. 1886. 851 D2317 

Spiritual sense of "Divina corn- 
media ; " by Harris. 1889 851 D2312 

Marino. La galeria distinta in pitture 

& sculture. 1626 851 M331 

Lasampogna. 1626 851 M 33 

Tasso. Godfrey of Bulloigne. 1853 851 T181 

Jerusalem delivered. 1864 851 T18 


Ancient classics for English readers : 

Horace ; by Martin. 1873 877 H78 

Juvenal : bv Walf ord. 1872 877 J 98 

871 L96 
876 P71 
878 Ap9 

A Catalogue of the French and German 
books in the library will be issued separ- 
ately about December 1st. 

878 cm 

75 C4816 
75 C4815 
m C4817 

870 C59 

878 C94 

WEVIGNE. L.etters. ioo» 04o lacoxi 

Tallyrand & Louis XVI H. Corrrespond- 

ence. 1881 846 Tl 4 

Van db Veldb. French fiction of to- 
day. 2v. 1891 843.04V54 

Veuicour. Modern French literature. 

1848 840.9 V58 


Alfieri. Tragedies. 2 v. 1876 852 Al 2 

Boccaccio. Decameron *853 B63 

BouTERWBK. History of Spanish and 

Portuguese literature. 2v. 1823. .860.9 B661 
History of Spanish literature. 1847.. 860.9 B66 

Camobns. Lusiad. 1889 869 C14 

Poems. 1824 869 C141 

Cervantes Saavedr A. Wit and wisdom 

of Don Quixote. 1867 868 C33 

Dante, Aligiiieri. Divine comedy ; tr. 

by Norton. 3v. 1892 851 D2315 

New life ; tr. by Norton. 1892. ..... 851 D2318 

Paradiso ; tr. by Gary. 1890. 851 D2314 

Dante and his ideal ; by Baynes. 1891. 851 D2316 

ar. 1»J7 870.9 D92 

Horace. Odes ; tr. by Martin. 1861 874 H7811 

LucANUS. Pharsalia. 1635 873 L96 

MouLTON. Ancient classical drama. 1890. 872 M86 

Ovid. Tristia. 1637 871 Ov413 

Paterculus. Historia Romana. 1822. . 878 P27 

Ph^drus. Fables. 1753 871 P49 

Quackenbos. History of ancient litera- 
ture. 1890 870 Q2 

Ramaqe, ed. Beautiful thoughts from 

Latin authors. 1879 *870.8 R14 

Sears, Edwards & Felton. Essays on 

ancient literature and art. 1849. . . 870 Sel 
Terence. Comedies ; tr. by Riley. 1859. 872 T27 
Teuffel. History of Roman literature. 

2v. 1873 870 T29 

Roman literature. 1891 870 T291 

Thompson cfc others. History of Roman 

literature. 1852 870.9 T37 

Virgil. Aeneid ; tr. by Conington. 1874. 873 V8113 

Same ; tr. by Cranch. 1872 873 V8114 

Master Virgil ; by Tunison. 1888. ... 873 V8115 

Virgil ; by Sellar. 1883 873 Se4 

Walker, ed,. Corpus poetarum Latino- 
rum. 1849 871 W15 



Symonds. Essays. 3v. .1890 824 Sy 6 

Tucker. Things worth thinking about. 

1890 824 T79 

Tyndall. New fragments. 1892 824 T97 

Wilson. Recreations of Christopher 

North. 1872 824 W69 


Bedford. Correspondence. 3v. 1842.. 826 B39 
Carlylb. Early letters ; ed. by Ritchie. 

1889 826C192 

Chalmers. Selection from [his] corres- 
pondence. 1853 826 C35 

Chesterfield. Letters to his godson. 

1890 826 C421 

CuRRAN. Speeches. 2v. 1811 825 C93 

Dickens. Collection of letters, 1833-70. 

2v. 1889 826D551 

Letters to Wilkie Collins. 1892 826 D5511 

Erskine. Speeches against constructive 

treason. 4v 825 Er8 

Godwin. Letters to Iml ay. 1879 826 G 54 

Green, ed. Letters of royal and illus- 
trious ladies of Great Britain. 3v. 

1846 826 G82 

Hill. Diplomatic correspondence, 1703- 

1706. 2v. 1845 826 H55 

Jebb & Knox. Thirty years' corres- 
pondence. 2v. 1835 826 J24 

Johnson. Letters. 2v. 1892 826 J62 

Junius. Letter to an Hon. Brigadier 

General. 1841 827 J951 

Letters. 1848 827 J9511 

Same. 2v. 1887 ' 827 J95 

Letters on Junius ; by Newhall 827 J9512 

Keats. Letters ; ed. by Colvin. 1891. . . 826 K22 
Lamb. Literary sketches and letters. 

1849 826 L16 

Marlborough. Private correspondence. 

2v. 1838. , . . . . 826 M34 

Nelson. Dispatches and letters. 7v. 

1845-6 826 N33 

Newman. Letters and correspondence ; 

ed. by Mozley. 2v. 1891 826 N46 

Russell. Letters. 1 854 826 R91 

Shelley. Best letters of Sheridan; ed. 

by Hughson. 1892 826 Sh4 

Sheridan. Speeches. 3 v. 1842 825 Sh5 

Sinclair. Correspondence. 2v. 1831.. 826 Si6 
Speeches of celebrated Irish orators. 1836. 825 Sp32 
Thoresby. Letters of eminent men. 2 v. 

1832 826 T39 

TovEY, ed. Gray and his friends. 1890. 826 T64 

Walpole. Correspondence ; ed, by Mit- 

ford. 2v. 1851 826 W161 

Letters to the Countess of Ossory. 
2v. 1848 826 W1611 

Wellington. Letters to Miss J. 1834- 

1851. 1889 826 W46 

Wilberforcb. Correspondence. 2 v. 

1841 826 W64 

Wilkes. Correspondence. 5v. 1805. 826 W65 

YouMANS, ed. Herbert Spencer on the 
Americans and the Americans on 
Herbert Spencer. 1887 825 Sp3 

For titles, set fiction list ; for authors^ see autlwr list. 


For works in the German language see German cata- 
logue, which follows the English author list. 

Andersen. Correspondence 839.8 An2 

Anderson, tr. Viking tales of the north. 

1882 839 An2 

Baskeryillb, tr. Poetry of Germany. 

1856 831 .08 B29 

Blackie, ed. Wisdom of Goethe. 1883. . 838 B56 
BOYESEN. Essays on German literature. 

1892 830.4 B69 

Brooks, tr. Schiller's Homage of the arts. 

1844 831.08 B79 

GcETHE. Faust ; tr. by Hay ward. 1833. . 832 G5515 

Same ; tr. by Swanwick. 1884 832 G5516 

Same ; tr. by Taylor. 2v. 1875. ... 832 G5514 

Minor poetry. 1859 831 G551 

Heine. Book of songs ; tr. by Leland. 

1864 831 H361 

Works. V. 1-3, 5 8. 7v. 1891-93. .. 830.8 H36 
Horn. Literature of the Scandinavian 

north. 1884 839.5 H78 

HOSMER. History of German literature. 

1891 : 830. 9 H79 

Humboldt. Letters to a lady. 1873 836 H881 

Ibsen. Brand. 1891 839.8 Ib711 

Doll's house. 1889 839.8 Ib7 

Peer Gynt. 1892. . . .' 839.8 Ib712 

Works. 5v. 1890 839.8Ib71 

Lessing. Nathan the wise. 1868 832 L561 

Moore. Echoes from mist land. 1889. . 831 N5111 
Morris, comp. Sayings and doings con- 
cerning Luther. 1859 838 M83 

Schiller. Works. 4v. 1884 830.8 Sch31 

and KoRNER. Correspondence. 3 v. 

1849 836 Sch31 

Wagner. Letters. 1890 836 W121 




For works in tlie French language see. French cata- 
logue, which follows the list of hooks in 
tlie German language. 

Beranger. Songs in English. 1844 841 B451 

Besant. French liumorists. 1874 840.9 B46 

Calvin. Letters. 2v. 1855-57 846 CI 3 

Chasles. Notabilities in France and 

England. 1853 844 C38 

Half -hours Tvith the best French authors. 

1847 *840.8H13 

HuEPFER. Troubadours. 1878 849 H87 

Karr. Tour round my garden. 1865. . . 848 Ki4 

Keknb. Literature of France. 1892 840.9 K25 

La Fontaine. Fables. 1856 841 L13 

Louis XVI. Correspondence. 3v. 1803. 846 L92 
Maistre. Journey round my room. 1871. 848 M28 

Masson. French literature. 1888 840 M38 

Montaigne. Essays. 2v. 1872....... 844 M761 

Napoleon I. Confidential correspondence 

with his brother. 2 v. 1856 846 Nl 6 

OzANAM. Letters. 1886 846 Ozl 

Preston. Troubadours. 1876 849 P92 

Rabelais. Works *847 Rll 

Remus AT. Selections from [her] letters. 

1881 846R28 

Saintsbury. History of French litera- 
ture. 1882 840.9 Sa2 

S^viGNE. Letters. 1869 846 Se811 

Tallyrand & Louis XVIII. Corrrespond- 

ence. 1881 846 T14 

Van db Veldb. French fiction of to- 
day. 2v^. 1891 843.04 V54 

Vericour. Modern French literature. 

1848 840.9 V58 


Alfieri. Tragedies. 2v. 1876 852 Al 2 

Boccaccio. Decameron *853 B63 

Bouterwek. History of Spanish and 

Portuguese literature. . 2v. 1823. .860.9 B661 
History of Spanish literature. 1847.. 860.9 B66 

Camoens. Lusiad. 1889 869 C14 

Poems. 1824 869 C141 

Cervantes Saavedra. Wit and wisdom 

of Don Quixote. 1867 868 C33 

Dante, Alighieri. Divine comedy ; tr. 

by Norton. 37. 1892 851 D2315 

New life ; tr. by Norton. 1892 851 D2318 

Paradiso ; tr. by Cary. 1890 851 D2314 

Dante and his ideal ; by Baynes. 1891. 851 D2316 

Readings on the Purgaiorio ; by 
Vernon. 2v. 1889 851 D2813 

Shadow of Dante ; by Rossetti. 1886. 851 D2317 

Spiritual sense of "Divina com- 

media ; " by Harris. 1889 851 D2312 

Marino. La galeria distinta in pitture 

& sculture. 1626 851 M331 

Lasampogna. 1626 851 M 33 

TASsa Godfrey of Bulloigne. 1853. ... 851 T181 

Jerusalem delivered. 1864 851 T18 


Ancient classics for English readers : 

Horace ; by Martin. 1873 877 H78 

Juvenal ; by Walford. 1872 ....... 877 J98 

Lucretius ; by Mallock. 1878 871 L96 

Pliny's letters ; by Church. 1874. . . 876 P71 

Apuleius. Works. 1853 -. 878 A p9 

C^SAR. Commentaries ; by Trollope. 

1872 878 cm 

Cicero. Cato and Laelius. 2v. 1795. .. 875 C4816 

Orations 875 C4815 

Same, [in Latin]. 4v . 1862 875 C4817 

Cleveland. Compendium of classical 

literature. 1861 870 C59 

CuRTius. De gestis Alexandri magni. 

1849 878 C94 

DuNLOP. History of Roman literature. 

2v. 1827 870.9D92 

Horace. Odes ; tr. by Martin. 1861 874 H7811 

Lucanus. Pharsalia. 1635 873 L96 

MouLTON. Ancient classical drama. 1890. 872 M86 

OviD. Tristia. 1637 871 Ov413 

PATERCUI.U8. Historia Romana. 1822.. 878 P27 

Ph^:drus. Fables. 1753 871 P49 

QuACKENBOs. History of ancient litera- 
ture. 1890 870 Q2 

Ramage, ed. Beautiful thoughts from 

Latin authors. 1879 *870.8 R14 

Sears, Edwards & Felton. Essays on 

ancient literature and art. 1849. . . 870 Sel 
Terence. Comedies ; tr. by Riley. 1859. 872 T27 
Teuffel. History of Roman literature. 

2v. 1873 870 T29 

Roman literature. 1891 870 T291 

Thompson cfc others. History of Roman 

literature. 1852 870.9 T37 

Virgil. Aeneid ; tr. by Conington. 1874. 873 V8113 

Same; tr. by Cranch. 1872 873 V8114 

Master Virgil ; by Tunison. 1888. ... 873 V8115 

Virgil ; by Sellar. 1883 873 Se4 

Walker, ed. Corpus poetarum Latino- 
rum. 1849 871 W15 




Aeschylus. Agamemnon ; tr. by Verrall. 

1889 882Ae813 

Dramas ; tr, by Swanwick. 1881 ... 882 Ae812 

Tragedies ; tr. by Buckley. 1888 882 Ae8l 

Same ; tr, by Plumplre 882 Ae81l 

Ancient classics for English readers : 

Plato ; by Collins. 1874 888 P6911 

Xenophon ; by Grant. 1872 888 X212 

Aristophanes. Comedies ; tr. by Hickie. 

, 2v. 1887 882Ar411 

BoNiTZ. Origin of the Homeric poems. 

1880 883 B64 

BucKHAM, comp. Theatre of the Greeks. 

1830 882 B85 

Butcher. Some aspects of the Greek 

genius. 1891 880.4 B97 

Campbell. Guide to Greek tragedy. 

1891 882 CIS 

Church. Stories from the Greek come- 
dians. 1892 882 C471 

Darlbt. Grecian drama. 1840 882 D24 

Demosthenes. Olynthiac. 1887 885 D391 

EscHENBURO. Classical literature. 1847. 880.9 Esl 
Euripides. Bacchse and Heraclidad. 

1828 882 Eu71 1 

Hecuba ; ed. by Porson. 1808 882 Eu712 

Gellius. Attic nights. 3v. 1795 888 G28 

Gladstone. Juventus mundi. 1869 883 G45 

Landmarks of Homeric study. 1890. . 883 G451 
Heliodorus & otJiers, Greek romances. 

1855 888 H36 

Herodotus. Boys' and girls' Herodotus. 

1885 J888H4312 

HoMKR. Hiad ; tr. by Earl of Derby. 

2v. 1865 883H7523 

Same ; tr. by Lang. 1892 883 H7526 

Same ; tr. by Leaf. 27. 1886 8 883 H7525 

Odyssey ; tr. by Palmer. 1891 883 H7532 

Companion to the Iliad ; by Leaf. 

1892 883H7527 

Familiar studies ; by Clerke. 1892. . 883 H7529 
Stories of the Iliad and Aeneid ; by 

Church. 1890 883 H7521 

Story of the Iliad ; by Church. 1891. j883 H7533 
Story of the Iliad for boys and girls ; 
by Brooks. 1890 j883 H7522 

Story of the Odyssey ; by Brooks. 

1891 1883 H7528 

• Story of the Odyssey ; by Church. 

1891 j883 H7534 

Tale of Troy ; tr. by Stewart 883 H7535 

LuciAN. Selections; ^r. by _Smith. 1892. 888 L961 
Mackail, ed. Select epigrams from the 

Greek anthology. 1890 888 M 19 

Mahafii'y. Classical Greek literature. 

3v. 1890 880.9M28 

Packard. Studies in Greek thought. 

1886 880.4 P12 

Perry. History of Greek literature. 1890. 880.9 P42 
Plato. Against the atheists ; tr. by Lewis. 

1845 888P6914 

Four dialogues 888 P6912 

Phaedon ; tr. by Dacier. 1833 888 PC913 

Works. V. 2 3. 1849 50 888 P6915 

Plotihus. Treatises ; tr. by Taylor. 1834. 888 P72 
Plutarch. Lives ; tr. by Langhorne. 

3v. 1812-13 888P7413 

Same ; by Trench. 1874 888 P7412 

Sophocles. Plays and fragments ; ed. by 

Jebb. 1887 882 So612 

Tragedies ; tr. by Plumptre 882 So6l3 

Wilkinson. Classic Greek course in Eng- 
lish. 1892 880.8 W65 

Xenophon. Expedition of Cyrus. 1812. 888 X2111 


Alger. Poetry of the East. 1856 890 Al 3 

Bashkirtsefp. Letters. 1891 891.7 B29 

Hapgood. tr. Epic songs of Russia. 1886. 891 H21 

Jennings, tr. The Shi king. 1891 895 J44 

Legge. Life and teachings of Confucius. 

1887 895 L52 

MORFILL. Slavonic literature. 1883 891 M81 

Panin. Lectures* on Russian literature. 

1889 891 P19 

PiLPAY. Fables. 1872 892 P64 

Reed. Hindu literature. 1891 891 R25 

Robinson. Languages and literature of 

the Slavic nations. 1850 890 R56 

Swetchine. Writings. 1869 891.7 Sw4 

TOLSToi. Fruits of culture. 1891 891.72 T58 

WiLKiNS, tr. Hectopades of Yushnee- 

Sarmo. 1887 891 W65 





JussBRAND. English novel in the time of 
Shakespeare. 1890 

Masson. British novelists. 1859 

Senior. Essays on fiction. 1864 

Thompson. Philosophy of fiction in liter- 
ature. 1890 


Abandoned claim. Louohead 

About giants. Smithson & Barnes 

Absentee. Edgeworth. . .in u. 9 cfe 10 of 

According to St. John. Chanler 

Achsah. Round 

Adirondack cabin. Lothrop 

Admiral's caravan. Carryl 

Adventures of a fair rebel. Crim 

Adventures of David Vane and David 
Crane. Trowbridge 

Adventures of Philip. Thackeray 

Adventures of Roderick Random. Smol- 

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle. 

Afro- American folk lore 

After twenty years. Sturgis 

Against heavy odds. Boyesen 

Aladdin in London. Hume 

Albert Savarus. Balzac 

Albrecht. Bates 

Alcove. Abbott 


Alice Lorraine. Blackmore toith 

All he knew. Habberton 

AH- over-the- world series. Adams. 

1. Missing million 

2. Millionaire at sixteen 

3. Young knight errant 

All sorts and conditions of men. Besant. 

Allan's wife. Haggard 

Allen house. Arthur 

Almeria. Edgeworth in v. 1 of 

Alpine fay. Burstenbinder 

American claimant. Clemens 

American senator. Trollope 

Among the camps. Page 

Among the Turks. Cameron 

Angela. Weber. . . 

Angelina. Edgeworth. . . inv.S of 

813 J98 

823 M38 

813 Se5 

813 T37 


j Sm582 




j L9U5 



j T7531 



817 C46 


j B6915 




j Ab266 




j Adl78 

j Adllll 

j Adlll2 






817 C5918 


j P1413 


j W38 

• Ed3 

Anglomaniacs. Harrison H2463 

Another Brownie book. Cox j C8341 

Another flock of girls. Perry j P4314 

Arabian nights' entertainments. Town- 
send, ed Arl 

Archibald Malmaison. Hawthorne H31221 

Ardis Claverden. Stockton 6t639 

Argument in favour of ghosts. Anon... . St83 

Armorel of Lyonesse. Besant B4623 

Army-chaplain Schmelzle's journey. RiCH- 

ter in 838 R41 

Artemus Ward ; his book. Browne 817 B81 

Artemus Ward ; his travels. Browne. . . 817 B8111 

Artemus Ward in London. Browne 817 B811 

Artemus Ward's panorama. Browne 817 B8112 

Arthur Merton. Porter P8322 

Artist's secret. Schreiner Pch71 

As it was written. Harland H2232 

As long as she lived. Robinson R5615 

*'As we went marching on." Hosmer H79 

As we were saying. Warner 817 W2411 

Aschenbroedel. Carrington 

Ascutney street. Whitney 

Aspasia. Hamerling. 2v 

At his gates. Oliphant. 

At the Red Glove. Macquoid 

Atherton. Mitford 

Atlantic tales 

Aunt Anne. Clifford 




01 344 





Aunt Margaret. Abbott j Ab267 

Auroraphone. Cole C673 

Austin Elliot. Kingsley K6172 

Average woman, [and other stories], Bal- 

ESTIER . . B1921 

AveriL Carey C1826 

Babes in the woods. De Mille D3916 

Babolain. Droz D8331 

Bachelor's club. Zangwill 817 Zl 

Back from the dead. Saqui Smith, pseud. Sm62 

Backlog studies. Warner 817 W241 

Baffled conspirators. NoiiRis N7917 

Bagpipers. Dudevant D8616 

Baker's dozen. Foster j F8112 

Balaam and his master, and other stories. 

Harris H2412 

Barbara Dering. Chanler C3624 

Barchester towers. Trollope T7441 

Baron Munchausen. Raspe R181 



Baroness. Pkakd... P3118 

Barracks, bivouacs and battles. Fokbes.. F74 

Battle of New York. Stoddard j St6522 

Bay-path. Holland H7142 

Beads of Tasmer. Barr B2724 

Beatrice. Haggard H1231 

Beatrice Cenci. Querrazzi Q932 

Beethoven. Rau R19 

Beggars all. Dougall D7411 

Begum's daughter. Bynner B9913 

Belhaven tales. Harrison H2468 

Bell of St. Paul's. Besant B4625 

Belle of Australia. Thomes T3623 

Beppo the conscript. Trollope T7454 

Beric the Briton. Henty j H3948 

Berkeleys and their neighbors. Seawell. Sel21 

Betrothed. Manzoni M312 

Betrothed. Scott Sco334 

Betty Alden. Austin Au735 

Betty Leicester. Jewett , . j J5519 

Biography of a locomotive engine. Frith. F51 

Black spirits and white. Trollope T748 

Blanche, Lady Falaise. Siiorthouse Sh814 

Blind fate. Hector H3538 

Blind love. Collins C6948 

Blue and gray series. Adams. 

3. On the blockade Adl76 

4. Stand by ihe Union Adl77 

5. Fighting for the right Adl79 

Blue dragon. Peard j P3114 

Blue fairy book. Lang, ed j L2514 

Bondman. Caine C121 

Book of burlesque. Adams 827 Adl 

Book o' nine tales. Bates B3114 

Book of pity and of death. Viaud V6511 

Book of the Hudson. Irving Ir813 

Book of vagaries. Paulding. 817 P28 

Border lances. Saxon Sa93 

Botany bay. Slosson , SI 5 

Bowsham puzzle. Habbkrton H1112 

Boy settlers. Brooks j B7911 

Boyhood in Norway. Boyesen j B6919 

Boyhood of Lincoln. Butterworth. ... j B9832 

Boy's town. Howells j H8347 

Brave and bold series. Alger : 

4. Wait and hope j Al 349 

Breezie Langton. Smart Sm21 

Bressant. Hawthorne H31224 

Bric-a-brac stories. Harrison j 112465 

Bridal march, and other stories. Bjorn- 

SON B5512 

Broken chords. McClellan M1322 

Brought home. Smith Sm548 

Brought to bay. Roe R625 

Broughton house. Perry P424 

Brownies, their book. Cox j C834 

Bruno. Abbott j Ab242 

Burlesques. Thackeray 827 T3213 

Burning of Rome. Church C4718 

Buscapie, £1. Cervantkb-Saavedra C3311 

Bushrangers. Thomes T3627 

By England's aid. Henty. j H3937 

By right of conquest. . Henty j H394 

By the Tiber. Tincker T4911 

Cab and caboose. Munroe j M9217 

C8Bsar Cascabel. Verne V5927 

Caesar's column. Donneu.y D711 

Caliph Vathek. Beckford B3841 

C^lias. Church C4719 

Callista. Newman N46 

Camilla. Arblay. 5v Arl21 

Campaigning with Crook. King K58181 

Campmates. Munboe j M9215 

Canoemates. Munroe j M9218 

Canolles. Cooke C7727 

Capillary crime, and other stories. Millet M613 

Captain Blake. King K58122 

Capt'n Davy's honeymoon. Caine C1212 

Captain January. Richards j R393 

Captain of the Janizaries. Ludlow L963 

Captain of the Kittiewink. Ward j W2151 

Captain Sam. Eggleston j Eg321 

Career of a Nihilist. Dragomanov D78 

Carl and Jocko. Abbott j Ab261 

Carletons. Grant Q762 

Carried off. Stuart j St92 

Castle Rackrent. Edgewortii . .in v. 1 of Ed3 

Cecil Dreeme. Winthrop • W7312 

Cecilia. Arblay Arl2 

Cecil's summer. Hollis H724 

Celtic fairy tales. Jacobs, ed ... J 151 

Cesarine Dietrich. Dudevant D8617 

Chapter of adventures. Henty j H3939 

Characteristics. Mitchell M6913 

Charles Auchester. Sheppard Sh42 

Charlie to the rescue. Ballantyne j B2159 

Charlie's disappointment. Molesworth. j M7311 
Chase of the Meteor, and other stories. 

Bynner j B9914 

Chatelaine of La Trinite. Fuller F9531 

Chautauquans. Habberton H1115 

Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani. Fuller F953 

Children of Wilton Chase. Smith j Sm5191 

Chosen valley. FoOTE F7312 

Chouans. Balzac B2191 

Chris Derrick. Anon j C46 

Christian woman. Quiroga Q24 

Chrislimas book. Butterworth j B9831 



Cbristmas books. Thackeray T3228 

Christoplier and other stories. Baku. . . . B2733 

Chuck Purdy. Stoddard j St653 

Cigarette maker's romance. Crawford . C8522 

Cinderella. Ritchie.. j R5112 

Ciphers. Kirk K6337 

Clocks of Rondaine, and other stories. 

Stockton j St611 

Colonel Carter of Car tersv ill e. Smith... Sm6 

Colonel St*r bottle's client. II arte H2527 

Colooers Christmas dinner. King K5818 

Colonel's opera cloak. Brush B831 

Colony of girls. Willard \V672 

Columbia. Musick M97 

Columbus and Beatriz. Du Bois D85 

Come forth. Ward W2155 

Comedy of a country house. Sturgis. . . . Sl916 

Comedy of terrors. Db Mille D3918 

Condemned as a nihilist. Henty H3947 

Confession of a child of the century. Mus- 

set *M972 

Congo. Abbott j Ab257 

Consequences. Castle C27 

Contrast. Edgeworth in v. 6 of Ed3 

Conventional Bohemian. Pendleton . . . P3722 

Coral and cocoa-nut. Moore M7821 

Corinne. Stael-Holstein *Stl4 

Cornelius O'Dowd. Lever L5744 

Countess Erika's apprenticeship. Kirsch- 

NER K6341 

Countess Rudolstadt. Dudevant. 2v. .. D862 

Court rojal. Gould Q7314 

Cousin Polly's gold mine. Porter P834 

Cranford. Gaskell G2127 

Crew of the Dolphin. Smith Sm549 

(Vock of gold. TuprER T83 

Cross currents. Dickens D554 

Cross roads. Yonge j Yo849 

Crowded out o' Crofield. Stoddard. j St651 

Crown from the spear. Jamison J 24 

Cruise of a land yacht. Baxter j B33 

Crystal button. Thomas T36 

Cuckoo in the nest. Oliphant 01 348 

Cunning woman's grandson. Yonge j Yo845 

Cynthia Wakeham's money. Rohlfs RC417 

Daddy Jake, the runaway. Harris j H2411 

Daddy's boy. Smith j Sm5194 

Dally. Pool P78 

Same as " That Caroliny gal." 

Daltons. I^ever L57471 

Dame Care. Sudermann Su2 

Darkness and dawn. Farrar. ' 2v F2412 

Dash for Khartoum. Henty j H3942 

Dashing days of old. Stables j Stl26 


Daughter of the South. Harrison H2466 

Davenport Dunn. Lbvsr L57461 

David Alden's daughter. Austin Au736 

David Grieve. Ward W2141 

David Todd. Maclure M225 

Day and night stories. Sullivan Su5 

Day at Laguerre, and other days. Smith. . Sm61 

Dead alive. Collins C6949 

Dear. Perkins P4141 

Dear daughter Do'-othy. Plympton j P74 

Dearly bought. Burnham B9356 

December roses Praed P88 

Delight makers. Bandelier B223 

Deluge. SiENKiEWicz. 2v Sil 1 

Demagogue. Locke L791 

Demoniac. Besant B4626 

Deserter. King K5819 

Desperate remedies. Hardy H2228 

Devil's chain. Jenkins J41 

Dewey morn. Jepferies J3512 

Diary of a pilgrimage. Jerome 827 J482 

Diego Pinzon. Coryell j C815 

Digging for gold. Alger j Al 35 

Diplomat's diary. Cruger C884 

Dmitri. Bain B16 

Dr. Heidenhoffs process. Bellamy B4112 

Doctor Huguet. Donnelly D71 

Doctor Jacob. Edwards Ed94 

Dr. Le Baron and his daughters. Austin. Au734 

Dodd family abroad. Lever L57481 

Doesticks ; what he says. Thompson 817 T37 

Dolliver romance, [and other stories]. Haw- 
thorne ; H3149 

Domestic explosives. Alden 817 Al 2 

Don Braulio. Valera V2321 

Don Orsino. Crawford C8526 

Donald Ross of Heimra. Black B5643 

Dorothy Wallis. Besant .' B4629 

Dorothy's daughters. Marshall M3523 

Dorothy's experience. Trafton T6711 

•' Down the Ohio." Roberts R542 

Downfall. Zola Z7 

Dragon and the tea kettle. Wright j W9314 

Dragon's teeth. QuEiROS Q3 

Dreams> [and other stories]. Schreiner. Sch71 

Duchess of Powysland. Allen j Al 514 

Duchess of Rosemary lane. Farjeon — F2235 

Dukesborough tales. Johnston J6413 

Dun, The. Edgeworth in v. Q of Ed3 

Dunallan. Kennedy K383 

Earthly paragon. McGlasson M17 

East and West. Hale.. . ; H1314 

Edelweiss. Auerbach Au321 

Edelweiss of the Sierras. Harrison H2467 



Edward Burton. Wood W853 

Ekkebard. Scheffel. 2v Scli22 

Elective affinities. Gocthe G5523 

Electrical boy. Trowbridge. . ., j T7o35 

Eliie's visit to Cloudland and the moon. 

Austen j Au76 

Elfred. Abbott j Ab251 

Eline Vere. Couperus C835 

Elixir. Ebers Eb321 

Elsie books. Finley. 

Elsie yatching with the Eaymonds. . . j F4936 

Elsie's vacation and after events j F4937 

Elsie at Viamede.-. j F4938 

Elsie Venner. Holmes 1173 

Elsket, and other stories. Page Pi412 

Emilie de Coulanges. Edgeworth. 

in V. 10 of Ed3 

Emma. Abbott j Ab241 

Enchanted. Bouton B664 

End of a rainbow. Johnson j J631 

Engineer. Abbott j Ab245 

England's yeomen. Charlesworth .... G384 

English fairy tales. Jacobs, comp j J15 

English Pharisees and French crocodiles. 

Blouet 827 B62 

Ennui. Edgeworth in v. ^ of Ed3 

Eric. Farrar • F241 

Eric Brighteyes. Haggard H1233 

Erlach court. Kirschner K6342 

Ernest quest. Ford F75 

Estevan. Musick M9711 

Expiation. French F881 

Fairmeadow's farm. Debenham j D351 

Fairy tales of all nations. Laboulaye. . . j Llll 

Faith doctor. Eggleston Eg 349 

Fall of Sebastopol. Hbnty j H3945 

Fame and sorrow, [and other stories]. 

Balzac B2186 

Family without a name. Verne V5929 

Farming. Munkittrick 817 M92 

Fatal silence. Lean L47 

Father Brighthopes. Trowbridge j T7536 

Faustus. Anon *F27 

Felicia. Murfree M944 

Fellowe and his wife. Howard & 

Sharp H83I5 

Fern leaves. Parton F251 

Fifteen years. Robinson K565 

Fifty years, three months, two days. 

Wolff W'83l 

Fighting for the right. Adams j Ad 179 

Fighting the Saracens. Henty j H3944 

Fighting the sea. Rand j R15 

Fireside saints. Jerrold 827 J481 

Fisher boy. Kingston j K6157 

Five little Peppers and how they grew. 

LOTHROP j L9114 

Five little Peppers grown up. Lothrop. j L9116 

Five little Peppers midway. Lothrop. . . j L9113 

Flatland. Abbott 827 Ab2 

Fleurange. Craven . C854 

Flipwing the spy. Wesselhceft j W51 11 

Floatin' light. Ballantyne B216 

Flower de hundred. Harrison H2464 

Flush times of Alabama. Baldwin 817 B19 

Flute and violin. Allen Al 52 

Folly and fresh air. Phillpotts P54 

Fool of quality. Brooke. 2v B793 

Footsteps of fate. Couperus ' C8351 

For fifteen years. Ulbach Ullll 

For his sake. Hector H3541 

For the defense. Farjeon F2238 

Forest glen. Kellogg j K29i6 

Four and five. Hale H1324 

Four destinies. Gautier G231 

Four MacNicols, [and other stories]. 

Black j B5645 

Fourteen to one [and other stories]. Ward. W2126 

Fra Lippo Lippi. Farrikgton F243 

Frankenstein. Shelley Sh4 

Friend. Durand D9313 

Friend Olivia. Barr B2723 

From shadow to sunlight. Lome L89 

From the forecastle to the cabin. Samuels. Fa4 

From the ranks. King K5817 

From the throttle to the president's chair. 

Ellis j E153 

Frozen hearts. Applbton Ap5 

Fur country. Verne V593 

Qallant lords of Bois-Dore. Dudevant. 

2v D8618 

Gallegher, and other stories Davis D291 

Garstang grange. Troi^lope T7456 

Geoffrey H ami}' n. Kingsley K6177 

Germaine. About Ab 542 

German popular tales. Andersen & 

Grimm j An237 

Gibraltar gallery. Abboi t . . : j Ab254 

Gid Granger. Stoddard j StG521 

Gilbert Elgars son. Davis D292 

Ginx's baby. Jenkins 827 J411 

Giovanni and the other. Burnett j B9326 

Girls and I Molesworth M7314 

Gloria. Perez-Galdos. 2v P4111 

Goddess of Atvatabar. Bradshaw. B722 

God's fool. Maartens M113 

Gold hunters adventures. Thomes T362 

Gold hunters in Europe. Thomes T3626 



Gold of pleasure. Lathrop L3426 

Golden bottle. Donnelly D7111 

Golden gossip. Whitney W6123 

Gplden grains. AiiTHUR Ar723 

Gone to Texas. Hale H1311 

Good aunt. Edgkworth in v. 2 of Ed3 

Good Frencli governess. Edgeworth. 

in v.Sof Ed3 

Good old times. Kellogg j K2917 

Go's going. Clark C5435 

Governor, and other stories. IIibbard. .. H521 

*' Grandmother dear." Molesworth .. iS173l 

Grania. Lawless L4234 

Grateful negro. Edgeworth. . .in v. 5 of Ed3 

G reat elm. Abbott j Ab252 

G reat match. Smith Sm56 

Great taboo. Allen Al 511 

Great war syndicate. Stockton 817 Sl6 

Greek romances. Heliodorus c6 others. . 888 H36 

Group of noble dames. Hardy H22211 

Guil'.y river. Collins ....'. C69491 

Hallam succession. Barr B2731 

Hammer. Crurch & Seeley. C4715 

Hammer and anvil Spielhagen Sp4ll 

Happy thoughts. Bcrnand 827 B931 

Harrington. Edgeworth in v. 17 of Ed3 

Harveys. Kingsley K6173 

Harwood. Coulson C833 

Haschisch. Gatchell G22 

Haunted pool. Dudevant : . D8619 

He that will not when he may. Oliphant. 01335 

Heart of gold. Smith Sm516 

Heir presumptive and the heir apparent. 

Oliphant 01 345 

Heir to millions. Fawcett F282 

Heirs of Bradley house. Douglas D7461 

Held fast for England. Henty j H3941 

Helen Brent, M. D. Anon H364 

Helen the historian. Alden j Al 276 

Her associate members. Alden Al 277 

Her great ambition. Earle Ea7 

Her majesty the queen. Cooke C773 

Her only son. Smith Sm547 

Heresy of Mehetable Clark. Slosson ... SI 51 

Hermit island. Bates j B313 

Heroine of a basket van. Bramston. ... j B73 

Heroines in obscurity. Keddie j K231 

Hetty. Kingsley K618 

Hidden City. McDougall M146 

Hiero-salem. Mason M38 

High-lights. Field F452 

Highland chronicle. Dod D664 

Highways and high seas Moore j M782 

Hildegard's holiday. Richards j R3932 

Hildegard's home. Richards j R3933 

Hillyars and the Burtons. Kingsley . . . K6171 

His great self. Terhune T3728 

His life's magnet. Elmslie El 6 

His two wives. Hudson H86 

Historical mystery. Balzac B2188 

History of David Grieve. Ward W2141 

Hohensteins. Spielhagen. Sp412 

Holden with cords. Woodruff W861 

Home fairy tales. Mace j M15 

Home lights and shadows. Arthur Ar72 

Hopes and fears. Yonoe. 2v Yo846 

Hornby mills. Kingsley K6174 

Hornets' nest. Roe R6228 

Horse -shoe Robinson. Kennedy K3811 

Hortense. Behrens B3915 

Same as Lucie *8 mistake, B3913 

Hospital sketches. Alcott Al 1311 

House by the medlar-tree. Verga V58 

House of Martha. Stockton St61 

House of seven gables, [and other tales] . 

Hawthorne H3148 

House on the moor. Oliphant 01 341 

Household of McNeil. Barr B2722 

How John Norton the trapper kept his 

C:hristmas. Murray M9633 

Huckleberries, [stories]. Cooke C7718 

Human document. Mallock M2913 

Hunting the snark. Dodgson 827 D66 

Id una, [and other stories]. Hibbard H52 

lermola. Kraszewski K861 

Hka on the hill-top, [and other stories]. 


Imperative duty. Howells H8348 

In Beaver Cove and elsewhere. Crim. . . . C86 

In Biscay ne bay. Rockwood R59 

In black and gold. Wright j W9313 

In God's way. Bjornson B5514 

In Greek waters. Henty j H3946 

In lucks way. Stannard St22 

In old Quinnebasset. Clarke j C5539 

In the cheering-up business. Lee L511 

In the heart of the storm. Tuttiett T88 

In the high valley. Woolsey j W8844 

In the ** stranger people's " country. MuR- 

FREB M9427 

In the valley. Frederic F871 1 

In the v( stibule limited. Matthews. ... M4313 

Indian tales. Kipling K622 

Ingoldsby legends. Barham 827 B23 

Initials. Tautphceus T19 

Insignificant woman. Behrens B3916 

Iron game. Keenan K2511 

It happened yesterday. Marshall M35 



Ivan the fool. ToLSToi" T5828 

Ivory gate. Besant B4628 

Jack Horner. Tiernan T4411 

Jack's father. Norris N7919 

Jane Field. Wilkins W6511 

Jargal. Hugo H8714 

Jasper. Abbott j Ab262 

Jericho road. Habbbrton H1113 

Jerry. Elliott. El 52 

Jew, The. Kraszewski K86 

John North in Mexico. Ober j Ob221 

John Thompson, blockhead. Parr. ..... P2412 

John Thorn's folks. Teal T22 

John True. Abbott j Ab25 

John Worthlngton*s name. Benedict. . . B43 

Joseph Noirel's revenge. Cherbuliez. . . C4232 

Joshua. Ebers Eb32 

Judge Justin.. Abbott j Ab265 

Juggernaut. Egqleston & M arbourg . . Eg33 

Julian Home. Farrar F24 

Just impediment. . Pryce P95 

Justin Harley. Cooke C7729 

Kate Beaumont. De Forest D3626 

Katherine Ashton. Sewell. 2v Se812 

Kelp-gatherers. Trowbridge j T7538 

Kenelm Chillingly. Bulwer-Lytton B8748 

Kent Hampden. Davis j D293 

Khaled. Crawford C8523 

Kilgroom. Steuart St46 

Kiug Arthur and the Knights of the 

Round Table. Morris. 3v M83 

King of Tyre. Ludlow L9631 

King Tom and the runaways. Pendle- 
ton j P3721 

Kings in exile. Daudet D2628 

Kit and Kitty. Blackmore B5657 

Kitty's conquest. King K5814 

Klaus Bewer's wife. Lindau L64 

Knapsack. Edgeworth iji 10. ^ of Ed3 

Korean tales. Allen Al 5 

Kreutzer sonata. Tolstoi *T5827 

Lady Jane. Jamison. j J241 

Lady of Fort St. John. Catherwood. . . C2811 

Lady of the ice. De Mille D3917 

Lady Susan. Austen Au726 

Lady Willoughby. Rathbone R182 

Lady with the camellias. Dumas *D895 

Lame Jervas. Edgeworth in v. \^of Ed3 

Lance of Kanana. French j F8821 

Lapstone. Abbott j Ab243 

Last American. Mitchell M695 

Last chronicle of Barset. Trollope T7439 

Last fairy tales. Laboulaye j Lll 

Last words, [stories]. Ewing j Ew518 

Later years. Prime 

Law unto herself. . Davis 

Lawton girl. Frederic 

Leatherstockiug tales. Cooper. • 


Last of the Mohicans 




Leaves from a drummer's diary. Plum- 

mer : 

Leaves from the book of human life. 


Leigh ton court. Kingsley 

Leon Pontifex. Greene 

Leona. Moles worth 

Leonard and Gertrude. Pestalozzi 

Leonora. Edgeworth int. 13 0/ 

Leonora Casalooi. Trollope 

Leslie's fate, and Hilda. . Haggard 

Lesson of the master. James 

Lewey and I. Thomes 

Life in the East Indies. Thomes 

Life sentence. Sergeant 

Life's handicap ; stories of mine own 

people. Kipling 

Life's loDg battle won. Mayo 

Light i f her countenance. Boyesen 

Light that failed. Kipling 


Lights and shadows of real life. Arthur. 

Lil Lorimer. BouiiGER 

Lillingstones of Lillingstone. Worboise. 

Lily lass. McCarthy . 

Lily of the valley. Balzac 

Limerick gloves. Edgeworth. ,in «. 4 of 
Little book of profitable tales. Field.. . . 

Little colonists. Boulger : 

Little good-for-nothing. Daudet 

Little he and she. Litchfield 

Little Jarvis. Se awell 

Little Louvre. Abbott 

Little minister. Barrie 

Little Norsk. Garland 

Little Paul. Abbott 

Little Pussy Willow. Stowe 

Little Saint Elizabeth and other stories. 


Little silver trumpet. Smith 

Little Smoke. Stoddard 

Little Venice, and other stories. IjITCH- 


Log school-house. Butterworth 

L6ne star. Chambers \xAih v. 6 of 






























j B6614 


j L7111 

j Sel2 

j Ab255 



i Ab259 

j St742 

j B9325 

j Sm5193 

i St653 

j L711 

j B983 

.828 C35 



Lord Arthur Savile's crime, and other 

stories. Wilde W641 

Lord Bantam. Jenkin 827 J41 

Lord Brackenbury. Edwards £d913 

Lost hero. Ward j W2127 

Lost in the backwoods. Traill T68 

Lost laird. Chambers with «. 9 of 828 C35 

Lost letter? Chambers with v. 7 of 828 C35 

Lost manuscript. Freytag F8922 

Lost silver of Briffault. Barr B2732 

Lottery. Edgeworth in v. 4: of Ed3 

Love and rebellion. Keller. . . . , K282 

Love for an hour is love forever. Barr. . B2729 

Love in idleness. Kirk K6336 

Love-letters of a worldly woman. Clif- 
ford C61 

Lover or friend ? Carey C1823 

Lucie's mistake. Behrens B3913 

Same as Hortense, B3915. 

Lucky lover. Habberton H1117 

Madame de Fleury. Edgeworth. . . 

in V. 10 of Ed3 

Madame de Stael. Bolte B632 

Madame Gosselin. Ulbach. Ul 11 

Mademo1s*»lle MathiJde. Kingsley K6181 

Mademoiselle Panache. Edgeworth. . . . 

in v. 3 of Ed3 

Magdalen's fortunes. Behrens B3912 

Magic ink. Black B5644 

Maid of honor. VVingfifld W721 

Main travelled roads; six stoiies. Gar- 
land 018 

Major Jones' Georgia scenes. Thompson. T373 

Mamelons and ungava. Murray M9632 

Mammon. Hector H3539 

Mammon of unrighteousness. Boyesen. . B6916 

Man with a broken ear. About Ab541 

Man with five wives. Dumas D8924 

Manitou island. McClelland M1312 

Manoeuvring. Edgeworth in v. 7 of Ed3 

Man's conscience. Mac alpine Ml 12 

Manufactures. Edgeworth. ,.invt)of Ed3 

Maori and settler. Henty j H3938 

Marble faun. Hawthorne H3146 

March in the ranks. Fothergtll. F8219 

Marcia. Norris N7922 

Margaret. Bright B76 

Maria. Isaacs Jsl 

Mariage de convenance. Keary K213 

Marian Wallace. Scott Sco35 

Marianela. Perez- Galdos P41 12 

Marion Graham. Lawrence L433 

Marionettes. Crugbr C8843 

Marius the epicurean. Pater P27 

Marjorie and her papa. Fletcher j F633 

Marjorie Daw. Aldrich Al 231 

Mark Twain's sketches, new and old. 

Clemens 817 C59 

Marriage of Elinor. Oliphant Ol 3^7 

Married beneath him. Payn P293 

Mar's white witch. Douglass D749 

Martin Toutrond. Morier 827 M82 

Martins of Cro' Martin. Lever L57491 

Mary Ellis. Arthur .Ar719 

Mary St. John. Carey C1824 

Mass' George. Fenn j F3629 

Master of the magicians. Ward W2122 

Matt. Buchanan B8531 

Matter of millions. Kohlfs R6416 

Matter of skill. Whitby W5821 

May. Oliphant 01 343 

Medicine lady. Smith Sm5192 

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. Thackeray. T3225 

Men of iron. Pylb ~ j P9916 

Mercy Philbrick's choice. Jackson J1217 

Mere adventurer. Andrews " An24 

Merry chanter. Stockton St638 

Merry tales. Clemens C593 

Micah Clarke. Doyle ... D771 

Michael and Theodora. Barr j B273 

Million too much. Wright W931 

Mine own people. Kipling K6223 

Minigo. Abbott j Ab246 

Misadventure. NORRis N7921 

Misericordia. Linton L6515 

Miss Bagg's secretary. Burnham B9353 

Miss Brooks. White W583 

Miss Churchill. Fisher F5323 

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryan^ Alden Al 275 

Miss Dorothy's charge. Benedict *. . B4312 

Mii^s fancy's pilgrimage. Johnson J634 

Miss Bavenel's conversion from secession 

to loyalty. DeForest D3627 

Miss Toosey's mission. Perkins j P414 

Miss Van Kortland. Benedict B4314 

Miss Went worth's idea. Norris N7923 

Miss Wilton. Warren , W252 

Missing million. Adams...... j Adl78 

Mistaken. Fuller F952 

Mr. Billy Downs and his likes. Johnston. J6415 

Mr. Butler's ward. Robinson R564 

Mr. Chaine*s sons. N orris N792 

Mr. Fortner's marital claims. Johnston. J6414 

Mr. Stubbs's brother. Kaleii j K121 

Mr. Vaughan's heir. Benedict B4311 

Mistress Branican. Verne V5931 

Mrs. Fenton. Norris N7916 

Mrs. Keats Bradford. Pool P781 1 



Mistress af Beech Knoll. Burnham B9355 

Mrs. Peixada. Harland H2283 

Mrs. Reynolds and Hamilton. Townsend. T6611 

Modern Aladdin. Pyle P9915 

Modern cliivalry . Gore. 2 v G661 2 

Modern exodus. Foster F8111 

Modern Griselda. Edgeworth. in v. 10 of Ed3 

Modern Hagar. Clark. 2v C5442 

Momfent of madness. Beuamy B4121 

Money and music. Barnard B251 

Monk and kniglit. Gunsaulus. 2v G952 

Moon prince. Munkittrick j M926 

More happy thoughts. Burnand 827 B93 

Morriiia (homesickness). Bazan B345 

Mose Evans. Baker B1714 

Mosses from an old manse. Hawthorne. H3147 

Mostly Marjorie Day. Townsend T6631 

Moth and rust. Wright j W9312 

Mozart. Rau R191 

Murad the unlucky. Edgeworth 

in V. 5 of Ed3 

Murvale Eastman. Tour6^:e T6419 

Museum. Abbott j Ab258 

My daughter Elinor. Benedict B431 

My guardian. Cross C8862 

My hero. Bridges B8419 

My Lady Nell. Weaver W37 

My Lady Nicotine. Barrie. . B2742 

My time and what I've done with it. 

BuRNAND 827 B9312 

My uncle Benjamin. Tillier T46 

Mystery of the Locks. Howe H8323 

Nabob. Daudet D2619 

Nada the lily. Haggard H1234 

Nail nee ta. Brinkeriioff B77 

Narka, the Nihilist. O'Mear a Om2 

Naulahka. Kipling & Balestier K6228 

New England nun, and other stories. 

Wilkins WGo 

New Harry and Lucy. Hale j H1326 

New Mexico David, and other stories. 

LuMMis L97 

New priest in Conception Bay. Lowell. L9o 

New senior at Andover. Ward j VV215 

New York family. Fawcett F28I8 

Next door. Burnham B93«')l 

Nigel Browning. Giberne G3512 

Nimrod & Co. Ohnet Oh412 

No choice. Millington M62 

*' No gentlemen." Burnham B9357 

Not all in vain. Cross C886 

Now and then. Warren W251 1 

Nugents of Carriconna. Hopkins H773 

Number one or number two. BajVIFORD. . j B21 

No. 747; the autobiography of a gypsy. 

Carew, ed C184 

** O thou, my Austria 1 " Kirschner K634 

Oakshott Castle. Kingsley K6179 

Ocean Knight. Du Boisgobey D852 

Odd couple. Oliphant 01 342 

Old doctor. Cheney C42 

Old maids Paradise. Ward W2123 

Old man. Field F453 

Old Margaret. Kingsley K6176 

Old Mark Langston. Johnston. : J6412 

Old order changes. Mallock. M2912 

Old Rough the miser. Wesselhceft j W511 

Old ways and new. Roskboro R72 

Omoo. Melville M4951 

On land and sea. Thomes T3624 

On Newfound river. Page P1411 

On the blockade. Adams j Adl76 

On the lake of Lucerne, and other stories. 

Whitby W682 

On the plantation. Harris . .* j H241 3 

On the stage. Jerome 827 J4821 

One good guest. Walford W1431 

One little rebel. Smith ; j SuiSS 

One of our conquerors. Meredith M542 

One woman's way. Pendleton P371 

Only a year and what it brought. An- 
drews j An2212 

Only human. Stannard St22l 

Orkney, the peacemaker. Abbott ... j Ab239 

Ormond. Edgeworth in «. 18 of Ed3 

Otto the knight, and other stories^ 

French F881 1 

Our amateur circus. McVickar *817 M25 

Our Bessie. Carey. C1825 

Our detachment. King K584 

Our neighbors. Arthur Ar724 

Our new mistress. Yonge j Yo 844 

Our village. Mitford.... M6942 

Our wedding gift. Douglas.. L7459 

Out in the world. Arthur Ar712 

Out of debt out of danger. Edgeworth. 

in V. 4 of Ed3 

Out of the fashion. Smith Sm518 

Overland. De Forest D3622 

Pactolus Prime. Tourg^e T6417 

Pagans. Bates... B3115 

Paladin of finance. Jenkins J414 

Paoli. KiTCHiN KG4 

Pasbing the love of women. Needell. . N2811 

Pastels in prose. Merrill M55 

Pastels of men. Bourget. 2v B665 

Pastor's daughter, Behrens B3914 

Patience. Warner W2428 



Patronage. Edgkworth vi v. 14-16 of Ed3 

Paul and Virginia. St. Pierre Sa2 

Paul Gosslett'a confession. Lever L5746 

Peace Pelican, spinster. Smith Sm57 

Peckover's mill. A7ion. ... j P33 

Pendennis. Thackeray T3224 

Pepita Ximenez. Valera. V233 

Pericles and Aspasia. Landor L23 

Peter Ibbetson. Du Maurier. D896 

Peter Sclilemilil in America. Wood W852 

Phantasmion. Coleridge C67 

Phil and the baby. Lillie L6215 

Phil Vernon. Brooks j B795 

Philothea. Child , C43 

Picciola. Saintine Sa22 

Picture of Dorian Gray. Wilde W64 

Pierre and Jean. Maupassant M441 

Pierrette. Balzac B219 

Pilots of Pomona. Leighton j L53 

Plain tales from the hills. Kipling K6224 

Playing the mischief. De Forest: D3623 

Same ." D3625 

Port Tarascon. Daudet D2629 

Pot of gold, and other stories. Wilkins. j W65I 

Poverty grass. Wyman W98 

Prank. Abbott j Ab244 

Praise and principle. McIntosh M18 

Pratt portraits. Fuller F954 

Preacher's daughter. Barr B2734 

Prentice Hugh. Peard j P3115 

Pretty little counte&s Zina. Durand D933 

Price of a coronet. Sales Sa32 

Primes and their neighbors. Johnston. . J6411 

Prince Dusty. MuNROE j M9216 

Prince Prigio. Lang j L2512 

Prince Serebryani. Tolstoi T584 

Princess Mazaroff. Hatton H28 

Princess of Java. Higginson H534 

Prisons of air. Conway C7641 

I'roblematic characters. Spielhagen . . . Sp41 

Progressive petticoats. Roosevelt ..... 817 R67 

Prosper. Cherbuliez C4234 

Prussian vase. Edgeworth. . .in v. 2 of Ed8 

Purchase of the north pole. Verne V5928 

Puritan pagan. Cjiuger C8842 

Puritans. Peck 817 P33 

Quality of mercy. Howells H8349 

Queen Ilildegarde. Richards j R3931 

Queen of spades Chambers ^tcith v. 5 of 828 C35 

Queen of the county. Stretton St84 

Queen Titania, [and other stories]. Boye- 

^en B6917 

Quite at home. Burnand 827 B9313 

Quits 1 Tautphceus T191 

Rachel's share of the road. Anon Rll 

Ragged Dick. Alger j A1325 

Railway man and his children. Oli- 

PHANT 01 34G 

Rambles in the footsteps of Don Quixote. 

Inglis In44 

Raphael. Lamartine L16 

Rarahu. Viaud VG51 

Ravenshoe. Kingsley K6183 

Recalled to life. Allen Al 513 

Red fairy book. Lang, ed j L2513 

Red mustang. Stoddard j St65 

Redskin and cow-boy. Henty j H3943 

Reflections of a married man. Grant . . . Q7614 

Reginald Hetherege. Kingsley K6184 

Remarkable history of Sir Thomas Up- 
more. Blackmore * B5656 

Remarks by Bill Nye. Nye 817 N98 

Rent in a cloud. Lever L57451 

Reputed changeling. Yonge ro847 

Reuben Everett. Coleridge j C672 

Revolution in Tanner's lane. Ruther- 
ford R93 

Right at last. Gaskell G2128 

Righteous apostate. Lanza L29 

Ring of rubies. Smith . . . ! Sm519 

Robin Gray. Gibbon G3531 

Rockite ; an Irish story. Tonna T61 

Roderick Random. SMOiiLETT *Sm7 

Roger Hunt. Wooley W885 

Roland Cashel. Lever L5748 

Romance at the Antipodes. Douglass. . . D748 
Romance of an honest woman. Cher- 
buliez C4235 

Romance of the Moors. Caihd CJ22 

Romance of two worlds. Corelli C814 

Rosanna. Ed^worth in v. 4 of Ed3 

Rose and Ninette. Daudet D2631 

Rose of a hundred leaves. Barr B2727 

Rose of Paradise. Pyle j P9914 

Rosebud garden of girls ; [short stories]. 

Perry j P4215 

Rouge et noir. About Ab544 

Rough shaking. Macdonald j M1444 

Roundabout papers. Thackeray 827 T3214 

Rovings of a restless boy. Foot j F732 

Roweny in Boston. Pooii P781 

Royal favor. Wallis W153 

Royal physician. Johnson J635 

Rudder Grangers abroad, and other stories. 

Stockton St62 

Runaway Browns. Bunner B8813 

Running the blockade. Thomes T3625 

Ryle's open gate. MooRE M783 



Said in fun. Wblch 817 W44 

Saint Augustine. Musick M971 

St. Clair of the isles. Helms H363 

St. Helen's well. Debenham t j D35 

St. Kathrine's by the tower. Bekant B4627 

St. Winifred's. Farkar F2411 

Saltmaster of Liioeberg. Wolff W83 

Samantba among the brethren. Holley. 817 H7213 
Samantha on the race problem. Holley. 817 H7214 

Samuel Brohl and company. Cherbuliez. C4233 

San Salvador. Tincker T4912 

Sand ford and Merton. Bay j D33 

Sane lunatic. Burnham B9354 

Santa Claus on a lark, and other stories. 

Qladden j G45 

Santillan's choice. Chambers. t«t7A v. 7 of 828 C35 
Sappho of Green Springs, and other stories. 

Harte H2526 

Sara ; a princess. Newberry N42 

Scapegoat. Caine C1311 

Scapegrace Dick. Peard j P3116 

Scarlet letter. Hawthorne H3145 

Scarlet tanager. Trowbridge j T7534 

Scenes with the hunter and trapper. 

Adams j Adl82 

School-room cogitations. Thistleton. .. j T342 

Schools and schoolmasters. Dickens. . . . D552 

Scrope. Perkins P413 

Sebastian Stiome. Hawthorne H31223 

Seven dreamers. Slosson SI 5 

Shadow of a dream. Howells H8346 

Shadow of the sword. Buchanan B853 

^he loved a sailor. Barr B2725 

Sherburne house. Douglas D7462 

Shield of love. Farjeon F2237 

Short sixes, [stories]. Bunner B8812 

Short stories. Barr B2728 

Sidney. Deland .. D371 

Signor Monaldini's niece. Tincker T491 

Silcote of Silcotes. Kingsley K6178 

Silence of Dean Maitland. Tuttiett T881 

Silhouettes of American life. Davis D2931 

Silver caves. Ingersoll j In431 

Sir Godfrey's grand-daughter. Carey. . . C1827 

Sir Thomas Upmore. Blackmore B5656 

Sister Saint Sulpice. Valdis V23 

Sister to Esau. Barr B2726 

Sketches in prose, and occasional verses. 

Riley R45 

Sketches of life and character. Arthur. Ar717 

Slaver's adventures. Thomes T3629 

Slaves of Sabinus. Yonge Yo841 

Smoked glass. Newell 817 N44 

Snap. WOLLEY W833 

Snare of the fowler. Hector H354 

Snares and safeguards. Trowbridge... j T755 

Somebody's neighbors. Cooke C7712 

Son of Issachar. Brooks ^ . B7923 

Son of Old Harry. Tourgee T642 

Song and sigh. Porter P8335 

Sons of the soil. Balzac . . B2185 

Soprano. Barnard : B25 

Soul of Pierre. Ohnet Oh411 

Sowed by the wind. KELLOtKi j K2921 

Spell-bo.und fiddler. Janson J26 

Spoil of office. Garland. . . G1811 

Squire. Parr P2413 

Squire's daughter. Lillie L6216 

Squirrel inn. Stockton ... St6 

Stand by the Union. Adams j Ad 177 

Stand fast, Craig- Royston ! Black B5642 

Standish of Standish. Austin Au732 

Starlight ranch. King K5812 

Stephen Ellicoti's daughter. Needell. . N28 

Steps toward beaten. Arthur Ar715 

Stolen America. Floyd F66 

Stories and interludes. Pain P16 

Stories for boys. Davis j D2911 

Stories of old new Spain. Janvier J2511 

Stories of the laud of Evangeline. Mc- 

Leod. .' M226 

Stories of three burglars. Stockton St637 

Stories told at twilight. Moulton j W8625 

Story hour. Wiggin & Smith j W635 

Story of a child. Deland j D3711 

Story of a penitent soul. Sergeant Se612 

Story of Eleanor Lambert. Brooke B796 

Story of Margaret Kent. Kirk. • KC335 

Story of Philip Methuen. Needell K281 

Story of Rasmus. Wright j W9315 

Story of Reine. Briete B752 

Story of the Gadsbjs. Kipling K6226 

Story of the glittering plain. Morris. . . . M832 

Story of Tonty. Catherwood C281 

Story or two from an old Dutch town. 

Lowell L951 

Strait gate. Abboti' j Ab253 

Strange adventures of a wood-sled. Glad- 
den j G45 

Strange true stories of Louisiana. Cable. CI 114 

St angers and wayfarers. Jewktt. . J552 

Stretton. Kingsley K617 

Studio. Abbott j Ab249 

Successful man. Cruger C8841 

Summer drift-wood for the winter fire. 

Porter P8336 

Sunken rock. Ciiambp:rs. . . .with v. 1 of 828 C35 

Superior to circumstances. Blackall. . . B567 



Surgeon's daughter. Scott Sco825 

Surry of Eagle's nest. Cookb. . .* C7731 

Sweet girl graduate. Smith Sm517 

Sweet William. Bouvet j B663 

Sweethearts and wives. Arthur Ai7I8 

Sybaris. Hale - H1223 

Sybil Knox. Hale.. H1325 

Sylvie and Bruno. Dodgson j D6622 

Tale of twenty-five hoars. Matthews 

& Jessop M4314 

Tales. Hunt H912 

Tales and sketches. Disraeli D6361 

Tales and stories. Shelley Sh41 

Tales from ten poets. Morris. 3v M833 

Tales from the dramatists. Morris. 4v. M831 

Tales from the German. Zschokke Z8 

Tales from two hemispheres. Boyesen. . B6914 

Tales of a time and place. King K5881 

Tales of chivalry. Scott Sco335 

Tales of daring and danger. Henty j H3936 

Tales of New England. Jewett J5518 

Tales of old Japan. Mitford. 2v M694 

Tales of tbree centuries. Zagoskin Z12 

Tales of two countries. Kielland K54 

Talisman. Scott Sco326 

Talking horse, and other tales. Guthrie. G9813 

Teetotaler Dick. Knox K77 

Tell me a story. Molesworth j M73 1 1 

Temptation. Chambers wit/i v. 10 of 828 C35 

Ten tales. Copp:6b C79 

Tennyson's fairies. Winchell j W722 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Hardy H22212 

Teverino. Dudevant D8615 

Texar's revenge. Verne V5926 

That Dakota girl. Gilman * G42 

That stick. YoNGE Yo848 

That wild wheel. Trollope T7481 

Their canoe trip. Smith. j Sm561 

There and back. Macdonald M1445 

There's no place like home. Douglas. . . D746 
Same a» Old woman who lived in a shoe, D7443. 

Thinking bayonet. Hosmer. , .• H792 

Thirlby hall. Norris N7918 

Thirty years of wit. Landon 817 L23 

Thousand and one days. McCarthy. 2 v. Ml 21 

Three fates. Crawford C8525 

Three gold dollars. Abbott j Ab264 

Three Greek children. Church j C4717 

Three men in a boat. Jerome J48 

Three Miss Kings. Cross C8861 

Through fire and water. Talbot T142 

Tiddledy wink tales. Bangs j B2221 

Ties human and divine. Farjeon F2236 

Timboo and Fanny. Abbott. j Ab263 


Timboo and Joliba. Abbott ;. j Ab26 

Timothy's quest. Wiggin W6323 

Tin -types taken in the streets of New 

York. QuiGG 817Q4 

Titan. Richter R4113 

To call her mine. Bbsant B4622 

To horse and away. Pbard , j P3117 

To morrow. Edgeworth. in v. 6 of Ed3 

Toby Tyler. Kaler j K12 

Tolla. About Ab543 

Tom Paulding. Matthews. j M4315' 

Tourmalin's time checques. Guthrie... G9812 

Towhead. Gbeene M2211 

Tragic comedians. Meredith M5421 

Tragic muse. James. 2v J2328 

Trajan. Keenan K251 

Travelling companions. Guthrie. ...... 827 G981 

Travels and surprising adventures of 

Baron Munchausen. Raspb R181 

Trial of Gideon. Hawthorne H31225 

Trials of a staff-officer. King K58191 

Tritons Bynner B9912 

Trotty's wedding tour. Ward. ......... j W2124 

True, and other stories. Lathrop L3425 

Twice crowned. McKeever M19 

Twice-told tales. Hawthorne H315 

'Twixt hammer and anvil. Benedict. . , B4313 

Twixt school and college. Stables j Stl25 

Two modern womfen. Wells W461 

Two soldiers. King K58121 

Two women or one ? Harland H2234 

Typee. Melville .... M495 

Uncle of an angel, and other stories. Jan- 
vier J2512 

Uncle Remus and his friends. Harris . . 817 H2411 

Under false pretences. Sergeant. Se614 

Under green apple boughs. Campbell . . C1513 

Under orders. Munroe j M9214 

Under Salisbury spire. Marshall M3524 

Under the stork's nest. Katsch K15 

Under the storm. • Yongb J Yo 843 

Ursula. Balzac B217 

Us. Molesworth j M7312 

Utter failure. Harris H244 

Vain fortune. Moore M784 

Valentin. Kingsley K6182 

Van Bibber and others. Davis. D2912 

Vathek. Beckford B384 

Venetians. Maxwell M456 

Verbena Camellia Stephanotis. Besant. . B46111 

Vernon. Abbott j Ab256 

Very much abroad. Burnand. 827 B9311 

Vesty of the basins. Greene M2214 

Villa on the Rhine, Auerbach Au323 



Village on tbe cliff, [and otLer stories.] 

Ritchie R5114 

Viola and her little brother Arno. Ab- 
bott j Ah247 

Violin obligato. Crosby C883 

Virgilia. Grey G863 

Virginia. Abbott .* j Ab238 

Visit to my birth-place. Bukbury j B884 

Vivian. Edgewortii in v. S of Ed3 

Voces populi. Guthrie 827 G 98 

•Voyage of discovery. AiD^ Ai2 

Voyage to the cape. Russell R91 15 

Waif of the plains. Harte 112524 

Wait and hope. Alger JA1349 

Walford. Kirk K 6334 

Wandering heir. Reade R223 

Same R2238 

Wanderings of Persiles and Sigismunda. 

Cervantes-Saavedra C3312 

Ward of the golden gate. Harte H2525 

Washington winter. Dahlgren D1311 

Watch and ward. James J2327 

Way we live now. Trollope T7442 

yVe all. French F8812 

We twelve girls. Alden j Al 273 

Web of gold. Woods W863 

Wednesday the tenth. Allen Al 512 

Weird tales. Hoffmann. 2v H672 

Westward ho ! Paulding. 2v. .• P28 

Wetherel affair. De Forest D3624 

Whaleman's adventures. Tiiomes T3621 

What comes afterwards. Arthur Ar714 

What girls can do. Pot win j P85 

Wheels and whims. McCray & Smith. . M134 

When a man's single. Barrie B274 

When we were boys. O'Brien Ob6 

White jacket. Melville M4952 

"Who breaks — pays." Jenkins J4125 

Who was Paul Grayson ? Habberton. . . HI 116 

Widow Guthrie. Johnston J 641 

Wleland ; or, The transformation. Brown. B81 21 

Wild artist in Boston. Wiggin W634 

Will. Edgewortii in v. 4: of Ed3 

Will and way stories. Fremont F883 

Willie and the mortgage. Abbott j Ab248 

Window in Thrums. Barrie B2743 

Winning his spurs. Kellogg j K2932 

Winter fire. PortEr P8334 

Winterborough. White W5831 

Witch of Prague. Crawford C8524 

Witch Winnie. Champney C3534 

Witch Winnie's mystery. Champney. . . C3533 

Witch Winnie's studio. Champney C3535 

With Essex in Ireland. Lawless. L4233 

With fire and sword. Sienkiewicz Sil 

With ray friends. Matthews d oiliers. . M4312 

With the best intentions. Terhune T2727 

Withered heart. Arthur Ar721 

Wives of men of genius. Daudet D2626 

Woman of Shawmut. Carpenter C222 

Women must weep. Fawcett F2819 

Wonder-book. Hawthorne j H3151 

Wonderful adventures of Phra the Phoe- 
nician. Arnold Ar6 

Wondrous tale of Alroy. Disraeli. 3v. D6362 

Woodlanders. Hardy H2229 

Woodman. Beaurepaire B386 

Wooing o't. Hector H3537 

Word and the will. Payn P2929 

World's desire. Haggard & Lang H1232 

Wrecker. Stevenson & Osbourne St44 

Year worth living. Baker B1713 

Years that are told. Porter P8333 

Yensie Walton books. Clark. 

Go's going j C5435 

Yoke of the Tliorah. Harland H2231 

Youma. Hearn H351 

Yourg boatman of Pine Point. Alger, . . j Al 351 

Young castaways. Dixie j D64 

Young doctor. Kirk K6361 

Young folks worth knowing. Alden. ... j Al 274 

Young knight-errant. Adams j Adlll2 

Young llanero. Kingston j K6139 

Young Lucretia, and other stories. Wil- 

KiNS j W6512 

Young Macedonian. Church j C4716 

Young maids and old. Burn ham B9352 

Young Maugars. Tueuriet T34 

Young moose hunters. Stephens j St4 

Zachary Phips. Bynner B9915 

Zadoc Pine, and other stories. Bunner.. B8811 






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Anson. Voyage round tlie world. 1847. 

Arnold. Seas and lands. 1891 

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East. 1889. 

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Bennet. Winter and spring on the 

Mediterranean. 1870 

BiSLAND. Flying trip around the world. 


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Brooks. Seven months' run. 1872 

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COGGESHALL. Voyages to various parts 

of the world. 1851 

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Davis db others. Great streets of the 

world. 1892 

DiLKE. Problems of greater Britain. 


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Early English voyagers 

Erskine. Twenty years before the mast. 


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of America. 1891 

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910 A3 
910 A2 
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. 910 B8 

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910 BU 

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910 C9 

910 Do 

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910 E 

910 El 

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910 P6 

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*910 P9 

910 r8 

910 P7 

910 P4 
910 R7 
910 R8 
j910 Rl 
910 R3 

910 R6 

910 R9 

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910 S8 

910 SIO 

910 S7 

910 S5 

910 S9 
910 S3 

910.4 S 

910 T2 

910 T3 
910 Tl 

910 V4 
910 W3 

910 W4 
910 W5 

general works. 

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904 A 
905 A2 



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travel and description. 
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1893 J914K2 

Boy travellers in Northern Europe. 

1892 J914K1 

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France, Switzerland and Germany.. 

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Old Avorld seen with young eyes. 1871. . . 
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and Germany. 1789 

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i)URUY. History of the middle ages. 


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Europe. 1850 

Londonderry. War in Germany and 

France. 1830 

Lord. Modern history from the time of 

Luther. 1849 * 

Merrill. Crusaders and captives. 1890. 

914 L 

914 M8 

914 M9 

914 M7 


914 P2 

914 P3 

914 P 

914 PI 

914 Rl 

914 S5 

914 S6 

914 S4 

914 S2 
914 S7 
914 S3 

914 T5 

914 T4 

914 T6 

914 W6 

914 W^4 
914 W5 
914 W3 
914 W2 

940.3 A 

940.1 C 

940.8 C 

940.1 D 

940 F3 

940 K 

940.8 L 

940 LI 
940.4 Ml 

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MuRDOCK. Reconstruction of Europe. 
1889 • 

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8AUP. Chronicles of the crusades. 

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history. 1868 

940 Ml 

940.8 M 

940.9 P 

940.4 R 

940 R 

j 940 S 

940 S3 
940 SI 

j 940 S2 

travel and description. 

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burgh. 1891 

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and character. 1861 

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Sinclair. Scotland and the Scotch. 1840. 

Topographical gazetteer of Scotland. 2 v. 

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914.1 B 

914.1 G 

*914.1 H 

914.1 HI 

914.1 LI 

914.1 L 

914.14 M 

914.1 Ml 

914.1 O 

914.1 PI 

914.1 R 

914.1 SI 
914.1 S2 

*9!4.1 T 

914.1 Wl 


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1852 .'. 

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of Scotland. 1836 

Historians of Scotland. 1871-80. lOv.. . . 

Home. Rebellion of 1745. 1802 

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land. 1873 

941 Bl 

941 B2 

941 C 

941 G 

941 HI 

941 H 




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1822 941 R 

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1891 J941R1 

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Scottish clans and their tartans. 1892. . 941 S2 

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4v. in2 914.15 B3 

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1891 914.15 B2 

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Irish abroad and at home. 1856 914.15 I 

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1892 914.15 L2 

Spenser d; otTiers. Ireland under Eliza- 
beth and James I. 1890 914.15 S 

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nation. 1843 941 .5 B2 

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Daunt. Eighty-five years of Irish his- 
tory. 2v. 1886 941. 5D2 

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Harrop. History of the Irish rebellion 

inl798. 1813 .... 941.5 H2 

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HiCKSON. Ireland in the 17th century. 

27. 1884 941.5 HI 

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Moore. History of Ireland. 1843 941.5 M3 

Radical cure for Ireland. 1890 941.5 Rl 

Sullivan. Story of Ireland. 1884 941.5 SI 

Wright. History of Ireland. 3v 941.5 Wl 

travel -Apnd description. 

Andrews. Bygone England. 1892 914.2 A6 

Ashton. Social England under the 

regency. 2v. 1890 914.2 A5 

Bailey. England from a back-window. 

1879 914.2 B9 

Balch. Old English homes. 1890 914.2 BIO 

Besant. Fifty years ago 914.2 B6 

London. 1892 914.2 B14 

Blouet. John Bull and his island. 1884. 914.2 B8 
Brooke. Dove Cottage ; Wordsworth's 

home. 1890 914.2 B12 

Burritt. Walk from London to John 

O'Groat's. 1864 914.2 B7 

Champney. Three Vassar girls in Eng- 
land. 1884 914.2 C6 

Codman. Visit to England. 1836 914.2 C3 

COLTON. Four years in Great Britain. 

1836 914.2C4 

Cotes. Two girls on a barge. 1891 914.2 C9 

Couch. Warwickshire Avon. 1892 914.2 CIO 

CoxE. Impressions of England. 1863. . . 914.2 C5 
Croston. Chantrey's Peak scenery. 1886. *914.2 C8 
Duncan. American girl in London. 1891. 914.2 Dl 
Fitzgerald. History of Pickwick. 1891. 914.2 F2 

Picturesque London. 1890 *914.2 Fl 

Hall. Society in* the Elizabethan age. 

1888 914.2 H14 

Harcourt. Rambles through the British 

Isles. 1869. 914.2 116 

Harper. Brighton road. 1892 914.2 H15 

Hassard. Pickwickian pilgrimage. 1881. 914.2 H12 
Hawthorne. Notes in England and 

Italy.. 1891 914.2 HI 1 

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HowiTT. Homes and haunts of the 

British poets. 2v. 1847 914.2 H9 

Visits to remarkable places. 1842. . . . 914.2 H7 

Same. 2v. 1854 914.2 IIIO 

Hughes. A week's tramp in Dickens- 
land. 1891 914.21113 

Hugiison. London. 6v. 1805-9 914.2 H8 

Jesse. Favorite haunts. 1847 914.2 J 

Jusserand. English wayfaring life in 

the middle ages. 1890 914.2 Jl 

Knight. Through the Wordsworth 

country. 1887 '. 914.2K1 

Same. 1887 *914.2 K2 

Knox. Boy travellers in Great Britain 

and Ireland. 1891 J914.2 K 

Langford, ed. Modern Birmingham. 2 v. 914.2 L4 
Laugel. England political and social. 

1874 914 2 L2 

Lee. Stratford-on-Avon. 1890 914.2 LI 

London and its environs. 6 v. 1791 914,2 L3 

London as it is to daj. 1856 914.2 L 

Mackenzie. American in England. 2 v. 

1835 914.2 M5 



Malcolm. Manners and customs of Lon- 
don. 2v. 1811 

Mateaux. Around and about old Eng- 
land. 1891 

Rambles round London town. 1891. . 

Mayhew. London labour and the London 
poor. 4v 

Nadal. Impressions of London social 
life. 1875 

Pascoe. London of to-day. 1890 

Pegge. Curialia miscellanea. 1818 

Pennell, J. & E. R. Stream of pleasure. 

Rush. Residence at the court of London. 

ScHLEsiNGER. Saunterings in and about 
London. 1853 

SiGOURNEY. Pleasant memories. 1856.. 

Smith. Trip to England. 1892 

Smyth. Some observations upon the 
civilization of the western barbar- 
ians. 1876 

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8v. 1807-10 

Sydney. England and the English in the 
18th century. 2v. 1891 

Thomson. Chronicles of Londoh bridge, 

Thorburn. Men and manners in Brit- 
ain. 1834 

TnoBNBUBY, G. W. Shakspere's Eng- 
land. 2v. 1856 

Thobnbuby, W. Haunted London. 1865. 

Timbs. Curiosities of London. 1885 

Romance of London. 2v. 

Wabd. English items. 1853 

WiNTEB. Shakespeare's England. 1891. 

Wbight. Homes of other days. 1871. . . 

914.2 M4 

914.2 M6 
914.2 M7 

*914.2 M3 

914.2 N 

914 2 P 

914.2 PI 

914.2 P2 

914.2 Rl 

914.2 S3 
914.2 S4 
914.2 S8 

914.2 S5 

914.2 S6 

914.2 S7 

914.2 T2 

914.2 Tl 

914.2 T3 
914.2 T5 
*914 2 T7 
914.2 T4 
914.2 W2 
914.2 W3 
914.2 Wl 



Abbott. English history. 1855 

AiKiN, J. Annals of the reign of King 

George the third. 2v. 1816 

AiKiN, L. Court of Elizabeth. 1870 

Same. 2v. 1819 

AiBY. English history. 1891 

Andebson. George HPs reign. 1891 . . . 
Babcock. Two lost centuries of Biitain. 


Belsham. Reign of George IIL 4 v. 1795. 
Bradlaugh. Impeachment of the House 

of Brunswick. 1875 


j 942 A5 

942 07 A 
942.05 A 

942.05 Al 
942 A4 

942.07 Al 

942.01 B 

942.07 B 

942.08 B 

Brougham. England and France under 
the house of Lancaster. 1861 

Burnet. History of his own time. ' 1753. 

Carrel. Counter-revolution in England. 

Church. Story of early Britain. 1890. . 

Clarendon. History of the rebellion and 
civil wars in England. &v. 1816.. 

Clark. Cambridge. 1890 

Clayden. England under Lord Beacons- 
field. 1891 

Cory. Guide to modern English history. 

Craik & MacFarlane. Pictorial history 
of England. 4v. 1846 , 

Creasy. History of England. 2v. 1869-70. 

Davidson. New book of kings. 1884. . . 

Dickens. Child's history of England. 2v. 

EwALD. Stories from the state papers. 

Fairfax. Memorials of the civil war. 
2v. 1849 

Fellowes. Historical sketches of Charles 
I, etc. 1828 

Fisher. History of England for begin- 
ners. 1887 jf----« 

Florence of Worcester^ Chronicle ; tr. 
by Forester. 1854 

Gairdneb. Houses of Lancaster and 
York. 1886 

Gabdinkb. Great civil war. v. 3. 


Student's history of England. 1892. 

Goldsmith. History of England. 4v. 

Goodman. Court of King James I. 2 v. 
1839 , 

GuizoT. History of England. 3v. 1877. 
Oliver Cromwell. 2 v. 1854 

GuBNEY. Reference hand-book of Eng- 
lish history. 1890 

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Saxons. 1861 

Hale. Fall of the Stuarts. 1887 

Jesse. Memoirs of the court of England 
during the reign of the Stuarts. 

4v. 1846 

Memoirs of the court of England from 
the revolution in 1688 to the death 
of George II. 3 v. 1846 

Johns & Nicolas. Naval and military 
heroes of Great Britain. 1860 

942.04 B 
942.06 Bl 

942.06 C 
942 C4 

942.06 CI 
942 C5 

942.08 C 

942.07 C 

942 C7 
942 C6 
942 D3 


942 El 

942.06 Fl 

*942.06 F 

j 942 F3 

942 F2 

942.04 G 

942.06 G2 
942 G5 

942 G4 

942.06 G4 

942 G3 

942.06 G3 

*942 G2 

942.01 H 
942.06 H 

942.06 J 

942.07 J 
*942 Jl 



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1828 942J2 

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KiRKLAND. Sliort history of England. 

1891 J942K4 

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8v 942K3 

ed. Half hours of English history. . . 942 Kl 

Lang. Oxford. 1890 942 L6 

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Saxon kings. 2v. 1845 942.01 L 

Lkcky. History of England. 8v. 1878-90. 942.06 L 
Lefroy. Buined abbeys of Yorkshire. 

1891 942L7 

LOFTiE. Westminster abbey. 1890 *942. 1 L 

Windsor castle. 1887 942 L8 

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LossiNG. History of England. 1871 942 L4 

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affairs from 1678-1714. 6v. 1857.. 942.06 LI 

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History of our own times. 2v. 1880. 942.08 M3 
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1830-74. 3v. 1886. 942.08 M5 

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1847 942N 

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Rapin-Thoyras. Acta legia ; an account 

of the treaties, etc., between mon- 

archs of England and foreign 

powers. 4v. 1726-7.... 942 R 3 

History of England. 21v. 1757-59. . 942 R2 
Roberts. Memoirs of the houses of York 

and Lancaster. 2 v. 1827 942.04 R 

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2v. 1849 942.01 R 

RoLFB, ed. Tales from English history. 

1888 J942R4 

RoMNEY. Diary of the times of Charles 

IL 2v. 1843 942.06R1 

Stanley. Westminster abbey. 1886.... 942 S2 
Stories from English history for young 

Americans. 1892 , j 942 S4 

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Strickland. Tales from English history. 

1868 J942S3 

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1847 942 .02 T 

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1828 942 T3 

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True stories from English history 942 T4 

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of William III. 3v. 1841 942.07 V 

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George IL 3v. 1847 942.07 W2 

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3v. 1891 942 Wl 

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embassy in 1653. 2 v. 1855 942.06 W 

Wraxall. Posthumous memoirs. 1845. 942.07 W 



Austria and the Austrians. 2 v. 1837. . . 914.36 A 
Barrow. Tour in Austrian Lombardy. 

1841 .' 914.36B 

Black. Heligoland. 1888 914.3 B2 

Boner. Transylvania. 1865 914.39 B 

Brace. Hungary in 1851. 1853 914.39 Bl 

Browne. American family in Germany. 

1867 914.3 Bl 

Champney. Three Vassar girls in the 

Tyrol. 1891 914.36 C 

Felbermann. Hungary and its people. 914.39 Fl 
Fletcher. Life and character in Hun- 
gary. 1892 914.39 F 

Forbes. Sight seeing in Germany. 1856. 914.3 F 

Hawthorne. Saxon studies. 1876 914.32 H 

Hugo. The Rhine. 1845 914.34 H 

Hurst. Life in the fatherland. . . . 1875. 914.3 HI 
Hutchinson. Try Cracow and the Car- 
pathians 914.36 H 

Jackson. Bayreuth of Wagner. 1891.. 914.33 J 
James. Tour in Germany. 2v. 1819. . . 914.3 J 
Macdonell. Camping voyages on Ger- 
man rivers. 1890 914.3 M2 

Mayhew. German life and manners. 2v. 

1864 914.3 Ml 

Norman. Girl in the Karpathians. 1891. 914.36 N 

Norton. In and around Berlin. 1889... 914.31 N 

Pardoe. City of the Magyar. 3v. 1840. 914.39 PI 
Paton. Highland and islands of the 

Adriatic. 2v. 1849 914.36 P 



Russell. Tour in Germany. 1828 914.3 Rl 

Stael-Holstein. Germany. 2 v. 1859. 914.3 82 

Stieler d others. Tlie Rhine *914.3 S 

Waring. Bride of the Rhine. 1678. . . . 914.34 W 

Watts. Art student in Munich. 1853.. 914.3 W3 

Whitman. Imperial Germany. 1882... 914.3 W 
Wilkinson. Dalmatia and Montenegro. 

2v. 1848 914.36W 

Wolff. Country of the Vosges. 1891 . . 914.34 Wl 

Rambles in the Black Forest. 1890.. 914.3 Wl 
Wraxall. Memoirs of the court of 

Berlin. -2^. 1806 914.3 W2 



Abbott. Empire of Austria. 1859 943.6 A 

Daily news correspondence of the war 
between Germany and France. 

1871 943.08.D 

De Puy. Kossuth and his generals. 1859. 943.9 D 

Fay. Three Germanys. 1889. 2v...... 943 Fl 

Hozier. Seven weeks' war. 2v. 1867.. 943.08 H 
Klapka. War of independence in Hun- 
gary. 2v. 1850 943.69 K 

Leger. History of Austro-Hungary. 

1889 943.6L 

Mi;j?zEL. History of Germany. 3v. 

1848-9 943 Ml 

Moltke. Fianco-German war. 1892 943.08 M 

Niemann. French campaign. 1872 943.08 N 

Peabody. Crimes of the House of Aus- 
tria. 1852 943 P 

S., E. O. Hungary and its revolutions. 

1854 943.9S 

Saxton. Fall of Poland. 2v. 1850. . . . 943.8 S 
Segur. Reign of Frederic William II. 

37. 1801 943.1 S 

Stiles. Austria in 1848-49. 2v. 1852.. 943.6 S 
Sybel. Founding of the German empire. 

5v. 1890-91 943.08S1 

Wagner. Campaign of KOniggratz. 1889. 943.08 W 

travel and description. 

Blouet. Jacques Bonhomme 914.4 B5 

Child. The praise of Paris. ' 1893. ..... 914.4 C3 

CosTELLO. Beam and the Pyrenees. 2 v. 

1844 914.4 C2 

Craik, ed. Twenty years age. 1872. . . . 914.4 CI 

Englishman in Paris. 2v 914.4 E 

EssiNGTON. Over volcanoes. 914 4 E2 

Gould. In troubadour land. 1891 914.4 G 

Hamerton. French and English. 1889. 914.4 H6 

Hare. North-eastern France. 1890 914.4 H9 

South-eastern France. 1890 914.4 HIO 

South-western France. 1890 914.4 Hll 

HoussAYE, Life in Paris. 1879 914.4 H8 

Jarves. Parisian sights. 2 v. 1856 914.4 Jl 

Lamont. Impressions in France and Switz- 
erland. 1844 914.4 L 

Marshall. French home life. 1874 914.4 M4 

Michelet. France before Europe. 1871. 914.4 M3 

ROMER. The Rhone. 2v. 1843 914.4 Rl 

Sarcey. Paris during the siege. 1871 . . 914.4 S2 

Smith. Story of Mont Blanc. 1853 914.44 S 

Thackeray. Paris sketch book. 1884. . 914.4 T3 
TiCKNOR. American family in Paris. 

1869 . 914.4T5 

ToMKS. Champagne country. 1867 914.4 T7 

Tri-colored sketches in Paris. 1855 914.4 T6 

Trollope. Paris and the Parisians. 1836. 914.43 T3 
TucKERMAN. Maga papers about Paris. 

1867 914.4 T4 

Young. Travels in France during 1787- 

89. 1890 914.4 Y 




Anti- Jacobin ; or, Weekly examiner, 1797- . 

98. 2v. 1799 944.04 Al 

Authentic memoirs of the revolution in 

France. 1817 944.04 A 

Bax. French revolution. 1892 944.04 Bl 

Bingham. Marriage of the Bourbons. 

2v. 1890 944.03 B 

Blanc. History of ten years, 1830-40. 

2v. 1844 944.06 B 

BONNECHOSE. History of France. 2v. 

1868 944 Bl 

BoRBSTiEDT & DwYER. Framco-German 

war. 1 873 944 08 B 

Brockett. Year of battles. 1871 944.08 Bl 

Browning. Modern France. 1885 944 B 

Carette. Eve of an empire's fall 944.07 CI 

Chambers. France. 1871 944 C 

Dumas. Progress of democracy. 1841.. 944 D 

Elliot. Old court life in France. 1873. 944 E 

Fauriel. Last days of the consulate. 

1885 944. 05 F 

Fetrtdge. Rise and fall of the Paris 

commune. 1871 , 944.08 F 

QiFFORD, C. H. Wars occasioned by the 

French revolution. 2v. 1817 944.04 G 

GiFFORD, John. History of France. 4v. 

1796-98 944 Gl 



Godwin, Mrs. Maby (W.). View of the 

origin and progress of the French 

revolution, v. 1. 1794 944.04 Gl 

Godwin, Parks. History of France, v. 1. 

1860 : 944.01 G 

GonRGAUD. Napoleon and the grand 

army in Russia. 1825 944.05 G 

GuizoT. History of France. 8v. 1883-4. 944 G 

Hazen. School and army in Germany 

andFrance. 1872 944.08 HI 

Hooper. Waterloo. 1890 944.05 HI 

HuRLBERT. France and the repuhlic. 

1890 *... 944.08 H2 

Jackson.' First of the the Bourbons. 2 v. 

1890 944.03 J 

Last of the Valois. 2y. 1888 944.02 J 

JOMiNi. Campaign of Waterloo. 1853.. 944.05 J 1 

Jones. Battle of Waterloo. 1852 *944.05 J 

Kennedy. Battle of Waterloo. 1865. . . 944.05 K 
EiRKLAND. Short history of France. 

1890 J944K1 

Lamartine. Girondists. 3v. 1890 944.04 L2 

Past, present and future of the re- 
public. 1850 944.07L 

History of the restoration in France. 

4v. 1854-65 944.06L 

Latimer. France in the nineteenth cen- 
tury. 1892 944 L2 

Leiohton. Paris under the commune. 

1871 944.08L 

Lester & Williams. Napoleon dynasty. 

1873 944.05L 

Lowell. Eve of the French revolution. 

1892 944.03L 

McCarthy. French revolution, v. 1. 

1890 944.04 M2 

MacFariane. French revolution. 4v.. 

1852 944.04 M3 

Maugny. Souvenirs of the second empire. 944.07 M4 
Maupas. Story of the coup d*etat. 1884. 944.07 M3 
Montgomery. Leading ' facts of French 

history. 1891 944 Ml 

Normand. Two eras of France. 1854.. 944.04 N 
Ormathwaite. French revolution. 1873. 944.04 O 
Pardoe. Episodes of French history. 

1859 944. 05 P 

Perkins. France under the regency. 

1892 944.03 P2 

Poors. Rise and fall of Louis Philippe. 

1848 944.04 P 

Redhead. French revolutions. 3 v. 1854. 944.04 R 

Reign of terror. 2v. 1826 944.04 Rl 

RocQUAiN. Revolutionary spirit preceding 

the French revolution. 1891 944.03 R 

Rowan. French revolution. 2v. 1854.. 944.04 R2 
Sarrans. Lafayette, Louis Philippe 
and the revolution of 1830. 2v. 

1832 944.06S 

Sketch of the history of France. 1817 944.04 S2 

Stael-Holstein. Events in French revo- 
lution. 2v. 1818 944.04 S8 

Stephen. French history j 944 S 

Stephens. French revolution. 2 v. 1886- 

91 944.04 SI 

Statesmen and orators of the French 

revolution. 2v 944,04 85 

Symes. French revolution. 1892 944.04 S4 

Taine. Modern regime, v. 1. 1890.... 944.04 T6 
Taylor. Memoirs of " the House of Or- 
leans. 2v. 1850 944.03T 

TfiNOT. Paris in December, 1851. 1870. 944.07 T 

Tocqubville. Old regime. 1856 944.04 T3 

Voltaire. Age of Louis XIV. 3v. 1779. 944.03 VI 

Age of Louis XV. 2v. 1770 944.03 V 

White. History of France, to 1848. 1859. 944 W 


travel and description. 
Adams. Queen of the Adriatic; Venice. 

1869 914.5 A2 

Andersen. Holiday in Italy 914.5 A3 

Arnold. European mosaic. 1864. ...... 914.5 A4 

Arthur. Italy in transition. 1860 914.5 Al 

Bourget. Impressions of Italy. 1892.. . 914.5 B4 
Champney. Three Vassar girls in Italy. 

1886 914.5 C3 

Channing. Sisters abroad. 1857 914.5 C2 

Eaton. Rome in the 19th century. 2v. 

1852 914.5 E 

Flagg. Venice. 2v. 1853 914.5 F2 

FuRNiss. Land of the Caesar and Doge. 

1853 914.5 Fl 

Hare. Cities in Central Italy 914.5 HIO 

Cities of Northern Italy 914.5 H9 

Days near Rome. 1884 914 56 HI 

Hon an. Our own correspondent in Italy. 

2v. 1852 914. 5 H8 

Island empire. 1855 914.5 1 

Jarves. Italian sights. 1856 914.5 J2 

Johnson. Genoa. 1892 914.51 J 

Lily of the arno. 1891 914.5 Jl 

JouY. Hermit in Italy. 3v. 1825 914.5 J 

Macmillan. Riviera. 1892 914.5 M2 

MOENS. English travelers and Italian 

brigands. 1866 914.5 Ml 

Norton. Notes of travel in Italy. 1859. 914.5 N 

PiGNOTTi. History of Tuscany. 4v. 1826. 914.5 P 

■ o m • • 

• • • »• * 

■ • • • • 

•• •• :• 

• • • • 

• « 

V • ... 



PiOZKi. Glimpses of Italian society in 

the 18tli century. 1892 914.5 PI 

Reumont. Carafas of Maddaloni. 1854. 914.5 Rl 

Ritchie. Italian life and legends. 1870. 914.5 R2 

Saxon. City in the sea. 1884 914.5 85 

Scott. Rome as it is. 1874 '.. 914.5 8 



Balzani. Italy. 1883 945 B2 

BuRCKHARDT. Civilization of the renais- 
sance in Italy. 1890 945 B 

ButT. History of Italy. 2v. 1860 945 Bl 

COLLETTA. Kingdom of Naples. 2v. 1858. 945 C 

Freeman. History of Sicily. 3v. 1891. 945.8 F 

Story of Sicily. 1892 945.8 Fl 

Marguerittes. Italy and the war of 

1859. 1859. 945 Ml 

Napier. Florentine history. 6v. 1846-47. 945 N 

O'Clery. Making of Italy. 1856-70. 1892. 945 

Probyn. Italy. 1891 945 P 

Unity of Italy. 1871 945.09 U 

Yriarte. Venice. 1880.. *945 Yl 



Byrne. Cosas de Espana. 2v. 1866... 914.6 Bl 
Calderon de la Barca. Attache in 

Madrid. 1856 914.6 C 

COLTON. Ship and shore. 1852 914.6 CI 

Crawfurd. Round the calendar in Por- 
tugal. 1890 914.69 C2 

Dix, E. A. Midsummer drive through 

the Pyrenees. 1890 914.6 Dl 

Dix, J. A. Winter in Madeira. 1853 . . . 914.6 D2 

FiNCK. Spain and Morocco. 1891 914.6 F3 

Harrison. Spain in profile. 1879 914.6 H3 

Hay. Castilian days. 1890 914 6 H2 

Henriques. Trip to the Azores. 1867. . 914.69 H2 
Kingston. Lusitanian sketches. 2v. 

1845 914 69 K 

KiNSEY. Portugal illustrated. 1828 914.69 Kl 

Lathrop. Spanish vistas. 1883 914.6 LI 

Lawson. Spain of to-day. 1890 914.6 L 

LORING. Yearin Portugal, 1889-90. 1891. 914.69 L 
Mbw. Manners and customs of Spain. 

1891 *914.6 Ml 

Murray. Artist's life in Morocco, Spain 

and the Canary islands. 2v. 1859. 914.6 M 

Stoddard. Spanish cities. 1892 914.6 81 

Strettell. Teneriffe 914.68 S 

Swinburne. Travels through Spain. 

1779 914. 6 S 

Taylor. Madeira. 1889 914. 69 T 

TnrfiBLTN. Spain and Spaniards. 1*875. 914.6 T 

Thomas. Scamper through Spain 914.6 T2 

Thornbury. Life in Spain. 1860 ... 914.6 Tl 

Urquhart. Pillars of Hercules. 2v. 

1850 914.6U 

Wallis. Spain. 1853 914.6 W 

White. Madeira. 1857 914.69 W2 

Whitford. Canary islands. 1890 914.68 W 

Abbott. Romance of Spanish history. 

1869...' 946 A 

CoND^. Dominion of the Arabs in Spain. 

3v. 1854 946 C 

Dunham. Spain and Portugal. 5v. 1854. 946 D 
DuNLOP. Memoirs of Spain. 2v. 1834. 946 Dl 
Llorente. History of the inquisition. 

1827 946 04 L 

Londonderry. Peninsular war. 1848. . 946.06 L 
Napier. History of the war in the 

Peninsula. 1882 946.06 N2 

SouTHEYi Chronicle of the Cid. 1846. . 946 S 

Stephens. Story of Portugal. 1891.. . . 946.9 8 
SucHET. Memoir of the war in Spain. 

2v. 1849 946.06 S 

Watson. Philip IL 3v. 1794 946.04 W 


travel and description. 

Abercromby. Eastern Caucasus. 1889. 914.7 A 

Arnaud. New era in Russia 914.7 Al 

Barry. Ivan at home, [Russian life.] 

1872 914.7 B3 

Bazan. Russia. 1890 914.7 Bl 

Brace. Norse-folk. 1857 ... 914.8 B4 

Br ANDES. Impressions of Russia. 1889. 914.7 B2 

Breton. Scandinavian sketches 914.81 B 

Brooke. Winter in Lapland and Sweden. 

1827 914.71 B 

Browne. Land of Thor. 914.8 B3 

Clarke. Travels in Russia, Tartary and 

Turkey. 1848 914.7 C3 

Cochrane. Pedestrian journey through 

Russia and Siberian Tartary. 2v. 

1825 914.7 C2 

DiTSON. Circassia. 1890 914.79 D 

Godwin. Letters written in Sweden, 

Norway and Denmark. 1796 914.8 Gl 

Goodman. Best tour in Norway. 1892. . 914.81 G 

GossE. Northern studies 914 8 G 

Griffin. My Danish days. 1875 914 89 G 

GuROWSKi. Russia as it is. 1854 914. 7 G2 

Haxthausen. Russian empire. 2 v. 1856. 914.7 HI 

- , *•• 



Hervky. Norse-land. 1889 914. 81 H 

HoDOETTS. In the track of the Bussian 

famine. 1892 J914.7 H3 

HoMMAiRE DE Hell. Steppes of the 

Caspian sea. 1847 914.7 H2 

Inside Sebastopol. 1856 914.7 I 

Keary. Norway and the Norwegians. 

1892 914.81 K 

Eennan. Siberia and the exile system. 

2v. 1891 914.7 K7 

KoYALEYSKY. Modem customs and an- 
cient laws in Russia. 1891 914.7 Kl 

Lagny. The knout and the Russians. 

1854 914. 7 LI 

Lanin. Bussian traits and terrors. 1891. 914.7 L2 

Lees & Clutterbuck. Three in Norway. 914.81 L 

Letters from the Caucasus. 1823 914.79 L 

LiNNf.. Tour in Lapland. 2v. 1811 914.71 L 

MORLEY. Bussian life 914.7 M2 

Price. Norway and its scenery. 1853. . 914.81 P 

Sala. Journey due north : 914.7 SI 

Spencer. Travels in Circassia. 2v. 1839. 914.79 8 
Steyens. Through Bussia on a mustang. 

1891 914.7 S2 

Stoddard. Across Russia. 1891 914.7 S3 

Thomas. Sweden and the Swedes. 1892. 914.8 T2 

TiKHOMiROY. Bussia. 1892 914. 7 T2 

Tyler. Scandinavian summer. 1881... 914.8 Tl 

Tzar and his people. 1891 •914.7 Tl 

Wallace. Bussia. 1878 914.7 W 


Abbott. Empire of Russia. 1860 947 A 

Clesi. Reminiscences of an officer of 

zouaves. 1868 947 C 

Forbes <& otJiers. War correspondence of 

the "Daily News/' 1877-78. 2v. 

1878 947F 

Fryxell. History of Sweden. 1844. 2v. 948.5 F 

Qeijer. History of the Swedes 948.5 G 

Greene. Russian army in Turkey 947 G 

Hamley. War in the Crimea. 1891 .... 947.07 H 
Keary. Vikings in western Christendom. 

1891 948 K 

Labaume. Campaign in Russia. 1852. . . 947 L 

Loubat. Mission to Russia in 1866. 1873. 947 LI 
McCoRMiCK. Visit to the camp before 

Sebastopol. 1855 947 Ml 

Morftll. Story of Russia. 1890 947 M 

Russell. Gen. Todleben's history of the 

defence of Sebastopol. 1865 947 R2 

S^GUR. History of Russia. 1829 947 81 

SOYER. Culinary campaign 947.07 S 

Tolstoi. Sebastopol. 1887 947.07 Tl 

Tyrrell. War with Russia. 6y 947.07 T2 

Vertot. History of the revolutions in 

Sweden. 1711 948.5 V 

Wkitemeyer, ed. Denmark. ' 1891 948.9 W 

travel and description. 

Abbott. Rambles among the Alps j 914.94 A 

Baker. Turkey. 1877 914.96B 

Barrows. Tour through South Holland. 

1831 914.92 B 

Benjamin. Turk and Greek. 1867 914.9 B 

BiGELOW. Paddles and politics. 1892. . . 914.96 Bl 
Bremer.. Life in the old world. 2v. 

1860 914.94 B4 

Campbell. Turks and Greeks. 1877... 914.9 C 
Champney. Three Vassar girls in Switz- 
erland. 1890 914.94C1 

Cheeyer. Pilgrim in the shadow of the 

JungfrauAlp. 1846 914.94 C2 

CoLTON. Bosphorous and JEgean. 1851. 914.9 CI 

CooLiDGE. Swiss travel. 1889 914.94 C 

Cooper. Switzerland. 2v. 1836 914.94 C3 

Forbes. Physicians holiday. 1849 914.94 F 

H AVERG AL. Swiss letters. 1882 9 14. 94 HI 

Headley. Island of fire. 1875 914.91 H 

HowELLS. Little Swiss sojourn. 1892. . 914.94 H 
Johnson. Cottages of the Alps. 1860. . . 914.94 J 
Eneeland. An American in Iceland. 

1876 914.91 K 

Lock. Home of the Eddas. 1879 914.91 L 

MacFarlanb. Constantinople in 1828. 

2v, 1829... 914.96 M2 

Turkey and its destiny. 2v. 1850. . 914.96 M 
Mackenzie. Travels in Iceland. 1811.. 914.91 M2 
MacNevin. Swisserland, [Switzerland]. 

1803 914.94 M2 

Mahaffy. Greek pictures. 1890 914.95 Ml 

Main. My home in the Alps. 1892 914.94 Ml 

Metcalfe, Oxonian in Iceland. 1867. . 914.91 Ml 

Miles. Nordurf ari. 1 854 914. 91 M 

Millet. Danube. 1893 914.96 M3 

Olin. Greece and the Golden Horn. 1854. 914.95 
OscANYAN. The Saltan and his people. 

1857 914.96 

Paijkull. Summer in Iceland. 1868. . . 914.91 P 

Paine. Tent and harem. 1 859 914. 96 P 

Perdicaris. Greece of the Greeks. 2v. 

1846 914.95P 

Ppeiffer. Visit to Iceland. 1853 914.91 PI 

Sebright. Slavonic provinces. 1866... 914.96 S 
SiMOND. Switzerland. 2v. 1823 914.94 S 



Simpson. Letters from tlie Danube. 2v. 

Smith, ed. Turkey and the Turks. 1854. 

Smyth. Year with the Turks. • 1854. . . . 

Symonds, J. a., & Margaret. Our life 
in the Swiss highlands. 1892 

TozER. Islands of the JEgean. 1890 

Trollope. Belgium and western Ger- 
many. 1834 

TucKERMAN. Greeks of to-day. 1872 . . 

Waller. Six weeks in the saddle; Ice- 
land. 1874 *. 

Walsh. Constantinople. 2v.. 

White. Three years in Constantinople. 
3v. 1846 

Whymper. Scrambles among the Alps. 

914.96 SI 
914 96 S8 
914.96 S2 

914.94 SI 
914.99 T 

914.93 T 

914.95 Tl 

914.^1 W 
*914.96 W 

914.96 Wl 
914.94 W 



Chesney. Russo -Turkish campaigns, 
1828-29. 1854 "..... 

Clark. Races of European Turkey. 1878. 

Da VIES. History of Holland. 3 v. 1851. 

Freeman. Ottoman power in Europe. 

Geddes. Administration of John De 
Witt. V. 1. 1880 

Gordon. History of the Greek revolu- 
tion. 2v. 1844 

Hug & Stead. Switzerland. 1890 

Oman. Story of the Byzantine empire. 

Ranke. History of Servia, 1853 

Robinson. Revolt of the Netherlands. 

Rogers. Story of Holland. 1889 

WiCKHAM & Cramer. Passage of Hanni- 
bal over the Alps. 1828 

Winchester. Swiss republic. 1891.. . . 

949.6 CI 

949.6 C2 

949.2 D 

949.6 F 


949.2 G 

949.5 G 
949.4 HI 

949.5 O 

949.7 R 

949.2 R 
949.2 Rl 

949.4 W 
949.4 Wl 


travel and description. 

Collins. Overland explorations in Siberia, 
northern Asia and the great Amoor 
river country. 1864 

Polo. Travels. 1854 

Price. From the Arctic ocean to the 
Yellow sea. 1892 

Ranking. Wars and sports of the Mon- 
gols and Romans. 1826 

Thielmann. Journey in the Caucasus. 

Wood. Fankwei; San Jacinto. 1859. . . . 

915 C2 
915 P 

915 PI 

915 R 

915 T2 
915 Wl 


Barker. Lares and Penates, [Cilicia]. 

Callery & YvAN. Insurrection in China. 

Cotton. New India. 1886 

CuRZON. Persia and the Pe];sian question. 
2v. 1892 • 

DuHalde. History of China. 4v. 1741. 

Forbes. Afghan wars. 1892 

Griffis. Japan. 1892. . . . , 

GuTZLAFF. Chinese history. C\'. 1834. 

Hake, ed. Events of the Tae Ping rebel- 
lion. 1891 

Hunter, W. P. Expedition to Syria. 
2v. 1842 

Hunter, Sir W. W. Bombay, 1885-90., 

Inglis. Siege of Lucknow. 1892 

Knollbs. Turkish history. 2v. 1687..' 

L'EsTRANGE, tr. Palestine 

Ltn-Le. History of the Ti-Ping revolu- 
tion. 2v. 1866 

Malleson. Final French struggles in 
India. 1884 

Martin. History of eastern India. 3 v. 

Maurice. History of Hiudostan. 2v. 


Indian antiquities. 7 v. 1800 

Nolan. British empire in India and the 
East. 2v 

OcKLEY. History of the Saracens. 1848. 

Raynal. Europeans in the East and 
West Indies. 8v. 1783 

Ritter. Comparative geography of 
Palestine. 4v. 1866 

Robertson. India. 1822 

Ross. ' History of Corea. 1891 

Manchus. 1891 

Russell. Palestine. 1832 

Sharaf-ad-Din-Ali. History of Timur- 
Bec. 2v. 1723 

Yate. Travels with the Afghan bound- 
ary commission. 1887 

travel and description. 

Abeel. Residence in China. 1836 

BONVALOT. Across Thibet. 1892 

Bryson. Child life in Chinese homes. 


COLTMAN. Chinese. 1891 

Douglas. China. 1887 

956 B 

951 C 

954 C 

955 C 
951 D 
958 F 

951 G 

951 H 

956 H 
954 HI 

• 9541 


956 L 

951 L 

954 M2 

954 M3 

954 M4 
954 M5 

954 N 


954 Rl 

956 R 

954 R 
951 R 

951 Rl 
956 Rl 

954 S 

958 Y 

915.1 A 

915.1 Bl 

1915 IB 

915.1 C2 

915.1 D 



Fortune. Tea countries of China. 2v. 

1853 9151FI 

Hawks. Expedition to the Chinese seas 

and Japan 915.1 H3 

Hue. Journey through Tartary, Thibet 

and China. 2v. 1853 915.1 H2 

Journey through the Chinese empire. 

2v. 1855 915.1H1 

Lyster. With Gordon in China. 1891. . 915.1 LI 

Martin. China. 2v. 1847 915.1 M2 

Medhurst. Far Cathay. 1873 915.1 Ml 

MouLE. New China ai^d old. 1891 915.1 M3 

Nevius. China and Chinese. 1869 ..... . 9 15. 1 N 

Pratt. ' Snows of Tibet. 1893 915.1 PI 

ROCKHILL. Land of the Lamas. 1891... 915.1 R 
Speer. Tb« oldest and the newest em- 
pire; China and the United States. 

1870 915.1 S 

Williams. Middle kingdom ; Chinese 

empire. 2v, 1848 915.1 Wl 

travel and description. 
Alcock. Capital of the Tycoon. 2v. 

1863 915.2 A 

Arnold. Japonica. 1891 915.2 Al 

Bacon. Japanese girls and women. 1891. 915.2 B2 

Chamberlain. Things Japanese. 1890. 915.2 CI 

and Mason. Japan. 1891 915.2 C2 

Clark. Life in Japan. 1878..! 915.2 C 

GoLOWNiN. Japan and the Japanese. 2 v. 

1853 915.2 G4 

IjEFPingwell. Rambles through Japan. 

1892 915.2 L2 

Lowell. Noto, [Japan ] 1891 915. 2 LI 

Norman. Real Japan. 1892 915.2 N 

Reoamey. Japan in art and industry. 

1893 9i5.2R2 

Scidmore. Jinrikisha days in Japan. 

1891 915.2S1 

Sladen. Japs at home. 1892 915.2 S2 

Tracy. Rambles through Japan 915.2 Tl 



Baker. Rifle and hound in Ceylon. 1884. 915.4 B2 

Bishop. Golden Chersonese. 1886 915.9 Bl 

Caine. Picturesque India. 1891.... 915.4 C3 

Carpenter, Edward. From Adam's 

Peak to Elephanta. 1892 915.4 C7 

Carpenter, Mary T. A girl's winter in 

India. 1892 915.4 C6 

Carstairs. British work in India. 1891. 915.4 C5 

Cluttbrbuck. Ceylon and Borneo. 1891. 915 4 C4 
CoopooswAMEY. Every day life in South 

India. 1885 .- 915.4 C2 

Corner. India before the Sepoy mutiny, 

1887 .; 915.4C1 

CoRT. Biam. 1886 915.9 C 

CuMMiNG. Two happy years in Ceylon . 

2v. 1892 915.48 C 

DOBSON. Russia's railway advance in 

Central Asia. 1890 915.4 D2 

Dubois. Manners and customs of the peo- 
ple of India. 2v. 1818 915.4 Dl 

DuFFERiN. Viceregal life in India. 2v. 

1890 : 915.4D 

Gay. Prince of Wales in India. 1877. 915.4 Gl 

Gerard. Account of Koonawur. 1841. 915.4 G 
Qrimwood. My three years in Manipur. 

1891 915.4G2 

Hallett. Thousand miles on an ele- 
phant. 1890 915.4 H6 

Hooker. Himalayan journals. 2 v. 1855. 915.4 H5 

HtJGEL. Kashmir and Pan jab, 1845.... 915.4 H4 

Hunter. Rural Bengal. 1868 915.4 H3 

HuRST. Indika. 1891 915.4 H7 

Iil^NES. Chersonese with the gilding off. 

2v. 1885,; 915.91 

Keating. With General Grant in the 

East. 1879 915.4 K2 

Knight. Diary of a pedestrian in Cash- 
mere. 1863 915.4 Kl 

Knighton. Private life of an Eastern 

king. 1855 915 4 K3 

Leonowens. Life in India. 1884 915.4 L 

Romance of the harem. 1873 915.9 LI 

Lloyd & Gerard. Himalaya mountains. 915.4 LI 
Mackenzie. Life in the mission, etc. 

2 V. 1853 915.4 M3 

Malabari. Gujarat and Gujaratis. 1882. 915.4 M4 

Mateer. Land of charity, [Travancore]. 915.4 M2 

MiNTURN. New York to Delhi. 1858... 915.4 Ml 
Neale. Residence at the kingdom of 

Siam. 1852 915.9 N 

Oliphant. Journey to Katmandu. 1852. 915.4 01 
Palmer. Up and down the Irrawaddi. 

1859 915.9 P 

Paske. Myamma. 1893 915.9 PI 

Ritchie. History of the Indian empire. 

2v. 1848 915.4 R 

Sleeman. Rambles of an Indian official. 

2v. 1844 915.4 S 

Strachey. Hastings and the Rohilla 

war. 1892 915.4 SI 

Urwick. Indian pictures 915.4 U 



Vincent. Land of tlie white elepliant. 


Ward. History of the Hindoos. 1824. . 
Welsh. Military reminiscences in the 

East Indies. 2v. 1830 

915.9 V 
915.4 W2 

915.4 Wl 



Barclay. City of the Great King; Jeru- 
salem. 1858 

Blunt. Bedouin tribes of the Euphrates. 

Browne. Yusef. 1858 

Buckingham. Travels among the Arab 

tribes. 1825 

Travels in Palestine. 1821 

Burton. Land of Midian. 2v. 1879. . . 

Chateaubriand. Travels to Jerusalem. 

Churchill. Mount Lebanon. 4v. 1853- 

Churton. Thoughts on the land of the 
morning. 1842 

CONDER. Palestine , 

Crawford & Balcarres. Egypt and 
the Holy Land. 1858 

CuBLEY. Hills and plains of Palestine. 

CuRZON. Armenia. 1854 

Damer. Diary of a tour in Greece, Tur- 
key and the Holy Land. 2v. 1842. 

De Forest. Oriental acquaintance. 1856. 

DuRBiN. Observations in the East. 1845. 

Edreiii. Capital of Asia and the Turks. 

Freese. Palestine, Syria and Asia Minor. 

Fulton. Palestine. 1891 

Headley. Sacred plains. 1856 

Howe. True site of calvary. 1871 

Kelly. Syria and the Holy Land 

Lamartine. Pilgrimage to the Holy 
Land. 2v. 1848 

Leech. Letters of a sentimental idler. 

Londonderry. Journey t(» Damascus. 
2v. 1847 

Lowtu. Wanderer in Arabia. 2v. 1855. 

Lynch. United States expedition to the 
Jordan. 1849 

MacQregor. Bob Roy on the Jordan. 

Mallock. In an enchanted island; Cy- 
prus. 1892 


915.6 B5 

915.3 Bl 
915.6 B6 

915.6 B7 

915.6 B8 

915.3 B 

915.6 C5 

915.6 C 

915.6 C7 
915.6 C3 

915.6 C4 

915.6 C8 
915.6 C2 

915.6 D5 
915.6 D4 
915.6 Dl 

915.6 E 

915.6 Fl 
915.6 F2 
915.6 H3 
915.6 H4 
915.6 Kl 

915.6 L3 

915.6 L 

915.6 LI 
915.3 LI 

915.6 L2 

915.6 M3 

915.6 M5 

Maundrell. Journey from Aleppo to 

Jerusalem. 1810 

Same. 1721 

Miller. Alone through Syria. 1891 

Montague, ed. Expedition to the Dead 

sea. 1849 

Neil. Palestine explored. 1882 

Newman. From Dan to Beersheba. 1864. 
NiEBUHR. . Travels through Arabia. 2v. 


Olin. Travels in Egypt, Arabia, etc. 2v. 
Olifhant. Jerusalem and the Holy Land. 


Palestine exploration fund. Our work in 

Palestine. 1873 

Palmer. Desert of the Exodus. 1872.. 
PiEROTTi. Customs and traditions of Pal- 
estine. 1864 

Porter. Five years in Damascus. 2v. 


Great cities of Bashan. 1883 

Rich. Residence in Koordistan. 2v. 

• 1836 

Roberts. The Holy liand. 2v. 1842-43. 
Robinson. Biblical researches. 3 v. 1841. 

Later biblical researches. 1856 

Physical geography of the Holy 

Land. 1865 

Saulcy. Journey round the Dead sea. 2v. 


SCHAFF. Through Bible lands. 1878.. 
Smith & Dwight. Missionary researches 

in Armenia. 1834 

Southgate. Visit to the Syrian church 

of Mesopotamia. 1844 

Spencer. The East. 1850 

Stanley. Sinai and Palestine. 1857 . . . 
Stewart, Tent and the Khan. 1857. . . 

Swift. Going to Jericho. 1868 

Tristram. Land of Moab. 1873 

Turner. Tour in the Levant. 3v. 1820. 

Van Lennep. Bible lands. 1875 

Travels in Asia Minor. 2v. 1870 

Wilson. In scripture lands. 1890 

Wise. Boy travelers in Arabia. 1889. . . 
Wright. Travels in Palestine. 1848,.. 

915.6 M 
915.6 M2 
915.6 M4 

915.6 Ml 

915.6 Nl 

915.6 N 

915.3 N 
915.6 02 

915.6 03 

915.6 P2 
915.3 PI 

915.6 P3 

915.6 PI 
915.6 P 

915.6 R3 

*915.6 R4 

915.6 Rl 

915.6 R2 

915.6 R 

915.6 S7 
915.6 S4 

915.6 S6 

915.6 S8 

915.6 S2 

915.6 SI 

915.6 S5 

915.6 S3 

915.6 T2 

915.6 T3 

915.6 VI 

915.6 V 

915.6 W3 

j 915.3 W 

915.6 W2 



Abbott. From Heraut to Khiva. 2v. 

1843 915.8 A 

Ainsworth. Travels in Asia Minor. 2v. 

1842 915.8 Al 



Atkinson. Oriental and western Siberia. 

1858 915.7A 

Benjamin. Persia. 1886 915.5 Bl 

Bishop. Joarneys in Persia. 2v. 1891. 915.5 B2 

Collins. Voyage down the Amoor. 1860. 915.7 C 
Cox£. Russian discoveries between Asia 

and America. 1803 >. 915.7 CI 

DosTOYEFFSKY. Burled alive in Siberia. 

1881 915.7 D 

Erman. Travels in Siberia. 2v. 1850. 915.7 E 
GowiNG. Five thousand miles in a sledge 

across Siberia. 1890 . 915.7 G 

Holmes. Shores of the Caspian. 1845. 915.511 

Kennan. Tent life in Siberia. 1889 .... 915. 7 K 
MacGahan. Campaigning on the Oxus. 

1874 915.8M 

Marvin. Russian advance towards India. 

1882 915 8 M2 

Masson. Journeys in Balochistan. 4 v. 

1844 915.8 Ml 

Perkins. Eight years in Persia 915.5 P 

Seebohm. Siberia in Asia. 1882 915.7 S 

Stack. Six months in Persia. 2 v. 1882. 915.5 S 
Vi-MBfeY. Sketches of Central Asia. 

1868 915.8V 

Travels in Central Asia. 1865 915.8 V 

Wolff. Mission to Bokhara. 2v. 1845. 915.8 W 
Wbllsted. Travels to the city of the 

Caliphs. 2v. 1840 915.5 W 

WiNDT. Siberia as it is. 1892.. 915.7 W 



Adams. Perils in the Transvaal 916.8 A 

Alexander. Western Africa. 2v. 1840. 916.8 A2 
Andbrsson. Notes of travel in South- 
western Africa. 1875 916.8 Al 

Bettany. Dark peoples of Africa. 1890. 916 Bl 

BONSAL. Morocco as it is. 1893 916.4 M 

Bruce. Travels to discover the source of 

the Nile. 8v. 1805 916 B2 

BuRCHELL. Travels in the interior of 

Southern Africa. 1822 916.8 B 

Cameron. Across Africa. 2v. 1877... 916 C 
Campbell. Letters from Algiers. 2v. 

1845 916.5 C 

Chapman. Travels in the interior of 

South Africa. 2v. 1868 916.8 C2 

Churchill. Men, mines and animals in 

South Africa. 1892 916.8 C3 

COLENSO. Ten weeks in Natal. 1855 . . . 916.8 CI 
DiTSON. Crescent and French crusades. 

1859 916.5D 

North coast of Africa. 1860 916.1 D 

Drury. Madagascar. 1890 916.9 D 

Ellis. Three visits to Madagascar. 1856. 916.9 E 
FooTE. Africa and the American flag. 

1854 916 F 

G ALTON. Explorer in South Africa. 1889. 916.8 G 

GiLLMORE.* Through Gaza land 916.8 Gl 

Hessb- Wartegg. Tunis 916. 1 H 

Huntley. Slave coast of West Africa. 

1850 916H 

Jones. Africa. 1875 916 Jl 

Junker. Travels in Africa. 2v. 1890. 916 J2 
Martin. Home life on an ostrich farm. 

1890 916.8 M 

Murray. African continent. 1853 916 M 

Naphegyi. Among the Arabs. 1868. ... 916.5 N 
Ober. Knockabout club in North Africa. 

1890 916. 1 O 

Park. Interior districts of Africa 916 P 

Pfbifpbr. Last travels 916.9 PI 

Pike. Sub- tropical rambles in Aphan- 

apteryx. 1873 916.9 P 

Reade. Savage Africa. 1864 916 R 

SiBREB. Madagascar and its peoples. . . . 916.9 SI 

Thomas. West coast of Africa. 1860. . . 916 Tl 

Viaud. Into Morocco. 1889 916.4 V 

Ward. Cape and the Kaffirs. 1866 916.8 W 

Watson. Visit to Wazan, [Moncco] 

1880 916.4 W 

White. Development of Africa. 1890. . 916 W 

Wilson. Western Africa. 1856 916 Wl 

Ohrwalder. Ten years' captivity in the 

mahdi's camp. 1892 962 O 

Perry'. Carthage and Tunis. 18G9 961 P 

Poole. Story of the Barbary cortairs. 

1890 .-.. 961 Pl 

Theal. History of South Africa. 3v. 

1888 9fi8 T 

VOGT. Egyptian virar in 1882. 1883 962 V 

Wendel. History of Egypt. 1890 962 W 

Wilson. British expedition to Egypt. 

2v. 1803. 962 Wl 

Wingate. Mahdiism and the Egyptian 

Sudan. 1891 962 W2 


travel and DESCRimON. 

Allen & Thomson. Expedition to the 

river Niger. 2v. 1848 

Andbrsson. Lalie Ngami 

Bourne. Emin Pasha expedition. 1891. 

916.6 A 

916.7 A 
916.7 B3 



Casati. Ten years in Equatoria. 2 v. 


DuCiTAiLLU. Equatorial Africa. 1890.. 
FOTHERINGHAM Adventures in Nyassa- 

land. 1891 

Gessi. Seven years in the Soudan. 1892. 
Guinness. New world of Central Africa. 

Harris. Highlands of Ethiopia 

James. Unknown horn of Africa. 1890. 
Jameson. Story of the rear column, 

[Brain Pasha expedition]. 1890. . . 
Jephson. Emia Pasha and the rebellion 

at the equator. 1890 

Krape. Travels in Eastern Africa. 1860. 
Meyeii Across East African glaciers. 


MoNTEiRO. Angola and the Congo. 1876. 
Nafiiegyi. Ghardaia in the desert of 

Sahara. 1871 . 

Park. Journal of a mission to Africa. 


Parke. My personal experiences in 

equatorial Africa. 1891 

Peters. New light on dark Africa. 1891. 

Pruen. Arab and the African. 1891 

Schnitzler. Emin Pasha in Central 

Africa. 1888 

Smith. Stanley in Africa. 1890 

SouTHWORTH. Four thousand miles of 

African travel. 1875 

Stanley. In darkest Africa. 2 v. 1890. 

Letters on Emin's rescue. 1890 

Stevens. Scouting for Stanley in East 

Africa. 1890 

Troup. With Stanley's rear column. 


Ward & Bidwell. Five years with the 

Congo cannibals. 1800 

Wauters. Stanley's Emin Pasha. 1890. 
Wernek. Visit to Stanley's rear-guard. 


WissMANN. Equatorial Africa. 1891... 

916.7 C 
916.6 D5 

916.7 F 

916.6 G 

916.7 G 

916.6 H 

916.7 J3 

916.7 J4 

916.7 J2 

916.6 K 

916 7 Ml 

916.7 M 

916.6 N 

916.6 P 

916.7 P3 
916.7 PI 
916.7 P2 

916.7 S9 
916.7 S5 

916 6 S 
916.7 S8 
916.7 S7 

916.7 S6 

816.7 T2 

916.7 W 
916.7 S4 

916.7 Wl 
916.7 W2 



Adams. Valley of the Nile. 1867 916.2 A3 

Atkins. Fruits of enterprise [adventures 

in Egypt]. 1842 916.2 A2 

Cooley. American in Egypt. 1842 916.2 CI 

Denon. Travels in Upper and Lower 

Egypt. 3v. 1803 916.2 D 

GoBAT. Three years' residence in Abys- 
sinia. 1850 916.3 G 

HoTTBN, ed. Abyssinia and its people. 


Irby & Mangles. Travels in Egypt. 


Johnston. Travels in Southern Abys- 
sinia. 2v. 1844 

King. Dr. Liddon's tour in Egypt. 1891. 

Laporte. Sailing on the Nile. 1872 

Lepsius. Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia 

andSinai. 1853 

Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia and 

Sinai. 1853 

LOTT. Harem life in Egypt 

Ottley. Modern Egyt. 1884 

Parkyns. Life in Abyssinia, 2 v. 1854. 
Portal. My mission to Abyssinia. 1892. 
Rawnsley. Notes for the Nile. 1892. . . 
RoMER. Temples and tombs of Egypt. 

2v. 1847 

Russell & Gattib. Ruin of the Soudan. 


Salt. Voyage to Abyssinia. 1815 

Scott. Egypt and Candia. 2v. 1837. 

Smith. Through Abyssinia 

SoNNiNi DE Manoncourt. Upper and 

Lower Egypt. 1800 

Speke. Discovery of the source of the 

Nile. 1864 

Wylde. '83 to '87 in the Soudan. 2v. 


Yates. Egypt. 2 v. 1843 

916.3 H 

916.2 I 

916.3 J 
916.2 Kl 
916.2 L2 

916.2 L3 

916.2 lA 

916.2 L5 

916.2 O 

916.3 P 

916.3 PI 
916.2 R2 

916.2 R 

916.2 Rl 

916.3 SI 
916.2 S3 

916.3 S 

916.2 S2 

916.2 SI 

916.2 W2 
916.2 Y 


travel and description. 
Bartlett. Explorations in Texas. 2v. 


Burke. Account of the European settle- 
ments in Amer. 2v. 1777 

Coke. Subaltern's furlough. 1833 

Colton. Deck and port ; cruise to Cali- 

- fornia. 1850 

CoRNWALLis. Royalty ijQ the new world. 


Goddard. Where to emigrate and why. 


Lanman. Wilds of North America. 1854. 
Lyell. Second visit to the United States. 

2v. 1849 

SniRRBFF. Tour through North America. 


TucKBRMAN. America. 1864 

Tudor. Narrative of a tour in North 

America. 2v. 1834 

917 Bl 

917 B 
917 C 

917 CI 

917 C2 

917 Gl 
917 L 

917 LI 

917 S 
917 T 

917 Tl 





Abbott. American liistory j970 Al 

Bancroft. Works. 32v. 1882 90 970 B2 

Eggleston. American liistory. 1889... j970 E 

FiSKE. Discovery of America. 2v. 1892. 970 F 
Hall. Historical sketches of America. 

1886 970 H3 

Parkman. France and England in North 

America. Part 6 ; Halfcentary of 

conflict. 2v. 1892 970 PI 

Payne. History ot America, v. 1. 1892. 970 P2 
WiNSOR, ed. History of America. 8v. 

1887-89 *970 Wl 

Battby. Life and adventures of a Quaker 

among the Indians. 1875 970. 1 B9 

BouRKE. Apache campaign in the Sierra 

Madre. 1886 970.1 B7 

On the border with Crook. 189 1 970. 1 B6 

Bradford. American antiquities. 1841. 970.1 B4 

Brinton. American race. 1891 970.1 B5 

Buchanan. North American Indians. 

1824 970.1 B8 

Carrington. Ab-sa-ra-ka. 1868 970. 1 C3 

Case of the Seneca Indians 970.1 C5, 

Catlin. Last rambles amongst the Rocky 

Mountains. 1867 970.1 Cl 

North American Indians. 2v. 1857. 970.1 C4 

Ojibbeway and loway Indians. 1852. 970.1 C2 

De Forest. Indians of Connecticut. 1853. 970.1 D5 
Doddridge. Settlement and Indian wars 

of Virginia and Pennsylvania. 1876. 970. 1 D8 
DOMENECH. Qreat deserts of North 

America. 2v. 1860 970.1 D3 

Donaldson. The George Catlin Indian 

gallery. 1888 970.1 D7 

Drake. Aboriginal races of North Amer- 
ica. 1859 *970.1 D6 

Tragedies of the wilderness. 1841. . . 970.1 D4 
Fry. Army sacrifices of the United 

States. 1879 970.1 F 

Heard. Sioux war. 1864 970. 1 H 

Jones. Southern Indians. 1873 970.1 Jl 

Larimer. Life among the Sioux. 1870. 970.1 L 

McLean. Indians of Canada. 1892 970 . 1 M4 

Marcy. Army life on the border. 1866. 970.1 Ml 

Miller. Life among the Modocs. 1873. 970.1 M3 

MooREHEAD. Wanneta, the Sioux. 1890. 970.1 M2 
O'Reilly. Life among the American 

Indians. 1891 970.1 

Pidgeon. Traditions of the De-coo dah. 

1858. 970.1 PI 

Poole. Sioux of Dakota. 1881 970.1 P 

St. Clair. Narrative of the campaign 

against the Indians. 1812 970. 1 S4 

Schoolcraft. Indian tribes of the United 

States. 6v. 1851-60 *970.1 S5 

Iroquois. 1847 970.1 S 

Myths of Hiawatha . 1856 970. 1 S3 

Oneota. 1845 970.1 S2 

Personal memoirs of the Indian tribes. 

1851 970.1 SI 

Trumbull. Indian wars. 1854 970.1 T 

Wonderful adventures 970.1 W 

WORSLEY. View of the American In- 
dians. 1828 970.1 Wl 



BUTI.ER. Great lone land. 1891 917.1 B2 

Cartwright. Journal of a residence on 

the coast of Labrador. 3v. 1 792 . . 917. 19 C 

Chase. Over the border, [Acadia]. 1884. 917.16 Cl 

CozzENS. Acadia. 1859 917. 16 C 

Cumberland. Queen's highway, [ocean 

to ocean]. 1887 917.1 C 

General description of Nova Scotia. 1825. 917.16 G 

JuKKS. Newfoundland. 2v. 1842 917.18 J 

Levinge. Echoes from the backwoods. 

2v. 1846 917.1 LI 

M'Lean. Hudson bay territory. 2v. 

1849 917.1 Ml 

Noble. After icebergs. 1861 917.1 N 

Pike. Barren ground of Northern Can- 
ada. 1892 917.1 P 

Ralph. On Canada's frontier. 1892 .... 91 7. 1 Rl 

Russell. Canada. 1865 917.1 R 

Saxby. West-nor'-west. 1890 917.11 S 

Souteiesk. Saskatchewan and the Rocky 

mountains. 1875 . .-. 917. 12 S 

Warner. Baddeck, [Nova Scotia]. 1888. 917,1 W 


Bonnycastle. Newfoundland. 2v. 1842. 971.8 B 
Bryce. History of the Canadian people. 

1887 971 Bl 

Christie. Lower Canada. 6v. 1866... 971 C 

Dent. Last forty years, [Canada since 

1841.] 2v. 1881 971 D 

Upper Canadian rebellion. 2 v. 1885. 971 D2 
Drake. Taking of Louisburg, 1745. 

1891 971D1 

Garneau. History of Canada. 2v. 1866. 971 G 

Greswell. Dominion of Canada. 1890. 971 Gl 
Haliburton. Nova Scotia. 2v. 1829. 971.6 H 



Howl AND. New empire. 1891 

Martin. History of Upper and Lower 

Canada. 1837 

RiDOUT. Ten years of Upper Canada. 


Sandham. Montreal. 1870 

Smith. Canada. 1891 

Wakburton. Conquest of Canada. 2v. 


971 HI 

971 M 

971 R 

971.4 S 

971 S 

971 W 


travel and description. 
Bellemarre. Vagabond life in Mexico. 

1856 917.2 B2 

BuLKELEY. Lesser Antilles. 1889 917.29 B2 

Calderon de la Barca. Life in Mexico. 

1843 ; 917.2 C4 

Calvo. Costa Rica. 1890 917. 28 C 

Carpenter. Travels in Mexico. 1851.. 917.2 C3 
CoNKLiNG. Appleton's guide to Mexico. 

1884 917.2 C2 

CuBAS. Republic of Mexico. 1876 917.2 C5 

Dallas. History of tlie Maroons. 2 v. 

1803 917.29 D2 

Elton. With tlie Frencli in Mexico. 

1867 917.2E 

Fabens. Life in Santo Domingo. 1873. 917.29 F2 

Gilliam. Travels in Mexico. 1846 917.2 G2 

Hazard. Santo Domingo. 1873 917.29 HI 

Hearn. Two years in the West Indies. 

1890 917.29 H 

Howe. Trip to Cuba. 1860 917.29 H2 

Humboldt. Island of Cuba. 1856 917.29 H3 

Hutchinson . Under the southern cross, 

[West Indies]. 1891 917.29 H4 

Jackson. Winter holiday in summer 

lands. 1890 917.29 Jl 

Janvier. Mexican guide. 1890 917.2 J 

Keim. San Domingo. 1870 917.29 K2 

Latrobe. Rambler in Mexico. 1836 917.2 L 

Lempriere. Notes in Mexico in 1861- 

1862. 1862 917.2 LI 

Lorne. Trip to the Tropics. .1867 917. 29 L 

MORELET. Central America. 1871 917.28 M 

Ober. Knockabout club in search of 

treasure. 1892 917.2 02 

O'Kelly. Mambi land 1874 917.29 02 

Poinsett. Notes on Mexico. 1825 917.2 P 

Robinson. Mexican revolution. 1820.. 917.2 Rl 
RuxTON. Adventures in Mexico. 1848.. 917.2 R 
Sewell. Free labor in the British West 

Indies. 1861 917.29 S2 

Squier. Nicaragua. 2v. 1852 917. 28 SI 

Stapp. Prisoners of Perote. 1845 

Thomas. Froudacity, [West Indian 

fables]. 1890 

Thompson. Recollections of Mexico. 


Trollops. West Indies 

TuRNBULL, Travels in the West ; Cuba. 


Vincent. In and out of Central America. 

" 1890 

Ward. Mexico in 1827. 2v. 1828 

Wilson. Mexico. 1855 

Wise. Los Gringos. 1849. 

WiSLizENUS. Tour to Mexico. 1848... v 
Woodruff. My winter in Cuba. 1871. 

917.2 SI 

917.29 Fl 

917.2 T 
917.29 Tl 

917.29 T 

917.28 V 
*917.2 Wl 
917.2 W3 
917.2 W2 
917.2 W4 
917.29 W 



Adams. City of gold, [Mexico] 972 A 

BoNNYCASTLE. Spanish America. 1819. 972 Bl 
Claa^gero. History of Mexico. 3v. 

1817 972 C 

Mayer. Mexico. 2v. 1851 972 M 

Noll. History of Mexico. 1890 972 N 

Robinson. Mexican revolution. 2v. 

1821 972 R 

Walker. War in Nicaragua. 1860 972.8 W 

Young. History of Mexico. 1847 972 Y 



Appleton's illustrated hand-book of Ameri- 
can travel. 1857 

Appleton's illustrated hand-book of Amer- 
ican winter resorts. 1891 

Baciielder. Popular resorts. 1875 

Bates. A year in the Great republic. 2 v. 

Bernard. Retrospections of America. 

Blouet. Frenchman in America. 1891, 

Bremer. Homes of the new world. 2v. 

Bryant, ed. Picturesque America. 2v. 

Carver. Travels throughout North 

Chevalier. Letters on North America. 

Craib. America and the Americans. 

Faitiifull. Three visits to America. 

917.3 A2 

917.3 Al 
917.3 B8 

917.3 B7 

917.3 B13 
917.3 BU 

917.3 BIO 

*917.3 B9 

917.3 C2 

917.3 CI 

917.3 C3 

917.3 F2 



Finch. Englisliwoman's experieoce in 

America. 1853 

Qlazieb. Peculiarities of American 

. cities. 1886 

Greenwood. Tour in the States and 

Canada. 1883 

KENDALTi. Travels in the United States. 

3v. 1809 

Kroupa. An artist's tour, [North and 

Central America]. 1890 

Lanman. Japanese in America. 1872. 
Latrobe. Rambler in North America. 


Levasseur. Lafayette in America. 2v. 


LuMMis. Some strange corners of our 

country. 1892 

T^yell. Travels in North America. 1845. 
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Western travel. 1838 

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States. 1890 

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Americans. 2v. 1832 

917.3 Fl 

917.3 G3 

917.3 G2 

917.3 Kl 

917.8 K 
917.3 LI 

917.3 L3 

917.3 L 

J917.3 L4 
917.3 L2 

917.3 M2 
917.3 M8 

917.3 M3 
917.3 M5 

917.3 Ml 

917.3 M4 

917.3 M6 

917.3 O 

917.3 Pl 

917.3 P 

917.3 P2 

917.3 S2 
917.3 SI 
917.3 S3 

917.3 S4 

917.3 T 

917.3 Tl 

917.3 T2 



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America. 9v. 1889-91 

973 A 

Autobiography of an Engliah soldier in 

the United States army. 2 v. 1853. 973.6 A 
Bancroft. History of th« United States. 

9v. 1858-75 973B7 

Barber & Howe. Our whole country. 

2v. 1861 973B4 

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new world. 1880 973.1 B 

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States. 2v. 1856 j973 B5 

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2v. 1875 973 B6 


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1854 ■ ' 973.5 Bl 

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1815 973.5 C 

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vention. 1833 973 5 D 

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Franklin before the privy council 973.2 Fl 

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1881 973F 

Pictorial history of the United States. 

2v. 1844 973 Fl 

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2v. 1848 973.2G 

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1887 .* 973 Ql 

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V. 1. 1889 973.5 Gl 

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2v. 1853 973.5 H 

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75. 20v 973 H2 



Hunt. Late war between the United 

Stales and Great Britain. 1816 973.5 HI 

JoliDS Hopkins university studies 973 J 

Contents : 
V. 9. State and federal government 

in Switzerland ; by Vincent. 1891. 
V. 10. Spanish institutions of the 

southwest ; by Blackmar. 1891. 

KeNly. Maryland volunteer. 973. G K 

LossiNG. American historical record. 

3v. 1872 *973L2 

McMabtek. History of the people of the 

United States, v. 3. 1892 973 M 

Mason. Brief history of the Pequot war. 

1869 973.2 Ml 

Mexican war 973.6 M 

Montgomery. American history. 1890. 973 M2 

Nation's birthday. 1890 973.4 N 

OfiWANDEL. Mexican war. 1885 973.6 O 

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northern tour. 1885 973.2 P 

Pitkin. Political and civil history of the 

United* States. 2v. 1828 973 P2 

HiiODES. History of the United States. 

2v. 1893. 973.6 Rl 

HiDFATiT. United States of America. 


Ripley. War with Mexico. 2v. 1849. . 
Hobertson. History of America. 2v. 


HODENBOUGH. Everglade to canon. 1875. 
Sargent. Public men and events. 2v. 


SCHOULER. History of the United States 

of America. 5v. 1880 

SCUDDER. History of the United States. 


Skmmes. Service afloat aud ashore dur- 
ing the Mexican war. 1851 973.6 S 

Shipley, J. B. & M. A. English redis- 
covery of America 973.1 S 

SOLEY. Boys of 1812. 1887 J973.5 SI 

Steele. One hundred years of American 

independence. 1876 973 S2 

Sumner. Prophetic voices concerning 

America. 1874 973 S 

Thwaites. The colonies, 1492-1750. 

1891 973.2T 

Walsh. Appeal from the judgments of 

Great Britain respecting the United 

States. 1819 973.2 W 

War between United States and Gi eat 

Britain. 1813-14 *973.5 Wl 

Wilcox. Mexican war 973.6 W 

Williams. Invasion and capture of 

Wise. Seven decades of the Union. 1872. 

Wolcott. Administrations of Washing, 
ton and John Adams. 2 v. 1816. . 

973 K2 

973.6 U 

973 R4 

973 R3 

973.5 S 

973 SI 

973 S3 


Abbot. Blue-jackets of '76. 1888 

Allen, Ethan. Narrative of my captiv- 
ity. 1846 

Allen, Paul. History of the American 
revolution. 2v. 1822.... 

Balcu. French in America, 1777-1783. 

Belisle. Independence hall. 1859 

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the American revolution. 1797. . . . 

Co WELL. Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island. 
1850.... : 

Drake. Burgoyne's invasion. 1889 

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tory of the American revolution. 

Ellet. American revolution. 1850 .... 

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GoODLOE. Birth of the republic. 1889. . 

Gordon. Independence of the United 
States. 3v. 1801 

Greene. German element in the war ef 
American independence. 1876 

Lamb. Journal of occurrences of the 
American war. 1809 

Lee. Memoirs of war in the southern de- 
partment of the United States. 1870. 

McConkey. Hero of Cowpens. 1885 

NiLES. Principles and acts of the revolu- 
tion. 1822 

Pausch. Journal during the Burgoyne 
invasion. 1886 

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Ramsay. American revolution. 2 v. 1793. 

RiEDESEL. Letters and memoirs relating 
to the war of American independ- 
ence. 1827 

Sabine. American loyalists. 1847 

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war. 1860 

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can revolution . 4v. 1803 

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sian officers. 1891 

973.5 W 
973 Wl 

973.4 W 

J973.3 A2 

973.3 A 

973.3 Al 

973 3 B2 
973.3 Bl 

973.3 B2 

973.3 C2 
973.3 Dl 

973.3 D 
973.3 El 
973.3 F3 
973.3 F4 
973.3 F5 

973.3 G 

973.3 G4 

973.3 G3 

973.3 L3 

*973.3 L4 
973.3 M 

973.3 Nl 

973.3 P 

973.3 PI 

973.3 R 

973.3 S3 

973.3 S2 
973.3 So 

973.3 S4 

973.3 S6 

* * 




Tiffany. From colony to commonwealth. 

1891 973.3T 

Walworth. Battles of Saratoga. 1891. 973.3 W3 

Watson. Boston tea-party. J973.3 W4 

Webber. Early settlers of the United 

States. 1861 973.3 W2 


Abbot. Battlefields and victory. 1891.. J973.7 A6 

Battlefields of '61. 2v. 1889 973.7 A3 

Abbott. Prison life in the South. 1865. 973.7 A4 
Allan. Army of northern Virginia in 

1863. 1893 973.7 A7 

Allen. Down in Dixie, [Wilderness to 

Appomattox]. 1893 973.7 A8 

AuGHEY. Iron furnace, [slavery and 

secesssio^^]. 1863 973.7 A5 

Batten. Reminiscences of the United 

States navy. 1881 973.7 B12 

Beauregard. Battle of Manassas. 1891. 973.7 B18 
Billingsley. From the flag to the cross. 

1873 973.7 BIO 

Blaisdbll. Civil war. 1890 J973.7 Bl 1 

Botts. Great rebellion. 1866 973.7 B7 

BowEN. History of the 37th regiment 

Mass. volunteers. 1884 973.7 B15 

Massachusetts in the war. 1889 973.7 B18 

Boynton, C. B. History of the navy 

during the rebellion. 3v. 1868. . . 973.7 B14 
Boynton, H. V. Sherman's historical 

raid. 1875 973.7 B6 

Britton. Civil war on the border. 1890. 973.7 B9 
Brockett & Vaughan. Woman's work 

in the civil war. 1867 973.7 B8 

Browne. Four years in Secessia. 1865. 973.7 B16 
Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan's administra- 
tion. 1866 973.7B19 

Bulloch. Secret service of the Con- 
federate states in Europe. 3v. 

1883 973.7 B17 

Campbell. Reminiscences relating to 

the civil war. 1887 973.7 C35 

Coffin. Freedom triumphant. 1891 . . . J973.7 C28 
CONYNGHAM. Sherman's march. 1865.. 973.7 C27 
Craven. Prison life of Jefferson Davis. 

1866 973.7 C26 

De Leon. Four years in rebel capitals. 

1890 973.7 D5 

Doubled AY. Forts Sumter and Moultrie. 

1876 .. 973.7 D4 

Drake. Gettysburg. 1892 973.7 D7 

Draper. History of the American civil 

war. 3v. 1867-70 973.7 D6 

DuGANNE. Department of the Gulf. 1865. 
Eggleston. a rebel's recollections. 1875. 
Ely. Journal [of a prisoner of war in 

Richmond]. 1862 

Emilio. 54th regiment of Mass. volun- 
teer infantry. 1891 

EsTABROOKS. Adrift in Dixie. 1866 

Est van. War pictures. 1863 

FiSKE. Mr. Dunn Browne's experience in 

the army. 1866 

FoOTE. War of the rebellion. 1866 

Fox. Regimental losses in the civil war. 

. 1889 

Fremont. Story of the guard. 1863. . . 

Fry. Army under Buell. 1884 

McDowell and Tyler in the campaign 

of Bull Run. 1884 

Gasparin. Uprising in the United States. 


GiLLMORB. Charleston harbor. 1865... 
QODDARD. American rebellion. 1870. . . 
Qoss. Soldier's story of his captivity at 

Andersonville. 1868 

Story of the army of the Potomac. 


GuROWSKL Diary, 186162. 1802 

Hackett. Christian memorials of the 

war. 1864 

Harris. Prison life in Richmond. 1862. 
Hbpworth. Whip, hoe and sword. 1804. 
Herbert cfc others. Why the solid south? 


Herr. Episodes of the civil war. 1890. 

HoDGKiNS. Fort Stedman. 1889 

Hospital transports , 

Hotchkiss & Allan. Chancellorsville. 


Irwin. History of the 19th army corps. 


IsHAM <fc others. Prisoners of war. 1890. 
Johnson. Defense of Charleston har- 
bor. 1890 

Johnston. Military operations during 

the late war between the states. 


Jones. Rebel war clerk's diary. 2v. 1856. 
Laugel. United States during the war. 


Loughborough. My cave life in Vicks- 

burg. 1864 

McClellan. Report of the army of the 

Potomac. 1864 

Macnamara. Irish ninth in bivouac and 

battle. 1867 

973.7 D3 

973.7 E 

973.7 E3 

973.7 E4 

973.7 El 

973.7 E2 

973.7 F7 

973.7 F4 

*973.7 F3 

973.7 F6 

973.7 F8 

973.7 F5 

978.7 Gl 

973.7 G3 

973.7 G5 

973.7 G4 

973.7 G6 
973.7 G2 

973.7 H6 

973.7 H12 

973.7 H9 

973.7 HIO 

973.7 H13 

973.7 117 

, 973.7 U8 

973.7 HU 

973.7 II 
973.7 I 

973.7 J2 

973.7 J4 
973.7 J3 

973.7 L2 

973.7 L3 

973. 7M7 

973.7 Mil 



McPherson. Political liistory of United 
States of America during the rebel- 
lion. 1864 973.7M8 

Mahan. Gulf and inland waters. 1883. 973.7 MIO 
Morris. History of a volunteer regi- 
ment, [6tli N. Y.] 1891 973.7 M9 

Newhall.- With Gen. Sheridan. 1866. 973.7 N3 

Nichols. The great march. 1865 973.7 Nl 

Notes. Bivouac and battlefield. 1863.. 973.7 N2 

Paris. Gettysburg. 1886 973.7 P4 

Partridge. Making of the American na- 
tion. 1866 973.7 P7 

Phisterer. New York in the war of the 

rebellion. 1890 973.7 PIO 

Piatt. Men who saved the Union. 1887. 973.7 P3 
Plum. Military telegraph during the 

civil war. 2v. 1883 973.7 P9 

Pollard. Jefferson Davis. 1869 973.7 P6 

Second year of the war. 1864 973.7 Pll 

Porter. Naval history of the civil war. 

1886 973.7 P5 

Preston. Tenth regiment of cavalry 

N. Y. state volunteers. 1893 973.7 P13 

Putnam. Richmond during the war. 1867. 973.7 P8 

Richardson. Secret service. 1865 973.7 R3 

RussKLL. My diary north and south. 

1863 973.7 R3 

Sabre. Nineteen months a prisoner of 

war. 1865 973.7 S7 

ScnouLBR. Massachusetts in the civil 

war. 1868 973. 7 S5 

Semmes dh ot/iers. Cruise of the Alabama 

and Sumter. 3v. 1864 973.7 S4 

Shaffner. War in America 973.7 S9 

SOLEY. Blockade and the cruisers. 1890. 973.7 SU 

Sailor boys of '61. 1888 J973.7 S13 

Spence. American Union. 1861 973,7 S14 

Stevens. Sixth corps, [events in the 

army of the Potomac]. 1870 973.7 S6 

Stevenson. Southern side, [Anderson- 

ville prison]. 1876 .^ 973.7 S13 

Still:^. United States sanitary commis- 
sion. 1866 973.7 S8 

Stryker. Hegister of the officers and 
men of New Jersey in the civil 

war. 3v. 1873 *973.7 SIO 

Taylor. Mission Ridge. 1873 973.7 T5 

Pictures of life in camp and field. 

1875... ^ 973.7 T8 

Todd. 79th highlanders, N. Y. volun- 
teers. ' 1886 973.7T6 

Toombs. Reminiscences of the war. 1878. 973.7 T9 
TouRG^E. The veteran and his pipe. 

1888 973.7 T4 


TuRCHiN. Chickamauga. 1888 973. 7 T7 

United States. War Department. Offic- 
ial records of the war of the rebel- 
lion. 38v. 1881-1893 *973.7 W8 

Waitb. New Hampshire in the great re- 
bellion. 1870 973.7W7 

Walker. History of the 3d army corps. 

1887 973.7W5 

Watson. Adventures of a blockade run- 
ner 973.7 WIO 

Wilkinson. Narrative of a blockade run- 

ner. 1877 973.7 W6 

Wilson & Coan. Personal recollections 

of the rebellion. 1891 973.7 W9 



Agge & Brooks. Marblehead sketches. . 917.44 Al 
Baldwin, F. W. & J. H. Directory of 

the Oranges, 1889-93 *917.49 Bl 

Bates. Old Salem 917.4 B 

Browne. The great metropolis, [New 

York]. 1869 : 917.47 B 

De Costa. Lake George. 1868 917.47 D 

Rambles in Mt. Desert 917.4 D3 

Drake. Pine-tree coast. 1891 917.41 D 

Franks. New York directory for 1786. . 917.47 F 

HiGGiNSON. Oldport days. 1888 917.45 H 

Hill, ed. Lowell illustrated. 1884 *917.44 HI 

Hitchcock <fc others. Mount Washing- 
ton. 1871 917.43H 

Hubbard. Woods of Maine. 1883 917.41 H 

Humphrey. How New England was 

made. 1890 J917.4 H 

Little pilgruns at Plymouth. 1890. . . J917.44 H 
INGERSOLL. Week in New York. 1891. 917.471 
Johnson. New England country. 1893. 917.44 J 
King, Moses, ed. Hand-book of N#w 

York city 917.47 Kl 

King, T. S. White hUls. 1868 917.43 K 

KoBBi!. New York. 1891 917.47 K 

LossiNG. The Hudson 917.47 L 

LoTHROP. Old Concord. 1888 917.44 L 

Mabib. Our New England. 1890 *917.4 Ml 

Mayo. Civilization in New York. 1859. 917.47 M3 
Mellick. Story of an old farm. 1889. . 917.49 M 
Mines. Tour around New York. 1893. . 917.47 M3 
MiTCHiLL. Picture of New York. 1807. 917.47 Ml 
Murray. Adventures in the wilderness. 917.47 M 

Lake Champlain. 1890 917.4 M 

Richmond. New York and its institu- 
tions. 1873 917.47R 

Rockwell. Catskill mountains. 1867.. 917.47 Rl 
Rollins. New England bygones. 1880. 917.4 B 



SiLSBBB. Half centuiy in Salem. 1888. 917.44 SI 

Springek. Forest life. 1851 917.41 81 

Steele. Paddle and portage, [Maine]. 

1882 917.418 

Street. Indian Pass. 1869 917.4 8 

SwEETSER. White mountains. 1879, . . 917.42 S 

Trow. New York directory. 2v. 1890-92. *917.47 T 

Ward. White mountains. 1890 917.42 W 



Adams. Three episodes of Massachusetts 

history. 2v. 1892 974.4 A 

Arnold. Rhode Island. 2^. 1859 974.5 A 

Baird. History of Rye, New York. 1871. 974.7 B2 
Bolton. County of Westchester, New 

York. 2v. 1848 974.7 B4 

BOYNTON. History of West Point. 1863. 974.7 B3 
Bradford. New England chronology. 

1843 974B 

Brigham. Compact with the charter and 

laws of New Plymouth. 1836 974.4 B4 

Brodhead. History of the state of New 

York. 2v. 1853 974.7 B5 

Campbell. Border warfare of New 

York. 1849 974.7 C 

Carpenter. History of Massachusets. 

1854 974.4 CI 

and Arthur. History of Connecti- 
cut. 1854 974.6 C 

History of New York. 1854 974.7 CI 

History of Vermont. 1 854 974. 3 C 

Chamberlain. Maine. 1877 974.1 C 

Chbeveb. Pilgrims at Plymouth. 1848. 974.4 C 

Church. History of Philip's war. 1829. 974 C 

Cowley. History of Lowell, Mass. 1868. 974.4 C8 
Drake. Historic fields of Middlesex. 

1874. 974.4 D2 

Making of New England. 1886 974 D 

DuNLAP. New Netherlands. 2v. 1839. 974.7 D 
Elliott. New England history. 2v. 

1857 974E 

Forbes. The hundredth town, [West- 
borough]. 1889. 974.4 F 

Francis. Old New York. 1846 974.7 F 

Same. 1858 974. 7 F2 

Furman. Antiquities of Long Island. 

1875 974.7F1 

Hale. Massachusetts. 1891 974.4 H2 

Hall. Puritans 974.4 HI 

Heaton. Story of Vermont. 1889 974.3 H 

HoRSFORD. Discovery of Norumbega. 

1890 974 H 

Howard & Crocker. History of New 

England. 2v. 1881 974 HI 

Jenness. Isles of Shoals. 1873 974.2 J 

Lincoln, ed. Journals of each provincial 

congress, Mass. 1838 974.4 LI 

Little. Weare, New Hampshire. 1888. 974.2 L 

Lodge. Boston. 1891 974.4 L 

IX)S8iNG. History of New York city 974.7 LI 

New York historical society. Collections. 

2v; 18841885 974.7 N 

P'Callaghan. Colonial history of the 

state of New York. 10 v. 1856. . . *974.7 02 
Documentary history of New York. 

4v. 1850-1851 *974.7 O 

History of New Netherland. 2 v. 

1855 974.7 01 

Oliver. Puritan commonwealth. 1856. 974.4 O 
Orations delivered at Boston, 1770. 1807. 974.4 01 
Osgood & Batchelder. Sketch of 

Salem. 1879 974.4 02 

Prime. History of Long Island. 1845. . 974.7 P 
QuiNCY. Municipal history of Boston. 

1852..... 974Q 

Robinson. Colonization of America. 2v. 

1851 , 974R 

Roosevelt. New York. 1891 974.7 Rl 

Stone. New York city. 1872 974.7 S2 

Thompson. History of Long Island. 1839. 974.7 T2 

Trumbull. Connecticut. 2v. 1818 974.6 T 

Turner. Holland purchase of western 

New York. 1849 974.7 Tl 

Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of 

the settlement of Cambridge, Mass. 

1881 974.4 C2 

Valentine. City of New York. 1853. . . 974.7 V 
Manual of the corporation of the city 

of New York. 18v. 1843 66 *974.7 VI 

Webber & Nbvins. Old Naumkeag. 

1877 974.4 W 

Weeden. History of New England. 2v. 

1890 974 W 

Willey. History *of the White moun- 
tains. 1869 974.2 W 

Williams. History of Vermont. 2v. 

1809 974.3 W 

Wilson, ed. History of the city of New 

York. 3v. 1893 974.7 W 



AcRELius. New Sweden. 1874 974.8 A 

Alden. New Jersey register 974.9 A 



Brackenridgb. History of the insurrec- 

tion in western Pennsylvania. 1859. 974.8 B 

Brodhkad. Delaware Water Gap. 1870. 974.85 B 

Carpenter & Arthur. History of New 

Jersey. 1854 974.-9 C 

History of Pennsylvania. 1854 974.8 C 

Colonial history of the state of New Jer- 
sey. V. 1-10, 13-16. 14v. 1880-91. 974.9 N2 

Contrihutions to American history 974.8 CI 

Elmer. Constitution and government of 

New Jersey. 1872 974.9 E 

Gordon. History of New Jersey. 1834. 974.9 G 

Hazard. Annals of Pennsylvania. 1850. 974.8 HI 

History of the flood in Johnstown, Pa. 

1889 974.8J 

McLaurin. Story of Johnstown. 1890. 974.8 Ml 

Miner. History of Wyoming. 1845. . . . 974.8 M 

Minates of the common council of Phila- 
delphia. 1847 974.8 P4 

Minutes of the council of safety of New 

Jersey. 1872 974.9 N8 

Minutes of the provincial congress of New 

Jersey. 1879 974.9 Nl 

Minutes of the provincial council of Penn- 
sylvania. 16v- 185253 974.8 P2 

MOMBERT. History of Lancaster county. 

Pa. 1869 974.8M2 

Morris. Papers of Lewis Morris, gov- 
ernor of New Jersey. 1852 974.9 Ml 

Morton. Origin of the appellation, Key- 
stone state. 1874 974.8 M3 

Peck. Wyoming, Pa. 1858 974.8 P 

Pennypacker. Historical and biograph- 
ical sketches. 1883 974.8 PI 

Prowell. History of Camden county, 

N. J. 1886 974.9 P 

Raum. History of Trenton, N. J. 1871. 974.9 R 

Record of the court at Upland 974.8 R 

Report of the monument committee of the 

13th regiment of New Jersey. 1887. 974.9 N4 

Selections from the correspondence of New 

Jersey. 1818 974.9 S3 

Shaw, comp, Essex and Hudson counties, 

N. J. 2v. 1884 *974.9 SI 

Stone. Poetry of Wyoming. 1864 974.8 S 

Sypher & Apgar. History of New Jer- 
sey. 1870 974.9S2 

Thomas. Pennsylvania and West New 

Jersey. 1698 974.8 T 

Wheeler. Scheyichbi and the strand, 

[along the Delaware]. 1876 974.9 W2 

Whitehead. East Jersey under the pro- 
prietary governments. 1875 974.9 Wl 

History of Perth Amboy. 1856 974.9 W 



Allbn. Blue-grass region of Kentucky. 

1892 917.69 A 

Andrews. The south since the war. 1866. 917.5 A 

Bill. Winter in Florida. 1870 917.59 Bl 

Butterwoth. Zigzag journeys on the 

Mississippi. 1892 J917.6 B 

Deland. Florida days. 1889 917.59 Dl 

Ellet. Court circles of the republic. 

1869 917.53 E 

Field. Bright skies and dark shadows. 

1890 917.5F 

Grady. New south 917.5 G 

Harc'otjrt. Homfe life in Florida. 1889. 917.59 H 

Hudson. Ten years in Washington. 1874. 917.53 H 

Hlustrated Minneapolis. *917.76 M 

Jefferson. Notes on the state of Vir- 
ginia.' 1801 .^ 917.55 J 

Kelley. The old south. 917.5 K 

Kemble. Georgian plantation. 1863 . . . 917.58 K 
Kendall. Texan Santa Fe expedition. 

2v. 1856 917.64 K 

LossiNG. Home of Washington, [Mount 

Vernon]. 1870 917.53 L 

McDanield & Taylor. Coming empire. 

1877 917.64 Ml 

Martin. Behind the scenes in Washing- 
ton. 1873 917.53 M 

Montgomery, Cora. Eagle Pass. 1852. 917.64 M 
Montgomery, Elizabeth. Reminiscen- 
ces of Wilmington. 1851 917.51 M 

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Journey through Texas. ia57 917.64 O 

Somers. Southern states since 1870-1. 

1871 917.5S 

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Stoddard. Inside the White House in 

war times. 1890 917.53 S 

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Arthur & Carpenter. History of Geor- 
gia. 1854 975.8 A 

History of Virginia. 1854 975. 5 A 

Barry. Harper's Ferry. 1872 975.5 Bl 

Brown. Political beginnings ol Ken- 
tucky *976.9 B 

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Qatabb^. Histoiy of Louisiana. 1866. . 

Qbbein, T. J. Texian expedition against 
Mier. 1845 

Qreen, T. M. Spanish conspiracj. 1891. 

HowB. Historical collections of Virginia. 

JONSS. Defence of North Carolina. 1834. 

Lewis. History of Virginia. 

LowDBBMiLK. History of Cumberland, 
Md. 1878 

LowBT & McCabdle. History of Missis- 
sippi. 1891 

Mabct & McCiiELLAN. Exploration of 
the Red River of Louisiana. 1854. 

Marshall. Kentucky. 2v. 1824 

Mexican border commission. Reports. . . 

MoBDECAi. Richmond. 1856 

Pike. Prostrate state, [South Carolina]. 

Ramsey. Tennessee. 1858; 

Spbague. Florida war. 1848 

Stevens. History of Georgia. 2 v. 1847. 

Wheelbb. North Carolina. 1851 

Yoakum. History of Texas. 2v. 1856. 

976.3 G 

976.4 G 
976.9 G 

975.5 H 
975 6 J 
975.4 L 

975.2 L 

976.2 L 

976.8 M 

976.9 M 

976.4 M 

975.5 M 

975.7 P 

976.8 R 

975.9 S 
975.8 S 

975.6 W 
976.4 Y 



Bishop. Lady's life in the Rocky moun- 
tains. 1888 

Bond. Minnesota. 1856 

Bowles. Across the continent. 1865. . . 
Colorado. 1869 

Carvalho. Travel in the far West. 1860. 

Chapin. Mountaineering in Colorado. 

CuBTiss. Western portraiture. 1852. . . 

Custer. Following the guidon. 1890.. 

Davis, R. H. The West from a car 
nvindow. 1892 

Davis, W. H. El Gringo. 1857 

Emory. Notes of a military reconnois- 
sance. 1848 

Featherstonhaugh. Minnay Sotor. 2 v. 

Flint. Mississippi valley. 1883 

Fremont. Exploring expedition to the 
Rocky mountains. 1845 

Gale. Upper Mississippi. 1867 

Glazier. The great river, [Mississippi]. 

Gregq. Commerce of the prairies. 2 v. 

Hoffman. Winter in the West. 2v. 

917.8 B 
917.76 B 
917.8 B2 
917.8 B3 
917.8 C2 

917.8 C3 

917.7 C 
917.81 C 

917.8 Dl 
917.89 D 

917.8 E 

917.7 F 

917.7 Fl 

917.8 F 

917.8 Gl 

917.7 G 
917.8 G2 

917.8 H 

Hunt. Wisconsin gazetteer. 1853. 

KiNziB. Wau-bun; "early day" in the 
northwest. 1856 

LuMMis. Tramp across the continent. 

McClure. Three thousand miles through 
the Rocky mountains. 1869 

Marcy. Border reminiscences. 1872. . . . 
Prairie traveler. 1859 

Meline. Two thousand miles on horse- 
hack. 1867 

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sources. 1882 

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Iowa hand-book for 1857 

Minnesota hand-book for 1856-7 

Parker, Samuel. Exploring tour be- 
yond the Rocky mountains. 1838. . 

Ralph. Chicago and the World's Fair. 

Regan. Emigrant's guide to the western 
states of America 

Rae. Westward by rail. 1871 

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Roosevelt. Ranch life. 1888 

Schick. Chicago. 1891 

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Sessions. From Yellowstone Park to 
Alaska. 1890 

Shea. Mississippi valley. 1852 

SiTGREAVES. Down the Zuni and Colo- 
rado rivers. 1854 

Views of Chicago. 1892 

Webb. BufTalo land. 1872 

917.75 H 

917.8 K 

917.8 L 

917.8 M2 
917.8 M4 
917.8 M3 

917.8 Ml 

917.74 M 

917.77 P 
917.77 PI 

917.76 P 

917.8 PI 

917.78 R 

917.8 R2 
917.8 Rl 
917.81 R 
917.8 R3 
917.73 S 
917.78 S 

917.87 S 
917.7 S 

917.8 SI 
917.73 V 
917.8 W 



Burnet. Early settlement of the north- 
western territory. 1847 

C'arpenter & Arthur. History of Illi- 
nois. 1854 

History of Ohio. 1854 

Fernow. Ohio valley. 1 890 

Gerhard. Illinois as it is. 1857 

Hollo WAY. Indianapolis. 1870 

Howe. Historical collections of Ohio. 3v. 

Ladd. New Mexico. 1891 

Milburn. Pioneers of the Minsissippi 
valley. 1866 

Monette. Valley of the Mississippi. 2v. 

Parker. Missouri in 1867. 1867 

977 B2 

977.3 C 

977.1 C 
977 F 

977.3 G 

977.2 H 

977.1 H 
978.9 L 

977 M 

977 Ml 

977.8 P 



Perkins. Annals of the west 978 P 

Report of the special commission on the^ 

troubles in Kansas. 1856 978. 1 U 

Robinson. Kansas conflict. 1892 978.1 R 

RoziER. Mississippi valley. 1890 977 R 

Sheldon. History of Michigan. 1856 . . 977.4 S 

Smith. Wisconsin territory. 1838 977.5 S 

Studbr. Columbus, Ohio. 1873 977. 1 S 

Taylor. State of Ohio. 1854 977.1 T 

Thwaites. Story of Wisconsin. 1890. . 977.5 T 


travel and description. 

Allen. Red mountain of Alaska J917.98 A 

BuLFiNCH. Oregon and Eldprado. 1866. 917.9 B 

Burton. City of the Saints. 1852 917.92 B 

Chandless. Visit to Salt Lake. 1857... 917.92 C 

Clark. The round trip. 1890 917.9 CI 

CoLLis. Woman's trip to Alaska 917.98 C 

CozzENS. The marvellous country, [Ar- 
izona and New Mexico.] 1891 917.91 C 

Dunbar. Discovery of gold in California. 

1867 917.9 Dl 

FiNCK. Pacific coast Ecenic tour. 1890.. 917.9 F 

Fremont. Far- west sketches. 1890 917.9 Fl 

Haskins. Argonauts of California. 1890. 917.94 HI 
HuTCHiNGS. In the heart of the Sierras. 

1886 917.94 H2 

Wonders of California. 1873 917.9 H 

MowRY. Arizona and Sonora. , 1864 917 91 M 

MUNROB. Golden days of '49. 1889 917.94 M 

New empire 917.9 N 

Palmer. California and India. 1859... 917.94 P 
PiERRErONT. From Fifth avenue to 

Alaska. 1884 917.98 P 

Robinson. Life in California. 1891. ... 917.94 Rl 

RusLiNO. Across America. 1874.....*. 917.9 R 
Saxon. ' Five years within the Golden 

Gate. 1868 917.94 S 

Shepard. Cruise of the *'Rush" in 

Behring Sea. 1889 917.9 S 

St. Maur. Impressions of a tenderfoot 

in the West. 1890 917.9 SI 

Swan. Northwest coast. 1857 917:97 S 

Taylor. California life. 1858 917.94 T2 

Thornton. Oregon and California. 2v. 

1849 917.9T 

Todd. Sunset land. 1870 917.94 Tl 

Victor. Atlantis arisen. 1891 917 .95 V 

Warner. Our Italy. 1891 917.94 W 

Webb. California and Alaska. 1891.. . . 917.9 W 

Whymper. Territory of Alaska. 1869.. 917.98 Wl 

Cooke. New Mexico and California. 1878. 
Cronise. Natural wealth of California. 


Greenhow. Oregon and California. 1847. 
HiTTEL. Resources of California. 1863. 
Soul:^ d others. Annals of San Fran- 
cisco. 1855 

979.4 CI 

979.4 a 
979 G 
979.4 H 

979.4 S 



Adalbert. Travels in Europe and Brazil. 

2v. 1849 918.1 Al 

Agassiz, L. J. R. & Elizabeth C. (C). 

Journey in Brazil. 1888 918.1 A3 

Atchison. Winter cruise in summer 

seas. 1891 918.1 A2 

Ballou. Equatorial America. 1892 918 B6 

Baxley. West coast of North and South 

America. 1865 918 B4 

Brackenridge. South America. 2v. 

1819.. 918B5 

Brand. Voyage to Peru. 1828 918 B3 

Carpenter. Round about Rio. 1884. . . 918.1 CI 
Child. Spanish American republics. 

1891 918 C2 

Clark. Twelve months in Peru. 1891 . . 918.5 C 

CODMAN. Ten months in Brazil. 1867. . 918.1 CI 

Dent. Year in Brazil. 1886 .., 918. 1 D 

Hassaurek. Spanish-Americans. 1867. 918 H 
Juan & Ulloa. Voyage to South Amer- 
ica. 2v. 1807 918 J 

KosTER. Travels in Brazil. 2v. 1817. 918.1 K 

Maw. Pacific to the Atlantic. 1829 918 Ml 

Mawe. Travels in Brazil. 1^16 918 M 2 

MoRANT. Chili and the river Plate in 1891. 918.3 M 
Myers, H. M. & P. V. N. Life under 

the tropics. 1871 918 M 

Nelson. Five years in Panama. 1889 . . 918.6 N 
Ober. Knockabout club on the Spanish 

main. 1891-. j918. 7 O 

Orton. Andes and the Amazon. 1870. . 918 O 

Paez. South America. 1862 918.7 P 

Page. La Plata. 1859 918.2P 

RuMBOLD. Great Silver river. 1890 918.2 R 

Sarmiento. Life in the Argentine re- 
public. 1868 918.2 S 

Scully. Brazil. 1866 918.1 SI 

Smith. Brazil. 1879 918.1 S 

Stevenson. Twenty years in South 

America. 3v. 1825 918 S 

Temple. Travels in Peru. 2v. 1830... 918.5 T 

Turner. Argentina. 1892 918.2 T 



Vincent. South America. 1890 918 V 

Walker. Colombia. 2v. 1822 918.6 W 

Warren. Para. 1851 , 918.1 W 

Waterton. Wanderings in South Amer- 
ica. 1891 918W 

Wells. Three thousand miles through 

Brazil." 2v. 1886 918.1 Wl 

Whymper. Amongst the great Andes. . . 918 Wl 



Armitage. History of Brazil. 2v. 1836. 981 A 

Hervey. Dark days in Chile. 1891-92.. 983 H 

King. Argentine Republic. 1846 982 K 

Markham. History of Peru. 1892 985 M 

NiLES. South America and Mexico. 1838. 980 N 
Pazos. United Provinces of South 

America. 1819 980 P 

Washburn. History of Paraguay. 2v. 

1871 989 W 


Barker. Station life in New Zealand. 919.3 B2 
Bevan. Travel and discovery in New 

Guinea. 1890 919.5 B 

BiCKMORB. East Indian archipelago. 1869. 919.1 B 
Bishop. Hawaiian aichipelago. 1886... 919.6 B 
Brooke. Island of St. Helena. 1808. . . 997 Bl 
BuTTERWORTH. Zigzag journeys in Aus- 
tralia. 1891 ; 919.4 B3 

Byrne. Wanderings in the British colo- 
nies. 2v. 1848 919.4 B2 

Cheever. Sandwich islands. 1851 919.6 CI 

CuMMiNG. At home in Fiji. 1883 919 C 

Dillon. Voyage in the South seas. 2v. 

1829 ! 919 D 

Ellis. Polynesian researches 4v. 1833. 919. E6 

Firth. Story of New Zealand. 1890. . . 919.3 Fl 

FiTTON. New Zealand. 1856 919.3 F 

Flinders. Voyage to terra AustriEilis. 2v. 

1814 919.4 Fl 

Foreman. Philippine islands. 1892 919.1 F 

FoRNANDER. Polynesian race. 3v. 1890. 996 F 

GiSBORNE. New Zealand. 1891 993.1 G 

HiQGiNSON. Java. 1890 919. 2 H 

Hopkins. Hawaii. 1869 919.6 H 

HORT. Tahiti. 1891 '. 919.6 HI 

HowiTT. Two years in Victoria. 2v. 1855. 919.4 H 

Jarves. Sandwich islands. 1843.. 919.6 J 

Keppel. Expedition to Borneo. 1846. . . 919.1 K 
La Gironiere. Twenty years in the 

Philippines. 1854. 919.1 LI 

Lawson. Wanderings in the interior of 

New Guinea. 1875 919.5 LI 

Low. Sarawak. 1848 919.1 L 

Lyne. Nfew Guinea. 1885 919.5 L2 

Mannering. New Zealand alps. 1891.. 919.3 M 

Martin. Australasia. 1839 994 M 

Meredith. My home in Tasmania. 1853. 919.4 M 
NiSBET. Colonial tramp in Australia. 

2v. 1891 919.4 N 

Pembroke & Kingsley. South sea bub- 
bles. 1872 919.6 P 

Pitoairn. Two years among savages of 

New Guinea. 1891 919.5 P 

Reeves. One summer in Hawaii. 1891. 919.69 M 

Ritchie. Australian ramble: 1890 919.4 R 

Sidney. Three colonies of Australia. 

1853 919.4S 

Stevenson, Eight years of trouble in 

Samoa. 1892 996 S 

Stoddard. South sea idyls. 1892 919.6 SI 

South seas 919.6 S 

Stuart. Ancient gold fields of Africa. 

. 1891 919.4S1 

Tybrman & Bennet. Journal of voyages 

and travels. 3v. 1832 919 T 

Williams. Missionary enterprises in the 

south sea islands 919.6 W 

Woodford. Solomon islands. 1890 ... 919.3 Wl 


Beechey. Vc^yage < f discovery towards 

the north pole. 1843 919.8 B2 

BIjAk% ed. Arctic experiences. 1874... 919.8 Bl 
Carstensen. Two summers in Green- 
land. 1890 919.8C2 

Clutterbuck. Skipper in Arctic seas. 

1890 919.8 CI 

CoppiNGER. Cruise of the *'Alert." 1885. 919.8 C 

DuFFERiN. Yacht voyage to Iceland .... 919.8 Dl 

Hall. Arctic researches. 1865 919.8 H6 

Hayes. Open polar sea. 1867 919.8 H4 

Hooper. Tents of the Tuski. 1853 919.8 H5 

Nansen. First crossing of Greenland. 

2v. 1890 919.8 N5 

Newcomb, ed. Our lost explorers. 1882. 919.8 N3 

Northern regions. 1856 919.8 N4 

OsBORN. Polar regions. 1854 919.8 O 

Stray leaves from an Arctic journal. 

1852 919.8 01 

Payer. Within the Arctic circle. 1876. 919.8 PI 

Simpson. North coast of America. 1843. 919.8 S3 
Weddell. Voyage towards the south 

pole. 1825 919.9 W 

Wrangell. Expedition to the polar sea. 

1844 919.8W 





Adams. The boy makes the man j920 Adl^ 

Celebrated wopaen trayellers 930 Adl223 

English party leaders and English 

parties 920 Adl232 

Heroes of maritime discovery .920 Ad 1231 

* * In perils of t " 920 Adl218 

Master minds in art, science and let- 
ters. .• j920 Adl225 

Men at the helm 920 Adl219 

Some historic women 920 Adl233 

Stories of the lives of noble women . .920 Adl227 
Women of fashion and representative 

women in letters and society. 2v. .920 Adl229 
Worthies of the Church of England.. 920 Ad 1222 
Annual biography and obituary. 21v. . . . *920 An7 
Appleton's cyclopaedia of American biog- 
raphy. 6v *920Ap51 

Appleton's cyclopaedia of biography *920 Ap5 

Austin & Ralph. Lives of the poets-lau- 

* reate.. 920 Au7 

Bancroft. Chronicles of the builders. 6 v. 920 B22 
Barnard. The tone masters. 

Bach and Beethoven 920 B2511 

Handel and Haydn 920 B251 

Mozart and Mendelssohn 920 B25 

Batterson. Sketch-book of the Ameri- 
can episcopate 920 B32 

Bayne. Christian life, social and indi- 
vidual , 920 B34 

Belloe. Vignettes 920 B412 

Bernard. Wonderful escapes 920 B45 

Bolton. Famous artists 920 B6317 

Famous English authors 920 B63i5 

Famous English statesmen 920 B6316 

Famous men of science j920 B6314 

Famous types of womanhood 920 B6318 

Brougham. Men of letters and science 
who flourished in the time of 

George III 920 B792 

Statesmen who flourished in the time 
ofGeorgellL 6v 920 B7921 

Bruce. Classic and historic portraits. . . . 920 B83 

BuMFUS. Organists and composers of St. 

Paul's cathedral 920 B88 

Burnet. Lives, characters, and an ad- 
dress to posterity 920 B93 

Calver. Every day biography 920 C13 

Castelar y Rissoll. Life of Lord Byron, 
and other sketches 

Cates. Dictionary of general biography. . 

Caulfield. Portraits, memoirs and char- 
acters of remarkable persons. 4v. . 

Chau^ice. Illustrious women of France. 

Chambers, ed. Biographical dictionary 
of eminent Scotsmen. 5v. in 9 pts. 

Charles. Three martyrs of the nine- 
teenth century 

Chesney. Essays in military biography. 

Child. Married women 

Children's story-book of good and great 

Clarke, C. C. & M. V. (N.) C. Recollec- 
tions of writers *. 

Coleridge. Lives of northern worthies. 

Cooper. Lives of distinguished Ameri- 
can naval officers. 2v 

Cox. Memorial eulogies 

Crowe & James. Lives of the most emi- 
nent foreign statesmen. 5v 

CuNDALL. Landscape and pastoral paint- 
ers of Holland 

Cunningham, ed. Lives of eminent and 
illustrious Englishmen. 6v 

Cur WEN. History of booksellers 

Dole. A score of famous composers 

Dor AN. Monarchs retired from business. 

Drake. Dictionary of American biog- 

Dyer. Great senators of the U. S. forty 
years ago 

Edwards. Lives of the founders of the 
British Museum. 2v 

Ellet. Pioneer women of the West. . . . 
Woman artists 

Ellis. Mothers of great men 

Engel. From Handel to Halle 

Farrar. Lives of the fathers. 2v 

Fawcbtt. Some eminent women of our 

Ferguson. Penalties of greatness 

Ferris. Great American composers 

Great violinists and pianists 

ed. Great leaders 

920 C27 

*920 C28 

920 C31 
920 C35 

920 C352 

920 C38 
920 C42 
920 C43 

j920 C432 

920 C552 

920 C67 

920 (.^78 
920 C832 

920 C884 

920 C92 

920 C91 
920 C94 
920 D68 

920 D72 

*920 D782 

920 D98 

920 Ed9 

920 El 5 

920 El 51 

920 El 52 

920 En31 

920 F24 

920 F28 

920 F38 

920 F41 


920 F411 



Field. Memories of many men and some 

women 920 F45 

Finch. Lives of the Princesses of Wales. 

Sv 920 F49 

Fbeeman. Women of tlie Soutli 920 F87 

French. Art and artists in Connecticut. 920 F88 
Frost, comp. Pictorial book of. the 

comodores of the United States ... 920 F9231 

Georgian era. 4v 920 G29 

Qetchell^ comp. Our nation's executives. *920 G33 

Glazier. Heroes of three wars 920 G46 

GoDDARD. Players of the period. 2v 920 G45 

Godwin, ed. CyclopaBdia of universal 

biography *920 G542 

Goldsmith. Female revolutionary Plu- 
tarch. 3v 920 G57 

Goodrich. Lives of the signers of the 

Declaration of Independence 920 G62 

Green. Lives of the princesses of Eng- 
land. 6v 920 G82 

Griffiths. French revolutionary generals. 920 G87 
Griswold. Home life of great authors. . 920 G88 

Hale. Woman's record 920 H13 

Hall, Mrs, Matthew. Queens before 

the conquest. 2v ". 920 HI 4 

Hall, S. C. Book of memories 920 H142 

Hays. Female biography. 3v 920 H332 

Haywood. Sketches of eminent states- 
men and writers. 2v 920 H33 

Headley. Chaplains and clergy of the 

revolution 920 H3412 

Farragut and o'ur naval commanders. 920 H3411 

Napoleon and his marshals. 2v 920 H341 

HiGGiNSON. English statesmen 920 H53 

Historic gallery of portraits and paintitigs. 

7v *920 H621 

Historic gallery of portraits and paintings. 

3v *920H62 

Hole, comp. Brief biographical dic- 
tionary 920 H71 

Houssayb. Men and women of the 

eighteenth century. 2v 920 H81 

Howie. Biographia Scoticana 920 H84 

Jenkins. Generals of the last war with 

Great Britain 920 J411 

Jerdan. Men 1 have known 920 J47 

Jesse. The pretenders and their adher- 
ents. 2v 920 J49 

Jones. Biographical sketches of the dele- 
gates from Georgia to the Contin- 
ental Congress 920 J71 

JuDSON. Biography of the signers of 

the Declaration of Independence. . , 920 J92 
Kaye. Lives of Indian officers. 2v 920 K18 

Ebddie. Modern painters 920 K231 

Musical composers .920 K23 

Lamartine. Memoirs of celebrated char- 
acters. 2v 920 L16 

Lanman. Biographical annals of the 
civil government of the United 

States 920 L271 

LeClerc. Lives of the primitive fathers. 920 L492 

Lester. Artists of America 920 L56 

Lewis. Lives of the friends and con- 
temporaries of Lord Chancellor 

C^larendon. av 920 L58 

Lincoln. Lives of the presidents of the 

United States.! 920 L63 

Longacre & Herring. National por- 
trait gallery. 4v *920 L85 

LORING. Hundred Boston orators 920 L892 

LossiNG. Eminent Americans '920 L891 

Lives of celebrated Americans 920 L89 

McCarthy. Modern leaders 920 M12 

Madden. United Irishmen. 7v 920 M26 

Malcolm, ed. Curiosities of biography. . 920 M29 

Malden. Distinguished men. 2v 920 M292 

Manning. Lives of the speakers of the 

house of commons 920 M31 

Marshall. Royal naval biography. 12v. 920 M35 

Mason. Women of the French salons... 920 M38 

Men of the time .\ . 920 M53 

Men who have risen 920 M521 


Moon. Men and women of the time 920 M77 

Morgan. Sketches of celebrated Cana- 
dians 920 M82 

Morris. Famous musical composers 920 M83 

Mobsman. Heroes of discovery 920 M85 

MuNRO. Heroes of the telegraph 920 M921 

Pioneers of electricity '. . 920 M92 

Nasmith. Makers of modern thought. 

2v. 920N17 

National cyclopaedia of American biog- 
raphy. 2v *920N21 

NicoLL. Great movements 920 N54 

O' Byrne. Naval biographical dictionary. *920 Ob9 

Our presidential candidates 920 Ou7 

Peabody. Harvard graduates 920 P31 1 

Phillips. Dictionary of biographical 

reference *920 P54 

Piles. Lives of eminent painters 920 P64 

Politikos, pseud. Sovereigns and courts 

of Europe 920 P75 

Pollard. Early life of Robert E. Lee, 
with a record of his companions In 

arms 920 P76 

Pratt. Dawnings of genius 920 P88 

Richmond. World's women 920 R41 



Ritchie. Records of Tennyson, Raskin 

and Browning. . .•. 920 R512 

Hitter, ed. Realm of tones *930 R51 

SainteBedve. Portraits of celebrated 

women 920 Sa3 

Sala. Famous people I liaye met 920 Sa3 

Sandekson. Biography of the signers to 
the Declaration of Independence. 

9v 920 Sa5 

Sandford, comp. Memoirs of Mr. Wes- 
ley's missionaries to America 920 Sa52 

Savage. Our living representiitiye men.. 920 Sa9 
Saxon. Stories of the Italian artists. . . . 920 St?- 

Seymour. Self-made men 920 Se9 

SnAiRP. Portraits of friends 920 Shi 

Shanks. Personal recollections of dis- 
tinguished generals 920 Shl2 

Sheil. Sketches of the Irish bar. 2v. . 920 Sh4 

Smith., Three English statesmen 920 Sm53 

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowl- 
edge. Lives of eminent persons. . . 920 Sol 
Spalding, comp. Illustrated popular 

biography of Connecticut 920 ?pl 

Sparks, Jared, ed. Library of Ameri- 
can biography. 21v 920 Sp22 

Sparks, \V. H. Memoirs of fifty years. . 920 Sp2 
Spragub. Annals of the American 

pulpit. 8v 920 Sp7 

Stanton. Sketches of reform and re- 
formers of Great Britain and 

Ireland 920 St2 

Stead. Character sketches 920 St32 

Stebbinq. Lives of the Italian poets. 3v. 920 fc»t3 

Stoddard. Under the evening lamp 920 St61 

ed. Bric-a-brac series. lOv 920 St6 

Stowe. Lives and deeds of our self- 
made men 920 St72 

Stowe. Men of our times 920 St721 

Strickland. Lives of the bachelor kings 

of England... .* 920 StSll 

Lives of the queens of England. 12v. 920 St813 

Lives of the seven bishops 920 St812 

Stuart. Live? of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, 
Mrs. Sarah B. Judson, and Mrs. 

Emily C. Judson. . : 920 St9 

Suli^ivan. Familiar letters on public 

characters 920 Su51 

Public men of the Revolution.. . . 920 Su5 

Supreme Court of the United States 920 Su7 

Thatcher. Indian biography. 2v 920 T322 

Thomas. Universal pronouncing dic- 
tionary of biography and mythology. *920 T36 
Thomson, Katherinb (B). Memoirs of 

the Jacobites. 3t 920 T381 


and TkoMSON, J. C. Wits and beaux 
of society 920 T38 

Tuckerman. Book of the artists 920 T79 

Sketches of eminent American 
painters 920 T791 

Urbino. Biographical sketches of eminent 

musical composers 920 Url 

Princes of art 920 Url2 

Van Santvoord. Lives of the chief jus- 
tices of the Supreme Court of the 
United States 920 V36 

Vasari. Lives of the most eminent 
painters, sculptors and architects. 
5v 920 V44 

Walton. Lives of Donne, Wotton, 

Hooker, Herbert and Sanderson 920 W17 

Warren. Three judges 920 W25 

Waters & Button. Artistsof nineteenth 

century *920 W311 

Same. 2v *920 W3112 

Williams. Lives of the English car- 
dinals. 2v 920 W67 

Wilson. Wonderful characters 920 W692 

Women of worth j920 W84 

Wrangham. British Plutarch. 6v 920 W92 

A Bkcket, Thomas. See Thomas a Becket, Saint. 
Abbot, Charles. See Colchester, Lord. 
Abbot, Ezra. Life ; ed. by Barrow .... B Ab2 
Abbott, Emma. Life and professional 

. career ; by Martin B Ab22 

Abraham. Life and times ; by Deane. . . B Ab8 
Adams, John. Life ; by J. Q. and C. F. 

Adams. 2v B Adlll 

Adams, J. Q. Life ; by Seward B Adl21 

Memoirs. 12v BAdl2ll 

Adams, Samuel. Life ; by Wells. 3v., BAdl31 
Addison, Joseph. Life ; by Courthope. . B Ad2 
Agassiz, J. L. R. Life ; by Mrs. Agassiz. 

2v B Agl 

Akbar. Life ; by Malleson B Ak2 

Albany, Countess of. Life ; by Paget ... B Al 15 
Albemarle, Earl of. Fifty years of my 

life BA114 

Albert, Prince-consort. Life ; by Yonge. B Al 11 
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. 

Prince, princess and people ; by 

. Burdett B Al 16 

Albuquerque, Alfonso d\ the Great. 

Life ; by Stephens B Al 17 

Alexander, the Great. Life ; by Dodge. B Al 24 
Alexander, Archibald. Life ; by J. W. 

Alexander B Al 23 



Alex ANDEB, William, caUed Earl of Stir- * 

ling. Life ; by Duer 6 Al 25 

Alexandra, Princess of Wales. Prince, 

princess and people B Al 16 

Alfred, the Great ; Life ; by Hughes ... B Al 21 

Allen, Ethan. Life ; by Hall B Al 5 

Allston, Washington. Life and letters ; 

by Flagg B Al 52 

Anderson, Alexander. Memorial ; by 

Lossing B An22 

Andr6, John. Life ; by Sargent B An23 

Andrew, J. A. Memoir ; by Chandler . . B An24 

Angelo, Michael. See Bttonarroti, M. 

Angouleme, BucTiesse d*. Life ; by Im- 

bert de Saint-Amand B An41 

Youth ; by Imbert de Saint-Amand . . B An4 

Anson, Lord, From middy to admiral ; 

by Macaulay j B An831 

Life ; by Barrow B An83 

Arnold, Thomas. Life ; by Selfe B Ar61 

Arouet, F. M. de. See Voltaire, F. M. 
A. de. 

AsBURY, Francis. Journal. 3v B Asl 

Athanasius, Saint. Life ; by Bush B At3^ 

Austen, Jane. Life ; by O. F. Adams. . B Au71 
Life ; by Smith B Au7 

Aytoun, W. E. Memoir ; by Martin. ... B Ay9 

Bacon, Delia. Truth stranger than 

fiction ; by Beecher B B133 

Bacon, Lord. Bacon and his secret soci- 
ety ; by Pott B B1315 

Life ; by Church.* B B1311 

Personal history ; by Dixon B B1312 

Bailey, Abigail (A.). Memoirs B B15 

Ball, Thomas. My threescore years and 

ten BB214 

Ballantine, William. Some experi- 
ences of a barrister's life B B213 

Baltimore, Barons. George and Cecil 

Calvert ; by Browne B B212 

Balzac, Honors de. Life ; by Wedmore. B B211 
Memoir ; comp. by Wormeley . .... B B211 1 

Barbauld, Anna L. (A.). Memoir; by 

Ellis. 2v BB232 

Barham, R. H. Life and letters \ id. hy 

R. H. D. Barham B B23 

Barrington, Sir Jonah. Personal 

sketches. 2v B B272 

Barrow, Sir John. Autobiographical 

memoir B B27 

Bartholdy, F. M. See Mendelssohn- 
Bartholdy, J. L. F. 

Bartram, John. Memorials; by Darl- 
ington B B284 

Barttelot, E, M. Life ; ed. by W. G. 

Barttelot .• B B283 

Baryb, a. L. Life ; by De Kay *B B282 * 

Bastian-Lepage, Jules. Life ; by 

Theuriet B B292 

Bauer, Karoline. Autobiography ; ed. 

byNisbet B B32 

Bayard, G. D. Life ; by S. J. Bayard. . . B B34 
Beaconsfield, Earl of. See Disraeli, 


Beaton, David. Life ; by Herkless B B38 

Beaumarchais, p. a.' C. de. Life ; by 

Lomenie. 4v B B383 

Same, in Iv B B3831 

Becket, Thomas a. See Thomas a 

Beckct, Saint. 
Beecher, H. W. A study ; by Howard. B B3911 
Beecher, Lyman. Autobiography. 2v. B B393 
Beethoven, LuDwiG, VAN. Life;byNohl. B B3922 

Life; by Rudall , B B392 

Belisarius. Life ; by Stanhope B B41 

Bell, Currer, pseud. See NichoUs 

Charlotte, (B.). 

Bennett, J. G. Memoirs ; by Pray B B43 

Bentinck, Lord. Life ; by Boulger B B443 

Bentley, Richard. Life ; by Jebb B B442 

Life ; by Monk. B B4421 

Berlioz, L. H. Autobiography. 2v.... B B 452 
Bernard, Saint. Abbot of Clairvaux ; 

by Eales B B453 

- Life ; by Storrs B B4531 

Berry, Duchesse de. Court of Charles 

X ; by Imbert de Saint-Amand. ... B 64551 
Court of Louis XVlll ; by Imbert de 

Saint-Amand B B455 

Berry, Mary. Extracts from journals 

and correspondence. 3v B B454 

Bethune, G. W. Memoir ; by Van Nest. B B46 
Betterton, Thomas. Life ; by Lowe. . . B B463 
Bienville, J. B. Le M. de. Life ; by 

King B B47 

BiGELOW, Moses. Biographical sketch ; 

by S. F. Bigelew B B48 

BiRNEY, J. G. Life ; by W. Birney B B53 

Bismarck, Prince. Bismarck in time ... B B5415 

Life ; by Hesekiel B B5414 

Black Hawk. See Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia- 

Blaine, J. G. American statesman ; by 

Johnson B B571 

Life ; by Balestier B B57 

Blennerhassett, Harman. Blenner- 

hassett papers ; by SafEord B B611 

Life ; by Safford B B61 



BLE8SINGT0N, Countess of. Literary life ; 

by Madden. 2v B B612 

Bolivar y Pontb, Simon. Memoirs ; by 

Holstein. 2v B B632 

Bonaparte,' Elizabeth (P.). Life and 

letters ; by Didier B B647 

Bonaparte, Napoleon. See Napoleon I. 
Bonaparte family. Revolutionary plu- 

tarch ; by Stewarton B St46 

BoNKER, Edmund. Life and defer.ce ; by 

Townsend B B644 

BooNB, Daniel. Life ; by Bogart B B641 

Booth, J. B., the Elder. Life ; by Clarke. B B643 
Borgia, Lucrezea. Life ; by Gilbert ... *B B645 

Bossuet, J. B. Life ; by Lear B B652 

BoswELL, James. Life ; by Fitzgerald. 

2v BB65 

BouiiKE, R. S., Earl of Mayo. See Mayo, 

Earl of 
Boyd, A. K. H. Twenty five years of 

St. Andrews. 2v B B692 

Bqyd, Mark. Reminiscences of fifty 

years B B69 

Bradstreet, Anne (D.). Life ; by 

Campbell B B722 

Brake, Tycho. Life ; by Dreyer B B78 

Brant, Joseph. Life ; by Eggleston 

and Seeiye B B733 

Life ; by Stone. 2v B B7331 

Bremer, Fredrika. Life ; ed. by C. 

Bremer B B75 

Breton, J. A. A. L. Life of an artist. . B B752 
Brewster, William. Chief of the Pil- 
grims ; by Steele B B753 

Brooks, Phillips. Life ; by Dunbar B B793 

Brougham, John. Life, stories and 

poems ; ed. by Winter B B79 

Brougham and Vaux, Baron. Life and 

times. 3v B B792 

Brown, H. A. Memoir ; ed. by Hoppin. , B B813 
Brown, John, of Edinburgh. Life ; by 

E. T. M'L B B8111 

Browning, Robert. Life ; by Sharp . . B B822 

Life and letters ; by Orr. 2v B B8222 

Personalia ; by Gosse B B822I 

Brummell, George. Life ; by Jesse. 2v, B B832 
Bruno, Giordano. Philosopher and mar- 
tyr ; by Brinton and Davidson B B831 

Bryant, W. C. Life ; by Bigelow B B841 

BucKLAND, F. T. Life ; by Bompas B B852 

BuNSEN, Baron. Memoirs ; by F. W. 

Bunsen. 2v B B884 

Bunyan, John. Life ; by Froude B B881 

Life ; by Venables B B8811 

Buonarroti, M. Life ; by Grimm. 2v. B B8822 
Burgess, George. Memoir ; ed. by A. 

Burgess B B913 

Burgess, Thomas. Life ; by Harford B B912 

Burnett, P. H. Recollections and opin- 
ions B B934 

Burns. Robert. Life ; by Blaokie B B9311 

Life ; by Carlyle B B931 

Life ; by Shairp B B93 

Burr, Aaron. Life ; by Van Ness B B9422 

Life and times ; by Parton. 2v B B9423 

Memoirs ; by Davis. 2v B B942 

Private journal. 2v B B9421 

BuRRiTT, Elihu. Life ; ed. by North- 
end B B94 

Burton, Thomas. Diary B B95 

BusHNELL, Horace. Life and letters. ... B B96 
BuTLKR, B. F. Life and opinions; by 

Mackenzie B B97 

Byron, Q. G. N., Lord. Life ; by Gait.. B B9913 

Life ; by Nichol B B991 

Life; by Noel B B9912 

Recollections of Lord Byron ; by 

Boissy B B9911 

Cesar. History ; by Dodge B CU16 

History ; by Napoleon IIL 2v B C1114 

Life ; by Fowler B C1115 

Life ; by Liddell B Cllll 

Life ; by Williams B C1113 

Tragedy of the Caesars ; by Gould. ... B C1117 
Calderon de la Barca, Pedro. Essay ; 

by Trench B C123 

Calvert, George & Cecil. See Balti- 
more, Barons. 

Calvin, John. Life ; comp. by Dyer B C13 

Lord Servetus ; by Tweedie B C131 

Campbell, Colin. See Clyde, Baron, 
Campbell, Thomas. Life and letters ; 

• ed. by Beattie. 2v B C151 

Same. 3v B C15 

Campello, Enricho, Count di. Life ; by 

Robertson B CI 52 

Canning, Earl. Life ; by Cunningham. B C162 

Canning, George. Life ; by Bell B C161 

Carey, H. C. Memoir ; by Elder B C25 

Carlyle, Jane B. (W^). Life ; by Ire- 
land B C191 

Carlyle, Thomas. Conversations ; by 

Duffy B CI 929 

Life; by Garnett B CI 927 

Life; by Nichol B C193 

Moral and religious development ; by 

Fl iigel B C 1 928 

Open secret of his life ; by Larkin. . . , B C1926 


Caroline, Queen of George IV. Royal 
exile ; by Adolphus. 2y 

Carter, Robert. Life and work ; by 

Cary, Alice. Memorial ; by Hudson. . . . 

Casb, Lewis. Life ; by McLaugblio 

Sketch ; by Young 

Catharine, ofAragon. Divorce of ; by 

Catharine II, of Russia. Life; by 

Tooke. %Y 


Caxton, William. First English printer; 
by Knight 

CbcHj, R. a. T. Q. See Salisbury, Mar- 
quU of 

Cervantes, S. M. de. Life ; by Watts . 
Life and writings ; by Roscoe 

Chambers, William. Memoir 

Chandler, Zachariah. Life 

Charles I, of JSngland. Memoirs ; by 


White king ; by Adams. 2v 

Charles II, of England. Personal mem- 
oirs ; by Clayton. 2v 

Life ; by Hopkins. 2v 

Memoirs ; by Count Qrammont 

Charles V, of Germany. Cloister life ; 

by Stirling 

Life ; by Robertson 

Charles VIII, of France. . History ; by 
Segur. 2v 

Charles, tTie young Pretender. Memoirs ; 
by Elose 

Chase, S. P. Life ; by Schuckers 

Life ; by Warden 

Chatham, Earl of William Pitt; by 

Chatterton, Thomas. Life ; by Greg- 

Chaucer, Geoffrey. Life ; by Godwin. 


Life; by Ward 

Cherubini, M. L. C. Z. S. Life ; by 

Childs, G. W. Recollections 

Chinese Gordon. See Gordon, C. G. 

Choate, Rufus. Reminiscences ; by Par- 

Works, with memoir ; by Brown. 2v. 

Chopin, F. F. Life ; by Willeby. .... 

Chorley, H, F. Recent art and society ; 
by Hewlett 

Chrysostom, Saint. Life ; by Neander. . 







B C3121 

B C3321 




B C3811 
B C381 

B C3822 
B C3821 
*B 0764 




B C3851 



B C893 

B C3921 


B C4512 


Churchill, S. (J.). See Marlborough, 

Duchess of 
CiBBER, COLLEY. Apology for [his] life. 


Cicero. Life ; by Forsyth. 2y : . . . 

Life ; by HoUings 

Life ; by Middleton 

Clarendon, Earl of Autobiography. . . 

Life ; by Lister. 3y 

Clarke, Adam. Autobiography. 3f. . . . 

Clarke, J. F. Autobiography 

Clay, Henry. Last seven years ; by 


Life and speeches ; ed. by Mallory. 2v. 

Life and times ; by Colton. 2v 

Obituary addresses on the death of 


Clemens, S. L. (Mark Twain). Life ; 

by W. M. Clemens * 

Cleveland, S. G. Life ; by King. ..... 

Clinton, Db Witt. Life ; by Campbell. 
Clive, Robert. Lord Clive ; by Wilson. 
QiOViO, G. G. Life and works ; by 


Clyde, Baron. Life ; by Shad well. 2 v. 

Clyde and Strathnairn ; by Burne 

CoAN, Titus. Life in Hawaii 

Cobb, Sylvanus. Autobiography: 

CoBBETT, William. How to get on in 

the world ; by Waters 


COBDEN, Richard. Life ; by Morley. 2v. 
Cockburn, H. T. Memorials of his time. 
CosuR, Jacques. French argonaut ; by 


CoiGNET, J. R. Narrative, 1776-1850 

Coke, Sir Edward. Life ; by Johnson. 


CoLBURN, Zerah. Memoir 

Colchester, Lord. Diary and correspond- 
ence ; ed. by Charles Colchester. 


Coleridge, Sara (C.) Memoir and let- 

Coleridge, S. T. Life ; by Cain 

Life; by Traill 

Coles, Abraham. Life ; ed. by J. A. 


Colfax, Schuyler. Life ; by Hollister. 
CoiJJNGWOOD, Lord. Life ; by Russell. . 
COLONNA, ViTTORiA. Life ; by TroUope. 
Columbus, Christopher. Career ; by 


Discoverer of America ; by Helps. . . . 



B C4822 

B C4821 





B C5714 
B C5711 
B C5713 

B C5712 




B .C612 



B C633 


B C6321 

B C634 



B C673 




B C6721 

B C675 




B C7219 
B C7218 



Columbus, Christopheii. Discovery of 

the new world ; by Saunders B C7217 

History ; by Goodrich. .. .• B C7221 

Life ; by Adams B C7216 

Life ;Anon jB C7213 

Life ; by Innes B C7223 

Life ; by Lamartine B C7211 

Life ; by MarkUam B C7222 

Life ; by Tarducci. 2v B C7213 

Life ; by Winsor B C7215 

Story of Columbus ; by Seelye jB C722 

COMENius, J. A. Bishop of the Morav- 
ians ; by Laurie B C73 

Cond6, Princes de. History of the Princes 

de Cond4 ; by d'Aumale. 2v B C75 

CoNFUCiOUS. Life ; by Alexander B C765 

CoNGREVE, William. Life ; by Gosse. . B C764 
CoNKLiNG, BoscOE. Life and letters ; by 

A. R. Conkling B C76 

CoNSTANTiNE XIH, Bmperor of the East. 
Last emperor of the Greeks ; by 

Mijatovich B C766 

Cook, James. Life ; by Besant B C77 

Cooper, A. A. See Shaftesbury, Earl of. 

CoRNEiLLE, Pierre. Life; by Guizot.. B C813 

Study; by Lodge B C8131 

CORNWALLis, CiiARLES. Life ; by Karr. . B C815 
COROT, J. B. C. Painters of Barbizon ; by 

Mollett B C814 

CORREGGio, A. A. Life ; by Heaton B C81 

Cortes, Hernando. Life ; by Helps ... B C8121 

CowPER, William. Life ; by Smith B C832 

Life ; by Wright B C8321 

Cox, David. Life ; by Redgrave B C833 

Crabbe, George. Life ; by Kebbel B C84 

Cromwell, Oliver. Life ; by Guizot. . . B C8826 

Life ; by Hood B C8824 

Life ; by lamartine B C8823 

Protector ; by Merle D'Aubigne B C8822 

Cross. Mary A. (E.) L. (George Eliot). 

Life; by Browning B C8812 

Crosse, Cornelia A. H. Red-letter days 

of my life. 2v B C884 

Cruikshank, George, Memoir ; by 

Stephens B C883 

Cumberland, Richard. Autobiography. B C91 
Cummins, G. D. Memoir ; by A. M. (B.) 

Cummins B C912 

CuRRAN, J. P. Life ; by W. H. Curran. B C93 
Curran and his contemporaries ; by 

Phillips B C931 

Curtis, B. R. Memoir ; by his son. 2v. B C94 
CusHMAN, Charlotte S. Letters and 

memories of her life B C952 

Custer, G. A. Life ; by Whittaker B C96 

Dabnet, T. S. G. Southern planter ; by 

Smedes B Dll 

Dalhousie, Marquis. Life ; by Hunter. B D15 
Dallas, A. J. Life and writing ; by G. 

M. Dallas B D16 

Dallas, G. M. Diary B D162 

Damien, Father. See Veuster, J. D. de. 

Dana, R. H. Life ; by Adams. 2v B D19 

Daniel, tlie Prophet. Life and times ; by 

Deane. B D221 

The beloved ; by Taylor B D22 

Dante Alighieri. Dante and his early 

biographers ; by Moore B D231 

Life and writings ; by Browning. . . B D2312 
Philosopher, patriot and poet ; by 

Botta B D2311 

Darc, Jeanne. Life ; by Michelet B D2421 

Memoirs ; by Ireland. 2v B D24 

Darwin, C. R. Life ; by Bettany B D2511 

Life and work ; by Holder B D2512 

David, King of Israel. King of Israel ; 

by Taylor B D28 

Life and times ; by Deane. ^ B D281 

Davidgb, William. Footlight flashes. B D282 

Davis, Jefferson. Life ; by Alfriend. . B D2941 

Life and reminiscences ; ed. by Daniel. B D2942 

Memoir ; by his wife. 2v. B D294 

Davis, Reuben. Recollections B D292 

Davis, Thomas. Life ; by Duffy B D293 

Dawson, Henry. Life ; comp. by Alfred 

Dawson B D32 

De Foe, Daniel. Life ; by Lee. 3v. . . . B D361 

Life ; by Minto B D36 

Delaney, Mary (G.) Autobiography. 

6v BD37 

De Leon, Edwin. Thirty years of my 

life. 2v BD372 

De Quincey, Thomas. Life ; by Masson. B D441 

Memorials ; ed. by Japp. 2v B D4411 

Derby, Earl of. Life ; by Saintsbury B D442 

Dibdin, Thomas. iJeminiscences. 2v.. B D543 
DiBDiN, T. F. Reminiscences of a literary 

life. 2v BD542 

Dickens, C. J. H. Childhood and youth ; 

by Langton \ B D5515 

Life; by Marzials. B D5513 

Life; by Ward B D5512 

Life and works ; by Perkins. B D5514 

Disraeli, Benjamin. Disraeli and his 

day ; by Fraser B D6312 

Lord Beaconsfield ; by Froude B D631 

Personal reminiscences ; by Lake B D6311 

Dix, Dorothea L. Life ; by Tiffany B D642 



Doddridge, Philip. Correspondence and 

diary. 5v B D662 

Dodge, W. E. The Christian merchant ; 

by Martyn B D66 

D5LLINGER, J. J. I. Conversations ; by 

Kobbl 1 B D69 

Dominic, Saint. History ; by Drane. . . B D71 

DoRE, L. A. O. Life ; by Jerrold B D73 

Douglass, Frederick. Life and times. . B D741 

The colored orator ; by Holland B D7411 

Drake, Sir Francis. Life ; by Corbett.. B D781 

Sea-king of Devon ; by Towle B D78 

Dryden, John. Life ; by Saintsbury B D84 

Dudley, Am ye (R)., Lady. Amye Rob- 
sart and the Earl of Leycester ; by 

Adlard B D862 

Dudley, Lady Jane (Q). Life ; by Bart- 

lett BD863 

DuFFERiN AND AvA, MarcMoTiess of. My 

Canadian journal B D87 

Dumas, A. D. Memoirs. 2v B D89 

Dumas, Mathieu, Gomte. Memoirs of 

his own time. Sv B D893 

DuPLEix, J. F. Life ; by Malleson B D92 

DuRAS, Ditcliesse de. Prison journals 

during the French revolution B D932 

DuTENS, Louis. Memoirs. 5v B D95 

Eaton, William. Life; ed. by Pren- 
tiss B Ea8 

Edgeworth, Maria. Life ; by Oliver. . B Ed31 
Edison, T. A. Edison and his inventions ; 

ed. by McClnre B Ed4 

Eells, Samuel. Memorial ; comp. by J. 

Eells B Ee5 

Ei.iJAH, the PropJiet. Life and times ; 

by Milligan BE143 

Eliot, George. See Cross, Mary A. (E.) L. 
Elizabeth, of England. Queen Eliza- 
beth ; by Beesly B El 41 

Elizabeth, of Roumania. Life ; by 

Roosevelt. B E144 

Elphinstonk, Mountstuart. Life ; by 

Cotton BE16 

Emerson, R. W. Life ; by Garnett B Em314 

Talks with Emerson ; by Woodbury . B Em315 
Ericsson, John. Life ; by Church. 2v. B Er41 

Evelyn, John. Diary B Ev2 

Ezra. Life and times ; by Rawlinson ... B Ez7 
Fabert, Abraham. Life ; by Hooper. . . B FU 

Fairfax, Mary. See Somerville, Mary (F.). 
Fanshawe, Anne (H.), Lady. Memoirs . B F21 
Farmer, Marguerite (P.). See Bles- 

sington, Countess of 
Farragut, D. G. Life ; by Mahan B F2411 

Fenelon, F. de S. de la M. Life ; by 

Butler B F35 

Fielding, Henry. Life ; by Dobson ... B F462 
Fields, J. T. Biographical notes and 

personal sketches B F46 

FiNLEY, Robert. Memoirs ; by Brown.. B F49 

Finney, C. G. Life ; by Wright B F492 

Fitch, John. Life ; by Westcott B F55 

FiTZGERAiiD, Lord Edward. Life and 

death ; by Moore. 2v B F57 

FOOTE, A. H. Life ; by Hoppin B F73 

Forrest, Edwin. Life ; by Rees B F77 

Foster, M. B. Life and work ; by Huish. *B F81 

Fox, C. J. Early history ; by Trevelyan. B F83 

Life ; by Wakeman B F8311 

Recollections ; by Walpole B F831 

Francisco Xavier, Saint. Missionary 

life and labours ; by Venn B F843 

Franklin, Benjamin. Apprentice boy ; 

by Abbott jB F8515 

Life ; ed, by Bigelow. 3v B F8511 

Franklin, Sir John. Life ; by Mark- 
ham B F8521 

Frederick, tJie Great. Characteristic an- 
ecdotes ; by Latrobe B F8717 

Frederick and Maiia Theresa ; by 

Broglie. 2v B F8712 

His court and time ; ed.hj Campbell. 

2v B F8714 

History ; by Abbott B F8713 

Life ; by Macaulay B F8711 

Memoirs ; by Towers B F8716 

Youth of ; by Lavisse B F8715 

Frederick III, of Qermany, Life ; by 

Rodd BF873 

Frelinghuysen, Theodore. Memoir ; 

by Chambers B F883 

Fremont, J. C. Memoirs B F884 

Freytag, Gustav. Reminiscences. 2v. B F89 

Fritchie, Barbaba. Life ; by Dall B F9121 

Life of W^hittier's heroine : by Nix- 

dorff BF912 

Frith, W. P. Further reminiscences. B F911 
FrQbel, F. W. a. Reminiscences; by 

Marenholz-Bulow B F922 

Frothingham, O. B. Recollections and 

impressions B F932 

Fulton, Robert. Life ; by Knox B F95 

Life ; by Thurston B F9ol 

Galileo. Life ; by Bethune B Q 1321 

Private life ; by Maria Celeste B G132 

Galt, John. Autobiography. 2v B Q133 

Gardiner, Marguerite (P.) See Bless- 
ington. Countess of 



Garfield, J. A. Eulogy ; by Blainje. ... B Q1811 

Life; by Bund y B G18 

Garrison, W. L. Life ; by Grimke. ... B G1911 

Moral crusader ; by Gold win « B 01*1912 

Gay, E. J. Memorial addresses B G25 

George I, of England, History of the 

four Georges ; by Sclimucker B G29 

History of the four Georges ; by 

McCarthy B G291 

George III, of England. Public and 

domestic life ; by Holt. 2 v B G293 

George IV, of England. History ; by 

Wallace. 3v B G2921 

Life ; by Fitzgerald B G292 

Gibbon, Edward. Life ; by Morison B G351 

GiDDiNGS, J. R. Life ; by Julian B G36 

Gilbert, Ann (T.) Autobiography. 2 v. B G37 

Gladstone, W. E. Life ; by Curry. ... B G4511 

Life; by Ellis B G4514 

Life ; by Macdonald B G4513 

Life ; by Russell B G4512 

Glazier, Willard. Sword and pen ; by 

Owens B G46 

Godwin, William. Life ; by Paul. 2v. B G542 
Goethe, J. W. von. Characteristics ; 

by Austin. 3v B G5517 

Life ; by Browning B G5518 

Life; by Duntzer B G5516 

Life ; by Sime B G5515 

GoLDSCHMiDT, Jenny (L.) Memoir; by 

Holland and Rockstro. 2y B G573 

Goldsmith, Oliver. Life; by Black B G5711 

Life ; by Dobson B G5712 

Goocii, Sir Daniel. Diaries B G59 

GooDELL, William. Forty years in the 

Turkish empire ; by Prime B G61 

Goodrich, S. G. Peter Parley's own 

story B G62 

Recollections. 2v B G621 

Gordon, C. G. Chinese Gordon ; by 

Forbes , B G6511 

Life; by Churchill B G6512 

GoRGEi, Arthur. My life and acts in 

Hungary B G552 

GosSE, P. H. Life ; by E. Gosse B G69 

Gould, Emily (B.) Memorials; by Bacon. B G73 

Gounod, C. F. Life ; by Bovet B G742 

GowER, Lord. My reminiscences B G74 

Grady, H. W. Life ; ed. by Harris B G75 

Grahame, James. Bee Montrose, Mar- 

qui8 of. 
Grant, U. S. Grant and his campaigns ; 

byCopp^e B G7621 

Life ; by Dana and Wilson B G7619 

G rattan, Henry. Memoirs; by H. 

Grattan. ;>. 5v B G771 

Gray, Thomas. Life ; by Gosse B G79 

Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs B G7921 

Same. B G792 

Greeley, Horace. Life B G811 

Recollections B G81 

Gregory VII. Life ; by Bowden B G862 

Same. 2v B G8621 

Greig, Mary (F.). See Somerville, 

Mary F. 
Grey, Sir George. Life ; by W. L. and 

L. Rees. 2v B G863 

Grey, Lady Jane. See Dudley, Lady 

Jane (G.). 

Griswold, a. V. Memoir ; by Stone B G884 

Grotb, George. Personal life ; by H. L. 

Grote B G91 

GuERiN, Eugenie de. Journal B G93 

GusTAVUS I, of Sweden. History ... B G97 

GusTAvus II, of Sweden. Life; by 

Fletcher B G973 

Guthrie, Thomas. Autobiography. 2y. B G98 
GuYON, Jeannie M. (B. dbla M.). Life ; 

by Upham. 2v B G99 

Haight, Canniff. Country life B H12 

Hake, T. G. Memories B H122 

Halen, Juan van. Narrative of [his] im- 

priaonment. 2v B H132 

Halleck, Fitz Greene. Life and let- 
ters ; by Wilson B HIS 

Hamilton, Alexander. Life ; by Bou- 

tell BH1814 

Life ; by Schmucker B H1812 

Life ; by Sumner B H1813 

Hamilton, Lady Emma L. Memoirs ; . 

ed. by Long B H1831 

Hamilton, Harriet G. See Dufferin 

and Ava, Marchioness of. 
Hampden, John. Memorials; by Nugent. B HI 84 

Hancock, W. S. Life ; by Forney B H1931 

Hannibal. Life ; by Arnold B H1921 

Hardinge, Viscount. Life ; by C. S. 

Hardinge B H21 

Harrison, W. H. Life ; by Montgomery. B 1124 
Hastings, Selina (S.) See Huntingdon, 

Countess of 

Hastings, Warren. Life ; by Lyall B H27 

Life ; by Trotter B H271 

Hatton, Sir Christopher. Memoirs ; 

by Nicolas * B H28 

Havelock, Sir Henry. Biographical 

sketch ; by Brock B H29 

Life ; by Forbes B H291 



Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Life; by 

Conway B H3112 

Life ; by James B H311 

Haydn, F. J. Life ; by Nolil B H321 

Haydon, B. R. Life, letters and table 

talk ; by Stoddard B H823 

Life; ed. by Taylor. 2v B H8231 

Hayks, R. B. Sketch ; by Howells B H3221 

Hecker, L T. Life ; by Elliott B H35 

Henry IV, of France. Memoirs ; by 

Ireland B H3923 

Life ; by James. 3v B H3922, 

Henry V, of England. Henry of Mon- 
mouth ; by Tyler B H3942 

History; by Towle B H3941 

Henry, the Navigator, Discoveries ; by 

Major BH398 

Henry, Joseph. Memorial B Ha97 

Henry, Patrick. Life ; by Arnold B H3931 

Life ; by W. W. Henry. 3v B H3932 

Life ; by Tyler B H393 

Henry, Philip. Life ; by M. Henry...'. B H396 

Herbert, Edward. Autobiography. ... B H41 
Herodotus. Life and travels; by Wheeler. 

2v BH43 

Hick, Samuel. Village blacksmith ; by 

Everett B H522 

Hicks, Rachel (S.) Memoir B H52 

HiGGiNSON, Francis. Life ; by T. W. 

Higginson B H53 

HiUEN-TsiANO. Life; by Hwui Li and 

Yen-Tsung B H64 

HoBART, J. H. ProfessioDal years ; by 

McVickar B H651 

Homer. Life; by White B H75 

Hone, Philip. Diary. 2v B H752 

Hook, T. E. Life and remains ; ed. by 

Barham B H76 

Hook, W. F. Life and letters; by 

Stephens B H762 

Hooker, Thomas. Life ; by Walker B H763 

Hopkins, J. H. Life ; by J. H. Hopkins, 

jr BH77 

Hopkins, Mark. Life ; by Carter B H 772 

Houghton, Lord. Life, letters and 

friendships ; by Reid. 2v B H81 

Houston, Samuel. Life ; by Bruce B H812 

Howe, S. G. Life ; by Sanborn B H83 

Hudson, Henry. Historical inquiry ; by 

Read *B H863 

Hughes, G. E, Memoir of a brother ; by 

T. Hughes B H862 

Hughes, John. Life ; by Brann B H874 

Hugo, V. M., ConUe. Life ; by Marzials. B H8711 

Hull, William. Revolutionary services 

and civil life ; by Campbell B H872 

Humboldt, F. H. A. & K. W. Lives ; by 

Elencke and Schlesier B H881 

Hume, David. Life ; by Huxley B H882 

Life and correspondence; by Burton. 

2v BH8821 

Huntingdon, Countess of Memoir; comp. 

by New B H92 

Huss, John. Life and times ; by Gillett. 

2v BH951 

Hutchinson, John. Memoir ; by L. (A.) 

Hutchinson B H97 

Hyde, Edward. See Clarendon, Earl of. 
Ibsen, Henrik. Four lectures ; by Wick- 
steed B lb41 

Life ; by Jaeger B Ib4 

Iddesleigh, Earl of Life, letters and 

diaries ; by Lang. 2v B Idl 

Irving, Edward. Life ; by Oliphant. .. B Ir84 

Irving, Henry. Life ; by Wioter B Ir81 

Irving, Washington. Life ; by Hill. . . B Ir8311 

Isaac. Life ; by Rawlinson B Isl 

Isaiah. His life and times ; by Driver. . . B Isl2 

Jackson, Andrew. Jackson wreath. ... B J 1211 

Life ; by Dyer B J1214 

Life ; by Parton. 3v B J1213 

Life ; by Reid and Eaton B J1212 

Jackson, T. J., caMed StonewaU. Life; 

by Cooke B J1221 

Same B J122 

Life and campaigns ; by Dabney. ... B J 1223 
Life and letters ; by M. A. (M.) 

Jackson - B J1222 

Jaffray, Alexander. Diary ; by Bar- 
clay B J18 

James I, of Aragon, Life ; by Beazley. . B J233 

James, J. A. Life and letters B J23 

Jasmin, Jacques. Life ; by Smiles B J31 

Jay. John. Life; by W.Jay B J3311 

Life ; by Pellew B J331 

Jefferson, Joseph. Autobiography B J354 

Jefferson, Thomas. Domestic life ; by 

Randolph B J3514 

Life ; by Parton B J3513 

Jeffrey, Lord. Life ; by Cockburn. 2 v. B J37 
Jenkinson, Sir R. B. See Liverpool, 

Earl of. 

Jenner, Edward. Life ; by Baron. 2v. B J43 

Jeremiah. Life ; by Cheyne B J47 

Jerrold, D. W. Life and remains ; by 

W. B. Jerrold .'...... B J48 

Jesus Christ. See Christology, page 11. 
Joan of Arc. See Dare, Jeanne. 



John of Antioch. See Cbrysostom, Saint 
Johnson, Samuel. Life ; by Arnjitage. . B J6313 

Life; by Grant B J6312 

Life; by Hay B J6315 

Life ; by Stephen B J6311 

Life and correspondence ; by Beards- 
ley B J6314 

Johnson, Sir William. Life ; by Griffii. B J6321 
Johnson, W. S. Life and times ; by 

Beardsley B J633 

Jones, J. P. Life ; by Mackenzie. 2v.. B J721 
Life and cbarac^ter ; by Sherburne ... B J72X1 
JONBON, Ben. Study of Jonson ; by 

Swinburne B J731 

Joseph, Jewish patriarch. Life ; by Tay- 
lor B J773 

Life ; by Tompkins B J7731 

Josephine, Empress of France. Citizen- 
ess Bonaparte ; by Imbert de Saiut- 

Amand B J7712 

Court of Josephine; by Imbert de 

Saint- Amand B J7711 

Wife of the first consul ; by Imbert 

de Saint-Amand B J771 

Joshua. Life ; by Beane B J78 

JuDSON, Adoniram. jr. Burmah's great 

missionary; by Middleditch B J92 

J ULi AJf, tlte apostate. Life; by Johnson.. B J94 

Julius C^sar. See Caesar. 

Justin, Saint. Life ; by Martin B J98 

Kane, E. K. Biography of ; by Elder. . . B K13 
Kearny, Philip. Personal and military 

h'story : by De Peyster B K21 

Keats, John. Life ; by Colvin B K22 

Life ; by Owen B K2211 

Life ; by Rossetti B K221 

Keene, C. S. Life and letters ; by Lay- 

ard BK25 

Kemble, Frances A. Further records. 

2v BK3112 

Kennedy, J. P. Life ; by Tuckerman . . B K38 
Keppel, G. T. See Albemarle, JSarl of. 
Kibrizli-Mehemet- Pasha, Melek-Ha- 

NUM. Thirty years in the harem . . *B K532 
KiLPATRiCK, H. J., and our cavalry; by 

Moore B K55 

King, T. S. Tribute to; by Frothing- 

ham B K58 

King, W. R. Obituary addresses B K583 

KiNGSLBY, Charles. Letters and mem- 
ories ; ed. by F. E. (G.) Kingsley. . . B K61 

Life ; by Ellis B K611 

Life ; by Kaufmann B K6111 

KiP, W. I. Early days of my episcopate. B K62 

KiTTO, John. From poor house to pul- 
pit ; by Thayer jB K65 

Knight, Charles. Life; by Clowes. ... B K741 

Passages from the life of B K74 

Knight, E. C. Autobiography. 2v B K742 

Knox, John. Life ; by McCrie B K77 

Lafayette, Margins de. Life ; by Cecil, j B L1314 

Life ; by Headley B L1313 

Life ; by Mack B L1315 

Life ; by Tuckerman. 2v B L1312 

Life ; by Wain B L1811 

Memoirs ; by Holstein B L1316 

Memoirs ; by Knapp B L1317 

Recollections of the private life of ; 

by Cloquet B L131 

Lamb, Charles. Essays, a biographical 

study B L1033 

In the foot-prints of ; by Martin B L1632 

Life ; by Ainger B L163 

Life; by Procter B L1631 

Lamb, William. See Melbourne, Vis- 

La Mott, Comtesse de. Life. 2v B L19 

Landor, W. S. Life ; by Colvin B L232 

Life ; by Eyans B L2322 

Life ; by Forster B L232I 

Larned, E. C. Addresses in memory of. B L322 
La Rochejaquelein, Henri du Vbrgier 

DE. Monsieur Henri ; by Gurney.. B L323 

Latimer, Hugh. Life ; by Ellis B L34 

Law, John. Mississippi bubble ; by 

Thiers B L41 

Lawrence, Amos. Extracts from the 
diary and correspondence of ; ed. 

by W. R. Lawrence B L433 

Lawrence, Sir H. M. Life ; by Edwardes 

and Merivale B L432 

Lawrence, J. L. M. Life ; by Ellis B L4311 

Le Brun, Ma^ie L. E. (V.) Souvenirs 

of BL49 

Lee, Henry. Life ; by Hartley B L513 

Lee, R. E. Personal reminiscences ; by 

Jones B L511 

Leibnitz, G. W. von. Life ; by Mackie. B L53 
Lennox, Lord. Drafts on my memory. 

2v BL54 

Leo X. Life; by Roscoe. 2v B L552 

Leo XIII. Life ; by O'Reilly B L55 

Lepage, Jijles Bastian. See Bastian- 
Lepage, Jules. 

Lessing, G. E. Life ; by Rolleston B L5623 

Life and works ; by Stahr . 2v B L5624 

Lever, C. J. Life ; by Fitzpatrick B L57 

Lewis, Dio. Biography ; by Eastman. . . B L58 



Lilly, Willl^m. History of his life and 


Lincoln, Abraham. History of [his] ad- 
ministration ; by Raymond 

Life ; by Barrett 

Life ; by Coffin 

Life ; by French 

Life ; by Holland 

Life ; by Howells 

Life ; by Lamon 

Life ; by Nicolay and Hay. lOv 

Life ; by Putnam 

Life ; by Schurz 

Life and public services ; by Bartlett. 
Life and public services; by Raymond. 

Life and times ; by Brockett 

Lincoln and Seward ; by Welles 

Recollections of ; by Chittenden 

Reminiscences ; ed. by Rice 

Six months at the White House ; by 


LiND, Jenny. See Goldschmidt, Jenny (L.) 

LiBZT, Franz. Life ; by Nohl 

Liverpool, Earl of. Life and adminis- 
tration ; by Yonge 

Livingston, Edward. Life; by Hunt.. 
Livingston, Louise (d'A.) Memoir ; by 


Livingston, William. Memoir ; by 


Livingstone, David. Life; by Montefiore. 

Locke, John. Life ; by Fowler 

Life ; by King 

Life and letters ; by King 

Loftus, Lord. Diplomatic reminiscences. 


Longfellow, H. W. Life; by Robert- 

Louis XIV, of France. Life and times; 

by James. 2v 

Louis XVII, of France. Life; by Beau- 

chesne. 2v 

Louisa, of Prussia. Life and times ; by 

Hudson. 2v 

LOVEJOY, E. P. Martyrdom of Lovejoy ; 

by Tanner. 

Lowell, J. R. Life; by Curtis 

Life; by Underwood 

Luther, Martin. Life; by Bayne. 2v. 

Life; by Bunsen 

Life; by Worsley. 2v 

Life, deeds and opinions ; by Tischer. 
liYON, Emma. See Hamilton, Lady 
Emma L. 


B L6322 

B L6323 

jB L6332 

B L6328 

B L6326 



B L 6324 

jB L6333 


B L6316 

B L6321 


B L6325 

B L6327 

B L6329 

B L6319 



B L764 


B L7611 


B L7911 

B L791 



B L9222 




B L9716 
B L9714 
B L9715 
B L9713 

Lyon, Mary. Power of Christian benev- 
olence; bv Hitchcock B L99 

Macaulay, T. B., Lord. Life; by Mori- 
son B M 11 

Life; by Trevelyan. 2v B Mill 

McCheyne, R. M. Memoir and remains ; 

by Bonar B M13 

Macdonald, E. J. J. a. See Tarentum, 
Duke of. 

Macdonald, Sir J. A. Life and career ; 

by Adam B M14 

Mackay, Charles. Forty years recollec- 
tions. 2v BM19 

Macklin, Charles. Life; by Parry B M21 

Maclay, William. Journal B M222 

MACLEOD, Norman. Memoir; by D. Mac- 

leod. 2v BM22 

McNaughton, James. Tribute to [his] 

memory B M23 

Macready, W. C. Life; by Archer B M241 

Reminiscences; ed. by Pollock B M24 

Madison, James. History of [his] life and 

times ; by Rives B M2611 

Magellan, Fernando. Life; by Quille- 

mard B M2721 

Mahomet. See Mohammed . 

Maine, Sir Henry. Life; by Duff B M282 

Ma ka-tai-me-she kia-kiah, (Black 
Hawk). Great Indian chief of 
the west ; by Drake B M28 

Manning, H. E. Life; by Hutton B M31 

Marbot, J. B. A. Memoirs. 2v B M322 

Maria Carolina, of Naples. Queen of 
Naples and Lord Nelson ; by Jeaf- 
freson B M334 

Marie Antoinette, of France. Last 

days; by Gower B M3319 

Life; by Campan B M33 

Life; by Yonge B M3312 

Memoirs; by Campan B M3313 

Marie Antoinette and the downfall of 

royalty; by Imbert de Saint- Amand. B M3317 
Marie Antoinette and the end of the 
old regime; by Imbert de Saint- 

Amand B M33I4 

Marie Antoinette at the Tuileries ; by 
Imbert de Saint-Amand B M3315 

Marie de Medicis, of France. Life; by 

Pardee. 3v B M336 

Marie Louise, of France. Happy days ; 

by Imbert de Saint-Amand B M335 

Marie Louise and the decadence of 
the empire; by Imbert de Saint- 
Amand. B M3351 



Marie Louise, of France. Marie Louise 
and tlie invasion of 1814; by Imbert 

de Saint-Amand B M3353 

Marie Louise, the island of Elba and 
the hundred days ; by Imbert de 

Saint-Amand B M3352 

Marlborough, Duchess of. Memoirs ; 

by Thomson. 2v B M344 

Marlborough, Duke of Life; by Mac- 

Farlane B M3421 

Memoirs ; by Coxe. 3v B M3423 

Marryat, Frederick. Life; by Hannay. B M3431 

Life; by Lean. 2v B M343 

Marsh, William. Life; by C. Marsh. 

2v. B M353 

Marteilhe, Jean. Huguenot galley 

slave B M365 

Marttn, Henry. Memoir; by Sargent. B M362 
Mary, Queen of Scots. History; by Ab- 
bott B M3631 

Inquiry into the evidence against 

Mary, queen of Scots B M3633 

Life; by Kaufman B M3635 

Life; by Meline B M3632 

Memoirs ; by Benger B M3634 

Mason, Francis. Story of a working- 
man's life B M38 

Mason, George. Life; by Rowland. 2v. B M382 
Mather, Cotton. Life; by Wendell. . . B M422 

Life and times ; by Marvin ; B M422i 

Mathews, C. J. Life; ed. by Dickens. 2v. B M42 
Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico. Life; 

by Hall B M452 

May, S. J. Memoir ; ed. by Mumford B M45 

Mayo, Earl of. Life; by Hunter B M453 

Medici, Lorenzo de. Life; by Roscoe. . B M46 
Melbourne, Viscount. Life; by Bunck- 

ley B M48 

Melville, Andrew. Life ; by M'Crie. . B M49 
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Life; 

by Lampadins B M5212 

Reminiscences; by Polko B M5211 

Mendelssohn family; by Hensel. 2v... B M5213 
Meredith, George. Life; by LeGalli- 

enne B M54 

Life; by Lynch B M541 

Metastasio, p. a. D. B. T. Memoirs; by 

Burney B M56 

Metcalf, John. Life..... B M562 

Metternich-Winneburg, C. W. N. L. 

Memoirs ; ed. by R. Metternich. 4v. B M563 
MiCHAELANGBLO. See Buonarroti, M. 
Michelet, Ad^le (M.). Story of my 

childhood B M582 

Milburn, W. H. Ten years of preacher- 
life BM583 

Mill, J. S. Life ; by Courtney B M5911 

Miller, C. H. My own story B M614 

Miller, Samuel. 'Life B M613 

Millet, J. F. Life ; by Sensier B M612 

Painters of Barbizon ; by MoUett B M6121 

MiiiNBS, B. M. See Houghton, Lord. 

Milton, John, life ; by Garnett B M641 

Life ; by Masson B M6411 

Life ; by Pattison B M64 

Milton, Mary (P.). Maiden and mairied 

life ; by Manning B M642 

Mirabeau, H. G. de R., Comtede. Recol- 
lections of ; by Dumont B M67 

MiTFORD, M. R. Life. 2v ' B M692 

Moffat, Mary (S.). Lives of Robert 

and Mary Moffat ; by J. S. Moffat. . B M721 
Moffat, Robert. Heroes of the desert ; 

by Rathbone B M72 

Lives of Robert and Mary Moffat ; by 

J. S. Moffat BM721 

Mohammed. Life ; by Gibbon B M7221 

Life ; by Green B M722 

Life ; by Irving B M7222 

MoLiNOs, Miguel. Life ; by Bigelow. . . B M732 
MoLTKE, . Count von. Letters to his 

mother and his brothers. B M733 

Monmouth, Earl of Life ; by Stebbing. B M753 

Montagu, E. W. Autobiography B M764 

Montgomery, James. Life ; by Knight. B M763 

Montrose, Ma/rqnis of. Life ; by Morris. B M7C5 
Moore, George. Successful merchant ; 

by Smiles B M78 

Moore, Thomas. Life; by Symington . . B M812 
Memoirs, journal and correspondence. 

2v B M81 21 

MoRDAUNT, Charles. See Monmouth, 

Earl of. 

More, Sir Thomas. Life; by C. More. . B M81 

Life and writings ; by Bridgett B M811 

Morgan, Daniel. Life; eomp, by Gra- 
ham B M822 

Morgan, Sydney (O.) Lady. Passages 

from my autobiography B M82 

Morris, Robert. Life; by Sumner B M833 

Morrow, John. Voice from the news- 
boys B M832 

Moses. Life; by Rawlinson B M853 

Motley, J. L. Life; by Holmes B M852 

Mozart, J. C. S. W. A. Life; by Holmes. B M8711 

Life; by Nohl B M8712 

Muhlenberg, H. A. Life and work ; by 

Ayres B M89 



MuLREADY, William. Memorials; by 

Stephens B M91 

Murray, John. Memoir and correspond- 
ence; by Smiles B M962 

Murray, Nicholas. Memoirs ; by Prime. B M96 
MussET, L. C. A. DE. Biography ; by P. 

E. de Musset B M97 

Napier, Sir Charles. Life; by Butler. B N163 
Napoleon I, of France. Fall of Napo- 
leon ; by Mitchell. 3v B N1626 

Historic doubts ; by Whately B N1621 

History; by Bussey. 2v B N16§5 

History of the captivity of ; by For- 
syth. 2v B N162 

Journal ; by Las Cases. 2v B N1619 

Life; by Hazlitt. 3v B N1622 

Memoirs ; by Abrantes. 2v B N1617 

Napoleon and his detractors; by 

Prince Napoleon B N1627 

Napoleon anecdotes; ed. by Ireland. 

3v BN1618 

Napoleon Bonaparte. See Napoleon I, 

of France. 
Nassau, Mary C. (L.) Crowned in palm- 
land ... B N182 

Nbesima, J. H. Life and letters; by 

Hardy B N28 

Nelson, Lord. Life; by Browne B N3311 

Life; by Russell and Jacques B N331 

Neville, Richard. See Warwick, Earl of. 
Newman, J. H. Anglican career ; by Ab- 
bott. 2v i . . . B N4615 

Apologia pro vita sua B N46 

Catholic life and letters ; ed. by Old- 
castle B N461 1 

Early life ; by F. W. Newman B N4614 

Life ; by Hutton B N461 

Life; byMeynell B N4613 

Short life ; by Fletcher B N4612 

Nicholls, Charlotte (B.), {Currer 

Bdl). Life ; by Gaskell. 2v B N5213 

Nightingale, Florence. Life ; by Pol- 
lard BN56 

North, Christopher, 'p%eud. See Wil- 
son, John. 
NoRTHCOTE, Sir S. H. See Iddesleigh, 

Earl of. 
Oglethorpe, J. E. Life ; by Bruce .... B Og5 
Oltphant, Alice (Le S.). Memoir ; by 

M. O. (W.) Oliphant. 2v B013 

Oliphant, Lawrence. Memoir; by M. 

O. (W.) Oliphant. 2v B 01 3 

Personal reminiscences ; by Liesch- 
ing B 01 3 1 

O'Reilly, J. B. Life ; by Roche 

O^foud, Earl of. See Walpole, Horace. 
Orleans, Dv^ihesse d\ Memoir ; by Har- 


Otis, James. Life ; by Tudor. 2v 

Owen, Robert. Life ; by Jones 

Owen, R. D. Threading my way 

OzANAM, A. F. Life ; by O'Meara 

Paine, Thomas. Life ; by Conway 

Palm, J. H. van der. Life ; by Beets . . 

Palmerston, Vucount. Life; by Bul- 

wer. 2v 

Life ; by Lome 

Panizzi, Sir A. G. M. Life ; by Fagan. 


Park, Mungo. Life ; by Thomson 

Parker, Theodore. Life ; by Johnson. 

Life and correspondence ; by Weiss. 


Parley, Peter, pseud. See Goodrich, 
S. G. 

Parnell, C. S. Life ; by O'Connor 

Parsons, Theophilus. Memoir; by T. 

Parsons, jr 

Pasteur, Louis. Life; by Vallery-Radet. 
Paterson, Alexander. Missionary of 

Kilmany ; by Baillie 

Paton, J. G. Life. 2v '. . 

Patrick, Saint. Life ; by Morris 

Life ; by Newell 

Paul, Saint. Life ; by Stalker 

Life and epistles ; by Conybeare and 
Howson. 2v 

Life and epistles ; by Lewin. 2v. . . . 

Life and times ; by Iverach 

St. Paul in Rome ; by Macduff 

St. Paul the misssionary ; by Taylor. 
Payne, J. H. Life and writings ; by Har- 

Peabody, George. Life; by Hanaford. 
Peel, /SiV Robert. Life; by McCarthy. 

Life ; by Thursfield 

Life ; ed. by Parker 

Political life ; by Doubleday. 2v 

Penn, William. Life ; by Dixon 

Life ; by Janney 

Life ; by Weems 

Memoirs ; by Clarkson. 2v 

Memorials ; by G. Penn. 2v 

Sketches ; by Alcott. . . 

Pepys, Samuel. Life ; by Wheatley. . . . 
Percival, J. G. Life and letters; by 


Pericles. Life ; by Abbott. 









B P1811 




B P2212 




B P272 
B P2721 
B P2815 

B P2814 
B P2813 
B P2812 
B P2811 



B P3411 

B P3412 

B P3413 

B P3822 
B P3821 
B P3823 
B P3825 
B P3824 
B P3826 





Pestalozzi, J. H. Life ; by Guimps B P431 

Peter, Saint. Life ; by Fouard B P4433 

Life; by Lee B P4431 

Life ; by Robinson B P4432 

Life ; by Taylor B P443 

Pkter I, Vie Great. Memoir ; by Bar- 
row , B P441 1 

Petrarch. Life ; by Dobson. 2v B P444 

Life; by Ward B P4441 

Phelps, Austin. Life ; by Ward B P512 

Phelps, Elizabeth (P.) Under a colonial 

roof- tree ; by Huntington B P51 

Philip II, of Spain. Life ; by Gayarr^ . . ' B P533 
Phillips, Watts. Life ; by E. W. Phil- 
lips BP54 

Phillips, Wendell. Life; by Mar typ. B P5321 
Pico dell a Mirandola, Giovanni. Life; 

byG. F. Pico B P58 

Pierce, Franklin. Life ; by HawtLorne. B P61 
PiNKNEY, William. Life ; by Re'o. W. 

Pinkney B P65 

Piozzi, Hester L. (S.) AutobiograpLy.. BP6521 

Life ; ed. by Seeley B P652 

Pitt, William. See CLatbam, Earl of. 
Pitt, William, the Younger. Life ; by 

Macaulay B P68 

Life ; by Rosebery B P6811 

Life ; by Walford B P681 

Pius IX. Life ; by O'Reilly B P68 

Poe, E. a. Life ; by Rice B P751I 

Polhemus, Abraham. Memorial B P753 

Polk, Sarah (C.) Memorials ; by A. and 

F. Nelson : B P754 

Pollock, Robert. Life; by Scott B P762 

Poor, J. A. Life and writings ; ed. by L. 

E. Poor B P792 

Pope, Alexander. Life; by Stephen. . . B P81 

Porter, W . T. Life; by Brinley B P83 

Prentiss, Elizabeth (P.) Life and let- 
ters ; ed. by G. L. Prentiss B P912 

Prentiss, S. S. Memoir. 2v B P91 

Prtmb, George. Autobiographical recol- 
lections. B P95 

Putnam, Israel. History of the eques* ' 
trian statue of Putnam ; by the 

Commission B P98 

QuiNCY, JosiAH. Life; by E. Quincy B Q41 

Rachel. Memoirs ; by Barrera B Rill 

Raleigh, Sir Walter.. Life; by St. 

John B R1312 

Life; by Stebbing B R1313 

Memoirs ; by Thomson B R1311 

Ramsay, J. A. B. See Dalhousie, Marquis 

Randolph, John. Life; by Garland. 2v. B R151 

Ranjit, Singh. Life; by Griffin B R16 

Raymond, H. J. Life; by Maverick B R21 

Read, George. Life and correspondence; 

by W. T. Read B R222 

Reads, Charles. Life; ed. by C. L. and 

C. Reade B R221 

R:6camier, Jeanne F. J. A. Memoirs 

and correspondence B R24 

Red Jacket. See Sa-go-ye-wat ha. 

Redding, Cyrus. Yesterday and to day. B R242 

Redgrave, Richard. Memoir B R243 

Reed, Joseph. Life and correspondence; 

2v BR25 

Reis, J. P. Life; by Thompson B R27 

R^MUSAT, Claire E. J., Comtesse de. 

Memoirs B R2831 

Renan, Ernest. Recollections and let- 
ters B R29 

Revere, Paul. Life; by Gosse. 2v B R32 

Reynolds, Frederick. Life and times.. B R332 
Richard I, of England. Life; by James. 

2v BR381 

RiEDESEii, Friederika C. L., Baroness 

'Don. Letters and journals B R4421 

RiEDESEL, F. A., Baron von. Memoirs 

and letters ; by Eelking. 2v B R444 

RiEL, Louis. Story of Riel B R44 

Righter, C. N. Bible in the Levant ; by 

Prime B 11443 

Rittenhouse, David. Memoirs; by 

Barton B R512 

Robert, of Bavaria. Life; by Gower. . . B R87 
Robinson, H. C. Diary, reminiscences 

and correspondence. 2v B R56 

Robsart, Amye. See Dudley, Amye 

R., Lady. 

Rodney, Lord. Life ; by Hannay B R61 

Roland, Madame. Appeal to impartial 

posterity. 2v B R641 

Romilly, Sir Samuel. Life. 2v B R66 

Root, G. F. Story of a musical life ... . B R67 
Rosa, Salvator. Life ; by Morgan. 2 v. B R71 
Rose, Sir Henry. See Strathnairn, Lord. 
Rosmini-Serbati, Antonio. Life; ed. 

by Lockhart. 2v B R734 

Rossetti, G. C. D. Life; by Knight B R7322 

Life ; by W. M. Rossetti B R7321 

Rowan, A. H. Autobiography B R78 

Rubens, ^> P. P. Life ; by Calvert. . . . B R8221 

Rubinstein, A. G. Autobiography B R823 

Life ; by M' Arthur B R8231 

RuMPFP, Eliza (A.) Transplanted flower; 

byBaird B R86 



RusKiN, John. Life ; hy Mather B R891 

Prseterita. 3v B R89 

Ruth, Life ; by Taylor B R93 

Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, (Red Jacket), Chief 
of the Seiucas. Life and times ; by 

Stone B Sal 

Salisbury, Marquis of. Life ; by Traill. B Sa41 
Salm-Salm, Agnes. Ten years of my 

life BSa3 

Samuel. Samuel and Saul ; by Deane . . B Sa42 

Sardou, Victorien. Life ; by Maccbetta. B Sa7 

Saul. Samuel and Saul ; by Deane. ... ' B Sa42 
Savonarola, O. M. F. M. Life ; by 

Clark B Sa92 1 

Schnitzler, Edward. Emin Pasha ; by 

Pimblett B Sch5 

Schopenhauer, Arthur. Life ; by 

Wallace B ScL6 

Schumann, R. A. Life. 2v B ScliSl 

Schuyler, L. S. Memorials ; by L. J. E. B Scb82 
Scott, Sir Walter. Familiar anecdotes-; 

by Hogg B Sco312 

Journal. 2v B Sco3l3 

Life; by Hutton B Sco31 

Life; by MacLfeod. B Sco314 

Life;byYonge B Sco311 

Scott, Winfield. Memoirs. 2v B Sco33 

Scudder, D. C. Life anl letters ; by H. 

E. Scudder B Scu4 

SEATt)N, W. W. Life B Sel 

Sbqur, L. p., Comte de. Memoirs and 

recollections. 3v B Se3 

Serbati, Antonio. See Rosmini-Serbati, 

Shaftesbury, Earl of Life; by Martyn 

& Kiplis. 2 B Shi 

Shelley, Mary (W.) Life; by Moore. . . B Sh33 

Life and letters ; by Marshall. 2v. . B Sh331 
Shelley, P. B. Anecdote biography; ed. 

by Stoddard B Sh313 

Life; by Hogg. 2y B Sh3l2 

Life; by Rabbe. 2v B Sh31 

Life; by Sharp B Sh311 

Life; by Symonds B Sh3 

Sheridan, R. B. B. Life; by Oliphant. . B Sh521 

Life; by Sanders \ B Sh5212 

Memoirs ; by Moore. 2v B Sh5211 

Memoirs ; by Watkins. 2v B Sh5213 

Sherman, W. T. Life; by Bowman and 

Irwin •. B Sh5711 

Memoirs. 2v B Sh571 

Sherwood, Mary M. (B.) Life B Sh58 

Siddons, Sarah (K.) Life; by Campbell. B Sill 

The Kembles ; by Fitzgerald. 2v.. . . B K3111 

Sidney, Algernon. Life; by Blackburne. B Sil3 

Sidney, Sir Philip. Life; by Bourne. . . B Sil2^ 

Life; by Symonds B Sil21 

Life and times ; by Davis B Sil2 

SiiiLiMAN, Benjamin. Life; by Fisher. 

2v...... BSi3 

Simeon, Charles. Memoir ; ed. by 

Stone and Cams B Si42 

SIMMS, W. a. Life; by Trent B Si4 

Simpson, Matthew. Life; by Crooks. ... B Si52 

Sims, J. M. Story of my life B Si5 

SiNDHiA, M R. Life ; by Keene B Si6 

Smith, Adam. Life ; by Haldane B Sm5 

Smith, H. B. Life ; by Stearns B Sm62 

Smith, Sydney. Memoir; by Holland. 

2v B Sm52 

Smith, Sir W. S. Life and correspond- 
ence ; by Barrow. 2v B SmO 

Smollett, T. G. Life ; by Hannay B Sm7 

Solomon. Life ; by Farrar B So4 

SOMERVILLE, Mary (F.) Personal recol- 
lections B So5 

SOTHERN, E. A. Memoir ; by Pemberton. B So72 

SoDTHEY, Robert. Life ; by Dowden. . . B So8 

Life and correspondence B S08II 

Same. 6v B S08I 

Spencer, J. A. Memorabilia of sixty- five 

years '. B Sp32 

Spenser, Edmund. Life ; by ('hurcli. . . B Sp3 
Spring, Gardiner. Personal reminis- 
cences. 2v B Sp8 

Spurgeon, C. H. Life ; by Pike B Sp91 

Life; bySmith..... jBSp911 

Stael-Holstein, Anne L. G. (N.) Life ; 

by Sorel ... B Stll2 

Life ; by Stevens. 2v B Stl 

Memoirs ; by Child B Still 

Stanhope, Lady H. L. Memoirs ; by 

Madden. 3v B Si24 

Travels ; by Madden. 3v B St24l 

Stanley, E. G. S. See Derby, Earl of 

Stanley, H. M. Life ; by Ellis B St2311 

Life ; by Little B St231 

Story of ; by Macdonald B St2312 

Stein, Charlotte A. E. Life ; by Cal- 
vert B St33 

Sterne, La^wrence. Life ; by Traill; . . B Sl44 
Steuben, F. W. A. H. F. von. Life ; by 

Kapp B St431 

Stevens, Thaddeus. Life; by Callen- 

der B St45 

Stockton, R. F. Sketch of [his] life B St6 

Story, Joseph. Life and letters ; ed. by 

W. W. Story. 2v B St72 



Stowe, Harriet E. (B.) Life ; by C, E. 

Stowe BSt7 

Life-work ; by McCray B St71 

Sullivan, Jambs. Life ; by Amory. 2 v. B Su5 

Sullivan, J. L. Life and remiaiscences. B Su52 
SuMMKUFiELD, JoiiN. Meinolrs ; by Hoi- 

land B Su63 

Sumner, Charles. Eulogy; by ScLurz . B Su611 

Life ; by Dawes B Su612 

Life ; by Grimke B Su613 

Sumter, Thomas. Life ; by Hartley B 1^513 

SwARTZ, C. F. Memoirs ; by Pearson ... B Sw2 

SwEDBNBORQ, Emanubl. Life; by White. B Sw3l 

Life and mission ; by Worcester.. . ... ' B Sw3 

SwKTCHiNE, Anna S. (S») Life and let- 
ters ; by Falloux B Sw4 

Swift, Jonathan. Life; by Forster. ... B Sw5i 

Life ; by Hay B S w51 1 

Life; by Stephen B Sw5 

Swisshelm, Jane G. (C.) Half a century. B Sw6 
Tait, a. C. Life; by Davidson & Ben- 
ham. 2v B T132 

Tait, Catherine (S.) Catharjne and 

Craufurd Tait ; ed. by Benham B T13 

Talleyrand Perigord, C. M. de. Life; 

by McHarg B T14 

Memoirs; by Stewarton. 2v B T141 

Memoirs. 5v B T1411 

Tanev, R. B. Memoir; by Tyler B T15 

Tarentum, Duke of. Recollections. 2v. B T17 

Tasso. Life; by Wiffin ' B T18 

Taylor, Bayard. Life and letters; ed. 

by M. n. Taylor & Scudder B T211 

Taylor, Zachary. Life; by Howard B T212 

Tecumseh. Life; by Drake. ,,,, B T221 

Temple, H. J. See Palmerston, Viscourit 
Tennent, William. Life; by Boudinot. B T25 
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord. Life; by Jen- 
nings B T2521 

Life; by Waugh B T2o2 

Thackeray, W. M. Life; by Merivale 

& Marzials B T321 1 

Life; by Trollope B T321 

Thayandenega. See Brant, Joseph. 

Theodoric. Life; by Hodgkin B T343 

Thiers, M. J. L. A. Life; by Le Goff. . . B T3421 

Life; by Remusat B T342 

Thomas a Becket. Life; by Froude B T362 

Life; by Milman B T3621 

Thorburn, Grant. Forty years' resi- 
dence in America B T3931 

Life and writings B T393 

Thoreau, H. D. Life; by Salt B T3911 

Thoresby, Ralph. Diary B T395 

Thorwaldsen, Bertel. Life; by Plon. B T3941 

Life; by Thiele B T394 

Thrale, Hester L. (8.) See Piozzi, 

Hester L. (S.) 
TocQUEViLLE, A. C. H. C. DE. Memoir, 

etc. ; ed. by Beaumont. 2 v B T56 

Todd, John. Story of his life B T563 

Tonna, Charlotte E. (B.) Life B T61 

Toole, J. L. Reminiscences B T612 

TouBSAiNT, D. F., called Toussaint L'Ou- 

verture. Life ; by Beard B T64 

Trimmer, Sarah (K.) Life and writings. B T73 

Trollope, Anthony. Autobiography. . . B T742 

Trumbull, John. Autobiography B T77 

Turner, J. M. W. Life ; by Thornbury. B T8511 
Twain, Mark, pseud. See Clemens, S. L. 

TAER, John. Life B T972 

Tyndale, William. Life ; by Ellis. ! . . B T97 
Tyng, S. H. Life and work ; comp. by 

C. R. Tyng B T973 

Vamb^ry, Arminius. Life j B V25 

Van Buren, Martin. Life and times; 

by Mackenzie , B V2711 

Van der Palm, J. H. See Palm, J. U. 

van der. 
Van Dyke, H. J. Life ; ed. by H. J. Van 

Dyke, jr. & P. Van Dyke B V283 

Van Halen, Juan. See Halen, Juan van. 
Velazc^uez db Silva, D. R. Life; by 

Stowe B V54 

Vereshtchagin, Vasili. Life B V583 

Verney family. Memoirs ; by F. P. 

Verney. 2v. B V59 

Vespucci, Amerigo. Life and voyages ; 

by Lester and Foster. . B V681 

Researches ; by Santarem B V63 

Veustkr, j. D. de (Father Damien). 

liife ; by Clifford B V64 

Vinet, a. R. Life and writings ; by Lane. B V75 
Voltaire, F. M. A. db. Life ; by Espi- 

nasse B V8812 

Wade, B. F. Life ; by Riddle B Wll 

Wagner, W. R. Art life and theories . . B W121 

Life ; by Julien. 2v B W1214 

Life ; by Kobbe.. 2v.. B W1212 

Life ; by Nohl B W1211 

Life ; by Praeger B W1213 

Wales, Prince of. See Albert Edward, 

Prince of Wales. 

Wallack, j. j. Memories of fifty years. B W15 

Walpole, Horace. Life ; by Dobson. . . B W1621 

Life ; ed. by Seeley B W1G2 

Ward, W. G. Life ; by Wilfrid Ward. . B W212 

Ware, Henry, jr. Memoir ; by J. Ware. B W222 



Wake. Mary L. (P.) Memoir ; by Hall. B W22 
Warren, Joseph. Life and times; by 

FrotLingham B W252 

Warren, William. Jjlfe and memoirs. B W25 

Warwick, Earl of. Life ; by Oman B W26 

Washington, George. From farm 

bouse to Wbite house ; by Thayer. B W2721 

Journal B W2726 

Life; by Cecil jB W2715 

Life ; by Everett B W2717 

Life; by Hale B W2723 

Life ; by Ramsay B W2716 

Life and times ; by Edmonds. 2v . . . B W2718 
Recollections and private memoirs ; 

by Custis B W2719 

Washington a Christian ; by Wylie. . B W2727 

Washington, Mary (B.) Life; by Tcr- * 

hune B W274 

Watson, Elkanah. Men and times of 

the Revolution B W33 

Watson, L. F. Memorial addresses B W332 

Watt, James. Life; by Muirhead B W34 

Wayiand, Francis. Life; by Murray. . B W36 
Webster, Daniel. American statesman; 

by Banvard B W3917 

From farm boy to senator; by Alger. . B W3912 

Life; by Lyman B W3914 

Life and memorials; by Lyman. 2 v. . B W3915 

Memorial ; ed. by Hillard B W3916 

Reminiscences; by March B W3913 

Wedderburn, Sir David. Life; comp, 

by Percival *. B W412 

Wellington, Duke of. Life; by Browne. B W4612 

Life; by Clarke. 3v B W4613 

Life; by Gleig B W46I 

Life; by Yonge B W4614 

Words of Wellington ; by Eraser B W4611 

Wesley, Charles. Anecdotes of the 

Wesleys; by Wakeley B W513 

Wesley, John. Life; by Overton B W5125 

Life; by Southey. 2v B W5124 

Life; by Watson B W5126 

Life; by Whitehead B W5121 

Whalley, T. S. Memoir; by Wickham. B W55 

Wheeler, W. A. Sketch; by Howells. . B H3221 
White, William. Life and times ; by 

Ward B W581 

Memoir; by Wilson B W58 

Whitman, Walt. Autobiographia B W5911 

Life; by Clarke B W591 

Whittier, J. G. Life; by Kennedy B W61 

Whittingham,W. R. Life; by Brand. 2 v. B W614 

WiCLiF, John. Life; by Sergeant B W97 

WiKOFP, Henry. Reminiscences B W643 

WiLBERFORCB, Samuel. Life; by Daniell. B W644 
WiLBERFORCE, Wiij:.iAM. Life; by R. L 

and S. Wilberforce B W642 

Wilder, M. P. People I've smiled with. B W64 

WiLLARD, F. E. Glimpses of fifty years. B W66 
WiLLARD, Solomon. Memoir; by Wheil- 

don B W662 

William I, of Orange, Life; by Merriman. B W6741 
William II, of Germany. German 
emperor and his eastern neighbors; 

by Bigelow B W681 

The young emperor; by Frederic B W68 

William III, of England, Life and 

times; by Dungannon. 2v B W6731 

William IV, of England. Life and 

times; comp. by Watkins B W676 

Williams, Isaac. Autobiography B W67111 

Williams, M. S. Leaves of a life. .'.... B W678 
Williams, Roger. Footprints of; by 

Mudge B W679 

Wilson, John. Life; by Gordon B W69 

WiNTHROP, John. Life; by Twichell. . . B W7321 

Life; by R. C Winthrop B W733 

Wirt, William. Memoirs; by Kennedy. 

2v B W74 


Life; by Daly *B W82 

Life and adventures; by Molloy. 2v. B W821 

Wolfe, James. Life; by Wright B W832 

WoLSELEY, Sir G. J. Life; by Ellis. . . . B W8331 

Life; by Low B W833 

WoLSEY, Thomas. Life; by Gait B W83I 

Wood, J. G. Life; by T. Wood B W85 

WoODBRiDGB, JOHN. Memoir; by Clark. B W^852 

Wordsworth, William. Life; by Myers. B W89 

Life; by Sutherland B W8913 

Memoirs; by C. Wordsworth B W8912 

Memoirs; comp. by Phillips B W89I 

Wordsworthiana; ed. by Knight B W8911 

Wren, Sir Christopher. Life; by Elmes. B W92 

Life; by Phillimore B W921 

Wright, Silas. Life and times; by 

Hammond. B W93 

Xavier, Saint. See Francisco Xavier, 


Yates, E. H. Fifty years of London life. B Ya2 
Yekaterina II, of Russia. See Catherine 

II of Russia. 
Young, Brigham. Mormon prophet; by 

Walte BYo8 

Zeisberger, David. Life and times; by 

Schweinitz B Z3 

ZwiNGLi, Ulricii. Life; by Christoffel. . B Z91 

Life and times; by Hottinger B Z9 




Arms of the peers 929.6 A 

AvELiNO, ed. neraldry. 1890 929.6 Al 

Bakdslby. Curiosities of Puritan nomen- 
clature. 1880 929 B 

English surnames. 1884 929.4 Bl 

BowDiTCH. SufEolk surnames. 1861 929.4 B 

BuKKE, J. B. Peerage and baronetage. . . *929.7 B 
BuKKE, John & J. B. Encyclopaedia of 

heraldry. 1847 *929.6 B 

Royal families. 2v. 1848-51 *929.7 Bl 

Carpenter. Peerage for the people. 

1841 *929.7C 

Same 929.7 CI 

Cleveland, comp. Genealogy of Benja- 
min Cleveland. 1879 929 C2 

Cor WIN. Cor win genealogy. 1872 929 C3 

Debrbtt. Peerage of the United King- 
dom. 2v. 1830 *929.7D 

Delamatre. Descendants of Claude La 

Maitre. 1882 929 Dl 

DODD & Burnet. Genealogies of Daniel 

Dod. 1864 929 D2 

Dows, comp, Dows family. 1890 929 D3 

Ellis. Antiquities of heraldry. 1869. . . *929.6 El 

Elven. Book of family cres's. 2 v. 1882. *929.8 E 

Evans. British heraldry. 1854 *929. 6 E 

Gentry. Family names. 1892 929.4 G 

Knight & Rumley. Heraldic illustra- 
tions *929. 6 K 

Lodge, Edmund. Peerage and baronet- 
age of ihe British empire. 1891 . . . *929.7 LI 
Lodge, Henry. Peerage of the British 

empire. 1838 *929.7 L 

Marshall. Ancestry of General Grant. 

1869 929.1 M 

Nicolas. Orders of Knighthood. 4v. 

1 842 929. 7 N 

Norman people. 1874 929 N 

Northbnd, comp. Book of epitaphs. 

1873 929.5N 

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Prime. Prime family. 1888 929 P2 

Renton. Heraldry in England. 1889. . . 929.6 R 
Robertson. Pocahontas and her de- 
scendants. 1887 929 Rl 

Savage. .Genealogical dictionary of first 

settlers of New England. 4v. 1860. *929 SI 
Slocum. History of the Slocums. 1882. 929 8 

Vermont, ed. America h«raldica. 1886. *929.6 V 
Vertot d' Aubeuf. History of the 
- Knights Hospitallers, of Jerusalem. 

5v. 1770 929.7 V 

Wagner. Names and their meaning. 

1891 929 Wl 

Weeks. Genealogy of George Weeks. 

2 V. 1885 929 W 

WniTMORE. Elements of heraldry. 1866.*929.6 Wl 






Abbey, C. T. Religions tliougbt in old 

English verse . 

Abbot, Charles. See Colchester, Charles 

Abbot, Lord, 
Abbot, P. E. Way out of agnosticism . 
Abbot, W. J. Battlefields and victory. . . 

Battlefields and campfires 

Blue-jackets of 76 

Abbott, A. C. Principles of bacteriology. 
Abbott, A. O. Prison life in the South.. 

Abbott, A. V. Testing machines 

Abbott, C. C. Outings at odd times 

Recent rambles 

Abbott, Evelyn. Pericles 

Abbott, E. A. Anglican career of Car- 
dinal Newman. 2v 


The kernel and the husk 

Philomythus; an antidote against 


Abbott, Jacob. Gentle measures in the 

management and training of the 

young , 

Harper's story books. 35 v. 









Viola and her little brother Arno . . 

Willie and the mortgage 


John True 


Great elm 

Strait gate 

Gibraltar gallery 

Little Louvre 




Little Paul 

Timboo and Joliba 

Carl and Jocko 


821.1 Abl 

211 Ab2 

J973.7 A6 

J973.7 A3 

J973.3 A2 

616 Ab2 

973.7 A4 

620 Ab2 

818 Ab2 

818 Ab21 


B N4615 
827 Ab2 
201 Ab2 

231 Ab2 

173 Ab2 


j Ab253 


Abbott, Jacob. 

Timboo and Fanny.. 

Three gold dollars 

Judge Justin 


Aunt Margaret 

American history 

Rambles among the Alps 

Ancient history 

English history 


Harper establishment; or, How the 

story books are made 

Mary, queen of Scots 

The teacher; moral influences em- 
ployed in the instruction of the 

young. i 

Abbott, James. From Heraut to Khiva. 


Abbott, J. S. C. Empire of Austria .... 

Empire of Russia 

History of Frederick the Great 

Romance of Spanish history 

Abbott, Lyman. Evolution of Christ- 


Abdy, j. T. Civil procedure among the 



Abeel, David. Residence in China 

Abercrombie, John. Inquiries concern- 
ing the intellectual powers 

Abbrcromby, John. Eastern Caucasus. 

Aberdeen, G. H. Gordan, Earl of. 

Principles of beauty in Grecian 


Ablett,W. H. Market garden husbandry. 
Abney, W. de W. Colour measurement 

and mixture 


About, E. F. V. Germaine 

Hand-book of social economy 

Man with a broken ear 

Rouge et noir 


Abrantes, Laure j. (P.), Buehesse d\ 

Memoirs of Napoleon. 2v 

Academy, The. v. 1-36. 86v 

]970 Al 

J914.94 A 

j930 A 


jB F8515 

j655 Ab2 
B M3631 

371 Ab2 

915.8 A 

943.6 A 
947 A 

B F8713 
946 A 

213 Ab2 

244 Ab2 

849 Ab3 
940.3 A 
915.1 A 

151 Ab3 

914.7 A 

722 AbS 
635 Ab6 

535 Ab7 
770 Ab7 
330 Ab7 

B N1617 
805 Ac2 



ACLAND, A. H. D., ed. Guide to the 

clioice of books 015 Ac6 

and Smith, H. L., eds. Studies, in 

secondary education 370 Ac6 

AcRELius, Israel. New Sweden 974.8 A 

Acts of the legislature of New Jersey, 1889- 

91. 3v *845.1 N46 

Ac WORTH, W. M. Railways of Scotland. 385 Ac9 
Adalbert, Prince of Prussia. Travels 

in Europe and Brazil. 2v 918.1 Al 

Adam, Q. M. Sir John Macdonald. : . . . . B M14 
Adams, C. F.,jr. Richard Henry Dana. 

2v... ; BD19 

Three episodes of Massachusetts his- 
tory. 2v ;......... 974.4 A 

and Henry. Chapters of Erie 304 Adl 

See also Adams, J. Q. & C. F., Jr. 
Adams, C. K. Christopher Columhus. ... B C 7216 
Adams, P. A. F. Gesture and pantomimic 

action 808.5 Adl 

Adams, G. H. Hand-book of the tariff. . . 337 Adl 
Adams, Henry. Hand-book for mechan- 
ical engineers 621 Adl 

Adams, Henry, Professor. Historical es- 
says 904 A 

History of the United States of Amer- 
ica. 9v 973A 

See also Adams, C. F.jr., & Henry. 

Adams, H. C. History of the Jews 933 A 

Perils in the Transvaal 916.8 A 

Adams, H. G. Favorite song birds 598.2 Adl2 

Nests and eggs of familiar birds. . . .598.2 Adl21 

Adams, John. Works. lOv 320.8 Adl 

Adams, J. Q. Memoirs. 12v. B Adl211 

andC.F. Life of John Adams. 2v. B Adlll 

Adams, Nehemiah. At eventide 252 Adl 

Sable cloud 326 Adll 

South-side view of slavery 326 Adl 

Adams, O. F. Dear old story tellers J808.3 Adl 

Jane Austen B Au71 

Presumption of sex 396 Adl2 

Adams, William, 1807. Thanksgiving. . 170 Adl 
Adams, William, 1814. Sacred alle- 
gories 244 Adl 

Adams, W. B. English pleasure car- 
riages 684 Adl 

Adams, W. D. Book of burlesque 827 Adl 

Rambles in book-land 824 Adll 

With poet and player. 824 Adlll 

Adams, W. H. D. The boy makes the 

man j920 Adl23 

Buried cities of Campania 913 A2 

Celebrated women travellers 920 Ad 1223 

City of gold, [Mexico] 972 A 

Adams, W. H. D. England at war. 2v. 355 Adl 
English party leaders and English 

parties 920 Adl232 

Heroes of maritime discovery 920 Adl231 

'* In perils oft" 920 Adl218 

Master minds in art, science and let- 
ters j920 Adl225 

Men at the helm. 920 Adl219 

Queen of the Adriatic ; Venice 914.5 A2 

Scenes with the hunter and trapper. . j Adl 82 

Some historic women 920 Adl233 

Stories of the lives of noble women.. 920 Adl227 
Temples, tombs and monuments of 

Ancient Greece and Rome 722 Adl 

Valley of the Nile 916.2 A3 

Whiteking. 2v B C381 

Women of fashion, and representative 

women in letters and society. 2v. .920 Adl229 
Worthies of the Church of England. .920 Adl222 
Adams, W. T. {Oliver Optic). 
All-over-the- world series. 

Missing million jAdl78 

Millionaire at sixteen j Adllll 

Young knight errant jAdlll2 

Blue and gray series. 

On the blockade Adl76 

Fighting for the right Adl79 

Stand by the Union '. . Adl77 

A damson, David. Art of fretsawing and 

marquetry cutting 747 Adl 

Adamson, W. a. Salmon fishing in 

Canada 799 Adl 

Addis, W. E. & Arnold, Thomas, 

comps. Catholic dictionary *282 Ad2 

Addresses in memory of Edwin Channing 

Lamed. Anon . . : B L322 

Adeline, Jules. Art dictionary *703 Ad3 

Adlard, George. Amye Robsart and 

the Earl of Leycester B D802 

Adler, Felix. Moral instruction of 

children 377 A d5 

Adolphus, John. Royal exile. 2v B C22 

Aeschylus. Agamemnon ; tr. by Verrall. 882 Ae813 

Dramas ; tr. by Swanwick 882 Ae813 

Tragedies ; tr. by Buckley 882 Ae81 

Tragedies ; tr. by Plumptre 882 AeSll 

Agassiz, Elizabeth C. (C.) Louis Agas- 

siz. 2v B Agl 

Agassiz, J. L. R. Structure of animal 

life 591 Agl 

and Elizabeth C. (C.) Journey in 

Brazil 918.1 A3 

Agge, Anne A. & Brooks, Mary M. 

Marblehead sketches 917.44 Al 



Agnkl, H. R. Book of chess 794 Ag6 

Aguikre de Venero, Mariano. New 

system of physiognomy 138 Ag9 

Ah-Chin-le, pseud. See Smyth, J. Y. 
Ahn, Friedrich. Key to the method of 

learning the Spanish language 468 Ah61 

New method of learning the German 

language 438 Ah6 

New method of learning the Spanish 

language 468 Ah6 

Aide, Hamilton. Voyage of discovery. . Ai2 
AiKiN, John. Annals of the reign of 

King George the third. 2v 942.07 A 

AiKiN, Lucy. Court of Elizabeth 942.05 A 

Same. 2v 942.05 Al 

Airman, James. Persecution in Scotland 
from the restoration to the revolu- 
tion. 272 Ai4 

Airman, William. Life at home 173 A 14 

AiNGER, Alfred. Charles Lamb B L163 

ed. Tennyson for the young j821 T2518 

AiNSWORTii, W. F. Travels in Asia 

Minor. 2v 915.6 Al 

Airy, Q. B. Popular astronomy 523 Ai7 

Airy, Osmund. English history 942 A4 

A Kempis, Thomas. See Thomas a Kem- 

Albemarle, Q. T. Keppel, Earl of. 

Fifty years of my life B Al 14 

Alcock, Rutherford. Capital of the 

Tycoon. 2v 915.2 A 

Alcott, a. B. Table talk 818 Al 12 

Alcott, Louisa M. Hospital sketches. . . Al 1311 
Alcott, W. A. Confessions of a school 

master 371 All 

Slcetches of William Penn B P3826 

Alden, H. M. God in his world 231 Al 2 

Alden, Isabella (M.), (Pansy). Helen 

the historian j Al 276 

Her associate members Al 277 

Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant Al 275 

We twelve girls j Al 273 

Young folks worth knowing j Al 274 

Alden, Timothy. New Jersey regis- 
ter , 974.9 A 

Alden, W. L. Domestic explosives 817 Al 2 

Alden's cylopaedia of universal litera- 
ture. V. 1-15 *808.8 Al 2 

Alden's manifold cyclopaedia, v. 1-30 *031 A12 

Aldrich, H. L. Arctic Alaska and 

Siberia 639 Al 2 

Aldrich, T. B. Marjorie Daw Al 231 

Sister's tragedy 811 Al 211 

Wyndham towers 811 Al 21 

Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, 

Annie F. (T.) 
Alexander, A. Modern gymnastic exer- 
cises. 2v 618 Al 2 

Alexander, Archibald. Theory of con- 
duct 170 A12 

Alexander, Q. G. Confucius B C765 

Alexander, J. E. Western Africa. 2v. 916.8 A2 
Alexander, J. W. Archibald Alexan- 
der B A123 

Alexander, William. Poetical works. 811 A 122 

Alfieri, Vittorio. Tragedies. 2v 852 Al 2 

Alpriend, p. H. Jefferson Davis B D2941 

Alger, Horatio, jr. 

Brave and bold series. 

Wait and hope j Al 349 

Digging for gold . .* ' j Al 35 

From farm boy to senator B W3912 

Young boatman of Pine Point jAl 351 

Alger, W. R. Doctrine of a future life. 218 Al 3 

Friendship of women 396 Al 3 

Poetry of the East 890 Al 3 

Solitudes of nature and of man 177 Al 3 

A LI, Syed Ameer. Life and teachings of 

Mohammed 297 Al 4 

Alison, Archibaud. Principles of popu- 
lation. 2v 312 Al 4 

All about it ; the history and mystery of 

common things. Anon 600 Al 5 

All the year round, v. 66-70 052 Al 5 

Allan, William. See Hotchkiss, Jed- 

ediah & Allan, William. 
Allan, William, LL. D. Army of 

northern Virginia in 1862 973.7 A7 

Allan, William, dml engineer. Strength 

of beams under transverse loads. . . 694 Al 5 

Theory of arches 624 Al 5 

Allardycb, Paul. .*' Stops;" or. How to 

punctuate 421 Al 5 

Allcroft, a. H. & Mason, W. F. Early 

Grecian history .... 938 Al 

Allen, Benjamin. History of the Church 

ofChrist. 2v 270 Al 5 

Allen, C. B. & Mary A. Man wonderful 

in the house beautiful j612 Al 5 

Allen, C. G. B. (Grant Allen). Colin 

Clout's calendar 828 Al 5 

Duchess of Powysland j Al 514 

Falling in love 504 Al 51 

Great taboo Al 511 

Recalled to life Al 513 

Wednesday the tenth Al 512 

Allen, Ethan. Narrative of my cap- 
tivity 973.3 A 



Allkn, E. H. De fidiculis bibliograpliia. 787 Al 5 
Allen, Grant. See Allen, C. Q. B. 

Allen, H. N. Korean tales Al 5 

Allen, John. Riding for gentlemen *798 Al 51 

Riding for ladies *798 Al 5 

Allen, J. H. k Gbebnough, J. B. Latin 

grammar 475 Al 5 

Manual of instruction in Latin 478 Al 51 

Allen, J. L. Blue -grass region of Ken- 
tucky 917.69 A 

Flute and violin Al 52 

Allen, Mary A. See Allen, C. B. & 

Mary A. 
Allen, Paul. American revolution. 2 v. 973.3 Al 
Allen, S. P. Down in Dixie, [Wilder- 
ness to Appomattox] 973.7 A8 

Allen, William & Thomson, T. R. II. 

Expedition to tlie river Niger. 2v. 916.6 A 
Allen, W. B. Red mountain of Alaska. J917.98 A 
Allinoiiam, William^ ed. Ballad book.821.08Al 5 
Allman, (i. J. Greek geometry from 

Thales to Euclid 513 Al 5 

Allsop, F. C. Electric bell construction. 537.8 Al 5 

Telephones 654 Al 5 

Allsop, R. O. Turkish bath 613 Al 5 

Allston, Washington. Lecturer on art. 704 Al 5 
Alteneck, Hefner. Artistic wrought 

iron works. 2v *745 Al 7 

Alton, Edmund. Among the law makers. 328.3 Al 7 

America ; a dramatic poem. Anon 811 Am3 

American, An, pseud. See Christy^ David. 

American agriculturist, v. 23 46 87 630 5 Am3 

American almanac and repository of useful 

knowledge. 1830-61. 32v *310 Am3 

American almanac and treasury of facts. 

1878-88. llv 310 Am31 

American annual register. 8v 905 A2 

American art from American figure 

painters 709 Am3 

American art union bulletin *705 Am31 

American artist, pseud. See OsborU) 

American catalogue. 1880-91. 5v *015 Am3 

American catholic quarterly, v. 16 205 Am33 

American educational journal, v. 3, 4 370.5 Am32 

American Educational Society. Quar- 
terly register and journal. 15v. . . . 205 Am3 
American ephemeris and nautical almanac 

for 1895 528 Am3 

American Historical Association. Pa- 
pers. 4v 906 Al 

American Institute. Annual reports. 

9v 606 Am3 

Charter and by-laws 606 Am31 

American journal of archaeology, v. 6. . . 913 A5 
American journal of education. (Bar- 
nard's). V. 1-5, 6, 11-13 370.5 Am3 

American journal of medical sciences. 

V. 34-38 610.5 Am3 

American journal of science and art. v. 1- 

21, 57-70. 72-73, 75-108. 139-141 .... 505 Am3 
American naturalist, v. 1-5, 10-14, 25-26. 505 Am32 

American normal schools 370 N78 

American Philosophical Society. 

Transactions, 1769-1786. 2v *506 Am3 

American practice in block signaling 656 AmS 

American Public Health Associa- 
tion. Reports and papers presented 

at the meetings. 1873-75. 2v *614 Am3 

American quarterly church review, v. 11- 

13, 20-33, 35-40 205 Am32 

American rose culturist 716 Am3 

American whig review, v. 1-16 051 Am3 

Ames, Eleanor. (Eleanor Kirk.) Infor- 
mation for authors 029 Am3 

Periodicals that pay contributors .... 050 Am3 
Ames, Fisher. Practical guide to whist. 795 Am3 
Ames, Mary (C.) See Hudson, Mary (C.) 
Ammen, Daniel. The old navy and the new 359 Am6 

Amory, T. C. James Sullivan. 2v B Su5 

Anacharsis, tlie Younger. See Bar- 
thelemy, J. J. 

Andersen, H. C. Correspondence 839.8 An2 

and Grimm, J. L. & W. K. German 

popular tales jAn237 

Andersen, Lucy. Holiday in Italy 914.5 A3 

Anderson, Charles, ed. Church thought 

and church work 283 An22 

Anderson, Christopher. Annals of the 

English Bible 220.9 An2 

Anderson, E. L. Modern horsemanship. 798 An21 
Anderson, J. A. Train wire; a discus- 
sion of the science of train dis- 
patching 654 An2 

Anderson, J. H. History of George Ill's 

reign 942.07 A 1 

Anderson, J. S. M. Church of England 

in the colonies. 3v 283 A n2 

Anderson, Lindsay. Cruise in an opium 

clipper 910 A3 

Anderson, Robert. Human destiny.... 237 A n2 
Anderson, R. B., tr. Viking tales of the 

north 839 A n2 

Anderson, Winslo>y. Mineral springs 

and health resorts of California. . . . 615 An2 

Andersson, C. J. Lake Ngami 916.7 A 

Notes of travel in southwestern Af- 
rica 916.8 Al 



Andover review, v. 13-17 205 A n2 

Andrk, G. G. Plan and map drawing. . . 744 An3 
Andr6, G. J. See Fairlej, W. & Andre, 

Andrews, E. B. Institutes of economics. 330 An2 
Andrews, Fanny, (Elzey Hay). Mere 

adventurer An24 

Andrews, Jane. Only a year and what 

it brouglit j An2212 

Andrews, John. Studies in photog- 
raphy 770 An2 

Andrews, J. N. History of the Sabbath. 263 An2 
ANDRE)y^s, Sidney. South since the war. 917.5 A 

Andrews, S. J. Life of our Lord 232 C4623 

Andrews, S. P. Discoveries in Chinese. 495 An2 
Andrews, Thomas. Scientific papers. . . 504 An2 
Andrews, William. Bygone England. . 914.2 A6 

Old church lore 390 An2 

Old time punishments 343 A n2 

Andros, R. S. S. Chocorua and other 

sketches 811 An2 

Angell, John. Magnetism and electricity. 538 An4 
Angerstein, E. & Eckler, G. Home 

gymnastics for the sick and well. . . 613 An4 

Anglo-American telegraphic code 654 An4 

Anglo-Saxon, The *052 An4 

Annalist, The. v. 2-'3.. *610.5 An7 

Annual American catalogue. 1889-91. 3v.*015 Am 31 
Annual biography and obituary. Anon. 

21v *920 An7 

Annual of scientific discovery. 21 v 505 An7 

Anson, George, Lord. Voyage round 

the world 910 A2 

Anson, W. R. Law and custom of the 

constitution 342 A n8 

Anstey, F., pseud. See Guthrie, F. A. 
Antenor. Travels in Greece and Asia. 

3v 913 A 

Anthony, Lucy E., comp. See Shaw, 

Anna H., Blackwell, Alice S. & 

Anthony, Lucy E., comps. 

Antidote against melancholy 808.1 An8 

Anti- Jacobin ; or. Weekly examiner, 1797- 

98 944 04 Al 

Antiquarian magazine and bibliographer. 

V. 1-12 905 Al 

Antiquary, An, pseud. See Thomson, 


Antiquary, The. v. 19-25 905 A 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Thoughts. 188 An8 
Apgar, a. C. Trees of the northern U. 8. 582 Ap2 
Apgar, E. a. See Sypher, J. R. & Apgar, 

E. a. 

Applkton, G. W. Frozen hearts Ap5 

Appleton's annual cyclopedia, 1861-75, 

'89-91. 18v »031Ap5 

Index *031 Ap51 

Appleton's atlas of the U. S *912 A 

Appleton's cyclopaedia of America bio- 
graphy. 6v *920 Ap51 

Appleton's cyclopaedia of biography *920 Ap5 

Appleton's cyclopaedia of technical draw- 
ing *740 Ap5 

Appleton's illustrated handbook of Ameri- 
can travel 91 7 .3 A2 

Appleton's illustrated handbook of Ameri- 
can winter resorts 917.3 Al 

Appleton's journal. 26v 051 Ap5 

Apuleius, Lucius. Works *. 878 Ap9 

Arblay, Frances (B.), Countess d\ Ca- 
milla. 5v Arl21 

Cecilia. 5v '. Arl2 

Archaeologia. 50v 913 A3 

Index. 3v. *913 A4 

Archer, Thomas. Decisive events in 

history 900 A 

Archer, T. C. Popular economic botany. 580 Ar2 

Archer, William. About the theatre. . 792 Ar2 

William Charles Macready B M241 

Arena, v. 1-5 051 A r3 

Arey, H. W. Girard college and its 

founder 378 A r3 

Argand, J. R. Imaginary quantities. . . . 513 Ar3 
Aristides, pseud. See Van Ness, W. P. 
Aristophanes. Comedies ; ir. by Hickie. 

2v. 882 A r411 

Arminius, Jacobus. Works. 3v 208 Ar5 

Armitagb, John. History of Brazil. 2 v. 981 A 

Armitage, Robert. Dr. Johnson B J6313 

Armour; James. Iron and heat ; beams, 

pillars and iron smelting 672 Ar5 

Power in motion 621 Ar52 

Arms of the peers 929.6 A 

Armstrong, Mrs. M. F. & Ludlow, 
Helen W. Hampton and its stu- 
dents 378 A r5 

Armstrong, Robert. Construction and 

management of steam boilers 621 Ar5 

Arnaud, C. a. de. New era in Russia. . 914.7 Al 
Arnold, Cecil, ed. Index to Shakes- 
pearian thought 822.33 A 

Arnold, Sir Edwin. In my lady's praise. 821 Ar612 

Japonica 915.2 A 1 

Light of the world 821 Ar613 

Potiphar's wife, and other poems . . . . 821 Ar614 

Arnold, Edwin. Seas and lands 910 A4 

Arnold, E. L. Wonderful adventures of 

Phra, the Phoenician Ar6 



Arnold, Frederick. Turning points in 

life 170 Ar6 

Arnold, H. P. European mosaic 914.5 A4 

Tlie great exhibition, with continental 

sketches 914 A3 

Arnqld, Matthew. A French Eton 378 Ar61 

God and the Bible 220.6 Ar61 

Schools and universities on the con- 
tinent 378 A r6 

St. Paul and Protestantism 284 Ar6 

Arnold, R. Ammonia and ammonia com- 
pounds . 661 Ai6 

Arnold, S. G. Patrick Henry. B H3931 

Rhode Island. 2v 974.5 A 

Arnold, TAomas, comp. See Addis, W. 

E. & Arnold, Thomas, comps. 
Arnold, Thomas. History of Rome. 2v. 937 A3 
History of the later Roman common- 
wealth 937 A 2 

Life of Hannibal B H1921 

Miscellaneous works 208 Ar6 

Sermons preached in the chapel of 

Rugby school 252 Ar6 

Arnold, T. K. Greek prose composition. 485 Ar6 
Arnold, W. T. Roman system of pro- 
vincial administration 352 A r6 

Arpentigny, C. S. d'. Science of the 

hand 133 Ar6 

Arr, E. H., pseud. See Rollins, Ellen, 

C. (H.) 
Arrowsmith, Jambs. Paper-hanger's 

companion 698 Ar6 

Art amateur, v. 11-14 *705 Ar7 

Art journal, v. 1-52 ....'. *705 Ar72 

Arthur, T. S. Advice to young ladies. . 170 Ar8 

Advice to young men 173 Ar7 

Allen house Ar716 

Golden grains Ar723 

Home lights and shadows Ar72 

Leaves from the book of human life. . Ar722 

Lights and shadows of real life Ar725 

Mary Ellis Ar719 

Our neighbors Ar724 

Out in the world Ar712 

Sketches of life and character Ar717 

Steps towards heaven Ar715 

Sweethearts and wives Ar718 

What comes afterwards Ar714 

Withered heart Ar721 

and Carpenter, W. H. History of 

Georgia 975.8 A 

History oi Virginia 975.5 A 

See also Carpenter, W. H. & Arthur, 
T. S. 

Arthur, Willlam. Italy in transition. . 914.5 Al 

Arundell, F. V. J. Visit to the seven 

cliurches of Asia 939 A 

Aryan sun-myths 290 Ar9 

AsBURY, Francis. Journal. 3v B Asl 

AsHENHURST, T. R. Weaving and de- 
signing of textile fabrics 677 As31 

AsuTON, John. Social England under 

the regency. 2v 914.2 A5 

See also Mew, James & Ashton, John. 

Asiatic Society. Transactions. 12v *906 A 

AsKiNSON, G. W. Perfumes and their 

preparation JS68 A84 

Atchison, C. C. Winter cruise in Sum- 
mer seas 918.1 A2 

Athanasius, Saint. Select treatises. 2v. 232 At3 

Atkins, Sarah. Fruits of enterprise, 

[adventures in Egypt] 916.2 A2 

Atkinson, Edward. Industrial progress 

of the nation. ... 330 At5 

Taxation and work 337 At5 

Atkinson, Joseph. History of Newark. 01 At5 

Atkinson, J. B. An art tour to northern 

capitals of Europe 914 A4 

Atkinson, J. C. Walks, talks, travels 

and exploits of two schoolboys J598.2 At5 

Atkinson, J. J. Friction of air in mines. 622 A to 
Gases met with in coal mines 622 AtSl 

Atkinson, Philip. Elements of dynamic 

electricity and magnetism 537 At511 

Atkinson, T. W. Oriental and western 

Siberia 915.7 A 

Atkinson, William. Principles of politi- 
cal economy 330 At52 

Atlanta (Ga.) Annual report for 1891.. 352 At6 

Atlantic monthly, v. 1-69 051 A tO 

Index *051 At61 

Atlantic tales At6 

Attfield, John. Chemistry ; general, 

medical and pharmaceutical 615 At8 

AucHiNCLOss, W. S. Practical applica- 
tion of the slide valve and link mo- 
tion to engines 621 Au2 

Audubon, J. J. &Bachman, John. Vivi- 
parous quadrupeds of North Amer- 
ica. 2v 599 Au2 

Auerbach, Bbrthold. Edelweiss Au321 

Villa on the Rhine Au322 

Aughey, J. H. Iron furnace, [slavery 

and secession] 973.7 A5 

AuMALE, H. E. P. L. d'Orleans, due d\ 

History of the Princes de Conde. 2v. B C75 

Austen, F. V. Elfie's visit to Cloudland 

and the moon j Au76 



AusTBN, Jane. Lady Susan Au726 

Austen. W. C. Roberts-. Introduction 

to the study of metallurgy 669 Au7 

Austin, Jane G. Betty Alden Au735 

David Alden's daughter Au736 

Dr. LeBaron and his daughters Au734 

Standish of Standish Au732 

Austin, Sarah. Characteristics of 

Goethe. 3v; B G5517 

Austin, W. S., jr., & Ralph, John. 

Lives of the poets- laureate 920 Au7 

Austria and the Austrian s. 2v 914.36 A 

Authentic memoirs of the revolution in 

France. Anon 944.04 A 

Autobiography of an English soldier in 

the United States army. 2v 973.6 A 

AvELiNG, E. B. Student's Marx ; an in- 
troduction to the study of Karl 

Marx' "Capital" 331 Av31 

a?id Eleanor (M.) Working class 

movement in America 331 Av3 

Aveling, S. T., ed. Heraldry 929.6 Al 

Axon, W. E. A., ed. Mechanic's friend.. 603 Ax7 
Ayres, Anne. William A. Muhlenberg. . B M89 
Aytoun, W. E. Lays of the Scottish 

cavaliers 821 Ay9 

Az arias, Brother. See Mullany, P. F. 
B., M. E., pseud. See Blake, Mary E. (M.) 
Babcock, William H. Two lost centur- 
ies of Britain 942.01 B 

Babelon, Ernest. Oriental antiquities. 913 B2 
Bache, Franklin. See Wood, G. B. & 

Bache, Franklin. 
Bache, R. M. Vulgarisms and other 

errors of speech 428 B12 

Bachelder, J. B. Popular resorts 917,3 B8 

Bachman, John. See Audubon, J. J. & 
Bachman, John. 

Backgammon and draughts : 795 B12 

Bacon, A. M. Manual of gesture 808.5 B13 

Bacon, Alice M. Japanese girls and 

women 915.2 B2 

Bacon, J. H. Guide to the improvement 

of the memory 154 B13 

Bacon, Leonard. Genesis of the New 

England churches 274 B13 

Bacon, L. W. Memorials of Emily Bliss 

Gould B G73 

Badenoch, J. G. Art of, letter paint- 
ing 745 B14 

Badt, F. B. Bell hangers* hand-book... . 537 B1411 

Dynamo tenders' hand-book 537 B14 

Electric transmission 537.8 B14 

Incandescent wiring hand-book 537 B141 


and Carhart, H. S. Derivation of 

practical electrical units 537 B1412 

Bagbhot, Walter. Essay on parlia- 
mentary reform : 328.2 B14 

Plan for assimilating English and 

American money 332 B1411 

Bailey, Abigail (A.) Memoirs B B15 

Bailey, J. M. England from a back 

window 914.2 B9 

Bailey, Nathan. Universal etymological 

dictionary *423 B15 

Bailey, Thomas. Records of longevity.. 312 B15 
Baillib, John. Missionary of Kilmany. B P273 
Bain, Alexander. English grammar. . . 425 B16 

Higher English grammar 425 B161 

On teaching English 808.5 B16 

Practical essays 824 B16 

Senses and the intellect 150 B16 

Bain, F. W. Dmitri B16 

Bainton, George, ed. Art of author- 
ship 029 B16 

Baird, C. W. History of Rye, N. Y. . . . 974.7 B2 
Baird, H. C. Painter, gilder and var- 

nisher's companion 698 B16 

Baird, Robert. Memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff 

and the Duchess de Broglie B R86 

Baird, S. F., ed. Annual record of 

science, 1871-76, 78. 8v 505 B16 

Baird, W. M. History of the rise of the 

Huguenots of France. 2v 284 B1621 

Baker, Alfred. Newspaper world 070 B17 

Baker, A. L. Elliptic functions 517 B17 

Baker, Benjamin. Actual lateral pres- 
sure of earthwork 620 B17 

Baker, C.W. Monopolies and the people. 338 B17 
See also Wellington, A. M., Penni- 
man, W. B. D. & Baker, C. W. 
Bak:er, G. a., jr. Point lace and dia- 
monds 811 B17 

Baker, G. H. Manual of instruction for 
the economical management of loco- 
motives 621 B172 

Baker, G. M. Amateur dramas 793 B171 

Baker, Harriette N. W., ed. Diction- 
ary of quotations *808.8 B17 

Baker, I. O. Leveling 526 B 17 

Baker, James. Turkey 914.96 B 

Baker, M. N., ed. Manual of American 

water-works. 2v 628 B17 

Baker, S. T. Fort Sumter and its 

defenders 811 B172 

Baker, Sir S. W. Rifle and hound in 

Ceylon 915.4 B2 

Wild beasts and their ways. 2y 590 B17 



Baker, Thomas. Elements of practical 

mechanism and machine tools 621 B17 

Land and engineering surveying 526 B172 

Baker, T. B. L. War with crime 364 B 17 

Baker, Walter. Cocoa and chocolate. . 663 B17 

Baker, W. M. Mose Evans B1714 

Year worth living B1713 

Bakewell, F. C. Great facts 608 B 17 

Balch, Elizabeth. Old English homes. 914.2 BIO 
Balch, G. T. Methods of teaching 

patriotism in the public schools. . . . 172 B18 
Balch, Thomas. French in America, 

1777-1783 973.3 B2 

Baldwin, F. W. & J. H. Directory of 

the Oranges, N. J.. 1889-92. 3v. . . .*917.49 Bl 
Baldwin, James. Book lover; a guide 

to the best reading 028 B19 

ed. Harper's school speaker. 3v 808.5 B19 

Baldwin, Joseph. Psychology applied 

to the art of teaching 371 B19 

Baldwin, J. G. Flush times of Alabama. 817 B19 
Party leaders ; sketches of Jefferson, 

• Hamilton, Jackson and others 329 B19 

Baldwin, J. H. See Baldwin, F. W. & 
J. H. 

Bale, W. P. Pumps and pumping, 621 B19 

Balestier, C. W. Average woman, [and 

other stories] B1921 

James G. Blaine ; B B57 

See also Kipling, Rudyard&. Balestier, 
C. W. 
Balfour, Sir James. Historical works. 

4v 941 Bl 

Ball, Sir R. S. Cause of an ice age 551 B21 

In starry realms 523 B2111 

Starland ' j523 B211 

Time and tide; a romance of the 

moon 525.6 B21 

Ball, Thomas. My threescore years and 

ten B B214 

Ball, T. I. Orthodox doctrine of the 

church of England 283 B21 

Ball, W. P. Are the effects of use and 

disuse inherited ? 575 B21 

Ballantine, William., Barrister's life. B B213 
Ballantyne, R. M. Charlie to the res- 
cue j B2159 

Floating light of the Goodwin sands. . j 8214 

Ballard, Julia P. Among the moths 

and butterflies 595 B21 

Ballou, M. M. Equatorial America 918 B6 

comp. Treasury of thought *808.8 B211 

Baltet, Charles. Art of grafting and 

budding 634 B21 

Balzac, Honors de. Albert Savarus. . . B2189 

Chouans B2191 

Fame and sorrow, [and other stories]. B2186 

Historical mystery B2188 

Lily of the valley B2187 

Pierrette B219 

Sons of the soil B2185 

Ursula B217 

Balzani, Ugo. Italy 945 B 2 

Bamber, E. F. See Rankine, W. J. M. & 

Bamber, E. F. 
Bamford, Mary E. Number one or 

number two j B21 

Second year of the Lookabout club. . . j590 B211 
Bampfield, R. W. Essay on curvatures 

and diseases of the spine *616 B21 

Bancroft, Edward. Experimental re- 
searches concerning the philosophy 

of permanent colours 667 B22 

Bancroft, George. History of the bat- 
tle of Lake Erie 810.8 B22 

History of the formation of the con- 
stitution of the United States. 

2v 342.3 B22 

History of the United States, 1858-75. 

V. 2-10. 9v 973 B7 

Literary and historical miscellanies. . 814 B22 
Bancroft, H. H. Chronicles of the 

builders. 7v 920 B22 

Works. 32v 970 B2 

Bandelier, a. F. a. Delight makers. . . B223 

Bangs, J. K. Tiddledywink tales JB2221 

Bannan, Benjamin. See Daddow, S. H. 

& Bannan, Benjamin. 
Banvard, Joseph. The American states- 
man ; life of Webster B W3917 

Barba, j. Use of steel for constructive 

purposes 672 B23 

Barber, J. W. & Howe, Henry. Our 

whole country. 2v 973 B4 

Barber, T. W. Engineer's sketch- 
book 621 B23 

Barclay, John. Diary of Alexander 

Jaff ray B J18 

Barclay, J. T. City of the great king ; 

Jerusalem 915.6 B5 

Barclay, Robert. Apology for the 
true Christian divinity, as held by 

the Quakers 289.6 B23 

Barclay, Sidney, pseud. See Post, 

Lydia M. 
Bardsley, C. W. Curiosities of Puritan 

nomenclature 929 B 

English surnames 929.4 Bl 



Bakham, R. H. D. Ingoldsby legends. . . 827 B33 

Rev. Richard Harris Barham. B B2B 

ed, Theodore E. Hook B H76 

Bakhydt, J. A. Crayon portraiture 741 B23 

Baring-Gould, Sabine. See Gould, 

Sabine Baring-. 
Barker, Fordyce. Puerperal diseases. . *^618 B24 

Barker, G. F. Physics 530 B24 

Barker, Lady Mary A. S ; (afterward 
Lady Broome). Bedroom and bou- 
doir 749 B79 

Station life in New Zealand 919.3 B2 

Barker, Mrs. Sale. Some of my feath- 
ered and four-fopted friends j599 B24 

Barker, W. B. Lares and Penates. 956 B 
Barker's facts and figares ; ed. by Whit- 
taker 310 B94 

Barlow, Crawford. New Tay bridge. . *624 B24 
Barlow, ^E. H. See Sheldon, E. A. & 
Barlow, E. H. 

Barlow, Joel. Columbiad ; a poem 811 B24 

Barnard, C. F., jr., (Jane Kingsford). 

Money and music B251 

Soprano B25 

The tone masters. 

Bach and Beethoven 920 B2511 

Handel and Haydn 920 B251 

Mozart and Mendelssohn 920 B25 

Barnard, George. Handbook of foliage 

and foreground drawing *740 B25. 

Barnard, Henry. National education 

in Europe 370.9 B25 

School architecture 727 B25 

Barnard, John G. Analysis of rotary 

motion, as applied to the gyroscope. 531 B25 
Barneby, W. H. New far west and the 

old far east 910 B6 


Barnes, Albert. Inquiry into the scrip- 
tural views of slavery 326 B26 

Barnes, G. F. See Smithson, Isabel, & 

Barnes, G. F. 
Barnes, J. S. Submarine warfare, offen- 
sive and defensive 623 B26 

Barnes, W. H. History of the 39th con- 
gress of the United States 328.3 B26 

Baron, John. Edward Jenner. 2v B J43 

Barozzio, Giacoma. Five orders of archi- 
tecture *729 B26 

Barr, Amelia E. (H.) Beads of Tasmer. B2724 

Christopher, and other tales B2733 

Friend Olivia B2723 

Ualiam succession B2731 

Household of McNeil B2722 

Lost silver of Briffault B2732 

Barr, Amelia E. (H.) Love for an hour 

is love forever B2729 

Michael and Theodora. . jB273 

Preacher's daughter B2734 

Rose of a hundred leaves B2727 

She loved a sailor B2725 

Shortstories B2728 

Sister to Esau B2726 

Young people of Shakespeare's dramas j822. 33 Bl 

Barrera, Mme. A. de. Rachel B Rill 

Barrett, J. H. Abraham Lincoln B L6323 

Barrett, W. A. Flowers and festivals. . 247 B27 

Barrie, J. M. Auld licht idylls 828 B27 

Edinburgh eleven 808.4 B27 

Little minister B2741 

. My Lady Nicotine B2743 

When a man's single B274 

Window in Thrums B2743, 

Barrington, Jonah. Personal sketches. 

2v BB272 

Rise and fall of the Irish nation 941.5 B2 

Barrow, Isaac. Treatise on the Pope's 

supremacy 262 B27 

Barrow, Sir John. Autobiographical 

memoir B B27 

George, Lord Anson B An83 

Peter the Great B P4411 

Barrow, John, jr. Sir Williaiii Sidney 

Smith. 2v B Sm6 

Tour in Austrian Lombardy 914.36 B 

Tour through South' Holland 914.92 B 

Barrows, Anna, comp. Eggs 643 B27 

Barrows, C. M. Acts and anecdotes of 

authors *803 B27 

Barrows, Isabel C, ed. Proceedings at 
the national conference of charities 

and correction 360 C37 

Barrows, S. J. Doom of the majority of 

mankind '. 230 B27 

ed. Ezra Abbot B Ab2 

Barry, Herbert. Ivan at home.. .. 914.7 B3 
Barry, Joseph, (JosepliuSy jr.) Harper's 

Ferry. 975.5 Bl 

Barter, S. Manual instruction; wood- 
work (the English Sloyd) 694 B 28 

Barthblemy, J. J. Travels in Greece. 

7v. &atlas.., 938 B2 

Bartholomew, John. Library atlas. . . . *912 Bl 
Bartholomew, J. G. Atlas of commer- 
cial geography *380 B28 

Bartlett, D. W. Abraham Lincoln. ... B L6316 

Lady Jane Grey. B D863 

Bartlett, G. B. New games for parlor 

and lawn 790 B28 



Bartlett, J. R. Explorations in Texas. 

2v 917B1 

BarTol, B. H. Marine boilers of the 

United States 621 B28 

Barton, William. David Rittenhouse. . B R512 

Barttelot, W. G,, ed. E. M. Barttelot. B B283 

Bascom, John, .^thetics 701 B29 

New theology 204 B29 

Principles of psychology 150 B29 

Bashkirtsefp, Marie. Letters 891.7 B29 

Babkerville, Alfred, tr. Poetry of 

Germany * .831.08 B29 

Bass, E. W. See Ludlow, H. H. & Bass, 
E. W. 

Bassett, a, B. Hydrodynamics end 

sound 532 B29 

Bastable, C. H. Commerce of nations. . 380 B29 

BAstian, H. C. Modes of origin of low- 
est organisms 576 B291 

Batchelder, H. M. See Osgood, C. S. & 
Batchelder, H. M. 

Batchelder, Samuel. Introduction and 
early progress of the cotton manu- 
facture in the United States 677 B81 

Bate, George. How did Christianity 

and the gospels originate ? 239 B31 

Bateman, G. O. Fresh water aquaria. . . 590 B31 

Bates, Arlo. Albrecht B3113 

Book o' nine tales B3114 

Pagans B3115 

The poet and his self 811 B311 

Told in the gate 811 B3111 

Bates, E. C. Year in the great republic. 

2v.... 917.3 B7 

Bates, Harriet L. (V.) Old Salem 917.4 B 

Bates, Katherine L. Hermit island.. . jB313 

Bates, S. P. Mental and moral cul- 
ture 370 B31 1 

Baths and bathing 613 B32 

Batten, J. M. Reminiscences of the 

United States navy 973.7 B12 

Batterson, H. G. Sketch-book of the 

American episcopate 920 B32 

Battey, T. C. Life and adventures of 

a Quaker among the Indians 970.1 B9 

Batty, John. Spirit and influence of 

chivalry 394 B32 

Bauer, Karoline. Caroline Bauer and 

the Coburgs B B32 

Bauerman, Hilary. Metallurgy of iron. 669 B32 

Baumeister, Reinhard. Cleaning and 

sewerage of cities 628 B32 

Bautain, L. E. M. Art of extempore 

speaking 808. 5 B32 

Bax, E. B. Ethics of socialism 335 B3311 

French revolution 944.04 Bl 

Outlooks from the new standpoint .... 335 B33 
Religion of socialism 335 B331 

Bax, E. I. Popular electric lighting 537 B33 

Baxley, H. W. West coast of North and 

South America 918 B4 

Baxter, Sylvester. Cruise of a land 

• yacht ; iB33 

Bayard, S. J. George Dashiell Bayard. . B B34 

Baylb, Pierre. Historical and critical 

dictionary. 4v *903 B 

Bayly, Mary. Workmen and their diffi- 
culties 331 B34 

Bayne, Peter. Christian life, social and 

individual 920 B34 

Essays in biography and criticism. 2v. 820.4 B34 
Martin Luther. 2v B L9716 

Bazan, Emilia P. Morrina (homesick- 
ness) B345 

Russia 914.7B1 

Beadle, J. H. Life in Utah 298 B38 

BEAiiE, A. M. A. Calisthenics and light 

gymnastics for home and school 613 B36 

Beale, L. S. How to work with the mi- 
croscope 578 B36 

Beam, William. See Leffmann, Henry & 
Beam, William. 

Beamish, Richard. Psychonomy of the 

hand 133 B37 

Beard, Charles. Martin Luther and the 

reformation in Germany 270.6 B38 

Beard, G. M. Hay fever 616 B38 

Beard, J. R. Toussaint L'Ouverture B T64 

Beardmore, W. L. Drainage of habit- 
able buildings 628 B38 

Beardsley, E. E. Episcopal church in 

Connecticut 283 B38 

Life and correspondence of Samuel 

Johnson B J6314 

William Samuel Johnson B J633 

Beasley, Henry. Book of prescriptions. *615 B382 

Beattie, William. Thomas Campbell. 

3v BC15 

Same. 2v B C151 

Beauchesne, a. H. du B. de. Louis 

XVIL 2v B L923 

Beaugrand, Charles. Walks abroad of 

two young naturalists 590 B38 

Beaulieu, p. L. Modern state in rela- 
tion to the society and the indi- 
vidual 320 B38 

Beaumont, Francis & Fletcher, John. 

Select plays. 2v 822 B381 



Beaumont, G. A. de la B. db, ed. 

Memoir, letters and remains. 2v. . B T56 
and ToGQUEViLLE, A. C. H. C. de. 
The penitentiary system in the U. 

S. and its application in France 365 B38 

Beaumont, Roberts. Colour in woven 

design 667 B38 

Beaukegakd, p. G. T. Battle of Manassas. 973.7 B18 
Bbaurepaire, Quernay de. (Jules de 

Olouvet.) Woodman B386 

Beazley, C. R. James I, of Aragon B J232 

Beck, J. B. Infant therapeutics *615 B38 

Beck, S. W. Gloves; their annals and 

associations 391*B38 

Beck, T. R. & T. B. Medical juris- 
prudence. V. 2 *340.6 B38 

Becker, B. H. Scientific London 506 B38 

Beckett, W. H. English reformation. . .270.6 B382 
Beckford, William, yathek, an east- 
ern romance B384 

Same B3841 

Beckmann, Johann. History of inven- 
tions. 2v. 608 B38 

Beddard, F. E. Animal coloration 591 B39 

Bede, the venerable. Ecclesiastical his- 
tory of England 274 B39 

Bedell, G. T. Sermons. 2v 252 B392 

Bedford, J. R., Duke of. Correspond- 
ence. 3v 826 B39 

Beecher, Catherine E. Housekeeper 

and healthkeeper 640 B3921 

Truth stranger than fiction (Delia 

Bacon) B B133 

Woman's profession as mother and 

educator 396 B39 

and Stowe, Harriet E. (B.) Amer- 
ican woman's home 640 B392 

Beecher, Edward. Concord of ages . . . 233 B38 
Beecher, Mrs. Eunice W. (B.) Moth- 
erly talks with young housekeep- 
ers 640 B391 

Beecher, H. W. Eyes and ears. 818 B39 

Freedom and war 326 B39 

Lecture-room talkn 240 B391 

Lectures to young men , . . ; 170 B39 

Life of Jesus, the Christ 232 C4615 

Plain and pleasant talk about fruit, 

flowers and farming 630 B39 

Royal truths 208 B38 

Beecher, Lyman. Autobiography. 2v. B B393 

Lectures on scepticism 239 B39 

Beechey, F. W. Voyage of discoveiy 

towards the north pole 919.8 B2 

Beehler, W. H. Cruise of the Brooklyn. 910 BIO 

Beers, H. A. From Chaucer to Tennyson. 820.9 B39 
Initial studies in American letters. . . . 810.9 B39 

Bbesly, E. S. Queen Elizabeth B El 41 

Beets, Nicolaas. J. H. Van der Palm. . B P182 
Behrendb, A.J. F. Philosophy of preach- 
ing 251 B392 

Socialism and Christianity 335 B39 

Behrens, Bertha, (W. Heimburg). Hor- 

tense B3915 

Same as Lucle^s mistake, B3913. 

Insignificant woman B3916 

Lucie's misake : B3913 

Same as Hortense, B3915. 

Magdalen's fortunes B3912 

Pastor's daughter B3914 

Beke, C. T. Sinai in Arabia , . . . . 939 B 

Belcher, Joseph. Historical sketches of 

hymns 245 B41 

Belgravia. v. 1-68, 71-75, 77 052 B41 

Belisle, D. W. Independence Hall 973.3 Bl 

Bell, Benjamin. Treatise on gonor- 
rhoea virulenla. 2v *616 B41 

Bell, Ernest, ed. Athletic sports 797 B41 

Bell, Henry. Sermons on holy com- 
munion 265 B41 

Bell, James Chemistry of foods. 2v. . . 643 B412 
Bell, John & Charles. Anatomy and 

physiology of the human body. 2v. *611 B41 

Same *611 B411 

Bell, Louis. See Crosby, O. T. & Bell, 

BELii, Robert. Rt. Hon. George Can- 
ning BC161 

Bell, W. E. Carpentry made easy 694 B41 

Bellamy, C. J. Moment of madness. . . . B4121 
Bellamy, Edward. Dr. HeidenhofE's 

process B4112 

Bellemarre, E. L. G. de F. de, (Oa- 
briel Ferry.) Vagabond life in 

Mexico.. 917.2B2 

Bellesheim, Alphons. History of the 

Catholic church of Scotland. 4 v. . . 282 B41 
Bellbw, J. C. M. Shakespeare's home 

at New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon. 822.3 B41 

Belloc, Bessie R. (P.) Vignettes 920 B412 

Bellows, H. W. Re-statements of Chris- 
tian doctrine 252 B41 

Belloy, Augustus, Marquis de. Chris- 
topher Columbus and the new 

world 973. 1 B 

Belsham, William. Reign of George 

m. 4v 942.07B 

Belton, J. D., comp. Literary manual of 

foreign quotations *808.8 B41 



Beltrami, G. C. Pilgrimage In Europe. 

2v 914B6 

Bement, C. N. American poulterer's 

companion 636.5 B42 

Bender, Charles. Properties of con- 
tinuous bridges 624 B431 

Proportions of pins used in bridges. . . 624 B43 

Benedict, David. History of the Bap- 
tist denomination in America 286 B43 

Benedict, F. L., John Worthington's 

name B43 

Miss Dorothy's charge B4312 

Miss Van Kortland B4314 

Mr. Vaughan's heir B4311 

My daughter Elinor B431 

'Twixt hammer and anvil B4313 

Benger, Elizabeth O. Mary, queen of 

Scots B M3634 

Benham, William. Catharine and Crau- 

f urd Tait BT13 

Benjamin, S. G. W. Persia 915.5 Bl 

Troy 939.2 B 

Turk and Greek 914.9 B 

Bennet, George. See Tyerman, Daniel 
and Bennet, George. 

Bennet, J. H. Winter and spring on 

the Mediterranean 910 B8 

Bennett, Arthur. John Bull and his 

other island. 4v. in 2 914.15 B3 

Bennett, J. H. Clinical lectures on the 

principles and practice of medicine. ^616 B43 

Bennett, R. A. R. Marine aauaria 590 B43 

Benson, L., ed. Book of remarkable 

trials and notorious characters 343 B44 

Bbntham, Jeremy. Deontology; or. The 

science of morality 171 B44 

Bentley, M. Louise. Hints on the art 

of wood carving 736 B44 

Benton, T. H. Abridgment of the de- 
bates of congress from 1789 1856. 
16v *328.3 B44 

Beranger, P. J. Songs in English 841 B451 

Berdoe, Edward. Browning cyclopedia. 821 B8232 
Browning's message to his time 821 B8227 

Bergen, Fanny D. Glimpses at the 

plant world m j581 B45 

Bergen, J. Y. & Fanny D. Primer of 

Darwinism and organic evolution. . 575 D2523 

Berk, M. A. Ancient Jerusalem 220.9 B45 

Berkeley, George. Alciphron. 2v.... 239 B45 
Works. 2v 192B451 

Berijoz, L. H. Autobiography. 2v. . . . B B452 

Bernard, Frederick. Wonderful es- 
capes 920B45 

Bernard, John. Retrospections of 

America 917.8 B13 

Bernard, J. H. See Wynne, F. R., Ber- 
nard, J. H. &; Hemphill, Samuel. 

Bbrnhbim, H. Suggestive therapeutics. . 134 B45 
Bernthsen, a. Text-book of organic 

chemistry 547 B45 

Berry, Mary. Extracts from her jour- 
nals and correspondence. 3v B B454 

Berry, T. S. Christianity and Buddhism. 294 B45 
Berryman, J. R. Digest of the law of 

insurance 368 B45 

Berthelot, p. E. M. Explosive materials. 662 B46 
Bertram, J. G. {Eev. William If. Cooper.) 

Flagellation and the flagellants 343 B46 

Harvest of the sea 639 B46 

Besant, Walter. All sorts and con- 
ditions of men B4624 

Armorel of Lyonesse B4623 

Bell of St. Paul's B4625 

Captain Cook B C77 

Demoniac B4626 

Dorothy Wallis B4629 

Fifty years ago 914.2 B6 

French humorists 840.9 B46 

Ivory gate B4628 

London 914.2 B14 

St. Katherine's by the Tower B4627 

To call her mine B4622 

Verbena Camellia Stephanotis B46111 

Bethune, J. E. D. Galileo Galilei B G1321 

Bettany, G. T. Charles Darwin B D2511 

Dark peoples of Africa 916 Bl 

Mohammedanism and other religions 

of Mediterranean countries 297 B46 

Practical botany 580 B462 

Red, brown and black men of Amer- 
ica and Australia; and their white 

supplanters 572 B46 

World's religions 290 B46 

Bevan, G. p. Hand-book to the indus- 
tries of the British Isles and the 

United States 600 B46 

Bevan, T. F. Travel and discovery in 

New Guinea 919.5 B 

Bible truths with Shakespearean parallels. 822.3 B47 

Bibliographer. 3v 010 B47 

Bickerbteth, E. H. Yesterday, to-day 

and forever 821 B47 

BiCKMORE, A. S. East Indian archipelago. 919.1 B 
BiCKNELL, A. J. Supplement to Village 

builder *728 B47 

BiDWELL, D. D. See Ward, Herbert & 
Bid well, D. D. 



BiEN, J. R. & Vermeule, C. C. Atlas of 
the Metropolitan district and ad- 
jacent country *912 B2 

BiGELOW, E. H., ed. See Higginson, T. 
W. & Bigelow, E. H^ eds. 

BiGELOW, Jacob. Florula Bostoniensis; 
a collection of plants of Boston and 

its vicinity 581 B48 

Modern inquiries 818 B48 

Bigelow, John. Molinos the Quietist. . . B M732 

Principles of strategy 355 B48 

William Cullen Bryant B B841 

Bigelow, L. J. Bench and bar 340.9 B48 

Bigelow, Poultney. The German em- 
peror and his eastern neighbors. ... B W681 
Paddles and politics down the Dan- 
ube.... 914.96B1 

Bigelow, S. F. Biographical sketch of 

Moses Bigelow B B48 

Biggs, C. H. W. First principles of elec- 
trical engineering 537.8 B48 

See also Imray , John & Biggs, C. H. W. 

BiLGRAM, Hugo. Involuntary idleness. . 331 B49 

Bill, Led yard. Winter in Florida 917.59 Bl 

Billings, J. S. Description of Johns Hop- 
kins hospital *362 B49 

Billingsley, a. S. From the flag to the 

cross, [scenes in the war] 973.7 BIO 

Billroth, Theodore. Care of the sick 

at home and in the hospital 649 B49 

General surgical pathology and thera- 
peutics *617 B49 

BiNET, Alfred. Psychic life of micro- 
organisms. . . ., 616 B51 

Bingham, D. A. Marriage of the Bour- 
bons. 2v 944.03 B 

Bingham, Hiram. Besidence of twenty- 
one years in the Sandwich islands. . 266.1 B51 

Bingham, Joseph. Antiquities of the 

Christian church. 2v 281 B51 

Bird, F. G. Dry cleaner and garment 

dyer 667 B53 

Bird, Isabella L. See Bishop, Isabella 
L. (B.) 

Bird, Joseph. Protection against fire . . . 352.3 B53 

BiRKMiRE, W. H. Architectural iron and 
steel and its application in the con- 
struction of buildings 691 B53 

BiRKS, T. B. Modern physical fatalism 

and the doctrine of evolution 110 B53 

Birney, William. J. G. Birney and his 

times B B53 

BiRRELL, Augustine. Res judicatse; 

papers and essays 824 B531 

BiRT, John. Patristic evenings 828 B53 

Bishop, Edmund. See Gasquet, F. A & 

Bishop, Edmund. 
Bishop, Emily M, Americanized Del- 

sarte culture 613 B542 

Bishop, Isabella L. (B.) Golden Cher- 
sonese 915.9 Bl 

Hawaiian archipelago 919.6 B 

Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan. 2 v. 915.5 B2 
Lady's life in the Rocky mountains . , 917.8 B 
Bishop, J. L. History of American man- 
ufactures from 1608 to 1860. 2v . . 670 B54 
Bisland, Elizabeth. Flying trip around 

the world 910 B9 

BissELL, E. C. Historic origin of the 

Bible 220. 9 B54 

BissELL, Mary T. Physical develop- 
ment and exercise for women 613 B54 

BiXBY, J. T. Crisis in morals 170 B55 

BjOrling, p. R. Construction of pump 

details 621 B5511 

Practical hand-book on direct-acting 

pumping engine 621 B55 

Pumps 621 B551 

Bj5rnson, Bj5rnstjerne. Bridal march, 

and other stories B5512 

In God's way B5514 

Black, G. A. Municipal ownership of 

land on Manhattan Island 333 B56 

Black, J. Gas-fitting 696 B56 

Black, William. Donald Ross of Heimra. B5643 

Four MacNicols JB5645 

Magic ink B5644 

Oliver Goldsmith B G5711 

Stand fast, Craig- Royston B5642 

Strange adventures of a phaeton.... B5641 

Black, W. G. Heligoland 914.3 B2 

Blackall, C. H. Builder's hardware 690 B56 

Blackall, Emily L. Superior to circum- 
stances B567 

Blackburn, Henry. Artistic travel in 

Normandy 914 B12 

Blackburne, Gertrude M. I. Alger- 
non Sidney B Sil3 

Blackie, J. S. Essays on subjects of 

moral and social interest 304 B56 

Life of Robert Burns B B9311 

Natural history of atheism 211 B56 

Scottish song 821.08 B56 

Songs of religion and life 821 B56 

ed. Wisdom of Goethe 838 B56 

Blackley, W. L. Word gossip 422 B56 

Blackmore, R. D. Alice Lorraine. .in'^A C833 

Kit and Kitty B5657 



Blackmobe, R. D. Remarkable history 

of Sir Thomas Upmore B5656 

Blackstock, E. F. Land of the viking. 914 B7 

Blackwell, Alice S. See Shaw, Anna 
H., Blackwell; Alice S. & An- 
thony, Lucy E. 

Blackwell, Antoinette L. (B.) Sexes 

throughout nature. ... 577 B56 

Studies in general science 504 B57 

Blackwell, Elizabeth. Counsel to 
parents on the moral education of 
children 396 B56 

Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, v. 1- 

144, 147-151 052 B56 

Index. V. 1-50 *052 B561 

Blades, William. Pentateuch of printing. 655 B56 

Blagrove, Q. H. Marble decoration and 
the terminology of British and for- 
eign marbles 553 B57 

Shoring and its application 691 B57 

Blaine, J. G. J. A. Garfield B G1811 

Blair, Hugh. Lectures on rhetoric and 

belles lettres. 2v 808 B57 

Blair, J. A. Organic analysis of potable 

waters. 543 B572 

Blair, L. H. Prosperity of the South de- 
pendent on the elevation of the 
negro 326 B57 

Blaisdell, a. F. Our bodies and how we 

live 613B572 

Stories of the civil war j973.7 Bll 

Blake, E. V., ed. Arctic experiences . . . 919.8 Bl 

Blake, Mary E. (M.) Summer holiday 

in Europe 914 BIO 

Blake, W. O., comp. Slavery and the 

slave trade 326 B58 

Blakelee, G. E. Industrial cyclopaedia. *603 B58 

Blakey, Robert, {Palmer Hackle, esq.) 

History of political literature. 3v.. 320 B58 
Lives of the primitive fathers 270 B58 

Blanc, J. J. L. History of ten years, 

1830-40. 2v ., 944.06B 

Blanchard, Rufus. Abraham Lincoln . 811 B59 

Blancourt, H. Art of glass 666 B59 

Bland, Robert, comp. Proverbs *398 B61 

Bland, William. Principles of con- 
struction in arches, piers, buttresses. 624 B61 

Blandin, Frederick. Topographical 

anatomy. *617 B61 

Blavatsky, Helen P. (H.) Isis unveiled. 

2v 212 B611 1 

Blinn, L. J. Practical workshop com- 
panion for tin, sheet-iron and cop- 
per-plate workers 671 B61 

Bliss, E. M., ed. Encyclopaedia of mis- 
sions. 2v *266B61 

Blodget, Lorin. Climatology of the 

United States 551,5 B63 

Blot, Pierre. What to eat and how to 

cook it 641 B63 

Blouet, Paul, (Max. O'ReU.) English 

Pharisees and French crocodiles 827 B62 

Frenchman in America 917.3 Bll 

Jacques Bonhomme 914.4 B5 

John Bull and his island 914.2 B8 

Blunt, Lady Anne I. N. Bedouin tribes 

of the Euphrates 915.3 Bl 

Blunt, Henry. Lectures on the history 

of Elisha 220.9 B62 

Blyth, a. W. Foods ; their composition 

and analysis 543 B62 

Manual of public health 614 862 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Decameron *853 863 

Bodmer, G. R. Hydraulic motors, tur- 
bines and pressure engines 621 863 

Boeckh, August. Public economy of 

the Athenians 336 B632 

Boethius, a. M. T. S. King Alfred's 
Anglo Saxon version of Boethius 
De consolatione philosophiae 189 B63 

BoGARDUS, C. H. Field, cover and trap- 
shooting 799 B63 

BoGART,W.H.,("/&7i<in«;.") DanielBoone. B B641 

Bogatzky, C. H. Golden treasury for 

the children of God 242 863 

Boguslawski, a. von. Tactical deduc- 
tions from the war of 1870-71 355 B63 

Bohm-Bawerk, Eugene von. Capital 

an4 interest 331 863 

Bohn, H. G. Guide to the knowledge of 

pottery, etc 708 B63 

BoiSGiLBERT, Edmund, pscud. See Don- 
nelly, Ignatius. 

BoissEVAiN, G. M. Monetary question. 333 B63 

BoissY, Teresa G. , Marquise de (formerly 
Contessa Guiccioli.) My recollec- 
tions of Lord Byron 8 B9911 

BoiviN, Marie A. V. G. & Duges, 

Antoine. Diseases of the uterus.. *613 863 

BOKER, G. H. Poems of the war 811 B63 

BoLiNGBROKE, H. St. J., Vtscount. On 

the study of history. 2v 907 B 

BoLLES, Charles, comp. Dictionary of 
correspondences derived from the 
word of the Lord 289.4 B63 

BoLLES, Frank. Land of the lingering 
snow; chronicles of a stroller in 
New England f. . . . 818 B63 



BOLLBY, P. A. & Paul, B. H. Manual of 

technical analysis 543 B63 

BoLTE, Amalia C. E. M. Madame de 

Stagl B633 

Bolton, Robert, jr. County of West- 
chester. 2y 974.7 B4 

History of the Protestant Episcopal 
church in the county of West- 
chester 283 B63 

Bolton. Sarah E. (K.) Famous artists. 920 B6317 

Famous English authors 920 B6315 

Famous English statesmen. 920 B6316 

Famous men of science j920 B6314 

Famous types of womanhood 920 B6318 

BOMBAUGH, C. C, comp. Gleanings for 

the curious *808.8 B63 

BoMHOFP, D. Dictionary of English and 

Dutch language, 2 v *439 B63 

BOMPAS, Q. C. Frank Buckland B B852 

Bonaparte, N. J. C. P. See Napoleon, 
N. J. C. P. Bonaparte, Prince. 

BONAR, A. A. Memoir of McCheyne B M13 

Bond, J. W. Minnes(»ta 917.76 B 

Boner, Charles. Transylvania 914.39 B 

BONHAM, J. M. Railway secrecy and 

trusts 385 B64 

BoNiTz, Hermann. Origin of the Hom- 
eric poems 883 B64 

Bonnechose, F. p. E. B. de. History of 

France. 2v 944 Bl 

Bonner, John. Child's history of Rome. 

2v J937B3 

Child's history of the United States. 

2v J973B5 

Bonne Y, Catharina V. R. Legacy of 

historical gleanings. 2v 973 B6 

BONNEY, G. E. Electro- plater's hand- 
book 537.8 B64 

BONNYCASTLE, R. H. Newfoundland. 2 v. 971.8 B 

Spanish America 972 Bl 

BONOMi, Joseph. Nineveh and its palaces. 913 B4 
BONSAL, Stephen, jr. Morocco as it is. . 916.4 M 
BONSTETTEN, C. V. Man of the North 
and the man of the South ; the 

influence of climate ; . . . . 573 B64 

BoNVALOT, Gabriel. Across Thibet 915.1 Bl 

Book of birthdays 821.08 B64 

Book-lore. 3v. , 010 B64 

Bookworm. 5v. 010 B641 

Booth, Ballington. From ocean to 

ocean 289.9 B64 

Booth, Charles. Pauperism 339 B642 

ed. Labour and life of the people. 

2v. inS ,., , 830B64J 


Booth, Mary L. Marble workers' manual. 693 B64 

Booth, Maud B. Beneath two flags 259 B64 

Booth, William. In darkest England 

and the way out 339 B64 


Franco-German war 944.08 B 

Borden, Simeon. Practical operations of 

locating and constructing railroads. 625 B64 

Borland, R., ed. Yarrow ; its poets and 

poetry 821.08 B642 

Borrow, George. Romano Lavo-Lil ; 
word-book of the Romany or Eng- 
lish gypsy language 397 B641 

Bos, Lambert. Grecian antiquities 913 B7 

BosANQUET, Bernard. Essays and ad- 
dresses 104 B65 

History of aesthetics 701 B66 

Logic. 2v 160B65 

BosTwiCK, A. E. i&«Champlin, J. D.,ir., 
& Bostwick, A. E. 

BOTTA, Anne C. (L.) Handbook of uni- 
versal literature 809 B65 

BoTTA, P. E. Discoveries at Nineveh ... 913 B5 

BoTTA, ViNCENzo. Dante B D2311 

BoTTONE, S. R. The dynamo ; how made 

and how used 537 B651 

Guide to electric lighting 537 B6511 

BOTTS, J. M. Great rebellion 973.7 B7 

Boucher, Jonathan. Causes and conse- * 

quencesof the American revolution. 973.3 B2 

Bouchot, Henri. The book; its printers, 

illustrators and binders *090 B66 

BouDiNOT, Elias. Life of the Rev. W. 

Tennent B T25 

BouLGER, D. C. VON K. Lord W. Bent- 

inck BB443 

BoTJLGER, Theodora H. (H.) (Theo. • 

V Gift). LilLorimer B6613 

Little colonists j B6614 

BouLTON, S. B. Preservation of timber 

by the use of antiseptic 691 B66 

BouRGET, Paul. Impressions of Italy. . , 914.5 B4 
Pastels of men. 2v B665 

BouRGUiGNON, HoNORB. Cattle plague.. 636.2 B66 

BouREE, J. G. Apache campaign in the 

SierraMadre 970.1 B7 

On the border with Crook . . . 970. 1 B6 

Bourne, H. R. F. Emin Pasha expedi- 
tion 916.7 B3 

English merchants 650 B66 

English newspapers. 2v 070 B66 

Bourne, John, ed. Treatise on the steam 

engine 621 B661 

Bourne, VjNCJiI'fT, Poetical works §21 B66 



BOURNB, W. O. History of the public 

school society of New York 379 B66 

Boi}TBLL, L. H. Alexander Hamilton. ... B H1814 

BoiTTERWEK, Fribdrich. History of 
Spanish and Portuguese literature. 

2v 860.9 B661 

History of Spanish literature 860.9 B66 

BouTMT, Emilb. Constitutional law 342 B66 

BouTON, J. B. The enchanted B664 

BouvERiE-PusEY, S. E. B. See Pusey, 
S. E. B. Bouverie-. 

BouvKT, Margubritb. Sweet William. jB663 

BovEE, C. N. Thoughts, feelings and 

fancies 828 B66 

BovET, Mme, db. Three months* tour 

in Ireland 914.15 B2 

BovET, Marie A. db. C. Gounod B G742 

BowDEN, E. M., eomp. Imitation of 

Buddha 294B67 

BowDEN, J. W. Gregory VII. 2v B G8621 

Same B G862 

BowDBN, T. R. Blunders in educated 

circles corrected 425 B67 

BowDiTCH, H. I. Public hygiene in 

America 614 B67 

BowDiTCH, N. J. Suffolk surnames 929.4 B 

BowDiTCH, Sarah. See Lee, Sarah. 

BowpiTCH, W. I. Slavery and the con- 
• stitution 326 B67 

BowBN, C. W., ed. Centennial celebra- 
tion of the inaguration of Washing- 
ton *353B67 

BowEN, Francis. American political 

economy 330 B672 

Gleanings from a literary life, 1838- 

1880 818 B67 

•Modern philosophy 190 B67 

BOWBN, J. L. History of the 37th regi- 
ment Mass. volunteers 973.7 B15 

Massachusetts in the war 973.7 B13 

Bowes, J. L. Japanese pottery *738 B67 

BowKER, R. R. Library list *027 B67 

and Iles, George, eds. Reader's 
guide in economic science ^016 B672 

BoWLBR, George. Chapel and church 

architecture *726 B68 

Bowles, Samuel. Across the continent. 917.8 B2 
Colorado 9 17 . 8 B3 

Bowman, S. M. & Irwin, R. B. Sher- 
man and his campaigns B Sh5711 

BowNB, B. P. Philosophy of Herbert 

Spencer 193 Sp3111 

Principles of ethics 170 B68 

Bowujs, H. B. F. Sir Philip Sidney . . , . B Sil22 

BowRiNG, John. Decimal system in num- 
bers, coins and accounts 389 B68 

Bowser, E. A. Academic algebra 512 B68 

College algebra 512 B681 

Elementary treatise on analytic me- 
chanics ; 531 B68 

Elements of plane and solid geometry. 513 B68 
BoTD, A. E. H. East coast days and 

memories 824 B6913 

Twenty-five years of St. Andrews. 2v. B B692 
BoTD, Mark. Reminiscences of fifty 

years B B69 

Boydell, John & Josiah. Collection of 
engravings illustrating the dramatic 

woiks of Shakespeare *822.33 B 

BoYESEN, H. H. Against heavy odds. ... j B6915 

Boyhood in Norway ^ j B6919 

Essays on German literature. 830.4 B69 

Idyls of Norway 811 B71 

Ilka on the hill-top, [and other 

stories] B0918 

Light of her countenance B6913 

Mammon of unrighteousness B6916 

Queen Titania, [and other stories]. . . . B6917 

Tales from two hemispheres B6914 

BoYNTON, C- B. History of the navy dur- 
ing the rebellion. 2v..... 973.7 B14 

BoYNTON, E. C. History of West Point. . 974.7 B3 
Bqynton, Henry. The world's greatest 

conflict .* 342 B71 

BOYNTON, H.V. Sherman's historical raid. 973.7 B6 
Boys, C. V. Soap bubbles and the forces 

which mould them *. . . j532 B71 

Boys^ book of trades, and the tools used in 

them J690B71 

BoYSE, Samuel. New pantheon. 201 B71 

Brace, C. L. Dangerous classes of New 

York 343 B72 

Hungary in 1851 914.39 Bl 

Norse-folk 914.8 B4 

Races of the old world 572 B73 

Bracebridge, C. H. Authentic details 

of the Valdenses 284 B72 

Brackbnridge, H. M. Insurrection in 

western Pennsylvania 974.8 B 

Late war between United States and 

Great Britain 973.5 Bl 

South America. 2v 918 B6 

Brackbtt, Anna C. Technique of rest. 130 B72 
Brackett, C. F. d others. Electricity in 

daily life 537 B72 

Brackett, J. R. Negro in Maryland 826 B72 

Bradford, Alden. New England chro- 

pologjr , 974 B 



Bradford, A. W. American aDtiquities. 970.1 B4 
Bradford, Duncan. Wonders of tlie 

heavens *523 B72 

Bradlaugh, ImpeacLment of 

tbe house of Brunswick. 942.08 B 

Bradley, J. W. Giorgio Giulio Clovio. . B C622 
Bradshaw, W. R. Goddess of Atvata- 

bar B722 

Brady, John. Clavis calendaria ; or, a 
compendious analj&is of the cal- 
endar. 2v 529 B72 

Brady, William. Kedge-anchor ; or, 

Young sailor's aj^sistant 656 B72 

Brainard, F. R. The sextant and other 

reflecting mathematical instruments. 510 B73 
Braithwaite, William & James. Retro- 
spect of medicine and sufgery. 2v. *616 B73 
Bramston, M. Heroiue of a basket van. jB73 

Brand, Charles. Voyage to Peru 918 li3 

Brand, W. F. William RoHinson Whit- 

tingham. 2v. B W614 

Brandes, G. M. Impressions of Russia. 914.7 B2 

Brann, H. A. John Hughes B H874 

Brannt, T. Animal and vegetable fats 

and oils 605 B73 

Metallic alloys 671 B731 

ed. Manufacture of vinegar and ace- 
tates, cider and fruit virines 664 B73 

Metal -worker's handy- book of re- 
ceipts and processes 671 B73 

and Wahl, W. H., eds, Techno- 

chemical receipt book 603 B73 

Brassey, Thomas. Foreign vrork and 

English wages 331 B731 

Brassington, W. 8. Historic bindings 

in the Bodleian library *095 B73 

Braun C. R. Ursemic convulsions *618 B73 

Breck, Joseph. FloweY garden 716 B74 

Breckinridge; R. J. Foreign travel. ... 914 B8 
Bremer, Fredrika. Homes of the new 

world. *2v.... 917.3 BIO 

Life in the old world. 2v 914.94 B4 

Life, letters and posthumous works. . B B75 
Brenan, M. J. Ecclesiastical history of 

Ireland 274.15 B75 

BuENEMAN, A. A. See Caldwell, G. -C. 

& Breneman, A. A. 
Brennan, M. S. Popular exposition of 

electricity 537 B75 

Brentano, Lujo. History and develop- 
ment of gilds 338 B75 

Relation of labor to the law of to-day. 831 B75 
BrentON, E. p. Naval history of Great 

Britain, 1783-1836. 2v 359 B75 

Breton, J. A. A. L. Life of an artist. . . B B752 

Breton, W. H. Scandinavian sketches. . 914.81 B 

Brewer, E. C. Historic notebook *903 B2 

Brewster, Sir David. Treatise on 

optics 535 B75 

Brickwood, E. D. Boat racing 797 B76 

Bridoens, R. Manners and costumes of 

France, Switzerland and Italy *391 B76 

Bridges, Mrs., {Mrs. Forrester). My 

hero B8419 

Bridges, Charles. Christian ministry. . 250 B76 

Bridges, John A. Idylls of a lost village. 828 B76 
Bridgett, T. E. Life of Sir Tliomas 

M ore '. B M 8 1 1 

Bridgman, R. S., ed. Concord lectures 

on philosophy 104 B76 

Brierre de Boismont, a. J. F. Hallu- 
cinations 133 B63 

Briete, Jean de la. Story of Reine. . . . B753 

Briggs, C. a. American Presbyterianism. 285 B76 

Authority of Holy Scripture. 220 B76 

The Bible, the church and the reason. 220 B761 

Messianic prophecy 232 B76 

Whither ? 230 B76 

ed. How shall we revise the West- ^ 

minster confession of faith ? 238 B76 

Briggs, L. R. Original charades 793 B76 

Briggs, L. V. History of shipbuilding. . 699 B76 

Briggs, Robert. Steam heating 697 B76 

Brigham, William. Compact with the. 
charter and laws of New Ply- 
mouth 974.4 B4 

Bright, John. Speeches on the Ameri- 
can question 326 B76 

Bright, Matilda A., {Lyndon), Mar- 
garet B76 

Brillat-Savarin, Anthelme. Handbook 

of dining. 643 B76 

Brimmer, Martin & Chapman, Mrs. J. J. 

Egypt 913 B6 

Brinkerhopp, H. B. Nab nee- ta B77 

Brinley, FRAN901S. William T. Porter. B P83 

Brinton, D. G. AiAericau race. • 970.1 B6 

Ancient Nahuail poetry 497 B77 

Myths of the new world 291 B77 

Races and peoples • . 572 B77 

Religious sentiment ; its source and 

aim :. 201 B77 

and Davidson, Thomas. Giordano 

Bruno B B831 

Bristed, C. A. Pieces x)f a broken-down 

critic 818 B77 

British almanac, 1828-87, '89. 61v....... *310 B77 

Index ;... *310B771 



British and Foreign Anti-Slavkry 
SociKTT. Slavery in the United 
States 326 B77 

British Arch^ological Association. 

Journal. 46v 505 B7721 

Index to Journal. 2v 505 B7722 

Transactions at Winchester, 1845 ... 506 B77 

British Arch^logical Institute. Jour- 
nal. 47v 505B778 

British Association for the Advance- 
ment OF Science. Report of the 
meetings held from 1831-88. 58v . . 505 B77 

British Museum. Townley gallery. 2 v. 708 T66 

Britton, WiiiEY. Civil war on the bor- 
der 973 7 B9 

Broadhousb, John. Musical acoustics. . 584 B78 

Brock, William. Sir Henry Havelock. . B H29 

Brockett, L. p. Abraham Lincoln B L632 

History and progress of education 370 B78 

Silk industry in America 677 B78 

Tear of battles 944.08 Bl 

and Vaughan, Mary C. Woman's 
work in the civil war 973 7 B8 

Brocklesby, John. Amateur microscop- 

ist 578B78 

Brodhead, J. R. History of the state of 

NewTork. 2v 974.7 B5 

Brodhead, L. W. Delaware Water Gap. 974.85 B 

Brodie, George. Constitutional history 

of the British empire. 3v 342.2 B78 

Brodribb, W. J. 8ee Church, A. J. & 
Brodribb, W. J. 

Brogden, James. Catholic safeguards 
against the errors of the church of 
Rome. 3 V 283 B78 

Broglie, J. V. A., Due de. Frederick 

the Great and Maria Theresa. 2v. . B F8712 

Brook, Sarah, pseud. See Stephen, Car- 
oline E. 

Brooke, A. De Capell . Winter in Lap- 
land and Sweden 914.71 B 

Brooke, Henry. Fool of quality. 2v. . B793 

Brooke, Magdalen. Story of Eleanor 

Lambert B796 

Brooke, S. A. Christ in modern life 232 B7921 

Dove cottage; Wordsworth's home. . 914.2 B12 

Early life of Jesus 232 B792 

History of early English literature . . .820.9 B791 

Brooke, T. H. Island of St. Helena 997 Bl 

Brooker, a. See Slingo,W. &Brooker, A. 

Brookes, Richard. General gazetteer. . 910 Bll 

Brooklyn Institute. Second year book, 

1889-90 370 B79 

Brooks, B. A. Phil Vernon j B795 

Brooks, C. T., tr. Schiller's Homage of 

the arts 831 .08 B79 

Brooks, Edward. Story of the Iliad for 

boys and girls j883 H7522 

Story of the Odyssey j883 H7528 

Brooks. E. S. Son of Issachar B7922 

Story of the United States j973 B8 

Brooks, James. Seven months' run .... 910 B7 

Brooks, J. W. Hiatory of the Hebrew 

nation 983 Bl 

Brooks, Mary M. See Agge, Anne A. & 
Brooks, Mary M. 

Brooks, Noah. Boy settlers JB7911 

Brooks, Phillips. Candle of the Lord . . 252 B792 
Light of the world 252 B7921 

Brooks, Sarah W. English poetry and 

poets : 821 1 B 792 

Brooks, W. K. Handbook of inverte- 
brate asoology 592 B79 

The oyster ' 639 B79 

Broome, Lady Mary A. (S.) See Barker, 
Lady Mary A. (S.), [afterward 
Lady Broome], 

Brother Azarias, pseud. See Mullany, 
P. F. 

Brotherhead, William. Forty years 
among the old booksellers of Phila- 
delphia 655B79 

ed. Book of the signers *090 B79 

Brothers, A. Photography 770 B79 

Brougham & Vaux, H. P. B., Baron. 
England and France under the house 

of Lancaster , 942.04 B 

Historical sketches of statesmen who 
flourished in the time of George III. 

6v 920B7921 

Life and times. 3v B B792 

Lives of men of letters and science 
who flourished in the time of George 

III 920B792 

Working-man's companion '..... 331 B79 

Brougham, John. Life, stories and 

poems B B79 

Brown, Alexander, ed. Genesis of the 

United States. 2v 973.2 B 

Brown, C. B. Wieland ; or, The trans- 
formation B8121 

Brown, D. P. The forum ; or, Forty 
years' full practice at the Philadel- 
phia bar 340 B81 

Brown, Everit & Strauss, Albert. 

Dictionary of American politics. . . . 329 B81 

Brown, Glenn. Healthy foundations 

for houses 613 B81 



Bbown, Qoold. Grammar of English 

grammars 425 B81 

Brown, G. B. Fine arts 700 B68 

Brown, I. Van A. Robert Finley B F49 

Brown, J. M. Political beginnings of 

Kentucky *976.9 B 

Brown, J. P. Dervisbes; or, Oriental 

spiritualism 297 B81 

Brown, Robert. Peoples of tLe world. 6v. 572 B81 

Brown, W. N. Wood engraving 761 B81 

Browne, C. F., (Artemus Ward.) Arte- 

mus Ward ; bis book 817 B81 

Artemus Ward ; bis travels 817 B8111 

Artemus Ward in 1 iondon 817 B811 

Artemus Ward's panorama 817 B81 12 

Browne, C. L. Horatio Nelson B N3311 

Browne, Dunn, pseud. See Fiske, S. C. 

Browne, D. J. Trees of America 634.9 B81 

Browne, G. L. Wellington B W4612 

Browne, James. History of tbe Higb- 

Jands. 4v 941 B2 

Browne, J. H. Four years in Secessia . . 973.7 B16 

Great metropolis, [New York] ... 917.47 B 

Browne, J. R. American family in Ger- 
many 914 3 Bl 

Land of Tbor 914.8 B3 

Yusef ; journey of tbe Frangi. .. ., 915.6 B6 

and others. Resources of tbe Pacific 

slope 317 B8i 

Browne, R. E. Water meters 628 B81 

Browne, 8lr Thomas. Religio medici. . 828 B81 
Browne, W. H. George Calvert and Ce- 

cilius Calvert B B212 

Brownell, W. C. Frencb art 759 B81 

Browning, Elizabeth (B.) Aurora 

Leigb 821 B821 

Browning, Oscar. Dante B D2312 

George Eliot B C8812 

Goetbe B G 5518 

Introduction to tbe bistory of educa- 
tional tbeoriea 370 B82 

Modern France 944 B 

Browning, Robert. Asolando; fancies 

and facts 821 B8225 

Ring and tbe book. 2v. 821 Bb226 

Browning, W. S. History of tbe Hugue- 
nots 284 B82 

Brownlow, W. G. & Pryne, Abram. 
Ougbt American slavery to be per- 
petuated? 826 B82 

Bruce, Henry. Life of Gen. Houston... B H812 

Life of Gen. Ogletborpe B Og5 

Bruce, James. Classic and bistoric por- 
traits 920 B83 

Bruce, James. 1730-1794. Travels to 

discover tbe source of tbe Nile. 8v, 916 B2 

Bruce, Thomas, Soutbwest Virginia. . . 975 5 B2 

Brugiere, Sara V. Good living 641 B83 

Brunet, p. G., {Junior Philomneste.) 

Bibliomania 010 B83 

Brush, Christine C. Colonel's opera 

cloak B831 

Brush, G. J. Manual of determinative 

mineralogy 549 B83 

See also Dana, J. D. & Brusb, G. J. 

Bryant, Arthur. " Forest trees for sbel- 

ter, ornament and profit 634.9 B84 

Bryant, H. B. See Packard, S. S. & 
Bryant, H. B. 

Bryant, Jacob. Observations upon tbe 

poems of Tbomas Rowley. 2v 821 R79 

Bryant, J. C. Business man's commer- 
cial law and business forms 347 B84 

Bryant, W. C. Forest bymn 811 B8411 

ed. Picturesque America. 2v *917.3 B9 

Bryce, George. History of tbe Canadian 

people. 971 Bl 

Bryce, James. Social institutions of tbe 

United States 300 B84 

Bryennios, Philothios, ed, Teacbing 

of tbe twelve apostles 281 B84 

Bryson, Mary L Cbild life in Cbinese 

bomes J915.1 B 

BuCHAN, W. P. Plumbing. 696 B85 

Ventilation 697 B85 

Buchanan, James. Nortb American In- 
dians 970.1 B8 

Buchanan, James, Pres. U. S, Mes- 
sages 353 B85 

Mr, Bucbanan's administration 973.7 B19 

Buchanan, James, Scottish Theologian. 

Modern atbeism 211 B8o 

Buchanan, Robert. Ten years' confiict. 

2 V 285 B85 

Buchanan, R. W. Coming terror, and 

otber essays 824 B85 

Land of Lome 914 1 B 

Matt B853 1 

Tbe outcast 821 B85 

Sbadow of tbe swoid> B853 

Buchanan, William. Memoirs of paint- 
ing. 2v 750 B85 

Buck, J. D. Nature and aim of tbeos- 

opby 212 B85 

Bucke, Charles. Beauties, barmonies 

and sublimities of nature. 3v 551.4 B85 

BuCKHAM, P. W., comp. Tbeatre of tbe 

Greeks 882 B85 



Buckingham, J. S. Baried city of tbe 

east; Nineveh 913 B3 

Travels among tLe Arab tribes 915.6 B7 

Travels in Palestine 915.6 B8 

BucKLAND, A .W. Antliropological studies. 573 B85 

Buckle, H. T. Essays 824 B852 

Miscellaneous and postLumoas works. 
3 V 828 B85 

Buckley, Arabella B. See Fisher, Ara- 
bella B. (B.) 

Buckley, J. M. Faith healing, Christian 

science and kindred phenomena. ... 130 B85 
Oats or wild oats? 170 B85 

BuCKNiLL, J. T. Submarine mines and 
torpedoes as applied to harbour de- 
fence 623 B85 

BuEL, R. H. See Long, J. II. & Buel, R. H. 

BuFFAM, E. G. Sights and sensations in 

France, Germany and Switzerland . 914 B9 

BuHLMANN, J. Architecture of the classic 

ages *721 B86 

Builder's and contractor's price book ... . 690 B86 

Building and machine draughtsman 744 B86 

BuLPiNCH, Thomas. Oregon and Eldo- 
rado 917.9 B 

camp. Poetry of the age of fable 808.1 B87 

BuLKELKY, O. T. Lesser Antilles. 917.29 B2 

BuLLARD, Asa. Fifty years with the 

Sabbath-schools 268 B87 

BuLLEN, A. H., cd. Lyrics from the 

dramatists of the. Elizabethan age. .621.08 B87 

BuLLiNGER, IlKiNRicn. Decades. 4v. .. 252 B87 

Bulloch, J. D. Secret service of the Con- 
federate states in Europe. 2v 973.7 B17 

BClow, Bertha von Marenholtz-. See 
Marenholtz-Billow, Bertha von. 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. G. E. L. Lord 

Lytton. Kenelm Chillingly B8748 

King Arthur 821 B8711 

Richelieu 822 B87 

Bulwer-Lytton, E. R. Lord Lytton. 

(Owen Meredith.) Marah 821 B8712 

Bulwer, Sir H. L. E. Viscount Palmers- 
ton. 2v B P181 

Bumpus, J. S. Organists and composers 

of St. Paul's cathedral 920 B88 

Bumstead, John. On the wing 799 B88 

BuNBURY, Selina. Visit to my birth- 
place JB884 

BuNCE, Ml 8. O. B. What to do 395 B881 

BuNDY, J. M. James Abram Garfield. ... B G18 

BuNNER, H. C. Airs from Arcady and 

elsewhere 811 B88 

Runaway Browns B8813 

BuNNER, H. C. Short sixes B8812 

Zadoc Pine, and other stories B8811 

Bdnsen, C C. J., Baron pon. Life of 

Martin Luther B L9714 

Philosophy of universal history. 2v. 90t Bl 
BuNSEN, Frances (W.)i?aro«€M. Baron 

Bunsen. 2v B B884 

BuNYAN, John. Book for boys and 

girls J821B88 

The holy war 244 B8811 

Pilgrim's progress 244 B881 

Burbank, W. H. Photographic nega- 
tive 773 B89 

BuBBURY, S. H. See Watson, H. W. &; 

Burbury, S. H. 
BuRCHELL, W. J. Travels in the interior 

of southern Africa 916.8 B 

Burckhardt, Jacob. Civilization of the 

renaissance in Italy 945 B 

BuRDER. William. Religious ceremonies 

and customs 270 B89 

Burdett, H. C. Prince, princess and 

people B A116 

BuRDON Sanderson, J. S., ed. See San- 
derson, J. S., Burdon-, ed. 
Burge, Lorenzo. Aryas, Senites and 

Jews, Jehovah and the Christ 231 B91 

Buroess, Alexander, ed. Memoir of 

George Burgess B B913 

Burgess, J. W. Coach buUding 684 B9 1 

Political science. 2v 320 B9 1 

Burgh, A. Anecdotes of music. 3v.... 780 B9 1 
BuRGOYNE, Sir J. F. Treatise on the 

blasting and quarrying of stone. . . . 622 B91 
Burke, Edmund. Account of the Euro- 
pean settlements in America. 2v. . 917 B 

Works. 3v 320.8 B911 

Burke, John & J. B. Encyclopaedia of 

heraldry *929.6 B 

Royal families. 2v *929.7 Bl 

Burke, J. B. Peerage and baronetage. . . *929.7 B 
BuRKB, W. E. Federal finances ; the in- 
come of the United States 836 B91 

Burn, R. S., ed. Ornamental draughts- 
man and designer 745 B93 

BuRNABY, Mrs. Fred. See Main, Eliza- 
beth A. F. (H.-W.) 
BuRNAND, F. C, (CecU Cdmn.) Happy 

thoughts 827 B931 

More happy thoughts 827 B93 

My time and what I've done with it. . 827 B9312 

Quite at home 827 B9313 

Very much abroad 827 B9311 

BuRNB, O. T. Clyde and Strathnairn B C621 



BuRNELL, G. R. Limes, cements, mor- 
tars, etc 691 B93 

See also Swindell, J. G. & Burnell, 
G. R. 
Burnet, Gilbert. Exposition of the 
thirty- nine articles of the church of 

England 238 B93 

History of his own time. 4v 942.06 Bl 

Lives, characters and an address to 

posterity. 920 B93 

Burnet, Jacob. Early settlement of the 

northwestern territory 977 B2 

BuRITBT, John. Early Greek philosophy. 183 B93 
Practical hints on composition in pic- 
tures 740 B93 

Burnet, J. R. Tales of the deaf and 

dumb. 371 B93 

See also Dodd, B. L. & Burnet, J. R. 
Burnett, Frances E. (H.) Giovanni and 

the other JB9326 

Little Saint Elizabeth, and other 

stories JB9325 

Burnett, P. H. Recollections of an old 

pioneer B B934 

Burner, Charles. Abate Metastasio. 

3v B M56 

Burney, James. . History of the buc- 
caneers 910.4 B 

Burn HAM, B. F. Elsmere elsewhere. . . . 200 B93 
BuRNHAM, Clara L. (R.) {Edith Dou- 
glas.) Dearly bought B9356 

Miss Bagg*s secretary B9353 

Mistress of Beech Knoll B9355 

Next door .* B9351 

" No gentlemen" B9357 

Sane lunatic . . B9354 

Young maids and old B9352 

BuRNHAM, G. P. History of the hen 

fever ; a humorous record ... 818 B93 

BuRNHAM, Sarah M. History and uses 

of limestones and marbles 553 B93 

Precious stones in nature, art and lit- 
erature 549 B93 

Struggles of the nations. 2v 909 Bl 

Burns, Islay. First three Christian cen- 
turies 281 B93 

Burns, Robert. Reliques 821 B9312 

Works. 4v.... 821B9313 

Same 821 B9311 

Burns, William. Maufacture of gas. . . 665 B93 
Burnside, W. 8. & Panton, A. W. The- 
ory of equations 512 B93 

PuRNz, Eliza B. Help for young re- 
porters ,,..• ,. 653B93 

Burr, Aaron. Private journal. 2v. . . .* B B9421 
Burr, E. F. (Connecticut pastor.) Dio 

the Athenian 244 B94 

Ecce coelum ; or, Parish astronomy. . 623 B94 
Burr, Fearing, jr. Garden vegetables 

and how to cultivate them 635 B94 

Burrell, Arthur. Recitation ; a hand- 
book for teachers 428 B94 

BuRRiTT, Elihu. Ten minute talks on 

all sorts of topics 818 B94 

Walk from London to John O'Groat's. 914.2 B7 
ner.) Alpine fay B9411 

Burt, Mary E. Literary landmarks 028 B95 

Burton, C. V. Introduction to dynamics. 531 B95 
BuRTONi J:: H. . Life and correspondence 

of David Hume. 2v'; B H8821 

BuRTOK, Sir R. F. City of the Saints. . . 917.92 B 

Land of Midian. 2v 915.3 B 

Burton, Thomas. Diary. 4v B B95 

Burton, W. E., ed. Cyclopaedia of wit 

and humor. 2v *808.7 B95 

Burton, W. K. & Pringle, Andrew. 

Processes of pure photography 770 B95 

Bury, J. B. Later Roman empire. 2v. . 937 B2 

Bush, R. W. Saint Athanasius B At3 

BusHNELL, Horace. Life and letters... . B B96 
Nature and the supernatural as to- 
gether constituting the one system 

of God 210 B96 

Sermons on living subjects. 252 B96 

Vicarious sacrifice 232 B96 

BussEY, G. M. History of Napoleon. 

2v BN1625 

Butcher, S. H. Some aspects of the 

Greek genius 880.4 B97 

Butler, Annie R. Promised king j232 B97 

Butler, Charles. Life of Fenelon. ... B F35 
Butler, C. M. History of the book of 

common prayer 264 B97 

Butler, Frances A. (K.) See Kemble, 

Frances A. 
Butler, G. R. Emergency notes; what 
to do in accidents and sudden illness 

until the doctor comes 617 B97 

Butler, H. D. Family aquarium 590 B97 

Butler, H. E. Solar biology 133 B97 

Butler, Nathaniel, ;>. See Lcwe, C. 

M. & Butler, Nathaniel, ^V. 
Butler, Samuel. Genuine poetical re- 
mains 821 B9711 

Butler, Thomas B. Concise analytical 
and logical development of the 
atmospheric system 551.5 B97 



Butler, W. A. Ober-Ammergau 811 B9711 

Poems 811B971 

Revision of the statutes of N. Y. and 

tlie revisers. 345.1 B97 

Two millions 811 B97 

BuTi^R, W. F. Great lone land 917.1 B2 

Sir Charles Napier.. . B N163 

Ventilation of buildings 697 B97 

Butt, Isaac. History of Italy. 2v.., . . . ! 945 Bl 


Lincoln JB9832 

Cliristmas book 3B9831 

Log scLoolliouse jB983 

Story of tbe hymns 245 B97 

Story of the tunes 783 B98 

Zigzag journeys in Australia J919.4 B3 

Zigzag journeys on the Mississippi. . . J917.6 B 
Buxton, T. F. African slave trade and 

its remedy 326 B98 

Bynner, E. L, Begum's daughter B9913 

' Chase of the meteor, and other stories. JB9914 

Tritons B9912 

Zachary Phips B9915 

Byrne, J. C. Wanderings in the British 

colon'es. 2v. .' 919.4 B2 

Byrne, Julia C. (B.) Cosas de Espana. 

2v. :....: 914.6 Bl 

Gossip of the century. 2v 780 B99 

Byrne, Oliver. Practical mechanics. . . 531 B99 

Practical metal worker's assistant. . . . 671 B99 

Byron, G. G. N., Xorei. Poetical works. • 

lOv 821 B99U 

Cable, G. VV. Busy man's Bible; and 

how to study and teach it 220 CI 1 

The negro question 324 Cll 

Strange true stories of Louisiana CI 114 

Caillard, Emma At. Electricity, the 

science of the nineteenth century. . 537 C12 
Cain, William. Maximum stresses in 

framed bridges 624 C1212 

Practical designing of retaining walls. 620 C12 

Practical theory of voussoir arches. . . 624 CI 211 

Symbolic algebra 512 C12 

Theory of solid and braced elastic 

arches 624 C12 

Voussoir arches 624 C121 

Caine, T. H. H., (Hall Caine.) Bond- 

man C121 

Capt'n Davy's honeymoon CI 212 

Samuel Taylor Coleridge B C672 

Scapegoat C1211 

Caine, W. S. Picturesque India 915.4 C3 

Caird, Edward. Critical philosophy of 

Immanuel Kant. 2v 193 K1311 

Caird, Edward. Essays on literature 

and philosophy. 2v 808.4 C12 

Caird, Sir James. Prairie farming in 

America 63} C12 

Caird, Mona. Romance of the moors. . . C122 
Cairnes, J. E. Some leading principles 

of political economy 330 C12 

Caldecott, Alfred. English coloniza- 
tion and empire 825 C12 

Calderon db la Barca, Frances E. (I.) 

Attache in Madrid 914.6 C 

Life in Mexico 917.2 C4 

Calderwood, Henry. Relation of mind 

and brain 131 C122 

Caldwell, G. C. &; Breneman, A. A. 
Manual of introductory chemical 

practice 540 C12 

Calep, Robert. More wonders of the 

invisible world 133 C12 

Calkins, Alonzo. Opium and the opium 

appetite 178 C122 

Call, Anna P. Power through repose. . 130 C13 

Call, W. M. W. Final causes 124 C13 

Callender, E. B. Thaddeus Stevens. . . B St45 
Caller, M. A. Literary guide for home 

and school 028 CI 3 

Callery, J. M. & YvAN, Melchior. In- 
surrection in China 951 C 

Calmet, Augustine. Phantom world. 2v. 133 C13 
Calver, Amelia J. Every day biog- 
raphy 920 C13 

Calveuley, C. S. Fly leaves 811 C13 

Calvert, G. H. Brief essays and brevi- 
ties 824 CI 3 

Charlotte von Stein B St33 

The gentleman 177 C13 

Life of Rubens B R8221 

Scenes and thoughts in Europe 914 C13 

Calvin, John. Commentary on the 

psalms. 3v 223.2 C13 

Institutes of the Christian religion. . . 230 C131 

Same. 2v 230 C13 

Letters. 2v 846 C13 

Calvo, J. B. Costa Rica.^ 917.28 C 

Cambridge, Ada. See Cross, Ada (C.) 

Cameron, James, ed. Oils and varnishes* 665 C14 

Cameron, V. L. Across Africa. 2v 916 C 

Among the Turks C14 

Camoens, Luis de. Lusiad 869 C 14 

Poems 869C141 

Camp, Walter. American foot ball.... 797 CIS 
Campan, Jeanne L. H. (G.) Private life 

of Marie Antoinette B M33 

Same, ; B M3313 



Campbell, Douglas. Puritan in Hol- 
land, England and America. 2v 285.9 €15 

Campbell, Dudley. Turks and Greeks. 914.9 C 
Campbell, Helen (S.) Anne Bradstreet. B B722 

Darkness and daylight 339 CI 5 

Under green apple bouglis CI 513 

Campbell, John, Lord, Sbakespeare*s 

legal acquirements 822.3 C15 

Campbell, J. A. Remiscences relating to 

the civil war 973.7 C25 

Campbell, J. F. {A Traveller.) Frost 

andfire. 2v 551 C15 

Campbell, J. G. E. H. D. S. 8ee Lome, 
J. G. E. H. D. S. Campbell, Mar- 
quis of, 
Campbell, Lewis. Guide to Oreek tragedy. 882 CIS 
Campbell, Maria (H.) Revolutionary 
sei^vices and civil life of William 

Hull BH872 

Campbell, Thomas. Letters from Al- 
giers. 2v 916.5 C 

Mrs. Siddons B Sill 

ed. Frederick the Great. 2v B F8714 

Campbell, W. W. Border warfare of 

New York 974.7 C 

Life and writings of De Witt Clinton. B C61 
Campbell-Prakd, Mrs, R. M. /See 

Praed, Mrs. R. M. Campbell-. 
C AMPIN, Francis. Details of machinery. 621 CI 51 

Materials and construction 691 C15 

Mechanical engineering 621 C1511 

On the construction of iron roofs. . . . 624 C15 
Practice of hand-turning in wood, 

ivory, shell, etc 621 C 15 

C A NOVA, Antonio. Works in sculpture 

and modelling. 3v *730 C16 

Capell, Edward, ed. Prolusions; select 

pieces of ancient poetry 821 C17 

Capell-Brooke, Arthur de. 8e6 
Brooke, Arthur de Capell-, 

Capes, W, W. Stoicism 188 C17 

Cappellei^, Carl. Sanskrit-English dic- 
tionary *491 C17 

Cardwell, Edward. Coinage of the 

Greeks and Romans 737 C17 

Carette, Mme., (Bouvet.) Eve of an 

empire's fall 944.07 CI 

Carew, F, W. No. 747, the autobiog- 
raphy of a gypsy C184 

Carey, Rosa N. Averil C1826 

Lover or friend ? CI 823 

Mary St. John C1824 

Our Bessie C1825 

Sir Godfrey's grand,daughter C1827 


Carhart, H. S. Primary batteries 537.8 C19 

Carleton, pseud. See Coffin, C. C. 

Carleton, Will. City festivals 811 C1914 

City legends.. '. 811 C1913 

Carlyle, Jane B. (W.) Early letters; 

ed. by Ritchie 826 C192 

Carlyle, Thomas. Last words 824 C1915 

Lectures on the history of literature. 809 CI 9 

Robert Burns , . . B B981 

Carnegie, James. 8ee Southesk, &; Baron 

Bolinhard, Jam,es Carnegie, Ea/rl of, « 

Carnot, N. L. 8. Motive power of heat. 536 C21 

Carpenter, Edward. Civilization 504 C22^ 

England's ideal 304 C21 

From Adam's peak to Elephanta 915.4 C7 

Carpenter, E. J. Woman of Shawmut. C222 
Carpenter, F. B. Six months at the 

White House B L6319 

Carpenter, F. De Y. Geographical sur- 
veying 526 C22 

Round about Rio C223 

Carpenter, J. E. First three gospels ; 

their origin and relations 226 C22 

Carpenter, Mary T. Girl's winter in 

India ......' 915.4 C6 

Carpenter^ R. C. Text-book of experi- 
mental engineering 620 C22 

Carpenter, William. Peerage for the 

people *929. 7 C 

. Same 929.7 CI 

Carpenter, 'W. B; Mesmerism, spirit- 
ualism, etc 134 C22 

The microscope and its revelations. . . 578 C22 

Principles of human physiology *612 C22 

Principles of mental physiology 130 C22 

Carpenter, W. H. History of Massa- 
chusetts 974.4 CI 

History of Tennessee 976.8 C 

and Arthur, T. S. History of Con- 
necticut 974.6 C 

History of Hlinois 977.3 C 

History of New Jersey.. 974.9 C 

History of New York. . ; 974.7 CI 

History of Ohio 977.1 C 

History of Pennsylvania 974.8 C 

History of Vermont 974.3 C 

See also Arthur, T. S. & Carpenter, 
W. H. 

Carpenter, W. W. Travels in Mexico. 917.2 C3 
Carpmael, Alfred & Edward, eds. 

Patent laws of the world *347 C22 

Carpmael, Edward & others, eds. Pa- 
tent laws ; supplement , . . . . *347 C221 

Carr, John. Stranger in Ireland 914.15 CI 




Carrel, J. B. N. A. Coanter revolution 

in England 942.06 C 

Carrinoton, H. B., ed. Columbian se- 
lections 808.8 C28 

Carrinoton, Katie. Ascbenbroedel.... C23 

Carrington, Margaret I., {An officer's 

wife.) Ab-sa ra-ka 970.1 C3 

Carroll, Lewis, pseud. See Dodgson, 
C. L. 

Carryl, C. E. Admiral's caravan jC232 

Carson, H. L. Supreme court of tbe 

United States B53.5 C23 

ed. One hundredth anniversary of 

the constitution. 2v *342.3 C23 

Carstairs, R. British work in India. . . . 915.4 C5 
Carstensen, a. R. Two summers in 

Greenland 919.8 C2 

Carter, Franklin. Mark Hopkins B H772 

Cartwright, George. Journal of a resi- 
dence on the coast of Labrador. 3 v. 917.19 C 
Cartwright, Richard. Footsteps of 

Shakspere 822.3 C24 

Cartwright, Thomas. Mental science 

and logic 150 C24 

Carus, William. See Stone, J. S. & 

Cams, William. 
Carvalho, S. N. Travel in the far West. 917.8 C2 
Carver, J. Travels throughout North 

America 917.3 C2 

Casati, Gaetano. Ten years in Equa- 

toria. 2v ^.. 916.7 C 

Case of the Seneca Indians. Anon, i 970.1 C5 

Castelar y Kissoll, Emilio. Life of 

Lord Byron, and other sketches. . . . 920 C27 

Castle, Egerton. Consequences C27 

Cates, W. L. R. Dictionary of general 

biography *920 C28 

Catherine II, of Russia. Memoirs B C282 

Catherwood, Mary H. Lady of Fort 

St. John C2811 

Story of Tonty C281 

Catholic world, v. 1-54 205 C28 

Catlin, George. Last rambles amongst 

the Rocky mountains 970.1 CI 

North American Indians. 2v 970. 1 C4 

Ojibbeway and loway Indians 970.1 C2 

Catlow, Maria E. British entomology.. 595.7 C28 

Cattell, C. C. Man of the past 573 C29 

Caulfield, James. Portraits, memoirs 
and characters of remarkable per- 
sons. 4v 920 C31 

Caulfield, Sophia F. A. & Saward, 
Blanche C. Dictionary of needle- 
work *746 C31 

Caustick, Christopher, psettd. See 

Fessenden, T. G. 
Cazin, Achille. Phenomena and laws of 

heat 536 C31 

Cecil, E. George Washington jB W2715 

Lafayette jB L1314 

Celebration of the quarter-milennial of the 
Reformed Dutch church of New 

Jersey 285 C33 

Century, v. 1-31, 33 43 051 C33 

Cervantes- Saavbdra, Miguel. El Bus- 

capie C3311 

Wanderings of Persiles and Slgis- 

munda C3312 , 

Wit and wisdom of Don Quixote 868 C33 

CuADBOURNE, P. A. Lectures on natural 

theology , 210 C34 

Chadwick, F. E. d; others. Ocean steam- 
ships 699 C34 

Chadwick, J. W. Bible of to-day 220 C34 

Chaillu, p. B. du. See Du Chaillu, P. B. 
Challice, Annie E. (A.) Illustrious 

women of France 920 C35 

Challoner, Robert. Science and art of 

music 780.9 C35 

Chalmers, George. Apology for the be- 
lievers in the Shakespeare papers. . *822.3 C35 
Poetic remains of some of the Scot- 
tish kings 821.08 C35 

Supplemental apology for the believ- 
ers in the Shakespeare papers *822.3 C351 

Chalmers, Thomas. On the Christian 

revelation 239 C35 

On the power, wisdom and goodness 

of God 214 C35 

Selections from his correspondence.. . 826 C35 
Chamberlain, B. H. Things Japanese.. 915.2 CI 

and Mason, W. B. Japan 915.2 C3 

Chamberlain, J. L. Maine 974. 1 C 

Chamberlain, N. H. What's the mat- 
ter ? Our tariff and its taxes 337 C35 

Chambers, G. F. Handbook of descrip- 
tive and practical astronomy. 3v. .* 523 C852 

Pictorial astronomy 523 C3521 

Chambers, James. Bishop Heber and 

Indian missions 266 C35 

Chambers, Julius. Mad world and its 

inhabitants 132 C35 

Chambers, Robert. Rebellions in Scot- 
land. 3v.... 941 C 

ed. Biographical dictionary of emi- 
nent Scotsmen. 5v. in 9 pts 920 C852 

See also Chambers, William & Robert, 



Chambers, T. K. Indigestions *616 035 

Renewal of life *616 C851 

Chambers, T. W. Theodore Freling- 

liuysen B F883 

Chambers, William. American slavery 

and colour 326 C35 

France 944 C 

Papers for the people. 12 v 828 C35 

William and Robert Chambers B C351 

and Robert, eds. Miscellany of in- 
stractive and entertaining tracts. 

lOv 820.8 C35 

Chambers's Edinburgh journal, v. 1-59. 052 C35 
Champlin, J. D.,^>., <(J. Cyclopedia of 

painters and paintings. 4v *703 C85 

and BosTWiCK, A. E. Young follss' 

cyclopaedia of games and sports *790 C35 

Champney, Elizabeth J. (W.) Three 

Vassar girls in England 914.2 C6 

Three Vassar girls in Italy 914.5 C3 

Three Vassar girls in Switzerland. . . . 914 94 CI 

Three Vassar girls in the Tyrol 914.36 C 

Witch Winnie C3534 

Witch Winnie's mystery C3533 

Witch Winnie's studio C3535 

Chandler, P. W. American criminal 

trials. 2v 343 C36 

Memoir of Governor Andrew. B An24 

Chandless, William. Visit to Salt Lake. 917.92 C 

Chaney, G. L. Belief 230 C36 

Chanler, Am:^lie (R.) According to St. 

John C3623 

Barbara Dering , C3624 

Channing, Barbara H. Sisters abroad. 914.5 C2 
Channing, E. T.» Lectures read to the 

seniors in Harvard 808 C36 

Channing, Walter. Physician's vaca- 
tion 91 4 CI 5 

Channing, W. E. Works 204 C36 

Sarne. 6v 810.8 C36 

Chapin, F. H. Mountainaering in Col- 
orado • 917.8 C3 

Chapman, James. Travels in the interior 

of South Africa. 2v 916.8 C2 

Chapman, Mrs. J. J. 8eh Brimmer, 

Martin & Chapman, Mrs. J. J. 
Chapone, Hester (M.) Letters on the 

improvement of the mind - 170 C36 

Charity Organization Society of N. Y, 
Hand book for friendly visitors 

among the poor 361 C37 

Charles, Elizabeth (R.) Martyrs of 
Spain and the liberators of Hol- 
land 272 C38 

Charles, Elizabeth (R.) Three martyrs 

of the nineteenth century 920 C38 

Charlesworth, Maria L. England's 

yeomen C884 

Charleton, a. G. Tin 622 C38 

Charlotte . Elizabeth^ psevd. See 
Tonna, Charlotte E. (B.) 

Chase, Eliza B. Over the border ; Aca- 
dia 917.16 CI 

Chase, Frederick. History of Dart- 
mouth college. V. 1 378 C38 

Chase, Henry &; Sanborn, C. W. The 

north and the south 317 C38 

Chase, L. B. Polk administration 973.6 C 

Chasles, V. E. P. Anglo-American liter- 
ature and manners 810 C38 

Notabilities in France and England. . 844 C38 

Chateaubriand, F. A. R., Vieomie de. 

Sketches of English literature. 2 v. 820.9 C39 
Travels to Jerusalem and the Holy 
Land 915.6 C5 

Chaxjtbau, a. Comparative anatomy of 

domesticated animals 591 C39 

CHECKiiEY, Edwin. Natural method of 

physical training 613 C41 

Cheever, Q. B. Pilgrim in the shadow 

of the Jungfrau Alp 914.94 C2 

Pilgrims at Plymouth 974.4 C 

Cheever, H. T. Sandwich islands. . 919.6 CI 

Cheney, J. V. Golden guess ; essays on 

poetry and the poets 808.1 C42 

Old doctor C42 

Cherbuliez, Victor. Joseph NoirePs 

revenge C4232 

Prosper C4234 

Romance of an honest woman C4235 

Samuel Brohl and company C4233 

ChesNey, C. C. Essays in military biog- 
raphy 920 042 

and Reeyb, Henry. Military ro- 
se urces of Prussia and France 355 C42 

Chesnby, F. R. Russo-Turkish cam- 
paigns. 1828 and 1829 949.6 CI 

Chester, Eliza. Chats with girls on self- 
culture 374 C42 

Girls and women 396 C42 

Chesterfield, P. D. Stanhope, Earl of. 

Letters to his godson 826 C421 

Chevalier, Michel. Letters on North 

America 917.3 CI 

On the probable fall in the value of 
gold 332 C42 

Chevallier, E. See Lenormant, Fran- 
cois & Chevallier, E. 


" - ^ ; 



Chetnb, T. K. Jeremiah B J47 

Child, G.C. Great arcliitect 210 C43 

Child, G. W. Charch and state under 

the Tudors 261 C43 

Child, Lydia M. (F.) Married women. . 920 C43 

Memoirs of Mme. de^tael B Still 

Philothea C43 

Child, Thbodorb. Art and criticism.. . . *750 C48 

Delicate feasting 641 C41 

Desire of beauty 701 C43 

Praiseof Paris 914.4C3 

Spanish American republics 918C2 

Children's picture-book of birds. Anon, J598.2 C43 
Children's story-book of good and great 

men. Anon 3920 C432 

Childs, G. W. Recollections B C43 

Chipiez, Charles. See Perrot, Georges 

& Chipiez, Charles. 

Chittenden, L. E. Abraham Lincoln. . . B L6327 
Report' of the conference convention 

held in Washington in 1861 342.3 C44 

Choate, Rufus. Works. 2v B C4512 

Chorley, H. F. Recent art and society.. B C453 

Christ and modern thought. Anon 289 C462 

Christensen, a. M. H. Afro-American 

folk lore 817 C46 

Christian examiner, v. 1-87 205 C46 

Christianity and agnosticism 204 C46 

Christianity and modern thought 234 C46 

Christie, Robert. Lower Canada. 6v. 971 C 
Christlieb, Theodor. Protestant for- 
eign missions 266.1 C46 

Christofpel, Raoet. Zwingli. B Z91 

Christopher Columbus and Americus Ves- 

pucius. Anon jB C7212 

Christophers, S. W. Hymn writers 

and their hymns 245 C46 

Christy, David, {An American.) Cotton 

is king 326 C46 

Christy, Robert, eomp. Proverbs, 

maxims and phrases. 2v *398 C46 

Chronicle fire-tables 368 C46 

Chronological catena of ancient fathers 

and councils. Anon 234 C88 

Church, A. H. Chemistry of paints and 

painting 751 C47 

Precious stones 549 C47 

Church, A. J. Burning of Rome C4718 

Callias C4719 

Pictures from Roman life and story. . 937 C5 

Stories from the Bible 220.8 C47 

Stories from the Greek comedians. . . . 882 C471 

Stories of the Iliad and ^neid 883 H7521 

Story of early Britain 942 C4 

Church, A. J. Story of the Iliad j883 H7583 

Story of the Odyssey j883 H7534 

Three Greek children JC4717 

Young Macedonian JC4716 

and Brodribb,W. J. Pliny's letters. 876 P71 

aTid Seeley, Richmond. Hammer. . C4715 

Church, Ella R. (M.) Water animals. . j599 C47 

Church, R. W. Bacon B B1311 

Beginning of the middle ages. ....... 940.1 C 

Edmund Spenser B Sp3 

Oxford movement, 1888-45 283 C47 

Church, Thomas. History of Philip's 

war 974C 

Church, W. C. John Ericsson. 2v B Er41 

Church builder 726 C47 

Churchill, C. H. * Mount Lebanon. 

4v 915.6C 

Churchill, Fleetwood. Diseases of 

women *6 1 8 C471 

Theory of midwifery *618 C47 

Churchill, R. H. Spenser, Lord. Men, 

mines and animals in South Africa. 916.8 C3 
Churchill, Sarah (J.) <8!ec Marlborough, 

Sarah (J.) Churchill, DucTieH of, 

Churchill, Seton. General Gordon. ... B G6512 
Churton, H. B. W. Thoughts on the 

land of the morning 915.6 C7 

CiBBER, CoLLEY. An apologj for the life 

of Mr. CoUey Cibber. 2v B C48 

Cicero, M. T. Cato and Laelius. 2v 875 C4816 

Life and letters B C4821 

Orations 875 C4815 

iSame, [in Latin.] 4v... 875 C4817 

Citizen's Association. Sanitary condi- 
tion of the city of New Yofk. ...... *614 C49 

Clarendon, Edward Hyde, Earl of. 
History of the rebellion and civil 

wars in England. 6v 942.06 CI 

Life. 2v B C541 

Clark, Andrew, ed. Colleges of Oxford. 378 C54 
Clark, Charlotte (Mi), {Charles M. 

lilay.) Modern Hagar. 2v C5442 

Clark, D. K. Elementary treatise on 

steam and the steam engine 621 C541 

Fuel; its combustion and economy.. . . 621 C55 
Rules, tables and data for mechanical 

engineers 621 C551 

Steam engine. 4v *621 C54 

Clark, Edward. Daleth 913 CI 

Clark, E. B. Twelve months in Peru. . . 918.5 C 

Clark, E. L. Races of European Turkey. 949.6 C2 

Clark, E. W. Life in Japan 915.2 C 

Clark, F. E. Some Christian Endeavor 

saints 244 C54 



Clabk, H. J. Mind in nature w . 576 C54 

Clark, John. Elements of drawing. . . . 740 C54 

Clark, J. S. Practical rhetoric 808 C54 

Clark, J. W. Cambridge. . . .'. 942 C5 

Clark, Latimer. Dictionary of metric 

and otber useful measures 389 C54 

Clark, N. G. Outline of tlie elements of 

the English language. 420 C54 

Clark, Susie R. (Q.) Go's going JC5485 

CIjARk, S. a., eomp. History of St. 
John's church, Elizabeth, K. J., 

from 1703-1857 283 C54 

Clark, S. C. The round trip 917.9 CI 

Clark, S. D. Memoir of John Wood- 
bridge B W852 

Clark, W. G. Literary remains 818 C54 

Clark, W. R. Girolamo Savonarola B Sa921 

Clarke, Adam. Bibliographical diction- 
ary. 8v *015C55 

Infancy, religious and literary life. 

3v BC55 

Clarke, Mrs. A. (B.) Junius Brutus 

Booth B B643 

Clarke, C. C. & Mary. J. (N.) Recollec- 
tions of writers 920 C552 

Clarke, E. D. Travels in Russia, Tar- 

tary and Turkey 914.7 C3 

Clarke, E. H. Visions 152 C55 

Clarke, F. L. Arthur, Duke of Welling- 
ton. 3v BW4613 

Clarke, F. W. Weights, measures and 

money of all nations 889 C55 

Clarke, Hewson. History of the war 

from the French revolution. 3v. . . 940.8 C 

Clarke, H. W. History of tithes 254 C55 

Clarke, J. F. Autobiography B C552 

Essentials and non-essentials in re- 
ligion : 230 C551 

Clarke, Louisa L. The microscope 578 C55 

Clarke, Mary J. (N.) See Clarke, C. C. 

& Mary J. (N.) 
Clarke, Rebecca S., {Sophie May.) In 

old Quinnebasset JC5589 

Clarke, R. F. Pilgrimage to the holy 

coat of Treves 247 C55 

ed. Cardinal Lavigerie and the Afri- 
can slave trade > 266.1 C55 

Clarke, William. Walt Whitman. .... B W591 
Clarkson, Thomas. Abolition of the 

African slave trade 326 C56 

Memoirs of William Penn. 2v B P3825 

Portraiture of Quakerism. 3v 289.6 C56 

Clatbr, Francis cfe others. Farmer's 

barn book 619 C57 

CiAViGERO, F. S. History of Mexico. 

3v.. 972C 

Clay, CharIiES M., pseud. See Clark, 
Charlotte (M.) 

Clay, Henry. Life and speeches ; ed. by 

Mallory. 2v B C5711 

Private correspondence 816 C57 

Clayden, p. W. England under Lord 

Beaconsfield 942.08 C 

Clayton, J. W. Charles II. 2v. .\ B C3822 

Clbaveland, H. W. cfe others. Village 

and farm cottages 728 C69 

Clbaveland, John. Poems. ; 821 C58 

Clemens, S. L., {Mark Twain.) Ameri- 
can claimant 817 C5918 

Merrytales C593 

Clemens, W. M. Mark Twain B C593 

Clement, Clara (E.) See Waters, Clara 

Cler, J. J. G. Reminiscences of an officer 

of zouaves 947 C 

Clerk, Dugald, Theory of the gas en- 
gine. 621 C59 

Clerkb, Agnes M. Familiar studies in 

Homer 883 H7529 

System of the stars 523.8 C59 

Cleveland, C. D. Compendium of 

classical literature 870 C59 

English literature of the nineteenth 
century , 820.9 C59 

Cleveland, Grover. Writings and 

speeches 816 C59 

Cleveland, H. G., camp. Genealogy of 

Benjamin Cleveland , 929 C2 

Clevenger, S. V. Method of govern- 
ment surveying 526 C59 

Cliffe, Leigh. Anecdotal reminiscences 
of distinguished literary and politi- 
cal characters 828 C61 

Clifford, E. Father Damien B V64 

Clifford, Lucy L. Aunt Anne C611 

Love letters of a worldly woman. . ; . . C61 

Clodd, Edward. Childhood of religions. 290 C62 

Myths and dreams 291 C62 

Story of creation 575 C62 

Cloquet, J. Recollections of the private 

life of Lafayette B L131 

Clough, a. H. Poems 821 C62 

Clouston, W. a. Flowers from a Per- 
sian garden 828 C62 

Clowes, Alice A. Charles Knight.. .... B K741 

Clowes, W. L. Black America 326 C83 

Cluskey, M. W., ed. Political text- 
book *320.3C62 



Clt7TTBRBuck,W. J. Oeylon »nd Borneo. 915.4 C4 

Skipper in Arctic seas 919.8 01 

See aUo Lees, J. A. &; Clutterback, 
W. J. 
COAN, T. M. Life in Hawaii; an autobio- 

grapliie sketch B C68 

See also Wilson, J. G. &; Coan, T. M. 
Cobb, A. G. Earthbnrial and cremation. 393 C63 
Ck)BB, Sylvanus. Autobiograpby. ...... B C633 

COBBE, F. P. Hopes of the bnman race. 237 C63 

Scientific spirit of tbe age 104 C63 

CoBBBTT, William. Grammar of the 

English language 435 C63 

History of the Protestant reformation 
in England and Ireland. 2v. ..... . 270.6 C63 

Late war between the United States 

and Great Britain 973.5 C 

COBDBN, J. C. White slaves of England. 331 063 
OoBDEN OLim. Report of proceedings 

July 11 , 1874. 320 063 

OoBTTRN, Charles, ed. Common school 

laws of Pennsylvania 370 C67 

CocHERAN, Annie (0.) Robert Carter. . . B 024 
Cochin, P. S. A. Results of emancipa- 
tion 326 064 

Cochrane, J. D. Pedestrian journey 
through Russia and Siberian Tar- 

tary. 2v 914.7 02 

CocKBURN, H. T., Lord. Lord Jeffrey. 

2v BJ37 

Memorials of his time B 064 

Cocker, B. F. Christianity and Greek 

philosophy 182 064 

Theistic conception of the world 210 064 

CODMAN, John. Ten months in Brazil. . . 918.1 01 

Visit to England : 914.2 03 

OoDRiNOTON, R. H. Meianesian lan- 
guages 499 064 

Coffin, 0. C, (**Carleton") Abraham 

Lincoln jB L6332 

Freedom triumphant J973.7 028 

Coffin, R. F. America's cup; how it was 

wonin 1851 797 065 

CoGOBSHALL, George. History of the 

American privateers 341 065 

Voyages to various parts of the • 

world 910 CIO 

Cogswell, William. Sermons 252 065 

COHN, M. M. Introduction to the study 

of the constitution 342.3 066 

OoiGNET, J. R. Narrative, 1776-1850 B 0662 

CoiT, J. H. Memorials of St. Paul's 

school 377 066 

Corr, Stanton. Neighborhood guilds. . . 338 066 

CoiT, T. W. Puritanism 274.2 C66 

COKB, E. T. Subaltern's furlough 917 C 

CoLANGE, A. L. DE. National gazetteer. . *910 08 

CoLBURN, Zerah. Memoir B 0673 

Steam boiler explosions 621 067 

and Maw, W. H. Water works of 

London 628 067 

Colchester, 0. Abbot, Lord, Diary. 

3v B0674 

Cole, Cyrus. Auroraphone 0673 

Cole, G. A. J. Aids in practical geology. 560 C67 
Cole, Nathan. Royal parks and gar- 
dens of London ' 711 C67 

Cole, W. H. Notes on permanent way 
material, platelaying and points and 

crossings 625 C67 

OoLENSO, J. W. Ten weeks in Natal 916.8 01 

Coleridge, Christ abel R. Reuben Ev- 
erett ^ J0672 

Coleridge, Hartley. Lives of northern 

worthies. 3v 920 C67 

Coleridge, Sara (0.) Memoir and letters. B 067 

Phantasmion 067 

Coleridge, S. T. Poetical works. 2v. 821 €671 

Coles, Abraham. The evangel 811 06711 

Latin hymns with original transla- 
tions ... 811 0671 

Life and teachings of our Lord 811 C6712 

Light of the world 811 06713 

Man, the microcosm and the cosmos. . 811 06714 

Microcosm, and other poems 811 067 

New rendering of the Hebrew psalms 

into English verse , 223.2 067 

Coles, J. A., ed. Abraham Coles B 0675 

OoLLETTA, PiETRO. Kingdom of Naples. 

2v 9450 

Collier, Jeremy. EcclesiasticaL history 

of Great Britain. 9v 274 069 

Profaneness of the English stage. .... *175 065 
Collier, J. P. History of English dra- 
matic poetry. 3v 792 C69 

Notes and emendations to the text of 

Shakespeare's plays 822.3 C69 

Shakespeare's libiary. 2v 822.3 0691 

ed, Roxburghe ballads 821.08 069 

Collier, W. P. History of English lit- 
erature 820.9069 

OoLLiGNON, Maxime. Manual of my- 
thology in relation to Greek art. . . . 292 069 
OoLLiNGS, George. Circular work in 

carpentry and joining 694 0691 

Handraillng 694 C69 

Collingwood, W. G. Art teaching of 

JohnRuskin 701 069 



Collins, C. A. Eye-witness 828 C69 

Collins, C. W. Plato 888 P6911 

Collins, F. H. Epitome of the synthetic 

philosophy 192 C69 

Collins, J. C. Study of English litera- 
ture 820.7C69 

Collins, J. H. Mining and quarrying. . . 622 C69 
Collins, P. M. Overland exploration in 

Siberia, etc 915 C2 

Voyage down the Amoor 915.7 C 

Collins, Wilkib. 8ee Collins, W. W. 
Collins, W. C. Illustrations of Tenny- 
son 821 T2519 

Collins, W. L. Public schools 378 C69 

Collins, W. W. Blind love C6948 

Dead alive C6949 

Guilty river C69491 

CoLLis, Septima M. (L.) Woman's trip 

to Alaska 917.98 C 

COLLUM, R. S. History of the United. 

States marine corps 359 C69 

CoLMAN, HsNRY. European agriculture 

and rural economy. 2v 630 C71 

CoLOMB, P. H. Naval warfare 359 C71 

Colonial history of the state of New Jer- 
sey. V. 1-10, 13-16 974.9 N2 

CoLTMAN, Robert, jr. Chinese 915. 1 C2 

CoLTON, Calvin. Four years in Great 

Britain 914.2 C4 

Life and times of Henry Clay. 2v. . . B C5713 
Last seven years of the life of Henry 

Clay BC5714 

Public economy for the United States. 3S(0 C72 

CoLTON, C. C. Lacon 828 C72 

CoLTON, G. Z. Shakespeare and the 

Bible 822.3 C72 

Colton,Waltkb. Bosphorus and iEgean. 914.9 CI 
Deck and port ; cruise to California. . 917 CI 

Sea and the sailor 818 C72 

Ship and shore 914.6 CI 

CoLViN, Cecil, psevd. See Burnand, F. C. 

CoLViN, Sidney. Keats; B K22 

Landor.. B L232 

CoLYER, Frederick. Water supply, 
drainage and sanitary appliances of 

residences 628 C72 

Combe, George. Constitution of man in 

relation to external objects 179 C73 

Notes on the United States of North 
America during a phrenological 

visit. 2 V 139 C73 

Combe, William. Dr. Syntax's three 
tours in search of the picturesque, 
consolation and a wife « 821 C73 

Combe, William. Tour of Dr. Syntax 

in search of the picturesque 821 C731 

CoMEGYS, B. B., ed. Primer of ethics . . . 170 C73 

Comet, The 523 C78 

Common school journal, v. 6-10 870.5 C73 

Compayr:^, Gabriel. Lectures on ped- 
agogy 371 C73 

Compound engines. ... 621 C73 

Cond:^, J. A. Dominion of the Arabs in 

Spain. 3v 946 C 

CONDER, C. R. Palestine 915.6 C3 

Cone, H. G. I^ide to the lady 811 C75 

CoNKLiNG, A. B. Appleton's guide to 

Mexico 917.2 C2 

Life and letters of Roscoe Conkling. . B C76 
Connecticut common school journal, v. 11- 

12 : 370.5 C76 

Connecticut Pastor, pseud. See Burr, 

E. F. 
CONNELLAN, OwBN, ir, Annals of Ire- 
land. ♦941.5 C 

Conrad, Johannes. German universities. 878 C76 

Contemporary review, v. 1-55, 57-60 052 C76 

Continental monthly, v. 1-3, 5-6 051 C76 

Contributions to American history 974,8 CI 

Conway, M. D. Nathaniel Hawthorne. . B H3112 

Prisons of air : C7641 

Thomas Paine B P16 

Conway, W. M. Dawn of art in the 

ancient world 571 C76 

CoNWBLL, R. H. Why and how 325 C76 

Conybeare, W. J. & HowsON, J. S. Life 

and epistles of St. Paul. 2v B P2814 

CONYNGHAM, D. P. Sherman's march. . . 973.7 C27 

Cook, E. T. Studies in Ruskin 700 R8911 

Cook, James. Voyages round the world. 

2v 910 C9 

Cook, Joseph. The Occident, with pre- 
ludes on current events 230 C771 

Cook, W. W. Corporation problem 380 C77 

CoOKB, C. W. R. Four years in parliament. 342 C77 
Cooke, G. W. Guide book to the works 

of Browning ; 821 B8229 

Cooke, J. E., (A Virginian.) Canolles. . C7727 

Her majesty the queen C773 

Justin Harley C7729 

Stonewall Jackson B J122 

Same B J 1221 

Surry of Eagle's Nest C7731 

Cooke, J. P. Laboratory practice 542 C77 

Cooke, P. St. G. New Mexico and Cali- 
fornia 979.4 C 1 

Cooke, Rose (T.) Huckleberries C7713 

Somebody's neighbors C7712 



CooKSON, J. C. Fife-. Dream of other 

days 821 C77 

CooLEY, A. J., ed. Cyclopa9dia of practi- 
cal receipts. 2 v *603 C77 

Same 603 C771 

CoOLEY, J. E. American in Egypt 916.2 CI 

CoOLEY, L.. C. Natural philosophy 530 C77 

CooLiDGB, Susan, psetid. See Woolsey, 
Sarah C. 

CooLiDGE, W. A. B. Swiss travel 914.94 C 

Cooper, Harriet C. Short studies in 

botany j 580 C78 

Cooper, J. F. Leatherstocking tales: 

Deerslayer C7845 

Last of the Mohicans C7855 

Pathfinder C7858 

Pioneers C7861 

Prairie C7862 

Lives of distinguished American naval 

officers. 2v 920 C78 

Switzerland. 2v 914.94 C3 

Cooper, Peter. Science of good govern- 
ment 332 C78 

Cooper, Samuel. First lines of the the- 
ory and practice of surgery *617 C78 

Cooper, Susan F. Rural hours 590 C78 

Cooper, T. V. & Fenton, H. T. Ameri 

can politics 320 C78 

Cooper, Rev. William M., pseud. See 

Bertram, J. G. 
Cooper, W. J. See Wanklyn, J. A. & 

Cooper, W. J. 
COOPOOSWAMEY. Every day life in South 

India 915.4 C2 

COPINGER, W. A. Incunabula Biblica. . ; *016 C79 
Copland, James. Dictionary of practical 

medicine. 3v *616 C79 

COPLESTON, R. S. Buddhism 294 C79 

Copley, Esther, {formerly Mrs. Hew- 
lett). History of slavery 326 C79 

Copp^E, F. E. J. Ten tales C79 

COPPEE, Henry. Grant and his cam- 
paigns B G7621 

COPPINGER, R. W. Cruise of the **Alert." 919.8 C 
CopwAY, George, (Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh.) 
Running sketches of men and 

places 914 C14 

CoRBETT, Edward. Old coachman's 

chatter 798 C81 

CoRBETT, Julian. Sir Francis Drake ... B D781 
CoRELLi, Marie. Romance of two 

worlds C814 

Corey, A. Properties and powers in 

every-day matters j504 C81 

CoRFiELD, W. H. Dwelling-houses; 
their sanitary construction and ar- 
rangements 628 C811 

Sewerage and sewage utilization 628 081 

Treatment and utilization of sewage. . 628 C8111 

Cornell, J. H. Primer of modem mu- 
sical tonality 781 C811 

Cornell, W. M. Sabbath made for man. 263 C81 

Corner, Julia. India before the Sepoy 

mutiny 915.4 CI 

Cornhill magazine, v. 1-65 052 C81 

CoRNWALLis, KiNAHAN. Royalty in ihe 

new world 917 C2 

Corson, Hiram. Introduction to the-study 

of Shakespeare 822.3 C81 

Primer of English verse 426 C81 

Corson. J. W. Loiterings in Europe 914 C 12 

CoRT, MaryL. Siam 915.9 C 

CORWIN, E. T. Corwin genealogy 929 C3 

Historical discourse on the centennial 
of the Reformed Dutch church of 
Millstone 285 C81 

Cory, William. Guide to modern Eng- 
lish history 942.07 C 

Coryell, J. R. Diego Pinzon jC815 

CosTELLO, Louisa S. Beam and the Pyr- 
enees. 2v 914.4 02 

Jacques Cceur B C65 

CosTiLL, O. H. Practical treatise on poi- 
sons 615 C82 

Cotes, Sara J. (D.) See Duncan, Sara 
J. D. {afterwards Mrs. Cotes). 

Cotes, V. C. Two girls on a barge 914.2 C9 

Cotta, Bernhard. Rocks classified and 

described 552 C82 

Cottage gardener, v. 1-25. {Continued as 

Journal of horticulture.) 716 J82 

CoTTERiL, C. C. & Little, E. D. Ships 

and sailors 359 C82 

CoTTERiLL, J. H. & Slade, J. H. Lessons 

in applied mechanics 531 C82 

Cotton, Charles. See Walton, Izaak & 
Cotton, Charles. - • • 

Cotton, H. J. S. New India 954 C 

Cotton. J. S. Mountstuart Elphinstone. B El 6 
and Payne, E. J. Colonies and de- 
pendencies 325 C82 

Cotton, Lizzie E. Bee-keeping for profit. 638 C82 

Cotton, Louise. Palmistry and its prac- 
tical uses 133 C82 

Couch, A. T. Quiller-. Warwickshire 

Avon 914.2C10 

CouES, Elliott. Checklist of North 

American birds. 598.2 C83 



CouLSON, J. Q. A. Harwood C833 

CouLTAS, Hailand. What may be learned 

from a tree * 582 C88 

CouPERUS, Louis. Eline Vere C835 

Footsteps of fate C8351 

CouBMELLES, FovBAU DK. Hypnotism.. 134 C83 

CouRTHOPE, W. J. Joseph Addison B Ad2 

Courtney, John. Boiler makers' assist- 
ant.. 621 C«3 

Courtney, W. L. John Stuart Mill B M5911 

Cousin, Victor. Course of the history 

of modern philosophy. 2v 194 C83 

.Coventry, John, pseud. See Palmer, 

J. W. 
CowELL, Benjamin. Spirit of 76 in 

Rhode Island 973.3 C2 

Cowley, Charles. History of Lowell, 

Mass ... : 974. 4 C3 

Cowperthwait, J. H. Money, silver 

and finance. 332 C83 

Cox, C. F. Protoplasm and life 576 C83 

Cox, G. W. Greeks and Persians 938 C5 

Little cyclopedia of common things. . *032 C83 
Cox, Harold. See Webb, Sidney & Cox, 

Cox, Palmer. Another Brownie book. . . JC8341 

Brownies; their book jC834 

Cox, S. H. Quakerism not Christianity. . 289.6 C83 

Cox.S. S. Memorial eulogies 920 C832 

CoxB, A. C. Impressions of England 914.2 C5 

CoxE, William. Memoirs of the Duke 

of Marlborough. 3 v. and atlas B M3423 

Russian discoveries between Asia and 

America f 915.7 CI 

CozzENS, F. S. Acadia 917.16 C 

CozzENS, S. W. The marvellous country. 917.91 C 
Crabb, George. English synonymes. . . *424 C84 
Crabtre, A. D. Practical money making. 658 C84 
Craddock, Charles Egbert, pseud. 

See Murf ree, Mary N. 
Craft, Zachary, pseud. See Kelsall, 


Crafts, W. F. Sabbath for man 263 C84 

and FiSK, H. F. Rhetoric made racy. 808 C84 
Craib, Alexander. America and the 

Americans 917.3 C3 

Craig, A. R. Modern palmistry 133 C841 

Craig, B. F. Weights and measures ac- 
cording to the decimal system 389 C84 

Craig, Thomas. Mathematical theory of 

fluid motion ; motion, of a solid in a 

fluid 532C841 

Mathematical theory of fluid motion ; 

wave and vortex motion 532 C84 


Craigin, Louisa J. Story of Jesus *232 C4626 

Craik, Dinah M. (M.), ed. Twenty years 

ago 914.4 CI 

Craik, G. L. English of Shakespeare. . . 822.3 C84 

ed. English causes celebres 343 C84 

and MacFarlane, Charles. Pic- 
torial history of England. 4v 942 C7 

Craik, James. Old and new 230 C84 

Cramer, J. A. See Wickham, H. L. & 
Cramer, J. A. 

Crane, J. T. Arts of intoxication 178 C85 

Popular amusements 175 C85 

Crane, Walter. Claims of decorative 

art 740C85 

Crane, W. J. E. Bookbinding for ama- 
teurs 686 C85 

Craven, Mme. Augustus. See Craven, 

Pauline (La F.) 
Craven. J. J. Prison life of Jefferson 

Davis 973.7 C26 

Craven, Pauline (La F.) Fleurange. . . C854 
Crawford, F. M. Cigarette-maker's ro- 
mance C8522 

Don Orsino C8526 

Khaled C8523 

Threefates C8525 

Witch of Prague C8524 

and Balcarres, A. W. C. Lindsay, 
Earl of. Letters on Egypt and 

theHoly Land 915.6 C4 

Crawfurd, O. J. F. {John Latouche.) 

Round the calendar in Portugal 914.69 C2 

Crayon, Porte, pseud. See Strother, 

Creasy, Sir E. S. Fifteen decisive bat- 
tles of the world 900 C 

History of England. 2v 942 C6 

Credentials of Christianity 239 C86 

Creighton, Charles. History of epi- 
demics in Britain 614 C861 

Jenner on vaccination 614 C86 

Crim, Matt. Adventures of a fair rebel. C861 

In Beaver cove, and elsewhere C86 

Crimp, W. S. Sewage disposal works. . . 628 C86 
Cripps, W. J. College and corporation 

plate 739 C86 

Crocker, H. E., ed. See Howard, R. H. 

& Crocker, H. E., eds. 
Crofts, Alfred. How to make a dynamo. 537 C67 
Croll, James. Philosophical basis of 

evolution 575 C87 

Croly, Jane (C), (Jennie June.) Jennie 

Juneiana 818 C87 

Thrown on her own resources 396 C88 




Crombie, J. W. Some poets of the 

people 808. 1 C88 

Cronise, F. F. Natural wealth of Cali- 
fornia 979. 4 C 

Crooker, J. H. Problems in American 

society '. 304 C88 

Crookeb, William. Dyeing and tissue 

printing 667 C881 

Crooks, G. R. Bishop Matthew Simp- 
son B 8152 

Crosby, Alpheus. Second advent 232 C882 

Crosby, Howard. Bible view of the 

Jewish church 296 C^88 

Jesus; his life and work 232 C88 

Seven churches of Asia 241 C88 

Crosby, Margaret. Violin obligato C883 

Crosby, O. T. & Bell, Louis. Electric 

railway in theory and practice 621 C88 

Cross, Ada (C.) My guardian C8862 

Not all in vain C886 

Three Miss Kings C8861 

Cross, Mary A. (E.) L., (George Eliot) 

Legend of Jubal 821 C881 

Spanish gypsy 821 C8811 

Crosse, Cornelia A. H. Bed letter 

days of my life. 2v B C884 

Croston, James. Chantrey*s Peak 

scenery *914.2 C8 

Crowe, E. E. & James, G. P. R. Lives 
of the most eminent foreign states- 
men. 5v 920 C884 

Crowest, F. J. Cherubini B C42 

Musical groundwork 781 C88 

Crowfield, Christopher, pseud. See 
Stowe, Harriet E. (B.) 

Crozier, A. A. Dictionary of botanical 

terms 580.3 C88 

Crozier, William & Henderson, Peter. 

How the farm pays 030 C88 

Cruger, Julia (S.) Van R. Diplomat's 

diary C884 

Marionettes Cb843 

Puritan pagan C8842 

Successful man C8841 

Cubas, A. G. Republic of Mexico 917.2 C5 

Cubley, Lucy M. Hills and plains of 

Palestine 915.6 C8 

Cudwortii, Ralph. True intellectual 

system of the universe. 3v 239 C89 

Cullen, William. First lines of the 

practice of physic , . *616 C89 

CuLLEY, J. L. Theory of the construc- 
tion of helicoidal oblique arches 620 C89 

Cui-LIMORE, D. H. Book of climates. . . . 551.5 C89 

CuLLUM, G. W. Biographical register of 
the j[>fficer8 and graduates of West 

Point, 1802-1890. 8v *355 C89 

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Cumberland, Stuart. Queen's high- 
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home in Fiji 919 C 

Two happy years in Ceylon. 2v 915.48 C 

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gregational usages and principles. . 285.8 C91 
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of George David Cummins, D. D. . . B C912 
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Cummins, T. J. 
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toral painters of Holland 920 C92 

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8v 920C91 

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lish industry and commerce during 

the early and middle ages 380 C91 

Use and abuse of money 331 C91 

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book 320 C93 

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of Ireland 398 C94 

Myths and folktales of the Russians. 398 C941 
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tis. 2v BC94 

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mation and adoption of the consti- 
tution of the United States. 2v . . . 342.3 C94 
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James Russell Lowell B L951 

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eign powers 327 C94 

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magni 878 C94 



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. and preparation of chemical rea- 
gents 543 C94 

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CuRzON, G. N. Persia and the Persian 

question. 2v 955 C 

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Visit to monasteries in the Levant... . 371 094 

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guidon... 917.81 C 

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private memoirs of Washington B W2719 

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church history 270 C98 

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questions 342 C98 

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Tliomas J. Jackson B J1223 

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railways 385 Dll 

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book 619D121 

Anatomy and physiology of the horse. 619 D12 
Daddow, S. II. & Bannan, Benjamin. 

Coal, iron and oil 622 D12 

Dahlgren, Madeleine (V.) Washington 

winter D1311 

*• Daily News" correspondence of the war 

between Germany and France 943.08 D 

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Fritchie B F9121 

The college, the market and the 

court : 396 D16 

Historical pictures retouched 396 D161 

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guide to the flora of the Alps! 581 D16 

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id. Collie stud-book and show record. 686. 7 D1724 
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Greece, Turkey and the Holy Land. 915.6 D5 
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Ulysses S. Grant B G7619 

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partment of the United States 352.8 D19 

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alogy 549D193 

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Dana, J. D. Characteristics of volcanoes. 651.2 D19 

Geology 550 D19 

and Brush, G. J. System of miner- 
alogy 549D192 

Dana, R. H. Poems and prose writings. 

2v 810.8 D19 

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ces of Jefferson Davis B D2942 

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ics 530 D22 

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Dante Alighieri. "De vulgari elo- 

quentia,'^ translated into English. . . 450 D23 

Divine comedy ; tr. by Norton. 3 v. . 851 D2315 

New life ; ti\ by Norton 851 D2318 

Paradiso ; tr, by Gary 851 D2314 

Darby, John, pseud. See Garretson, 
J. E. 

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and H. Marshall B B284 

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church. 2v 282 D25 

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Geological observations on the vol- 
canic islands of South America . . . 550 D25 

Voyage of the Beagle 508. 3 D25 

Darwin, Erasmus. Botanic garden 821 P25 

Daudet, Alpiionse. Kings in exile D2628 

Little good-for-nothing D2627 

Nabob D2619 

Port Tarascon D2629 

Rose and Ninette D2631 

Wives of men of genius. D2626 

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Irish history. 2v 941.5 D2 

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of the greatest authors 808.8 D27 

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Davidson, D. Connexion of sacred and 

profane history. 3v 930 Dl 

Davidson, E. A. House painting, grain- 
ing, etc 698 D28 

Davidson, Hannah A. Reference his- 
tory of the United States 973 D2 

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Davidson, J. W. The correspondent. . . . 428 D28 
Davidson, R. T. & Bentham, William. 

Archibald Campbell Tait. 2v B T132 



Davidson, Thomas. Aristotle and an- 
cient educational ideals. 370.9 D28 

See also Brinton, D. G. & Davidson, 
Davie, Olivbb. Nests and eggs of Nortli 

American birds 598.2 D28 

Davies^ Charles. Logic and utility of 

mathematics 510 D281 

Shades and shadows and linear per- 
spective 515 D28 

Daviks, C. M. History of Holland. 8v. . 949.2 D 
Davies, D. C. Slate and slate quarry- 
ing 558 D28 

Davies, John. 8ee Spenser, Edmund, 

Davies, John & Moryson, Fynes. 
Davis, C. T. Steam boiler incrustation. . 621 D29 
Davis, E. W. Introduction to the logic 

of algebra. 512 D29 

Davis, Flotd. Elementary handbook on 

poUble water 618 D292 

Davis, Mrs, Jefferson. Jefferson Davis. 

2v BD294 

Davis, Harriet R. Gilbert Elgar's son. D292 

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Davis, I. P. Hygiene for girls 618 D29 

Davis, J. W. Theoretical astronomy 523 D29 

Davis, M. L. Memoirs of Aaron Burr. 2v. B B942 
Davis, M. M. See Maver, William,^., & 

Davis, M. M. 
Davis, Nathan. Carthage and her re- 
mains 913 D4 

Davis, R. Recollections of Mississippi 

and Mississippians B D292 

Davis, Rebecca (6.) H. Kent Hampden. jD293 

liaw unto herself D29 

Silhouettes of American life D2981 

Davis, R. H. Gallegher, and other 

stories D291 

Stories for boys JD2911 

Van Bibber and others D2912 

The West from a car window 917.8 Dl 

and otJurs. Great streets of the world . 9 10 D5 

Davis, Sarah M. Sir Philip Sidney B Sil2 

Davis, W. H. El Gringo 917.89 D 

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Da^vson, Alfred, eomp, Henry Dawson. B D32 

Dawson, C. A. Idylls of womanhood 821 D32 

Dawsqn, Sir J. W. Chain of life in geo- 
logical times 560 D321 

Geological history of plants 560 D32 

Modern ideas of evolution as related 

to revelation and science 575 D32 

Nature and the Bible 215 D321 

Dawson, S. E. Study of The Princess. . 821 T2516 

Dawson, W. H. Bismarck and state soc- 
ialism 885D321 

Unearned increment 833 D82 

Dawson, W. J. Makers of modem Eng- 
lish 821.1 D32 

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manual 653 D33 

Day, H. B. Opium habit 178 D33 

Day, H. N. Art of discourse 808 D33 

Art of English composition 425 D83 

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Ornamental design 745 D3313 

Some principles of every day art 745 D3314 

Day, Thomas. Sandford and Merton jD33 

Deanb,H. Daniel B D221 

Deane, Margery, p$eud. See Pitman, 
Marie J. (D.). 

Deane, W. J. Abraham B AbS 

David BD281 

Joshua B J78 

Pseudepigrapha 227 D84 

Samuel and Saul B Sa42 

De Belloy, Augustus, Marquis. See 

Belloy, Augustus, Marquis de. 
Debenham, Mary H. Fairmeadow*s 

farm JD351 

St. Helen's well jD35 

Debrett, John. Peerage of the United . 

Kingdom. 2v *929.7D 

Decorator and furnisher, v. 4-10 *705 D3o 

De Costa, B. F. Lake George 917.47 D 

Rambles in Mt. Desert 917.4 D3 

Defoe, Daniel. History of the devil. . . 235 D36 
De Fonblanque, A. de G. How we are 

governed. .'. 342 D36 

De Forest, J. W. Indians of Connecticut. 970.1 D5 

Kate Beaumont D3626 

Miss Ravenel's conversion from seces- 
sion to loyalty D3627 

Oriental acquaintance 915.6 D4 

Overland D3622 

Playing the mischief D3623 

Same..., D3625 

Wetherei affair D3624 

De Gerando, J. M., Baron. See Gerando, 

J. M., Baron de. 
Deite, C, cfe others. Manufacture of per- 
fumery 668 D36 

De Kay, Charles. Life and works of 

Barye *B B282 

Delafield, John, jr. Antiquities of 

America *913 D5 

De La Mater, La Fayette. Descendants 

of Claude Le Maitre 929 Dl 



Delamottk, p. H., ed. Book of orna- 
mental alphabets 745 D37 

Modem alphabets 745 D371 

Deland, Margaret W.(C.) Florida days. 917.59 Dl 

Sidney D371 

Story of a cliild JD3711 

Delaney, Mary G., {formerly Mrs. Pen- 
darves.) Autobiography and cor- 
respondence. 6v B D371 

De Laveleye, Emile. See Laveleye, E. 
L. V. de. 

De Leon, E. Thirty years of my life on 

three continents. 2v B D372 

De Leon, T. C. Four years in rebel capi- 
tals 973. 7 D5 

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Delitzsch, Franz. Day in Capernaum. . 244 D37 
New commentary on Genesis. 2v. . . . 222.1 D37 

Delmar, AiiEXANDER, (EmUe Walter.) 

What is free trade? 337 D38 

De Mille, James. Babes in the woods. . D3916 

Comedy of terrors D3918 

Lady of the ice D3917 

Democratic Party. Campaign text-book 

for the presidential election of 1888. 329 D39 

Democratic review, v. 1-9, 12-31, 37-88, 

40 42 051 D39 

De Morgan, Augustus. Essay on prob- 
abilities 519 D39 

Demosthenes. Olynthiac 885 D391 

Dbmpsey, G. D. Locomotive engine 621 1 39 

Treatise on the drainage of districts 

and lands 627 D39 

Treatise on the drainage of towns and 

buildings 628 D39 

Tubular and other iron girder bridges. 624 D39 

Dendy, W. C. Philosophy of mystery. . . 133 D41 

Denham, Sir John. Poems *821 D41 

Denning, David. Art and craft of cab- 
inet making 684 D42 

Denning, W. F. Telescopic work for 

starlight evenings 523 D42 

Dennis, George. Cities and cemeteries 

of Etruria. 2v 913 D2 

Dennis, H, J. Model drawing 740 D42 

Denon, D. V. Travels in Upper and 

Lower Egypt. 3v 916.2 D 

Dent, C. T. & others. Mountaineering. . . 796 D43 

Dent, H. C. Year in Brazil 918.1 D 

Dent, J. C. Last forty years, [Canada 

since 1841]. 2v 971 D 

Upper Canadian rebellion. 2v 971 D2 

Denton, J. B., ed. Farm homesteads of 

England *728 D43 

Depew, C. M. Orations 815 D44 

De Peyster, J. W. Gypsies 397 D44 

Personal and military history of 

Philip Kearny B K21 

De Pradt, D. D. See Pradt, D. D. de. 

De Puy, H. W. Kossuth and his generals. 943.9 D 

De Quincey, Thomas. Posthumous 

works 824 D4411 

Uncollected writings. 2v 824 D441 

De Renzy, G. W., ed. Poetical illustra- 
tions of the achievements of Well- 
ington 821 D44 

De Roos, J. D. C. Linkages 621 D44 

Desmond, Charles. Electricity for en- 
gineers 537 D46 

Despierrb, Joseph. Finishing of white, 

dyed and printed cotton goods 677 D44 

De Tocqueville, A. C. H. C, See 

Tocqueville, A. C. H. C, de. 
Detroit Post and Tribune. Zachariah 

Chandler B C363 

De Vericour, L. R. See Vericour, L. 

R. de. 
De Vinne, T. L. Invention of printing.. 655 D49 

De Voe, T. F. Market assistant 643 D49 

Dewees, W. p. Diseases of females . . . *618 D51 
Physical and medical treatment of 

children *618 D511 

Dewey, D. R. See Levermore, C. H. & 
Dewey, D. R. 

Dewey, Orville. Works 252 D51 

Dexter, H. M. Congregationalism of the 

last three hundred years 285.8 D52 

Diaconia; or, Thoughts of the ministry. 

Anon 250 D54 

Dial. V. 1-12 805D54 

DiBDiN, Charles. Songs 784 D54 

DiBDiN, Thomas. Reminiscences. 2v. . . B D543 
DiBDiN, T. F. Bibliographical tour in 

England and Scotland. 2v 010 D541 

Bibliomania *010 D54 

Introduction to a knowledge of rare 
^editions of Greek and Latin classics. 

2 V 01 6 D54 

Reminiscenses of a literary life. 2v. B D542 

Dick, Thomas. Works. 3v 828 D54 

Dickens, Charles, jr., «<Z. C. J. Math- 
ews. 2v B M42 

Dickens, C. J. H. Child's history of 

England. 2v j942 D4 

Collection of letters, 1833-70. 2v. . . . 826 D551 

Letters to Wilkie Collins 826 D5511 

Schools and schoolmasters D552 

Dickens, M. A. Cross currents D554 



DiCKBSON, M. W. Americftn numismati- 

cal manual *737 D55 

Dickie, George. See McCosL, James & 
Dickie, George. 

Dickinson, Emily. Poems. 2v 8il D56 

Dickson, S. H. Essajs on life, sleep, 

pain, etc 818 D56 

Dickson. W. E. Organ building 786 D55 

DiDiER, E. L. Life and letters of Mad- 
ame Bonaparte B B647 

DiEULAFAiT, Louis. Diamonds and pre- 
cious stones 549 D56 

DiEULAFOY, Jane. At Susa 913 D7 

DiLKE, C. W. Problems of greater Brit- 
ain 910 D3 

and Wilkinson, Spenser. Imperial 
defence 355 D57 

Dillon, Peter. Voyage in the South 

seas. 2v 919 D 

Dingey, P. S. Macliinery pattern mak- 
ing 672 D61 

DiNGMAN, J. H. Directory of booksellers 
and music dealerd in the United 
States 780 D61 

DiODORUS. Historical library. 2v 03C( D 

Disciple op James Freeman Clarke, 
pseud. See Burnham, B. F. 

DisoswAY, G. P. Earlier cLurches of 

New York 277 D63 

Disraeli, Benjamin, Earl of Beacons- 
field. Tales and sketches D6361 

Wondrous tale of Alroy. 3^ D6362 

Disraeli, Isaac. Curiosities of litera- 
ture. 3r 828 D62 

Same 828 D621 

DiSTURNELL, JoHN, comp. Influence of 

climate in North and South America. 551.5 D63 

DiTCHFiELD, P. H. Old English sports, 

pastimes and customs 790 D63 

DiTSON, G. L. Circassia 914.79 D 

Crescent and French crusades 916.5 D 

North coast of Africa 91G.1 D 

Dix, E. A. Midsummer drive through • 

the Pyrenees 914.6 Dl 

Dix, J. A. Winter in Madeira 914.6 D2 

Dixey, Wolstan. Trade of authorship. 029 D64 

Dixie, Lady Florence C. (D.) Young 

castaways jD64 

Dixon, Charles. Migration of birds 591.5 D64 

Dixon, E. H. Backbone 610 D64 

Dixon, Thomas. Living problems in re- 
ligion and social science 252 D64 

Dixon, W. H. Personal history of Lord 

Bacon B B1312 

Dixon, W. H. William Penn, an historical 

biography B P3822 

DOANE, G. H. To and from the Passion 

play in 1871 792 D65 

DoANE, G. W. Life and writings. 4v. . 208 D65 
DoBSON, Austin. See Dobson, H. A. 

DoBSON, Edward. Art of building. 690 D651 

Foundations and concrete works 690 D65 

Manufacture of bricks and tiles 666 D65 

Masonry and stonecutting 693 D65 

Dobson, George. Bussia's railway ad- 
vance in Central Asia 915.4 D2 

Dobson, H. A. Ballade of Beau Bro- 
cade 821 D651 

Eighteenth century vignettes 8Q8.4 DOS 

Henry Fielding B F462 

Horace Walpole B W1621 

Oliver Goldsmith B G5712 

Dobson, Susanna. Petrarch. 2v B P444 

Doctrine of the church of England. Anon. 250 D65' 
Documents relative to the Central Ameii- 
can affairs and the enlistment ques- 
tion 355 D65 

DOD, S. B. Highland chronicle D664 

DoDD, B. L. & Burnet, J. R. Genealo- 
gies of Daniel Dod 929 D2 

DoDD, William, «d. Beauties of Shakes 

pear. 2v 822.33 D2 

Doddridge, Joseph. Settlement and In- 
dian wars of Vijginia and Pennsyl- 
vania 9701D8 

Doddridge, Philip. Correspondence and 

diary. 5v B D662 

Family expositor. 3v *225 D06 

Dodge, Mary A., {Gail Hamilton.) 

Twelve miles from a lemon 818 D66 

Washington Bible class 220 D66 

Dodge, Pickering. Painting 750 D66 

Sculpture and the plastic art 730 D66 

Dodge, T. A. Alexander B Al 24 

Cffisar B C1116 

Patroclus and Penelope ; a chat in the 

saddle 798 D66 

DoDGSON, C. L., {Lewis Carroll.) Euclid 

and his modern rivals 513 D66 

Hunting the snark 827 D66 

Sylvie and Bruno JD6622 

DoESTiCKS.Q. K. Philander, P. 'Q., pseud. 

See Thompson, M. M. 
Dolbear, a. E. Matter, ether and mo- 
tion 530 D68 

The telephone 537 D68 

Dole, C. F. American citizen .... . . , . . 172 D68 

Dole, N. H. Score of famous composers. 920 D68 



DoLLEY, C. S. TecLnology of bacteria in- 
vestigation 616 D69 

DoLLiNGER. J. J. I. VON. European his- 
tory 904 D 

Fables respecting tlie popes in the 

middle ages 263 D67 

DOMENECH, E. . H. D. Great deserts of 

North America. 2v 970.1 D3 

Donaldson, John. Improved farm build- 
ings *728 D71 

Treatise on manures 63 i D71 

Donaldson, J. W, Kew cratylus 480 D71 

Varronianus 470 D71 

Donaldson, Thomas. The George Cat- 

lin Indian gallery 970.1 D7 

Donnelly, Eleanor C. Poems 811 D71 

Donnelly, Ignatius. CsBsar*s column, . D711 

Doctor Huguet D71 

Golden bottle D7111 

Donovan, John. From lyre to muse 781 D71 

DORAN, John. Habits and men 391 D72 

Monarchs retired from business. 2 v. {)20 D72 

Tabletraits 643 D72 

Dorchester, Daniel. Liquor problem 

in all ages , 178 D72 

DORLAND, W. A. M., comp. Cluster 
of pearls for Christian Endeavor 

workers 208 D73 

Dorr, Julia C. (R.) Friar Anselmo and 

other poems 811 D73 

Poems 811 D731 

Dostoyeffsky, F. M. Buried alive in 

Siberia 915.7 D 

DouBLEDAY, Abner. Forts Sumter and 

Moultrie 973.7 D4 

DouBLEDAY, Thomas. Political life of 

Sir Robert Peel. 2v B P341 

Douce, Francis. Illustrations of Shake- 
speare and of ancient manners. 2 v. 822.3 D74 

DouGALL, L. Beggars all D7411 

Douglas, Amanda M. Heirs of Bradley 

House D7461 

Heroes of the crusades 270.4 D74 

Our wedding gifts D7459 

Sherburne House D7462 

There's no place like home D746 

Same as Old woman who lived In a shoe, D7443 

Douglas, Edith, pseud. See Burnham, 

Clara L. (R.) 
Douglas, Lady Gertrude G., {George 

Douglas.) Mar's white witch D749 

Douglas, R. K. China. 915.1 D 

Douglas, S. A. See Lincoln, Abraham 

& Douglas, S. A. 

Douglas, William. Duelling days in 

the army 

D«)UGLASS, Frederick. Life and times.. 
Douglass, Mrs. R. D. Romance at the 


Dowden, Edward. Robert Southey 

Shakespeare; a critical study of his 

mind and art 

DowELL, Stephen. History of taxation 

and taxes in England. 4v 

DowiE, James. The foot and its covering. 
DowiE, M^NIE M. See Norman, Menie 
M. (D.) 

Downing, A. J. Cottage residences 

Fruits and fruit trees of America .... 

Landscape gardening 

Dows, a. M., comp, Dows family 

Doyle, A. C^ Adventures of Sherlock 


Micah Clarke 

Doyle, Martin, psmd. See Hickey, Ross. 
Dragomanov, Michael, {Stepniak.) 

Career of a Nihilist 

Russian storm cloud 

Drake, Benjamin. Great Indian chief, 

Black Hawk ... 


Drake, F. S. Dictionary of American 


Drake, Nathan. Essays illustrative of 

the Rambler, Adventurer, Idler. 2 v. 

Essays illustrative of the Tattler, 

Spectator, Guardian. 3v 

Evenings in autumn. 2v 

Gleaner. 4v 

Mornings in spring. 2v 

Winter nights. 2v : 

Drake, S. A. Burgoyne's invasion 


Historic fields of Middlesex. 

Making of New England 

Pine-tree coast 

Taking of Louisburg, 1745. 

Drake, S. G. Aboriginal races of North 


French and Indian war. 

Tragedies of the wilderness 

Drake, A. T. Saint Dominic 

Draper, J. W. History of the American 

civil war. 3v. 

Thoughts on the future civil policy of 


Drayson, a. W. Untrodden ground in 
astronomy and geology 

394 D74 


822 3 D75 

336 D75 
391 D75 

728 D75 
634 D75 
710 D75 
' 929 D3 


321 D78 



^920 D782 

824 D781 

824 D7811 

828 D7811 

824 D78 

828 D78 

828 D781 

973.3 Dl 
973.7 D7 

974.4 D2 
974 D 

917.41 D 
971 Dl 

*970.1 D6 

973 Dl 

970.1 D4 


973.7 D6 

321 D79 

525 D79 



Due w, Thomas. John Brown invasion.. 326 D82 

Dreyer, J. L. E. Tycbo Bralie B B78 

Dreyspring, Adolphb. Cumulative 

method for learning German 438 D82 

Easy lessons in French 448 D82 

German verb drill 435 D82 

Driver, S. R. Isaiah B Isl2 

Literature c f the Old Testament 220.8 D83 

Sermons on subjects connected with 

the Old Testament 252 D83 

Droz, a. G. Babolain D8331 

Drummokd, Henry. Greatest thing in 

the world 177 D84 

Programme of Christianity 230 D84 

Drury, Henry. Catalogue of [his] 

library *016 D84 

Drury, •Robert. Madagascar 916.9 D 

Dryden, John. Essay of dramatic poesy. 809.2 D84 
Drysdale, a. H. Early Bible songs '. . . 221 D84 
Drysdale, J. J. & Hayward, J. W- 
Health and comfort in house build- 
ing 697D84 

Dublin review, v. 1-100, 105-109 052 D85 

Dublin University magazine, v. 1-75 ... 052 D852 
Dubois, A. J. New method of graphical 

statics 531 D85 

Du Bois, Constance. Columbus and 

Beatriz D85 

Du BoTS, H. P. Four private libraries of 

New York 027 D85 

Dubois, J. A. Manners and customs of 

the people of India. 2v 915.4 Dl 

Du Boisgobey, F. Ocean knight j D852 

Du BouRG, George. The violin 787 D85 

Du Breuil, Alphonse. Scientific and 
profitable cultivation of fruit 

trees 634 D85 

DuCHAiiiLU, p. B. Equatorial Africa 916.6 D5 

DucHiLLON, pseud. See Dutens, Louis. 
DuCHOCHOis, p. C. Photographic repro- 
duction processes 770 D85 

Dudevant, AmantineL. a. (D.), {George 

Sand.) Bagpipers D8616 

Cesarine Dietrich. . . ; D8617 

Countess Rudolstadt. 2v D862 

Gallant lords of Bois-Dore. 2v D8618 

Haunted pool . . .' D8619 

Teverino D8615 

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religious thought 252 D86 

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of. Yacht voyage to Iceland 919.8 Dl 

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Marchioness of. My Canadian 

journal B D87 

Viceregal life in India. 2v 915.4 D 

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Duffield, p. W. See M'Dermott, Wal- 
ter & Duffield, P. W. 

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their authors and history , . . 245 D871 

Latin hymn writers and their hymns. - 245 D87 

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Thomas Davis B D293 

Young Ireland 941.5 Dl 

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gulf '.. 973.7 D3 

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v. G. & Duges, Antoine. 

Du Halde, J. B. History of China. 4v. 951 D 

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camellias *D895 

Dumas, A. D. Man with five wives D8924 

Memoirs. 2v B D89 

Progress of democracy 944 D 

Dumas, Mathieu, Comte. Memoirs of 

hisown time. 2v B D893 

Du Maurier, George. Peter Ibbetson.. D896 

Du MoNCEL, T. A. L. Electro-magnets. . 538 D89 

Dumont, p. E. L. Recollections of Mira- 

beau B M67 

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banking 332 D91 

Dunbar, E. E. Discovery of gold in 

California 917.9 Dl 

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Duncan, Andrew, jr. Edinburgh dis- 
pensatory *615 D912 

Duncan, Sara J. American girl in Lon- 
don 914.2 Dl 

Social departure 910 D2 

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including views on tropical and 
European fever 613 D91 

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and times of William the third. 2v. B W6731 

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medical science *610.3 D91 

Human physiology. 2v *612 D91 

New remedies *615 D91 

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DuNKiN, Edwin. Midnight sky 523 D92 

DuNLAP, John. Hand book to accompany 
Houghton's Conspectus of political 
history 829 D92 



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American theatre 792 D92 

History of tli6 arts of design in the 

United States. 2v 709 D92 

New Netherlands. 2v 974.7 D 

DuNLOP, John. History of Roman litera- 
ture. 2v 870.9 D92 

Memoirs of Spain. 2v 946 Dl 

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markable trials of all countries. . . . 343 D92 
DuNTON, John. Athenian oracle. 4v.... *828 D92 

DuNfZER, J. H. J. Life of Goethe B G5516 

DuPLKSSis, G. V. A. G. Wonders of 

engraving '. 760 D92 

Du PREL, Carl. Philosophy of mys- 
ticism. 2v 149 D92 

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GretnUe.) Friend D9818 

Pretty little countess Zina D933 

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the history of the American revolu- 
tion 973. 3 D 

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journals during the French revolution. B D932 
DuRBTN, J. P. ObHervations in Europe. 2 v. 914 Dl 

Observations in the east 915.6 Dl 

Durham, William. Astronomy 523 D93 

Evolution, antiquity of man, bacteria, 

etc 575 D93 

Food, physiology, etc 614 D94 

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History of Rome. 16v *987 Dl 

History of the middle ages 940.1 D 

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a traveller. 5v B D95 

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and iron ages 571 D95 

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Dwight, H. G. O. See Smith, Eli & 

Dwight, H. G. O. 
Dwight, Theodore. History of the 

Hartford convention 973.5 D 

DwYER, Francis. See Borbstsedt, A. & 

Dwyer, Francis. 
Dycb, Alexander. Few notes on Shakes- 
peare 822.3 D981 

Strictures on Mr. Collier's new edi- 
tion of Shakespeare 822.3 D98 

Dyer, Oliver. Gen. Andrew Jackson . . B J1214 
Great senators of the United States 

forty years ago, 1848-49 920 D98 

Studies of the gods of Greece 292 D98 

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things j690 D98 


Dyer, T. F. T. Folk-lore of Shakespeare. 822. 3 D982 

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Kings of Rome 937 D 

Dynamic electricity 537 D99 

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Eardlby-Wilmot, S. M. See Wilmot, S. 

M. Eardley-. 
Earl, A. G. Elements of laboratory 

work 500 Ea7 

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America.. 738 Ea7 

Sabbath in Puritan New England 263 Ea7 

Earlb, Anne R. Her great ambition.. . . Ea7 

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English prose 808 Ea7 

Philology of the English tongue 420 Ea7 

ed. Deeds of Beowulf 829 Ea71 

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Early English voyagers. Anon 910 E 

Eassib, p. B. Wood and its uses.. ...... 694 Ea7 

Eassie, William. Healthy houses 628 Ea7 

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Eastwood, B. Cultivation of the cran- 
berry 634Ea7 

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the nineteenth century. 2v 914.5 E 

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2v *587 Ea8 

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J. H. 

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therapeutics. 2v *615 Eb3 

Practice of medicine. 2v *616 Eb3 

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Joshua Eb32 

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Eckler, G., eda. 

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statics 631 Ed2 

Thermodynamics. 536 Ed2 

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2v 132 Ed9 

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Jesus. 2v 232C4612 

Prophecy and history in relation to 

the Messiah 233 Ed2 

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Edge, F. M. Exploits and triumphs in 

Europe of Paul Morphy the chess 

champion 794 Ed3 



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18v , Ed3 

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Index. 5v *052 Ed41 

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Jacobin 827 Ed5 

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2v B W2718 

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del 808. 4 Ed5 

Edrehi, M. 6. I. Capital of Asia and 

the Turks 915.6 E 

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W. Edridge. 
Edwardes, H. B. &. Merfvale Herman. 

Sir Henry Lawrence B L432 

Edwards, Amelia B. Lord Bracken- 
bury Ed913 

Pharaohs, fellahs and explorers 913 E 

Edwards, B. B. See Sears, Barnas, Ed- 
wards, B. B. & Felton, C. C. 
Edwards, Edward. Free town libra- 
ries 027Ed9 

Libraries and founders of libraries. . . *021 Ed9 
Lives of the founders of the British 

museum. 2v 920 Ed9 

Edwards, Emory. American marine en- 
gineer 621 Ed9 

Edwards, E. P. Our seamarks ; a plain 

account of the light-houses, etc 627 Ed9 

Edwards, Jonathan. Works. 2v 208 Ed9 

Same. 4v 208 Ed91 

Edwards, Matilda B. B. Doctor Jacob. Ed94 

Eelking, Max von. Memoirs and letters 
and journals of Major-general Rie- 

desel. 2v B R444 

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uel Eels B Ee5 

Egerton, Mary M. S. See Wilton, Mary 

M. S. Egerton, Counter of. 
Eggleston, Edward. American history. j970 E 

Faith doctor Eg349 

History of the United States j973 El 

and Seel YE, Lillie (E.) Brant and 

Red Jacket B B733 

Eggleston, G. C. Captain Sami j Eg321 

A rebel's recollections 973.7 E 

and Marbotjrg, Dolores. Jugger- 
naut Eg33 

Egleston, Thomas. Catalogue of miner- 
als and synonyms 549 Eg5 

Metallurgy of silver, gold and mercury. 669 Eg5 
Eglington, William. See Nicolls, J. A. 
& Eglington, William. 

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tributions to the geology and physi- 
cal geography of Mexico 557 Eg5 

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of art 720 Ei2 

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EiSLEY, Richard. Epidemic influenza. 616 Ei8 
EissLER, Manuel. Metallurgy of argen- 
tiferous lead 669 Ei811 

Metallurgy of gold 669 Ei81 

Metallurgy of silver 66^ Ei8 

Modern explosives 662 Ei8 

Elder, William. Elisha Kent Kane B E13 

Henry C. Carey B C25 

Eldredge, Sarah P. (W.) See Parton, 
Sarah P. (W.) 

Electf ician primers. 2v. Anon. 537 El 2 

Eliot, C. W. & Storer, F. H. Manual 

of qualitative chemical analysis 543 El 4 

Eliot, George, pseud. See Gross, Mary 

A. (E.) L. 
Eliot, Samuel. Liberty of Rome. 2v.. 323 El 4 

United States history.'. 973 E 

Eliot, W. G. Doctrines of Christianity. 230 El 4 

Early religious education 243 El 4 

Lectures to young men 243 El 41 

Lectures to young women 396 El 4 

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revolution 973.3 El 

Court circles of the republic 917.53 E 

Pioneer women of the west 920 El 5 

Woman artists 920 El 51 

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and Christianity 290 El 5 

Elliot, Frances (D.) Old court life in 

Fiance 944 E 

Elliot, G. T., jr. Obstetric clinic *618 El 5 

Elliot, Jonathan. Debates on the 
adoption of the federal constitution. 

5v 342.3 El 5 

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Elliott, J. R. American farms; their 

condition and future 630 El 5 

Elliott, Sarah B. Jerry El 52 

Elliott, Walter. Father Hecker B H35 

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of children *618 El 512 

Ellis, E. S. From the throttle to the 

president's chair j El 53 

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English metrical romances. 3v.. . .821.08 El 5 
Specimens of the early English poets. 
3v 821.08 EI 51 



Ellis, G. Y. Demonstrations of anatomy. 611 El 5 

Ellis, Havblock. The criminal 343 El 5 

New spirit 808.4 El 5 

Ellis, Sir Henrt. Elgin and Phigaleian 

marbles. 2v 730 E15 

Ellis, J. J. Charles Kingsley B K611 

General Viscount Wolseley B W8331 

Henry M. Stanley B St2311 

Hugh Latimer B L34 

Lord Lawrence B L4811 

WilliamE. Gladstone B G4514 

William Tyndale B T97 

Ellis, Sabah (S.) Daughters of Eng- 
land 396 El 5 

Mothers of England 896 El 512 

Mothers of great men 920 El 52 

Prevention better than cure. 170 El 52 

Wives of England 396 El 51 

Women of England 396 El 51 1 

Ellis, Sumner. At our best 170 El 5 

Ellis, William. Polynesian researches. 

4v •.... 919.6 E 

Three visits to Madagascar 916.9 E 

Ellis, W. S. Antiquities of heraldry *929.6 El 

Ellwanger, G. H. In gold and silver. . 818 El 5 

Story of my house 749 El 5 

Elmer, L. Q. C. Constitution and gov- 
ernment of New Jersey 974.9 E 

Elmss, James. Sir Christopher Wren . . B W92 

Elmslib, Theodora. His life's magnet. El 6 

Elson, L. C. Curiosities of music 780 El 7 

Elton, C. I. Career of Columbus B C7219 

Elton, J. F. With the French in Mexico. 917.2 E 
Elveena, Charles. Five hundred terms 

in art *703 El 8 

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Ely, Alfred. Journal [of a prisoner of 

war in Richmond] 973.7 E3 

Ely, R. T. Introduction to political econ- 
omy 330 El 91 

- Social aspects of Christianity 240 El 9 

Ely, Talfourd. Manual of archaeology. 571 El 9 
Embury, Emma C. (M.) American wild 

flowers in their native haunts 580 Eml 

Emerson, Ellen R. Masks, heads and 

faces 704 Em3 

Emerson, G. B. See Potter, Alonzo & 

Emerson, G. B. 
Emery, F. P. Notes on English litera- 
ture 820. 9 Em3 

Emilio, L. F. 54th regiment of Mass. 

volunteer infantry 973.7 E4 

Emillianne, Gabriel d*. History of 

monastical orders 271 Em4 

Embcens, S. H. Explosives and ordnance 

material 662 Em6 

Emory, W. H. Notes of a military recon- 

noissance 917.8 E 

Emtage, W. T. a. Mathematical theory 

of electricity and magnetism 587 Em8 

Encyclopedia Americana. 14v *031 Enl 

Encyclopedia metropolitana. 26 v *082 Enl2 

Encyclopaedia of chemistry. 2v *540 Enl 

Endlich, F. M. Qualitative blowpipe 
analysis and determinative min- 
eralogy 544 En2 

Enfield, Edward. Indian corn 683 En2 

Engel, Louis. From Handel to Halle. . . 920 En31 
Engineering News. Atlas of railway 

progress, 1888-89 *385 En3 

English forests and forest trees. Anon, . 684.9 En3 
English illustrated magazine, v. 1-6, 8-9. 052 En32 

English review, v. 1-18 052 En3 

Englishman in Paris. 2v 914.4 E 

Ennemoser, Joseph. History of magic. 

2v 133 En6 

Ennis, Jacob. Origin of the stars 523.8 En6 

Enormity of the slave trade. Anon 326 En6 

Entertainer. Amm 828 En8 

Epiotetus. Works 188 Ep4 

Same 188 Ep41 

Erasmus, Desideriub. Twenty select 

colloquies *282 Erl 

Erdmann, J. E. History of philosophy 

3v 109Erl 

Erichsen, J. E. Science and art of 

surgery *617 Er4 

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Erskine, Charles. Twenty years be- 
fore the mast 910 El 

Erskine, Thomas, Baron, Speeches 

against constructive treason. 4v. . 825 Er8 
Eschenburg, J. J. Classical literature. . 880.9 Esl 

EspiNASSE, F. Voltaire B V8812 

EssiNGTON, R. W., {A Kingsman.) Over 

volcanoes 914.4 E2 

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EsTVAN, B. War pictures 973.7 E2 

Ettrick Shepherd, The, pseud. See 
Hogg, James. 

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Hecuba; ed, by Person 882 Eu712 

EusEBius, Pamphilius. Ecclesiastical 

history 270.1 Eu7 

Evangelical Alliance. National needs. 206 Ev4 
Evans, E. W. Walter Savage Landor; 

a critical study B L2322 

Evans, F.W. Shakers 289.8 Evl 



Etanb, W. S. Sloane-. British heraldry. *929.6 E 

Evelyn, John. . Diary B Ev2 

Everett, Edward. Life of George 

WafiJiington B W2717 

Everett, Jambs. Village blacksmith. . . B H522 
Everett, J. D. Illustrations of the C. G. 

S. system of units 530 Ev21 

Everett, William. On the cam 378 Ev2 

EvERS, Henry. Steam and other prime 

movers 621 Ev2 

Every Saturday, v. 1, 4, 6-8, 12, 14-17 . . 051 Ev2 

Evolution in science, philosophy and art. . 575 Ev6 
EwALD, A. C. Last century of universal 

history 902 E 

Stories from the state papers 942 El 

EwART, John. Meat production 636.2 Ewl 

EwiNG, Juliana H. (G.) Last words j Ew518 

ExQUEMELiN, A. O. Bucaniers of Amer- 
ica 910.4E 

Buccaneers and marooners of Amer- 
ica 910.4 El 

Fabens, J. W. Life in Santo Domingo. . 917.29 F2 
Faber, F. W. Thoughts on great mys- 
teries 244 Fll 

Faber, G. S. Dissertation on the mys- 
teries of the Cabiri 292 Fll 

Inquiry into the history and theology 
of the ancient Vallenses and Al- 

bigenses 272 Fll 

Origin of pagan idolatry. 3v 290 Fll 

Facsimiles of church documents. . . . 283 Fll 

Facby, J. W.,jr. Elementary decoration. 747 Fll 

Facts for everybody *032 Fll 

Fagan, L. a. Life of Sir Anthony 

Panizzi. 2v B P19 

Fagan, W. L., comp. Southern war 

songs 811.08 F13 

Fahie, J. J. History of electric tele- 
graphy to the year 1837 654 F14 

Faija, Henry. Portland cement for 

users 691 F14 

Fairbairn, Sir William. Useful in- 
formation for engineers. 621 PI 5 

Fairbanks, G. R. History of Florida. . . 975.9 F 
Fairchild, H. L. History of the New 

York Academy of Sciences 506 F16 

Fairfax. Memorials of the civil war. 2v. 942.06 Fl 
Fairfield, Abbib H., ed. Starting 

points 808.8 F16 

Fairfield, F. G. Clubs of New York. . 367 F16 
Fairley, W. & Andr:6, G. J. Ventila- 
tion of coal mines 622 F16 

Fairpont, G. Art of sketching 741 F16 

Fwth and free thought 239 F17 

Faithfull, Emily. Three visits to 

America 917.3 F2 

Falconer, William. Mushrooms 635 F18 

Falkener, Edward. Ephesus 913 F2 

Games 794 F18 

Falloux, a. F. p., Comte de. Life and 

letters of Mme. Swetchine B Sw4 

Family prayers 249 F21 

Fanning, J. T. Hydraulic and water 

supply engineering 628 F21 

Fanshawe, Annie (H.), Lady, Memoirs. B F21 
Faraday, Michael. Chemical manipu- 
lation 540 F22 

Faris, W. W. Children of light 240 F22 

Farjeon, B. L. Duchess of Rosemary 

lane : F2235 

For the defence F2238 

Shield of love F2237 

Ties human and divine F2236 

Farmer, Hugh. Demoniacs of the New 

Testament 235 F22 

Dissertation on miracles 231 F222 

Farnborough, T. E. May, Baron, De- 
mocracy in Europe. 2v . , 321 F28 

Farquhar, a. B. & Henry. Economic 

and industrial delusions 837 F23 

Farrar, F. W. Darkness and dawn. 

2v, F2412 

Early days of Christianity 270 F24 

Ephphatha ; or. The amelioration of 

the world 252 F2411 

Eric F241 

Eternal hope 237 F24 

In. the days of thy youth 252 F241 

Julian Home F24 

Lives of the fathers. 2v 920 F24 

Minor prophets 224.9 F24 

St. Winifred's F 2411 

Solomon ... B So4 

Truths to live by 252 F24 

With the poets 821.08 P24 

Farrar, Timothy. Manual of the con- 
stitution of the United States 342.3 F24 

Farren. R. Cathedral cities *726 F24 

Farrer, G. S. Art topics in the history 
of sculpture, painting and architec- 
ture 016 F24 

Farrer, J. A. Books condemned to be 

burnt 098F24 

Farrer, T. C. See Foxwell, E. & Far- 
rer, T. C. 
Farrington, Margaret V. Fra Lippo 

Lippi F243 

Faxjnce, Linus. Mechanical drawing. . . 744 F27 



Fauriel, Claudb. Last days of the con- 
sulate ; 944.05 F 

Faustus. Anon *F27 

Fawcett, Edgar. Heir to millions F282 

New York family F2818 

Women must weep F2819 

Fawcbtt, Millicent Q. Political econ- 
omy 330 F28 

Some eminent women of our times. . . 920 F28 

Fawkes, F. a; Horticultural buildings.. 716 F28 

Fay, Amy. Music study in Germany 780 F29 

Fay, H. a. Battles between tlie United 

States and Great Britain 973.5 F 

Fay, T. S. Three Germanys. 2v 943 Fl 

Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Minnay 

Sotor. 2v 917.7F 

Felbermann, Louis. Hungary and its 

people 914.39F1 

Felch, I. K. Poultry culture 636.5 F33 

Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches of 

CharlesI, etc *942.06 F 

Felton, C. 0. Greece, ancient and 

modem. 2v 938 F3 

See also Seers, Barnas, Edwards, B. B. 
k Felton, C. C. 

FfiNKLON, F. DE S. DE LA M. Spiritual 

letters to men 243 F35 

Spiritual letters to women 243 F351 

Fenn, G. M. Mass' George j F3629 

Ferguson, Adam. Essay on the history 

of civil society 901 F2 

Ferguson, James. Astronomy 520 F38 

Ferguson, Robert. Penalties of great- 
ness '. 920 F38 

Fergusson, James. Modern styles of 

architecture. 2v .*720 F3812 

Fern, Fanny, pseud, See Parton, Sarah 
P. (W.) 

Fernow, Berthold. Ohio valley 977 F 

Ferrel, William. Popular treatise on 

the winds 551.5 F41 

Ferris, B. G. Utah and the Mormons. . . 298 F41 

Ferris, G. T. Great German composers. 920 F41 

Great violinists and pianists 920 F4111 

ed. Great leaders 920 F411 

Ferry, Gabriel, pseud. See Bellemarre, 
E. L. G. de F. de. 

Fessenden, T. G., {Christopher Gau- 

stick.) Modern philosopher 811 F42 

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Paris commune. 944.08 F 

Fewkes, J. W., ed. Journal of Ameri- 
can ethnology and archaeology 571 P43 

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Field, D. D. Speeches. 8v 340.8 F46 

Field, Mrs. E. M. The child and his 

book 820. 9 F45 

Field, Eugene. Little book of profitable 

tales F453 

Little book of western verse 811 F45 

With trumpet and drum j 811 F451 

Field, George. XSrammar of colouring. 752 F451 
Field, H. M. Bright skies and dark 

shadows.. 917.5 F 

History of the Atlantic telegraph 384 F45 

Field, M. B. Memories of many men 

and some women 920 F45 

Field, T. W. Pear culture 634 F45 

Fielding, Henry. Miscellanies and 

poems 821 F46 

Fields, J. T. Biographical notes B F46 

FiFE-CooKSON, J. C. See Cookson, J. C. 

FiGUiER, G. L. Reptiles and birds 598 F46 

FiLiPPiNi, ALpssANDRO. The table 641 F64 

Fillmore, J. C. Pianoforte music. . 786 F48 

Finch, Barbara C. Lives of the Prin- 

cessesof Wales. 3v 920 F49 

Finch, Marianne. Englishwoman's ex- 
perience in America. 917.3 Fl 

FiNCK, H. T. Pacific coast scenic tour. . . 917.9 F 

Spain and Morocco 914.6 F3 

Finding of the gnosis 133 F49 

FiNLAYSON, W. F. Our judicial system. . 347 F49 
FiNLEY, Martha. Elsie books: 

Elsie at Viamede j F4938 

Elsie yachting with the Raymonds. . . j F4936 

Elsie's vacation and after events j F4937 

Fireside philosophy. Anon * 600 F51 

Firth, J. C. Story of New Zealand 919.3 Fl 

Fish, H. C. History and repository of 

pulpit eloquence. I^v 252 F52 

Pulpit eloquence of the 19th century. 252 F521 
Semi-centennial sermon, preached 
June 22d, 1851, upon the history of 

the First Baptist church, Newark . . 09 F52 
Fisher, Arabella B. (B.) Fairyland of 

science j504 F53 1 

History of England for beginners j942 F3 

Life and her children j592 F53 

Moral teachings of science 170 F53 

Natural science 509 F53 

Through magic glasses j504 F53 

Winners in life's race j596 F53 

Fisher, Frances C, {Christian Beid.) 

Miss Churchill F5323 

Fisher; G. P. Benjamin Silliman. 2 v. . B Si3 

Colonial era 973.2 F 



Fisher, G. P. Faith and rationalism 289 F53 

Manual of Christian evidences 289 F531 

Nature and method of revelation .... 231 F58 

Fisher, S. G. Trial of the constitution. . 342.3 F53 
FiSK, H. F. See Crofts, W. F. k Fisk, 
H. F. 

FiSKE, A. K. Beyond the bourn 218 F542 

FiSKB, John. Ameiican revolution. 2v. 978.3 F5 

Civil government in the U. S 320 F54 

Discovery of America. 2v 970 F 

FiSKE, S. C. Mr. Dunn Browne's ex- 
periences in the army. : 973.7 F7 

Fitch, J. G. Notes on American schools 

and training colleges : 370 F55 

FiTTON, E. B. New Zealand 919.3 F 

FiTZ, James. Sweet potato culture 633 F57 

Fitzgerald, P. H. Art of acting 792 F5712 

George IV B G292 

History of Pickwick 914 2 F2 

James Boswell. 2v B B65 

Picturesque London ^ . . . *914.2 Fl 

Protest against agnosticism 120 F57 

Romance of the English stage 792 F5711 

FiTZPATRiCK, W. J. Charles Lever B L57 

Flacctjs, pseud. See Ward, Thomas. 

Flagg, Edmund. Venice. 2v. 914.5 F2 

Flagg, J. B. Life and letters of Wash- 
ington Allston B Al 52 

FiiAGG, Wilson. Studies in the field and 

forest 814 F5912 

Fleming, J. A. Alternate current trans- 
former. 2v 587F62 

Fleming, Samuel. The intercolonial 

[railway. ] 656 F62 

Flemming, Harford, pseud. See McClel- 

lan, Harriet (H.) 
Fletcher, Alexander. Scripture nat- 
ural history. 2v...* 220.9 F63 

Fletcher, C. R. L. Qustavus Adolphus. B G973 

Fletcher, John. Studies on slavery. . . 326 F63 
Fletcher, John, 157C-1625. See Beau- 
mont, Francis & Fletcher John. 

Fletcher, J. S. Cardinal Newman B N4612 

Fletcher, Margaret. Life and charac- 
ter in Hungary 914.89 F 

Fletcher, R. H. Marjorie and her papa. j F633 
Fletcher, William. History and de- 
velopment of steam locomotion on 

common roads 621 F68 

Flinders, Matthew. Voyage to terra 

Australis. 2v 919.4 Fl 

Flint, Austin, jr. Physiology of man . . 612 F64 

Same. 5v *612 F641 

Flint, C. L. Grasses and forage plants. . 633 F64 

Flint, Robert. Philosophy of history. . 901 Fl 

Flint, Timothy. Mississippi valley 917.7 Fl 

Florence, of Worcester. Chronicle; tr. 

by Forester 942 F2 

Flower, W. H. The horse ; a study in 

natural history 599 F661 

and Ltdekker, Richard. Introduc- 
tion to the study of mammals 599 F66 

Floyd, Isabel (H.) Stolen America F66 

FLtJGEL, EwALD. Carlyle's moral devel- 
opment B C1928 

Flynn, p. J. Flow of water in open 

channels, pipes, etc, 627 F67 

Hydraulic tables 621 F67 

FoLKARD. C. W. Potable water 628 F71 

FOLLEN, C. T. C. Works. 5v 810.8 F72 


blanque, A. de G. 
Fontaine, Edward. How the world was 

peopled * 572 F73 

Foot, Katharine B. Rovings of a rest- 
less boy j P732 

Foote, a. H. Africa and the American 

flag 916F 

Foote, E. B. Plain home talk about the 

human system *610 F73 

Foote, H. S. War of the rebellion 973.7 F4 

Foote, Mary (H.) Chosen valley F7312 

Forbes, Archibald. Afghan wars 958 F 

Barracks, bivouacs and battles F74 

Chinese Gordon B G6511 

Havelock B H291 

arid others. War correspondence of the 

" Daily News." 2v 947 F 

Forbes, Harriette M. Hundredth 

town, [Westborough, Mass.] 974.4 F 

Forbes, John. Physician's holiday 914.94 F 

Sight-seeing in Germany. ..." 914.3 F 

Ford, P. L. Bibliography of the history 
relating to the adoption of the consti- 
tution of the United States 016 F75 

Origin, purpose and result of the 

Harrisburg convention of 1788 342.3 F75 

comp. Check list of American maga- 
zines... *050F75 

Check list of bibliographies *010 F75 

ed. Elssays on the constitution of the 

United States 342. 3 F75 1 

Ford, Sallie (R.) Ernest quest F75 

Foreign review and continental miscellany. 

v.1-5 052 F76 

Foreman, John. Philippine islands. . . . 919.1 F 
Forest, Lockwood de. Indian architec- 
ture and ornament *722 F76 



FoKKSTER, Frank, psevd. See Herbert, 

H. W. 
FoRESTiER, AuBER, pscud. JSce Moore, 

Annie A. (W.) 
FoRNANDER, ABRAHAM. Polynesian race. 

3 V 996 F 

Forney, J. W. Winfield Scott Han- 

cock BH1931 

Forrest, Mary, psevd. See Freeman, 

Julia D. 
Forrester, Francis, esq., pseud. See 

Wise, Daniel. 
Forrester, Mrs., pseud. See Bridges, 

FORSTER, John. Jonathan Swift, v, 1. . B Sw51 

Walter Savage Landor B L2321 

FoRSTER, Joseph. Four great teachers; 

Raskin. Carljle, Emerson and 

Browning 808.4 F77 

Some French and Spanish men of 

geniuB 808.4 F771 

F5R8TBR, Max von. Compressed gun 

cotton for military use 662 F68 

Forsyth, J. H. Memoir; with a selec- 
tion of his sermons 252 F77 

Forsyth, William. Captivity of Napo- 
leon. 2v B N16a 

Marcus Tullius Cicero. 2v B C482 

Fortescue, John. De laudibus legum 

AngliflB 346 F77 

Government of England 321 F77 

Fortnightly review, v. 1-57 052 F77 

Fortune, Robert. Tea countries of 

China. 2v 915.1 Fl 

Forum. V. 8-11, 13 051 F77 

FOSBROKE, T D. British monachism *271 F78 

Encyclopaedia of antiquities. 2v 913 F3 

Foreign topography 913 F4 

Foster, Andrew. Ses Lester, C. E. & 

Foster, Andrew. 
Foster, Elon, ed. Cyclopaedia of prose 

illustrations. 2v *808.8 F81 

Foster, Isabella H., {Faye Huntington.) 

Baker's^dozen j F8112 

Modern exodus F8111 

Foster, John. Lectures delivered at 

Bristol. 2v 252 F81 

Fothergill, Jessie. Aldy th F822 

March in the ranks F8219 

Fothergill, J. M. The town dweller . . 613 F82 
Fotheringham, L. M. Adventures in 

Nyassaland 916.7 F 

FouARD, Constant. Saint Peter, and 

the first years of Christianity B P4433 

FouiLL^E, Alfred. Education from a 

national standpoint 370 F82 

Fowler, N. C, jr. About advertising 

and printing 659 F82 

Fowler, S. P., ed. Salem witchcraft ... 133 F82 

Fowler, Thomas. Deductive logic. .., 163 'F82 

Locke BL79 

Fowler, W. C. Sectional controversy.. 326 F82 

Fowler, W. W. Julius Caesar B C1115 

FowNES, George. Manual of elementary 

chemistry 540 F82 

Fox, C. B. Ozone and antozone 546 F83 

Sanitary examinations of water, air 

and food 613 F83 

Fox, H. R. V. See Holland, H. R. V. 

Fox, Lord. 

Fox, John. Book of martyrs *272 F831 

Fox, W. F. Regimental losses in the 

civil war *973. 7 F3 

Foxwell, E. & Farrbr, T. C. ExpYess 

trains, English and foireign 656 F83 

FOYE, J. C. Chemical problems 540 F83 

Hand-book of mineralogy 549 F83 

Frackelton, Susan S. (G.) Tried by 

fire; a work on china-painting 738 F84 

Francis, John. History of the bank of 

England 332 F84 

Francis, J. W. Old New York 974.7 F 

Same 974 7 F2 

Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, v. 

21-24, 47-65 *071 L56 

Franklin, Benjamin. Life; ed. by 

Bigelow. 3v B F8511 

Poor Richard's almanac for 1850- 

[1852], as written by Franklin for 

the years 1733 [1741] 529 F85 

Prefaces, proverbs and poems 818 F85 

Franklin before the privy council. Anon. 973.2 Fl 
Franklin Fire Insurance Company. 

Semi-centennial celebration 368 F84 

Franks, A. W., ed. Japanese pottery. . . 738 F85 
Franks, David. New York directory for 

1786 917.47 F 

Eraser, A. C. Locke 192 L791 

Eraser, R. W. *The kirk and the manse. *726 F86 
Eraser, /SfrWiLLiAM. Disraeli and his day B D6312 

Words of Wellington B W4611 

Fream, W. Soils and their properties. . 631 F87 

Frederic, Harold. In the valley F8711 

Lawton girl F871 

New exodus; a study of Israel in 

Russia 296 F87 

The young emperor, William II, of 

Germany. B W68 



Fkeeman, E. a. Historical essays. 

V. 4 904F 

Historyof Sicily. 3v 945.8 P 

Lectures. 904 Fl 

Ottoman power in Europe 949.6 F 

'Story of Sicily 945.8F1 

Freeman, Francis. Plea for Africa 826 F87 

Freeman, Julia D., {Mary Forrest.) 
Women of the SoutL, distinguisLed 

in literature 920 F87 

Freeman, Philip. Principles of divine 

service 264 F87 

Frebse, J. E. Palestine, Syria and Asia 

Minor 915.6 Fl 

Freligh, Martin. Homceopatliic practice 

of medicine *615 F85 

Fremont, Jessie (B.) Far- west sketches. 917.9 Fl 

Story of the guard 973.7 F6 

Will and way stories F883 

Fremont, J. C. Exploring expedition to 

the Rocky mountains 917.8 F 

Memoirs of my life B F884 

French, Alice, (Octave Tkanet) Expia- 
tion F881 

Otto the knight F8811 

We all F8812 

French, B. F., ed. Memoirs of Louisi- 
ana ; 9763F 

French, C. W. Lincoln B L6328 

French, H. W. Art and artists in Con- 
necticut 920 F88 

Gems of genius ; famous painters and 

their paintings 750 F88 

Lance of Eanana : j F8821 

Our boys in Ireland J914.15 Fl 

Through arctics and tropics j910F 

Freneau, Philip. Poems 811 F881 

Poems relating to the American revo- 
lution 811 F88 

Frere, Mary. Old Deccan days ; Hindu 

fairy legends 898 F89 

Frere, Thomas. Hoyle's games 795 F89 

Fresenius, C. R. Qualitative chemical 

analysis 544 F891 

Quantitative chemical analysis.* 545 F89 

Freytag, Gustav. Lost manuscript F8922 

- Reminiscences of my life. 2v B F89 

Friedlander, Michael. Text-book of 

the Jewish religion 296 F91 

Friends, Society of. Transactions of 
the central relief committee during 

the famine in Ireland, 1846-47 616 F91 

Frisi, Paul. Rivers and torrents 551.4 F91 

Friswell, J. H. Better self 173 F91 

Frith, Henry. Biography of a locomo- 
tive engine 

How to read character in features, etc. 

How to read character in handwriting. 

Frith, W. P. Further reminiscences.. . . 

Frobisher, J. E. System of the culture 

of voice and action 

Froissart, Jean. Chronicles of England, 

France, Spain, etc. 2v 

Frost, John. Great cities 

History of Greece 

History of the United States 

Pictorial history of the United States. 


comp. Book of the colonies 

Pictorial book of the commodores. . 

Wonders of history 

Frothingham, E. L. & a. L. Christian 

philosophy. 2v 

Frothingham, O. B. Recollections and 


Religion of humanity 

Frothingham, Richard. Bunker Hill. . 
Life and times of Joseph Warren. . . . 

Tribute to Thomas Starr King 

Froude, J. A. Bunyan 

Divorce of Catherine of Aragon 

Life and times of Thomas a Becket. . 

Lord Beaconsfield 

Spanish story of the Armada 

Fry, J. B. Army sacrifices of the United 


Army under Buell 

McDowell and Tyler in the campaign 

of Bull Run 

Fry, W. H., ed. Artificial fish-breeding. 
FRYXETiL, Anders. History of Sweden. 


Fuller, Anna. Pratt portraits 

Fuller, A. S. Grape culturist 

Fuller, H. B. Chatelaine of La Trinite. 

Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani 

Fuller, Lydia. Mistaken 

Fuller, Thomas. Church history of 

Great Britain. 6v 

Fullerton, William. Architectural ex- 

Fulton, John. Palestine 

FuRMAN, Gabriel. Antiquities of Long 


FuRNiss, Grace L. Box of monkeys. . . . 
FuRNiss, William. Land of the Caesar 

and Doge 

I FusELi, J. H. Life and writings. 3v. . . 


138 F91 

652 F91 


808.5 F92 

940 F3 
900 F 

938 F4 
973 F 

973 Fl 

973.3 F4 

920 F9231 

909 Fl 

201 F93 


230 F93 

973.3 F3 

B W252 





B D631 

824 F931 

970^1 F 
973.7 F8 

973.7 F5 
639 F94 

948.5 F 


634 F951 




274.2 F95 

*721 F95 

915.6 F2 

974.7 Fl 

792 F98 

914.5 Fl 
704 F98 



Fuss, J. D. Roman antiquities 913 Fl 

FusTEL DE CouLANGEs, N. D. Ancient 

city 938 F5 

Origin of property in land 333 F98 

Fyfb, Jambs. Hereafter 237 F99 

Gairdmer, James. Houses of Lancaster 

and York 942. 04 G 

Gale, George. Upper Mississippi 917.8 Gl 

Galloway, R. L. The steam engine and 

its inventors 621 G13 

Galt, John. Autobiography. 2v B G133 

Cardinal Wolsey B W831 

Lord Byron B B9913 

Galton, Douglas. Construction of hos- 
pitals 725 G13 

Galton, Francis. English men of sci- 
ence . . 575G1312 

Explorer in South Africa 916.8 G 

Gandy, J. P. See Gell, Sir William 

& Gandy, J. P. 

Garbett, E. L. Rudimentary architecture. 720 G 16 
Gardiner, S. R. Great civil war. v. 3.. 942 06 G2 

Student's history of England 942 G5 

Gardner, F. B. How to paint 698 G 17 

Gardner, James. Faiths of the world. 

8v 290G17 

Gardner, Percy. N^w chapters in 

Greek history 913 G5 

Garland, Hamlin. Little Norsk G181 

Main-travelled roads. , G18 

Spoil of office. G1811 

Garland, H. A. John Randolph. 2v. . . B R151 
Garlanda, Federico. Fortunes of 

words 412G18 

Philosophy of words 409 G18 

Garneau, F. X. History of Canada. 5v. 971 G 
Garnbtt, Lucy M. J. Women of Tur- 
key and their folk-lore. 2v 396 G18 

Garnett, Richard. John Milton B M641 

Ralph Waldo Emerson B Em314 

Thomas Carlyle B C1927 

Garnier, Albert. Scientific billiards. . 794 G18 
Garnier. Edouard. See Gasnault, Paul 

& Garnier, Edouard. 
Garretson, J. E., {John Darby.) Man 

and his world 133 G19 

Garrett, Edward, pseud. See Mayo, 

Isabella (F.) 
Garrett, Rhoda & Agnes. Suggestions 

for house decorations 749 G19 

Gaskell, Elizabeth C. (S.) Charlotte 

Bronte. 2v B N5218 

Cranford G2127 

Right at last G2128 


Gasnatjlt, Paul & Garnier, Edouard. 

French pottery 738 G21 

Gasparin, a. E., Gomte de. America 

before Europe 321.8 G21 

Uprising in the United States 973.7 Gl 

Gasquet, F. a. & Bishop, Edmund. 
Edward VI and the Book of com- 
mon prayer 264 G21 

Gastineau, Edmond & Tombo, Rudolf. 
Conversation method for speaking, 

reading and writing German 438 G21 

Gatchell, Charles, {Thorold King.) 

Haschisch G22 

*'GATH,"j?«et/(?. /Sfed Townsend, G. A. 
Gattie, William. See Russell, Henry 
& Gattie, William. 

Gaudard, Jules. Foundations 624 G23 

G AUTiER, L^ON. Chivalry 394 G23 

Gautier, Th^ophile. Four destinies.. G231 

Gay, J. D. Prince of Wales in India. . . . 915.4 Gl 
Gayarr:^, C. E. a. History of Louisiana. 976.3 G 

Philip II, of Spain B P533 

Geddes, James. Administration of John 

De Witt. V. 1; 949.2G 

Geddes, Michael. . Miscellaneous tracts. 

3v 904G1 

Geddes, Patrick & Thomson, J. A. 

Evolution of sex 575 G26 

Gee, G. E. Goldsmith's hand-book 671 G2711 

Hall-marking of jewellery 671 G27 

Jeweller's assistant in the art of work- 
ing in gold 669 G27 

Silversmith's hand-book 671 G271 

Geijer, E. G. History of the Swedes. . . 948.5 G 
Geikie, Archibald. Teaching of geo- 
graphy 910 G 

Gell, Sir William & Gandy, J. P. 

Pompeiana 913 G2 

Gellius, Aulus. Attic nights. 3v 888 G28 

Gentleman's magazine, v. 1-248, 251- 

261, 268-272 052 G28 

' Index to V. 1-56. 2v.... *052 G281 

Selections from ; 4v 052 G2811 

Gentry, T. G. Family names 929.4 G 

Genung, J. F. Epic of the inner life.. . . 223.1 G28 

Tennyson's in memoriam 821 T2517 

George, Henry. Condition of labour. . . 333 G29 

Georgian era. Anon. 4v 920 G29 

Gerando, J. M., Baron de. Self-educa- 
tion 874 G31 

Gerard, Alexander. Account of Koona- 

wur 915.4 G 

See also Lloyd, William & Gerard, 



Gerber, Nicholas. Chemical and physi- 
cal analysis of milk 614 G31 

Gebhard, Frederick. Illinois as it is.. 977.3 G 
Gerhard, W. ^. House drainage and 

sanitary plum'bing 628 G3111 

Sanitary drainage of buildings 628 G311 

German, The ; how to dance it. Anon. . . 798 G31 
Gessi, ROMOiiO. Seven years in the 

Soudan 916.6 G 

Gbtchell, G. H., camp. Our nation's 

executives *920 G33 

GiBBiNS, H. DB B. Industrial history of 

England 609 G35 

See also Hadfield, K. A. & Gibbins, H. 

Gibbon, Charles. Robin Gray G3531 

ed. See also Spofford, A. R. & Gib- 
bon, Charles, eds. 
Gibbon, Edward. Decline and fall of 

the Roman empire. 6v 987 G 

Mahomet B M722 1 

GiBERNE, Agnes. Nigel Browning G3512 

Ocean of air 551.5 G85 

Gilbert, Ann (T.) Autobiography. 2v. B G37 
Gilbert, William. Lucrezia Borgia« 2v. *B B645 
Gibson, R. J. H. Elementary biology. . . 570 G35 
Gibson, W. H. Camp life in the woods . 799 G35 

Happy hunting grounds *818 G351 

Highways and byways *818 G35 

Pastoral days *814 G35 

Sharp eyes 590 G35 

Strolls by starlight and sunshine 580 G35 

GiDDiNGS, J. R. Exiles of Florida 973.6 G 

GiFPORD, C. H. Wars occasioned by the 

French revolution. 2v 944.04 G 

GiPFORD, Edward. Visit to the Ionian 

islands 918 Gl 

GiFFORD, John, (originally J. R, Green). 

History of France. 4v 944 Gl 

Gift, Theo, pseud. See Boulger, Theo- 
dora H. (H.) 
Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum. Exposition of 
the thirty-nine articles of the 

Church of England 283 G37 

Gilder, R. W. Two worlds 811 G38 

GiLDERSLEEYE, B. L. Essays and studies. 824 G38 
Giles, Henry. Lectures and essays. 2t. 828 G39 
GiLFiLLAN, George. Bards of the Bible. 220.8 G39 
Gilham, William. Manual of instruc- 
tion for volunteers and militia of 

the United States ^ 355 G39 

Gillbt, R. H. Democracy in the United 

States 329 G41 

Gillett, E. H. John Huss. 2v B H951 

GilIjETt, W. Phonograph and how to 

construct it 534 G41 

Gilliam, A. M. Travels in Mexico 917.2 G2 

Gillies, John. Ancient Greece. 4v 938 G3 

History of the world. 8v ! . . . . . 930 G 

Gillmore, Parker. Through Gaza land. 916.8 Gl 

GiLLMORE, Q. A. Charleston harbor 973.7 G3 

GiLMAN, Arthur, ed. Magna chi^rta 

stories j900 G 

GiLMAN, N. P. & Jackson, E. P. Conduct 

as a fine art 170 G37 

GiLMAN, Stella (C.) That Dakota girl. G42 
Gilpin, William. Cosmopolitan rail- 
way 656G42 

Mission of the North American peo- 
ple 557 G42 

GiSBORNE, William. New Zealand 993.1 G 

Gladden, Washington. Applied Chris- 
tianity 261 G45 

Santa Claus on a lark, and other 

stories... j G45 

Who wrote the Bible? 220 G 45 

Young men and the churches 243 G45 

Gladstone, W. E. Impregnable rock of 

Holy Scripture 221 G 45 

Juventus mundi 883 G45 

Landmarks of Homeric study 883 G451 

Rome and the newest fashions in 're 

1 igions 282 G 45 

Glaisher, James dh others. Travels in 

the air 583 G 45 

Glaister, Elizabeth. See Lockwood, 

M. S. & Glaister, Elizabeth. 
Glazier, W. W. The great river (Mis- 
sissippi) 917.7G 

Heroes of three wars 920 G46 

Peculiarities of American cities 917.3 G3 

Gleig, G. R. Arthur, Duke of Welling- 
ton B W461 

Campaign of the British army at 

Washington 973.5 G 

Gliddon, G. R. See Nott, J. C. & Glid- 

don, G. R. 
Glimpse of the great secret society. Anon. 271.5 G 49 
Glisan, Rodney. Two years in Europe. 914 G6 
Glouvet, Jules de, pseud. See Beaure- 

paire, Guernay de. 
Glynn, Joseph. Construction of cranes 

and other hoisting machinery 621 G52 

Power of water 621 G521 

Gob AT, Samuel. Three years' residence 

in Abyssinia 916.3 G 

Godard, J. G. Poverty; its genesis and 

exodus 389 G54 



QODDARD, Arthur. Players of the 

period. 27 920 G54 

QoDDARD, F. B. Where to emigrate and 

why 917 Gl 

GODDARD, S. A. American rebellion 973.7 G5 

CJoDWiN, Mary (W.) Letters to Imlay. . 826 G54 
Letters written in Sweden, Norway 

and Denmark 914.8 Gl 

View of the French revolution, v. 1. 944.04 Gl 

Vindication of the rights of women . . 396 G54 

Godwin, Parke. History of France, v. 1. 944.01 G 

Out of the past 814 G54 

ed. Cyclopaedia of universal biography. *920 G542 
Godwin, William. Geoffrey Chaucer. 

4v B C3921 

Political justice 335 G54 

GoEPp, Charles. See Poesche, Theo- 
dore & Gokpp, Charles. 

Goethe, J. W. von. Elective aflSnities. G5523 

Faust; tr. by Hay ward 832 G5515 

Sime; tr. by Swan wick 832 G5516 

Same; tr. by Taylor. 2v 832 G5514 

Minor poetry 831 G551 

(tOLDEN, W. E. Brief history of the 

English drama .822.09 G56 

Goldsmith, Christ able, pseud. See 

Smith, Fannie N. 
Goldsmith, Lewis. Female revolution- 
ary plutarch. 3v.* 920 G57 

Goldsmith, Oliver. History of Eng- 
land. 4v 942 G4 

History of the earth and animated 

nature. 2v 590 G57 

Poetical works 821 G571 

Goldziher, Ignatz. Mythology among 

the Hebrews 296 G58 

GoLOWNiN,V. M. Japan and the Japanese. 

2v 915.2 G4 

Gommb, G. L. Ethnology in folk-lore 398 G58 

Literature of local institutions 016 G58 

Village community 321 G58 

(Jonse, Louis. Japanese art 709 G58 

^ioocH, yS'*V Daniel. Diaries B G59 

(iJooDALE, G. L. Wild flowers of America. *580 G61 
(iJoodfellow, John. Dietetic value of 

bread *. 613 G63 

Gooding, W. M. Philosophy of the moral 

nature of man * 170 G61 

GOODLOE, D. R. Birth of the republic 973.3 G 

Goodman, E. J. Best tour in Norway. . . 914.81 G 
(ioODMAN, Godfrey. Court of King 

James 1. 2v. 942.06 G4 

Goodrich, Aaron. History of the so- 
called Christopher Columbus B C7221 

Goodrich, C. A. Lives of the signers to 

the Declaration of Independence. . . 
Goodrich, S. G., (Peter Pa/i^ley) Peter 

Parley's own story 

Recollections of a lifetime. 2v 

Goodwin, J. H. Improved bookkeeping 

and business manual 

Gordon, G. H. See Aberdeen, G. H. 

Gordon, Earl of. 

Gordon, H. L. Feast of the virgins 

Gordon, J. E. H. Decorative electricity. 
Gordon, Mary (W.) Christopher North. 
Gordon, Thomas. History of the Greek 

• revolution. 2v 

Gordon, T. F. History of New Jersey. . 
Gordon, William. Independence of the 

United States. 3v 


Cumming, Constance F. Gordon-. 
Gore, ' Catherine G. F. (M.) English 

character. 2v 

Modern chivalry. 2v 

Gore, Charles, ed. Lux mundi 

Gore, George. Art of electro-metal- 

Art of scientific discovery 

Gore, J. E. Scenery of the heavens 

Visible universe 

Gore, J. H. Geodesy 

Gorgei, Arthur. My life and acts in 


Goss, E. H. Col. Paul Revere. 2v 

Goss, W. L. Soldier's story of his cap- 
tivity at Anderson ville 

Story of the Army of the Potomac. . . 
Gosse, E. W. Eighteenth century literature 

Gossip in a library 

Northern studies 

Philip Henry Gosse 

Robert Browning ; personalia 

Thomas Gray 

William Congreve 

Gosse, P. H. Assyria 

History of the Jews 

Life in its lower, intermediate and 

higher forms 

Gossip, G. H. D. Theory of the chess 


GouiN, Francois. Art of teaching and 

studying languages 

GOULBURN, E. M. Commentary on the 
order of the administration of the 

Lord's Supper .... 

Everlasting punishment 

920 G62 


657 G63 

811 G652 

537 G653 

B W69 

949.5 G 
974.9 G 

973.3 G4 


828 G66 


232 G66 

537 G66 
507 G66 
523 G66 
523 G661 
526 G66 


973.7 G4 

973.7 G6 

820.9 G69 

824 G69 

914.8 G 


B B8221 



913 G4 

933 G 

590 G69 

794 G69 

407 G72 

265 G72 
237 G72 



Gould, A. C. Modern American rifles. . . 799 G73 
GoxJLD, E. S. Hydraulic formulae for the 
distribution of water through long 

pipes ^. 628 G73 

Gould, L. D. House carpenters' and 

joiners' assistant *694 G78 

Gould, Sabine Baring-. Church in Ger- 
many 274 G78 

Court royal G7314 

In troubadour land 914.4 G 

Old country life 828 G73 

Origin and development of religious 

belief. 2v 209 G73 

Strange survivals 133 G73 

Tragedy of the Caesars B C1117 

GouRGAUD, Gabpard. Napoleou and the 

grand army in Kussla 944.05 G 

GovETT, L. A. King's book of sports 790 G74 

Gow, James. History of Greek mathe- 
matics 5i0 G74 

GowANS, James. Edinburgh 914.1 G 

GOWER, Lord R. C. Last days of Marie 

Antoinette B M3319 

My reminiscences. B G74 

Rupert of the Rhine B R87 

GowiNG, L. F. Five thousand miles in a 

sledge across Siberia 915.7 G 

Grabs, J. E., ed, Septuaginta. 8v *220.4 G75 

Grady, G. W. New south 917.5 G 

Grabtz, Heinrich. History of the Jews. 

5v 933G1 

Graham, A. J. Handbook of standard 

or American phonography 653 G76 

Graham, G. F. Book about words 412 G76 

Graham, James, comp. Gen. Daniel 

' Morgan B M822 

Graham, John. Siege of Londonderry. . 941.5 G 

Graham, P. A. Nature in books 808.4 G76 

Graham, R. H. Geometry of position. . . 516 G76 
Graham, Walter. Brass founder's man- 
ual 673 G76 

Graham, William. Socialism, new and 

old 335 G76 

Grahame, James. History of the United 

States. 2v 973.2 G 

Grand Orient, pseud. Handbook of 

cartomancy 133 G76 

Granger, F. S. Psychology 150 G76 

Grant, Sir Alexander. Xenophon 888 X212 

Grant, Allan, pseud. See Wilson, 
J. G. 

Grant, A. H., {Frank Seafield.) Litera- 
ture and curiosities of dreams. 2v. 135 G76 
Grant, F. R. C. Samuel Johnson B J6312 

Grant, G. B. Odontics; or. The theory 

and practice of the teeth of gears . . 621 G76 

Grant, Horace. Exercises for the im- 
provement of the senses 372 G76 

Grant, James. Origin and descent of 

the Gael 936 G 

Grant, J. B. Our common birds 598.2 G75 

Grant, Robert. Carletons G762 

Reflections of a married man G7614 

Granville, A. B. Spas of England 613 G7631 

Spas of Germany 613 G763 

Grasby, W. C. Teaching in three con- 
tinents 371 G76 

Grattan, Henry, jr. Memoirs of the 
life and times of the Rt. Hon. Henry 
Grattan. 5v B G771 

Graves, H. M. Essay on the genius of 

Shakespeare *. 822.3 G78 

Gray, Asa. School and field book of 

botany 580 G791 

Gray, E. Conder, pseud. See Japp, A. H. 

Gray, Henry. Anatomy *611 G791 

Gray, J. Z. The church's certain faith. 239 G79 

Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs of a life. B G7921 
Memoirs of his own time B G792 

Great Britain. Public health commis- 
sioners. Second report. 2v 614 G79 

Great truths by great authors. Anon *808.8.G79 

Greeley, Horace. Essays* designed to 
elucidate the science of political 

economy. 330 G81 

Recollections of a busy life B Q81 

Struggle for slavery extension 326 Q81 

What I know of farming 630 G81 

Green, Anna K. See Rohlfs, Anna 
K. (G.) 

Green, A. H. Birth and growth of 

worlds 523 G82 

Green, F. W. Edridge- Colour blind- 
ness and colour perception 616 Q82 

Memory 154 G82 

Green, J. R. See Gifford, John, {origin- 
ally J. R. Green.) 

Green, Mary A. E. (W.) Lives of the 

princesses of England. 6v 920 G82 

ed. Letters of royal and illustrious 
ladies x)f Great Britain. 3v 826 G 82 

Green, N. E. Instruction in landscape 

drawing 741 G 82 

Green, Samuel. Mahomet B M722 

Green, S. M. Crime; its nature, causes, 

treatment and prevention 343 G82 

Green, T. J. Texian expedition against 

Mier 976.4 G 



Green, T. M. Spanish conspiracy 976.9 Q 

Green, W. S. Among tlie Selkirk gla- 
ciers 551. 3 G82 

Green bag. 2v 340 G82 

Greenaway, Kate. Book of games j790 Q82 

Greene, F. V. Russian army in Turkey. 947- G 

Greene, G. W. German element in the 

war of American independence 973.3 G3 

Historical studies 814 G83 

Greene, Sarah P. (M.) Leon Pontifex. M2213 

Towhead M2211 

Vesty of the Basins M2214 

Greene, W. T. Favorite foreign birds 

for cages and aviaries 636.6 G83 

Greenfield, W. S. Alcohol ; its use and 

abuse. 613 G83 

Greenhow, Robert. Oregon and Cali- 
fornia 979 G 

Qreenough, J. B. See Allen, J. H. & 
Greenough, J. B. 

(Greenwood, Grace, pseud. See Lippin- 
cott, Sara J. (C.) 

Greenwood, H. Gen. Booth and his 

critics 339 G852 

Greenwood, James. Sailor's sea-book. . 656 Q85 
Seven curses of London 339 G85 

Greenwood^ Thomas. Free public libra- 
ries , . 027 G85 

Same 027 G851 

Tour in the states and Canada 917.3 G2 

Greg, Percy. History of the United 

States. 2v 973 Gl 

Gregg, Josiah. Commerce of the prai- 
ries. 2v 917.8G2 

Gr^goire, Henri. Enquiry concerning 
the intellectual and moral faculties 
of the negroes 326 G86 

Gregory, Donald. Western highlands^ 

and isles of Scotland 941 G 

Gregory, George. Dictionary of arts 

and sciences. 3v *603 G86 

Theory and practice of physic. 2v . . *616 Q86 
Thomas Chatterton B C393 

Greig, John. See Storer, J. S. & Greig, 

Grenville, G. N. T. See Nugent, G. N. 
T. Grenville, Baron, 

Greppo, J. G. H. Essay on the hiero- 
glyphic system of Champollion .... 419 G86 

Gresley, W. Charles Lever; or. The 

man of the 19th century. 244 G86 

Greswell, W. p. Dominion of Canada. 971 Ql 

Gr^ville, Henry, pseud. See Durand, 
Alice M. C. H. (F.) 

Grey, Douglas. See Wilson, F. J. F. & 

Grey, Douglas. 

Grey, Georgie. Virgilia G863 

Gribble, T. G. Preliminary survey and 

estimates 526 G87 

Griffin, G. W. My Danish days 914.89 G 

Griffin, J. J. Chemical testing of wines 

andsplrits 547 Q87 

Griffin, L. H. Ranjit Singh B R16 

Griffis, W. E. Japan j952 G 

Sir William Johnson and the six 

nations B J6321 

Griffiths, Arthur. French revolu- 
tionary generals : 920 G87 

Griffiths, A. B. Diseases of crops and 

their remedies 632 G87 

Treatise on manures 631 G87 

Griffiths, L. M. iSvenings with Shak- 

spere 822.3 G87 

Grimes, J. S. Geonomy; creation of the 

continents by the ocean currents.. . . 551 .4 G88 

Grimke, a. H. Charles Sumner B Su613 

William Lloyd Garrison B G1911 

Grimm, Hermann. Michael Angelo. 2v. B B8822 
Grimm, J. L. & W. K. See Andersen, A. 

C. & Grimm, J. L. & W. K. 
Qrimshaw, Robert. Engine runner's 

catecliism 621 G8812 

Hints to power users 621 G8811 

Practical catechism; a collection of 

questions on technical subject? 603 G88 

Preparing for indication 621 G88 

Pump catechism 621 G881 

Record of scientific progress for 189L 505 G88 
Grimthorpe, E. Beckett, Baron. Book 

on building 726 G 88 

Grimwood, Ethel S. My three years in 

Manipur. 915.4 G2 

Grindon, L. H. Phenomena of plant life. 580 G88 
Gringo, Henry, pseud. See Wise, H. A. 
Griscom, John. Year in Europe. 2v. . . 914 G 5 
Griscom, J. H. Uses and abuses of air. . 613 G88 
Griswold, Hattie (T.) Home life of 

great authors 920 G88 

Griswold, R. W. Female poets of 

America 811.08 G88 

Poets and poetry of JEngland 821.C8 G88 

Gronlund, Laurence. Our destiny. . . . 334 G89 
Groom-Napier, C. O. See Napier, C. O. 

Grose, Francis, eomp. Dictionary of 

buckish slang *427 G91 

Grosvenor, J. Du V. Model yachts and 

boats 797 G 91 



Qrotb, George. History of Greece. 127. 938 G4 

Grote, Hakribt L. Personal life of 

George Grote B G91 

Grove, F. C. See Pollock, W. H., Grove, 
F. C. & Prevost, Camille. 

Groves, C. E. & Thorp, William, eds. 

Chemical technology 660 G91 

Growoll, a. Bookseller's library, and 

howtouseit. 016 G91 

Grundy, William. See Smith, I. G. & 
Grundy, William. 

Grunbr, M. L. Manufacture of steel. . . 672 G92 

GuERiN, £uG]^NiE DE. Journal B G93 

Guernsey, R. S. • New York city during 

1812. V. 1 973.5G1 

GuERRAZZi, F. D. Beatrice Cenci G932 

QuicciOLi, Teresa G., Contessa. See 
Boissy, Teresa G., MarquUe de. 

Guild, Caroline S. (W.) & Annb(E.) 

Hymns of the ages 245 G94 

GuiLLAUMOT, T. Costumes of the time 

of the French revolution »391 G94 

GuiLLBMARD, F. H. H. Ferdinand Magel- 
lan BM2721 

Guillemin, a. V. Electricity and mag- 
netism 537 G94 

Guimps, Roger de, Baron. Pestalozzi. . B P431 

Guiney, L«)uise I. Monsieur Henri B L323 

Guinness, Fanny E. New world of cen- 
tral Africa 916.7G 

GuizoT, F. P. G. Corneille and his times. B C813 

History of England. 3v 942 G3 

History of France. 8v 944 G 

Meditations on the essence of Chris- 
tianity. 2v 239 G34 

Oliver Cromwell B C8826 

Oliver Cromwell and the English com- 
monwealth. 2v 942.06 G3 

Origin of representative government 

in Europe. 321.8 G94 

Shakspeare and his times 822.3 G94 

GuLLiCK, T. J. & Times, John. Painting. 750 G95 

Gummere, F. B. Germanic origins 901 G3 

Hand-book of poetics 821.1 G95 

GuNSAULUS, F. W. Monk and knight. 

2v G952 

GuNTON, George. Piinciples of social 

economics 330 G95 

GuRNEY, E. H. Reference hand-book of 

English history *942 G2 

GuROWSKi, A. G., Comte de. America 

and Europe. 321.8 G96 

Diary. 186162 973.7 G2 

Russia as it is 914.7 G2 

Guthrie, F. A., (F, AnOey.) Talk- 
ing horse G9813 

Tourmalin's time checques G9812 

Travelling companions 827 G981 

Voces populi 827 G98 

Guthrie, Thomas. Autobiography. 2y. B G98 
Guthrie, William. Modern geography. 910 Q5 

GuTTMANN, Oscab. Blasting 622 G98 

GuTTMANN, OsKAR. Gymnastics of the 

voice 784G98 

GuTzr^AFP, C. F. A. Chinese history. 2v. 051 G 

GuYAU, J. M. Education and heredity. . . 171 G99 

GuYOT, A. H. Creation 213 G99 

GuYTON, Emma J, (W.) See Worboise, 

Emma J., (afterioards Mrs. Guy ton.) 

H. H. Scientific education of dogs for 

the gun 686.7 Hll 

H. H., pseud. See Jackson, Helen M. 
(J.) H. 

Habberton, John. All he knew HI 1 14 

Bowsham pnzzje H1112 

Chautauquans H1115 

Jericho road H1113 

Lucky lover H1117 

Who was Paul Grayson ? H1116 

Hackel, Edward. True grasses 584 Hll 

Hackbtt, H. B. Christian memorials of 

the war 973.7 H6 

Hackbtt, J. H. Notes and comments 
upon certain plays and actors of 

Shakespeare 822.3 HI 1 

Hackle, Palmer, Esq., pseud. See 

Blakey, Robert. 
Hadfibld, R. a. & GiBBiNS, H. B. 

Shorter working day 331 Hll 

Hagenbach, K. R. History of the church 

in the 18th and 19th centuries. 2v. 270 H121 
Haggard, A. C. P. Leslie's fate and Hilda. H125 

Haggard, H. R. Allan's wife H123 

Beatrice H1231 

Eric Brighteyes H1233 

Nada the lily H1234 

and Lang, Andrew. World's desire. H1232 
Haigh, D. II. Conquest of Britain by 

the Saxons 942.01 H 

Haight, Cannipf. Country life in Can- 
ada BH12 

Hake, A. E., ed. Events of the Taeping 

rebellion 951 H 

and Wesslaw, O. E. Free trade in 

capital 331 H12 

Hake, T. G. Memoirs of eighty years. . . B H122 
Haldane, J. W. C. Civil and mechan- 
ical engineering 621 H12 



Haldanb, R. B. Adam Smith B Sm5 

Hale, Edward. Fall of tlie Stuarts 942.06 H 

Hale, E. E. East and west H1314 

Four and five H1324 

George Washington B W2723 

Gone to Texas H1311 

Massachusetts 974.4 H2 

Sybaris H1223 

Sybil Knox H1325 

and LucRETiA P. New Harry and 

Lucy JH1326 

and others. Books that have helped me. 028 H 13 
Hale, G. W. Police and prison cyclo- 
paedia 351 H13 

Hale, Lucretia P. See Hale, E. E. & 
Lucretia P. 

Hale, Sarah J. (B.) Manners 395 H13 

Woman's record 920 H13 

Halkn, JuaK van. Narrative of [his] 

imprisonment at Madrid. 2v B H132 

Half-hours with modern scientists. 2v. . . 504 H13 
Half-hours with the best French authors..*840.8 H13 
Haliburton, T. C, {Samuel Slick.) Nova 

Scotia. 2v. .; 971.6 H 

Halkett, Samuel & Laing, John. Dic- 
tionary of anonymous and pseud- 
onymous literature. 4v *014 H13 

Hall, Anna M. F. See Hall, S. C. & 

Anna M. F. * 
Hall, Bolton <fc others. Who pays your 

taxes ? 336 H14 

Hall, B. H. Collection of college words 

and customs 371 H14 

Hall, C. F. Arctic researches. 919.8 H6 

Hall, E. Puritens. 974.4 HI 

Hall, E. B. Memoir of Mary L. Ware. . B W22 

Hall, Florence H. Social customs 395 H14 

Hall, Frederick. Maximilian I B M452 

Hall, G. B. Historical sketches of Am- 
erica. 970 H3 

Hall, Henry. Ethan Allen B Al 5 

Year book of the societies composed 
of the descendants of men of the 

Revolution 369 H14 

Hall, Hubert. Society in the Eliza- 
bethan age 914.2 H14 

Hall, H. B. Bric-a-brac hunters 739 H14 

Hall, Mrs. Matthew. Queens before 

the conquest. 2v 920 H 14 

Hall, Robert. Sermons on important 

public occasions. . . . « 252 H14 

Hall, S. C. Book of memories of great 

men and women of the age 920 H142 

and Anna M. F. Ireland 914.15 HI 

Hall, Wilford. Problem of human 

life 575 H14 

Halleck, Fitz-Greene. Poetical writ- 
ings 811 HIS 

Hallett, H S. Thousand miles on an 

elephant 915.4 H6 

Halliburton, W. D. Chemical physi- 
ology and pathology 591 HIS 

Halliday, George. Mechanical graph- 
ics 744 HIS 

HalliwellPhillipps, J. O. See Phil- 
lipps, J. O. Halliwell-. 

Hallock, Charles. Fishing tourist 799 HIS 

Salmon fisher 799 H151 

Halpine, C. G., {MUes O'Reilly.) Baked 

meats of the funeral 818 H16 

Poetical works 811 H16 

Halsey, F. a. Slide valve gears 621 H16 

Halstbd, O. S. Theology of the Bible. . 220 H16 

tr. The book called Job. . . : 223. 1 H16 

Hambleton, J. P. Sketch of Henry A. 
Wise, with a history of the political 

campaign in Virginia in 1855 329 HI 7 

Hamerling, Robert. Aspasia. 2v H173 

Hamersly, L. R. Records of living 

officers of the United States navy. . *359 H17 

Same. . , *359 H171 

ed. Naval encyclopaedia *359 H1711 

Hamerton, p. G. Drawing and engrav- 
ing 740 H171 

French and English 914.4 H6 

Present state of the fine arts in France.*759.4 H17 

Sylvan year 824 H1711 

Hamilton, Alexander. Works. 7v... 320.8 H18 
Hamilton, Anthony, Count. Memoirs 

of the court of Charles II *B G764 

Hamilton, F. H. Military surgery *617 H18 

Hamilton, Gail, pseud. See Dodge, 

Mary A. 
Hamilton, J. C. Republic of the United 

States. 7v 973 H3 

Hamilton, W. T., comp. Church man- 
ual of the First Presbyterian 

church, Newark *09 H18 

Hamley, E. B. War in the Crimea. .... 947.07 H 
Hamlin, A. C. Leisure hours among the 

gems 549 1118 

Hammond, Adam. Brick cutting and set- 

. ting 693H181 

Bricklaying 693 H18 

Hammond, J. D. Life and times of Silas 

Wright B W93 

Political parties in the state of New 

York. 2v 329 H18 




Hammond, W. A. Treatise on hygiene. . *613 H18 
Hanaford, Phebb a. (C.) George Pea- 
body BP31 

Hanna William. Wars of the Hugue- 
nots 284 H19 

Hannay, David. F. Marryat B M3431 

Rodney B R61 

Tobias George Smollett : . B Sm7 

Hanslick, Edward. Beautiful in music. 780.1 H19 
Hapgood, Isabel F., tr. Epic songs of 

Russia 891 H21 

Haraszthy, a. Grape culture, wines 

and wine making 634 H21 

Harcourt, Marquess de. Memoir of the 

Duchess of Orleans. B Or5 

Harcourt, Helen. Home life in Florida. 917.59 H 
Harcourt, L. F. Vernon-. Achieve- 
ments in engineering during the 

last half century 620 H21 

Harcourt, L. V. Doctrine of the deluge. 

2y 222.11 H21 

Harcourt, R. Rambles through the 

British Isles. 914.2 H6 

Hardinge, C. S., Viscount. Viscount 

Hardinge B H21 

Hardingham, G. G. M. Patents for in- 
ventions and how to procure them. . 347 H21 
Hardman, J. W. Our prayer book in 

history 264 H22 

Hardwick, Charles. History of the 

articles of religion 283 H22 

Hardwicke, Philip Yorkb, Barl of. 

Athenian letters. 2v 913 HI 

Hardy, A. S. Elements of the differ- 
ential and integral calculus 517 H22 

Life and letters of J. H. Neesima. ... B N28 

Hardy, Campbell. Forest life in Acadie. 799 H22 

Hardy, E. J. Business of life 170 H22 

Hardy; G. E., ed. Five hundred books 

for the young 028 H22 

Hardy, Thomas, Desperate remedies. . . H2228 

Group of noble dames H22211 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles H22212 

Woodlanders H2229 

Hare, A. J. C. Cities in central Italy. 2v. 914.5 HIO 

Cities of northern Italy. 2v 914.5 H9 

Days near Rome 914.56 HI 

l^ortheastern France 914.4 H9 

Southeastern France 914.4 HIO 

Southwestern France 914.4 Hll 

Harford, J. S. Life of Thomas Bur- 
gess B B912 

Hargrbaves, William. Our wasted re- 
sources, 178 H22 

Harland, Henry, {Sidney Luska.) As it 

was written H2232 

Mrs. Peixada H2233 

Two women or one? H2234 

Yoke of the Thorah H2231 

Harland, Marion, pseud. See Terhune, 

Mary V. (H.) 
Harleian manuscriptt* ; catalogue. 4v. . . . *090 H22 
Harlow, L. K., comp. The world's best 

hymns 245 H22^ 

Harlow, W. B. Introduction to early 

English literature 820.9 H22 

Harper, Charles G. Brighton road 914.2 H15 

Harper, H. A. Bible and modern dis- 
coveries 220.9 H23 

Harper's new monthly magazine. v. 

78 84 051 H23 

Harper's weekly, v. 3-6, 10-11, 13, 15-81. *071 H23 
Harper's young people, v. 1-4, 6-8, 11-12. j051 H232 

Harrington, James. Oceana 320.8 H23 

Harris, John. Man primeval 233 H24 

Harris, Joseph. Talks on manures 631 H24 

Harris, J. C. Balaam and his master. . . H2412 

Daddy Jake, the runaway JH2411 

On the plantation JH2413 

Uncle Remus and his friends 817 H2411 

Henry W. Grady B G75 

Harris, Miriam (C.) Utter failure H244 

Harris, T. W. Some of the insects in- 
jurious to vegetation 632 H241 

Harris, W. C. Highlands of Ethiopia. . 916.6 H 

Prison life in Richmond 937.7 H12 

Harris, W. S. Galvanism and the gen- 
eral principles of animal and vol- 
taic electricity 537.5 H24 

Rudimentary electricity 537 H24 

Rudimentary magnetism 538 H24 

Harris, W. T. Hegel's logic 193 H24 

Introduction to the study of philos- 
ophy 107 H24 

Spiritual sense of " Divina commedia." 851 D2312 

Harrison, Benjamin. Speeches 353 H24 

Harrison, Constance (C.) Anglo- 
maniacs H2463 

Belhaven tales H2468 

Bric-a-brac stories j H2465 

Daughter of the South H2466 

Edelweiss of the Sierras H2467 

Flower de hundred H2464 

Harrison, C. H. Race with the sun 910 H5 

Harrison, Elizabeth. Study of child 

nature 372 H24 

Harrison, Frederic. See Spencer, Her- 
bert & Harrison, Frederic. 



Harrison, (Iabriel. Life and writings 

of John Howard Payne .' B P292 

Harrison, W. L. Legislation on insanity. *347 H24 

Harrison, J. A. Spain in profile 914.6 H3 

Harrison, W. B. Mechanics' tool book.. 680 H24 
Harrop, Mr. History of the Irish rebel- 
lion in 1798 941. 5H2 

Harsha, W. J. Story of Iowa 266 H25 

Hart, A. B. Epoch maps, illustrating 

American history *911 H 

Formation of the Union 973 H4 

Introduction to the study of federal 

government 321 H25 

Hart, J. C. Designs for parish churches. *726 H25 

Romance of yachting 797 H25 

Harte, F. B., (Bret Harte.) Colonel 

Starbottle's client H2527 

Sappho of Green Springs, and other 

stories. H2526 

Waif of the plains. H2524 

Wa^d of the Golden Gate H2525 

Hartig, Robert. Timbers and how to 

know them 581 H25 

Harting, J. E.. Our summer migrants. .598.2 H252 
Hartland, E. S. Science of fairy tales. 398 H25 
Hartley, C. B. Maj. Gen. Henry Lee. . B L513 
Hartmann, Franz. Principles of astro- 
logical geomancy 133 H25 

Hartwig, G. L. Aerial world 551.5 H25 

Harmonies of nature 501 H25 

The sea and its living wonders 593 H25 

Harvard studies in classical philology. 3 v. 470 H26 
Harvey, T. W. Practical grammar of 

the English language 425 H26 

Harvey, W. F. Practical Spanish 

manual 468 H26 

Harvey, W. W. History and theology 

of the three creeds. 2v 288 II26 

Harwood, G. Coming democracy 321 H26 

Haskins, C. H. Galvanometer and its 

uses 537H27 

Haskins, C.W. Argonauts of California. 917.94 HI 
Hasluck, p. N. Mechanic's workshop 

handybook 671 H271 

Metal turner's handybook 621 H27 

Milling machines and processes 621 H271 

Pattern maker's handybook 671 H27 

Wood turner's handybook 674 H27 

Hassard, Annie. Floral decorations for 

the dwelling house : 716 H27 

Hassard, J. R. G. Pickwickian pilgrim- . 

age 914. 2 H12 

Hassaurek,. Frederick. Spanish Ameri- 
cans 918 H 


Hassencamp, R. History of Ireland 941.5 H 

Hastings, Frederick & Muir, A. F., 

eds. Non-Biblical systems 290 H27 

Hatch, B. F. Constitution of man, phys- 
ically, morally and spiritually 179 H28 

Hatch, F. H. Mineralogy 549 H28 

Hately, T. L. Psalmody of the Free 

Church of Scotland 783 H28 

Hatton, Joseph. Cigarette papers. ..... 828 H28 

Princess Mazaroff H28 

Haupt, L. M., ed. Move for better roads. 625 H29 

Havergal, F. R. Swiss letters 914.94 HI 

Haweis, H. R. Broad church 283 H813 

Haweis, Mary E. Art of housekeeping. 640 H31 
Hawker, Peter. Instr actions to young 

sportsmen 799 H31 

Hawkesworth, John. Discoveries in 

the southern hemisphere. 3v 910 H9 

Hawkins, Thomas, ed. Origin of Eng- 
lish drama. 3v 822.08 H31 

Hawks, F. L. Expedition to the Chinese 

seas and Japan 915.1 H3 

Monuments of Egypt 913 H 

Narrative of events connected with 
• the rise and progress of the Protest- 
ant Episcopal church 283 H31 

Hawley, Helen A. Friendly letters to 

girls J177H311 

Friendly talks with boys. jl77 H31 

Hawthorne, Julian. Archibald Malmai- 

son H31221 

Bressant H31224 

Saxon studies 914.32 H 

Sebastian Strome H31223 

Trial of Gideon H31225 

and Lemmon, Leonard. American 

literature 810.9 H31 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Bolliver ro- 
mance H3149 

Franklin Pierce B P61 

House of seven gables H3148 

• Marble faun H3146 

Mo ses from an old manse H3147 

Scarlet letter H3145 

Twice told tales H315 

Wonderbook j H3151 

Hawthorne, Sophia. Notes in England 

and Italy 914.2 Hll 

Haxthau'sen, a. F. L. M. von. Russian 

empire. 2v 914.7 HI 

Hay, D. R. Nomenclature of colours. . . . 752 H32 
Hay, Elzey, pseud. See Andrews, Fanny. 

Hay, James. Johnson B J6315 

Swift B Sw511 



Hay, John. Castilian days 914.6 H2 

Pike county ballads 811 1132 

Poems 811H321 

Hayks, Henry, pseud. .See Kirk, Ellen 
W. (O.) 

Haybs, I. I. Open polar sea 919.8 H4 

Hayes, J. L. See Howells, W. D. & 

Hayes, J. L. 
Hayes, M. H. Illustrated horse-breaking. 636.1 H32 
Hays, Mary. Female biography. 3y. . . 920 11332 
Hayward, Abraham. Sketches of em- 
inent statesmen and writers. 2v. . 920 H33 
Hayward, Henry, tr. Bismarck in time. B B5415 
Hayward, J. W. See Drysdale, J. J. & 
Hayward, J. W, 

Hazard, R. G. Essay on language 814 H33 

Hazard, Samuel. Annals of Pennsyl- 
vania 974.8 HI 

Santo Domingo 917.29 HI 

Hazeltinb, M. J. Brevity and brilliancy 

inchess 794 H33 

Hazbn, H. a. Tornado 551.5 H33 

Hazen, W. B. School and army in Ger- 
many and France 944.08 HI 

Hazlitt, William. Characters of 

Shakespeare's plays 822.3 H33 

Lectures on the English poets 808.4 H331 

Napoleon Buonaparte. 3y B N1622 

Tabletalk. 2y 820.08 H33 

Hazlitt, W. C. Hand-book to the popu- 
lar poetical and dramatic literature 

in Great Britain *016 H33 

Old cookery books and ancient cuisine. 641 H33 

Studies in jocular literature 808.7 H33 

ed. English proverbs and proverbial 

' phrases *398 H33 

Headley, J. H. Sacred plains 915.6 H3 

Headlby, J. T. Chaplains and clergy of 

the Revolution 920 H3412 

Farragut and our naval commanders.. 920 H3411 

Kapoleon and his marshals. 2v 920 H341 

Second war with England. 2v 973.5 H 

ed. Mountain adventures 910 H8 

Headlby, P. C. Gen. Lafayette B L1313 

Island of fire 914.91 H 

Healey, Caroline W. See Dall, Caroline 
W. (H.) 

Heard, I. V. D. Sioux war 970.1 H 

Hearn, Lafcadio. "Gombo zhtbes;" 

little dictionary of Creole proverbs.. 447 1135 

Two years in the West Indies 917.29 H 

Youma H351 

The heart and its function. Anon 611 H35 

Heath, T. L. Diophantos of Alexandria. 512 H35 

Heathcote, J. M. cfe others. Skating. ... 796 H351 
Tennis, lawn tennis, rackets, fives... 796 H35 

Heaton, J. L. Story of Verm .nt 974.3 H 

Heaton, M. C. Correggio B C81 

Hbber, Richard. Catalogue of a collec- 
tion of books on early English 
poetry 018 H35 

IlKCTOR, Annie F. (T), (Mrs. Alex- 
ander.) Blind fate H3538 

For his sake H3541 

Mammon H3539 

Snare of the fowler H354 

Wooing o't II3537 

Hedge, F. H. Ways of the spirit 204 H35 

Hedges, Killing worth. Continental 

electric light central stations 537 H 351 

Hbilprin, Angelo. Bermuda islands. . . 590 H36 

Heimbukg, W., pseud. See Behrens, 

Heine, Heinrich. Book of songs ; tr. by , 

byLeland 831 H361 

Works. V. 13, 5-8 830.8 H36 

Helburn, William. Ancient and mod- 
ern ornament «. . . . *745 H36 

Heliodorus <Sh otJiers. Greek romances. . 888 H36 

Hell, Hommaike de. See Hommaire de 
Hell, L X. M. 

Hellyer, S. S. The plumber and sani- 
tary houses 628 H36 

Helme, Elizabeth. St. Clair of the isles. H363 

Helmholtz, H. L. F. On the sensations 

of tone 781 H36 

Helper, H. R. Negroes in negrolacd. . . 326 H36 

Helps, Arthur. Hernando Cortes B C8121 

Life of Columbus ; B C7218 

Helvetius, C. a. De I'esprit ; or. Essays 

on the mind 150 H36 

Hemans, Felicia D. (B.) Works. 7v. .821.8 H371 

Hempel, Walther. Methods ( f gas 

analysis 545 H39 

Hemphill, Samuel. See Wynne, F. R., 
Bernard, J. H. & Hemphill, Samuel. 

Henderson, J. C. Thomas Jefferson's 

views on public education 370 H38 

Henderson, Peter. See Crozier. Wil- 
liam & Henderson, Peter. 

Henderson, W. J. Preludes and studies ; 

musical themes of the day 780 H 381 

Story of music 780 H38 

Henley, W. E. Views and reviews 808.4 H 38 

ed. Lyra heroica 808.1 H38 

and Stevenson, R. L. B. Three 

pi ay s 822 H 38 

Hennequin, Alfred. Art of play writing. 792 H 39 



Henriques, B. de F. Trip to the Azores. 914.69 H2 
Henry, C. S. Compendium of Christian 

antiquities 281 1139 

Henry, Matthew. Rev. Philip Henry. . B H396 

Henry, W. W. Patrick Henry. 3v B H3932 

Hensel, Sebastian. Mendelssohn fam- 
ily. 2v B M5213 

Henslow, George. Making of flowers. 580 H39 
. Theory of evolution of living things; 213 H39 

Henty, (i. A. Beric the Briton j H3948 

By England'said j H3937 

By right of conquest j H394 

Chapter of adventures j H3939 

Condemned as a Nihilist j H3947 

Dash for Khartoum j H8942 

Fall of Sebastopol j H3945 

Fighting the Saracens j H3944 

Held fast for England j H3941 

In Greek waters j H3946 

Maori and settler , j H3938 

Redskin and cowboy j 113943 

Tales of daring and danger j H3936 

Hepwortii, G. H. Whip, hoe and sword. 973.7 H9 

Hepworth, T. C. Book of the lantern. . 535 H41 

Herbart, j. F. Text-book in psychology. 150 H41 
Herbert, H. A. <& others. Why the 

solid South? 973.7 HIO 

Herbert, H. W., (Frank Forester.) 
Frank Forester's horse and horse- 
manship. 2v *798Ha 

Hering, Carl. Recent progress in elec- 
tric railways 621 H42 

Universal wiring computer 537.9 H42 

Herkless, John. Cardinal Beaton B B38 

Hermann, J. G. J. Elements of the 

. doctrine of metres 416 H42 

Hero, of Alexandria. Pneumatics. . . 1 . . 533 H43 
Herodotus. Boys' and girls' Herodotus.j888 H4312 

HkRR, G. W. Episodes of the civil war. 973.7 H13 
Herrick, Christine (T.) Cradle and 

nursery 649 H43 

Liberal living upon narrow means . . . 641 H43 

The little dinner 641 H4311 

What to eat, how to serve it 641 H431 

Herring, James. See Longacre, J. B. & 

Herring, Jamc^. 
Herring, W. R. Construction of gas 

works. 665 H43 

IIerschel, Clemens. Science of road 

making '. 625 H43 

Hersciiel, Sir J. F. W. Astronomy 520 H431 

Hertzka, Theodor. Freeland ; a social 

anticipation 320 H44 

Hervey, Alpheus. Sea mosses 589 H44 

Hervby, G. W. Christian rhetoric 808 H44 

Hervey, Hbtta M. Norse land 914.81 H 

Hervby, M. H. Dark days in Chile 983 H 

Hesekiel, J. Q. L. Bismarck B B5414 

Hesse- Wartegg, Ernest von. Tunis. 916.1 H 

Hessey, J. a. Sunday.... 263 H46 

Hetherington, W. M. History of the 

Church of Scotland 285 H47 

Hewes, F. W. & McKinley, William. 

What are the facts? 337 H49 

Hewitt, Robert, jr. Coffee ; its history, 

cultivation and uses 633 H49 

Hewlett, Esther. See Copley, Esther. 
Heyl, Lewis & Murphy, Mrs. M. K., 
comps. United States duties on im- 
ports *337 H51 

Hibbard, G. a. Governor, and other 

stories H521 

Id una, and other stories H52 

HiBBERT, F. A. Influence and develop- 
ment of English gilds 338 H52 

HiCKEY, Ross, (Hartin, Boyle.) Cyclo- 
paedia of practical husbandry and 

rural affairs 630 H52 

HiCKEY, William, ed. Constitution of 

the United States 342.3 H52 

HiCKOK, S. P. Rational cosmology 118 H52 

System of moral science ' 170 H52 

Hicks, E. L. See Paton, W. R. & Hicks, 

Hicks, Rachel (S.) Memoir B H52 

HiCKSON, Mary. Ireland in the seven- 
teenth century. 2v 941.5 HI 

HiGGiNSON, Sarah J. Java 919.2 H 

Princess of Java H534 

HIGGINSON, T. W. Concerning all of us. 814 H5312 

Francis Higginson B H53 

New world and the new book 814 H5311 

Oldport days 917.45 H 

ed. English statesmen 920 H53 

a?idBiGELOW, E. H., eds. American 

sonnets 811.08 H531 

HiGGS, Paget. Electric light in its prac- 
tical application 537 H53 

HiLDENBRAND, WiLHELM. Cable making 

for suspension bridges.*. 625 B54 

HiLDRETH, Richard. Theory of politics. 320 H54 

Hill, A. F. Secrets of the sanctum 070 H55 

Hill, D. J. Washington Irving B Ir8311 

Hill, F. P., ed. Lowell illustrated *917.44 HI 

Hill, G. B. Footsteps of Dr. Johnson. . *914.1 H 

Writers and readers 804 H55 

Hill, H. A. Old South church, Boston. 

2v 285.8 H55 



Hill, O. T. English monasticism "271 H55 

Hill, Richard. Diplomatic correspond- 
ence, 1703-1706. 2v 826 H55 

HiLLARD, G. S., ed. Memoiial of Daniel 

Webster B W3916 

HiNTON, James. Health and its con- 
ditions 613 H59 

Man and liis dwelling place 219 H59 

HiORNS, A. H. Iron and steel manufac- 
ture 672 H61 

Mixedmetals 671 H 61 

HiROi, Is AMI. Plate-girder construction. 624 H61 

Historians of Scotland. lOv 941 HI 

Historic gallery of portraits and paintings. 

37. Anon *920 H62 

Historic gallery of portraits and paintings. 

7v. Anon *920 H621 

Historical magazine, v. 1-7, 10-22 973 fl2 

Hitchcock, C. H. <& others. Mount 

Washington 917.42 H 

Hitchcock, Edward <fc others. Power 
of Christian benevolence illustrated 
in the life and labors of Mary 

Lyon B L99 

Hitchcock, E. A. Swedenborg 289.4 H63 

Hitchcock, Thomas. Unhappy loves of 

men of genius 177 H63 

Hittel, J. S. Besources of California. . . 979.4 H 

Hive, Jacob. Book of Jasher 229 H64 

HOBBES, Thomas. Leviathan ; or. The 
. matter, forme and power of a com- 
monwealth 321 H65 

HOBBS, A. C. Locks and safes 683 H65 

Hobday, Edward. Cottage gardening. . 635 H65 
HoBSON, J. A. Problems of poverty ..,. 339 H65 
Hodge^ Charles. Systematic theology. 

4v 230H66 

HoDGETTS, E. A. B. In the track of the 

Russian famine. 914.7 H3 

HoDGKiN, Thomas. Theodoric the Goth. B T343 
HoDGKiNS, Louise M. Guide to 19th 

century authors 820.9 H66 

HODGKINS, W. H. Fort Stedman ....... 973.7 H7 

Hodgson, F. T. Builder's guide and es- 

timator's price book 692 H66 

Hodgson, William. Lives of some of 

the reformers and martyrs 272 H66 

Society of Friends in the 19th century. 

2v. 289.6 H66 

HOFP, J. H. Chemistry in space 541 H67 

Hoffding; Harold. Outlines of psy- 
chology 150 H67 

Hoffman, B. B. Sloyd system of wood- 
working , 694 H67 

Hoffman, C. R Vigil of faith 811 H67 

Winter in the west. 2v 917.8 H 

ed. All the week through 249 H67 

Hoffmann, E. T. Weird tales. 2v H672 

Hogarth, William. Works *750 H67 

Hogg, Jabez. The microscope 578 H67 

Hogg, James, {The Ettrick Shepherd.) 

Familiar anecdotes of Scott B Sco312 

Hogg, T. J. Percy Bysshe Shelley. 2v.. B Sh312 
Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Kraft, Pnnc6 

zu. Letters on artillery 358 H68 

Letters on cavalry 357 H68 

Letters on infantry 356 H68 

HoLBEACH, Henry, pseud. See Rands, 

W. B. 
Holcombe, J. p., ed. Literature in 

letters 808.6 H69 

Holder, C. F. Along the Florida reef. . j590 H7111 

Charles Darwin B D2512 

Holder, William. Cremation versus 

burial 614 H71 

Hole, Charles, comp. Brief biographi- 
cal dictionary 920 H71 

Holland, F. M. Frederick Douglass B D7411 

Holland, H. S. & Ropkstro, W. S. 
Memoir of Jenny Lind Goldschmidt. 

2v BG573 

Holland, H. R. V. Fox, Lord. Memoirs 

of the whig party 829.9 H71 

Holland, John. History and description 

of fossil fuel .•. 553H71 

Memoirs of John Summerfield B Su62 

Holland, J. G. Abraham Lincoln B L6326 

Bay-path H7142 

Holland, Saba (S.), Lady. Memoir of 

Sydney Smith. 2v B Sm52" 

HoLLEY, Marietta, (Josiah AUen*s wife.) 

Samantha among the brethren 817 H7213 

Samantha on the race problem 817 H7214 

HOLLINGS, J. F. Cicero B C4822 

HpLLis, E. B. Cecil's summer H724 

HOLLISTER, O. J. Schuyler Colfax B C682 

Holloway, WiiiLiAM. General diction- 
ary of provincialisms 427 H72 

Holloway, W. R. Indianapolis 977.2 H 

Holly, H. H. Country seats *728 H72 

Holmes, Edward. Life of Mozart. ..... B M8711 

Holmes, O. W. Dorothy Q 811 H7311 

John Lothrop Motley B M852 

Over the teacups 814 H7313 

Holmes, W. R. Shores of the Caspian. . 915.5 H 
HOLSTEIN, H. L. V. D. Memoirs of 

Lafayette B L1316 

Memoirs of Simon Bolivar. 2v B B632 



Holt, Ardern. Gentlemen's fancy dress. *391 H741 
Holt, Edward. Public and domestic 

life of George m. 27 B G293 

Holy angels, tLeir nature and employ- 
ments. Anon 235 H74 

HoLYOAKK, G. J. Co-operative move- 
ment of to-day 334 H741 

History of CO- operation in England. 2v. 334 H7411 

Self-lielp a hundred years ago 334 H74 

Home, Henry. See Kames, Henry 
Home, Lord. 

Home, John. Rebellion of 1745 941 H 

Home culture. Anon 374 H75 

Homer. Iliad ; tr, by Earl of Derby. 2v. 883 H7523 

Same ; tr, by Lang 883 H7526 

Same ; tr. by Leaf. 2v . . 883 H7525 

Odyssey ; tr. by Palmer .883 H7532 

Homer, Joseph. Metal turning 621 H78 

Homiletical aids for the Christian year. 

Anon 252 H75 

HoMMAiRE DE Hell, I. X. M. Steppes 

of the Caspian-sea 914.7 H2 

HONAN, M. B. Our own correspondent 

in Italy. 2v 914.5 H8 

Hone, Philip. Diary B H752 

Hood, Charles. Warming buildings by 

hot water 697 H76 

Hood, E. P. Cromwell B C8824 

Lamps, pitchers and trumpets 251 H76 

World of anecdote 808.8 II76 

World of moral and religious anec- 
dote 2441176 

HooKE, Nathaniel. Koman history. 3 v. 937 H 
Hooker, J. D. Himalayan journals. 2v. 915.4 H5 
Hooker, Worthington. History of 

medical delusions *616 H76 

Hooker, Sir W. J. British flora. 2v. . . 581 H76 

Hooper, George. Abraham Fabert B FU 

Waterloo 944.05 HI 

Hooper, W. H. Tents of the Tuski 919.8 n5 

Hope, Ascott R., pseud. See Moncrieff, 

R. H. 
Hopkins, A. A., ed. Scientific American 

cyclopaedia of receipts *603 H77 

Hopkins, J. H. The American citizen; 

his rights and duties 342.3 H77 

Hopkins, J. II., jr. John Henry Hopkins. B H77 
Hopkins, Louisa P. Spirit of the new 

education 370 1177 

Hopkins, Manley. Hawaii 919.6 H 

Hopkins, Mark. Miscellaneous essays 

and discourses 208 H77 

Outline study of man 130 H77 

Strength and beauty 170 H77 

Hopkins, Tighe. Nugents of Carriconna. H773 

HoppiN, Augustus. Ups and downs on 

land and water *741 H77 

HoppiN, J. M. Andrew Hull Foote B F73 

Early renaissance 704 H77 

Old England 914.2 H5 

ed. Memoir of H. Armitt Brown. ... B B813 
Hopton, William. Conversation on 

mines 622 H77 

Horace. Odes; tr. by Martin 874 H7811 

Horn, F. W. Literature of the Scandin- 
avian north 839.5 H78 

Hornaday, W. T. Taxidermy 579 H78 

HoRNE, George. Commentary on the 

Psalms. 2v 223.2 H78 

Horsford, E. N. Discovery of Norum- 

bega 974H 

HORT, Dora. Tahiti *. . 919.6 HI 

HoRTON, F. J. A. See Westcott, B. F. & 
Horton, F. J. A. 

HoRTON, S. D. Silver in Europe 332 H78 

HosACK, John. On the rise and growth 

of the law of nations 341 H79 

HosKiNS, S. E. Chailes II in the Chan- 
nel islands. 2v B C3821 

Hosmer, G. W. "As we went marching 

on." H79 

Hosmer, J. K. History of German litera- 
ture 830.9 H79 

Short history of Anglo-Saxon freedom. 342 H79 

Thinking bayonet H792 

Hospital transports. Anon 973.7 H8 

HoTCiiKiN, J. H. History of the settle- 
ment of western New York and of 
the present state of the Presby- 
terian church 285 H79 

HoTCHKiss, Jedediah & Allan, Wil- 
liam. Chancellorsville 973. 7 HI 1 

flOTTEN, J. C, ed. Abyssiniia and its 

people 916.3 H 

See also Sadler, L. R. & Hotten, J. C. 
HoTTiNGER, J. J. Life and times of 

Ulric Zwingli B Z9 

Hough, F. B. Proclamations for Thanks- 
giving 394 H81 

Houghton, L. S. Life of Christ 232 C4618 

Houghton, R. H., Lord. Stray verses . . 821 H81 
House and its surroundings. The. Anon. 613 H81 

Household words, v. 1-19 052 H81 

Houssaye, Arsene. Life in Paris 914.4 H8 

Men and women of the 18th century. 

2v 920 H81 

Houston, E. J. Dictionary of electrical 

words *537 H8111 



Howard, Blanche W. & Shar?, Wil- 
liam. Fellowe and his wife H8315 

Howard, J. R. Henry Ward Beeclier. . . B B3911 

Howard, Luke. Climate of London. 37. 551.5 H83 

Howard, O. O. General Taylor B T212 

Howard, R. H. & Crocker, H. E., eds. 

History of New England. 2^ 974 HI 

Howe, E. W. Mystery of the locks H8323 

Howe, Francis. True site of Calvary . . 915.6 H4 
Howe, Henry. Historical collections of 

Ohio. 3v 977.1H 

Historical collections of Viiginia 975.5 H 

See also Barber, J. W. & Howe, 
Howe, Julia W. Fiom the oak to the 

olive 914 H2 

Later lyrics 8fl H832 

Modern 'society 177 H83 

Trip to Cuba 917.29 H2 

Howe, J. W. Emergencies and how to 

treat them 616 H83 

Howell, George. Conflicts of capital 

and labour 331 H83 

Trade unionism 331 H831 

HowETiL, T. B. Complete collection of 

state trials. 21v *343 H83 

HowELLS, W. D. Albany depot 812 H8317 

Boy's town j H8347 

Criticism and fiction. .^ 814 H831 

Hayes and Wheeler B H3221 

Imperative duty H8348 

Letter of introduction 812 H8318 

Little Swiss sojourn 914.94 H 

Lord Herbert, of Cherbury, and 

Thomas Ellwood B H41 

Quality of mercy H8349 

Shadow of a dream H8346 

and Hayes, J. L. Lives and speeches 

of Lincoln and Hamlin B L633 

Howie, John. Biographia Scoticana 920 H84 

Ho WITT, Anna M. See Watts, Anna M. 

HowiTT, Mary B., ed. Pictorial calen- 
dar of the seasons 824 H84 

Ho WITT, William. Country year book . 828 1184 

History of priestcraft 262 H84 

History of the supernatural. 2v 133 H84 

Homes and hatints of the British poets. 

2v 914 2 H9 

Two years in Victoria. 2v 919.4 H 

Visits to remarkable places 914.2 117 

Siime. 2v 914.2 HIO 

HowLAND, George. Practical hints for 

the teachers of public schools 371 H83 

Howl AND, O. A. New empire 971 HI 

HoYT, James. " Mountain society ; " a 
history of the First Presbyterian 

church. Orange, N. J 274 H85 

Hozier, H. M. Seven weeks' war. 2v. . 943.08 H 

Hubbard, L. L. Woods of Maine 917.41 H 

HuBER, V. A. English universities. 8v. 378 H86 
HiJBNER, J. A., Baron. Ramble round 

the world 910H7 

Hue, E. R. Journey through Tartary, 

Thibet and China. 2v 915.1 H2 

Journey through the Chinese empire. 

2v 915.1H1 

Hudson, Elizabeth H. Life and times 

of Louisa, Queen of Prussia. 2v. . B L932 
Hudson, Frederic. Journalism in the 

United States 070 H86 

Hudson, H. N. Shakespeare ; his life, 

art and characters. 2v 822.3 H86 

Hudson, Mary (C), {formerly Mrs. 

Ames.) His two wives H86 

Memorial of Alice and Phoebe Cary. . . B C252 

Outlines of men, women and things. . 818 H86 

Ten years in Washington 917.53 H 

Hudson, W. H. A naturalist in La Plato. 590 H86 
HuEFFER, Francis. Half a century of 

music in England, 1837-87 780 H87 

Troubadours ', 849 H87 

Hug, Lin a & Stead, Richard. Switzer- 
land 949.4 HI 

HuGEL, Charles, Baron. Kashmir and 

Panjab 915.4 H4 

Hughes, H. W. Text-book of coal mining. 622 H87 

Hughes, Josiah. Australia revisited 910 HIO 

Hughes, Samuel. Gas works 665 H87 

Waterworks for the supply of cities 

and towns 628 H87 

Hughes, Thomas. Alfred, the Great. ... B Al 21 
Loyola and the educational system of 

the Jesuits 370.9 H87 

Memoirs of a brother B H862 

Hughes, W. R. A week's tramp in Dick- 
ens-land 914.2 H13 

Hughson, David. London. 6v 914 2 H8 

Hugo, V. M. Jargal H8714 

The Rhine 914.34 H 

HuiSH, M. B. Birket Foster *B F81 

Huisii, Robert. Bees ; their natural his- 
tory and general management 638 H87 

Hull, Edward. Coal fields of Great 

Britain ■, 553 H87 

Physical geology and geography of 

Ireland 554 H87 

Volcanoes, past and present 551.2 H87 



Hull AH, John. Music in the house 780 H872 

HUI4ME, F. E. Outline examples of free- 
hand ornament *741 H87 

HuMBER, William. Calculation of strains 

in girders and similar structures. . . 624 H88 
Humboldt, F. W. C. K. F. Letters to a 

lady 836 H881 

Humboldt, F. W. H. A. von. Island of 

Cuba 917.29 H3 

Hume, David. Life i^nd correspondence. 

2v B H8821 

Political discourses 300 H88 

Hume, F. W. Aladdin in London H88 

Humphrey, Frances A. How New Eng- 
land was made J917.4 H 

Little pilgrims at Plymouth J917.44 H 

Humphreys, A. C. Water gas in the 

United States 697 H88 

Humphreys, H. N. Coin collector's man- 
ual. 2v 737 H88 

History of the art of printing j655 H88 

HuNNEWELL, J. F. Imperial island ; Eng- 
land's chronicle in stone 720 H891 

Hunt, C. H. Edward Livingston B L762 

Hunt, G. J. Late war between the 

United States and Great Britain 973.5 HI 

Hunt, Helen. See Jackson, Helen M. 
(F.) H. 

Hunt, J. H. L. Book for a corner 828 H91 

Day by the fire 824 H911 

The seer. 2v... 824 H9111 

Tales H912 

Wishing-cap papers 828 H911 

Hunt, J. W. Wisconsin gazetteer 917.75 H 

Hunt, Leigh. See Hunt, J. H. L. 
Hunt, Louise L. Memoir of Mrs. E. 

Livingston. B L764 

Hunt, Robert, ed. Popular romances of 

the west of England. 2v 398 H91 

Hunt, T. S. Chemical and geological 

essays. 550 H91 

Mineral physiology and physiography. 550 H911 

Systematic mineralogy 549 H91 

Hunt, T. W. Representative English 

prose 820.9 H91 

Studies in literature and style 808 H91 

Hunter, Charles. Mechanical dentistry. 617 H91 

Hunter, E. A. Talks to boys jl70 H91 

Hunter, P. H. After the exile. 2v 933 HI 

Hunter, W. P. Expedition to Syria. 2v. 956 H 

Hunter, W. W. Bombay, 1885-1890. ... 954 HI 

Earl of Mayo B M453 

Marquess of Dalhousie B D15 

Rural Bengal 915.4 H3 

HuNTER-DuvAR, JoHN. See Duvar, John 

Huntington, A. S. Under a colonial 

roof-tree " B P51 

Huntington, Daniel. General view of 

the fine arts 700 H93 

Huntington, Faye, pseud. See Foster, 

Isabella H. 
Huntington, F. D. Fitness of Christian- 

- ity to man 239 H92 

Huntington, W. R. Peace of the 

church 280 H92 

Huntley, H. V. Slave coast of W^est 

Africa 916 H 

HuRD, R. M. History of Yale athletics, 

1840-1888 797 H93 

HuRLBERT, W. H. France and the 

republic 944.08 H2 

Hurst, Charles de. How women should 

ride 798 H94 

Hurst, G. H. Silk dyeing, printing and 

finishing 667 H94 

Hurst, J. F. History of the church in 

the United States 277 H94 

Indika 915.4 H7 

Life in the fatherland 914.3 HI 

HutOhings, J. M. In the heart of the ^ 

Sierras 917.94 H2 

Wonders of California 917.9 H 

Hutchinson, A. H. Try Cracow and the 

Carpathians 914.36 H 

Hutchinson, H. G. Golf 796 H97 

Hutchinson, H. M. Autobiography of 

the earth 550 H97 

Story of the hills 551 H97 

Hutchinson, Lucy (A.) Memoirs of the 

life of Col. Hutchinson B H97 

Hutchinson, W. F. Under the southern 

cross, [West Indies] 917.29 H4 

Hutchison, Graham. Causes and prin- 
ciples of meteorological phenomena. 551.5 H97 
Hutchison, G. A., ed. Outdoor games 

and recreations j796 H972 

HuTTON, Alfred. Fixed bayonets 356 H97 

HuTTON, A. W. Cardinal Manning B M31 

HuTTON, Laurence. Curiosities of the 

American stage 792 H97 

* From the books of Laurence Hutton. . 090 H97 
Literary landmarks of Edinburgh. . . . 914.1 Hi 
See also Waters, Clara E. & Hutton, 


Hutton, R. H. Cardinal Newman B N461 

Essays in literary criticism 808.4 H9711 

Sir Walter Scott B Sco31 





Button, W. R. Washington bridge over 

the Harlem river. New York city. . *624 H97 
Button, W. S. Practical engineer's 

handbook 621 H97 

Huxley, T. H. Essays on some contro- 
verted questions 215 H98 

Hume B H882 

Social dineases and worse remedies . . . 339 H98 
Hwui Li & Yen-Tsung. Life of Hiuen- 

Tsiang B H64 

Hyde, Edward. SeeCl&Tendon, Edward 
Hyde, Barl of. 

Hyde, E. W. Skew arches 624 H99 

Hyde, John, jr. Mormonism ; its leaders 

and designs 298 H99 

I* Anson, Miles. Vision of Misery Hill. . 811 Ia6 

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Alhambra 810.8 IrSll 

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Works. Contents : 

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2v BL9222 

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Jaques, W. H, 



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Stage-land 792 J48 

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capital t 331 J48 

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Prince Charlel Edward and their 

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Memoirs of the courts of England 
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v. 10. Spanish institutions of the 

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See also Johnston, W. & A. K. 
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Mr. Fortner's marital claims J6414 

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The Primes and their neighbors J6411 

Widow Guthrie J641 

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Southern Indians 970.1 Jl 

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ed. Abridgments of the debates of 

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Battle of Waterloo *944.05 J 

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collection in the South Kensington 

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Lee B L511 

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comp. See Putnam, G. P. & Jones, 

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occurrences and uses 553 J71 

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currents 551.4 J76 

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ley. Marietta. 
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tinuation of Cottage gardener) 716 J82 

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40v 205 J82 



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Outline history of England 942 J3 

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to the arts and sciences 500 J85 

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guide in the designing of general 

machine gearing 621 J85 

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Antonio de. Voyage to South 

America. 2v 918 J 

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of the Declaration of Independence. 920 J92 

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dier-general 827 J951 

Letters 827 J951 1 

Same. 2 v 827 J95 

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the time of Shakespeare 813 J 98 

English wayfaring life in the middle 

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Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh. See Copway, 

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Metaphysic of ethics 193 K1313 

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chinery 537K14 

Electric transmission of energy 537 K141 

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the White Mountains; Alaska and 

British Columbia revisited 799 K14 

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wallis B C815 

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2v 920 K18 

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theEast.. 915.4 K2 

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Heroines in obscurity j K231 

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Musical composers 920 K23 

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Trajan K251 

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state in Scotland. 3v 285 K26 

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tions 822.3 K29 

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Good old times j K2917 

Sowed by the wind j K2921 

Winning his spurs j K2932 

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Kelsall, Charles, (Zachary Craft.) 
First sitting of the committee on the 

proposed monument to Shakespeare. 828 K29 
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■ toricaldrama !. 822 K311 

Further records. 2v B K3112 

Georgian plantation 917.58 K 

Star of Seville 822 K31 

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ard the third 822.3 K31 

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Kemp, Edward. How to lay out a gar- 
den 710 K32 



Kempis, Thomas a. See Thomas a Kem- 

Kendal, J. F. History of watches and 

other timekeepers 681 K33 

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dition. 2v 917.64 K 

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system. 2v 914.7 K7 

Tent life in Siberia 915.7 K 

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chinery 531 K38 

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English language 422 K38 

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loo 944.05 K 

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Life of William Wirt. 2v B W74 

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of the Irish Celts 398 K38 

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tier • B W61 

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Kent, W. C. Modern seven wonders of 

the world 608 K41 

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Keppel, Earl of. 

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our popular phrases, terms and 
nursery rhymes. 2v 398 K45 

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R. H. 

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can poetry. 3v 811 08 K51 

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the De Imitatione Christi 243 T361 

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political economy 330 K52 

Keys of the creeds. Anon 238 K52 

Kebrizli-Mehemet, Pasha, M E l e k - 

Hanum. Thirty years in the harem. *B K532 

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Mormons 298 K53 

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Resources of Tennessee 630 K55 

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Ireland. 2v 274.15 K55 

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tions. 2v *803K55 

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gases : 533 K56 

Kimball, F. M. The dynamo; how it is 

made and how to use it 537 K56 

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history of the Holy Bible. 4v 220.9 K56 

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Egypt 916.2 Kl 

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capacity of the Croton aqueduct. . . 628 K58 
King, Gapt. Charles. Campaigning 

with Crook K58181 

Captain Blake K58122 

Deserter K6819 

From the ranks K5817 

Kitty's conquest K5814 

Stailjght ranch K5812 

Trials of a staff officer K58191 

Twosoldiere K58121 

ed. ColoneVs Christmas dinner * K5818 

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King, Grace. J. B. Le Moyne, Sieur de 

Bienville ♦ B B47 

Tales of a time and place K5831 

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King, Katharine. Our detachment K584 

King, Moses, ed. Handbook of New 

York city 917.47 Kl 

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vices of Grover Cleveland B C592 

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Life and letters of John Looke B L791 

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King, T. S. White Hills 917.42 K 

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on steam, etc 621 K58 

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in Canada 799 K 58 

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C. F.,jr. 
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and his time 824 K6112 

KiNGSLEY, Fanny E. (G.), ed. Charles 

Kingsley B K61 

KiNGSLEY, Henry. Austin Eiliot K6172 

Geoffrey Ilamlyn K6177 

Harveys K6173 

Hetty K618 



KiNGSLEY, Henry. Hillyars and tlie 

Burtons K6171 

Hornby mills K6174 

Leigliton court K6175 

Mademoiselle Matbilde K6181 

Oaksliot castle K6179 

Old Margaret .... K6176 

Ravenslioe K6183 

Reginald Hetlierege K6184 

Silcote of Silcotes K6178 

Stretton K617 

Valentin. K6182 

KiNGSMAN, A., pseud. See Essington, 
R. W. 

Kingston, W. H. G. ^'isher boy j K6157 

Lusitanian sketcbes. 2v 914.69 E 

Young llanero j K6139 

KiNSEY, W. M. Portugal illustrated 914,69 Kl 

KiNziE, Juliette A. Wau-bun; ''early 

day " in tbe nortbwest 917.8 K 

Kip, W. I. Early days of my episcopate. B K62 
Historical scenes from tbe old Jesuit 

missions ^ ... 266.1 K62 

Unnoticed tilings of Scripture 204 K62 

Kipling, J. L. Beast and man in India. . 591 K62 
Kipling, Rudyard. Ballads and barrack- 
room ballads 821 K621 

Departmental ditties 821 K62 

Indian tales K622 

Life's handicap K6225 

Ligbt that failed. K6222 

JSame K6227 

Mine own people K6223 

Plain tales from tbe bills K6224 

Story of tbe Gadsbjs K6226 

and Balestier, C. W. Naulabka. . K6228 
Kipping, Robert. Masting, mast mak- 
ing and rigging of sbips 699 K62 

Sails and sail making 689 K62 

KiRBY, H. P. Arcbitectural composition. *72 J K63 
Kirk, Eleanor, pseud. See Ames, 

Kirk, Ellen W. (O.), {Henry Hayes.) 

Cipbers K6337 

Love in idleness K6336 

Story of Margaret Kent K6335 

Waif ord K6334 

KiRKLAND, Caroline M. (L.) Holidays 

abroad. 2v 914 K 

KiRKLAND, Elizabeth S. Sbort bistory 

of England j 942 K4 

Sbort bistory of France j 944 Kl 

KiRKLAND, Frazar. Cyclopedia of com- 
mercial and business anecdotes. 2v. 650 K63 

KiRKMAN, M. M. Railways rates and 

government control 385 K63 

KiRKPATRiCK, T. S. G. Hydraulic gold 

miner's manual 621 K63 

KiRKUP, Thomas. History of socialism . 335 K 63 
KiRKWOOD, Daniel. JMeteoric astron- 
omy 523 K 63 

KiRKWOOD, J. p. Filtration of river 

waters for tbe supply of cities *628 K63 

KiRSCHNER. Lola, (Ossip Sekubin.) 

Countess Erika's apprenticesbip. . . K6341 

Erlacb court K6342 

" O tEou, my Austria ! " K634 

KiRWAN, pseud. See Murray, Nicholas. 

KiTCHiN, G. W. Wincbester 942 K 2 

KiTCHiN, W. C. Paoli K64 

KiTTO, John. Daily Bible illustrations. 

8v 220 K65 

ed. Cyclopaedia of Biblical literature. 

2v *220. 3 K 65 

KiTTREDGE, A. O. Metal worker 697 K65 

Klapka, Gy5rgy. . War of independence 

in Hungary. 2v . . . .*. 943.69 K 

Klauser, Julius. Septonate and tbe 

centralization of tbe tonal system. . 781 K66 

Klein, e! E. Bacteria in Asiatic cbolera. 616 K67 
and others. Handbook for tbe pbysi- 

ological laboratory 612 K67 

Klein, Hermann. Musical notes 780 K67 

Klein, H. J. Star atlas 523.8 K67 

Klein, J. F. Elements of macbine de- 
sign 621 K 67 

Klemm, L. R. Cbips from a teacber's 

worksbop 371 K67 


Lives of tbe brotbers Humboldt B H881 

Klose, C. L. Memoirs of Prince Cbarles 

Stuart. 2v B C387 

Knapp, F. L. Cbemical tecbnology. 2v. 660 KTO 

Knapp, S. L. Memoirs of Lafayette B L1317 

Kneeland, Samuei.. An American in 

Iceland. 914.91 K 

Knickerbocker magazine, v. 9-10, 13-14, 

33, 37-45, 47-64 051 K74 

Knight, Cameron. Mecbanician *621 K74 

Knight, Charles. Once upon a time. 2 v. 828 K74 
Passages from tbe life of Cbarles 

Knigbt B K74 

Popular bistory of England. 8v 942 K3 

William Caxton B C3121 

ed. Half bours of Englisb bistory. . . 942 Kl 

Knight, Ellis C. Autobiograpby. 2v.. B K742 
Knight, Frederick & Rumley, J. 

Heraldic illustrations ^29.6 K 



Knight, F. A . By leafy ways 828 K 742 

Idylls of the field 828 K7421 

Knight, Helen C. James Montgomery. B M763 

Knight, H. W. Diary of a pedestrian in • 

Caslimere 915.4 Kl 

Knight. Joseph. Life of Dante Gabriel 

Rossetti B R7322 

Knight, R. P. Symbolical language of 

ancient art and mythology 291 K74 

Knight, W. A. Philosophy of the beau- 
tiful 701 K74 

Through the Wordsworth country.. . . 914.2 Kl 

Same *914.2 K2 

€d. Wordsworthiana B W8911 

Knighton, William. Private life of an 

eastern king 915.4 K3 

Knolles, RiCHAKD. Turkish hlstory. 2v. *956 K 

Knowles, J. S. Dramatic works. 2v. . . 822 K76 

Knox, Alexander. See Jebb, John & 
Knox, Alexander. 

Knox, T. W. Boy travellers in central 

Europe j914 K2 

Boy travellers in Great Britain and 

Ireland J914.2 K 

Boy travellers in northern Europe. . . j914 Kl 

Decisive battles since Waterloo 900 K 

Robert Fulton B F95 

Teetotaler Dick K77 

Knox, Vicisimus. Lord's supper 265 K77 

Kobb:6,-Gustav. New York 917.47 K 

Wagner's life and works. 2v B W1212 

Kobell, Louise von. Conversations of 

Dr. Deilinger B D69 

Koch, C. G. History of the revolutions 

in Europe 940 K 

Koelle, S. W. Mohammed and Moham- 
medanism 297 K81 

KoHLRAUSCH, Friedrich. Physical 

measurements 530.8 K82 

KoRNER, C. G. See Schiller, J. C. F. 
von & KOrner, C. G. 

KosTER, Henry. Travels in Brazil. 2 v. 918.1 K 

KovALEVSKY, Maxime. Modern customs 

and ancient laws in Russia 914.7 Kl 

Krafft-Ebing, Richard. Experimental 

study in the d(»main of hypnotism. 134 K85 

Krape, J. L. Travels in eastern Africa. 916.6 K 

Kr a SIN SKI, Valerian, Count, Histori- 
cal sketch of the reformation in 
Poland. 2v 270.6 K86 

Kkaszewski, J. L lermola K861 

The Jew 1^86 

Krehbiel, H. E. Studies in the Wag- 
nerian drama , ♦ ♦ ♦ 782 K87 

Kroupa, B. An artist's tour, [North and 

Central America.] 917.3 K 

KuNARD, R. Book of modern conjuring. 133 K96 

Kunharot, C. p. Small yachts *699 K96 

Steam yachts and launches 797 K96 

KuNZ, G. F. Gems and precious stones of 

North America *549 K96 

L., J. E. Memorial of L. S. Schuyler... . B Sch82 
Labaumb, Eugene. Campaign in Rus- 
sia 947 L 

Laboulaye, E. R. L. de. Fairy tales of 

all nations j Llll 

Last fairy tales j Lll 

Lacombe, Paul. Arms and armour in 

antiquity and the middle ages ... . 399 Lll 
Ladd, G. T. Elements of physiological 

psychology 130 L12 

Introduction to philosophy 100 L12 

Ladd, H. O. New Mexico 978.9 L 

Lady and the saints ... 821 L12 

Laf ARGUE, Paul. Evolution of property 

from savagery to civilization 335 L13 

La Fontaine, Jean de. Fables 841 L13 

Lafoy, j. B. M. D. Complete coiifeur. . . 391 L13 
La Geroniere, P. P. de. Twenty years 

in the Philippines 919.1 LI 

Lagny, Germain de. The knout and 

the Russians. 914.7 LI 

La Grange, Fernand. Physiology of 

bodily exercise 612 L13 

La Hodde, Lucien db. History of secret 

societies 366 LI 3 

Laing, John. See Halkett, Samuel & 

Laing, John. 

Laing, Samuel. Notes of a traveller. ... 914 L2 

Laing, Samuel, Jr. Human origins 573 L14 

Lake, Henry. Personal reminiscences 

of Benjamin Disraeli B D6311 

Lamartine, a. M. L. de P. de. Colum- 
bus B C7211 

Girondists. 3v , 944.04 L2 

History of the restoration in France. 

4v 944.06L 

Memoirs of celebrated characters. 2 v. 920 LI 6 

Oliver Cromwell B C8823 

Past, present and future of the repub- 
lic 944.07 L 

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 2v.. . . 915.6 L3 

Raphael L16 

Lamb, Charles. Essays of Elia 824 LI 61 

Lamb's essays ; a biographical study, 

selected by Hanscom B L1633 

Life, letters and writings. 6v 820.8 LI 6 

Literary sketches and letters , , , 826 L16 



Lamb, CnAHLES. Specimens of Englisli 

dramatic poets 822.08 L16 

Works 824 L1C13 

Lamb, Rogeh. Joarnal of occurrences of 

tlie American war 973.3 L3 

Lamborn, R. H. Mexican painting and 

painters ^ 750 L17 

ed. Dragon flies versus mosquitoes. . 595 L17 

Lamon, W. H. Abraham Lincoln B L6317 

Lamont, Jamks. Seasons with the sea 

horses .' 799 LI 9 

Lamont, Martha M. Impressions in 

France and Switzerland 914.4 L 

La Motte, Jeanne de L. de St. R. de V. 

Life. 2v BL19 

Lampadids, W. a. F. M. Bartholdy B M5212 

Lamson, Alvan. Church of the first 

three centuries 270 L21 

Lanciani, R. a. Pagan and Christian 

Rome 913 L8 

Landauer, J. Blowpipe analysis 542 L23 

Landon, Joseph. School management. . 371 L23 
Landon, M. D., {Mi Perkins.) Thirty 

years of wit 817 L23 

Landor, W. 3. Citation and examina- 
tion of Shakespeare 822.3 L23 

Imaginary conversations. 5v T . 828 L231 

Pentameron. . r, 828 L2311 

Pericles and Aspasia L23 

Selections from [his] writings 828 L23 

Landsborough, David. History of Brit- 
ish sea- weeds 589 L23 

History of British zoophytes 593 L23 

Landseer, John. Lectures on the art of 

engraving 760 L23 

Sabsean researches *913 L3 

Lank, Laura M. Life and writings of 

Alexander Vinet B V75 

Lane-Poole, Stanley. See Poole, Stan- 
ley Lane-. 

Lang, Andrew. Angling sketches 828 L25 

Books and bookmen 010 L25 

Custom and myth '. 398 L25 

Essays in little 808.4 L251 

Life, letters and diaries of Sir Staf- 
ford Northcote. 2v BIdl 

Old friends 824 L2511 

Oxford 942 L6 

Prince Prigio j L2512 

ed. Blue fairy book j L2514 

Blue poetry book 808.1 L25 

Redfairybook j L2513 

See also Haggard, H. R. & Lang, An- 

Langbbin, Qeorgb. Electro-deposition 

of metals 537 L25 

Langb, IIelene. Higher education of 

•women in Europe 396.4 L26 

Lange, j. p., ed. Commentary on the 

Scripture. 25v 220.7 L26 

Langford, j. a., ed. Modern Birming- 
ham. 2v 914.2 L4 

Langmead, T. p. T. English constitu- 
tional history 342 L26 

L ANGST APF, Charles. Hospital hygiene. *613 L26 
Langstaff, Launcblot, pseud. See 

Paulding, J. K. 
Langton, Robert. Childhood and youth 

of Charles Dickens B D5515 

Lanier, Sidney. Poems 81 1 L27 

ed. Boy's Percy j 821 L27 

Lanin, E. B., pseud. Russian traits and 

terrors 914.7 L2 

Lankester, E. R. Advancement of sci- 
ence 504 L27 

Lanman, Charles. Biographical annals 

of the civil government of the U. S. 920 L271 
Recollections of curious characters. . . 818 L27 

Wilds of North America 917 L 

ed. Japanese in America 917.3 LI 

Lanoye, Ferdinand Tugnot de. See 

Tugnot de Lanoye, Ferdinand. 
Lansdowne manuscripts. Catalogue of the. 

2v ,.... *090L29 

Lanza, Marchioness Clara (H.) Right- 
eous apostate L29 

Lanza, Gaetana. Applied mechanics. . . 621 L29 
Lanzi, Luigi. History of painting in 

Italy 759 L29 

Laporte, Laurent. Sailing on the Nile. 916.2 Ii2 
Lappenburg, j. M. England under the 

Anglo-Saxon kings. 2v 942.01 L 

La'RCOM, Lucy. As it is in heaven 244 L321 

At the beautiful gate 811 L3213 

An idyl of work 811 L321 

Poems 811 L3211 

Unseen friend 244 L3211 

ed. Breathings of the better life ... . 244 L32 
Larden, Walter. School course on heat. 536 L32 
Lardner, Dionysius. Handbook of 

astronomy 520 L32 

Popular lectures on science and art. 

2v 500 L32 

Steam engine familiarly explained. . . 621 L321 

Treatise on the steam engine 621 L32 

ed. Museum of science and art. 2v. 504 L32 
Larimer, Sarah L. Life among the 

Sioux 970. 1 L 



Larkin, Henry. Carlyle and the open 

secret of his life ' B C1926 

Larkin, Jambs. Brass and iron founder's 

guide 671 L32 

Larwood, Jacob, pseud. See Sadler, L. R. 

Las Cabksi, E. A. D. M. J. Marquis de. 
Emperor Napoleon at St. Helena. 
4v. in 2 B N1619 

Last words of the Scots worthies 285 L33 

Latham, R. G. Natural history of the 

varieties of man 573 L34 

Lathrop, G. p. Dreams and days 811 L341 

Gold of pleasure L3426 

Spanish vistas 914 6 LI 

True, and other stories L3425 

Latimer, Mary E. (W.) France in the 

19th century 944 L2 

Latouche, John, pseud. See Crawfurd, 
O. J. F. 

Latrobe, B. H. Characteristic anecdotes 

of Frederic II, of Prussia B F8717 

Latrobe, C. J. Rambler in Mexico 917.2 L 

Rambler in North America 917.3 L3 

Lauqel, a. a. England, political and 

social 914.2 L2 

United States during the war [of the 
rebellion.] 973.7 L2 

Laughton, J. K. Practical and theoreti- 
cal study of nautical surveying 536 L36 

Laurence, Richard. Attempt to illus- 
trate those articles of the Church of 
England which Calvinists consider 
Calvinistical 238 L37 

Laurie, S. S. J. A. Comenius B C73 

Laval, pseud. See O'Reilly, Bernard. 

Laveleye, E. L. V. DE. Elements of 

political economy 330 L38 

Luxury 330 L381 

Lavisse, Ernest. Political history of 

Europe : 320.9 L39 

Youth of Frederick the Great B F8715 

Lawless, Emily. Grania. L4234 

With Essex in Ireland L4233 

Lawrence, Eugene. Historical studies. 270 L43 

Lawrence, John. Slavery question 326 L43 

Lawrence, Margarette (W.) Marion 

Graham L433 

Lawrence, ^V William. Diseases of 

the eye *616 L43 

Lectures on comparative anatomy, 
physiology, etc 610 L43 

Lawrence, W. R., ed. Extracts from 
the diary and correspondence of 

Amos Lawrence B L433 


Laws relating to the military establish- 
ment of the United States in 1813. . 355 L44 

Lawson, J. A. Wanderings in the in- 
terior of New Guinea 919.5 LI 

Lawson, J. P. Historical tales of the 

wars of Scotland. 4v 941 L 

Lawson, W. R. Spaia of to-day 914.6 L 

Layard, a. H. Discoveries among the 

ruins of Nineveh and Babylon 913 L4 

Nineveh and its remains. 2v 913 L6 

Layard, G. S. Life and letters of C. S. 

Keene B K25 

La YCOCK, Thomas. Mind and brain. 2v. 131 L45 

Layman, pseud. Jesus, the carpenter of 

Nazareth j232 C4622 

Lea, H. C. Studies in church history 282 L46 

Superstition and force. 340 L46 

Leaf, Walter. Companion to the Iliad. 883 H7527 

Lean, Florence (M.), {formerly Mrs. 

Ross-Church.) Fatal silence L47 

Life and letters of Capt. Marryat. 2v. B M3^3 

Lear, Henrietta L. (F.) BosSuet B B652 

Revival of priestly life in the 17th 
century in France 250 L47 

Leavitt, J. M. Kings of capital and 

knights of labor 331 L48 

Lkavitt, T. H. Facts about peat 644 L48 

Le Brun, Marie L. E. (V.) Souvenirs of 

Madame Vigee Le Brun B L49 

Lecky,W. E. H. History of England. 8 v. 942.06 L 
Poems 821 L49 

LeClerc, John. Lives of the primitive 

fathers 920 L492 

Ledoux, C. N. Ice-making machines. . . . 536 L49 

Lee, Alfred. Apostle Peter fe P4431 

Lee, F. G. , ed. Glimpses of the supernat- 
ural 133L51 

comp. Glossary of liturgical and ec- 
clesiastical terms *264 L51 

Lee, G. H. First fifty years of the Church 

of England in New Brunswick 283 L51 

Lee, Hannah F. S. Familiar sketches 

of sculpture and sculptors 730 L51 

Lee, Henry. Memoirs of war in the 
southern department of the United 
States 973.3 L4 

Lee, Mary C. In the cheering- up busi- 
ness L511 

Lee, Sarah (formerly Mrs. Bowditch.) 
Anecdotes of the habits and instinct 

of animals j 599 L51 

Anecdotes of the habits and instincts 
of birds, reptiles and fishes j 551 L51 

Lee, S. L. Stratford-on-Avon 914.2 LI 



Lbe, William. Daniel Defoe. 3v B D361 

Leech, H. H. Letters of a sentimeDtal 

idler 915.6 L 

Leeds, J. W. The theatre 175 L51 

Leeds, L. W. Treatise on ventilation . . *697 L51 
liEEDS, W. H. Architecture for the use of 

beginners 720 L5I 

Lees, J. A. &Clutterbuck,W. J. Three 

in Norway 914.81 L 

Lef^bure, Ernest. Embroidery and 

lace 746L53 

Lefbvrb, Andr6. Wonders of architec- 
ture 720 L52 

Lepfingwell, Albert. Illegitimacy... 347 L52 
Leffinqwell, a. T. Rambles through 

Japan 915.2 L2 

Leffingwell, W. B.,ed. Shooting on 

upland, marsh and stream 799 L52 

Leffman, Henry & Beam, William. 
Examination of water for sanitary 

and technical purposes 543 L52 

Lefroy, W. C. Ruined abbeys of York- 
shire 942 L7 

Le Gallienne, Richard. George Mere- 
dith B M54 

Legar^, H. S. Writings. 2 v 818 L52 

Leger, Louis. History of Ausfro-Hun- 

gary 943.6 L 

Leggb, James. Chinese classics. 8v 299 L52 

Life and teachings of Confucius 895 L52 

Le Goff, Fran^iois. L. A. Thiers B T3421 

Lehner, Sigmund. Manufacture of ink. 667 L52 
Leighton, John. Paris under the com- 
mune 944.08 L 

Leighton, Robert. Pilots of Pomona. . j L63 

Works 252 L53 

Leisure hour. v. 1-25 052 L53 

LelaND, C. G. Gypsy sorcery and for- 
tune telling *397 L531 

Leather work. 736 L531 

Manual of wood carving *736 L53 

Practical education 370 L53 

Lemmon, Leonard. See Hawthorne, 
Julian & Lemmon, Leonard. 

Lemon, Mark, ed. Jest book 808.7 L54 

Lempriere, Charles. Notes in Mexico 

in 1861 and 1862 917.2 LI 

Lennox, W. P. Drafts on my memory. 2v, B L54 
Leno, J. B. Art of boot and shoemaking. 685 L54 
Lenormant, Francois. Beginnings of 

history 930 LI 

Chaldean magic 133 L54 

and Cheyallier, E. Ancient history 
of theEast. 2v , 930 L3 

Leonowens, Anna H. (C.) Life in India. 915.4 L 

Romance of the harem 915.9 LI 

Lepsius, K. R. Discrveries in Egypt, 

Ethiopia and Sinai 916.2 L3 

Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia and 

Sin ai 916. 2 L4 

Lesley, J. P. Man's origin and destiny. 573 L56 
Leslie, A. F. W. Photo-engraving and 

zinc etching processes 777 L56 

Leslie, Eliza. National cook-book 641 L56 

Leslie, R. C. Old sea wings, ways and 

words in the days of oak and hemp. 699 L56 

Lessing, G. E. Nathan the wise 832 L561 

Lester, C. E. Artists of America 920 L56 

and Foster, Andrew. Life and voy- 
ages of Americus Vespucius B V631 

and Williams, Edwin. Napoleon 

dynasty 944.05 L 

L'Estrange, a. G. K. History of Eng- 
lish humour 808.7 L56 

tr. Palestine 956 L 

Letourneau, Charles. Evolution of 

marriage and of the family 392 L56 

Property ; its origin and development. 335 L56 

Letters from the Caucasus. Anon 914.79 L 

Le Van, W. B. Steam engine and the in- 
dicator 621 L571 

Levasseur, A. Lafayette in America. 2v. 917.3 L 

Lever, C. J. Cornelius O'Dowd L5744 

Daltons L57471 

Davenport Dunn L57461 

Dodd family abroad L57481 

Martins of Cro' Martin L57491 

Nuts and nut crackers 828 L57 

Paul Gosslett's confession L5746 

Kent in a cloud L57451 

Roland Cashel L5748 

Levermore, C. H. & Dewey, D. R. 

Political history since 1815 320 L57 

Levinge, R. G. a. Echoes from the 

backwoods. 2v 917.1 LI 

Levy, E. M. History of the Newark 

Baptist city mission 09 L57 

Lewes, G. H. Biographical history of 

philosophy 109 L581 

Physiology of common life. 2v 612 L58 

Seaside studies 593 L58 

Lewin, Thomas. Life and epistles of 

St. Paul. 2v B P2813 

Lewis, Dio. Our girls 613 L581 

Lewis, L. A. History of Virginia 975.4 L 

Lewis, Lady Maria T. V. L. Lives of 
the friends and contemporaries of 

Lord Chancellor Clarendon. 3v... 920 L58 



Lewis, Taylbr. Six days of creation. . . 213 L58 
Lewis, W. M. People's practical poultry 

book 636. 5 L58 

Library, The. Iv. {Continuation of Li- 
brary Chronicle.) *020 L612 

Library chronicle, v. 1 5. (Continued as 

the Library) *020 L612 

Library Journal, v. 1-3, 6-12, 14, 17 *020 L61 

LiCHTENBEiiGER, F. History of German 

theology in the 19th century 209 L61 

LiDDELL, H. G. Julius Cffisar B Clll 1 

LiDDON, H. P. Essays and addresses 204 L61 

Some elements of religion 252 L61 

Lieu, Hermann. Protective tariff 337 L62 

Libber, Francis. On civil liberty and 

self-government 323 L62 

LiBFDE, J. B. Six months among the 

charities of Europe. 2v 361 L62 

LiEScniNG, Louis. Personal reminiscen- 
ces of Lawrence Oliphant B 01 31 

LiETZE, Ernst. Modern heliographic 

processes 774 L62 

Light, A. W. Plan for the amelioration 

of the condition of the poor. ....... 339 L63 

LiGHTFOOT, J. B. Apostolic fathers. 2v. 281.1 L62 
Lille Y, J. P. The Lord's supper; its 

origin, nature and use 265 L62 

LiLLiE, Lucy C. (W.) Phil and the baby. j L6215 

Squire's daughter j L6216 

Story of English literature j 820.9 L62 

Lilly, William. History of his life and 

times B L62 

Introduction to astrology , 133 L62 

Lilly, W. S. On right and wrong 171 L62 

LiuBOHGH, Philip van. History of the 

inquisition 272 L62 

Lincoln, Abraham & Douglas, S. A. 

Political debates in the campaign 

of 1858........ 320.4L63 

Lincoln, R. W. Lives of the presidents 

of the United States 920 L63 

Lincoln, William, ed.. Journals of 

each provincial congress. Mass 974.4 LI 

Lindau, U. G. p. Klaus Bewer's wife. . L64 

LiNDERFELT, K. A. Game of preference; 

or, Swedish whist 793 L64 

tom'p. Catalogue of the books in the 

library of the Ladies* art class of 

Milwaukee *019 L64 

LiNGAiiD, John. History of England. 8v. 942 L5 
LiNDLEY, John. Theory of horticulture. 716 L64 
Lindner, G. R. Empirical psychology. . 150 L64 
Lindsay, Alexander. See Crawford & 

Balcarres, A.W. C. Lindsay, Earl of. 

Lin-Lb, A. F. History of the Ti-Ping 

revolution. 2v 951 L 

Linn6, Carl von. Tour in Lapland. 

2v 914.71L 

LiNSLEY, D. C. Morgan horses 636.1 L65 

Linton, Eliza (L.) About Ireland 914.15 LI 

Misericordia L6515 


Modern women 396 L65 

Linton, W. J. English republic 342 L65 ' 

Masters of wood engraving *761 L651 

Lippincott, Sara J. (C), (Grace Green- 
wood.) Haps and mishaps in Eu- 
rope 914 LI 

Lippincott's magazine, v. 2-38, 40, 48-49. 051 L66 

Lister, T. H. Life and administration of 
Edward, first Earl of Clarendon. 
3v... BC54 

Litchfield, Frederick. Hlustrated his- 
tory of furniture *749 L71 

Litchfield, Grace D. Little he and 

.she • JL7111 

Little Venice, and other stories j L711 

Litchfield, Mary E. Nine worlds; 

stories from Norse mythology j 293 L71 

Littell's living age. v. 1-194 051 L71 

Little, E. D. See Cotteril, C. C. & Little, 
E. D. 

Little, G. H. Marine transport of pe- 
troleum 665 L72 

Little, H. W. H. M. Stanley B St231 

Little, William. Weare, New Hamp- 
shire 974.2 L 

Little, W. J. K. Sermons 252 L72 

Llorente, j. a. History of the inquisi- 
tion 946. 04 L 

Lloyd, Clifford. Ireland under the 

land league 914.15 L2 

Lloyd, William & Gerard, Alexander. 

Himalaya mountains 915.4 LI 

Lloyd, W. W. Critical essays on the 

plays of Shakespeare , 822.3 L77 

Loch, C. S. Charity organization 361 L78 

and others. Criticism on Gen. Booth's 
social scheme 839 L78 

Lock, C. G. W. Home of the Eddas 914.91 L 

Locke, D. R., (Petroleum N^asby.) Dema- 
gogue L791 

Locker, Francis. Patchwork 828 L79 

LocKiiART, J. G. Peter's letters to his 

kinsfolk. 3v 914 1 LI 

LocKHART, William, ed. A. R. Serbati. 

2v BR734 

LocKWOOD, M. S. & Glaister, Eliza- 
beth. Art embroidery *746 L81 



LocKYER, J. N. Contributions to solar 

physics 523.7L81 

Elements of astronomy 523 L81 

Meteoritic hypothesis 523.5 L81 

LoDGB, Edmund. Peerage and baronet- 
age of the British empire *929.7 LI 

Lodge, Henry. Peerage of the British 

empire *929.7 L 

Lodge, H. C. Boston 974.4 L 

Historical and political essays 320.4 L82 

Speeches 815 L82 

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Lodge, O. J. Lightning conductors and 

lightning guards 537 L82 

LoPTiE, W. J. Westminster abbey *942.1 L 

Windsor castle 942 L8 

LoFTUS, Augustus. Diplomatic reminis- 
cences, 1837-1862. 2v B L82 

LoFTUS, W. K. Chaldsea and Susiana. . . 913 L2 

Logan, James. Scottish Gael. 2v 914.1 L 

LoMAS, John. Manual of the alkali trade. 661 L83 

LoMBROSO, Cesare. Man of genius 151 L83 

LoM^NiE, L. L. DE. Beaumarchais. 4v. B B383 

Beaumarchais B B3881 

London. International Exhibition, 
1851. Official and descriptive cata- 
logue. 4v *606 L84 

Reports by the juries on the thirty 
subjects into which the exhibition 

was divided : *606 L841 

International Exhibition, 1862. 
Illustrated catalogue of the indus- 
trial department. 2 v *606 L841 1 

London quarterly review, v. 1 -70, 71 , 73-77 052 L84 

London and its environs. 6v. Anon. . . . 914.2 L3 

London as it is to-day. Anon 914.2 L 

Londonderry, C. W. S. Vane, Marquis 

of. Peninsular war 946.06 L 

War in Germany and France 940.8 L 

Londonderry, Robert Stewart, Mar- 
quis of. Journey to Damascus. 2 v. 915.6 LI 
Long, George. Egyptian antiquities. 2 v. 913 L5 
Long, J. H. & Buel, R. H. Cadet 

engineer 621 L85 

Long, S. P. Art 704 L85 

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Lady Hamilton B H1831 

LoNGACRB, J. B. & Herring, James. 

National portrait gallery. 4v *920 L85 

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comp. Poets and poetry of Europe. . 808.1 L861 

Longman's magazine, v. 1-19 052 L86 

Longshore, J. S. Principals and prac- « 

tice of nursing 616 L86 

Longstreet, Abby B. Good form; odrds, 

their significance and proper uses . 395 L86 
Good form; hospitality in town and 
country 395 L861 

LooMis, A. L. Lessons in physical diag- 
nosis *6 16 L87 

LoOMis, A. W., ed. Confucius and the 

Chinese classics 181 C76 

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tronomy 520 L87 

LooMis, L. C. Index guide to travel in 

Europe 914 L 

Lord, John. Ancient states and empires. 930 L 

Modern history from the time of 

Luther 940 LI 

Old Roman world 937 L2 

LoRiNG, A. E. Electro-magnetic tele- 
graph 654 L89 

LoRiNG, G. B. Year in Portugal 914.69 L 

LoRiNG, J. S. Hundred Boston orators. . 920 L892 


Marquis of. From shadow to sun- 
light L89 

Trip to the tropics 917.29 L 

Viscount Palmerston B P1811 

Lobkiel, G. H. History of the mission 
of the United Brethren among the 

Indians 284 L89 

LossiNG, B. J. American historical record. 

3v *973L2 

Eminent Americans 920 L891 

History of England 942 L4 

History of New York city 974.7 LI 

Home of Washington 917.53 L 

The Hudson 917.47 L 

Lives of celebrated Americans 920 L89 

Memorial of Alexander Anderson. ... B An22 
Lothrop, Amy, pseud. See Warner, 

Anna B. 
Lothrop, Harriet M. (S.), (Margaret 

Sidney.) Adirondack cabin j L9115 

Five little peppers and how they 

grew j L9114 

Five little peppers grown up j L9116 

Five little peppers midway j L9113 

Old Concord 917.44 L 

LoTi, Pierre, pseud. See Viaud, L. M. J. 

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LOTZE, R. H. Philosophy of religion 201 L91 

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Loudon, J. C. Encyclopaedia of garden- 
ing *630 L92 

Encyclopaedia of plants *580 L921 

Suburban horticulturist 635 L92 


LoiTDON, J. C. Trees and elirnba of 

Britain. 8v 581.91-82 

ed. Hortus Brittsnicas ; a catalogue 

of all plants in Britain ■ 580 L93 

LouaBBOROUOU, Mrs. J. H. My cave 

life in Vicksbnig 973.7 L3 

I.onoHBAD, Floba (H.) Abandoned claim. L92 

LooiB XVI. Correspondence. 3v 846 L93 

LoUNSBUSY, T. K. BtndieB in Chancer. 

8t 821 C391 

LovB, B. G., cwnp. Pavements and roads. 625 L04 

Low. C. R. Lord Wolaeley B W833 

Great battles of tLe British navy 359 L95 

Low, Hugh. Sarawak 919.1 L 

l,owDKRMiLK, W. H. History of Cnm- 

berlaod, Md 975.S L 

Lowe, C. M. & Butleb, Nathaniel, Jr. 
Bellum Helvetinm; for beginners in 

Latin 478 L95 

Lowe, R. W. Thomas Betterton B B463 

LowEi.I,, E. J. Eve of the French revo- 
lution 844.03 L 

Lowell, J. K. The courtin' 811 L951 

Democracy 814 L9511 

Latest literary essays 614 L9512 

Poems. 4v 8111,9511 

IXiWELL, Pebcival. Nolo, [Japan.]. , . . 915.2 LI 
Lowell, R. T. 8. Story or two from an 

old Dalch town L951 

New priest in Conception Bay L95 

LowBDES, W. T. Bibliographer's manual 

of English literature. 11 v "OlS L95 

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History of Mississippi 976.3 L 

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2v 915.3 LI 

I^UBBOCK, Sir John. Beauties of nature 

and the wonders ot the world nOO L9G 

Fifty years of science 504 L961 

Flowers, fruits and leaves 580 L9fl 

On the senses, instincts and intelli- . 

gence of animsls 591 L96 

PreListorJc times as illustrated by 

ancient remains 571 1.961 

Scientific lectures 501 L96 

LucANCa. Pharsftlia 873 L90 

Lucas, C. P. Historical geography of 

the British colonies. 2v 911 L 

Ldcb, 8. B. Text-book of saamanslilp. . . 65C L96 

LuoiAN. Selections; tr. by Smith 888 L961 

LucKOCK, H. M. After death 336 L96 

Divine liturgy 365 L96 

LDdebs, C. U. Dead nymph, and other 

poems 811 L96 

Ludlow, Helen '^. See Armstrong, 

3frg. M. F. & l.,udlow, Helen W. 
Ludlow, H. H. & Bass, E. W. Elements 

of trigonometry 514 5 

Ludlow, J. M. Captain of the Janizaries. L 

King ot Tyre L9 

LuKin, Jambs. Amateur mechanic's work- 
shop JG701 

The lathe and its uses 631 L9 

Turning, for amateurs 631 LB 

Turning lathes 621 L9 

LuMMiS, C. F. New Meiico David, and 

other stories I 

Some strange corners ot our country, j 917.3 

Tramp across the continent .'.... 917. 

LuNT, Horace. Short cuts and by-paths. 818 I- 
LuBHiBGTON, Krs. Chables. Narrative of 

a journey from Calcutta to Europe. 913 
LusKA, Sidney, psevd. See Harland, 

Luther, Mabtin. Table talk 304 : 

LuTTREiJ., Nakcissus. Historical rela- 
tions of state affairs from 1678 to 
1714 6v 942.06 

Lyall, Alfred. Warren Hastings B 1 

and others. History of the Christian 

church from the 13th century 370 : 

Lyall, W. R. <e other». History of 

Greece, Macedonia and Syria 03 

Lyde, I.. W. Ancient history 930 

Lydekkbr, Richabd. Phases of animal 

lite 560 : 

See also Flower, W. H. and Lydekker, 

See also Nicholson, H. A, and Lydek- 
ker, Richard. 

Lyell, Sir Charles. Second visit lo the 

United States. 3v 917 

Travels in North America 917.3 

Lyman, S. P. Daniel Webster, B W3 

Life and memorials of Daniel Webster. 
3v B wa 

Lynch, AaTHCn. Modern authors 801 

Lynch, Hannah. George Meredith B M 

Lynch, Mrs. Henry. Eiodus of the 

children of Israel 93 

Lynch, W. p. United States eipeditlon 

to the Jordan 915.G 

Lyndon, pseud. See Bright, Matilda A. 

Lyne, Charles. New Guinea 919.5 

LvON, I. W. Colonial furniture ot New 

England 749 

Lysteb, Thomas. Blessings of eighty- 
eight 344 



Lyster, Thomas, 1840-65. With Gordon 

in China 915.1 LI 

Lyttlston, E. dt others, TLirteen essays 

on education 370.4 L99 

M., G. L. British jagernath: free trade 1 
fair trade !1 reciprocity!!! retalia- 
tion!!!! 337 Mil 

Maartens, Maarten. God's fool M113 

Mabie, H. W. Essays in literary inter- 
pretation 804 Ml 1 1 

My study fire 814 Mil 

Our New England *917.4 Ml 

Short studies in literature 804 Mil 

Under the trees 814 Mill 

Macalister, Alexander. Text-book of 

human anatomy 611 Mil 

McAllister, Ward, gociety as I have 

found it 395 M 1 1 

Macalpime, Avert. Man's conscience. . M112 
M'Arthur, Alexander. Anton Rubin- 
stein B R8231 

Mac AULA Y, James. From middy to ad- 
miral j B An831 

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Frederick the Great B F8711 

William Pitt B P68 

Macbeth, J. W. V. Might and mirth of 

literature. 808 M12 

McCardle, W. H. See Lowry, Robert k 

McCardle, W. H. 
McCarthy, Justin. Epoch of reform . . 942.08 M4 

History of our own times. 2v 942.08 M3 

History of the four Georges. 2v. . . . B G291 

Modern leaders 920 M12 

Sir Robert Peel B P3411 

McCarthy, J. H. French revolution. 

V. 1 944.04 M2 

Lily lass M12 

ed. Thousand and one days. 2v. . . . M12L 

McCaskey, J. P., co7np. Christmas in 

song, sketch and story *781 M12 

Franklin Square song collection 784 MlSl 

Macchetta, Blanche R. (T.), {Blanclie 
Hoosevelt.) Elizabeth of Rou- 

mania B El 44 

Victorien Sardou B Sa7 

McClellan, G. B. Report of the army 

of the Potomac 973.7 M7 

See also Marcy, R. B. & McClellan, 
G. B. 
McClellan, Harriet (H.), (Harford 

Fleming.) Broken chords M1322 

McClelland, Margaret G. Manitou 

island M1312 

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through the Rocky mountains 917.8 M2 

McClure, J. B., ed. Edison and his 

inventions B Ed4 

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lation to science and morals 238 M13 

McCoNKEY, Rebecca. Hero of Cow- 
pens 973.3 M 

McCONNELL, S. D. History of the Amer- 
ican Episcopal church 283 M13 

McCoRMiCK, R. C. Visit to the camp be- 
fore Sebastopol 947 Ml 

McCosii, James. Christianity and posi- 
tivism 239 M13 

Intuitions of the mind 150 M18 

Laws of discursive thought 160 M13 

Method of divine government 214 M131 

Our moral nature 170 M13 

Scottish philosophy 192 M13 

Tests of the various kinds of truth. . . 160 M131 

Whither ? O whither ? tell me where. 230 Ml 3 
and Dickie, George. Typical forms 

and special ends in creation 213 Ml 3 

McCray, Florine T. Life woik of the 

author of Uncle Tom's cabin B St71 

and Smith, Esther L. Wheels and 

whims M134 

M'Crie, Thomas. Andrew Melville. 2v. B M49 

John Knox B K77 

Sketches of Scottish church history, . 285 M13 
Macculloch, John. System of geology. 

2v 550 Ml 3 

McCuLLOCH, J. R. Dictionary of com- 
merce and commercial navigation. 

2v *380 M13 

Principles and influence of taxation 

and the funding system 336 M13 

Universal gazetteer. 2v *910 M3 

McCuLLOCH, R. S. Mechanical theory of 

heat 536 MIS 

McD AFIELD, II. F. & Taylor, N. A. 

Coming empire 917.64 Ml 

M'Dermott, Walter & Duffield, P.W. 

liosses iu gold amalgamation 669 M14 

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Story of Henry M. Stanley .*. . B St2312 

Macdonald, George. England^s an- 

tiphon 245 M14 

Hidden life 821 M141 

Rough shaking j M1444 

There and back M1445 

Within and without 821 M14 

MacDonald, James. Food from the far 

West 630 M14 



Mac DONALD, J. D. Guide to the micro- 
scopical exaraiDation of drinking 

water 618 MU 

Macdonald, Malcolm. Harmony of 
ancient history of the Egyptians 

and Jews 933 M 

Macdonbll, a. a. ' Camping voyages on 

German rivers 914.3 M2 

MgDougall, W. H. Hidden city M146 

Macduff, J. R. Brighter than the sun; 

or, Christ the light of the world.. . .j 232 C4625 

St. Paul in Rome B P28ri 

Mace, Jean. Home fairy tales j M15 

MacFarlane, Charles. Constantinople 

in 1828. 2v ,' 914.96 M2 

French revolution. 4v 944.04 M3 

Marlborough B M3421 

Turk(»y and its destiny. 2v 914.96 M 

See also Craik, G. L. & MacFarlane, 
MacFakran, Sir G. A. Musical his- 
tory 780.9 M16 

MacFie, R. a., comp. Cries in a crisis. . 387 M16 
MacGahan, j. a. Campaigning on the 

Oxus 915.8 M 

MacGavock, R. M. Tennessean abroad..' 910 M2 

McGill, a. T. Church government 262 M17 

McQlasson, Eva W. Earthly paragon. . M17 

McGovERN, John. Pastoral poem 811 M17 

Mac(tIrkgor, John. Rob Roy on the 

Jordan 915.6 M3 

McH arg, C. K. Prince Talleyrand B T14 

McIlvaine, j. H. Elocution 808.5 M18 

Wisdom of Holy Scripture 239 Mi8 

M'Intosh, Charles. Practical gardener 

and modern horticulturist 635 M18 

McIntosh, Maria J. Praise and prin- 
ciple '. M18 

Woman in America 396 M18 

Mack, Ebenezer. Lafayette B L1315 

Mack AIL, J. W., ed. Select epigrams 

from the Greek anthology. .....'.., 888 M19 

Mackay, Charles. Forty years' recol- 
lections. 2v B M19 

Life and liberty in America 917.3 M2 

Memoirs of popular delusions. 2 v. . . 133 M19 

Mackay, G. E. Nero and Actea 822 M19 

Mackay, R. W. Progress of the intellect. 

2v 151 M19 

Mackay, Thomas. English poor 339 M19 

ed. Plea for liberty 335 M19 

McKeever, Harriet B. Twice crowned. M19 
McKendrick, j. G. Text-book of physi- 
ology, including histology. 2v. . . . 612 M19 

Mackenzie, A. S. American in England. 

2v 914.2 M5 

Paul Jones. 2v B J721 

Mackenzie, Sir G. S. Travels in Ice- 
land 914.91 M2 

Mackenzie, Helen (D.) Life in the mis- 
sion, etc. 2v 915.4 M3 

Mackenzie, J. S. Introduction to social 

philosophy 300 M19 

Mackenzie, Sir Morrell. Hygiene of the 

vocal organs 784 M19 

Mackenzie, W. L. Lives of Benjamin 

Franklin Butler and Jesse Hoyt. ... B B97 
Life and times of Van Buren B V2711 

MacKie, C. p. With the admiral of the 

ocean sea 910 M4 

Mackie, j. M. Godfrey William Von 

Liebnitz B L53 

MacKinder, H. j. & Sadler, M. E. 
University extension; has it a fu- 
ture? 378 M21 

McKiNLEY, William, Jr. See Hewes, 
F. W. & McKinley, William, Jr. 

Mackintosh, C. H. Notes on the book of 

Genesis 222.1 M21 

Mackintosh, Sir James. Miscellaneous 

works 824 M21 

Mackintosh, John. Story of Scotland. . 941 M2 

McKnight, D. a. Electoral system of 

the United States 821.8 M21 

Macknight, James, tr. New literal trans- 
lation from the original Greek of 
all the apostolic epistles 227 M21 

M'L., E. T. Dr. John Brown and his sis- 
ter Isabella B B8111 

Maclaren, James. Sketch of the his- 
tory of the currency. 332 M222 

McLaughlin, A. C. Lewis Cass B C271 

Mc Lauren, J. J. Story of Johnstown. . . 974.8 Ml 

M ACL AY, Alexander. Elementary course 

in mechanical drawing 744 M22 

Maclay, William. Journal B M222 

M'Lban, John. Hudson's bay territory. 

2v 917.1M1 

Indians of Canada 970.1 M4 

MacLean, j. p. Manual of the aniiquity 

of man 573 M72 

Mound builders 571 M22 

Mastodon, mammoth and man 569 M22 

McLean, Sarah P. See Greene, Sarah P. 

Maclbar, G. p. Introduction to the 

creeds 264 Ml 3 

McLennan, J. F. Patriarchal theory.. . . 321 M22 



MACLEOD, Donald. Memoir of NortnaQ 

Macleod. 2v B M22 

Sir Walter Scott B Sco314 

McLeod, Grace D. Stories of the land 

of Evangeline M226 

Maclure, David. David Todd , . M225 

McMahan, Anna B. Study class 820.7 M22 

McMastbr, J. B. Bridge and tunnel 

centres 624 M22 

Higli masonry dams 621 M22 

McMaster, John Bach. History of the 

people of the United States . . ▼. 3. 973 M 

Macmillan, Hugh. Holidays on high 

lands 581 M22 

Riviera 914.5 M2 

Macmillan, Michael. Promotion of 

general happiness 171 M22 

McMillan, W. G. Electro-metallurgy. . 537 M22 

Macmillan's magazine, v. 1-57, 61-65 052 M22 

Macnamara, C. N. History of Asiatic 

cholera 616 M23 

Macnamara, M. H. Irish Ninth in 

bivouac and battle 973.7 Mil 

Macnaught, John. Coena Domini 265 M23 

M*Neile, Hugh. Prophecies relative to 

the Jewish nation 296 M23 

MacNevin, W. J. Swisserland, [Switzer- 
land] 914.94 M2 

Macnish, Robert. Anatomy of drunken- 
ness 178M23 

Philosophy of sleep 135 M23 

Macoun, Minnie, comp. Character and 
comment selected from the novels 
of Howells 818 M23 

McPherson, Edward. Handbook of 

politics for 1890 and 1892 329 M24 

Political history of the U. S. A. dur- 
ing the Rebellion 973.7 M8 

McPherson, I. G. Golf and golfers, past 

and present. 796 M24 

MacPherson, James. Poems of Ossian. 821 M24 

Macpherson, John. Baths and wells of 

Europe. 613 M24 

MacQueary, Howard. Evolution of 

man and Christianity 575 M24 

Topics of the times 304 M24 

Macquoid, Katiierine S. At the Red 

Glove M2434 

Macray, W. D. Annals of the Bodleian 

library, 1598-1867 *027 M24 

Same. 2nd ed. 1598-1880 *027 M241 

Macready, W. C. Reminiscences and 
selections from his diaries and 
letters B M24 

McViCKAR, H. W. Our amateur circus. . 

McVickar, John. Professional years of 
John Henry Hobart 

MacVine, John. Sixty-three years' ang- 

Macy, Jesse. Our government; how it 
grew, what it does and how it 
does it 

Madden, R. R. Literary life and cor- 
respondence of the Countess of Bles- 

sington. 2v 

Memoirs of the Lady Hester Stan- 
hope. 3v 

Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope. 3v. 
United Irishmen. 7v 

Maddyn, D. O. Chiefs of parties. 2v. . . 

Madison, James. Letters and other writ- 
ings. 4v 

Magazine of American history, v. 23-28. 

Magazine of art. v. 1-3 

Magee, W. C. Scriptural doctrines of 
atonement and sacrifice 

Magic lantern ; its construction and man- 
agement. Anon 

Maginn, William. Shakespeare papers. 

Maginnis, a. J. Atlantic ferry ; its ships, 
men and working 

Maginnis, O. B. Practical centring 

Magoon, E. L. Westward empire 

Mahaffy, J. P. Classical Greek litera- 

ture. 3v 

Greek pictures 

Greek world under Roman sway 

Problems in Greek history 

Mahan, a, T. Admiral Farragut 

Gulf and inland waters 

Influence of sea power upon history, 

Main, Elizabeth A. F. (H. W.), {form- 
erly Mrs. Burnaby.) My home in 
the Alps 

Maistre, J. 0. Letters on the Spanish 

Maistre, Xavier de. Journey round 
my room 

Maitland, Brownlow. Theism or ag- 

Maitland, James. American slang dic- 

Maittaire, Michel. Greek dialect>s. . . . 

Major, R. H. Prince Henry, the navi- 

Malabari, B. M. Gujarat and the Guja- 

*8i7 M25 


799 M25 

342.^ M25 




920 M26 

329.2 M26 

320.8 M26 
905 M 

*705 M27 

232 M27 

535 M27 

822.3 M27 

699 M27 

721 M27 

901 M 

880.9 M28 
914.95 Ml 

938 M3 

938 M4 


973.7 MIO 

359 M27 

914.94 Ml 
272 M28 

848 M 28 
231 M28 

427 M28 

487 M28 

915.4 M4 



Malcolm, J. P. Manners and customs of 

London. 2v 914.2 M4 

Malcolm, Robert, ed. Curiosities of bi- 
ography 920 M29 

Malden, Henry. DistioguisUed men of 

modern times. 2v 920 M292 

Malden, W. J. Tillage 631 M29 

Mallard, R. Q. Plantation life before 

emancipation 326 M29 

Malleson, G. B. Akbar B Ak2 

Dupleix B D92 

Final French struggles in India 954 M2 

Mallet, P. H. Northern antiquities. . . . 913 M12 

Mallock, W. H. Human document M2913 

In an enchanted island, [Cyprus]. .... -915.6 M5 

Lucretius 871 L96 

Old order changes M2912 

Maltiius, T. R. Essay on the principle 

of population. 3v 312 M29 

Man and the state; essays in applied 

sociology 304 M31 

Manfred, pseud. See Preston, E. W. 

Mangin, Arthur. Desert world 551.5 M31 

Mysteries of the ocean 551.4 M31 

Mangles, James. See Irby, C. L. & 

Mangles, James. 

Mann, Horace. Lectures on education.. 370 M312 

Slavery 326 M19 

Mannering, G. E. New Zealand Alps. . 919.3 M 
Manning, Anne. See Rath bone, Mary 

A. (M.) 
Manning, J. A. Lives of the speakers 

of the. house of commons 920 M31 

Mansel, H. L. Metaphysics 126 M31 

Mansfield, E. D. American education. . 370 M31 

Manson, G. J. Ready for business j 174 M31 

Mantegazza, Paola. Physiognomy and 

expression 138 M31 

Mantell, G. a. Geological excursions. . 554 M31 

Petrifactions and their teachings 560 M311 

Manzoni, a. F. T. a. Betrothed M312 

Mapes, J. J., ed. American repertory of 

arts, sciences, etc. 4v 505 M 32 

Makbot, J. B. A. Memoirs. 2v B M322 

Marbodrg, Dolores. See Eggleston, G. 

C. & Marbourg, Dolores. 

Marbury, Mary O. Favorite flies and ' 

their histories .' \ 799 M32 

Marcel, Claude. Study of languages 

brought back to its true principles.. 401 M33 

March, C. W. Reminiscences of Congress. B W3913 

Marcy, R. B. Army life on the border. . 970.1 Ml 

Border reminiscences 917.8 M4 

Prairie traveler 917.8 M3 


and McClellan, G. B. Exploration 
of the Red River of Louisiana 976.3 M 

Marenholtz-BOlow, Bertha von Bu- 
Low, freun von. The child, its 

nature and relations 371 M33 

Reminiscenses of F. Frobel . B F922 

Margolle, Elib. >56« Ziircher, Frederic 
& Margolle, Elie. 

Marguerittes, Julie de. Italy and the 

warof 1859 945 Ml 

Maria Celeste, Sister , comp. Private 

life of Galileo B G182 

Marino, G. B. La galeria distinta in pit- 

ture & sculture. 851 M331 

La sampogna 851 M33 

Marion, Fulgence. Wonderful balloon 

ascents 533 M33 

Wonders of vegetation . , 580 M33 

Markham, a. H. Lifeof Sir John Frank- 
lin , B F8521 

Markham, C. R. Christopher Columbus. B C7222 
History of Peru 985 M 

Marksman, pseud. Dead shot ; sports- 
man's complete guide 799 M34 

Marlborough, Sarah (J.) Churchill, 
Duchess of. Private correspond- 
ence. 2v '. 826M34 

Marlowe, Christopher. Works. 3v. 822 M341 

Marriott, W. F. Grammar of political 

economy 330 M34 

Marry AT, Florence. See Lean, Flor- 
ence (M.) 

Marryat, Frederick. Diary in Amer- 
ica 917.3 M8 

Marsden, Richard. Cotton spinning. . . 677 M85 

Marsh, C. C. Theory and practice of 

bank bookkeeping *657 M35 

Marsh, Catherine M. Rev. William 

Marsh. 2v B M353 

Marsh, G. P. Man and nature 551 M351 

Marsh, J. B. T. Story of the Jubilee 

singers, with their songs 784 M35 

Marshall, Alfred. Principles of eco- 
nomics 830 M35 

Marshall, E. C. Ancestry of Gen. Grant. 929.1 M 

Marshall, Emma (M.) Dorothy's daugh- 

ters M3523 

Shakespeare and his birthplace *822.3 M35 

Under Salisbury spire M3524 

Marshall, Florence A. (T.) Mary 

Wolstonecraft Shelley. 2v B Sh831 

Marshall, Frederick. French home 

life 914.4 M4 

It happened yesterday M35 




Mabbhall, F., ed. Football ; tbe Rugby 

union game 797 M35 

Marshall, F. A. Study of Hamlet 832.3 M352 

Marshall, Humphrey. Kentucky. 2v. 976.9 M 

Marshall, Libut. John. Royal naval 

biography. 12v 920 M35 

Marshall, John. Short history of 

Greek philosophy 182 M35 

Marsh AI.L, Mrs. Julian. See Marshall, 
Florence A. (T.) 

Marston, P, B. Collected poems 821 M351 

Martbilhb, Jean. Huguenot galley- 
slave B M365 

Martin, Annie. Home life on an ostrich 

farm 9168M 

Martin, B. E. In the footprints of Char- 
les Lamb B L1632 

Martin, Mrs. Charle^. St. Justin B J98 

Martin, E. S. Little brother of the 

rich 811 M36 

Martin, E. W. Behind the scenes in 

Washington 917.53 M 

Martin, F. Natural history. 2 v 590 M36 

Martin, R. M. Austral Asia 994 M 

China. 2v 915.1 M2 

History of the colonies of the British 

empire 325 M36 

History of Eastern India. 3v 954 M3 

History of upper and lower Canada. . 971 M 

Martin, Sadie E. Life and professional 

career of Emma Abbott B Ab22 

Martin, Sir Theodore. Horace 877 H78 

Memoir of William E. Aytoun B Ay 9 

Martin, W. C. L. See Youatt, William 
& Martin, W. C. L. 

Martineau. Harriet. How to observe; 

morals and manners 170 M36 

Society in America. 2v 917.3 M3 

Western travel 917.3 M5 

Martineau, James. Religion as affected 

by modern materialism 215 M36 

Martyn, Benjamin & Kiplis, Andrew. 

First Earl of Shaftesbury. 2v B Shi 

Martyn, W. C. Wendell Phillips B P5321 

William E. Dodge B DC6 

Marvel, Ik., pseud. See Mitchell, D. G. 

Marvin, A. P. Life and times of Cotton 

Mather . B M4221 

Marvin, Charles. Russian advance to- 
wards India 915.8 M2 

Marzials, F. T. Charles Dickens B D5513 

Victor Hugo B H8711 

Maskell, Alfred. Russian art 739 M37 

Maskell, William. Industrial arts^ ... 700 M37 

Mason, Amelia G. Women of the 

French salons 920 M38 

Mason, E. C. Veto power 353 M38 

Mason, Mrs. E. L. Hiero-salem M38 

Mason, E. T. Othello of Salvini 822.3 M38 

Mason, Francis. Story of a working- 
man's life B M38 

Mason, G. C. Annals of the Redwood 

library, Newport, R. 1 027 M38 

Mason, John. Brief history of the 

Pequot war 973.2 Ml 

Mason, W. B. See Chamberlain, B. H. & 
Mason, W. B. 

Masp^ro, G. C. C. Egyptian archaeology. 571 M38 
Life in ancient Egypt and Assyria. . . . 913 M13 

Massachusetts. Sanitary Commission. 
Report of a plan for the promotion 
of public health 614 R29 

Massachusetts system of common schools. 379 M38 

Massac liusetts teacher, v. 7 370.5 M38 

Masses, George. Evolution of plant life. 576 MBS 

M asset, Gerald. Poems 821 M371 

Poems and balladi 821 M37 

Massillon, J. B. Sermons. 2v 252 M38 

Massinger, Philip. Plays 822 M381 

Masson, Charles. Journeys in Baloch- 

istan. 4v 915.8 Ml 

Masson, David. British novelists 823 M38 

Edinburgh sketches 914. 14 M 

John Milton B M6411 

Recent British philosophy 190 M38 

Thomas De Quincey B D441 

Three devils 808.4 M38 

Masson, Gustave. French literature . . . 840 M38 

Masury, J. W. How shall we paint our 

houses ? 698 M39 

Mat^aux, C. L. Around and about old 

England 914.2 M6 

Rambles round London town 914.2 M7 

Mateer, Samuel. Laud of charity, 

[Travancoe.] 915.4 M2 

Mather, Cotton. Ecclesiastical history 

of New England. 2v 277 M42 

Mather, J. M. John Kuskin \ . . B R891 

Popular studies of nineteenth century 
poets 808.4 M42 

Mathers, Helen. See Reeves, Helen B. 

Mathews, Harriet. Outlines of English 

grammar '. . . . 425 M42 

Mathias, G. H. D. Enavant, Messieurs! 

being a tutor's counsel to his pupils. 824 M42 

Matthew, J. E. Manual of musical his- 
tory 780.9 M43 



Matthews, J. B. Americanisms and 

Briticisms 814 M43 

In the vestibule limited M4313 

TomPaulding j M4315 

ed. Ballads of books 811 M43 

and Jessop, G. H. Tale of twenty- 
five hours M4314 

and others. With my friends M4312 

Matthews, William. Hydraulia; an 
historical account of the water 

works of London 628 M43 

Maude, F. N. Letters on tactics and 

organization 355 M442 

Maudsley, Henry. Body and will 159 M44 

Physiology and pathology of the 

mind , 131 M44 

Maugny, Gomte de. Souvenirs of the 2nd 

empire 944.07 M4 

Maundrell, Henry. Journey from 

Aleppo to Jerusalem 915.6 M 

Same , 915.6 M2 

Maupas, C. E. Story of the coup d'etat. 944.07 M3 
Maupassant, Guy de. Pierre and Jean. M441 

Maukice, F. War 355 M44 

Maurice, J. F. D. Friendship of books. 824 M44 
Maukice, Thomas. History of Hin- 

dostan. 2v .. 954 M4 

Indian antiquities. 7v. . ; 954 M5 

Maver, William, jr. American tele- 
graphy. 654 M441 

and Davis, M. M. The quadruplex.. 654 M44 
Maverick, Augustus. Henry J. Raymond B K21 
Maw, H. L. From the Pacific to the 

Atlantic 918 Ml 

Maw, W. H. See Colburn, Zerah & 
Maw, W. H. 

Mawk, John. Travels in Brazil 918 M2 

Maxcy, Jonathan. Literary remains. . . 252 M45 
Maxwell, J. C. Electricity and mag- 
netism. 2v 537M452 

Matter and motion 531 M45 

Maxwell, Mary E. (B.), (Miss Braddon.) 

Venetians M456 

Maxwell, W. II. Irish rebellion in 

1798 941.5 M4 

ed. Naval and military remembrances. 942 Ml 
May, Caroline. American female poets. *81 1.08 M45 
May, Sohpie, pseud. See Clarke, Re- 
becca S. 
May, Thomas. History of the parlia- 
ment of England, which began Nov. 

3, 1640 328.2 M45 

May, T. E. See Farnborough, T. E. 
May, Baron. 

Maycock, W. P. First book of elec- 
tricity and magnetism 537 M451 

Practical electrical notes and defini- 
tions 537 M45 

Mayer, A. M., ed. Sport with gnn and 

rod 799 M45 

Mayer, Brantz. Mexico. 2v 972 M 

Mayers, W. F. Chinese government 854 M45 

Mayhew, Henry. German life and man- 
ners. 2v 914.3 Ml 

London labour and London poor. 4 v. *914.2 M3 

Mormons 298 M45 

Maynard, C. j. Manual of North Amer- 
ican butterflies 595 M45 

Mayo, A. D. Civilization in New York. . 917.47 M2 
Mayo, Isabella (F.), (Edward Oarrett.) 

Friends and acquaintances 828 M45 

Life's long battle won M4544 

Mayo, Robert. New system of mythol- 
ogy 291 M45 

Mead, E. D. Philosophy of Carlyle 192 M46 

Mead, T. H. Our mother tongue 421 M46 

Meade, Lillie T. See Smith, Elizabeth 

T. (M.) Toulmin. 
Meadowcroft, W. H. a B C of elec- 
tricity 537 M46 

Mechi, j. j. How to farm profitably 630 M46 

Medberry, j. K. Men and mysteiies of 

Wall street. 332 M46 

Medhurst, W. H. Far Cathay 915.1 Ml 

Medical Society of the State op New 

York. Transactions. 8v *610.6 M46 

Medley, John. Book of Job 223.1 M46 

Meehan, Thomas. Native flowers and 

ferns of the United States. 2v *580 M471 

Meikle, James. The traveller ; or. Medi- 
tations on various subjects 242 M47 

Meiklejohn, j. M. D. English language. 425 M47 
Meldola, Raphael. Chemistry of pho- 
tography 770 M48 

Coal and what we get from it 553 M48 

Meline, j. F. Mary, Queen of Scots ... B M3632 

Two thousand miles on horseback. . . . 917.8 Ml 
Mellick, a. D., jr. Story of an old 

farm 917.49 M 

Meloy, D. H. Progressive carpentry 694 M49 

Melvill, Henry. Sermons. 2v 252 M491 

Same 252 M49 

Melville, G. J. W. Riding recollections. 798 M49 

Melville, Herman. Omoo M4951 

Typee M495 

White jacket M4952 

Men of the time. Anon 920 M52 

Men who have risen. Anon •. 920 M521 



Mendel^kpf, D. Principles of chemistry. 

27 540 M52 

Mendham, Joseph. Memoirs of the 

Council of Trent 270.6 M52 

Menzel, Wolfgang. History of Ger- 
many. 3v 943 Ml 

Menzies, William. Cottages for rural 

districts *728 M52 

Mergadb, pseud. Hamlet; or, Shake- 
speare's philosophy of history 822.3 M53 

Mercantile register for business refer- 
ence *650M53 

Mercer, F. H. F. The spaniel 636.7 M53 

Mercier, Charles. Sanity and insanity. 132 M53 
The nervous system and the mind. ... 612 M53 

Meredith, Mrs. Charles. See Mere- 
dith, Louisa T. 

Meredith, George. Modern love 821 M541 

One of our conquerors M542 

Tragic comedians M5421 

Meredith,. Louisa T. My home in Tas- 
mania 919.4 M 

Meredith, Owen, pseud. See Bulwer- 
Lytton, E. R., Lord hjiion. 

Merivale, Charles. Conversion of the 

Roman empire 270. 1 M54 

History of the Romans under the 
empire. 7v 937 M5 

Merivale, Herman & Marzials, F. T. 

W. M. Thackeray. ,-. B T3211 

See also Edwardes, H. B. & Merivale, 

Meriwether, Lee. Afloat and ashore 

on the Mediterranean 910 M7 

Merle d'Aubign^, J. H. Protector. .... B C8822 

Merrill, G. E. Crusaders and cap- 
tives 940. 4 M 1 

Merrill, Stuart, tr. Pastels in prose. . M55 

Merrill, W. E. Iron truss bridges for 

railroads 624 M552 

Merriman, Mansfield. Text-book on 

retaining walls and mksonry dams.. 621 M55 
Theory and calculation of continuous 

bridges 624 M55 

Merriman, T. M. Pilgrims, Puritans 

and Roger Williams vindicated 285.9 M55 

William, prince of Orange B W6741 

Merritt, Wesley cfc others. Armies of 

to-day 355M55 

Merwin, H. C. Road, track and si able. . 636.1 M55 

Messler, Abraham. Forty years at Rar- 

itan 285 M56 

Metcalfe, Frederick. Oxonian in Ice- 
land : 914.91 Ml 

Methodist Episcopal Church. Min- 
utes of the annual conferences, 

1773-1840. 3v 287 M56 

Metternich, Winneburg, C. W. N. L., 

fiirst von. Memoirs. 4v B M563 

Mew, James. Manners and customs of 

Spain *914.6 Ml 

and Ashton, John. Drinks of the 

world 613 M57 

Mexican Border Commission. Reports. 976.4 M 

Mexican war. Anon 973 6 M 

Meyer, Annie N. , ed. Woman's work in 

America 396 M57 

Meyer, Ernst von. History of chemis- 
try 640 M57 

Meyer, Hans. Across East African gla- 
ciers 916.7M1 

Meyer, H. C. Water waste preven- 
tion 628 M57 

Meyer, Lothar. Outlines of theoretical 

chemistry 541 M57 

Meynell, Wilfrid. J. H. Newman. . . . B N4613 
MiCHKLET, Adele (M.) Story of my 

childhood B M582 

MiCHELET, Jules. France before Eu- 
rope , 914.4 M3 

Joan of Arc -. B D2421 

MiCHiE, P. S. Wave motion relating to 

sound and light 535 M58 

MiDDLEDiTCH, R. T. Burmah's great 

missionary , .^. . . B J92 


MiDDLETON, G. A. T. House drainage. . . 628 M58 
MiDDLETON, J. H. Ancient Rome in 

1888 , 913 Mil 

Remains of ancient Rome 913 M5 

MiGNAN, Robert. Travels in Chaldsea . . 913 M2 
MiJATOViCH, Chedomil. Constantine . . . B C766 
MiiiBURN, W. H. Pioneers of the Mis- 
sissippi valley 977 M 

Rifle, axe and saddlebags 818 M58 

Ten years of preacher life B M583 

Miles, G. H. Mohammed 812 M58 

Miles, Manly. Stock breeding 636 M59 

Miles, Pliny. Nordurfaii 914.91 M 

Miley, John. Rome as it was under pa- 
ganism. 2v 937 M6 

Mill, H. R. Realm of nature 551.4 M59 

ed. See also Rattray, John & Mill, H. 
R., eds. 
Mill, J. S. Principles of political econ- 
omy. 2v 330 M59 

Miller, Annie (J.) Physical beauty; 

how to obtain and how to preserve it. 613 M61 



Miller, C. H., {Joaquin Miller.) Life 

among the Modocs 970.1 M3 

My own story B M614 

Poems 811M6112 

Songs of the sun lands 811 M6ill 

Miller, Ellen E. Alone through Syria. 915.6 M4 

Miller, Fred. Interior decoration 747 M61 

Pottery painting 738 M61 

Miller, George. History philosophi- 
cally illustrated. 4v 901 M2 

Miller, G. A. Determinants [ in alge- 

braj : . . 51 2 M6 1 

Miller, Harriet (M.), {Oli'oe Thome 

Miller.) Little brothers of the air . 598.2 M61 1 
Miller, Hugh. Leading articles on var- 
ious subjects 824 M6111 

Miller, James. Principles of surgery. . *617 M61 
Miller, John. Divine authority of Holy 

Scripture asserted 220.1 M61 

Miller, J. R. Girls; faults and ideals. . 170 M61 

Making the most of life 244 M61 

Miller, Olive Thorne, pseud. See 

Miller, Harriet (M.) 

Miller, Philip. Gardener's dictionary.. 630 M61 

Miller, Samuel. Life. 2v B M613 

Miller, Thomas. Anglo-Saxons 942.01 M 

MiLLiGAN, William. Elijah B El 43 

MiLLiNGEN, J. G. History of duelling. 

2v 394 M62 

Millet, F. D. Capillary crime M6 13 

The Danube 914.96 M3 

MiLLiNGTON, T. S. No choice M62 

Mills, Abraham. Ancient Hebrews 933 M3 

MiTiLS, F. W. Photography for archi- 
tects. . . • 770 M62 

Mills, J. H. Heat; application to the 
warming and ventilation of build- 
ings. 2v 697 M62 

Mills, T. W. The dog in health and 

disease 636.7 M62 

MiLMAN, H. H. Belshazzar. 822 M63 

Poetical works. 3v. 821 M63 

Thomas H Becket B T3621 

MiLNER, H. E. Landscape gardening.... *710 M63 
MiLNES, R. M. See Houghton, R. M. 
Milnes, Lord. 

Milton, John. Prose works. 2v 208 M64 

Miner, Charles. History of Wyoming. 974.8 M 
Miner, T. B. American bee-keeper's 

manual 638 M66 

Mines, J. F. Tour around New York.. . . 917.47 M3 
MiNiFiE, William. Text- book of geo- 
metrical drawing 744 M66 

Minneapolis, Minn. Reports, 1890-91. . 852 M66 

Minneapolis Journal. Illustrated Min- 
neapolis *917.76M 

MiNNiGERODE, Charles. Sermons 252 M66 

Minto, William. Daniel DeFoe B D36 

MiNTURN, R. B. New York to Delhi 915.4 Ml 

Minutes of the common council of Phila- 

delph ia , 974 . 8 P4 

Minutes of the council of safety of New 

Jersey 974.9 N3 

Minutes of the provincial council of Penn- 
sylvania. 16v 974.8 P2 

Minutes of the provincial congress of the 

State of New Jersey , 974.9 Nl 

Mirror of time. Anon, 2v 902 M 

MiTCHEL, O. M. Astronomy of the Bible. 215 M69 

Planetary and stellar worlds 523 M69 

Popular astronomy 523 MC91 

Mitchell, D. G., {Ik Marcel.) English 

lands, letters and kings 820 M69 

Rural studies 630 M691 1 

Mitchell, Ellen M. Study of Greek 

philosophy 180 M69 

Mitchell, H. W. Evolution of life 575 M692 

Mitchell, John. Fall of Napoleon. 3v. B N1626, 

Notes from over the gea. 2v 914 M8 

Reminiscences of scenes and char- 
acters in college : 378 M69 

Mitchell, J. A. Last American M695 

Mitchell, J. F. Duplicate whist 795 M69 

Mitchell, Kate. The drink question . . 178 M69 

Mitchell, S. W. Characteristics M6913 

Psalm of deaths 811 M691 1 

MiTCHiLL, S. L. Picture of New York. . 917.47 Ml 
MiTFORD, A. B. F. Tales of old Japan. 

2v M694 

MiLFORD, Mary R. Atherton M6941 

Life. 2v BM692 

Our village M6942 

MiTRA, Rajeudralala. Indo- Aryans. 

2v.* 934M 

MivAiiT, St. George. Essajs and criti- 
cisms ! 824M691 

Man and apes 575 M69 

Origin of human reason 156 M69 

MOBERLY, C. E. Early Tudors 942.05 M 

MocKET, Thomas. Christmas 390 M71 

Modern meteorology. Anon 551.5 M72 

MoENS,W. J. C. English traveleis and 

Italia^ brigands 914.5 Ml 

Moffat, J. C. Song and scenery 914.1 Ml 

Moffat, J. S. Robert and Mary Moffat. B M721 
Moffat, Robert. Missionary labours 

and scenes in Southem Africa 266.1 M72 

Moffat, R. S. Economy of consumption. 330 M72 



Mom, D. M. Outlines of tlie ancient liis> 

tory of medicine 610.9 M72 

Poetical works. 2v 821 M72 

Sketches of the poetical literature of 

the past half century 821.1 M72 

MOLDENKE, C. E. New York obelisk 718 M73 

MoLEE, Eltas. Plea for an American 

language 408 M73 

Pure Saxon English 408 M731 

MoLESWORTH, Mary L. (S.) Girls and I. M7314 

*' Grandmother dear." M731 

Leona M7213 

Tell me a story j M7311 

Us j M7312 

Moles WORTH, W. N. History of Eog- 

• land from 1830-74. 3v 942.08 M5 

MoLii, Albert. Hypnotism 134 M73 

Mollett, j. W. Corot, Daubigny, 

Dupre B C814 

Millet, Rousseau, Diaz B M6121 

MOLLOY, J. F. Faiths of the peoples. 2v, 280 M73 

Famous plays 822.1 M73 

Life and adventures of Peg Wof- 

fington. 2v B W821 

Moltke, H. K. B., Count von. Franco- 
German war 943.08 M 

Letters to his mother and brother. ... B M733 
Mombert, j. L History of Lapcaster 

County, Pa ] 974.8 M2 

Moncrieff, R. H., {Ascott M. Hope.) 

Book about dominies. 371 M74 

Monday Club. Sermons on the Inter- 
national Sunday-school lessons. 87. 252 M74 
Monettb, j. W. Valley of the Missis- 
sippi. 2v 977M1 

Monier- Williams, Monier. See Wil- 
liams, Monier Monier-. 

Monk, J. H. Richard Bentley B B4421 

Monkiiouse, W. C. Earlier English 

water-color painters *751 M74 

MONOD, Adolphe. Parting words 252 M75 

Monroe, James. The people the sover- 
eigns 342 3 M75 

Monroe, L. B., ed. Public and parlor 

readings 808. 5 M7o 

Montague, E. P., ed. Expedition to the 

Dead Sea.. 915.6 Ml 

Montague, E. W., jr. Autobiography.. B M764 
Montague, F. C. Limits of individual 

liberty 320 M76 

Montaigne, M. E. de. Essays; tr. by 

Cotton. 2v 844M761 

MONTEFiORE, ARTHUR. David Living- 
stone B L7611 

MONTEIRO, J. J. Angola and the Congo. 916.7 M 

Montesquieu, C. de S., Baron. Spirit 

of laws. 2v 340 M76 

Same. 2v 340 M 761 

Montgomery, Cora. Eagle Pass 917.64 M 

Montgomery, D. H. American history.. 973 M2 
Leading facts of French history 944 Ml 

Montgomery, Elizabeth. Reminiscen- 
ces of \yilmington 917.51 M- 

Montgomery, H. W. H. Harrison B H24 

Montgomery, J. E. Our admiral's flag 

abroad 910 Ml 

Montgomery, Robert. Universal prayer. 821 M762 

Montgomery, W. E. History of land 

tenure in Ireland 333 M76 

Monthly review, v. 1-27 , . 805 M76 

Moody, D. L. Arrows and anecdotes . . . 269 M77 
and others. College of colleges. 3v. 220 M77 

Moon, Q. W. Men and women of the 

time 920 M77 

Moore, Annie A. (W.), (Auber Foresiier.) 

Echoes from mist-land 831 N5111 

Moore, A. S. Lectures on the history of 

the Reformation 270.6 M78 

Moore, C. H. Gothic architecture 723 M78 

Moore, Edward. Dante, and his early 

biographers B D231 

Moore, Frank, ed. American eloquence. 

2v 815 M78 

Moore, F. F. Coral and cocoa-nut M782i 

Highways and high seas j M782 

Moore, George Impressions and opin- 
ions 824 M78 

Vain fortune M784 

Moore, G. H. History of slavery in l^f as- 

'sachusetts 326 M78 

Moore, Helen. Mary W. Shelley B Sh33 

Moore, James. Kilpatrick and our cav- 
alry B K55 

Moore, John. View of society and man- 
ners in France, Switzerland and 
Germany. 2v 914 M9 

Moore, J. B. Extradition and interstate 

rendition. 2v *341 4 M78 

Moore, J. S., ed. Pictorial book of bal- 
lads 821.08 M783 

Moore, Susan T. (S.) Ryle's open gate. . M783 

Moore, Thkopiiilus. Marriage customs 
and modes of courtship of the na- 
tions , 892 M78 

Moore, Thomas, 1779. History of Ire- 
land ^. 941.5M3 

Lord Edward Fitzgerald. 2v. . . . B F57 

Memoirs of R. B. Sheridan. 2v B Sh5211 



Moore, Thomas, 1821. Popular history 
of the British ferns and allied 

plants 587 M78 

Prose and verse 820.8 M78 

MoOREiiEAD, W. K. Fort Ancient, the 
great prehistoric earthwork of 

Warren county, Ohio 571 M78 

Primitive man in Ohio 571 M781 

Wanneta, the Sioux 970.1 M2 

Moon SON, R. M., ed. Historical compan- 
ion to Hymns, ancient and modern. 245 M78 

MoiiAN, Charles. Money 332 M82 

MORANT, G. C. Chile and the river 

Plate in 1891 918.8 M 

MoRDECAi, Samuel, (Old citizen.) Bich- 

' mond 975.5 M 

More, Cresacre. Sir Thomas More. ... B M81 

More, Hannah. Works. 7v 820.8 M81 

More, Sir Thomas. Utopia 320 M81 

MoRELET, Arthur. Central America. . . 917.28 M 
Morell, J. D.' Speculative philosophy of 

Europe 190 M81 

MoKFiLL, W. R. Slavonic literature, . . . 891 M81 

Story of Russia 947 M 

MoRFiT, Campbell. Chemistry applied 
to the manufacture of soap and 

candles 668 M81 

MoRFORD, Henry. Over-sea 914 M7 

Morgan, Appleton. See Morgan, J. A. 
Morgan, Augustus de. See De Morgan, 

MoKGAN, C. L. Animal life and intelli- 
gence 691 M82 

Animal sketches 590 M82 

Morgan, H. H. English and American 

lilerature 820.9 M82 

Representative names in English 

literature 820.9 M821 

Morgan, H. J. Sketches of celebrated 

Canadians 920 M 82 

Morgan, J. A. Shakespearean myth. . . 822.3 M82 
Morgan, L. H. American beaver and his 

' works 599 M82 

Ancient society 309 M82 

Morgan, R. W. Christianity and modern 

infidelity 239 M82 

Morgan, Sydney (O.), Lady. Life and 

times of Salvator Rosa. 2v B R71 

Passages fiom my autobiography. ... B M82 
Morgans, William. Manual of min- 
ing tools 622 M82 

MoRiER. James. Martin Toutrond 827 M82 

Mokison, J. A. C. Gibbon B G351 

Macaulay B Mil 

MoRiTZ, E. R. & Morris, G. H. Text- 
book of the science of brewing 663 M82 

MORiiEY, Frederick, comp. Michigan 

. and its resources 917.74 M 

MORLEY. Henry. English writers. 9v. 820.9 M822 
Journal of a London playgoer, from 

1851 to 1866 792 M82 

Russian life 914.7 M2 

MoRLEY, John. Richard Cobden, 2v. . . B C634 

Studies in literature 804 M82 

Morris, M. W. Montrose DM765 

Morris, W. B. Saint Patrick B P272 

MORRELL, L. A. American shepherd. . . . 636.3 M83 
MoRRELii, M. A. Our work for Christ 

among his suffering people 240 M83 

Morris, Charles. Aryan race; its origin 

and its achievements 572 M83 

Civilization. 2v.,.. 901 Ml 

King Arthur and the knights of the 

round table. 3v M83 

Tales from the dramatists. 4v M831 

comp. Half hours with the best 

American authors. 4v 810.8 M83 

Morris, Edmund. Derrick and drill 665 M83 

Farming for boys *630 M831 

How to get a farm, and where to find 

one 630 M8312 

Ten acres enough 630 M83 

Morris, Gouverneur. History of a vol- 
unteer regiment, [6th N. Y.] 973.7 M9 

Morris, G. H. See Moritz, E. R. & Mor- 
ris, G. H. 
Morris, G. S. Kant's Critique of pure 

reason. 193 K1314 

Morris, H. S. Tales from ten poets. 3v. M833 

Morris, J. G., comp. Sayings and doings 

concerning Luther 838 M83 

Morris, Lewis, Governor of Ne%o Jersey. 
Papers of Lewis Morris, governor of 

New Jersey 974.9 Ml 

Morris, Lewis. Vision of saints 821 M832 

Morris, Lydia T. Famous musical com- 
posers 920 M83 

Morris, Richard, ed. Specimens of 

early English 820.8 M83 

Morris, R. A. PJiysical education in the 

public schools 613 M83 

Morris, William. Poems by the way. . . 821 M831 4 

Story of the glittering plain M832 

Tale of the house of the Wolfings 398 M83 

Morrison, W. D. Crime and its causes. 343 M83 

Jews under Roman rule 933 M2 

M0RRi)w, John. Voice from the news- 
boys B M832 





Morse, O. A. Vindication of the claim of 
Alex Ball to the authorship of the 
poem, *' Rock me to sleep." 811 M83 

Morton, J. L. Series of designs for farm 

buildings *728 M84 

Morton, J. S. Origin of the appellation, 

Keystone state 974.8 M3 

Morton, O. T. Southern empire 814 M84 

Morton, S. G. Pulmonary consumption. *616 M84 

Morton, W. S. dh others. Fashionable 

furniture *749 M84 

Morwood, V. S. Facts and phases of 

animal life j 590 M84 

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4v 270 M85 

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of dreams 811 M861 

Stories told at twilight j M8625 

Swallow flight 811 M861 1 

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Shakespeare as a dramatic artist 822.3 M86 

MouLTON, W. F. History of the English 

Bible 220 M86 

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and present 231.7 M86 

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C. (0.) 

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nora 917.91 M 

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Sermons 252 M87 

Theory of development 282 M 87 

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liams B W679 

Witch Hill ; a history of Salem witch- 
craft 133 M88 

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British island. 2v 598.2 M88 

Popular guide to the observation of 
nature 500 M88 

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lic papers, v. 2 204 M89 

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ick & Muir, A. F., eds. 

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essays 231 M892 

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Muir, William Annals of the early 

Caliphate 297 M891 1 

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MuiRHEAD, J. P. James Watt B W34 

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MuLLANY, P. F., {Brother Azarias.) 

Phases of thought and criticism. . . . 808.4 M91 
MttLLER, C. O. Ancient art and its re- 
mains 709 M88 

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for Darwin 575 D2522 

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. Natural religion 210 M88 

Physical religion 210 M8811 

ed. Sacred books of the East. v. 35, 

37, 39-40 290 M8811 

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1816-1875 .'.... 940 Ml 

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making 621 M91 

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M. (M.) 
MuMFORD, T. J., ed. Memoir of Samuel 

J. May B M45 

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Moon prince j M926 

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Pioneers of electricity 920 M92 

and Jamieson, Andrew. Pochet- 

book of electrical rules and tables. . 537 M921 
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MuNRO, Robert. Lake dwellings of Eu- 
rope. 571 M92 

MuNROE, Kirk. Cab and caboose j M9217 

Campmates j M9215 

Canoemates j M9218 

Golden days of '49 ■. 917.94 M 

Prince Dusty j M9216 

Under orders j M9214 

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Practical phonography 653 M93 

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tory of the oldest known rocks 551.7 M93 

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Europe 940.8 M 

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Craddoclc.) In the "stranger peo- 
ple's*' country M9427 

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Murphy, Mrs. M. K. 
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United States and Canada 917.3 Ml 

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archaeology 913 M4 

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2v 917.3 M4 

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Morocco, Spain and the Canary 

Islands. 2v 914.6 M 

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the free [Cuba, U. S. and Canada]. . 917.3 M6 

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Murray, Nicholas, {Kirwan.) Parish 

and other pencillings 244 M962 

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engines and steam vessels 621 M96 

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holder 640 M96 

Murray, W. H. H. Adventures in the 

wilderness 917.47 M 

Cones for the camp fire 796 M96 

Deacons 244 M96 

How John Norton the trapper kept 

his Christmas M9633 

Lake Champlain 917.4 M 

Mamelous and Ungava M9632 

Music Hall sermons 252 M96 

The perfect horse 636. 1 M96 

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Columbia M97 

Estevan M9711 

Saint Augustine M971 

MussET, L. C. A. de. Confession of a 

child of the century *M972 

MussET, p. E. DE. Biography of Alfred 

de Musset B M97 

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history of the Waldenses of Pied- 
mont 272 M97 

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the tropics 918 M 

Myers, P. Van N. General history 909 M 

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Manners and monuments of prehistoric 

peoples 571 N121 

NADATi, E. S. Impressions of London 

social life 914.2 N 


Nansen, Fridtjop. First ^crossing of 

Greenland. 2v 919.8 N5 

Napiiegyi, Gabor. Among the Arabs . . 916.5 N 
Ghardaia in the desert of Sahara 916.6 N 

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what he did in science j504 N16 

Napier, H. E. Florentine history. 

6v 945N 

Napier, W. F. P. English battles in the 

Peninsula 946.06 Nl 

History of the war in the Peninsula. 946.06 N2 

Napoleon I. Confidential correspondence 

with his brother. 2v 846 N16 

Napoleon, N. J. C. P. Bonaparte, Pnwc«. 

Napoleon and his detractors B N1627 

Napoleon III. History of Julius Caesar. 

2v BCltl4 

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socialism of the liberal school 335 N16 

Legal chemistry 543 N16 

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an architect 720 Nl 6 

Nasby Petroleum V., pseud. See Locke, 
D. R. 

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thought. 2v 920 N17 

Nasmith, James. Student's cotton spin- 
ning 677 N17 

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(autobiography). B N182 

Nation. V. 151, 53-54 051 N21 

National almanac, 1863-64. 2v 310 N21 

National cyclopaedia of American bio- 
graphy. 2v *920N21 

National Quarantine and Sanitary 
Convention. Proceedings of the 
third convention held in New York 
city, 1859 *614 N21 

National review, v. 1-19 052 N21 

Nation's birthday. Anon v 973.4 N 

Nature, v. 1-41, 43-45 505 N2111 

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of Siam 915.9 N 

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Christian religion- during the first 

three centuries 270 N26 

Memorials of Christian life in early 

and middle ages 279 N26 

St. Chrysostom B C46 

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of women N2811 

Stephen Ellicott's daughter N28 

Story of Philip Methuen N281 

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Neill, E. D. English colonization of 

America 335 N31 

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Sarah C. Polk B P754 

Nelson, Horatio, Lord. Dispatches 

and letters. 7v 826 N33 

Nelson, Wolfred. Five years in Pan- 
ama ....; ,.... 918.6 N 

Nervous system. The. Anon 612 N35 

Nettleship, J. T. Robert Browning ... 821 B8228 

Nevin, Alfred. Churches of the valley; 
or, Sketch of the Presbyterian con- 
gregations of Cumberland and 
Franklin counties, Pennsylvania. . . 285 N41 

Nevins, W. S. Witchcraft in Salem 

village in 1692 133 N41 

See also Webber, C. H. & Nevins, W. S. 

Nevius, J. L. China and Chinese 915.1 N 

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Countess of Huntingdon 6 H92 

New empire. Anon 917.9 N 

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New Englander. v. 1-49 051 N44 

New Jersey. Report of the state super- 
intendent of public schools 370 N46 

Revision of the statutes of New Jer- 
sey *345. 1 N461 

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nual reports, 1854-88, '91 6v 557 N46 

Atlas *912N 

New Jersey. Legislature. Acts of the 

legislature *345.1 N46 

Documents, 1885 87, 89-91. 19v. , . .*328.3 N461 

Journal and votes of the house of rep- 

rentatives of the province of Nova 

Cesarea ; or. New Jersey in their 

first sessions of assembly, began at 

Perth Amboy, Nov. 10, 1703 328.3 N4612 

Manual, 1885-6, 1888-90. 5v 328.3 N4614 

Minutes of votes and proceedings of 
the 115th general assembly *328.3 N4611 

New Jersey. Province. Grants, con- 
concessions and original constitu- 
tions of the Province of New 
Jersey. 2v ♦345 N46 

New Jersey. Senate. Journal of the 

47th senate *328.3 N4613 

New Jersey. State Board of Assess- 
ors. Reports, 1884-5, 1887, 1889.*353.9 N46 

New Jersey State Board of Health. 

Reports, 1889-91. 3v ; 614 N46 

New Jersey Weather Service. Re- 
port 551. 5 N46 

New manual of devotion. Anon 249 N46 

New quarterly magazine, v. 1-9 052 N42 

New York Historical Society. Col- 
lections. 2v 974.7 N 

New York lancet, v. 1-2 *610.5 N42 

New York review. ▼. 1-10 051 N48 

New York (State) Legislature. Laws 
relating to the Erie and Champlain 

canals. 2v *626 N48 

New York State Library. Catalogue.. *017 N48 

New Yorker, v. 1-6 071 N482 

Newark. Annual reports. 1856-91. 19v. *06 N421 
Newark city and basiness directory. 1836- 

92 01 N42 

Newark Aqueduct Board. Report. ... 06 N42 
Newark Board of Education. Annual 

reports, 1855-66, '77-88 06 B63 

Newark Library Association. Cat- 
alogue *018N42 

Same *019 N42 

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Newberry, J. S. United States sanitary 
commission in the valley of the 
Mississippi, during the Rebellion.. 361 N42 
Newcomb, Harvey. Cyclopedia of mis- 
sions 266 N43 

Nkwcomb, R. L., ed. Our lost explorers. 919.8 N3 

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Newell, R. H., {Orpheus C. Kerr.) 

Smoked glass 817 N44 

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book 582 N45 

Trees of northeastern America 634.9 N45 

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Newhouse, S. & others. Trapper's 

guide 639 N45 

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late Cardinal Newman B N4614 

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subsidences upon public works 627 N46 

Newman, J. H. Apologia pro vita sua. . . B N46 

Arians of the fourth century 273 N46 

Callista N46 

Certain difficulties felt by Anglicans 

in catholic teaching considered. 2 v. 282 N46 
Discussions and arguments on various 

subjects 204 N4G 

Essay in aid of a grammar of assent.. 282 N4611 

Essays. 2v 824 N46 

Fifteen sermons preached at the Uni- 
versity of Oxford, 1826, '43, '87. ... 252 N4611 

Historical sketches. 3v 824 N461 

Idea of a university defined 878 N46 



Newman, J. H. licctures on tlie doc- 
trine of justification 234 N46 

Letters and correspondence; ed. by 

Mozley. 2v 826 N40 

Parocliial and plain sermons. 8v. . . . 252 N46 
Sermons bearing on subjects of the 

day'. 252 N461 

Tracts; theological and ecclesiastical.. 204 N461 
Two essays on biblical and ecclesias> • 

tical miracles 231 N46 

Verses 821 N46 

Via media of the Anglican church. 2v. 282 N461 
Newman, J. P. From Dan to Beersheba. 915.6 N 
Newton, R. H. Book of beginnings; a 

study of Genesis. . . .• 222.1 N48 

Right and wrong uses of the Bible. . . 220 N48 

Newton, W. W. Essays of to day 204 N48 

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Thomas Carlyle. B C193 

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of the heavens 523 N51 

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Nichols, J. R. Fireside science 504 N52 

Nichols, W. F. Topics in geography. . . 910 N2 
Nicholson, H. A. & Lydekkek, 
Richard. Manual of palaeontol- 
ogy. 2v 560 N52 

Nicholson, Peter. Encyclopedia of 

architecture. 2v • ■ *720.3 N52 

Nicholson, W. T. Files and rasps 671 N52 

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Nicolas, Sir N. H. History of the royal 

navy. 2v 942 N 

Memoirs of the life and times of Sir 

Christopher Hatton B H28 

Orders of knighthood. 4v. *929.7 N 

Nicolas, P. H. See Johns, Richard & 

Nicolas, P. H. 
NicoLAY, J. G. & Hay, John. Lincoln. 

lOv BL6324 

NicOLiNi, G. B. History of the Jesuits. . 271 N54 
NicoLL, H. J. Great movements and 

those who achieved them 920 N54 

NicoLLS, J. A. & Eglinton, William. 

Sportsman in South America 799 N54 

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Niebuhr, Karstens. Travels through 

Arabia. 2v 915 3 N 

Niemann, August. French campaign. . . 943.08 N 
Nightingale, Florence. Notes on nurs- 
ing 649 N56 

Niles, Hezekiah. Principles and acts of 

the revolution 973.3 Nl 

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Niles' weekly register, v. 1-75. 320.5 N49 

Nineteenth century, v. 1-31 052 N62 

Nipher, F. E. Theory of magnetic meas- 
urements 538 N62 

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tralia. 2v 919.4 N 

Lessons in art 750 N63 

Where art begins 704 N63 

NiSBET, J. F. Insanity of genius ....... 151 N63 

NissBN, Harttig. A B C of Swedish 

system of educational gymnastics. . 613 N 63 
NiTOBB, I. 0. Intercourse between the 

United States and Japan 383 N63 

NiXDORFF. H. M. Whittier's heroine, 

Barbara Fritchie B F912 

Noble, L. L. After icebergs 917.1 N 

Noel, R. B. W. Lord Byron B B9912 

NOHL, K. F. L. Beethoven B B3922 

Haydn B H321 

Liszt B L69 

Mozart B M8712 

Wagner B VV1211 

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and the East. 2v 954 N 

Nolan, Thomas. The telescope 522 N71 

Noll, A. H. History of Mexico 972 N 

NoKCROSS, Jonathan. History of democ- 
racy 329 N75 

NoRDHOFF, Charles. Politics for young 

Americans 320 N75 

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Norman, Menie M. (D.) Girl in the 

Karpathians 914.36 N 

Norman people. Anon 929 N 

NORMAND, Hugh DB. Twoeras of France. 944.04 N 

NoRRis, J. P. Rudiments of theology.. . 230 N79 

NoRRis, W. E. Baflled conspirators N7917 

Jack's father. N7919 

Marcia ,* N7922 

Misadventure N7921 

Miss Went worth's idea N7923 

Mr. Chaine's sons. . ; N792 

Mrs. Fenton N7916 

Thirlby Hall >. . . . N7918 

North American miscellany. 2v 051 N81 

North American review. v. 6, 10-61, 68- 

119, 138-146, 150-154 051 N812 

North Carolina. Proceedings of the 
convention of North Carolina to 
to amend the constitution of the 

state, June 4, 1835 342.3 N81 

North, CJhristopher, pseud. See Wil- 
son, John. 




NoRTHCOTB, James. Fables 828 N81 

NoRTHBND, Charles. The teaclier and 

the parent 371 NSll 

Teacher's assistant 371 N81 

comp. Book of epitaphs 929.5 N 

ed. Elihu Burritt B B94 

Northern regions. Anon 919.8 N4 

Norton, Andrews. Reasons for not be- 
lieving the doctrines of the Trini- 
tarians 231 N82 

Norton, C. B., ed. Treasures of art, 
etc., represented in the centennial 
exhibition *708 N82 

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Norton, C. L. Handbook of Florida 9i7.5 N 

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Berlin 914.31 N 

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Index. V. 1-12 *052 N841 

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NOTT, J. C. & Gliddon, G. R. Indi- 
genous races of the earth *o72 N84 

Types of mankind *572 N841 

Notes, G. F. Bivouac and battlefield.. . . 973.7 N2 

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from various authors 204 N87 

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Memorials of John Hampden B H184 

Nuttall, Thomas. Ornithology of the 

United States and Canada. 2v 598.2 N96 

Nye, E. W., {BUI Nye.) Remarks by' 

BillNye 817 N98 

Ober, F. a. John North in Mexico j Ob221 

Knockabcuc club in North Africa. ... j 916.1 O 
Knockabout club in search of treasure, j 917.2 02 
Knockabout club on the Spanish main, j 918.7 O 

Obituary addresses on the death of. Henry 

Clay B C5712 

Obituary addresses on the death of W. R. 

King B K583 

O'Brien, William. When we were boys. Ob6 

O'Byrne, W. R. Naval biographical dic- 
tionary *920 Ob9 

O'Callaghan, E. B. Colonial history of 

the state of New York. 10 v *974.7 02 

Documentary history of New York. 

4v *974. 7 O 

History of New Netherlands. 2v 974.7 01 

OcKLEY, Simon. History of the Sara- 
cens 953 

O'Clery, The. Making of Italy, 1856-70. 945 O 

O'CpNNOR, Evangeline M. (J.) Analyt- 
ical index to the works of Haw- 
thorne 813 H31 

O'Connor, T. P. C. S. Parnell B P24 

O'DoNOVAN, Jeremiah. Account of in- 
terview with his countrymen 917.3 O 

Oersted, H. C. Soul in nature 500 Oe7 

Officer's Wife, pseud. See Carrington, 

Margaret I. 
Official documents of the Presbytery of 

Albany 262.9 Of2 


Ohm, G. S. Galvanic circuit investigated 

^lathematically 537 Oh4 

Ohnet, Georges. Nimrod & Co Oh412 

Soul of Pierre Oh411 

Ohrwalder, Joseph. Ten years' captiv- 
ity in the mahdi's camp 962 O 

O'Kelly, j. j. Mambi-land 917.29 02 

Oldcastle, John, ed. Catholic life and 

letters of Cardinal Newman B N4611 

Old Citizen, pseud. See Mordecai, 

Old world seen with young eyes. Anon. . 914 O 

Olin, Stephen. Greece and the golden 

horu 914.95 O 

Travels in Egypt, Arabia, Petraja and 

the Holy Land. 2v 915.6 02 

Oliphant, F. R. Jerusalem and the Holy 

Land 915.6 03 

Oliphant, Laurence. Journey to Kat- 
mandu 915.4 Ol 

Narrative of the Earl of Elgin's mis- 
sion to China and Japan in 1857, 

'58, '59 327 01 3 

Oliphant, Margaret O. (W.) At his 

gates 01344 

Cuckoo in the nest 01 348 

Edward Irving ' B Ir84 

He that will not when he may 01 335 

Heir presumptive and the heir ap- 
parent 01 345 

House on the moor 01 341 

Jerusalem. 933 O 

Marriage of Elinor 01 347 

May 01 343 

Memoir of Laurence Oliphant. 2v. . B 01 3 

Odd couple '. 01 343 

R. B Sheridan B Sh521 

Railway man and his children 01 346 

Royal Edinburgh 914.1 O 

Oliphant, T. L. K. Old and middle 

English 427 01 3 

Oliver, Grace A. (L.), (formerly Mrs. 
Ellis.) Memoirs of Mrs. A. L. Bar- 

bauld. 2v ; . . . B B233 

Study of Maria Edge worth B Ed31 

Oliver, Peter. Puritan commonwealth. 974.4 



Olmsted, Denison. Introduction to nat- 
ural philosophy 530 01 5 

Olmsted, F. L. Cotton kingdom. 2v... 917.5 
Journey through Texas 917.64 O 

Oman, C. W. C. Story of the Byzantine 

empire i 949.5 O 

Warwick B W26 

O'Meara, Kathleen. Frederic Ozanam. B Ozl 

Narka, the nihilist Om2 

Ommannby, G. D. W. Athanasian creed. 238 Om6 

O'Neill, T. W. Refutation of Darwin- 
ism 575 D2524 

Opening ceremonies of the New York and 

Brooklyn bridge, 1883 624 Op2 

Opium eating. Anon 178 Op3 

Optic, ©liver, pseud. See Adams, W. T. 

Orations delivered at Boston, 1770 974.4 01 

Ordronaux, John, ed. Regimen sani- 
tatis saiernitanum ; code of health 
of the school of Salernum 613 Or2 

O'Reilly, Bernard, (Laval.) Life of 

Leo Xlir B L55 

Life of Pius IX B P68 

Novissima ; or. Where do our de- 
parted go? 237 Or3 

O'Reilly, E. J. Relations of the church 

to society 204 Or3 

O'Reilly, Harrington. Life among the 

American ludiaos 970. 1 

O'Reilly, J. B. In Bohemia 81 1 Or3 

O'Reilly, Miles, pseud. See Halpine, 
C. G. 

O'Rell, Max, pseud. See Blouet, Paul. 

Orford, Horace Walpole, Earl of. See 
Walpole, Horace. 

Orient, Grand, pseud. See Grand Orient, 

Orleans, H. E. P. L. d'. See Aumale, 
H. E. P. L. d'Orleans, due de. 

Orleans, L. P. A. d', Gomte de. Paris. 
See Paris, L. A. d'Orleans, comtede. 

Ormathwaite, J. B. W., Baron. French 

revolution 944.04 O 

Ormsbee, Agnes B. House comfortable. 640 Or5 

Orr, Mrs. A. (L.) Life and letters of 

Robert Browning. 2v B B822^ 

Orr, J. W. Boys of the Bible J220.9 Or7 

Orr, M7S. Sutherland. See Orr, Mrs. 
A. (L.) 

Orton. James. Andes and the Amazon . 918 O 

OsBoRN, Laugiiton, (American Artist.) 

Calvary — Virginia ; tragedies 812 Osl 

Handbook of young artists and ama- 
teurs in oil painting. . , 751 Osl 

OsBORN, Sherard. Polar regions 919.8 O 

Stray leaves from an Arctic journal. . . 919.8 01 

'Osbourne, Lloyd. See Stevenson, R. L. 
B. & Osbourne, Lloyd. 

OscANYAN, Christopher. Sultan and 

his people 914.96 

Osgood, C. S. & Batchelder, H. M. 

^ Sketch of Salem 974.4 02 

Osgood, Samuel. American leaves 818 Os3 

OssiAN. Ste Macpherson, James. 

OsTROM, K. W. Massage and the original 

Swedish movements 615 087 

OsTWALD, Wilhelm. Outlines of general 

chemistry 540 Os7 

OswANDEL, J. J. Mexican war 973. 6 O 

Ottley, H. B. Modern Egypt 916.2 O 

Our continent, v. 1-6 051 Ou7 

Our presidential candidates and political 

compendium 920 Ou7 

OusEi^Y, Sir T. A. G. Counterpoint, 

canon and fugue 781 Ou8 

Treatise on harmony 781 Ou81 

Overland monthly, v. 6-11, 15-19 051 Ov2 

Overman, Frederick. Manufacture of 

iron in all its branches 672 0v2 

Overton, J. H. John Wesley B W5125 

Ovid. Tristia 871 Ov413 

Owen, D. D. Report of a geological e*x- 
ploration of Iowa, Wisconsin and 

Illinois 557 O w21 

Report of a geological survey of Wis- 
consin, Iowa and Minnesota *557 Ow2 

Owen, Frances M. (S.) John Keats B K2211 

Owen, Mrs. Henry. Illuminated book 

of needle work 746 O w2 

Owen, Richard. Palaeontology 560 Ow2 

Owen, R. D. Debatable land between 

this world and the next 289.9 Ow2 

Public architecture *72§ O w2 

Threading my way B Ow2 

Owen, W. T. Bits of Canterbury cathe- 
dral 726 Ow2 

Owens, J. A. Sword and pen B G46 

Ozanam, A. F. History of civilization in 

the fifth century. 2v 901 

Letters 846 Ozl 

Packard, A. S., jr. Guide to the study 

of insects 595.7 P12 

Half-hours with insects 595.7 P121 

Packard, li. R. Studies in Greek 

thought 880.4 P12. 

Packard, S. S. & Bryant, H. B. New 
Bryant and Stratton counting-house 
bookkeeping 657 B84 



Paddock, Judah. Narrative of tlie ship- 
wreck of the Oswego 910 P6 

Paez, Ramon. South America 918.7 P 

Page, T. J. La Plata 918.2 P 

Page, T. N. Among the camps j P1413 

Elsket, and other stories P1412 

Old South 818 P14 

On Newfound river P1411 

Page, W. M. New light from "old 

eclipses 226 P 14 

Paget, Violet. Countess of Albany. ... B Al 15 

PAiJKUiiL, C. W. Summer in Iceland. . . 914.91 P 

Pain, Barry. Stories and interludes P16 

Paine, Caroline. Tent and harem 914.96 P 

Paine, Martyn. Physiology of the soul 

and instinct 128 P16 

Paine, Thomas. Political wriiings. 2v. 320.8 P16 
Palestine Exploration Fund. Our 

work in Palestine 915.6 P2 

Paley, William. Works. 67 208 P17 

Palgrave, F. T., ed. Golden treasury. .821.08 P17 

Lyrical poems 821 P17 

Palliser, Fanny B. History of lace 746 P17 

Palmer, E. H. Desert of the Exodus. . . 915.3 PI 
Palmer, H. C. cfe others. Athletic sports 

in America, England and Australia. 796 P18 
Palmer, J. A , jr., ed. Mushrooms of 

Amerlfca 589 P18 

Palmer, J. W., (John Coventry.) Cali- 
fornia and India 917.94 P 

Up and down the Irrawaddi 915.9 P 

Palmer, William. Egyptian chronicles. 

2v 913P10 

Panin, Ivan. Lectures on Russian litera- 
ture 891 P19 

Pansy, pseud. See Alden, Isabella (M.) 
Panton, a. W. See Burnside, W. S. & 

Panton, A. W. 

Pardoe, Julia. City of the Magyar. 3v. 914.39 PI 

Episodes of French history 944.05 P 

Marie de Medicis. 3v B M336 

Pardon, O. F. Games for all seasons. . 790 P21 
Paris, L. P. A. d'Orleans, Comte de. 

Gettysburg 973.7 P4 

Paris, Pierre. Manual of ancient sculp- 
ture 732P21 

Paris. Universal Exposition, 1878. 
Reports of the United States com- 
missioners. 5v *606 P21 

Park, Mungo. Interior districts of Africa. 916 P 

Journal of a mission to Africa 916.6 P 

Parke, T. H. My personal experiences 

in equatorial Africa 916.7 P3 

Parker, C. S., ed. Sir Robert Peel B P3413 

Parker, E. G. Golden age of American 

oratory 815 P22 

Reminiscences of Rufas Cboate B C4511 

Parker, F. A. Fleets of th^ world 359 P22 

Parker, J. Elementary therm adynamics. 536 P22 
Parker, Joseph. Ad c?erum ; advice to 

a young preacher . „ . , 251 P22 

Parker, J. H. Aquedmts of Rome 913 PS 

Archaeology of Rome ; church decora- 
tions ... 913P9 

Glossary of terms in architecture. 3v. *720 P221 

Parker, N. H. Iowa as it is in 1856 917.77 P 

Iowa handbook for 1857 917.77 Pi 

Minnesota handbook for 1856 57 917.76 P 

Missouri in 1867 977.8 P 

Parker, Samuel. Exploring tour be- • 

- yond the Rocky mountains 917.8 PI 

Parker, Theodore. Views of religion.. 230 P22 

West Roxbury sermons, 1837-48 252 P22 

Parker, T. J. Lessons in elementary. 

biology 570 P22 

Parker, Gapt. W. H. Familiar talks on 

astronomy 520 P222 

Parker, Re'o. W. II. Psalmody of the 

church 245 P22 

Parker, W. H., M. D. Science of life. . *616 P22 
Parkes, Samuel. Chemical catechism.. *540 P22 
Parkiiurst, C. D. Electric motor con- 
struction for amateurs 537 P22 

Parkman, Francis, y?'. Book of roses. . 716 P23 
France and England in North Amer- 
ica. Part 6 ; Half century of con- 
flict. 2v 970 PI 

Handbook of the northern tour 973.2 P 

Parkyns, G. J. Monastic and baronial 

remains. 271 P23 

Parkyns, Mansfield. Life in Abyssinia. 

2v 916.3 P 

Parley, Peter, pseud. See Goodrich, 

S. G. 
Parliamentary or constitutional history of 

England. 24v *328.2 P23 

Parloa, Maria. First principles of house- 
hold management and cookery 640 P23 

PARNELii, E. A. & others. Practical trea- 
tise on dyeing and calico printing . . 667 P24 

Parnellite split 329 P24 

Parr, Louisa. John Thompson, block- 
head P2412 

Squire P2413 

Parrisu, R. a. Details of an unpaid 

claim on France 336 P24 

Parry, E. A. Charles Macklin B M21 

Parry, Joseph. Water supply 628 P24 



Parsons, A. R. Parsifal 

Parsons, Benjamin. ADti-Bacclms 

Parsons, J. C. English versification 

Parsons, J. R., jr. French schools 

through American eyes 

Parsons, Samuel, jr. Landscape gar- 

Parsons, S. B. The rose 

Parsons, Titeophilus, jr. I^aws of 
business for all the states and Can- 

Memoir of Theophilus Parsons 

Professor's letters 

Parton, James. Andrew Jackson. 3v. 

Fancy Fern 

Life and times of Aaron Burr 

Smoking and drinking 

Thomas Jefferson 

Topics of the time 

ed. Humorous poetry 

Parton, Sarah P. (W.), (Fanny Fern.) 

Caper sauce 

Feru leaves 


Partridge, C. S. Stereotyping ; the 

papier mache process 

Partridge, J. A. Making of the Ameri- 
can nation 

On democracy 

Parvin, Theophilus. Obstetric nurs- 

Pascoe, C E. London of to-day.- 

Paske, C. T. Myamma 

Pater, W. H. Appreciations 

Imaginary portraits 

Marius the epicurean 

Paterculus. Historia Romana 

Paterson, WiiiLiAM, ed. Laws of the 
state of New Jersey 

Patmore, C. K. D. Poems. 2v 

Principle in art 

Paton, a. a. Highlands and islands of 
the Adriatic. 2v 

Paton, J. G. Autobiography. 2v 

Paton, W. R. & Hicks, E. L. Inscrip- 
tions of Cos 

Patriotic and heroic eloquence. Anon . . . 

Patten, S. N. Economic basis of protec- 

Pattern book for jewellers 

Patterson, R. H. New golden age and 
influence of the precious metals 
upon the world. 2v 

Pattison, Mark. Milton 

782 P25 

178 P252 

426 P25 

370 P25 

*710 P25 
716 P25 

*347 P25 

818 P253 
B J1218 
818 P25 
B B9423 
178 P25 
B J3513 

818 P251 

808.7 P25 

818 P2521 

. F251 

818 P252 

655 P25 

973.7 P7 
321 P25 

616 P25 

914.2 P 

915.9 PI 

824 P2711 

824 P271 


878 P27 

*345. 1 P27 
821 P27 
704 P27 

914.36 P 
B P27 

913 P12 
815 P27 

337 P27 

*745 P27 

332 P27 

Patton, F. L. & Swing, David. Great 

Presbyterian conflict 285 P27 

Patton, William. Laws of fermenta- 
tion 178 P27 

Patton, W. H. Prayer and its remark- 
able answers 248 P27 

Paul, B. H. See Bolley P. A. & Paul, 
B. H. 

Paul, C. K. William Godwin. 2v B G542 

Paul, Hermann. Principles of the his- 
tory of language 409 P28 

Paulding, J. K., (Launcelot Langstaff.) 

Book of vagaries 817 P28 

Westward ho ! 2v P28 

Pausch, Georg. Journal during the Bur- 

goyne invasion 973 3 P 

Payer, J. R. von. Within the Arctic cir- 
cle ^ 919.8P1 

Payn, James. Married beneath him P293 

Word and the will P2929 

Payne, E. J. History t)f America, v. 1. 970 P2 

History of European colonies 325 P29 

ed. Voyages of the Elizabethan sea- 
men 910 P2 

See also Cotton, J. S. & Payne, E. J. 

Payne, F. M. Business educator 658 P291 

Legal adviser 658 P29 

Pazos, Vicente. United provinces of 

South America ^ 980 P 

Peabody, a. p. Christian belief and life. 252 P311 

Harvard graduates 920 P31 1 

Peabody, Elizabeth P. Crimes of the 

house of Austria 9 13 P 

Record of Mr. Alcott's school 371 P' 1 

Peacock, T. L. Rhododaphne 821 ill 

Peake, Elizabeth. Pen pictures of 

Europe. , 914 P2 

Peake, R. B. Colman family 929 CI 

Peard, Frances M. Baroness P3118 

Blue dragon j P3114 

Prentice Hugh j P31 15 

Scrapegrace Dick j P31 16 

To horse and away j P3l 17 

Pearl. Anon 821 P312 

Pearson, Charles H. History of Eng- 

land. 2v 942.01 P 

Pearson, H. N. Memoirs of the life and 
correspondence of the Rev. C. F. 

Swartz. 2v B Sw2 

Pearson, Karl. Grammar of science. . . 501 P3l 
Pease, A. G. Philosophy of Trinitarian 

doctrine 231 P32 

Pease, L. M., ed. Monthly record of the 

Five Points House of Refuge. 3v. 861 P32 



Peck, George. Wyoming, Pa 974.8 P 

Peck, Wallace. Puritans 817 P33 

Peck, William. Popular handbook and 

atlas of astronomy *520 P33 

Peckover's mill. Anon j P33 

Peffer, W. a. The farmer's side; his 

troubles and their remedy 332 P34 

Pegge, Samuel. Curialia miscellanea. . . 914.2 PI 
Young Shetlander and his home 914.1 PI 

Peirce, Benjamin. History of Harvard 

university 378 P35 

Peirce, Benjamin, jr. Linear associa- 
tive algebra 512 P35 

Peirce, B. K. Half century with juven- 
ile delinquents ; or, The New York 
House of Refuge 364 P35 

Pellew, George. John Jay B J331 

Peltz, G. a. Delightful stories ; home 

talks out of the wonderful book.. . . J220.9 P36 

Pemberton, T. E. Memoir of E. A. 

Sothern B So72 

Pembroke, G. R. C. Herbert, Earl of & 
KiNGSLET, G. H. South Sea 
bubbles. 919.6 P 

Pendarves, Mrs. See Delany, Mrs, Mary 
(G.), {formerly Mrs. Pendarves.) 

Pendleton, Edmund. Conventional 

Bohemian P3722 

On^ wonian's way P371 

Pendleton, John. Newspaper report- 
ing *..... 070 P37 

Pendleton, Louis. King Tom and the 

runaways j P3721 

Pendleton, W. N. Science a witness 

for the Bible 215 P37 

Penn, Arthur, pseud. See Matthews, 
J. B. 

Penn, Granville. The bioscope 170 P38 

Memorials of the professional life 
and times of William Penn B P3824 

Pennell, Elizabeth R. See Penriell, 
Joseph & Elizabeth R. 

Pennell, Joseph. The Jew at home 296 P38 

Pen drawing and pen draughtsmen. .. *740 P38 
and Elizabeth R. Stream of pleas- 
ure 914.2 P2 

Pknniman, W. B. D. See Wellington, 
A. M., Penniman, W. B. D. & 
Baker, C. W. 

Pennot, Rev. Peter, pseud. See Round, 
W. M. F. 

Penny, Virginia. Employments of 

women 396 P38 

Penny cyclopedia. 17v *032 P38 

Penny magazine, v. 1-15 052 P38 

Pennypacker, S. W. Historical and 

biographical sketches 974.8 Pl 

People's cyclopedia. 4v *031 P39 

Pepper, J. H. Playbook of metals'. 669 P39 

P^RCiVAL, Louisa J. (W.), comp. fc?ir 

David Wedderburn B W412 

Percy, Thomas, ed. Reliques of ancient 

English poetry 85I.O8 P41 

Perdicaris, G. a. Greece of the Greeks. 

2v 914.95 P 

Pereira, Jonathan. Elements of ma- 
teria medica. 2v *615 P41 

Food and diet *613 P41 

Perez, Bernard. First three years of 

childhood 150 P41 

Perez Galdos, Benito. Gloria. 2v . . . P4111 

Marianela P4112 

Perkins, C. C. Italian sculptors *730 P41 

Perkins, Eli, pseud. See Landon, M, D. 

Perkins, F. B. Charles Dickens B D5514 

Scrope P413 

Perkins, F. C. Cornell university 378 P41 

Perkins, Justin. Eight years in Persia. 915.5 P 

Perkins, J. B. France under the regency. 944.03 P2 

Perkins, J. H. Annals of the west 978 P 

Perkins, Sue C. Dear P4i41 

Miss Toosey's mission j P414 

Perley, Sidney. Historic storms of 

New England 551.5 P42 

Perrot, Georges & Chipiez, Charles. 

Art in Persia *709 P421 

Art in Phoenicia. 2v *709 P42 

Art in Phrygia *709P4211 

Perry, Amos. Carthage and Tunis 961 P 

Perry, A. L. Introduction to political 

economy ; 330 P42 

Same 330 P421 

Perry, Bliss. Broughton house P-124 

Perry, B. C. Human hair and the dis- 
eases which affect it 616 P42 

Perry, John. Elementary treatise on 

steam 621 P42 

Spinning tops 531 P42 

Perry, Nora. After the ball 811 P421 

Another flock of girls j P4214 

Rosebud garden of girls j P4215 

Perry, T. S. History of Greek literature. 880.9 P42 
Perry, W. S. Life lessons from the 

book of Proverbs 170 P42 

Pestalozzi, J. H. Leonard and Gertrude. P43 
Peters, Carl. New light on dark Africa. 916.7 PI 
Peters, Charles, ed. Girl's own out- 
door book j 796 P44 



Peto, Sir S. M. Resources of America. . 917.3 PI 
PBTRiEi W. M. F. Tell el Hesy ...'..... 913 Pll 
Pettit, J. S. Modern reproductive 

grapliic processes 740 P45 

Pfeiffer, Ida L. (R.) Last travels 916.9 PI 

Visit to Iceland 914.91 PI 

Pfleiderer, Otto. Development of the- 
ology in Germany since Kant 193 P56 

PiiAEDiWJS. Fables 871 P49 

Phallic worship. Anon 292 P49 

PiiELAN, Charlotte E (B.) See Tonna, 
Charlotte E. (B.) 

Phelan, J. E. Air brake practice 625 P51 

Phelps, Austin. My note book 204 P5111 

Phelps, Elizabeth S. See Ward, Eliza- 
beth S. (P.) 

Phelps, Harry. Marine surveying 526 P51 

Phelps, H. P. Hamlet from the actors' 

standpoint 792 P51 

PniLBRiCK, E. S. American sanitary en- 
gineering 628 P53 

Philbrick, F. a. & Westoby, W. A. S. 
Postage and telegraph stamps of 

Great Britain 383 P53 

Philbrick, P. H. Beams and girders 620 P53 

Piiillimore, Lucy. Sir Christopher 

Wren .... B W921 

Piiillimore, R. J. Principal ecclesias- 
tical judgments delivered in the 

Court of Arches, 1867-75 348 P54 

PniLLipps, Miss. Strong and free 396 P54 

Phillipps, J. O. Halliwell-. Intro- 
duction to Midsummer night's 

dream 822.3 P5411 

Shakespeariana *822.3 P541 

Phillipps-Wolley, E. C. O. L. See 

Wolley, E. C. O. L. Phillips-. 
Phillips, Charles. Curran and his 

contemporaries B C931 

Phillips, E. W. Watts Phillips B P54 

Phillips, G. S., (January Searle.) 

Memoirs of William Wordsworth. . B W891 
Phillips, H. J. Engineering chemistry. 543 P54 
Phillips, L. B. Dictionary of biograph- 
ical reference *920 P54 

Phillips, Philip. Forth bridge in its 

various stages of construction *624 P54 

Phillips, S. M. Famous cases of circum- 

stantial evidence 347 P54 

Phillips, Wendell. Speeches, lectures 

and letters 815 P54 

Phillips, W. A. Labor, land and law.. . 311 P54 
Phillpotts, Eden. Folly and fresh 

air P54 


Philomneste, Junior, psevd. See Bru- 
net, P. G. 

Phipson, T. L. Phosphorescence 535 P55 

Phisterer, Frederick, comp. New 

York in the war of the rebellion. . . 973.7 PIO 
Physician, pseud. Education and train- 
ing considered as a subject for state 

legislation 370 Ed8 

Physicus, pseud. See Romanes, G. J. 

PiAGET, H. F. The watch 681 P57 

Piatt, Donn. Men who saved the Union. 973.7 P3 
PiCART, B. Ceremonies and religious 
customs of the nations of the 

world *270 P58 

PiCKARD, J. L. School supervision 370 P58 

Pico, G. F. G. P. della Mirandola B P58 

PiCTON, J. A. Conflict of oligarchy and 

democracy 335 P58 

Picturesque Mediterranean. 2v *910 P9 

PiDGEON, William. Traditions of the 

De-coo-dah 970.1 PI 

PiEROTTi, Ermete. Customs and tradi- 
tions of Palestine 915.6 P3 

Pierre, J. H. G. Parisian pastor's 

glance 917.3 P 

PiERREPONT, E. W. Fifth Avenue to 

Alaska 917.98 P 

PiERSON, A. T. Crisis of missions 266 P61 

Divine enterprise of missions 266 P611 

Miracles of missions 266 P6111 

PiERSON, G. S. See Staley, Cady & Pier- 
son, G. S. 

PiESSE. C. H., ed. Art of perfumery 668 P61 

PiGNOTTi, Lorenzo, History of Tuscany. 

4v 914.5P 

PiGOTT, Grenville. Manual of Scan- 
dinavian mythology 293 P62 

Pike, G. H. C. H. Spurgeon B Sp91 

Pike, J. S. Prostrate state, [South 

Carolina] 975.7 P 

Pike, Nicholas. Sub-tropical rambles 

in Aphanapteryx 916.9 P 

Pike, Warburton. Barren ground of 

northern Canada 917.1 P 

Pilchbr, J. E. First aid in illness and 

injury 617 P64 

Piles, Roger de. Lives of eminent 

painters 920 P64 

PiLPAY. Fables 892 P64 

PiMBLETT, W. M. Emin Pasha B Sch5 

PiNKBRTON, R. H. Elementary text- 
book of dynamics and hydrostatics. 531 P65 
PiNKNEY, William. William Pinkney. . B P65 
Pinto, F. M. Voyages and adventures. , 910 P8 



Piozzi, Hbstkr L. (S.), (formerly Mn, 

Thbale.) Autobiograpby 

Glimpses of Italian society in tlie 18tli 


Journey through France, Italy and 


PiTCAiKN, W. D. Two years among 

savages of New Guinea 

PiTKm, Timothy. Political and civil 

history of the United States. 2v. . . 

Pitman, Bsnjamin, camp. Assassination 

of President Lincoln and the trial of 

the conspirators 

Pitman, Emma R. Lady hymn writers. . 
Pitman, Isaac. Illustrated edition of the 
Vicar of Wakefield [Goldsinith], in 
the corresponding' style of phonog- 

Manual of phonography 


Phonographic and pronouncing dic- 
tionary of the English language. . . . 

Phonographic phrase book 

Phonographic reporter 

Pitman, Marie J. (D.) European breezes. 

Pitts-street chapel lectures .■ 

Pizsamiglio, Lxjigi. Distributing co- op- 
erative societies 

Planch^, J. R. Cyclopaedia of costume. 


Planck, G. J. Introduction to sacred 

philology and interpretation 

Plato. Against tbe atheists ; tr. by 


Four dialogues 

Phsedon ; tr. by Dacier 

Works^ V. 2-3 

Platt, James. Life 


Pliny. Historic of the world, commonly 

called the natural historic 

Plon, Eugene. Thorvaldsen 

Plotinus. Treatises ; tr. by Taylor 

Plum, W. R. Military telegraph during 

the civil war. 2v 

Plummer, C. S. Leaves from a drum- 
mer's diary 

Plummer, J. I. Introduction to astronomy. 
Plumptrb, C. J. King's college lectures 

on elocution 

Plutarch. Lives; tr. by Langhorne. 3v. 
Plympton, a. G. Dear daughter Dorothy. 

Plympton, G. W. Blowpipe 

Bow tQ become an engineer, 

B P6521 
914.5 PI 

914 P8 
919.5 P 

973 P2 

343 P68 
245 P68 

653 P6814 

653 P68 

668 P681 

653 P6813 

653 P6812 

653 P6811 

914.3 P 

230 P68 

334 P68 

*391 P69 

220.6 P69 

888 P6914 
888 PG912 
888 P6913 
888 P6915 
179 P69 
174 P69 

*500 P71 
B T3941 
888 P72 

973.7 P9 

520 P73 

808 5 P73 

888 P7413 


544 P74 

620 P74 

Plympton, G. W., comp. Aneroid 

barometer 533 P74 

Table book for civil and mechanical 
engineers 620 P741 

Pochet, L:6on. Steam injectors; their 

theory and use 621 P86 

Pocket logarithms. Anon • 510 P75 

Poesche, Theodore & Goepp, Charlim. 

New Rome; or. The United States « 

of the world 321 P75 

Poetical tributes to the memory of Llncolb^ 811 P75 

Poinsett, J. R. Notes on Mexico » . 917.2 P 


Pole, William. Philosophy of musio. . 780.1 P752 
and others. Handbook of games. 9t. 7^5 P751 

Political mirror; or. Review of JacksOti- 

ism I.. 329 P75 

POLITIKOS, pseud. Sovereigns and couHs 

of Europe « . 920 P75 

POLKO, Elisb (V.) Musical sketches. ... 780 P75 
Reminiscences of F. M. Bartholdy it. B M5211 

Pollard, A. W. Last words on the his- 
tory of the title page *096 P76 

ed. English mirac'e plays 792 P761 

Pollard, E. A. Early life, campaigns 
and public services of Robert E. 

Lee 920P76 

Jefferson Davis 973 7 P6 

Secondyearof the war 973 7 PU 

Pollard, Eliza F. Florence Nightin- 
gale , BN56 

Pollard, Josephine. Plays and ^ames 

for little folks j 790 P76 

Young folks* life of Jesus Christ . . . . j232 C4627 

Pollock, J. S. Out of the body 236 P76 

Pollock, W. H., Grove, F. C. & Pre- 

vosT, Camille. Fencing i... 796 P76 

Polo, Marco. Travels 915 P 

PoLYBius. History of tbe wars of the 

Romans 930 P 

POMKROY, M. M. Our Saturday nights. . 818 P77 

PONTO, MuNGO. Earthquakes, their his- 
tory, phenomena and probAble 
causes »... 551.2 P77 

POOL, J. J. Studies in Mohammedanism. 297 P78 

Pool, Maria L. Dally P78 

Same as " That Caroliny gal/' 

Mrs. Keats Bradford PTSll 

Roweny in Boston. (For sequel see 
Mrs. Keats Bradford.) P781 

Poole, D. C. Sioux of Dakota 970. 1 P 

Poole, Joseph. Practical telepone hand- 
book 537.8 P78 



POOLB, R. L. Wycliffe and movements 

for reform 270.5 P78 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. Story of the 

Barbary corsairs 961 PI 

Poole, W. F. Anti-slavery opinions be- 
fore tbe year 1800 326 P78 

Poor, H.V. Directory of railway officials. 

2v *385P791 

Manual of tbe railroads of tbe United 
States for 1870-78, 1881-85, 1887-89, 

1891-92. 15v *385P79 

Resumption and.tlie silver question. . . 332 P791 
Poor, J. A. First iaternational railway 
and tbe colonization of New Eng- 
land ; life and writings B P792 

POORE, B. P. Rise and fall of Louis 

Pbilippe 944.04 P 

comp. Federal and state constitutions, 
colonial cbarters and otber organic 

laws of tbe United States. 2v *342.3 P79 

Pope, F. L. Evolution of tbe electric ' 

incandescent lamp 537 P811 

Popular science montbly. v. 28-31, 33-40. 505 P81 

Popular science review, v. 1-16. 505 P812 

Portal, G. H. My mission to Abys- 
sinia 916 3 PI 

Porter, Ann E. Cousin Polly's gold 

mine P834 

Porter, David. Journal of a cruise to 

tbe Pacific ocean 910 P7 

Porter, D. D. Artbur Merton P8322 

Naval bistory of tbe civil war 973.7 P6 

Porter, G. R. Manufacture of porce- 
lain and glass. 666 P83 

Porter, J. L. Five years in Damascus. 

2v 915.6P1 

Giant cities of Basban 915.6 P 

Porter, Noah. Books and reading 028 P83 

Elements of intellectual science 151 P83 

Human intellect 151 P831 

Porter, Rose. Song and sigb P8335 

Summer drift-wood for tbe winter 

fire P8336 

Winterfire P8334 

Years tbat are told P8333 

Posse af Saby, Nils. Swedisb system 

of educational gymnastics 613 P84 

PossELT, E. A. Structure of fibres, 

yarns and fabrics *677 P84 

TecbnolOgy of textile design 677 P841 

Post, Lydia M., ed., (Sidney Barclay.) 

American revolution. 973.3 PI 

Pott, Mrs. Henry. Francis Bacon and 

bis secret society B B1315 

Potter, Alonzo, ed. Memorial papers.. 283 P85 
and Emerson, G. 6. Scbool and tbe 
scboolmaster '. 371 P85 

Potter, Beatrice. Co-operative move- 
ment in Great Britain 334 P85 

Potter, H. C. Waymarks, 1870 1891 ... 252 P85 

Potter, V. M. To Europe on a stretcber. 914 P 

Potts, Robert. Elementary algebra 512 P85 

POTWIN, Jirr«. H. K. Wbat girls can do. j P85 

PouCHET, F. A. Tbe universe 500 P86 

PouiiSEN, V. A. Botanical micro cbem- 

istry 581 P86 

PouLTON, E. B. Colours of animals ; 

tbeir meaning afid use 591 P86 

POWDERLY, T. V. Tbiity years of labor. 331 P87 

Powell, H. J. Principles of glass mak- 
ing 666 P87 

Powell, J. W. First annual report of 
tbe bureau of etbnology to tbe sec- 
retary of tbe Smitbsonian institute. *572 P87 

Power, F. D., comp. Pocket-book for 

miners and metallurgists 622 P87 

Power, Henry. Elements of buman 

pbysiology 611 P87 

Practical cabinet maker 684 P88 

Pradt, D. D. de. Europe and America 

in 1821. 2v. 940.9 P 

Praed, Mrs. R. M. Campbell-. Decem- 
ber roses P88 

Praed, W. M. Lillian, and otber poems. 821 P88. 
Poems. 2v 821 P881 

Praeger, Ferdinand. Wagner as I 

knew bim B W1213 

Pratt, Anne. Dawnings of genius 920 P88 

Pratt, A. E. Snows of Tibet 915.1 PI 

Pratt, D. M. A decade of Cbristian En- 
deavor 267 P88 

Pratt, M. L. Fairyland of flowers j 580 P88 

Stories from Sbakespeare 822.3 P88 

Pray, I. C. (A journalist.) Memoirs of 

J. G. Bennett B B43 

Preble, G. H. Cbronological bistory of 
tbe origin and development of steam 
navigation 387 P91 

Preecb, W. H. & Sivewright, James. 

Telegrapby 654 P91 

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See also Burton, W. K. & Pringle, 

Prize essays on a congress of nations 

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Essays on astronomy 

Half hour with the telescope 

The sun 

The universe and the coming transits. 

Profits in poultry. Anon 

Pro slavery arguments 

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SMes. Debates of the house of dep- 
uties in the general convention, Bal- 
timore, October, 1871 

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Dust and its dangers 

Story of the bacteria and their rela- 
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205 P93 

*205 P931 

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945 P 

821 P94 

B L1631 

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614 P95 

616 P95 

916.7 P2 



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*015 P96 

*422 P96 

669 P96 

917.3 P2 



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Tragedy of success \ 812 P981 

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• Quiller-. 

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Boston ' 974Q 

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in nature 50 1 Rl 1 

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portance in education 158 Rll 

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and labours ... B P26 

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Westward by rail 917.8 Rl 

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Microscopical examination of potable 

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Ralph, John. 
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On Canada's frontier 917. 1 Rl 

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2v 973.3R 

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2v.. ,. . . • 942.04 Rl 

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English grammar 420 R14 

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Columbian Exposition ; sketch-book 
showing the principal buildings .... 606 R15 
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book 549 R15 

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Thomas Jefferson B J3514 

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book 531 R16 

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Mongols and Romans 915 R 

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government in England 842 R17 

Short studies in Shakespeare's plots. . 822 3 R17 
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link ; or, Bible women in the homes 

of the Loiidon poor 266 R17 

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Raphall, M. J. Post-biblical history of 

the ^e ws. 2v 933 Rl 

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an account of the treaties, etc., be- 
tween monarchs of England and 

foreign powers. 4v 942 R3 

History of England. 21 v 942 R 2 

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ventures of Baron Munchausen. ... R181 
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loughhy ) Lady Willoughby R182 

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married life of Mary Powell B M642 

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Moravian life 284 R18 

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tory and progress of district nurs- 
ing 616R18 

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Mozart R191 

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Egypt and Babylon 930 R2 

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Isaac and Jacob B Isl 

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Moses B M853 

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pathohrgy 132 R21 

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coln B L6322 

Life and public services of Lincoln. . . B L6321 
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and West Indies. 8v 954 Rl 

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tion of the multi-tubular boiler and 
portable high pressure engine * 621 R22 

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cerning Henry Hudson *B H868 

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Poems 811 R221 

Wagoner of the Alleghanies 811 R22 

Read, W. T. Life and correspondence of 

George Read B R222 

Reade. Charles. Eighth commandment 

[International copyright.] . . . ^ 341 R22 

Wandering heir R223 

Same R2238 

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Reade B R221 

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moirs and correspondence B R24 

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tion of modern wines 663 R24 

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nomy 138 R24 

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Red ford, George. 

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or. From Malachi to Christ 220.9 R24 

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DeWint B C833 

History of water-colour painting in 
England 751 R24 

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Memoir B R243 

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3v 944.04 R 

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Life and correspondence of Joseph 
Reed. 2 v B R25 

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Forrest B F77 

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prudence and toxicology 340 R25 

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and Rebs, L. Life and times of Sir 

George Grey. 2v B G863 

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Reeve, Henry. 
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Hawaii 919.69 M 

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dustry 915.2 R2 

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western states of America 917.8 R2 

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Frances C. (F.) 
Reid, D. B. Ventilation in American 

dwellings 697 R27 

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Jackson B J1212 

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and others Stories about animals. . . j 599 R27 
Reid, Thomas. Clock and watch mak- 
ing 681 R27 

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of Richard Monckton Milnes. 2v. . B H81 
Reid, William. Attempt to develope 

the law of storms 551.5 R271 

Progress of the development of the 

law of storms 551.5 R27 

Reign of terror. Anon. 2v 944.04 Rl 

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Reinhardt, j. C. Collection of Swiss 

costumes in miniature *391 R27 

Remondino, p. C. History of circum- 
cision *392 R28 

Mediterranean shores of America ; 
Southern California, its climate, 
physical and meteorological condi- 
tions » 613 R28 

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tesse de. Memoirs, 1802-1808 B R2831 

Selections from [her] letters 846 R28 

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History of the origins of Christianity. 

V. 1. Life of Jesus 270 R29 

V. 2. Apostles 270 R291 

V. 3. St. Paul 270R2911 

V. 4. Anti-Christ 270 R2912 

V.5. Gospels 270R2913 

V. 7. Marcus Aurelius 270 R2914 

People of Israel, v. 2, 3 933 R 

Recollections and letters B R29 

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Rennie, James. Natural history of quad- 
rupeds 599 R29 

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Points of view 814 R291 

comp. Book of famous verse 808.1 R29 

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ing 710R29 

Republic, The. v. 1-7 320.5 R29 

Republican Party. Proceedings of the 
convention held at Philadelphia, 
1873 329.6 R29 

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Resident, A, pseud. See A damson, W. A. 

Retrospective review, v. 1-18 052 R31 

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Reumont, Alfred von. Carafas of Mad- 

daloni 914.5 Rl 

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and sculpture. 15v 708 R32 

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Reynolds, George. Story of the Book 

of Mormon 298 R33 

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Literary works. Sv 701 R33 

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the blue jackets 910 R6 

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States. 2v 973.6 Rl 

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ligion as illustrated by Celtic heath- 
endom . .' 293 R34 

Studies in the Arthurian legend 398 R34 

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economy and taxation 330 R35 

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coln ! B L6329 • 

Rice, I. L. What is music ? 781 R36 

Rice, Sara S. E. A. Poe B P7511 

Rich, C. J. Residence in Koordistan. 

2v 915.6 R3 

Rich, Obadiah. Catalogue of books re- 
lating principally to America 015 R37 

Richard, of Devizes & Vinsauf, Geof- 
frey DE. Chronicles of the Cru- 
sades 940.4 R 

Richards, John. Manual of machine 

construction 621 R39 

Richards, J. W. Almuinium , . , W R39 



RiCHABDS, Laura E. (H.) Captain Jan- 
uary j R393 

Hildegarde's holiday j R3932 

Hildegarde's liome j R3933 

Qaeen Hildegarde j R3931 

Richardson, A. D. Secret service 973.7 R3 

Richardson, A. M. Home made candies. 642 R39 

Richardson, B. W. National liealtli. . . 614 R39 
Richardson, Dictionary of 

the English language. 2v *423 R39 

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reading 818 R39 

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Primer of American literature 810.9 R391 

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and others. Elizabethan architecture 

and ornament *^2S R39 

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ogy and its associate sciences 550 R89 

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building 684 R39 

ed. Blacksmithing. v. 4 682 R391 

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Mediterranean. 2v 910 R9 

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modelling in paper 720 R39 

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Richmond, J. F. New York and its insti- 
tutions 917.47 R 

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printing as applied to lithography. . 763 R411 

Grammar of lithography 763 R41 

Richmond, Lady, pseud. See Putnam, 

Sarah A. 6. 

Richter, Eugene. Co-operative stores. 334 R41 

RiCHTER, J. P. F. Titan R4113 

RicoRD, F. W. Empire of Rome 937 R 

Republic of Rome 937 Rl 

Youth's grammar 425 R42 

tr. English songs from foreign 

tongues 808.1 R42 

Self-tormentor 808.1 R421 

RiDDELL, Robert. Slide rule simplified. 694 R43 

Riddle, A. G. B. F. Wade B Wll 

Riddle, J. E. Luther and his times 270.6 R43 

RiDOUT, Thomas. Ten years of Upper 

Canada 971 R 

RiDPATH, J. C. Cyclopaedia of universal 

history. 4v 903 R 

United States of America 973 R2 


' freun von. Letters and journals. . . B R4421 
Letters and memoirs relating to the 

war of American independence . , . , 973. 3 Rl 

Riis, J. A. Children of the poor 889 R441 

How the other half lives 339 R44 

Riley, James. Narrative of the loss of 

the American brig Commerce 910 R5 

Riley, J. W. Flying islands of the night. 811 R45 

Old-fashioned roses 811 R451 

Sketches in prose, and occasional 

verses R45 

Ring WALT, J. L., ed. American ency- 

clopcedia of printing *655 R47 

Rio, Antonio del. Ruins of an ancient 

city *913 R4 

Ripley, R. S. War with Mexico. 2v. . . 973.6 R 
Ripper, William. Instruction in ma- 
chine drawing and design 744 R48 

Steam 536 R48 

Ritchie, Anna C. (O.) Italian life and 

legends 914.5 R2 

Ritchie, Anne I. (T.) Records of Tenny- 
son, Ruskln and Browning 920 R512 

Village on the cliff R5114 

Ritchie, D. G. Darwinism and politics. 575 D252 

Principles of state interference 320 R51 

Ritchie, J. E. Australian ramble, 919.4 R 

Ritchie, Leitch. History of the Indian 

empire. 2v 915.4 R 

RiTiER, Carl. Comparative geography 

of Palestine. 4v 956 R 

Geographical studies 551.4 R51 

RiTTER, F. L. Music in its relation to in- 
tellectual life 780.4R51 

Realm of tones *920 R51 

RiVERO, M. E. & Jschudi, T. j. V. Pe- 
ruvian antiquities 913 R3 

Rivers, Thomas. Miniature fruit garden. 634 R52 
Rives, Am^lie. See Chanler, Amelie (R.) 
Rives, W. C. Life and times of James 

Madison. 3v B M2611 

Road construction and maintenance 625 B53 

Roads and railroads, vehicles and modes 
of travelling of ancient and modem 

countries. Anon 656 R13 

ROBACK, C. W. Mysteries of astrology. . 133 R53 
ROBBiNS, Mary C. Rescue of an old 

place 818R53 

Roberts, C. H. ** Down the 0-hi-o." R542 

Roberts, David. The Holy land. 2v. . *915.6 R4 
Roberts, Emma. Memoirs of the houses 

of York and Lancaster. 2 v 942.04 R 

Roberts, F. C. Figure of the earth 526 R54 

Roberts, J. B. Compend of anatomy. . . 611 R54 
Roberts, J. S., ed. Legendary ballads. .821.08 R54 
Roberts, R. D. Eighteen years of uni- 
versity extension 378 R54 



Roberts, William. Letter writing. . 808.6 R54 
Roberts- Austen, W. C. See Austen, 

W. C. Roberts-. 
Robertson, Alexander. Count Cam- 

pello and catholic reform in Italy.. B C152 

Robertson, E. S. Longfellow B L8613 

Robertson, F. W. Lectures and ad- 
dresses 824 R54 

Notes on Genesis 222.1 R54 

Sermons. 5v 252 R54 

Robertson, James. Early religion of 

Israel 296 R54 

Robertson, J*. A. See Johnston, J. B. & 

Robertson, J. A. 
Robertson, J. M. Modern humanists. . . 304 R54 
Robertson, William. Charles V, em- 
peror of Germany B C3861 

History of America. 2v, 973 R4 

History of Scotland during the reigns 
of Queen Mary and King James. 2v. . 941 R 

Robertson, William, i). D. India 954 R 

Robertson, Wyndham, Jr. Pocahontas 

and her descendants 929 Rl 

ROBIDA, Albert. ** Yester-year;" ten 

centuries of toilette 391 R55 

Robinson, Alfred. Life in California. . 917.94 Rl 

Robinson, Charles. Kansas conflict 978.1 R 

Robinson, C. S. Simon Peter B P4432 

Robinson, Edward. Biblical researches. 

3v 915. 6 Rl 

Later biblical researches 915.6 R2 

Physical geography of the Holy Land. 915.6 R 
Robinson, Fayette. Account of the or- 
ganization of the army of the United 

States. 2v 855 R56 

Robinson, Frances M. Mr. Butler's 

ward R564 

Robinson, F. W. As long as she lived. . R5615 
Robinson, Hastings, ed. Original letters 
relative to the English reformation. 

2 V 270. 6 R56 

Robinson, H. C. Diary. 2v... B R56 

Robinson, John. Ferns in their homes 

and ours 587 R56 

Robinson, Sara T. L. Kansas. 917.81 R 

Robinson, S. W. Railroad economics. . . 625 R56 
Strength of wrought-iron bridge 

members 624 R56 

Teeth of wheels 621 R56 

Robinson, Thi^rese A. L. von J., (Talvi.) 

Colonization of America. 2v 974 R 

Fifteen years ..... R565 

Languages and literature of the Slavic 

nations. , 890 R56 


Robinson, Thomas. Scripture charac- 

ters. 2v 220.9 R66 

Robinson, William. Alpine flowers for 

English gardens 581 R56 

Mushroom culture 635 R56 

Robinson, William, M. B. Gas and pe- . 

troleum engines 621 R562 

Robinson, W. C. Revolt of the Nether- 
lands , . 949.2 R 

Robinson, W. D. Mexican revolution. 2v. 972 R 

Roche, J. J. J. B. O'Reilly B Or33 

ROCKHILL, W. W. Land of the Lamas. . 915.1 B 

RocKSTRO, W. S. See Holland, H. S. & 
Rockstro, W. S. 

Rockwell, Charles. Catskill moun- 
tains 917.47R1 ^ 

RocKWOOD, Caroline W. In Biscayne 

bay R59 

RocQUAiN, Felix. Revolutionary spirit 

preceding the French revolution, . . 944.03 R 

RODD, J. R. Frederick, crown prince and 

emperor B F873 

RODENBOUGH, T. F., comp. Everglade to 

canon 973 R3 

Roe, E. P. Home acre 634 R62 

Hornets* nest R6228 

Play and profit in my garden 635 R62 

Roe, E. R. Brought to bay R625 

Roe, J. E. Mortal moon; or. Bacon and 

his masks 808.4 R62 ^ 

Roger, of Wendover. Flowers of his- 
tory. 2v 942.01 R 

Rogers, Fairman. Magnetism of iron 

vessels 538 R63 

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rights and privileges 342 R63 

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Colour *' Society 706 R63 

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physiology considered with refer- 
ence to natural theology. 2v 215 R63 

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ham's money R6417 

Matter of millions R6416 

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Appeal to impartial posterity, 2 v. , B R641 



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history j 943 R4 

ed. Tales from Scottish history j 941 RL 

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glacier 910 RIO 

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New England bygones 917.4 R 

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amination of theism 211 R66 

Darwin and after Darwin 575 D2526 

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natural history j 590 R66 

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Temples and tombs of Egypt. 2v . . . 916.2 R 
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self. 2v : BR66 

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of the times of Charles 11. 2v 942 06 Rl 

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other functional disorders of daily 

life ; . . 616 R67 

RoosETELT, Blanche, pgeud. See Mac- 

chetU, Blanche R. (T.) 

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Progressive petticoats 817 R67 

Superior fishing 799 R671 1 

Roosevelt, Theodore. New York 974.7 Rl 

Ranch life 917.8 R3 

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Root, N. W. T. School amusements 371 R 67 

Ropes, A. R. History of Europe 940 R 

RORER, Mrs. S. T. Home candy making. 642 R69 
RoscoB, Henry & Thomas, eomps. West- 
minster Hall ; or. Professional relics 

of the bar, bench and woolsack. 3 v. 340.9 R71 

RoscoE, Sir H. E. Spectrum analysis. . . *544 R71 
Roscoe, Thomas. Life and writings of 

Miguel de Cervantes-Saavedra. ... 6 C332 
comp. See Roscoe, Henry & Thomas, 
Roscoe, William. Life and pontificate 

of Leo the tenth. 2v B L552 

Lorenzo de Medici B M46 

Rose, Hbinrich. Practical treatise of 

chemical analysis. 2v 544 R 72 

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Rose, Joshua. Key to engines and en- 
gine running 621 R721 

Mechanical drawing self-taught. ..... 744 R72 

Modern machine-shop practice. 2v. .*621 R7212 

Pattern-maker's assistant ... 621 R7211 

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ucation 370R721 

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French 448 R72 

Meisterschaft system; German 438 R72 

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Manchus. . .% 951 Rl 

Ross-Church, Mrs. See Lean, Florence 

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Rossetti as designer and writer. ..... B R7321 

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ichsah R76 

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corrosion 621 R78 

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in hard soldering 671 R79 

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Royal ARCHiEOLOOiCAL Institute. Pro- 
ceedings at Norwich 906 R 

Proceedings at Winchester '. . 906 HI 

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osophy 190 R81 

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Conversation on music 780.4 R82 

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river 918.2 R 

RuMLBY, J. See Knight, Frederick & 
Rumley, J. 

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armour 170 R87 

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voice 808 R89 

Rush, Richard. Residence at the court 

of London 914.2 Rl 



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Elements of drawing 740 R89 

Elements of perspective 742 R89 

Modern painters. 5v 750 R89 

Poems. 2v 821 R89 

PrsBterita. 3v B R89 

Sesame and lilies 874 R89 

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In a club corner 814 R911 

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Russell, Henry & Gattie, William. 

Ruin of the Soudan . . 916 2 Rl 

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suggestions 329 R91 

ed. Memoirs of Thomas Moore. 

2v BM8121 

Russell, J. S. Systematic- technical ed- 
ucation. 370 R91 

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Russell, Patrick. Treatise of the 

plague, 1760-62 *616 R91 

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ters 826R91 

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the distribution of electricity 537.8 R91 

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Europe. 2v 913 R 

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comp. Orthophony 808.5 R91 

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Voyage to the Cape R9115 

and Jaques, W. H. Horatio Nelson. B N331 

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Gen. Todleben's history of the de- 
fence of Sebastopol 947 R2 

My diary North and South 973.7 R2 

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Tanner's lane R93 

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S. , E. O. Hungary and its revolutions. . . 943.9 S 

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Sabine, Robert. History and progress 

of the electric telegraph 654 Sal 

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oner of war 973.7 S7 

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Sadler, L. R. {Jacob Larwood) db Hot- 

TEN, J. C. History of signboards. . 659 Sal 
Sadler, M. E. See MacKinder, H. J. & 
Sadler, M. E. 

Sadtler, S. p. Handbook of industrial 

organic chemistry 547 Sal 

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son marriage « . B B646 

Records of the revolutionary war .... 973.3 S2 

S AFFORD, J. M. 8ee Killebrew, J. B. & 
Safford, J. M. 

Safford, W. H. Harman Blennerhas< 

sett B B61 

ed. Blennerhassett papers B B611 

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de Saint-Amand, A. L., Baron. 

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campaign against the Indians 970.1 S4 

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worth for the young j821 W8915 

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Sir Walter Raleigh B R1312 

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Handybook on property law 347 Sa3 

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tenderfoot in the west 917.9 SI 

St. Nicholas, v. 1-11, 13-19 j 051 Sa2 

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ginia Sa2 

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and women 808.4 Sa2 

Portraits of celebrated women 920 Sa2 

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Earl of Derby B D442 

Essays in English literature 808.4 Sa213 

Essays on French novelists 808.4 Sa212 

History of French literature 840.9 Sa2 

Miscellaneous essays 824 Sa2 

Sala, G. a. Journey due north. 914.7 SI 

Sala, Mrs. G. A. Famous people I have 

met 920 Sa3 

Salaman, j. S. . Trademarks ; their reg- 

istration and protection. . . . ^ 608 Sa3 

Sale, George, tr. Koran 297 K84 

Salem, F. W. Beer 663 Sa3 

Sales, Pierre. Price of a coronet Sa32 

Salis, Harriet A. de. Floral decora- 
tions 640 Sa31 

Wrinkles and notions for every house- 
hold 640 Sa3 

Salisbury, William. Botanist's com- 
panion. 2v 581 Sa3 

Salm-Salm, Agnes, Princess. Ten years 

of my life B Sa3 

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to the modern higher algebra , . 512 Sa3 

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Salt, H. S. Tlioreau B T3911 

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tical means of exploration 656 SaS 

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Elements of art criticism 701 Sa4 

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and adjacent states 598.2 Sa41 

With fly-rod and camera 799 Sa4 

Samuels, Samuel. From the forecastle 

to the cahin Sa4 

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Sanhorn, C. W. 

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farm 818Sa5 

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Amantine L. A. D. 

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signers to the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. 9v 920 Sa5 

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marks 325 Sa5 

^ANDERSON, J. S. BuRDON-, ed. Trans- 
lations of foreign biological me-i 
moirs. v. 1. . , 610 Sa5 

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finement in manners, morals, and 
religion 170 Sa5 

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Wesley's missionaries to America. . 920 Sa52 

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speaking.. 808.5 SaS 

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penal codes in Europe 343 Sa5 

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supremacies. 938 S 

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and administration *615 SaS 

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de. Researches respecting Ameri- 
cus Vespucius B V63 

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siege 914. 4 S2 

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4v *582Sa7 

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despair of science 133 Sa7 

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Martyn B M362 

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the Radical club 818 Sa7 

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events. 2v 973.5 S 

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Andre B An23 

ed. Braddock's expedition 973.3 So 

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Republic 918.2 S 

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Trent *270. 6 Sa7 

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Phillippe and the revolution of 

1830. 2v 944.06S 

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the Dead sea. 2v 915.6 S7 

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Saunders, Frederick. Story of the dis- 
covery of the new world by Colum- 
bus BC7217 

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continent [United States]. 917.3 S2 

Saunier, Claudius. Modem horology. . *681 SaS 

Watchmaker's handbook 681 Sa81 

Savage, C. C. The world, geographical, 

historical and statistical 910 S6 

Savage, James. Genealogical dictionary 

of first settlers of New England. 4v . *929 SI 
Savage, John. Our living representative 

men 920 Sa9 

Savage, M. J. Beligion of evolution. . . . 213 Sa9 
Saward, Blanche C. See Caul field, 
Sophia F. A. & Saward, Blanche C. 
Sawyer, G. A. Fret sawing and wood- 
carving 747 Sa9 

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City in the sea 914.5 S5 

Stories of the Italian artists 920 St7 

ed. Belt and spur j 940 S 

Saxon, Is4BELLe. Five years within the 

Golden Gate 917.94 S 

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Races of the old Testament 221.8 Sa9 

Science of language. 2v 410 Sa91 

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Creeds of Christendom. 3v 238 Scbl 

Germany; its universities, theology 

and religion 378 Sclil 

Literature and pootry 824 Sch 1 

Renaissance 709 Sclil 

Through Biblelands 915. 6 S4 

ed. Select library of the Nicene and 
Post-Nicene fathers. 14v. (1st ser). 281 Sclil 



ScHAFP, Philip & Wace, Henry, eds. 
Select library of Nicene and Post- 
Nicene fathers. 4v. (2nd ser.)... . 281 Schll 
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socialism 335 Sclil2 

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of ornament 745 Schl 

Wood carving 736 Schl 

ScHBPFEL, J. V. VON. Elikehard. 2v.. Sch22 

ScHELE DB Vere, Maxtmtltan. Leavcs 

from the book of nature 504 Sch2 

Modern magic 133 Sch2 

Wonders of the deep * . 504 Sch21 

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and dynamo- electric machines 537 Sch2 

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literature 820.4 Sch2 

ScHERFF, W. VON. New tactics of in- 
fantry. 355 Sch2 

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ScHiEFFELiN, S. B. Foundations of his- 
tory 930 S3 

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and KoRNER, C. G. Correspondence. 

3v 836 Sch31 

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dramatic art and literature 808.2 Sch3 

SCHLEGEL, K. W. F. Aesthetic and mis- 
cellaneous works 701 Sch32 

Philosophy of history. 901 SI 

ScHLEiERMACHER, F. E. D. Christmas 

eve 394 Sch3 

ScHLESiNGER, Max. Saunterlngs in and 

about London 914.2 S3 

ScHLOSSER, F. C. History of the 18th 

century. 6v ! 940 S3 

SCHMITZ, Leonhard. Ancient geography. 911 S 

ScHMUCKER, S. M. Alexander Hamilton. B H1812 

History of the four Georges B G29 

Schnitzler, Eduard. Emin Pasha in 

Central Africa 916.7 S9 

ScHOENHOF, Jacob. Economy of high 

wages 338 Sch6 

Schopenhauer, Arthur. Art of litera- 
ture 193 Sch614 

Counsels and maxims 193 Sch612 

Religion ; a dialogue 193 Sch61 

Studies in pessimism 193 Sch613 

Wisdom of life 193 Sch611 

Schoolcraft, H. R. Indian tribes of the 

United States. 6v *970.1 S5 

Iroquois 970.1 S 

Myths of Hiawatha 970.1 S3 

One6ta 970.1 S2 

Schoolcraft, H. R. Ozark mountains. . 917.78 S 
Personal memoirs of the Indian tribes. 970. 1 SI 

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States of America. 5v 973 SI 

ScHOULER, William. Massachusetts in 

the civil war 973.7 S5 

ScHOUW, J. F. Earth, plants and man. . 500 Sch62 

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scriptions and the Old Testament . . 492 Sch6 

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the Aryan peoples 572 Sch6 

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graving 777 Schl 

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Schroeder, Francis. Shores of the 

Mediterranean. 2v 910 S8 

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Schuchhardt, C. Schliemann's excava- 
tions 913 S13 

Schuckers, J. W. Finances and paper 

money of the Revolutionary war. . , 332 Sch7 
Life and public services of S. P. 
Chase B C3851 

Schumacher, Gottlieb. Northern 

Ajlun 913 SI 1 

Schumann, F. Heating and ventilation 

in their practical application 697 Sch8 

Schumann, R. A. Life, told in his let- 
ters. 2 V B Sch81 

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Eulogy on Charles Sumner. .'. B Su611 

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chitecture 720 Sch8 

Schwab, Moses, tr. The Talmud of Jeru- 
salem 296 T14 

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western pioneer and apostle of the 
Indians B Z3 

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Japan 915.2 SI 

Science, v. 1-4 505 Sci3 

Scientific American, v. 8, 10 57 *505 Sci2 

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skies 910 SIO 

Scot, William. State of the kirk of 

Scotland since the reformation 261 Sco3 

Scotia's bards \ 821.08 Sco3 

Scott, Alexander. Introduction to chem- 
ical theory 541 Sco3 

Scott, Archibald. Buddhism and Chris- 
tianity 294 Sco3 

Scott, C. R. Egypt and Candia. 2v. . . . 916.2 S3 

Scott, H. R. Rome as it is 914.5 S 



Scott, James. Life, letteis and remains 

of the Rev. Robert Pollok B P762 

Scott, John. Irrigation and water supply 681 Sco3 

Scott, Rosa. Marian Wallace Sco35 

Scott, R. P. Cycling art 796 Sco3 

Scott, Sir Walter. Betrothed Sco334 

Journal. 2v B Sco313 

Paal's letters to his kinsfolks 914 S5 

Poems and romances 821 Sco31 

Poetical works. 9v 821 Sco311 

Surgeon's daughter Sco325 

Tales of a grandfather. 2v 941 SI 

Tales of chivalry Sco335 

. Talisman Sco326 

Waverley anecdotes. 2 v 828 Sco3 

ed. Modern Biitish drama. 5y 822 08 Sco32 

Scott, Winfikld. Infantry tactics. 3v. 356 Sco3 

Memoirs. 2v B Sco33 

Scott, W. B' Half -hour lectures on the 

fine and ornamental arts 709 Sco3 

Scottish clans and their tartans. Anon. . 941 S2 

Scottish review, v. 1-19 052 Sco8 

Screws and screwmaking 621 Scr6 

ScRiBNER, J. M. Engineers' and me- 
chanics^ companion 620 Scr61 

Engineer's, contractor's and survey- 
or's pocket table-book 620 Scr6 

Scribner's magazine, v. 1-11 051 Scr6 

Index *051 Scr61 

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or. Misdirected industry 630 Scr3 

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States 973 S3 

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ed. See Taylor, Marie (H ) & Scudder, 
H. E., eds. 

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office 265Sel 

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A. H. 

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Hoogeveen's Greek particles 485 Sel 

Viger's Greek Idioms 483 Sel 

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G. S. 
Sears, Barnab, Edwards, B. B. & Fel- 
ton, C. C. Essays on ancient 

literature and art 870 Sel 

Seaton, Miss. W. W. Seaton; a bio- 
graphical sketch B Sel 

Seawell, Molly E. Berkeleys and their 

neighbors Sel21 

Little Jarvis j Sel2 

Sebright, Georgiana M. (M.-M.) Sla- 
vonic provinces 

Seddon, H. C. Builder's work and the 

building trades 

Sedgwick, Catharine M. Letters from 

abroad. 2v 

Sedgwick, Theodore, jr. Memoir of 

the life of William Livingston 

SEEbOHM, Henry. Siberia in Asia 

Seeley, L. B. Mrs. Thrale afterwards 

Mrs. Piozzi. 

Seel YE, Mrs. E. E. Story of Columbus. 
Seelye, Lillik (E.) See Eggleston, 

Edward & Seelye, Lillie (E.) 
Seemann, Otto. Mythology of Greece 

and Rome 

S:egur, L. p., Comte de. Memoirs and 

recollections. 3v 

Reign of Frederic William II. 3v. . . 
SfiGUR, P. P., Comte de. History of 

Charles VlIF, king of France. 2v.. 

History of Russia 

Seiss, J. A. Voices from Babylon. 

Selections from the correspondence of the 

Executive of New Jersey, 1776 17t 6. 

Selfe, Rose E. Dr. Arnold of Rugby. . 

Skllar, W. Y. Virgil 

Semmes, Raphael. Service afloat and 

ashore during the Mexican war 

and others. Cruise of the Alabama 

and Sumter. 2v 

Seneca, L. A. Morals 

Senior, N. W. American slavery 

Essays on fiction 

Sensier, Alfred. Millet. 

*' Sentinel," pseud. See Bogart, W. H. 
Sergeant, Adeline. Life sentence. . . . 

Story of a penitent soul 

Under false pretences 

Sergeant, Lewis. Government hand- 

John Wyclif 

Sessions, F, C. From Yellowstone Park 

to Alaska '. 

On the wing through Europe 

Seton-Karr, W. S. See Karr, W. S. 

Sevign:6, Marie de R. C, Marquise de. 


Seward, John. Spirit of anecdote and 

wit. 4v , . . 

Seward, W. H. Travels around the 


J. Q. Adams 

914.96 S 

690 Se2 

914 S6 

915.7 S 

B P652 
j B C722 

292 Se3 

943.1 S 


947 SI 

224.5 Se4 

974.9 S3 
B Ar61 
873 Se4 

973.6 S 

973.7 S4 
188 Se5 
326 Se5 
813 Se5 


342.2 Se6 
B W97 

917.87 S 
914 S4 

846 Se811 

828 Se8 

910 S7 
B Adl21 



Sewel, William. History of the Chris- 
tian people called Quakers. 2v. . . . 289 6 Se8 

Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty 636.1 S«8 

Sewell, Elizabeth M. Katherine Ash- 
ton. 2v Se812 

Sewell, John. Steam and locomotion. 

2v 62 1 Se8 

Sewell, W. G. Free labor in the British 

Westlndies 917.29 S2 

Seyffert, Oskar. Dictionary of classi- 
cal antiquities *913 S12 

Seymour, C. C. B. . Self made men 920 Se9 

SeVmour, M. H. Mornings among the 

Jesuits at Rome 271 Se9 

Shackford, C. C. Social and literary 

papers.... 818 Shi 

Shackleford, H. K. Knight's armor . . 366 Shi 
Shadwell, Lawrence. Colin Camp- 
bell, Lord Clyde. 2v B C62 

Shaffner, T. p. War in America 973.7 S9 

Shairp, J. C. Aspects of poetry 821.1 Shll 

Culture and religion in some of their 

relations. 261 Shi 

Portraits of friends 920 Shi 

Robert Burns B B93 

Studies in poetry and philosophy .... 821.1 Shi 

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Works ; ed. by Capell. lOv 822.33 C2 

Works ; ed. by Clarke 822.33 CI 

Works .; ed. by Collier 822.33 C 

- Works ; ed. by Morgan. 19v *822.33 M 

Works ; ed. by Steevens. 4v 822.33 S2 

Works ; ed. by White. 12v 822.33 W 

Works ; variorum edition; ed. by Fur- 

ness. ^y. (For contents see ^Sigel^.) 822.33F 
Shakespeare Society. Publications. 

20v 822Shl 

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First book in geology 551 Shi 

Nature and ^man in America 572 Shi 

Story of our continent 551 Shll 

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of distinguished generals 920 Shl2 

Shapley, R. E., ed. See Spofford, A. R. 

& Shapley, R. E., eds. 
Sharaf-ad-Din-Ali. History of Timur- 

Bec. 2v 954S 

Sharp, Amy. Victorian poets 821.1 Sh2 

Sharp, Peter. Flax, tow and jute spin- 
ning 677 Sh2 

Sharp, William. Shelley B Sh31 1 

Robert Browning ." B B822 

See also Howard, Blanche W. & Sharp, 

Sharpless, Isaac. English education in 

the elementary schools 370 Sh2 

Shaw. Anna H. , Blackwkll, Alice S. 
& Anthony, Lucy E., comps. 
Yellow ribbon speaker 808.5 Sh2 

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Shaw, Henry. Booke of sundry d raughtes *729 Sh2 

Shaw, H. S. H. Mechanical integrators. 526 Sh2 

Shaw, R. N. & Jackson, T. G., eds. 

Architecture. .; 720 Sh2 

Shaw, S. P. Odontalgia; commonly 

called toothache 617 Sh2 

Shaw, W. H., comp: Essex and Hudson 

counties, N. J. 2v *974.9 SI 

Shaw, W. M. Scriptural harmony be- 
tween private judgment and church 
authority.. 262 Sh? 

Shea, J. G. Mississippi valley 917.7 S 

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and sculpture 730 Sh3 ' 

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2v *. 920 Sh4 

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er's manual of instruction in reading. *428 Sh4 
and others. Manual of elementary 

instruction 372 Sh4 

Sheldon, Electra M. History of Michi- 
gan 977.4S 

Sheldon, J. P. Farm and dairy 637 Sh4 

Shelley, Mary W. (G.) Frankenstein. . Sh4 

Tales and stories Sh41 

Shelley, P. B. Best letters; ed. by 

Hughson 826 Sh4 

Works 821 Sh41 

Shenstone, W. a. Methods of glass 

blowing 666 Sh4 

Shepard, Isabel S. Cruise of the 

*• Rush " in Behring Sea 917.9 S 

Shepard, William, pseud. See Walsh, 
W. S. 

Sheppard, E. S. Charles Auchester Sh42 

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J.' P. Jones B J7211 

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Works 822 Sh51 

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Lyrics for a lute 811 Sh5 

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States of America 326 Sh5 

Sherman, W. T. Memoirs. 2v B Sh 571 

Sherwen, John. Antiquity and authen- 
ticity of publications found at Bris- 
tol 808. 4 Sh5 



Sherwood, Mary E. (W.) Amenities of 

home 173Sb5 

Art of entertaining 643 Sli5 

Home amasements . 703 ^b5 

Sherwood, Mary M. (B.) Mrs. Slier- 
wood B Sl)58 

Shew, Joel, eomp. Hydropathy ; or. 

The water cure 615 Sh5 

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Shields, Q. O., ed. Big game of North 

America 799 Sh6 

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covery of America 973.1 S 

Shipley, Marie A. See Shipley, J. B. & 
Marie A. 

Shipwrecks at sea. Anon. 3v 910 S5 

Shirreff, Emily A. E. Kindergarten at 

home 372 Sh61 

Shirreff, Patrick. Tour through 

North America 917 S 

Short, T. V. History of the Church of 

England to the revolution, 1688 283 Sh8 

SrfORTHOUSE, J. H. Blanche, Lady Fa- 

laise Sh814 

Shrbve, S. H. Treatise oH the strength 

of bridges and roofs 624 Sb8 

Shuckford, Samuel. Sacred and pro- 
fane history of the world. 4v 909 S 

Sibree, James, jr. Madagascar and its 

•people 916.9 SI 

SicKELS, IviN. Exercises in wood-work- 

ing 674Sil 

Sidgwick, Henry. Elements of politics. 320 Sil2 

Sidney, Algernon. Discourses on gov- 
ernment. 3v 320 Sil 

Sidney, >5ir Philip. Certain sonnets from 

the Countess Pembroke's Arcadia. . *821 Si2 

Complete poems. 3v 821 Si211 

Micellaneous works 821 Si21 

Sidney, Samuel. Three colonies of Aus- 
tralia 919.4 S 

Siebe, Henry. Conquest of the sea 627 Sil 

SiEBOLD, C. T. E VON. Anatomy of the 

invertebrata 592 Sil 

Siemens, Sir C. W. Fuel 662 Sil 

SiENKiEWicz, Henryk. The deluge. 

2v. Sill 

With fire and sword Sil 

SiGOURNEY, Lydia H. (H.) Letters to 

mothers 173 Si2 

Past meridian 818 Si2 

Pleasant memories 914.2 S4 

SiLLiMAN, A. E. American scenery 917.3 S3 

Silliman, Benjamin. Visit to Europe in 
1851. 2v 

SiLSBEE, Marianne C. D. Half century 
in Salem 

SiLSBY, Mary R., ed. Tributes to Shake- 

Silvbrwright, James. See Preece, W. 
H. & Silver Wright, James. 

Simb, James. Goethe - 

Simmon DS, P. S. Animal products 

SIMMS, F. W. Practical tunnelling 

SiMMS, W. G. Cassique of Accabee 

Poems. 2v 

Views and reviews in American litera- 

SiMOND, Louis. Switzerland. 2v 

SiMONDB DE SiSMONDi, J. C. L. Litera- 
ture of the south of Europe. 2v. . 

Simpson, George. Overland journey 
round the world 

Simpson, J. C. Horse portraiture 

Simpson, J. P. Letters from the Danube. 

Simpson, Robert. Gleanings among the 

Simpson, Thomas. North coast of 

Simpson, William. Meeting the sun 

Simpson, W. G. Art of golf 

Sims, J. M. Story of my life 

SiMSON, Walter. History of the gypsies. 

Sinclair, Catherine. Scotland and the 

Sinclair, John. Thirty-two years of 
the Church of England, 1842-74. . . 

Sinclair, Sir John. Correspondence. 2v. 

Sinker, Robert. Library of Trinity 
College, Cambridge 

SiNNETT, A. P. Rationale of mesmerism. 

SiNNETT, Patience (E.) Purpose of 

Sisley, Richard. Epidemic influenza. . . 

SiTGREAVES, LoRENZO. Down the Zuni 
and Colorado rivers 

Six hundred dollars a year ; a wife's effort 
at low living under high prices. . . . 

Skeat, W. W., ed. Etymological diction- 
ary of the English language 

Skeats, H. S. History of the free 
churches of England 

Skelton, H. J. Ecomomics of iron and 

Skelton, John. Pithy, pleasant and 
profitable workes 

914 S2 
917.44 SI 
822.3 Si3 

591 Si4 
622 Si4 

811 Si41 
811 Si4 

818 Si4 
914.94 S 

809 Si5 

910 S9 
798 Si5 

914 96 SI 

914. LSI 

919.8 S3 

910 S3 

796 Sio 

B Si5 

397 Si5 

914.1 S2 

283 Si6 
826 Si6 

027 Si6 
134 Si6 

212 Si61 
616 Si8 

917.8 SI 

610 Si9 

423 Sk2 

274 Sk2 

672 Sk2 

821 Sk21 



Sketch of the history of France. Anon,, . 944.04 S2 

Sketches of popular tumults. Anaii 343 Sk2 

The Skin and its troubles. Anon 612 Sk3 

Skinner, C. K., ed. Arbor day manual.. 634.9 Sk3 
Skottowe, Augustine. Life of Shaks- 

peare. 2v 822.3 Sk5 

Skottowe, B. C. Short history of parlia- 
ment 328 Sk5 

Slade, J, H. See Cotterill, J. H. & Slade, 
J. H. 

Sladen, D. B. W. Japs at home 915.2 S2 

ed. Younger American poets *811.08 SI 1 

Slagg, Charles. , Sanitary work in 

smaller towns and in villages 614 SI 1 

Slater, J. H. Book collecting 020 SI 1 

Library manual 010 SI 11 

Hound and about the bookstalls 010 SI 1 

SfiEEMAN, W. H. Rambles of an Indian 

official. 2v 915.4 S 

Slick, Samuel, pseud. See Haliburton, 

T. C. 
Slingo, W. & Brooker, A. Electrical 

engineering 537 SI 3 

Sloane, T. O. Arithmetic of elec- 
tricity 537S15 

Electric toy-making for amateurs . . . J537.8 SI 5 

Electricity simplified 537 SI 51 

Home experiments in science for old 

and young ,. . j 530 SI 5 

Rubber hand-stamps and the manipu- 
lation of rubber 678 SI 5 

Standard electrical dictionary *537 SI 511 

ed. Facts worth knowing . . *603 SI 5 

Sloane-Evans, W. S. See Evans, W. S. 

Slocum, C^ E. History of the Slocums. . 929 S 

Slosson, Annie T. Heresy of Mehetable 

Clark SI 51 

Seven dreamers SI 5 

Sm ALLEY, E. V. History of the Northern 

Pacific railroad 656 Sml 

Sm ALLEY, G. W. London letters. 2v. . . 816 Sml 

Smart, Hawley. Breessie Langton Sm21 

Smedes, Susan (D.) Southern planter. . . B Dll 
Smedley, Edward cfe others. Occult 

sciences 133 Sm3 

Smee, Alfred. Potato plant 633 Sm3 

SMiiiES, Samuel. Jasmin B J31 

Memoir and correspondence of John 

Murray. 2v B M962 

Successful merchant B M78 

Smith, Adam. Theory of moral senti- 
ments 171 Sm5 

Smith, Albert. Story of Mont Blanc. . . 914.44 S 

Smith, C. A. Stoneridge 818 Sm5 

Smith, C. H. Natural history of the 

human species 573 Sm5 

Smith, C. J., comp. Synonyms and 

antonyms *424 Sm6 

Smith, Eli & Dwigiit, H. G. O. Mis- 
sionary researches in Armenia 915.6 S6 

Smith, Elizabeth T. M. Toulmin-. 

Children of Wilton Chase j Sm5191 

Daddy's boy j Sm5194 

Heart of gold Sm516 

Little silver trumpet. j Sm5193 

Medicine lady Sm5192 

Out of the fashion Sm518 

Ring of rubies ^ Sm519 

Sweet girl graduate Sm517 

Smith, Esther L. See McCray, Florine 

T. & Smith, Esther L. 
Smith, Eustace. Wasting diseases of 

infants and children *618 Sm5 

Smith, Fanny N., {Ghristdble Goldsinitli.) 

Peace Pelican, spinster Sm57 

Smith, F. H. Colonel Carter of Carters- 

ville Sm6 

Day at Laguerre's, and other days Sm61 

Through Abyssinia 916.3 S 

Smith, George. Assyrian discoveries. . 913 SIO 

Chaldean account of Genesis 222 Sm5 

Patriarchal age 220.9 Sm5 

Wesleyan Methodism 287 Sm5 

Smith, Goldwin. Canada 971 S 

Co wper B C832 

Jane Austen B Au7 

Moral crusader B G1912 

Study of history 904 S2 

Three English statesmen 920 Sm53 

Trip to England 914.2 S8 

Smith, G. J. English and American lit- 
erature 820. 9 Sm5 

Smith, G. W. Notes on life insurance. . 368 Sm5 
Smith, Hannah, (Hesba Stretton.) 

> Brought home. Sm548 

Crew of the Dolphin Sm549 

Her only son Sm547 

Smith, Horace & James. Rejected ad- 
dresses 821 Sm5 

Smith, Huntington, ed. Century of 

American literature 810.8 Sm5 

Smith, H. B. Faith and philosophy 239 Sm5 

Smith, H. H. Brazil 918.1 S 

Smith, H. L. See Acland, A, H. D. & 

Smith, H. L. 
Smith, I. G. & Grundy, William. Aris- 

totelianism « 185 Sm5 



Smith, Jambs. Divine drama of history 

and civilization 901 S2 

Voyage and shipwreck of St. Paul. ... 910.4 S 
8ee also Smith, Horace & James. 

Smith, John. Domestic botany 581 Sm5 

Smith, Joseph. Old Redstone ; his his- 
torical sketches of western Presby- 

terianism 385 Sm5 

tr. Book of Mormon 298 Sm5 

Smith, J. B. One little rebel j Sm58 

Wire . , 671 Sm5 

Smith, J. C. Miscellanies, old and new. . 818 Sm52 
Smith, Sir J. E. Grammar of botany. . . 580 Sm5 

Same 580 Sm51 

Introduction to physiological and sys- 
tematical botany 581 Sm52 

Smith, J. J. See Walter, T. U. & Smith, 

Smith, J. M. Essex lad who became 

England's greatest preacher j B Sp911 

ed. Ancient Greek female costume. . 391 Sm5 
Smith, J. P. Relation between the Holy 
Scriptures and some .parts of geo- 
logical science 215 Sm5 

Smith, J. T. Local self-government 821 Sm6 

Smith, J. Van C, ed. Scientific tracts 

and family lyceum. 4v 500 Sm5 

Turkey and the Turks ^14.96 S3 

Smith, L. P. Classification of books. . . . *025 Sm5 

Smith, L. T., ed. York plays 822.14 Sm5 

Sj^ith, Mary P. (W.) Great match Sm56 

Their canoe trip j Sm561 

Smith, Nora A. See Wiggin, Kate D. & 
Smith, Nora A. 

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Smith, R. C, (Rapliael.) Manual of 

astrology *133 Sm5 

Smith, R. M. Emigration and immigra- 
tion 325 Sm5 

Graphics; with atlas *531 Sm6 

Smith, Saqui, pseud. Back from the 

dead Sm62 

Smith, Susan T. See Moore, Susan 
T. (S.) 

Smith, Sydney. Works 824 Sm5 

Smith, T. R. & Redford, George. 
Greek architecture and Greek sculp- 
ture 722 Sm5 

Smith, Walter. Art education 707 Sm5 

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history 225.9 Sm5 

Old Testament history 221 Sm5 

Smith, Willoughby. Rise and exten- 
sion of submarine telegraphy 384 Sm5 

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Smithson, Isabel & Barnes, G. F. 

About giants j Sm582 

Smollett, T. G. Adventures of Roderick 

Random *Sm7 

Smucker, S. M. See Schmucker, S. M, 

Symth, C. p. Our inheritance in the 

great pyramid ■. , 913 S9 

Smyth, J. Y., (AhChin-le.) Some obser- 
vations upon the civilization of the 
western barbarians 914.2 S5 

Smyth, S. P. N. Personal creeds 240 Sm9 

Smyth, Thomas. History, character and 
results of the Westminster assem- 
bly of divines 238 Sm9 

Unity of the human races 572 Siu9 

Smyth, William. Modern history 940 SI 

Smyth, W. W. Rudimentary treatise on 

coal and coal mining 622 Sui9 

Year with the Turks 914.96 S2 

Snedeker, Florence W. Family canoe 

trip 797 Sn3 

Snider, D. J. Shakespearian drama. . . . 822.3 Sn3 

Snively, W. a. Ober-Ammergau pas- 
sion play of 1880 792Sn3 

SoANE, George. Curiosities of litera- 
ture. 2v 828 Sol 

Society for the Diffusion op Useful 
Knowledge. Lives of eminent 
persons • 920 Sol 

SOLEY, J. R. Blockade aud the cruisers.. S73.7 SU 

Boys of 1812 j 973.5 SI 

Sailor boys of '61 j 973.7 S 12 

Solly, J. R. Acting and the art of speech 

at the Paris Conservatoire 792 So4 

Solon, L. M. Art of the old English 

potter : 738 So4 

Some account of the life and writings of 

Mrs. Trimmer. Anon, 2v B T73 

SoMERS, Robert. Southern states since 

1870 , . 917.5S 

Somerville, Mary (F.) Personal recol- 
lections B So5 

Somme olde curiosities by a knyghte of 

the quille. Anon 332 So5 

SoMMERViLLB, Maxwell. Catalogue of 

a cabinet of gems 736 So5 

Sonnenschein, W. S. Best books *015 So5 

SoNNiNi DE Manoncourt, C. N. S. Up- 
per and lower Egypt 916.2 S2 

Sophocles. Plays and fragments; ed. by 

Jebb 882 So612 

Tragedies; tr. by Plumptre 882 So613 

SOREL, Albert. Madame de Sta61 B Stll3 


SoulS, F. G. & otheri. Annals of San 

Francisco 876.4 8 

SouTiiAU, A. D. Electrical engineetlng 

as a profesaloD snd liow to enter it. 037.8 So8 
SouTiiKnAN, CnARLEB. Horace. Greeley 

and other pioneers of American 

socialism 335 8o7 

RoutUern quartorlj review. v. 18 22, 34, 

36-28 OolSoS 

Southern review, v. 18 051 So83 

SoDTiiESK & Baron Bolinhaud, Jaueb 

CAnNBdiE, Earl of. Saslcitchewan 

and the Rocky mountaioB 917.13 S 

SouTiiET, Robert. Chronicle of iLe Cid. 94ft S 

Life and correspondence. 6v B So8l 

Siime BSoSll 

Wesley. 3t B W5I34 

SouTHGATE, Horatio. Visit to the Syrian 

church of Mesopotamia 0IS.6 

SoDTHWAitD, John. Practical printing. 

3v 655 So8 

South WORTH, A, S. Four thousand 

miieaot African travel 91* 

SowBKBV, Q. B., jr. Popular Britisll 

conchology 594 

SowKRBY, Henry. Popular mineralogy. G49 So9 

SOVKR, Alexis. Culinary campaign 947.07 8 

Spai.dino, J. A,, eomp. Illustrated popu- 
lar liiograpby of Connecticut 920 Spl 

Spanoenbuhg, Ludwcq. Fatigue o( 

metals under repeated strains 691 Sp3 

SPANai.KU, H. W. Valve-geara 621 

Sparks, Jared, ed. Correspondence of 

the American revolution. 4? 978.8 S4 

Library of American biography. 25v. 920 
SrAuKB, W. H. Memoirs of fitly years. . 920 

Si'AUROw, Wii,i.iAU. Sermons 352 

Speaker's garland. 7v 808.3 

Spkciit, G, J. (6 others. Topographical 

surveying 626 Sp3 

Speeches of celebrated Irish orators 835 

Speeii, Wilt.iam. The oldest and the 

newest empire; China and the 

United States 915.1 S 

Sr-EKE, O.- H. Discovery of the source 

of the Nile 910. 

Spence. Jaueb. American union 973.7 SI4 

SpBNCEli. C. C. Rudimentary and prac- 

tical trentise on mnslc 780 Sp3 

Spencer, Edmund. Travels in Clrcassia. 

3v 914,798 

Sl'ENCBR, Heiiubrt, Man versus the 

stale 330 Sp3 

Principles of psychology 150 Sp3 

Spokcer, Herbert. Social statics 800 Sp 

Synthetic philosophy. 10 v. (For 

centenU see page 5) 193 S 

and Harrison, Frederic. The in- 

Bupressible book 140 i 

Spencer, Joan. Things new and old. 3v. 244 S 
Sfenckr, J. A. The East, Egypt and 

the Holy Land 91 5.1] 

Memorabilia of sixty-Gve years, 1830- 

1886 BS 

Spenser, Edmund. Faerie queene. 2t. ^^l 8 

Poetical works. 5t 821 Sp 

Davies, John & Mortbon, Fjnes. 

Ireland under Elizabeth and James I. 914.1 
Spenser, R. H. See Churchill R. H. 

Spenser, Lord. 
Spirlhaoen, Friedricr. Hammer and 

anvil Sp 

Hohensteins Sp 

Problematic characters 8 

Spiers, Wii.i.rAH. Bamblea and reveries 

of a naturalist 590 

SroFFORD, A. R. di Gibbon, Charles, 
ed». Library of choice titeratnre. 

lOv •808,8 

Olid 81IAPI.EY, H, B., «d». Library of 

wit and humor, 5v *808,7 

Spofpord, Harriet £. (P,) Art decora- 
tion applied to farnitare 749 

House and baarth 173 

SpoD'sencyclopcediaof industrial arts, Gv. *603 
Spoonbr, SnEARJASHini, Anecdotes of 

painters, engravers, etc. 3v 750 

SroONER, W. C. History and diseases of 

the sheep 636.3 

Spottiswoodb, William. Polarization 

of light 585 

Spraque, CnARi.EB, Poetical and prose 

writings 811 

Spragub, J, T, Florida war. 975 

Spraode, W, B. Annals ot the American 

pulpit. 9v 930 

Spretbon, N. E. Casting and founding. 671 
Sprinq, Qardinbr. Personal remlnls- 

Sprinqer, J, S. Forest life 917,4 

Spdroeon, C. H. Evening by evening, . . 240 

Feathers for arrows 344 

John Ploughman's talk 170 

Lectures to my students 204 

Salt-cellars, y. 2 398 

Types and emblems 253 

Spdrzheiit, j. F. K. Phrenology 189 

SqnARB, A., p»tad. See Abbott, E. A. 



Squikr, E. a. Nicaragua. 2v 

Srygley, F. D. Seventy jears in Dixie. . 

Stables, W. G. Dashing days of old . . . 
Twixt school and college 

Stack, Edward. Six months in Persia. 

Stacy, A. G. Service of song 

Stakl-Holstein, Anne L. G. N., Bar- 

onne de, Corinne .... 

Events in French revolution. 3v, . . . 

Stahl, a. W. Transmission of power 

by wire ropes 

See also Woods, A. T. & Stahl, A. W. 

Stahr, a. W. T. Lessing. 2v 

St ALE Y, Cady & PiERSON, G. S. Sepa- 
rate system of sewerage 

Stalker, James. Life of Jesus Christ. . 
St. Paul 

Standage, H. C. Practical polish and 
varnish maker 

Stanhope, George. Paraphrase and 
comment upon the epistles and gos- 
pels. 8v 

Stanhope, P. D. 8ee Chesterfield, P. D. 
Stanhope, Earl of. 

Stanhope, P. H. S., Earl, Lord Mahon. 

Stanley, A. P. Sinai and Palestine 

Westminster abbey 

Stanley, Dorothy (T.) London street 

Stanley, H. M. In darkest Africa.. 2v. 
Letters on Emin's rescue 

Stanley, Mrs. H. M. 8ee Stanley, Do- 
rothy (T.) 

Stanley, Maude A. Clubs for working 

Stanley, W. F. Mathematical drawing 

Stannard, Henrietta E. V. (P.), {John 

Strange Winter.) In luck's way. . . 

Only human 

Stanton, H. B. Sketches of reform and 
reformers of Great Britain and Ire- 

Stanton, K. L. The church and the re- 

Stanton, S. B. Behring sea controversy. 

Stanton, Theodore, ed. Woman ques- 
tion in Europe » 

Stan wood, Edward. History of presi- 
dential elections 

Stapp, W. p. Prisoners of Perote 

917.28 SI 
917.6 S 

j Stl26 
j Stl25 

915.5 S 
249 Stl 


944.04 S3 

914.3 S2 

621 Stl 


628 Stl 

232 C4624 

B P2815 

667 St2 
264 St2 


915.6 SI 
942 S2 

750 St2 

916.7 S8 
916.7 S7 

396 St22 

744 St2 


920 St2 

261 St2 
327 St2 

396 St2 

329 St2 
917.2 SI 

Stark, R. M. Popular history of British 

Starr, Frederick. On the hills 

Starrett, Helen (E.) Future of edu- 
cated women 

Letters to a daughter 

Statham, H. H. My thoughts on music 
and musicians 

Stauffer, F. H. The queer, the quaint, 
the quizzical 

Staunton, Howard. Great schools of 

Stead, Richard. See Hug, Lin a & 
Stead, Richard. 

Stead, W. T. Character sketches 

The Pope and the new era 

Stearns, J. F. Historical discourses re- 
lating to the First Presbyterian 
Church of Newark 

Stearns, L. F. H. B. Smith 

Steering, Henry. Lives of the Italian 
poets. 3v 

Stebbing, William. Peterborough 

Sir Walter Raleigh 

Stebbins, Emma, ed. Charlotte Cushman. 

Stebbins, j. E. Moses and the prophets, 
Christ and the apostles 

Stedman, E. C. Nature and elements of 

Steele, Ashbel. Chief of the pilgrims. 

Steele, J. D. One hundred years of 
American independence 

Steele, J. W. Fur, feathers and fuzz. . 

Steele, T. S. Canoe and camera 

Paddle and portage, [Maine] 

Steele, W. J. See Tait, P. G. & Steele, 

Steffens, Heinrich. German univer- 
sity life 

Steiger, Ernst, ed. Periodical litera- 
ture of the United States 

Steinmetz, Andrew. History of the 
Jesuits. 2v 

Stephen, Caroline E., {Sarah Brook.) 

French history .• 

Quaker strongholds 

Stephen, George. Adventures of an 
attorney in search of practice 

Stephen, J. F. Liberty, equality, fra- 

Stephen, Leslie. Alexander Pope 

Hours in a library 

Samuel Johnson 


588 St2 
550 St2 

396.4 St2 
j 177 St2 

780 St2 

*803 St2 

378 St2 

920 St32 
282 St3 


920 St3 


B R1313 

B C952 

220.9 St3 

808.1 St3 
B B753 

973 S3 

590 St3 

799 St3 

917.41 S 

378 St3 

*050 St3 

271 St3 

289.6 St4 

340 St4 

323 St4 


808.4 St43 

B J6311 




Stephens, C. A. Young moose hunters.. j St4 

Stephens, F. G. Memoir of George 

Cruiksliank B C888 

Memorials of William Mulready B M91 

Stephens, Henry. Book of tlie farm. 

2v 630St4 

Stephens, H. M. Albuquerque B Al 17 

French revolution. 2v 944.04 SI 

Statesmen and orators of the French 

revolution. 2v 944.04 S5 

Story of Portugal 946.9 S 

Stephens7 W. p. Canoe and boat build- 
ing 699 St4 

Stephens, W. li. W. Christianity and 

Islam ; the Bible and the Koran ... 297 St4 

Life and letters of W. F. Hook B H762 

Stephenson, R. M. Railways 625 St4 

Stepniak, pseud. See Dragomanov, 

Sterne, Laurence. Works. 5v 820.8 St4 

Sterne, Simon. Representative govern- 
ment 321 St4 

Sterrett, J. M. Studies in Hegel's phil- 
osophy of religion 201 St4 

Steuart, J. A. Kilgroom St 46 

Letters to living authors 824 St43 

Stevens, Abel. Mme. de Stael. 2v B Stl 

Stevens, E. T. Flint chips ; a guide to 

prehistoric archaeology 571 St4 

Stevens, G. B. Pauline theology 227 St4 

Stevens, G. T. Sixth corps, [events in 

the army of the Potomac] 973.7 S6 

Stevens, J. W. Leather manufacture . . 675 St4 
Stevens, Thomas. Scouting for Stanley 

in East Africa 916.7 S6 

Through Russia on a mustang 914.7 S2 

Stevens, W. B. History of Georgia. 2v. 975.8 S 

Sermons 252 St4 

Stevenson, R. L. B. Across the plains . 824 St411 

Eight years of trouble in Samoa 996 S 

aneZ OsBOURNE, Lloyd. Wrecker... St 44 
See also Henley, W. E. & Stevenson, 
R. L. B. 
Stevenson, R. R. Southern side, [ An- 
derson ville prison.] 973.7 S13 

Stevenson, W. B. Twenty years in 

South America. 3v 918 S 

Stewart, Aubrey. Tale of Troy 883 H7535 

Stewart, Balfour & Tait, P. G. Un- 
seen universe. ..... ^ 237 St4 

Stewart, C. W. Vane. See London- 
derry, C. W. S. Vane, Marquis of. 
Stewart, George, jr. Evenings in a 

library , 808.4 St43 

Stewart, G. C. Hierophant; gleanings 

from the past 215 St4 

Stewart, Henry. Irrigation for the 

farm, garden and orchard 631 St4 

Stewart, John. Collections and recol- 
lections 828 St4 

Stewart, Robert. See Londonderry, 

Robert Stewart, Marquis of. 
Stewart, R. W. Magnetism and elec- 
tricity 537 St42 

Text-book of heat 536 St4 

Text-book of light 535 St4 

Stewart, R. W., D. D. Tent and the 

Khan, [Sinai and Palestine] 915.6 S5 

Stewarton, Mr. Memoirs of Prince 

Talleyrand. 2v BT141 

Revolutionary Plutarch B St46 

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Still, William. Underground rail- 
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Clocks of RondainQ j Si611 

Great war syndicate 817 St6 

House of Maltha St61 

Merrychanter St638 

Rudder Grangers abroad, and other 

stories St62 

Squirrel Inn St6 

Stories of three burglars St637 

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Spanish cities 914.6 SI 

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South seas 919.6 S 

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Under the evening lamp 920 St61 

ed. Anecdote biography of Shelley. . B Sh313 

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Haydon B H323 



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Chuck P urdy j St652 

Crowded out o' Crofield j St651 

Gid GraDger j St6521 

Inside the White House in war times. 917.53 S 

Little Smoke j St658 

Bed mustang j St65 

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of the Jews 938 SI 

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Rt. Rev. A. V. Griswold B G884 

and Carus, William. Memoir of 

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ed. cfe tr. Letters of Brunswick and 

Hessian officers 973.3 S6 

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F. H. 
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Stories from English history for young 

Americans. Anon j 942 S4 

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English language *423 St71 

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Story, C. A. Alcohol, its nature and ef- 
fects 615St7 

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2v 828St7 

Excursions in art and letters 814 St7 

Life and letters of Joseph Story. 

2v B St72 

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sketches of the puritans 285.9 St7 

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Origin and history of the books of 

the Bible 220.9 St7 

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Stowe, Harriet E. (B.) Little Pussy 

Willow j St742 

Lives and deeds of our self-made 

men 920 St72 

Men of our times 920 St721 

See also Beecher, Catharine E. & 
Stowe, Harriet E. (B.) 
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The puritans and pilgrim fathers. . . 285.9 St72 

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Rohilla war 915.4 Sl 

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tion and artillery 623 St8 

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& Strauss, Albert. 

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organic chemistry 547 St8 

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Stretton, Julia C. Queen of the 

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elor kings of England 920 St811 

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Tales from English history j 942 S3 

True stories from ancient history. ... j 930 S2 
True stories from modern history. ... j 940 S2 

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American Bible society 206 St8 

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Point 355 St8 

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the study of the history of lan- 
guage 409 St81 

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sible future and present crisis 330 St8 

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ginia illustrated . 917.55 S 

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the people of England 790 St8 

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and men of New Jersey in the civil 
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Ann H. Judson, Mrs. Sarah B. Jud- 
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successful engineer j 621 St9 

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Africa 919.4 Sl 

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osophy 100 St9 



Student and intellectual observer of sci- 
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Comedy of a country bouse St916 

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port of the trade and commerce of 
Minneapolis for 1890 381 St9 

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catecbism 294 Sul 

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in Spain. 2v •. . . 946.06 S 

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2v 252 Su2 

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bles in North and South America. . 917.3 S4 

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century gladiator B Su52 

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public characters 920 Su51 

Public men of the revolution 920 Su5 

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of the United States, east of the 
Mississippi 588 Su5 

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ers 757 Su5 

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cerning America 973 S 

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Financier and finances of tlie revolu- 
tion. 2v 336 Su6 

Protectionism 337 Su6 

Robert Morris B M833 

Supreme Court of the United States; a 

series of biographies. Anon 920 Su7 

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criminal court of the District of 
Columbia. 2v 343 Su7 

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worth B W8913 

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pany and the Sutro tunnel 622 Su8 

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of volumetric analysis 545^ Su8 

Sutton, J. B. Evolution and disease 591 Su8 

Sutton, Thomas. Dictionary of photo- 
graphy *770Su8 

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of Asia *939S1 

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ture of iron in all ages 672 Sw8 

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travel ' 914 S3 

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fast breads^ luncheon and tea bis- 
cuits , 641 Sw4 

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Bothwell 822 Sw61 

Century of roundels 821 Sw61 

Chastelard ; 822 Sw611 

Erectbeus 822 Sw612 

Essays and studies 824 Sw61 

Locrine 822 Sw613 

Marino Faliero 822 Sw614 

Mary Stuart 822 Sw615 

Midsummer holiday 821 Sw611 

Miscellanies 824 Sw6 

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Queen-mother 821 Sw613 

Selections from his poetical works. . . . 821 Sw614 

The sisters; a tragedy 822 Sw616 

Songs before sunrise 821 Sw615 

Songs of the springtide. 82 L Sw6l6 

Songs of two nations 821 Sw617 

Studies in song 821 Sw618 

Study of Ben Jonson B J731 

Study of Sbakespeare 822.3 Sw6 

Tristram of Lyonesse 821 Sw619 

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pearian affinities .822.3 Sw61 

Swinburne, Henry. Travels through 

Spain 914.6S 

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dimentary treatise on wells and well 

sinking 628 Sw6 

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Truths for today 252 Sw6 

See also Patton, F. L. & Swing, David. 
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words 422 Sw6 

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in the eighteenth century. 2v 914.2 S7 



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Essays. 2v 824 Sy6 

Shelley B Sh3 

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and Makgaket. Our life in the Swiss 

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On intelligence 151 T131 

Same. 2v 151 T13 

Philosophy of art ; 701 T131 

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and Steele, W. J. Dynamics of a 

particle 531 T13 

See also Stewart, Balfour & Tait, P. G. 
Talbot, Fkedekick. Through fire and 

water T142 

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in America 289.6 T14 

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modern society 177 T14 

Arrows at a venture 252 T1412 

Crumbs swept up 818 T14 

Daily thoughts 243 T14 

Every day religion 252 T141 

Old wells dug out 253 T 14 

Sermons 252 T1411 

Sports that kill 175 T14 

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L. (von J.) 
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joy BL94 

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diseases 615 T15 

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to the old. 2v 914 T5 

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lumbus. 2v; B C7213 

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Of optics ; 535 T17 

Science of building 690 T17 

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Jerusalem delivered 851 T18 

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cipal Greek tragic and comic metres. 486 T18 
Tate, J. S. Surcharged and different 

forms of retaining walls 625 T18 

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hands 821.08 T18 

Taussig, F. W. Protection to young in- 
dustries. . . ; 337 T1911 

Silver situation in the United States. . 332 T19 
Tautphceus, Jemina M., freiherrin 

von. Initials T19 

Quits! T191 

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martyrs 272 T21 

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Pictures of life in camp and field 973.7 T8 

Summer savory 818 T21 

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Taylor, Sir Henry. Philip Van Arte- 

velde 822 T21 

Taylor, Isaac. Fanaticism 133 T21 

Home education 373 T21 

Natural history of enthusiasm 240 T212 

Spiritual despotism 261 T21 

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searches 913T 

Origin of the Aryans 572 T21 

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H. ly living 240T211 

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shapes, perfumes and colours 580 T21 

Playtime naturalist j 590 T21 

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and ScuDDER, H. E., eds. Life and 

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Taylor, N. A. 

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Henrj's contribution to the electro- 
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versity of Dublin 378 T21 

Fine arts in Great Britain and Ireland. 

2v 709T21 

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of Orleans. 2v 944.03 T 

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David, king of Israel B D28 

Joseph, the prime minister. B J 773 

Ministry of the world 251 T21 

Paul, the missionary B P281 

Peter, the apostle B P443 

Kuth the gleaner and Esther the queen. B K93 

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Teall, F. H. Compounding of English 

words , 422 T22 

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tory of philosophy 109 T25 

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pictures and stories of animals. 6v. 

Bees, butterflies and other insects. . . . 595.7 T25 

Birds 598.2T25 

Fishes and reptiles 598 T25 

Quadrupeds. 599 T25 

Sea shells and river shells 594 T25 

Sea urchins, starfishes and coral 593 T25 

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othy (T.) 

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Tenney, Mrs. Sanborn. See Tenney, 

Abby A. (G.) 
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(Enone 821 T252 

Demeter 821 T2514 

The foresters, Robin Hood and Maid 

Marian 822 T25 

Interludes, lyrics and idyls 821 T2515 

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Terence. Comedies; tr. by Riley 872 T27 

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land.) His great self T2728 

Loiterings in pleasant paths 914 T4 

Story of Mary Washington B W274 

With the best intentions T2727 


Terry, S. H. Retailer's manual 658 T27 

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nate currents of high potential and 

high frequency. 537 T28 

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Same. 2v... 870 T29 

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T. (T.) 
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munity. ,: 333 T32 

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Burlesques 827 T3213 

Christmas books T3228 

Memoirs of Barry Lyndon T3225 

Notes of a journey from Cornhill to 

Grand Cairo 910 T3 

Paris sketch book 914.4 T3 

Pendennis T3224 

Roundabout papers 827 T3214 

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Thanet, Octave, pseud. See French, 


Thatcher, B. B. Indian biography. 2v. 920 T322 

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Thayer, W. M. From farm house to 

White House B W2721 

From poor-house to pulpit j B K65 

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plays 822 T33 

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Kaffir folk-lore 398 T34 

Theatre, v. 1-20 792 T34 

Theological and literary journal, v. 1-13. 205 T34 
Theuriet, Andr:6. Jules Bastein -La- 
page and his art B B292 

Young Maugars T34 

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Thiele, j. M. Thorvaldsen B T394 

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the Caucasus 915 T2 

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2v 942.02 T 

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Thirlwall, Connop. History of Greece. 

2v 938T2 

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tions JT342 

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Thomas, Chatjncey. Crystal button. . . . T36 

Thomas, C. W. West coast of Africa. . . 916 Tl 

Thomas, Edith M. Inverted torch 811 T36 

Lyrics and sonnets 811 T861 

The round year 818 T362 



Thomas, Gabriel. Pennsylvania and 

West New Jersey 974.8 T 

Thomas, Isaiah. History of printing in 

America. 2v. . ." 655 T36 

Thomas, J. J. Froudacity, [West Indian 

fables] 917.29 Fl 

Thomas, J. J., 1810. American fruit cul- 

turist 634 T36 

Farm implements and farm taachinery. 630 T36 
Thomas, Joseph. Universal pronouncing 
dictioniiry of biography and myth- 
ology *930T36 

Thomas, Margaret. Scamper through 

Spain 914.6 T2 

Thomas, Robert. Modern practice of 

physic *616T36 

Thomas, T., jr, Workingman's cottage 

architecture 728 T36 

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Thomas a Kempis. Of the imitation of 

Christ 243 T36 

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Bushrangers T3627 

Gold hunters' adventures T362 

Gold hunters in Europe T3626 

Lewey and I T3622 

Life in the East Indies T3628 

On land and sea T3624 

Running the Blockade. . T3625 

Slaver's adventures T3629 

Whaleman's adventures T3621 

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land 974.7T2 

Thompson, D. G. Philosophy of fiction 

in literature 813 T37 

Problem of evil 216 T37 

Religious sentiments of the human 

mind 201 T37 

Social progress 150 T37 

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Thompson, E. G. See Woodward, G. E. 
& Thompson, E. G. 

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Thompson, Henry cfe otliers. History of 

Roman literature 870.9 T37 

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from an editor's drawer 204 T37 

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science 339 T37 

Thompson, J. P. Man in Genesis and 

geology 573 T37 

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ery., 796 T37 

Thompson, M. M., (Q. K. Philander Doe- 
sticks , P. B.) Doesticks ; what he 

says 817T37 

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church (Brooklyn, N. Y) 285 T37 

Thompson, Slason, ed, Humblier poets. 811.08 T37 
Thompson, S. P. Dynamo-electric ma- 
chinery . . • 537 T371 1 

Electro-magnet and electro-magnetic 

mechanism 538 T37 

Philip Reis B R27 

Recent progress in dynamo-electric 

machines 537 T3712 

Thompson, Waddy. Recollections of 

Mexico 917.2 T 

Thompson, W. T., (Major Joseph Jones.) 

Major Jones's Georgia scenes T373 

Thomson, Mrs. A. T. See Thomson, 
Katharine (B.) 

Thomson, C. W. Depths of the sea 551.4 T38 

Thomson, D. C. Barbizon school of 

' painters *750 T38 

Thomson, Joseph. Mungo Park and the 

Niger B P21 

Thomson, J. A. Study of animal life 591 T38 

See also Geddes, Patrick & Thomson, 
J. A. 
Thomson, J. C, (Philip Wharton,) See 
Thomson, Katherine (B.) & J. C. 
Thomson, J. E. H. Books which influ- 
enced our Lord and his apostles. . . . 229 T38 
Thomson, J. J. Treatise on the motion 

of vortex rings 639 T38 

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ton.) Memoirs of Sarah, Duchess 

of Marlborough. 2v B M344 

Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715- 

1745. 3v 920T381 

Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter 

Raleigh B R1311 

Recollections of literary characters. 

2v 828T38 

and J. C. Wits and beaux of society. 920 T38 
Thomson, Richard, (An Antiquary.) 

Chronicles of London bridge 914.2 T2 

Historical essay on the Magna Charta 

ofKingJohn *342 T38 

Thomson, William, ed. Aids to faith. . 239 T38 
Thorburn, Grant. Forty years' resi- 
dence in America B T3931 

Life and writings B T393 

Men and manners in Britain 914.2 Tl 

Thoresby, Ralph. Diary, (1677-1724.) 2v. B T395 
Letters of eminent men. 2v 826 T39 



Thorn, W. H. Reed's engineer's hand- 
book 621 T39 

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Life in Spain 914.6 Tl 

Shakspere's England. 2v 914.2 T3 

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Thornton, John. Advanced pysiography. 551.4 T39 
Thornton, J. P. Training for healtb, 

strength, speed and agility 613 T39 

Thornton, J. Q. Oregon and California. 

2v 9179T 

Thornton, P. M. Stuart dynasty 942.06 T 

Thornton, R. J. Politician's creed. 3v. 320 T39 
Thornton, W. T. On labour; its wrong- 
ful claims and rightful dues 331 T39 

Thorp, William, ed^ See Groves, C. E. 

& Thorp, William, eds, 
Thorpe, Benjamin, ed.. Anglo-Saxon 

chronicle. 2v. *942 T2 

Northern mythology. 3 v 293 T39 

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of the United States 342.3 T39 

Thorpe, T. E., ed. Dictionary of applied 

chemistry. 2v *540 T39 

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Thrupp, G. a. History of the art of 

coach building 684 T41 

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and boiler trials 621 T4211 

Heat as a form of energy 536 T42 

Manual of the steam engine. 2v. . . . 621 T4212 

Robert Fulton B F951 

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shops and warehouses 628 T42 

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Story of Wisconsin 977.5 T 

TiCKNOR, Anna E. American family in 

Paris 914.4 T5 

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Treatment of sewage 628 T43 

TiEDiRMAN, C. G. Unwritten constitu- 
tion of the United States 342.3 T44 

TiERNAN, Mary S. Jack Horner T4411 

Tiffany, Francis. Dorothea L. Dix .... B D642 
Tiffany, Nina (M.) From colony to 

commonwealth 973.3 T 

TiKHOMiROV, LiOF. Russia 914.7 T2 

TiLDEN, S. J. Writings and speeches. 2v. 320.8 T45 
TiLLiER, Claude. My uncle Benjamin. . T46 

Times, John. Anecdote lives of William 
Pitt, Earl of Chatham & Edmund 
Burke B C39 

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Curiosities of London *914.2 T7 

Popular errors explained and illus- 
trated , 133 T48 

Romance of London. 2v 914 2 T4 

comp. Laconics. 3v 808.08 T48 

See also Gullick, T. J. & Timbs, John. 
TiMPERLEY, C. H. Dictionary of printers 

and printing *650 T48 

TiNCKER, Mary A. By the Tiber T4911 

San Salvador T4912 

Signor Monaldini's niece T491 

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ions of Luther B L9713 

TiTCX)MB, Timothy, pseud. See Holland, 

J. G. 
TiTMARSH, Michael Angelo, pseud. See 

Thackeray, W. M. 
TocQUEViLLE, A. C. H. C. DE. American 

institutions and their influence. . . . 320.7 T56 

Democracy in America 321 T561 

Old regime 944.04 T3 

See also Beaumont, G. A. de la B. de 
& Tocqueville, A. C. H. C. de. 

Todd, John. Daughter at school 396.4 T56 

Story of his life B T563 

Student's manual 374 T56 

Sunset land, [Pacific slope.] 917.94 Tl 

and Whall, W. B. Practical sea- 
manship 656 T56 

Todd, S. E. Apple culturist 634 T56 

• Country homes and how to save 

money 728 T56 

Todd, William. Seventy-ninth high- 
landers. New York volunteers 973.7 T6 

ToLAND, Mary B. (M.) Tisayac of the 

Yosemi te 81 1 T57 

Tolstoi, Alexis. Prince Serebryani T584 

Tolstoi, L. N. , Count Fruits of culture. 891.72 T58 

Ivan the fool ' T5828 

Kreutzer sonata *T5827 

My religion '. 280 T58 

Sebastopol 947.07 Tl 

Work while ye have the light 240 T58 

ToMBO, Rudolf. See Gastineau, Edmond 

ff Tombo, Rudolph. 
Tomes, Robert. Champagne country. . . 914.4 T7 

Tomlinson, Charles. Pneumatics 538 T59 

Rudimentary mechanics 531 T59 

Warming and ventilation 697 T59 

Tompkins, C. R. History of the planing 

mill 621 T59 

Tompkins, H. G. Life and times of 

Joseph B J7781 



ToNNA, Charlotte E.(B.), {forfnerly Mrs, 
Phblan), {GTuirlotte Elizabeth,) 

Life BT61 

^ Rockite; an Irish story. T61 

War with the saints 270.4 T61 

TOOKB, J. H. Proceedings on the trial of 

Tooke for high treason. 2v 343 T61 

TooKE, William. Catharine II. 2v B C2821 

Toole, J. L. Reminiscences B T612 

Toombs, Samuel. Reminiscences of the 

war 978.7 T9 

TooNB, William. Chronological his- 
torian. 2v 942 T3 

TopiNABD, Paul. Antropology 572 T62 

Topographical gazetteer of Scotland. 2v. *914.1 T 

ToRRBY, Bates. Practical typewriting. . 652 T63 

TORREY, Bradford. Foot-path way 818 T63 

Rambler's lease 814 T63 

ToRREY, Joseph. Theory of fine art. . . . 701 T63 

Touchstone, S. F. Race horses *798 T64 

Toulmin-Smith,. Elizabeth T, (M.) See 
Smith, Elizabeth T. (M.) Toulmin-. 

TouRGi^B, A. W. Murvale Eastman T6419 

Pactolus Prime T6417 

Son of old Harry T642 

The veteran and his pipe 973.7 T4 

Tout, T. F. English history 942 T5 

TovBY, B. C, ed. Gray and his friends. . 826 T64 
Tower, G. B. N., comp. Useful things 

to know about steam boilers 621 T65 

Towers, Joseph. Memoirs of the life 
and reign of Frederick the third. 

2v BF8716 

TOWLE. G. M. History of Henry V B H3941 

Sir Francis Pjrake B D78 

TowLE, N. C. History of the constitu- 
tion of the United States 342.3 T65 

TowNSEND, Frederic. Glimpses of 

Nineveh 913 Tl 

TowNSEND, G. A., (" Gath") Mrs. Rey- 
nolds and Hamilton T6611 

New world compared with the old. . . 917.3 T 

TOWNSEND, G. H. Edmund Bonner B B644 

TowNSEND, G. T., ed. Arabian nights' 

entertainments Arl 

TOWNSEND, L. T. The arena and the • 

throne 215 T66 

TowNSEND, Malcolm, comp. United 

States 917.3T1 

TowNSEND, Virginia F. Mostly Marjo- 

rie Day T6631 

ToWNSEND, W. C. History, of the house 

of commons. 2v 328.2 T66 

Toy, C. H. Judaism and Christianity 204 T66 

TozER, H. F. Islands of the ^gean 914.99 T 

Tracy, Albert, pseud. See Lefflngwell, 

A. T. 
Trapton, Adeline. Dorothy's experi- 

ence T6711 

Trail, Florence. Studies in criticism. 808.4 T68 
Traill, Catherine P. (S.) Lost in the 

backwoods .- T68 

Traill, H. D. Coleridge B C6721 

Marquis of Salisbury B Sa41 

Sterne .' B St44 

Train, G. F. American merchant in 

Europe, Asia and Australia 910 T2 

Trant, William. Trade unions 331 T68 

Traveller, A, pseud. See Campbell, 
J. F. 

Treasury of knowledge. 3v *031 T71 

Treasury of travel. Anon 910 Tl 

Tredqold, Thomas. Elementary prin- 
ciples of carpentry 694 T71 

Warming and ventilating public 
buildings, dwelling houses and con- 
servatories 697 T71 

Tredwell, D. M. Privately illustrated 

books 096 T71 

Treglohan, T. p. Frictional electricity. 537 T71 
Trench, Mary. Passion play at Ober- 

Ammergau 792 T72 

Trench. R. C. Essay on the life and 

genius of Calderon B C123 

Lectures on medieval church history. 270 T72 
Notes on the miracles of our Lord. . . 226.7 T72 
Notes on the parables of our Lord. . . 226.8 T72 

Plutarch 888 P7412 

Trench, W. S. Realities of Irish life. . . 914.15 Tl 

Trent, W. P. W. G. Simms B Si4 

Trevelyan, Sir G. O. Early history of 

C. J. Fox B F83 

Life and letters of Lord Macauley. - 

2v BMIU 

Trevert, Edward. Dynamos and elec- 
tric motors 537.8 T72 

Electricity and its recent applications. 53i7 T721 

Experimental electricity 537 T72 

Practical directions for armature and 

field-magnet winding 537.8 T721 

Treves, Frederick. Physical education. 613 T72 

Tribune almanac, 1892 310 T73 

Tribute to the memory of James McNaugh- 

ton B M23 

Tricolored sketches in Paris. Anon 914.4 T6 

Trimble, I. P. Treatise on the insect 

enemies of fruit and fruit trees *632 T73 

Tristram, H. B. Land of Moab 915.6 T2 



Trollopb, Anthony. American senator. T744 

Autobiography B T743 

Barcliester Towers T7441 

Commentaries of Caesar 878 Clll 

liast chronicle of Barset T7439 

Thackeray B T821 

Way we live now T7442 

West Indies 917.29 Tl 

TROLTiOPE, Frances E. (T.) Black spirits 

and white T748 

That wild wheel...-. T7481 

Trollope, Frances (M.) Belgium and 

western Germany 914.93 T 

Domestic manners of the Americans. 

2v 917.3T2 

Paris and the Parisians .'. . . 914.43 T3 

Trollope, T. A. Beppo the conscript. . . T7454 

Garstang grange T7456 

Leonora Casaloni T7455 

Vittoria Colonna B C71 

Trotter, L. J. Warren Hastings B H271 

Troup, J. R. With Stanley's rear column 916. 7 T2 
Trowbridge, C. M." Snares and safe- 
guards JT755 

Trowbridge, J. M. Cider maker's hand- 
book 663T75 

Trowbridge, J. T. Adventures of David 

Vane and David Crane j T7531 

Electrical boy j T7535 

Fatlrer Brighthopes j T7536 

Kelp gatherer** j T7533 

Scarlet tanager j T7534 

Trowbridge, W. P. Turbine wheels. . . 621 T75 

Trow. New York city directory, 1890-92. *917.47 T 
TriJbner, Nicholas. Bibliographical 

guide to American literature *015 T76 

True stories from English history. Anon. 942 T4 

Trumbull, Benjamin. Connecticut. 2 v. 974.6 T 

Trumbull, Henry. Indian wars 970.1 T 

Trumbull, H. C. Friendship the master 

passion 177 T77 

Hints on child training 173 T77 

Trumbull, John. Autobiography B T77 

Truran, William. Iron manufacture of 

Great Britain 672 T77 

Tsar and his people 914. 7 Tl 

TucKEE, C. M. Fairy Frisket j 595.7 T79 

Tucker, J. H. Manual of sugar analysis. 547 T79 
Tucker, Pomerov. Origin, rise and pro- 
gress of Mormonism 298 T79 

Tucker, St. George. Dissertation on 

slavery 326 T79 

Tucker, T. G. Things worth thinking 

about 824 T79 

Tucker, Wilijam. Family dyer and 

scourer 667 T79 

Tuckerman, Bayard. General Lafay- 
ette. 2v B LI 312 

Tuckerman, H. T. America 917 T 

Book of the artists 920 T79 

Characteristics of literature. 2v 808.4 T791 

Criterion 814 T79 

Essays biographical and critical 808.4 T79 

Maga papers about Paris 914.4 T4 

Optimist 814 T791 

J. P. Kennedy B K38 

Poems 811 T79 

Sketches of eminent American paint- 
ers. . 920 T791 

Tuckermann, C. K. Greeks of to-day. . 914.95 Tl 
Tudor, Henry. Narrative of a tour in 

North America. 2v 917 Tl 

Tudor, William. James Otis. 2v B Ot4 


lime in nature 551 T81 

TuLLiDGE, Henry, ed. Evangelical 

church 261 T82 

TuMLiRZ, O. The potential and its appli- 
cation to the explanation of electrical 

phenomena 537.2 T83 

TuNisoN, J. S. . Master Virgil 873 V8115 

TuNZELMANN, G. W. DE. Electricity in 

modern life 537 T83 

TUPPER, M. F. Crock of gold T83 

TuRCHiN, J. B., {originally Ivan Vasi- 
LiEViTCH TuRcniNiOPF.) Chicka- 

mauga 973. 7 T7 

TuRNBULL, David. Travels in the West. 917.29 T 
TuRNBULL, James. Curability of con- 
sumption *616 T84 

TuRNBUix, John, jr. Compound steam 

engine 621 T84 

TuRNBULL, W. P. Birds of East Penn- 
sylvania and New Jersey *598.2 T84 

Turner, H. H. Collection of examples 

on heat and electricity. 536 T85 

Turner, O. Holland purchase of western 

New York 974.7 Tl 

Turner, S. E. Germanic constitution.. . 342.4 T85 
Turner, S. H. Epistle to the Romans, in 

Greek and English 227. 1 T85 

Notes on the Epistle to the Romans. .227.1 T851 

Turner, T. A. Argentina 918.2 T 

Turner, William. Tour in the Levant. 

3v 915.6 T3 

TuTHiLL, W. B. Architectural drawing.. 744 T88 

TuTTiETT, M. G. In the heart of the storm. T88 

Silence of Dean Maitland T881 



Twain, Mark, pseud. &ee Clemens, 
S. L. 

TwEBDiB, Alexander, ed. System of 

practical medicine. 3v *616 T91 

TwEEDiE, W. K. Calvin and Servetas. . B C131 

TwiCHELL, J. H. John Winthrop B W7321 

Twining, Louisa. Symbols and elements 
of early and mediaeval Christian 
art 246T92 

Two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of 

the settlement of Cambridge, Mass. 974.4 C3 

Tyerman, Daniel & Bennet, George. 

Journal of voyages and travels. 3v. 919 T 

Tyerman, Luke. Oxford Methodists 287 T96 

Tyler, J. E. Henry of Monmouth. 2v. B H3942 

Tyler, Katherinb E. Scandinavian 

summer 914.8 Tl 

Tyler, L. G. Parties and patronage in 

the United States 329 T97 

Tyler, M. C. Patrick Henry B H393 

Tyler. Robert, {A Virginian.) Ahasue- 

rus 811 T97 

Tyler, Samuel. Memoir of R. 6. Taney, B T15 

Tyndall, John. Contributions to mole- 
cular physics in the domain of radi- 
ant heat 539 T97 

Fragments of science for unscientific 

people 504 T971 

Glaciers of the Alps 553 T97 

New fragments 824 T97 

Tyng, C. R. Record of the life and work 

of S, H. Tyng B T973 

Tyng, S. H. Forty years* experience in 

Sunday schools 268 T97 

Tyng. S. H., jr. Trial of S. H. Tyng, jr. 340.4 T97 

Typical selections from English writers. 

2 V 820. 8 T98 

Tyrrell, Henry. War with Russia. 6v. 947.07 T2 
Same. 3v 947.07 T3 

Tyrwhitt, R. St. J. Art of teaching of 

the primitive church 1 246 T98 

Christian art and symbolism 755 T98 

Our sketching club 741 T98 

Tytler, a. F., (Lord Woodhovsely.) Uni- 
versal history. 2v 909 T 

Tytler, Sarah, pseud. See Keddie, Hen- 

Tytler, William. Inquiry into the evi- 
dence against, Mary, Queen of S<;ots. 
2v , . B M3633 

Ulbach, Louis. For fifteen years Ul 111 

Madame Qosselin Ul 11 

Ulloa, Antonio de. See Juan, Jorge & 
Ulloa, Antonio de. 

Uncle Lawrence, pseud. Yoang folks' 

whys and wherefores j 500 U^nl 

Underwood, F. H. James Russell 

Lowell B L95 

Unitarian affirmations 252 Un3 

Unitarian review, v. 1-2, 432. 34 36 205 Un8 

United States, Bureau op Educa- 
tion. Report of the commissioner 

for 1888 89. 2v 370 Un3 

Bureau of Labor. Fifth and sixth 

annual reports, 188a 90. 2v 331 Un3 

Report on marriage and divorce in 
the United States, by C. D. 

Wright 347 Un3 

Department op Agriculture. Al- 
bum of agricultural statistics of 

the United States *630 Un3 

Patent Oppice. Annual reports of 
the commissioners of patents, v. 
1-55. (Continued as the official 

gazette.) *608 Un31 

Index of patents granted in France. 608 Un3 

Official gazette v. 1 57 '. *608 Un31 

Same. Index, v. 1-19 *608 Un311 

War Department. Alphabetical cat- 
alogue of the library *018 Un31 

List of additions to the library *018 Un3 

Official records of the war of the 

rebellion. 39v *973.7 W8 

Regulations for the army 355 Un31 

UnUy of Italy 945.09 U 

Unwin, W. C. Elements of machine 

design 621 Un9 

Upham, C. E. Salem witchcraft in out- 
line 133Up31 

Upham, T. C. Madame de la Mothe 

Guyon. 2v B G99 

Upton, G. P. Standard symphonies 785 Up8 

Woman in music 780 Up8 

Urbanitzky, Alfred. Electricity in the 

service of man 537 Url 

Urbino, Levina B. Biographical sketches 

of eminent musical composers 920 Url 

Princes of art 920 Url2 

Ure, Andrew. Cotton manufacture of 

Great Britain. 2v 677 Ur2 

Urquhart, David. Pillars of Hercules. 

2v 914.6U 

Urquhart, J. W. Electric light fitting. 537 Ur612 

Electroplating 537 Ur611 

Sewing machinery 687 Ur6 

Urwick, William, Jr, Indian pictures . 915.4 U 
Vache, a. F. Surgical anatomy of the 

groin *617V13 



Valdis, a. p. Sister Saint Sulpice V23 

Valentine, D. T. City of New York. . . 974.7 V 
Manual of the corporation of the city 

of New York. 18v '. . *974.7 VI 

Valbra, Juan. Don Braulio V2321 

Pepita Ximenez V232 

Vallings, J. F. Jesus Christ the divine 

man 232 C4619 

Vamb^ry, Arminius. Autobiography. . . j B V25 

Sketches of Central Asia 915.8 VI 

Travels in Central Asia. 915.8 V 

Van Amrinoe, W. F. Investigation of 

the theories of the natural history , 

of man 573 V26 

Van Bruyssel, Ernest. Population of 

an old pear tree 595.7 V27 

Van Buren, Martin. Inquiry into the 

origin and course of political parties. 329 V27 
Van Cleve, B. F. English and Ameri- 
can mechanic 603 V26 

Van de Velde, Mme, M. S. French 

fiction of today. 2v 843.04 V54 

Van Dyke, H. J.,^>. Poetry of Tenny- 
son 821 T2513 

Reality of religion 240 V28 

and Paul, ed%, H. J. Van Dyke B V283 

Van Halen, Juan. /S^Halen, Juan Van. 

Van Lennep, H. J. Bible lands 915.6 VI 

Travels in Asia Minor. 2v 915.6 V 

Van Ness, W. P. {Arutide%.^ Exami- 
nation of the various charges ex- 
hibited against Aaron Burr B B9422 

Van Nest, A. R. Memoir of G. W. 

Bethune B B46 

Van Nostrand's eclectic engineering maga- 
zine. V. 1-35 605V33 

Van Rensselaer, Mariana (G.) Eng- 
lish cathedrals 726 V35 

Six portraits; Robbia, Correggio, 

Blake, Corot, Fuller, Homer 750 V35 

Van Sahtvoord, George. Lives, etc., 
of the chief justices of the supreme 

court of the United States 920 V36 

Vane, C. W. S. See Londonderry, C. W. 
S. Vane, Marquis of. 

Varona, Adolfo db. Sewer gases 614 V43 

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of the most em- 
inent painters, sculptors and archi- 
tects. 5v 920 V44 

Vassall, Harry. Football ; the Rugby 

game 797 V44 

Vattel, Emmerich de. Law of nations. 341 V45 
Vaughan, C. J. Lectures of the Acts of 

the Apostles 226.6 V46 

Vaughan, Mary C. See Brockett, L. P. 
& Vauglian, Mary C. 

Velazqutez db la Cadena-Mariano. 
Dictionary of the Spanish and Eng- 
lish language 

Valpeau, a. a. L. M. Operative surg- 
ery. 3v 

Venables, W. H. Beginnings of literary 
culture in the Ohio valley 

Venables, Edmund. John Bunyan 

Venn, Henry. Missionary life and la- 
bours of Francis Xavier 

Verestchagin, Vasili. Autobiography. 

Verga, Giovanni. House by the Medlar- 

Vericour, L. R. db. Modern French 

Verity, J. B. Electricity up to date 

Vermeulb, C. C. See Bien, J. R. & Ver- 
meule, C. C. 

Vermont, E. de V., ed. America her- 

Verne, Jules. Csesar Cascabel 

Family without a name 

Fur country. 

Mistress Branican 

Purchase of the North Pole 

Texar's revenge 

Verney, F. p. Memoirs of the Verney 
family. 2v 

Vernon, James. Letters illustrative of 
the reign of William III. 3v... . . . 

Vernon, W. W. Readings on the Pur- 
gatorio. 2v 

Vernon-Harcourt, L. F. See Harcourt, 
L. F. Vernon-. 

Verplanck, G. C. Discourses and ad- 
dresses on subjects of American 

Verbchoyle, J., ed. History of modern 

Vertot d' Aubeup, R. a. de History 
of the Knights Hospitallers of 

Jerusalem. 5v 

History of the revolutions in Sweden. 

ViAUD, L. M. J., {Pierre Loti.) Book of 

pity and of death 

Into Morocco 


ViCKERS, R. H. Martyrdoms of literature. 

Victor, Frances A. F. Atlantis arisen. 

Views of Chicago 

ViLLE, Georges. Perplexed farmer; how 
is he to meet alien competition ?. . , , 

*463 V54 

*617 V54 

810.9 V55 
B B8811 



840.9 V58 
537 V58 

*929.6 V 
. V5926 

B V59 

942.07 V 

851 D2313 

818 V59 
901 VI 

929.7 V 
948.5 V 




098 V66 

917.95 V 

917.73 V 

631 V711 



Vincent, Frank, jr. In and out of Cen- 
tral America 917.28 V 

Land of the white elephant 915.9 V 

South America 918 V 

Through and through the tropics. . . . 910 V4 

Vincent, J. H. Study in pedagogy 370 V74 

ViNSAUF, Geoffrey de. See Richard, of 

Devizes & Vinsauf, Geoffrey de. 
ViOLLET-LE-Duc^ E. E. Annals of a 

for tress 623 V8 1 

Habitations of man in all ages 728 V81 

Learning to draw 740 V81 

Military architecture of the middle 

ages 855 V81 

Mont Blanc; its geodesical and geo- 
logical constitution 551.3 V81 

Virgil. Aeneid; tr. by Conington 873 V8113 

Same; tr, by Cranch 873 V8 114 

Virginian, A,, peeud. See Cooke, J. E. 

Virginian, A. , pseud. See Tyler, Robert. 

VoGT, Hermann. Egyptian war in 1882. 962 V 

Voices of the year. Anon 821.08 V87 

Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Age of Louis 

XIV. 3v 944.03 VI 

Ageof Louis XV. 2v 944.03 V 

Philosophical dictionary. 6v *103V88 

Von Meyer, Ernst. See Meyer, Ernst 

VosE, Q. L. Graphic method for solving 

certain algebraic problems. 512 V92 

Vyse, Howard. Operations at the pyra- 
mids of Gizeh in 1837. 3v *913 V 

Wace, Henry, ed. See Schaff, Philip & 
Wace, Henry, eds. 

Wade, John. British history 942 W 

Wagner, A. L. Campaign of KOnig- 

Gratz 943.08W 

Wagner, Leopold. Names and their 

meaning 929 Wl 

Wagner, Richard. See Wagner, W. R. 

Wagner, Rudolph. Elements of the 

comparative anatomy of vertebrate 

animals 591 W12 

Wagner, R. J. von. Manual of chemi- 
cal technology 660 W12 

Wagner, William. Asgard and the gods . 293 W 1 2 
Wagner, W. R. Art life and theories. . B W121 

Letters 836 W121 

Wagstaff, W. R , comp. History of the 

Society of Friends 289.6 W12 

Wahl, W. H. Galvanoplastic manipula- 
tions 537 W12 

ed. See Brannt,W. T. & Wahl,W. H., 

Wahnschaffe, Felix. Guide to the ex- 
amination of soils 631 W12 

Wain WRIGHT, J. M., ed. Women of the 

Bible 220. 9 W13 

Wait, Frona E. Wines and vines of 

California 663 W13 

Waite, Catharine (V.) The Mormon 

prophet and his harem B Yo8 

Waite, O. F. R. New Hampshire in the 

great rebelilon 973. 7 W7 

Waitz, Theodor. Introduction to an- 
thropology. V. 1 573 W13 

Wake, C. S. See Westropp, H. M. & 

Wake, C. S. 
Wakeley, J. B. Anecdotes of the Wes- 

leys B W513 

Wakeman, H. O. C. J. Fox B F8311 

Walcott, M. E. C. Ancient Church of 

Scotland 285 W14 

Walden, Treadwell. Our English 

Bible and its ancestors 220.5 W14 

Walford, Edward. Juvenal 877 J98 

William Pitt B P681 

Walford, Lucy B. (C.) One good guest. W1431 

Walker, Alexander. Colombia. 2v. . 918.6 W 

Walker, Amasa. Science of wealth 330 W152 

Walker, Bettina. My musical experi- 
ences 780W15 

Walker, Edward, ed. Addresses and 
messages of the presidents of the 

United States 353 W15 

Walker, Frederick. Dynamo building 

for amateurs 537 W151 

Walker, F. Brickwork 693 W15 

Walker, F. A. First lessons in political 

economy • 330 W15 

History of the second army corps. . . . 973.7 W5 

Money 332 W1511 

World's fair, Philadelphia. 1876. ... 606 W15 
Walker, George. New treatise on 

chess 794 Wl 5 

Walker, G. A. Gatherings from grave- 
yards 614 W15 

Walker, G. L. Thomas Hooker B H763 

Walker, T. A. Severn tunnel 622 Wl 5 

Walkek, William. War in Nicaragua. 972.8 W 

Walker, W. B. Cyclical deluges 551.9 W15 

Walker, W. S., ed. Corpus poetarum 

Latinorum 871 W15 

Walkley, a. B. Play-house impres- 
sions 792 Wl 5 

Wall, E. J. Dictionary of photography. 770 W 152 

Wall, J. W. Foreign etchings 914 W6 

Wall, W. E. Practical graining 698 W 15 



Wai*lace, a. R. Contributions to the 

theory of natural selection 575 W15 

Natural selection and tropical nature. 575 W151 

Wallace, D. M. Russia , . 914.7 W 

Wallace, Mrs, E. D. Woman's experi- 
ences in Europe 914 W4 

Wallace, II. B. Literary criticims 808.4 WIS 

Wallace, Robert. Rural economy and 
agriculture of Australia and New 

Zealand 630 Wl 5 

Wallace, R. L. Canary book 636 6 W15 

Wallace, William. Arthur Schopen- 
hauer , B Sch6 

Epicureanism 187 W15 

Wallace, William, Barrister, History 
of the life and reign of George the 

Fourth. 3v B G2931 

Wallack, Lester. Memories of fifty 

years B W15 

Waller, S. E. Six weeks in the saddle; 

Iceland 914.91 W 

W ALLis, A. S. C. Royal favour W153 

W^allis, S. T. Spain 914.6 W 

Walk, Robert, jr. Marquis de Lafay- 
ette B L1311 

Walpole, B. C. Recollections of the 

life of C. J. Fox BF831 

Walpole, Horace. Correspondence; ed. 

by Mitford. 2v. 826 W161 

Ilorace Walpole and his world ; ed. by 

Seeley B W162 

Letters to the countess of Ossory. 2v.826 W1611 
Memoirs of the reign of George II. 

37 942.07 W2 

Walsh, A. S. Mary, the queen of the 

house of David 244 W16 

Walsh, 8ir J. B. See Ormathwait, Sir 

J. B. Walsh, Baron. 
Walsh, J. II., {Stonehenge.) British rural 

sports 790 W16 

Walsh, M. McN., comp. Lawyer in the 

school-room 870 W16 

Walsh, Robert. Appeal from the judg- 
ments of Great Britain respecting 

the United States 978.3 W 

Walsh, liev. Robert. Essay on ancient 

coins, medals and gems 737 W15 

Residence at Constantinople. 2v . . . . *914.96 W 
Walsh, W. S., ( William Shepard.) 

Handy-book of literary curiosities. . . *803 W^16 
Walter, IiImile, pseud. See Delmar, 

Walter, James. Shakespeare's true 

life *822.3W17 


Walter, T. U. & Smith, J. J. Two 
hundred designs for cottages and 
villas. 4v *728 W17 

Walters, J. C. In Tennyson land 821 T2513 

Walton, G. B. Mineral springs of the 

United States and Canada 615 W17 

Walton, Isaak. Lives of Donne, Wot- 
ton, Hooker, Herbert and Sander- 
son 920 W17 

and Cotton, Charles. Complete 
angler 799 W17 

Walworth, Ellen H. Battles of Sara- 
toga 973.3 W3 

Wanklyn, J. A. & Cooper, W. J. Air 

analysis 543 W181 

War between the United States and Great 

Britain, 1812 " *973.5 Wl 

Warburton, George. Conquest of 

Canada. 2v ' 971 W 

Ward, Artemus, pseud. See Browne, 
C. F. •. 

Ward, A. N. The husband in Utah; 
sights and scenes among the Mor- 
mons 298W21 

Ward, A. W. Dickens B D5512 

Geoffrey Chaucer B C892 

Ward, C. O. History of the ancient 

working people 331 W21 

Ward, Elijah. Speeches 815 W21 

Ward, Elizabeth S. (P.) Austin 

Phelps B P512 

Fourteen to one. ..!.... W2126 

Old maids' paradise W2123 

Trotty's wedding tour j W2124 

andU.D.' Come forth W2125 

Lost Hero j W21 27 

Master of the magicians W2122 

Ward, F. De W. Summer vacation 

abroad 914 W5 

Ward, F. M. Microscope teachings 678